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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from January 23rd to February 3rd, 2022

Below are User experiences for January 2022, starting from January 23rd to February 3rd, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Mumbai Dropbox experience -14 Jan

I am local , so no hotel stay required.

The dropbox location was servicing 1 hour ahead of schedule (i.e. at 11:30 they were taking in 12:15 appointments). Get inside from back side of the Parinee Crecenzo building and not the main fancy entrance. Upon arrival at dropbox location no vaccination or rtpcr negative proof was asked. I showed the appointment proof and went in.
They only asked for following docs:
1) Ds160 confirmation
2) visa appointment
3) work proof letter
4) copy of i797
5) all passports
6) two 2×2 photos

Photos ke liye they asked me to retake which costed me INR 500. My photo was taken in a studio in Mumbai as per the exact specifications mentioned on the site. It was very slightly blurred along the border (I guess the photo studio person wiped out background to make it white). I was told I may get 221G because of the photo quality. They have an urgent photo (took 10 mins) center within the building on the same floor (which also does xerox, storing luggage and electronics with a flat fee of INR 500/service). I didn’t want to take any chance so I just got another photo taken and submitted everything again. I was told current processing time is 7-8 business days. The whole thing would have been done in 10 mins had it not been for the photo retake.

On 21st afternoon status changed to ‘issued’ and I got SMS saying that passport is ready for pick up (also received an email that my passport has been collected from the consulate and is being sent to the selected delivery location… the same place where I had submitted documents)

Experience 2: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

I stayed at Sofitel hotel behind the consulate. Dropbox location was 10 mins walk. The dropbox location was almost empty and they were servicing 1 hour ahead of schedule (I.e. at 1:10 they were taking in 2:15 appointments). Upon arrival at dropbox location no vaccination or rtpcr negative proof was asked. I showed the appointment proof and went in.
They only asked for following docs:
1) Ds160 confirmation
2) visa appointment
3) work proof letter
4) copy of i797
5) all passports
6) two 2×2 photos

Photos ke liye they asked me to retake which costed me INR 500. They have an urgent photo (took 10 mins) center within the building (which also does xerox, storing luggage and electronics with a flat fee of INR 500/service). I was told current processing time is 7-10 business days.

Few Tips:
1) take ola or prepaid taxi from airport. Otherwise you will pay extra 120 rupee which is the parking fee for taxi at the airport
2) stay at either trident or Sofitel hotel
2) carry 1-2 xerox copy of everything
3) leave phone, smart watch, powerbank etc at hotel
4) carry multiple option for your photographs. Measure it to ensure size is 2 inch by 2 inch

Experience 3: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Jan 21: Gowra Grand plaza, Hyderabad
Type : Dropbox (1 H1B + spouse H4 + Kid H4). All our visas expired 2 years back.
Dropbox appointment time : 2:45

Reached location by 2:20. Security allowed after checking visa appointment

There is a small setup inside for instant photos and DS160 corrections if required.

Next is Security check. No phones and bags allowed. Issued token here.

Docs requested:
All ds160 confirmation pages.
Principal applicant recent I797.
Principal applicant previous I797s.
Employment confirmation letter.
2 photos for each. (Asked when they were taken)
Spouse most recent I797.
Kids most recent I797.

I carried all copies mentioned in appointment confirmation (copies of visa page and biographic pages of parents for kid) but they did not ask.

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at Bangalore

Dropbox experience at Bangalore (Chennai VAC) on Jan 19, 1:45 pm

  • The vfs center at Bangalore is located in Gopalan Innovation Mall and is very easy to locate. Go inside the mall and take left, it’s located right behind taco bell. Went there at 1pm, and was allowed in at around 1:30. They take a look at your documents once inside and assign you a token. After that, they call you at another counter based on token number and do a final check. They asked for foll docs:
  • Passport
  • Appointment confirmation page
  • CEAC Confirmation page
  • current employer verification letter (though I had offer letter as well, they only asked me to provide verification letter)
  • latest copy of i797 for current employer
  • previous copy of i797. I gave them the previous one that was associated with previous employer
  • 1 photo per US visa specification

The whole process from start to end took about 30-40 mins. Overall it was pretty smooth, except the lady at the first counter who gives you a token wasn’t aware that one can select location A while filling DS 160 but can end up taking appointment at any place. Good luck to all

Experience 5: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Delhi Dropbox time lines
13th Jan – Dropped Documents
14th Jan – Application received
18th Jan – Admin Processing
20th Jan – Issued
24th Jan – Picked up passport in Hyderabad

I have reached DELHI on Jan 12 and stayed in Radisson Blu hotel. The hotel is decent and close to Airport.

