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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from July 10th to July 16th, 2021

Below are User experiences for July 2021, starting from July 10th to July 16th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B (USC Kid) with EA at Delhi


My IW was cancelled for Delhi 27 Apr 2021, myself, wife and kid all in India
June 18th 2021, My 1st EA approval was expired for the “group size error”
July 1st, Request 2nd time EA via portal, based on Business urgency and USC kid
July 5th got EA approval, I was able to book slot for 7th and 8th july 2021

· Nzm to Shivaji metro INR 150

Day 1 July 7th 2021…VAC BIOMETRIC:

8 am Biometric Experience scheduled at 9 AM
· Enter Shivaji Metro Station
· Use washroom, change cloth
· Locker opposite to VFS entrance INR 200 90mins
· Outside Counter- Passport, DS-160, and Appointment Confirmation letter
· Put barcode sticker on Passport
· Enter VFS center
· Security Check
· Wait area (5mins)
· Called at the Counter
· Taken photo and Ten printed (10 mins)
· Exit VFS Center
· Exit metro station (Luggage still in Locker)
· Walk a 10min walk to Sarvana Bhavan or Palika Bazaar for Breakfast INR 150
· Enter back metro station (mention to collect bag)
· Collect bag from locker
· Exit metro station
· Shivaji metro to Paharganj auto INR 50

11 am Laasi INR 40
12 pm Hotel check-in INR 1500
Water 2ltr INR 40
Bath and refresh
2 pm sleep
4.pm wakeup
5.pm out for walk
Paharganj to chandni chowk metro INR 20
6 pm paratha gaalli
Jalebiwala INR 50 (world famous)
Mawa faluda INR 100 (best in class)
8 pm to jama masjid rik INR30
Dinner at Karim’s INR 300
Jama masjid to hotel metro INR 30
Change and refresh
Arrange docs and cloth
11 pm buy water INR 20
12 am sleep

Day 2 July 8th 2021…Embassy Interview:

6 am Wake up and get ready
7 am Hotel to embassy Uber cab INR 150
8 am Reached Embassy
Put phone in locker INR 50
Wait area-1 Outside
Physical Check-1 outside
Verify passport barcode for Interview schedule
Physical Check-2 Inside building
Covered wait area- 2 inside security (15mins)
Enter main building
Counter -1 – Verify (Passport and i797 for H1B/H4), For Students (I-120 and payment receipt)
Waiting room -3 Inside the main building (20mins)

09 am Interview Counter:

ME: GM Officer
VO: Good morning

VO: Passport please
ME: Handed over the counter

VO: I-797 please
ME: Handover latest I-797

VO: How long you have been in USA
ME: Answered

VO: What is salary?
ME: Answered

VO: Can you share client letter listing work responsibilities
ME: Shared Client Letter (listing work details)
Letter from employer (confirming business urgency)
Position confirmation letter (confirming position still valid)

VO: Do u have USC kid?

VO: Give proof
ME: Given USC birth certificate

VO: Visa Approved, collect passport in a week
ME: Thanks and have a nice day

No mention of NIE etc, I guess the Officer was referring to my EA request details and asked relevant questions accordingly. Verify all your documents before leaving the counter

Exit embassy
Collect phone from locker
Embassy to sarvana Bhavan bus INR 20

11 am sarvana Bhavan breakfast INR 300
Sarvana Bhavan to hotel metro INR 20
12 pm hotel checkout