My appointment was 11:45 AM but I went in there by 10:00 and they have let me in. The documents asked were

Passport, I-797,0ffer or Experience letter(they marked the my role or title with the Marker pen), Passport size photo(I took the pic opposite to VFS office near petrol pump). VFS people were not accepting pics of some and I would recommend taking pics near the VFS office. Overall the process is smooth.

On 24 Jan, I got the text message and email saying the passport is ready for pickup. I picked up the passport at VFS office in Begumpet Hyderabad. Carry some form of government issue ID card for picking the Passport.

Experience 6: H1B with In Person Interview at Kolkata

Vac : 24th January 9am

Reached by 8.50

Docs required:

1.DS160 confirmation


3.Appointment confirmation


Experience : There were truly professional and helpful for people.

It was 2 mins job to capture pic and bio.at once 2 or 3 PPL are allowed inside.

Consulate Appointment : 25th January 8.45

Above docs with experience letters and client letter. Sow good to have.

Officer. : Good morning . Greeted back !

Stright away place your left hand fingers. Done !

1.How to pronounce your name. Coz my name is Pruthviraj Srirangapatna Padmaraju

2. What is your highest qualification and employer. Answered.

3. Inhouse or Who is your client. Show me client letter.

4. Visa approved. Enjoy your time in USA.

Updating on 25th January 2022.

Visa status :

24th Application received.

25th Issued.

Tips :

1.Book hotel near so that u can go by walk calmly and be well presentable.

2. I wud recommend formals or business casual without suites or tie(as my employer suggested to wear suites or tie and u gotta stand for 30 odd mins if crowded).

3.Wear smile and have conversations with stranger.

4. Eye contact while having conversation with officer. As it’s sign of self assurance. They will appreciate you !

Experience 7: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometrics – OFC : (23rd Jan 2022)
⁃ Appointment timing was 14:00
⁃ Reached at the VAC around 12:30
⁃ Was allowed inside the Shivaji Stadium Metro Station (VAC is on second floor)
⁃ In front of the VAC a personnel told me to wait till 14:00pm (lot of waiting) (so try to reach early but NOT too EARLY)
⁃ Then I was told to stand in the queue keeping DS160, Appointment Letter & Passport in hand
⁃ DS160 and appointment letter was checked
⁃ They told me to enter the VAC, inside again the documents were checked and my DS160 sticker was pasted behind the passport (It contains the barcode and your premium courier details if availed)
⁃ Token was given to me and a counter was assigned
⁃ Went to the counter, biometrics (Photo and Fingerprints) were collected and DS160 was stamped.
⁃ The VAC personnel told about the Interview date and time (next day).

Interview – CA : (24th Jan 2022)
⁃ Appointment timing was 11:00
⁃ Reached at the US Embassy Chanakya Puri around 9:15 was told to wait in the waiting area (you can submit your mobile and backpacks)
⁃ After 30min around 9:45am everyone who had the appointment from 8:30am to 11:10am were told to stand in a queue and after security checking we were sent towards the US Embassy Gate Entrance
⁃ At the entrance only passport was checked for the DS160 sticker (this sticker contains the barcode in ref. to your DS160 Registration Number)
⁃ After that entered inside the US embassy boundary where we are again checked (lot of security checks) and then according to the ROW system we were told to wait in queue.
⁃ Then we were sent inside the Embassy building where we again stood in queues waiting for our biometrics verification (asked to keep i797, DS160 and Passport handy) once done you move to the CA interview
⁃ You will be told to wait and a security personnel will ask you to stand in front of a counter (like : Go to the counter 20)
Interview Experience:
⁃ Me : Hi Good morning!!
⁃ Consular: Morning!!
⁃ Consular: Can I have your i797 and passport
⁃ Me: Sure!! (Provided the documents)
⁃ Consular: Oh you work for the xxx company Great man! So what do you do for xxx company?
⁃ Me: Answered
⁃ Consular: This is your first visa?
⁃ Me: Yes!
⁃ Consular: Who is your client?
⁃ Me: Answered!!
⁃ Consular: Do you know Hindi?
⁃ Me: Yes!
⁃ Consular: You can read Hindi as well right? …. (Speaking Hindi then) Tum Hindi padh skta hai
⁃ Me: Yes I can!
⁃ Consular: So here is the instruction manual in Hindi that you need to follow while working in US, Your visa is approved, it will reach you in 5 days. Thank you, Enjoy your stay in US!!
⁃ Me: Thanks for your time !! Have a nice day!!
⁃ Exit the Embassy
Thank you everyone : This group helped me alot !!! Best of luck guys 🙂

Experience 8: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

Date : 24th Jan 2022
Time : 10:45

Reached vac by 8 30 but my slot was at 10 45. The guard didn’t allow and asked me to come back at 10 30. There is a public park near by where I spent some time until park was closed at 9. So came back to vac and noticed different security guard at the gate and tried again. This time they allowed me inside at 9 15

At Ground floor, we have private locker, photo studio, DS-160 corrections

We can utilise any of them if required else directly go upstairs. Security guard is there to guide

Once in queue they identified me as dropbox and checked my photo. My photo was ok and I went inside.