  • At the VFS Office (Shivaji Metro Station)
  • Lot of people are waiting outside the Shivaji Metro station in hot sun, you can enter the station building stating that you need to catch the Metro, don’t state that you are here for VFS
  • Shivaji Metro Station has Washroom at the floor just above VFS center, you can change cloths and get fresh for photo etc, there is a small sitting area under the escalators to organize things
  • There is a counter on the same floor as VFS center (just opposite) which offer services such as Photo, Locker, Color Print, Visa Appl modification etc. They can hold luggage bag for 90mins for INR 200
  • Drinking water available inside VFS center
  • At the Embassy (Chanakyapuri)
  • Deposit your phone/ Item as soon as the counter opens (small Items only, like phone ,purse watch etc)
  • Laptop size bags can be deposited outside the locker to a man just on floor
  • Keep your ears and attention on VO question
  • Be calm and composed as the environment inside embassy is very tense
  • Many first timers are very nervous in each step. go with a mindset that the purpose of Interview is just to validate the info case by case
  • Inside embassy No phone/Smart watches, USB drive, no coins / keys in pockets. Keep it as simple as you can, it will speed up your security checks
  • Dress up appropriate and comfortable as per the local weather
  • Drinking water available inside embassy
  • General:
  • Care for your food and drinks a day before, I throat was bad during Interview
  • Carry transparent docs folder
  • Respect others small queries as people are coming from various background, distance and situation
  • Keep exact Change handy, it will save your time at each step
  • Keep docs well organized, every sec counts
  • Book Uber or any cab Service you like, I would prefer to go to Embassy via CAB (time sensitive) and rest all travel by Metro (its all AC blasted in Delhi Hot weather J)
  • Metro Stations has queue to enter them to ensure crowd control hence avoid peak hours and plan accordingly.
  • Mask up all the times else people will remind you or authority may fine you
  • Be alert with your belongings and again have spare change handy to avoid digging your purse all the time
  • In July Delhi is as Hot and humid as it can get, your cloths can get sweaty instantly, plan accordingly, carry umbrella and keep yourself well hydrated
  • If the locals sense you an outsider they may throw any price, I always confirmed price for Auto rik by some local vendor before quoting exact price same goes with Taxi by Hotel reception, he quoted me 5 x price of Uber cost
  • From Railway Station always take prepaid Rik or Taxi, no direct dealings, it saves time and no last minute hassle
  • Delhi has obsession with oily and fried stuff, avoid until your Visa Interview is over ..:-)
  • Delhi Buses are maintaining the passenger count low to avoid crowd
  • Paharganj Locality:
  • Lot of price sensitive Hotels starting INR 900 for AC in Paharganj area, walkable distance from R.K. Ashram Marg Metro Station, within close proximity to both Shivaji Metro Station and US Embassy
  • Paharganj has close proximity to all fruit vendor, daily needs, auto, food, well lit until midnight
  • Always verify the Hotel rooms physically (AC, smell before paying at the counter
  • For Family people try decent hotel such as “Treebo Trend Natraj “, Hotel Imperial View (I stayed)
  • Hotel Imperial View Paharganj its brand-new constructed, all facilities are new and shining, INR 1500 without bill for one person, once night (with AC, TV, Storage area). Checkout 24 hr from the time of Check-in.
  • Very Near Chandni Chowk (can’t resist by shopping lovers, great ambience, best time to visit eve hours), Gurudwara and Jama Masjid (great for non veg lovers (Karim’s world class)

Best of Luck

Experience 2: H4 Visa at Chennai

Good news! Received passport today,me and my son came to India on feb 23 , attended Dropbox on 27 th April got 221g after one and half month from Hyderabad.

Applied for NIE approval without visa in my hand on the basis of family seperation as my elder son and my husband are in US got NIE approval without visa.

Applied fresh Ds 160 delhi after we received my passport applied EA for Delhi no update.got slot on July 2 Nd biometrics Chennai and attended interview on July7 th. Received passport today.

VO asked how many kids I said 2 one in US and one with me and we had NIE approval and showed him the NIE APPTOVAL copy from Hyderabad he typed something and said visa approved.

Got passport with NIE AND VALID Till 12 months multiple entity yellow slip also along with the passport.

Experience 3: H1B with NIE at Delhi

Mine is H1B visa, delhi consulate, 12 July. I had an NIE letter self written (I typed the letter to request for nie on a simple piece of paper without the company letter head.), but they didn’t ask for it. My sector of work is information technology. NIE was approved without providing any documention for it.

Asked for passport and I797.

Which company you work for ?
What do you do for the company?
Where is the job located ?
Are you married ?
Since when are you working for the company ?