A security guard made sure I have passport, photos, I797 and asked me to switch off my phone and then I was allowed into the biometrics hall.

Here we have different windows for biometrics and drop box.

Waited for my turn in queue and once at the window I was asked to give appointment confirmation and ds 160 first

Then asked for my passports and photo. She checked my existing visas and asked which one is the latest. I had B1 and L1 earlier and L1 is the latest. Don’t know what she noticed on my L1 visa, She kept me on hold and went somewhere to confirm something

She came back after a while and asked for my current and previous I797

I gave current I797B and told my previous I797 is of L1 blanket Petition. She still asked for it and I provided it

Then I was asked for EVL for which I provided a Color print out of offer letter

She raised concern over that and I told I haven’t started working for the employer yet and have only offer letter. Then she accepted it and said my case has been accepted and I should expect an update in 4-5 business days.

I opted for premium delivery and submitted two passports( old and new) and I’ll have to pay 650×2 while receiving passports

I also noticed that they are trying to convince ppl to opt for premium delivery instead of pickup to avoid crowd at vac

As of now the status is “Application received”

Experience 9: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

23rd Jan VAC:

Reached early, they ask for PP Appointment confirmation and DS160 confirmation. After successful verification, biometric was done.
25th Jan CA:

My slot was at 9:20. The place was crowded already. I reached early, went in at 8:45 and out by 11:00. There is a verification counter before the actual interview. They verify the details and an Indian PP size photo was asked which was scanned and given back to me. You then wait for you interview. I was at counter 10. The lady was processing faster than all other counters today.

  1. Name of the company and what does it do
  2. What is your role in the company
  3. Salary
  4. Highest degree
  5. Place of stay in the US
    Docs asked were PP and i797. I am a full time employee working for an affiliate company of the petitioning employer. No other docs were asked. Interview lasted for not more than 5 mins.

My visa was approved.

Stayed at The Connaught, New Delhi. It is a Taj affiliate hotel. VAC is 10 mins walk and Embassy is roughly 7-8kms. It costed my INR 120 one way with Ola. Food is awesome at the hotel, a bit expensive. It is a newer hotel, so facilities are great. Rooms are smaller but cozy. Service is top notch. You have many restaurants near by but due to CoVID, no dine in is allowed. This might change this weekend.

Experience 10: H4 (Husband) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

25/01/2022 @ 8:40 AM.
Reached US Embassy around 8:15 and there is a big queue for mobile phone locker. Took me around 10 mins and stood in the main queue and was allowed inside around 8:35. I was kind of late so make sure you reach well within time.
First step – security check.
Second step – waiting inside for 15-20 mins which was very cold. You can bring your coats/jackets. I did my interview in my jacket as did many others.
Third step – Went inside. Documents/fingerprints verification counter – 15 mins waiting ( some had to give passport size photos)
Last step – Interview (around 45 mins waiting)
Questions asked:

  1. Your passport please
  2. Where is your wife? – She flew back to the US two weeks back.
  3. Pass me the principal applicant’s I797 documents and her passport/visa copy – gave both new and old I797(gave color copies for all – just make sure all the information is clear in the copy). Looked into the documents and the latest visa stamping typed something on the computer and waited for 2 mins.
  4. When did you get married? – Answered the exact date
  5. Show me your marriage certificate – Gave the original
  6. Where is your wife currently? (asked the same question again) – This time gave the full address of hers.
  7. Since when do you know her? – Answered – We know each other since long as we are from the same school.
  8. Where are you going to stay in the US – At her place – mentioned the address again.
    -Your visa is approved and will take 10 days.

Overheard the below from other counters regarding H4.
-Is it a love marriage or arranged?
-Who arranged the marriage?
-Are you both related?
-Are you first cousins?

From what I’ve seen today, H4 interview was the quickest and the easiest compared to other categories. As long as you have all the documents, there is no need to worry at all. Other categories were asked a lot more questions.

Experience 11: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Daughter) with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Went for first time H1 and h4 for my wife and daughter.
Daughter is just one year old so no prior visa and new passport
I was on a J visa which is not active.. Wife has an active tourist visa.. We both qualify for IW but before going to the dropbox we weren’t sure they would accept my daughter’s docs.. But they did…

At VAC ..
They asked only the following

All passports
DS160 confirmation for all
I797 copy
Employee offer letter(since first time stamping.. I don’t yet work for the company.. So only offer letter is good enough)

No more docs.. No bank statement.. No pay stubs.. Nada..

Jan 12th dropbox
Jan 20th application received
Jan 24th administrative processing
Jan 25th issued

Few points..

They were rejecting a lot of ppl for photos.. If at Hyd VAC ..there is a photostudio in the same building as thr VAC who do it very quickly..

There was one gentleman before me who was dropping off docs for someone else and the applicant’s photos were out of spec.. So be careful while sending photos through some one else since it will be difficult to correct it before the centre closes

I did notice some private locker facilities near the VAC..

Experience 12: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Appt – Jan 25th, 2022 2.15 PM

I booked a hotel in Vivanta Taj. Commute from Taj to dropbox is 12 min with 10 min walk + 2 mins of metro (prakash nagar stn to Rasoolpura)
Checked out hotel at 12 and reached VAC around 12.30
VAC doesnt allow bags, phone, smart watches. (Wallets, files are allowed)
Locker facility available at 100 Rs nearby. It has space for a back pack and not more than that.

1 PM – we were asked to pass the first barricade and wait for 10 mins and then asked to enter the premises after checking your appt letter where a Q of individuals are asked to get in to frisk & check the files and docs.

1.23 PM – VFS employee, after confirming the appt, they give a token slip to wait to appear in front of available counters ( 5 counters were open)

Officer asked following documents
1.token slip,appt confirmation, ds160 confirmation

  1. All stamped passports, 2 photos
  2. Current and previous i797 (better to take all) only first page
    4.employment verification letter.

Officer verifies your ds160 vs visa,passport letter by letter and later
only one question to me – are you still with the same employer ?
I said Yes.

All our docs are collected in a orange bag, zipped and barcode on that bag was scanned (may be to sync with our application) and kept it aside. Process get completed by stamping the appt confirmation letter and giving it back.

I was out of VAC around 1.55 pm and able to catch the return flight at 6.20 pm to my hometown.

P.S. make sure the photos are as per guidelines else you will be asked and retake and come join again.

Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Reached at 12:45 for 12:45 appointment. There was a queue to get into the building.
Took 15-20 minutes to reach the gates.
Once done with the security(no laptops were allowed), go to VFS office.
Again there was a queue to get inside.
Once near the gate they were asking for Bluetooth device. AirPods, headphone or any other device like that. Phones are allowed.
If you have that then there is a different line for document submission which you can access from the outside.
When inside they check the documents and saw the photo(spouse and my pic). They rejected both the photos(even though they were taken in US and biometric cleared for US passport)
Reasons 1 – not looking straight, 2 – blur photo. Asked to come back with new photos before 4 PM.
There was a photo counter right outside the VFS few feet away. They charged RS- 180 for 6 photos. And gave photos in 10-15 minutes.
Stood in the line again and submitted the documents. Guy asked- did you just took it outside? Finally took both the photos.
Came back by 4PM.

While waiting for the photos. Met many people who faced this issue. Some pics were perfectly fine but still they rejected it.
Common reasons. – background not white, shade in the background.

Experience 14: H1B with In Person Interview at Kolkata

  1. Appointment was at 8:45 AM.
  2. Reached the consulate at 8:20 AM
  3. The security outside the building checked the Ds160 and the photo in the passport and allowed to join the queue to enter inside.
  4. Mobile is not allowed inside. Don’t know whether there are any locker facility as we didn’t avail it
  5. Once inside had the security check and were allowed to go inside the waiting room.
  6. In the waiting room, the ds160, i797 and passport was verified and asked to keep the latest passport and i797 handy for the interview. The wait was pretty long for about 45 mins.
  7. Then allowed inside the visa interview hall and had to wait for l another 30 mins for our turn
  8. VO asked for the i797 and passports
  9. He started the interview asking our son about what he had for breakfast and where is his mother and father.
  10. He asked my spouse about her current work.
  11. He asked me the following
    — How long are you with your current org?
    — Who is your end client? (Told that mine is an inhouse project)
    — what is the in-house project about? (Gave a brief explanation)
    — have you travelled for work earlier? (Told about my prior B1 visits)
    — he mentioned about my L1 blanket rejection. I acknowledged and confirmed the approximate timelines of the above.
    — what is your salary?
    — what is your job title?
    — asked for the marriage certificate
    — What is your highest qualification?

He said it’s approved..