Your visa is approved. I am also approving your NIE which is valid for 1 year with multiple entry. You can collect the passport in 5 business days.
Thank you

They did not check any documents except for the passport and I797

Experience 4: H1B with 221g, NIE at New Delhi

March 16- first visa appointment.
Received a 221(g) for TAL
Submitted documents via email
April 24- received email to submit passport
Submitted passport same day
May 4- received passport with 221(g) asking for hard copy of document 212(e) waiver that had already been submitted by email
May 4- submitted passport and documents
May 26- status changed to admin processing -> refused
May 27- received Passport with 221(g) about NIE
June 2 – got NIE letter from BAL submitted multiple times to Mumbai NIE but got no response
June 25- paid fee again
June 27 – got appointment for Feb 2022 in New Delhi and raised EA request.
June 29 – approved EA got slots for July 1 biometric and July 9 interview
July 9- interview very short immediately approved with NIE
July 9- status shows created on July 8 and updated on July 9 to administrative processing
July 12 – email from NewDelhi NIE about NIE approval at 12:30 pm. Status changed to Issued on CEAC tracker at 3 pm

Experience 5: H1B + H4 (USC Kid) with Dropbox at New Delhi

Had H1/H4 drop box appointment at Delhi today, took 15 mins, visa is approved. Here is my experience:

  1. They are looking at every document asked in the checklist on the website or from the appointment confirmation email you get.
  2. Asked for my appointment confirmation, DS-160 form confirmations, Passports both old and new even though my old passport doesn’t have any recent visa, it had a visa from 3 years ago. Still asked for it , verified and sent it along with my current passport for stamping.
  3. Asked i-797 copy’s (mine and wife’s)
  4. Regarding NIE, provided my kids US birth certificate, US passport original for verification, and birth certificate and passport copies.
  5. Asked for the NIE cover letter too which requests that I have a US citizen kid, we are eligibe for NIE. Thank god I have it, as I read here in this group.
  6. Asked for employment verification letter. In the checklist it’s referred to as principal applicant position letter.
  7. Asked for previous visa copy.
  8. The person there double and triple checked all my docs and even photos to make sure they don’t have any issues.

I was asked for 2 copies of I-797, Kids passport, birth certificate, employment verification letter. But I had only 1 copy for everything and was asked to get another copy printed outside initially. Later said it’s okay and confirmed it’s done. One of the stringent Dropbox interviews I ever had, have done like 5 Dropbox interviews before and nothing took like more than 5 mins or asked for so many docs.

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Documents collected :
Visa appointment confirmation
Ds 160 confirmation
Copy of current i797
Passport new and old with expired visa
Cover letter along with my kids birth certificate
1 Photo
Employment verification letter

If you go early.. inform the security guard that you are here for Dropbox appointment. They are mostly sending first come first serve. Don’t stand in the line with regular bio metric appointments

Good luck !

Experience 7: H1B + H4 at Mumbai

Guys, Got my visa approved today.. following are the details

H1B, 1st time, regular appointment, No NIE, No US Kid, Mumbai

Biometric – 9 July.. all done in 10 min. I went with my 8 & 2 year kid.. they mentioned no need to bring kid below 14 for biometric and interview.. (may not be able to tolerate my kid noise I guess 😁)

Visa Interview – 13th JULY
Waited for approx 20min for my number.. went with wife n w/o kids this time..

VO – Pass on Your passport pls.
I passed only mine..
VO – Looking at my wife – Is she with you ?
I – Yes
VO – Do you also want visa for her ?
I – Yes , sure
VO – Then give me her passport too..
I – Shall I give my kids passport also..
VO – Not required if dont want them in America..😁😁.. He was Jolly
VO – Give me I-797
Are you going to work at client location
I – Yes
VO – Client name ? Highest Degree ?
I – Answered
VO – Whats your job profile ?
I – Automotive design
VO – to my wife – How long you are married ?
She – Answered
VO – Your visa is approved.. Thank you.I – 🥳🥳

No NIE asked, no document check.. it was over within 5 min.. same with many today I observed..

Experience 8: H4 with NIE at New Delhi

Appointment booked – 20th June 2021
Biometrics date- 25Jan 2022
Interview date – 2nd Feb 2022

I used to check the dates thrice/day and on the 28th I got lucky and got 29 June 2021 for the VAC appointment, 30th June 2021 Consular appointment.

221(g) was issued by the officer coz I couldn’t present the marriage certificate during the Interview (it got dropped in my car). Officer asked me to mail the marriage certificate while giving me yellow letter 221(g).

I emailed my marriage certificate, also I physically submitted it.

7th June – I received NIE email approval.
9th June – I have received my passport.

Experience 9: H4 Regular with EA at Mumbai

I started sending email request to consulate to allot me a EA appointment for Dropbox H4 stamping but consulate declined my request twice. Then I changed from Dropbox to regular interview on 6/30. Immediately after converting I booked a regular VFS and interview appointments for future dates(Jan 2022) and then applied for Emergency appointment with reason Family separation with USC kid (wife and kid in India). Luckily I got dates from July for biometric and interview as 7/2 and 7/9 respectively.
In Visa interview it was pretty straightforward. VO checked the I797 and asked only about kid (kids US passport) and marriage date. He collected the passport and said visa is approved. Today 7/12 we received the stamped passport.
I referred below page to proceed with all this and it helped me out. All the best guys..!!!

Experience 10: H1B with NIE at Mumbai

1st July – Travelled from Nagpur to Mumbai in the same day.
Appointment was at 12PM. Reached 10mins. earlier.Biometric was just 15 mins process. Entered at 11.50 AM and I was out by 12.05PM
There was locker facility, however they were charing 500Rs.

2nd July – Appointment was at 9.30AM
Reached Consulate by 8.30, but security didn’t allow to enter. They asked to wait and called everyone from 9.20, 9.30 amd 9.40 at 9AM
Was allowed to carry paper currency and hotel keys
Wait time 30mins.
There were 2 students before me in the line and visa was approved for both of them

ME : Good Morning Sir.!
VO : Good Morning

VO : Please provide your passport
ME : Given

VO : Please provide your i797 Document
ME : Given

VO : Will you be working at Client Location?
ME : Yes Sir

VO : Who is your client.
ME : Told (with Spelling). VO was typing something and asked for confirmation again.

VO : Explain about your project
ME : Explained about my project and it is related to Heathcare and pharma domain.

VO : Highest Degree
ME : B.E. (Information Technology)

VO : Your Client works in which domain?
ME : Pharma

VO : Congrats your Visa is Approved…!
ME : Thanks and Have a Nice Day Sir..! and left the window

Asked coordinator that I want to talk to office regarding NIE. Luckily Officer was near, we were standing. Coordinator requested officer that I have some question.
VO : Yes tell me your Questions Sir..!
ME : I would like to request for NIE.
VO : I have already granted NIE Sir..!
ME: Thank You Sir..!

I was out by 10.20 AM

Received Passport from Employer on 13/7 with Visa Annotationed with NIE Under All P.P.S on Novel Corona Virus

I was having Client Letter(With request for NIE) and NIE Letter from Employer as Well. But Officer didn’t ask for anything.

Experience 11: H1B (USC Kid) with Dropbox, 221g at Chennai

My visa status changed to Issued today. Below is the timeline.

April 20 – submitted documents at Chennai vac (drop box appointment)
April 26 – status changed to application received
April 27 – status changed to refused
April 30 – received passport with 221g-white (asked client letter, project description and itinerary – asked to submit the soft copy as well as hard copy along with passport)
May 17 – submitted soft copies of the requested documents
June 15 – submitted passport, hard copies of the requested documents and USC kid birth certificate and passport copy
July 12 – sent an email to ChennaiHL asking for status
July 13 – sent an email to ChennaiCIU asking status
July 13 – status changed to Administrative processing
July 13 – about 3 hours after my email I received an response back from chennaiCIU that my visa is approved
July 14- status changed to Issued

I have sent multiple emails in May and June requesting the status(usually once in 10 days) and every time I mentioned about USC kid and exemption from PP10199.