Regarding hotels, Kenilworth and Astor is quite close to CA. Oberoi is a 5 min car drive. Ola cabs and normal taxis are quite easy to catch…

Experience 15: H1B with In Person Interview at Kolkata

28th Jan, 2020:

  • My appointment was at 09:15 AM.
  • Reached embassy at 08:00 AM, Security guy checked my passport, enquired about electronic devices ( I said No) and they allowed me inside.
  • Security check for electronic devices (Removed belt also).
  • They have checked my passport and my face ( without mask) and sent to waiting area.
  • In waiting area they have verified Passport, Stamped DS-160 (By Biometric office) and sent to interview room.
  • Only two counters opened and waited for my turn.

Interviewer: Gooooooood Morning.How are you?
me: I am fime, Thank you for asking. How about you?

Interviewer: I am fine, Can you keep your right hand on fingerprint scanner?
me: Sure and kept, After beep he asked me to remove.

Interviewer: Give me your passport and I797B.
me : Gave those to him.

Interviewer: You are going to work for XXXXXXXXX company, Can you tell me about this company?
Me: Explained clearly

Interviewer : What is your job title?
me : answered

Interviewer: You are going to XXXXXXX place XXXXX State, Right?
me : Yes

Interviewer: You are having XX years of prior exp in XXXXXX company?
me : Yes

interviewer: Are you working for any client or in house project?
me : Explained

interviewer : Can you tell me specifically about your work?
me: Explained my roles and responsibilities.

interviewer : what is your salary?
me : Explained

interviewer: Your visa is approved, You will get your passport in 1 week. Have a safe and happy journey to US.
Me: Thank you have a nice day.

The whole process took 1 hour ( Interview : Around 5 min)

Experience 16: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kids) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Number of applicants #4. My wife (H1b) me and my two kids of 10 and 6 are dependents (H4). All of us are under single application for VAC and consular appointment. Working in HYD, Filled DS160 for CHENNAI consulate. Monitoring slots from end of Sep-21. After two months of monitoring and waiting we were able to secure slots on 12-Dec-21 for DELHI VAC on 9th Jan 22 and DELHI CA on 21st Jan 22. No questions or hurdles because of different consulates.

VAC experience:

Appointment Date and time – 9th Jan 2022 2:30PM.

Reached VAC around 10:30AM. On Sundays VAC opens at 12PM. We waited for almost 30min outside then we were allowed to go inside as we are with Kids. Waited in waiting area until 2PM. I see few people came on time were allowed directly in queue. So Don’t go too early. As we travelled same day from Hyderabad we don’t have other choice/option. It took only 4 to 5 min inside VAC center for each applicant.
At 1st counter verified appointment confirmation and DS-160s and passports and asked stand in queue.
At 2nd counter verified the documents again and gave token slip.
At 3rd counter verified documents and asked to confirm date of birth for each applicant, took photo. For my younger one they couldn’t take photo there as she is moving a lot so they took snap of already taken photo. So if you are with kids better to take photo with US specifications. Two different counters allotted for us.

CA experience:

Appointment Date and time – 21st Jan 2022 8:50AM

Reached consulate around 7:45AM. Out from consulate around 9:15AM. No phones and backpacks allowed inside. There is a counter to mobiles and backpacks if you don’t have any accompanied with you. At 8 AM they asked all 8 to 9AM applicants to form a queue. There is a first level security screening at waiting area opposite side of consulate and then allowed towards consulate. Appointment, DS160 and passport check at the entry. Next level there is again a security screening and then entered inside consulate. After entry there is again Appointment, DS160 and passport checks. I see some people were taken photographs and finger prints again in that counter. We were asked to wait in queue for some time and then asked to sit in chairs when they are free before appearing consular officer. All four of us called together for the interview window.

H1b Questions:

VO: Greetings
VO: Pass on Passport and I797, Given only one but asked for all four passports.
VO: Petitioner?
VO: Client Name?
Me: Vo bit confused about the client. happy after explaining about it and no further questions asked.
VO: Responsibilities?
VO: Client Location?
VO: Place your right hand four fingers for finger prints.

H4 Questions:

For Kids:

VO: How old are you? Asked my younger one. After that same question for Elder one.
VO: No need of prints for them.
VO: Sir could you come forward Asked me?
VO: Greetings
VO: When did you marry?
VO: When did you first meet your Wife?
VO: Are you both relatives?
VO: How do you know eachother?
VO: Whom do you work for?
VO: Are you taking long leave?
VO: You have B1/B2? He saw in my profile and asked.
VO: Oh it is expired. Yes it is in December-2021.
VO: You have F1 rejected? Yes, Again from profile.
VO: Place your left hand four fingers for finger prints
VO: Your Visas approved

No documents were asked or checked other than passport and I797 in our case.