Experience 12: H1B with Dropbox, 221g at Chennai

Had my H1b Dropbox appointment in April in Chennai they only took copies of i797, employment verification letter, da160 confirmation and appointment letter and later after 9 days had a 221g requesting me for a client letter and detailed project description and asked me to book a follow up appointment.
Had my appointment yesterday below is my experience:
Handed over my passport and appointment letter
Asked me which city I’ll be going to
Vo:have you had a H1b either
Me: yes
Vo: is it with the same employer?
Me: no, this time with a new employer
Vo: do you have a client
Me, yes, mentioned the client
Vo: do you have any letter from the client and your employer
Me: gave her the letters
Vo: will you be working on any data that you can access for the states and can’t work remotely?
Me: yes, but need to be at the client location
Vo: salary and job title
Me:* *
Vo: typing…. regarding NIE annotation ( she told me this is going to help you travel back soon)
And told your visa is approved
Me: thank you so much

There were a lot of f1 applicants hardly few h1’s and h4’s through my observation pretty much everyone were exiting the building with happy faces, all the very best

Experience 13: H1B (USC Kid) with Dropbox, 221g

Received my passport today.

Dropbox date: March 5th 2021
Received 221g on 10th to submit end client letter, detailed project description and MSA
Mar 31 : Documents submitted.
No updates after this. Sent couple of follow up emails, but received standard response
June 9th: Received email to submit passport.
June 14th : passport submitted
June 16th: status changed to AP
July 02 : case last updated changed
July 06 : case last updated changed
July 12 : status Issued
July 14: received passport. Visa annotated “NIE UNDER ALL P.P.S ON NOVEL CORONAVIRUS”. Exempted from travel ban due to US citizen child.

Note: Client letter is single page document.. detailed project description is 4 page document. I also added implementation plan for next 2 year to keep in sync with my 797.

Experience 14: H1B + H4 with NIE at Mumbai

I had my H1B + H4 interview at Mumbai embassy today, July 14th. My visa was approved with NIE. I fall under the Public health sector (manufacturers of biopharmaceutical products). Stayed at Sofitel BKC, highly recommended.

Here is my detailed experience

Biometrics July 9th, Mumbai VAC
We were in and out in 30min. We didn’t carry any electronics. Just took some cash and documents, wrote the address on paper for directions. On site locker is very expensive (500Rs).

Interview July 14th, 9:00AM, Mumbai Embassy

We were let in on time. We carried all documents, an umbrella and wallet (small). No electronics, security asked this before letting us in.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good Morning
VO: Pass on your passports and I-797 approval notice
Me: Did
VO: What’s your title?
Me: Told
VO: What’s your highest education?
Me: Told
VO: What product do you work on?
Me: First I just told the product name and that it’s FDA approved
VO: I don’t know what this product does. Can you describe it?
Me: Described for 10-15 seconds
VO: Interrupted me in the middle and said “that’s alright”
VO (turns to my wife): Since when have you been married?
My Wife: Gave the answer
VO: Asked for marriage certificate
My Wife: Passed it over to VO
VO: Took fingerprints for left 4 fingers from both of us
VO: Your visa is approved (passed on our documents)
Me (Confused and happy at the same time): Thanks a lot, do you require my NIE letter?
VO: No, it’s approved
Me: Thanks!

We will hopefully receive our stamped passports in a few days.

Experience 15: H1B with NIE at Mumbai

Got my first time H-1B visa stamped today with NIE annotation – Mumbai consulate (I have been to US before)
I work for HeathCare Sector in IT field.
I had applied for NIE via email but didn’t receive any response before my interview
Went for interview on July 9th
Questions asked:

  1. What company do you work for?
  2. What project are you working on?
  3. What is your role?
  4. How many people on the team?

Documents asked: Passport and i797

Status changed to Administrative processing on July 9th
Changed to Issued on July 13th
Collected passport on July 14th.

My appointments got canceled twice, went through the 3rd time.. So don’t lose hope 🙂

Experience 16: Fresh H1B Visa 2019-20 CAP at New Delhi

Intially, I got slots for Mumbai Consulate for July 9th and 12th and later, I got a chance to rescheduled to Delhi Embassy..

Biometrics Interview was @ New Delhi on July 4th 2021

Stay was in ‘The Park Hotel’ located at Cannaught Place (1km from the Biometrics Location)

• Alloted Time – 12.30pm
• Entry Time – 12.15 Pm
• Out Time – 12.40 Pm.

It was smooth, however I got panicked as someone took my passport and documents mistakenly from the security check area.

Consular Interview was @ New Delhi on July 14th 2021 –

Stay was in ‘ Hotel Samrat’ @ Chankyapuri (1.5kms from the US Embassy)

NOTE – There is a small counter Outside Embassy, where candidates have to surrender their mobile phones and smart watches (Cost – INR 50). Bag tags are also provided for the bags as well, which very next to the counter

• Entry started at 8 Am ( Main Gate)
• Appointment Time was at 8.20 Am

It was around 8.30 Am at the Counter Number 17 –

A Male Beared Counselor

• Consular – Good Morning, passport and I797 plz
• Myself – Good Morning, here you go Sir.

• Consular – What do you do for your company
• Myself – Answered

• Consular – What is your company All About?
• Myself – Answered with Healthcare terminologies

• Consular – What is your Job Title?
• Myself – SQA Engineer

• Consular – So you have the experience about 7.2 yrs?
• Myself – No Sir, I have 9.3 years of Experience.

• Consular – Have you Ever been to United States?
• Myself – No

• Consular – In which Location you gonna work?
• Myself – Rockville, MD

• Consular – Are you gonna work directly or any Client Involved.
• Myself – I will be working directly with my company

• Consular – Please provide your LCA.
• Myself – Provided.

He typed something in his computer by looking into my LCA.

• Consular – Pardon me, tell me again with your Job title?
• Myself – SQA Engineer

• Consular – And You never been To United States? (Asked Again)
• Myself – No

And then he asked, incase if I know about US labour rules, which i wasn’t sure about and I said NO.

• Consular – Do you know Hindi ?
• Myself – Yes

And then he provided a Hindi language narrated pamplet. He started explaining about the covid protocols which I have to take care before I enter to United States..

Towards last…

• Consular – I am approving your Visa with NIE annotation which would be valid for 12months with multiple entries…
• Myself – Thank You and have a great day Sir

Came out by 8.45 Am

Documents what I had :
• Passport
• Form i797
• Employement Verification Letter
• Offer Letter

Experience 17: H1B at Mumbai

H1B First Time Stamping Experience
14 July – Appointment was In Mumbai consulate at 9.40 am
Reached Consulate by 9, but security didn’t allow to enter. They allowed only 10 before your appointment.

ME : Good Morning Sir.!
VO : Good Morning

VO : Please provide your passport
ME : Given

VO : Please provide your i797 Document
ME : Given

VO : Who is your employer
ME : Answered

VO: Do you work for in house project or end client ?
Me : Answered

VO : Asked about end client work?
Me : Answered

VO : Asked client letter
ME : Answered

VO : Asked responsibilities
Me : Answered

VO : Highest Degree
ME : BE in computer engineering

VO : Are you married?
Me : Answered

Vo was typing something for 5 mins
VO : Congrats your Visa is Approved…!
ME : Thanks a lot

Interview happened for 10 mins.
Didn’t ask about NIE letter and employer letters.

All the best everyone.

Expereince 18: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

July 9 Delhi dropbox – H1B and H4
Documents submitted – 2 copies of i797, photos, employee verification letter, previous visa copies
Emailed for NIE approval and faster visa issuance – attached i797 and employee verification letter
July 13th – status updated to Administrative processing
July 14th – received emails stating Visa is approved with 12 months of NIE approval.
Waiting for passports.