21st Jan –Administrative processing
24th Jan – Status changed to ISSUED
27th Jan – Ready for pickup

Experience 17: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

25th january: Visa Approved

Interview is a t 10 am, went to the consulate one and half earlier, i don’t have a photocopy(photo copy is also needed for all interviews)
waited for more than 45 minutes for photograph done with the photograph and started waiting in the que somebody told me to sit at the 33 counter,
my turn
Vo: what type of visa?
me: H1b category
Vo: who is your client?
me: told the client name **
Vo: how long you are working for the client?
Me: for xxxx month.
Vo: who is your employer and how long you are working for them
Me: told him that for x years
Vo: do you have the client letter?
Me: told him i don’t have the client letter, but showed him the Vendor supporting letter which says i am working for so and so client.
Vo: which state are you working from is that remote or working at client place?
Me: i a working from florida state remotely, after pandemic i will have to start working from the client place.
Vo: ok good your visa is approved and you will the get he passport with in a week have a nice stay.
Me: thank you officer, you made my day, have a nice day.

Experience 18: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Renewal experience at Delhi with 7 yrs in USA total :

I had my counselor Interview for H1B renewal on today (Jan 28th) at Delhi. This is my 3rd visa stamping. My Interview was at 10:40 am and they let me in around 9:45

Step 1: Security check outside the building. I do see Lockers are available there itself. I did not use it as I didn’t carry a mobile.
Step 2 : Another passport check before you enter in to the main building.
Step 3 : You enter in to the building and here they scan your belongings like in airport.
Step 4 : you enter in to a waiting area and sit there until the security personal call you. There are 6 rows and they call by each row. You have still not entered the main building
Step 5: they ask you to enter the main building where they check your passport and I-797 for verification.
Step 6: once done they ask you wait in next section for your turn for the counselor interview.
Step 7 : Wait until they ask you to go the counter for actual interview

Documents Taken by vo: Passport Current I-797. Nothing else.

VO : What is my current role?
Answer : Told my role

VO: What do you do?
Answer: I said I am working at client location and mentioned my responsibilities in short or 3 to 4 statements.

VO : what is your current salary ?
Answer : told my current salary

VO : who is your client?
Answer: Told my client name

VO : what is your work location
Answer : told my current work location

VO : you already have previous H1 so you know the employment rights.
Answer : I said yes

VO : left hand 4 fingers on scanner
Me : I placed 4 fingers and done

VO : Your VISA Is approved and you will get your passport in 5 to 7 days

Overall process took 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs
I exited the building around 11:30
Ping me if anyone has any questions.

I checked the status at below link around 1PM and it says “Administrative processing “



Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Hi All: Submitted drop box for H-1B in Delhi on 27th. Here is the overall process for those who are planning to visit and submit documents in drop box:

  • Location is combined with many other countries that VFS processes visa’s for. So you need to directly go inside. Rest of the world has big line outside because multiple countries are processed. US has separate line inside. Walk directly in.
  • Note that this drop box collection is in the train station is next to train station entrance. So get down the escalator 2 floors. You’ll notice the line. The staff outside is super helpful. They are allowing changes to the line by appointment time. Go in very close to your appointment time.
  • If you carry a laptop/airpods/USB stick etc. anything other than mobile phone then there is a separate line that submits the documents outside. ask for it straightaway if you are carrying electronics so that you don’t waste waiting in mainline which goes inside the room. No difference in document submission
  • Generally following COVID protocols is not there. They are trying their best but take your own precautions
  • I submitted my documents in the outside counter. Had everything in order but I took my photo in Fedex and didn’t notice a shadow behind my ears. So they rejected. I went to a small shop right in front of this dropbox where they took another photo in 20 mins and I was back in line.
  • documents successfully submitted in second go around.

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

My experience at Hyderabad 12th Jan 2022

  1. Entered in consulate office
  2. Security check found headphone in my upper packet
  3. I went outside and gave it to photo studio person
  4. Again went inside and security allowed me to stay in front of window
  5. Drop box Person asked me for appointment confirmation
    DS 160 confirmation letter
    Employment letter and
  6. She checked all spelling in DS160
  7. My photo was with spectacle, she asked me to take new photo
  8. I went outside at photo studio, took the photo again then went inside, again security check
  9. Same window, I submitted all above documents again
  10. She verified all documents, checked my previous VISA photo with current photo…and similar to my dependents
  11. She asked me for H4 I797 but i don’t have it, because I filed the cap exeption from offshore.
  12. She again verified all my previous I797
  13. Cross verified my contact details, address and employment letter
  14. All documents submitted successfully and came outside.
    Took my headphones which was submitted at photo studio😂
  15. From 12th Jan to 22nd Jan “No Status”
    23rd Jan morning – Admin processing
    24th Jan “Issued”
    27th Jan received mail to pick up passport
    28th Jan I picked up the passport, got VISA stamped till the I797 expiry date.

Thank you and All the best👍

Experience 21: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Visa Type : H1B (First time, Interview waiver, Old visa: L1, B1/B2)

Documents Asked:
Appointment Confirmation
DS 160
I797 B
Employment Verification Letter(not listed in their appointment confirmation list)

10th Jan – Appointment Booked
11th Jan – Dropbox appointment (appointment: 12:15 pm, Reached at 12:00 pm)
12th Jan – Application Received.
No Update on Status, only ‘Last Case Updated’ Date changed twice.
25th Jan – Administrative Processing
26th Jan – Holiday
27th Jan – Issued
29th Jan – Passport Delivered at home (Kolkata)(while CEAC shows visa status as “Issued” and CGI says delivery information as “Passport has been received from the consular section and is currently being processed for delivery”)

Track Visa Status here:

Track Passport Status here: Useless, didn’t even update the status when Passport was with Bluedart.

Bluedart site (Select Reference Number):
I used application no displayed in CGI portal beside email address as Reference no in Bluedart.

Delhi dropbox experience:
There are many VFS offices for other countries, you might see queues for those, don’t wait there. Go inside directly, US VFS office is 2 levels down. You can carry electronic items, there are separated counters for people carrying electronics items, else they will allow you to go inside.

I took photos on the same day from DS Photo studio, Basement, Mohan Sing Place on the same road, took 5 mins.

Interview Waiver:
I had Biometric and interview booked for Feb 2nd and Feb 4th since September, I couldn’t reschedule it to Dec/Jan to align with my travel plans. I had to cancel the interview appointment to be eligible for the Interview Waiver dropbox. I was able to book a dropbox appointment immediately after cancelling the interview appointment.

Experience 22: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Appointment Date: 30th Jan 2022 3.00 PM

Location : Shivaji Metro station

Entered into station at 2.30 PM as security is allowing before 30 min

1st security check to allow to metro station. Bags are scanned.

I went to 2 floors down( you can go either by lift / staircase)

Mobile Phones and backpack is allowed except any electronic devices(laptop, camera, storage devices)

If we have any electronic devices there is a small locker service counter to place(200/- per bag per 1Hr 30 mins)

Document verification counter(which is outside of office)

Joined in a line and security will help to allocate a counter

In the document verification counter they will ask

  1. Passport
  2. DS-160 Confirmation
  3. Appointment confirmation copy

Team will verify all the details are matching or not(name, visa type, DOB, DS-160 number , appointment date , time , location)

Once this is done, there was another line to go inside office

Document Confirmation Counter

Once I entered inside the office there were another set of counters , they are making a sticker which has our basic details and sticked it, on back side of my passport

Moved to another line to take a token for bio metrics
Note: token has a token number, and there were some display monitors which has token number with counter number allocation details.

I saw my token number with a counter number on TV Screen and went to that counter

Officer: What is your preferred language ?
Me: English
Officer: Can you give me your docs
Me: gave my DS-160, Appointment and Passport
Officer: there is a note in front of you, can you read it ?
Me: red it half
Officer: What is your Name?
Me: told her my name
Officer: What is your DOB ?
Me: told her
Officer: I am taking a photo of you
Me: Okay and smiled for a photo
Officer: Can you place your left four fingers on the scanner ?
Me: Placed
Officer: Right four fingers on the scanner ?
Me : Placed
Officer: Both thumbs on the scanner ?
Me: Placed
Officer: repeated my name which was on passport and said, You have applied for H1B Visa and you have an appointment on 8th. Please be there on time with all the documents.
Me: Ok and Thank you.
Officer: gave my docs back with a stamp
Me: took them and left from office and then metro station

Note: its too cold in New Delhi, please plan accordingly.

Experience 23: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Daughter) with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Previous appointment VAC Hyderabad – 23 Jan. Documents asked – DS160, Passport and Appointment confirmation.
Total time taken – 15 mins.

Appointment time – 08:30 AM
Reached consulate at 7:50 AM. Made us wait outside consulate in line for 15 mins. Since then it was continuous movement through initial security checks, verification of DS160 and passport and then around 8:35 AM, made us stand behind couple of candidates for interview.