Note : I didn’t have any NIE approval or NIE request letter at the time of dropbox. Sent the NIE request email the next day.

Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox, NIE at Chennai

It’s a very long process it took me almost 7 months for this visa to be approved .

Dec 20th 2020: did my Dropbox at Chennai consulate.
Jan 5th 2021 : got an email to collect passport , went there with lot of anxiety but got 221G , to come to interview with client letter after regular visa processing starts .

March 25th : went to interview with client letter (healthcare and work directly on COVID-19 )

VO: asked details about the employer and education (answered )

Got another 221g to add number of work hours at the client location and returned the passport.

April 10th : sent email with the client letter.

June 9th : got an email to submit passport

June 14th : submitted passport at Hyd consulate .

June 24th : 221g case status changed to administrative processing .

July 12th : starts changed to issued .

July 14th : passport collected , and it has NIE stamped on it.

Experience 20: H4 with Dropbox at Kolkata

Hi Everyone,
They asked to submit:
Appointment letter
I 797
Nie letter
Employment letter

They asked for NIE letter but I don’t have it and they said it’s ok

Important note:
They asked me to give husband’s previous I797, I Showed them current I797 and they didn’t accept it…they told the number should match on both I797 and my husband’s old visa stamp they told us to get that and then allowed me inside again.

Experience 21: H1B at New Delhi

Hi Guys
I just thought of providing this information hoping it will help someone.

My Dropbox appointment in Hyderabad was on April 26th and got the 221g with travel ban reason after around 40days then I worked with my client and came up with NIE document.

Sent an email to hydcea/hydnie but was receiving generic responses for a week or so.

Then I went to Delhi with another Dropbox appointment and submitted all the necessary doc and my case is approved now in less than a week.

Experience 22: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Mumbai

Appointment date and time : 15 July 2021, 2 PM
Experience :
Reached around 1:35 PM at the consulate. There was a queue for Biometrics. Asked the security if dropbox needs to follow the same line. Security allowed us to directly go inside the VAC.
Documents submitted :
Appointment confirmation letter
DS 160 confirmation (H1 + H4)
Passport (H1 + H4)
Latest I797 copy
2 photos
Position confirmation letter
NIE letter

Photos should not have a smiley face. I had to take photos at the VAC. They charged Rs. 500 for 2 photos
They gave us a stamp on the Appointment confirmation letter as a confirmation that we submitted all the desired documents.
Informed us we will be either contacted through email or text messages. They verified both the contact details before leaving.

Experience 23: H1B at Mumbai

Sharing my stamping experience today for H1B renewal at Mumbai consulate:
ME : Good Morning Sir
VO : Good Morning, Please give your passport and I797

VO: I see that you work for XXX company but do you have an end client or is it an in-house project?
ME : I have an end client

VO : What is the name of your end client and what it does ?
ME : Told the name of my client and explained ( it’s a Mortgage Company)

VO : what is your role ?
ME : answered

VO: what do you do for your client?
ME: explained my responsibilities ( i am into software development)

VO: Do you have a letter from your client?
ME: Yes, provided the client letter
( VO spent some time reading the letter)

VO: Did your employer inform you about NIE and what is it about?
ME: Yes Sir, Its a National Interest Exception for people working in critical infrastructures.

( I did have a NIE letter from my employer but I don’t know why i did not give it to the VO, may be cuz he didn’t ask for it specifically)

VO: What is your salary?
ME: Answered

VO: (started reading the client letter again) What is your team size ?
ME: Answered

VO: Do you manage a team OR do you lead a team ?
ME: I just Lead a team ( my role is Tech Lead)

VO: So that means you don’t manage anyone?
ME: Yes sir, I don’t have any one directly reporting to me, I just lead a team.

VO: Do you have an immigrant visa application also filed for you?
ME: Yes Sir

VO: who filed it for you and what is the status of the application?
ME: Answered

(Through out the conversation VO was typing a lot on his computer)

VO: Do you have a passport size photograph with you?
ME: Yes Sir

VO: Please give me couple of minutes, i will call you back!