The first person who was being interviewed by the time we joined was asked quite a lot of questions and for some reason there was a lot of wait time (20mins) and finally he was given a 221g. Then there was one person ahead of us, also for h1b was asked quite a few questions and took
time and approved eventually. My daughter who was 2 yr old started becoming impatient and cranky. We were kind of almost unable to handle her and then VO asked us to come forward. With all going on around,
Me- Good morning!
VO – Very good morning, Please pass on your passports.
VO – Who is your employer.
Me – Answered.
VO – Do you have a client or work in-house.
Me – Work directly for employer.
VO – What does your employer do
Me – Answered accordingly.
VO – How much does your employer pay
Me – Answered accordingly.
VO – Are you currently working for this employer
Me – Will be joining new employer once visa is approved.
VO – Which state will you be travelling to
Me – Answered accordingly.
VO – Have you been to US before
Me – Yes, was back once I was done with my assignment. (Had my previous h1 maxed out)
VO – What would be your position in your company?
Me – Answered accordingly.
VO – What is your highest qualification
Me – Answered accordingly.

VO asked my wife to give finger impressions followed by mine. and then said Your Visa is approved. I said thank you and was about to leave.
Funny part was my wife was kind of confused, still waiting there to answer h4 questions. VO was like you guys need anything else, I quickly realized and said, sorry, nothing else and left.

Overall it took around 1 hr 40 mins.
Suggestion – Bringing kids for stamping is optional. Bring them with you only if you absolutely dont have a choice.

Experience 24: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Chennai

Visa history:
2016: L1b blanket rejected
2017: L1b individual approved and stamped and traveled to USA.
2018: L2 visa stamped for my spouse in UK
2020: L1b visa expired and applied for extension
2020: L1b/L2 extension approved till March 2022
2021: h1b approved but my spouse petition wasnt approved and we came to india in 2021 November last week.

We tried for many weeks for interview slots but we werent lucky but luckily we got appointment for chennai on jan 14th using IW option.

My Chennai Dropbox experience:

Jan 18th – dropped documents
submitted docs:

Prime applicant:

  1. passport
  2. Ds-160 first page
  3. employment verification letter
  4. I work for in-house/internal projects and i dont work for clients. So i asked my HR to provide something like “Alternate for End client letter from Employer” which explains my role and responsibilities.
  5. 1 photo
  6. H1b approval copy(i797)
  7. my previous L1b extension approval copy (but he didnt take my first L1b individual approval copy though)
  8. 1 photo


  1. Passport
  2. Ds-160 first page
  3. 1 Photo

I took the photo from near by photo center called “Slict it Studio” previous day to avoid crowd, in case my photo gets rejected (that we took from Walgreens)
Vac person accepted my wife photo from Walgreens but he rejected mine. but i was able to submit the photo that i took from “Slice it studio”.

he verified the appointment confirmation letter and stamped with date and gave back to me. On the way out, they verified Appointment letter.

Jan 19th – application received (last cased updated date was kept updating to here and there till Jan 27th).
Jan 28th – administrative processing(around 10:45AM IST)
Jan 31st – issued. (around 3PM IST)

Passport tracker still says ” my passport is still with Consulate/Embassy” but CGI portal says ” Document Delivery information: BlanK”
I am hoping i get an update Tomorrow.

Additional tips:( not sure if this below tips helps but i wanted to share it)

  1. I read from some forum that, if your spouse name isnt in passport, some people pushed VAC folks to keep Marriage Certificate.
  2. On Visa grader site, i saw one guy posted that we need to make sure VAC folks are writing our Passport number on our Photo.

Experience 25: H1B with Dropbox, 221g at Mumbai

H1B renewal, change of employer
Jan 18th – Dropbox
Jan 20 – Application received
Jan 21 – Refused
Jan 24 – Refused
Jan 25 – got passport with white slip asking me schedule an in person 221g appointment at Mumbai consulate only.
Feb 1 – Attended in person interview, got yellow slip asking me email them documents. All documents needed are from petitioner only.

Follow up interview appointment details:
Had appointment at 9:50 am. Reached at 8:45 am and they let me in. They then made me sit in a separate queue. All 221g are being made to sit here and then sent to counter 23 where they take your passport and 797 and then assign you a specific counter or any counter. Was told by security that here they verify if your fingerprints and photos are all valid.

After waiting 45 min in the any counter interview queue went for my interview.
VO asked if I was coming for interview again. I told him no, I did Dropbox and was asked to come for in person.
VO asked me the following questions:
Employer name
What do you do
Client name
Highest education degree
He said that you already had H1, I said yes
That’s it took out yellow slip and checked every box for petitioner side and asked me to email the documents.
I asked him timeline,he said once you send documents we will work on it but can’t tell any timeline. We will ask your passport once we have completed everything from our end.

Only took passport and I-797 and the. Returned them back after interview. Didn’t ask any other documents, though I had everything including end client letter, lca and 129.
Now they want petitioner to email all this 🤔

About VO- Counter no 35, white male, late 30s.
Saw him give many people slips, 2 people before me got white slip and 1 was approved. I got yellow slip.
There were only 3 counters functioning, 2 were only for F1 and 1 for all visas.


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