Asked me to come back to the window after interviewing another guy

VO: Are you married ?
ME: Yes Sir

VO: where is your wife?

VO: what Visa is she on?
ME: Answered

VO: which company?
ME: Answered

VO: Cool, your Visa is approved , you will get the NIE exception stamped on your passport
ME: Thank you sir, for how long the annotated NIE visa is valid , 30 Days or 12 months?
VO: now it is valid for 12 months

Hope this helps!!

Experience 24: H1B Regular at New Delhi

Stamping experience in New Delhi on July 9th:

  • VO – Please share with me the passport and I-797A
  • VO – Who is your petitioner?
  • VO – What do they do?
  • VO – Are you a full time or contractor?
  • VO – Pass me the end client letter.
  • VO – Who is your end client?
  • VO – Where is it located?
  • VO – He checked the end client letters date. When did you join Toyota?
  • VO – What were you doing before?
  • VO – You didn’t do any illegal stay there?
  • VO – What was your highest degree?
  • VO – Which University?
  • VO – Did you do any OPT or STEM?
  • VO – What is your salary?
  • VO – Does your job fall under NIE?
  • VO – I don’t want to see it. I see that you fall under critical infrastructure.
  • VO – How soon you are planning to travel back?
  • VO – Ok, I will approve your NIE from July 14th it will be valid for 1 year.
  • VO – You will also receive an email confirmation by the end of the day.
  • VO – He gave me the I-797A and End client papers back to me and kept the passport .
  • VO – Please come forward who is next?

I have collected the passport at Hyderabad yesterday with visa and NIE approval.

Experience 25: H1B at Hyderabad

I’ve got a regular appointment for H1B applying for the first time., and the schedule was June 28th – OFC – Hyd, June 30th – Interview
It was fourth interview schedule I had been trying since feb 2021 and finally I made it.
The first time it was almost cleared by VO asked the exception letter during PP in feb 12 2021.
Then I’ve rescheduled in April 6th in Chennai, but for some reason, I postponed to April 20-22 which got cancelled due to lock down and then I retried in June mid where I got this schedule confirmed.
There was no RT-PCR checks in Kolkata airport when I travelled from Hyderabad on June 29th and in return too I didn’t face it.
on June 30th the interview went likes.,
VO – who’s your employer..?
me – mentioned the name
VO – what do they do?
me – software development and consulting
VO – where do they based?
me – said the location
VO – what’s your role
me – mentioned my desg’ and responsbilities
VO – what’s your salary?
me – mentioned the figure(but forgot adding p.a. and the VO read it with smile)
VO – Does your company has any clients?
me – I explained that the client is into healthcare equipment manufacturer
VO – Tell me why you need to go during this time?
me – I said my role requires to support in live to run their operations
VO – asked me what my marriage status
me – yes, married
VO – asked whether my wife’s currently working
me – no
VO – do you kids?
me – yes 2
VO – cool, are you taking them along with you ?
me – no, not planned
VO – okay., I see you did masters,.. what’s it exactly?
me – It’s., MSc(IT)
VO – …. typing something… n said.. I am approving this time with NIE
me – Thank You
VO – asked me in low tone…, what was happened last time you attended the interview earlier ?
me – I said, it was refused due to PP and the consular asked me to reapply later
VO – fine then, your Visa will be ready in 5 days.
me – Thank you again. and left from consulate.
my interview was at 8:00AM in the morning there were hardly no applicant for H1 I felt, almost all carrying i-20 for F1 and couple of students came in very casual who got some green slip after the interview
Oh btw..
VO – asked do you have any client letter… before asking my marriage status.
me – I shown one letter which doesn’t have the NIE related details but my regular job role n responsibilities, which the VO had a glance at high level
One tip I feel worked is., usually interviews during the early hours go smooth n happily and then become tough as time goes by. And another suggestion that might work(I feel definite) which my employer told is to wear a full business attire – which means to respect the VO/consular but doesn’t mean showing off.
exactly after 5th July I got a passport status shown as ready to pick. and I picked the next day.


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