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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from January 1st to January 10th, 2022

Below are User experiences for January 2022, starting from January 1st to January 10th, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Just wanted to share Dropbox experience:

  • Stayed at Radisson Blu Connaught place. Very convenient and walkable distance from the Shivaji stadium metro station. The VFS location is on the concourse level of Shivaji Stadium metro station. There are many restaurants in walkable distance. The metro from Delhi airport stops at Shivaji stadium and is very convenient.
  • Arrived at 9:15 am for 10 am appointment.
  • Around 9:20 they announced for people with US visa appointments.
  • Went through security and entered the building. nothing different in security. I had my cell phone ON in my purse and had no issues
  • Waited for few mins and lined up for Dropbox window
  • They asked for Appointment confirmation/DS160 confirmation/Employment verification letter/Copy of most recent I797/Passport and the recent photo.
  • Reviewed and confirmed the pickup location and phone number on file for notification. Done with the appointment within 20 mins or less.

Kindly note- I was concerned about FLYING back from Delhi to my home town as I did not have any Indian government issued ID and my passport was at embassy for stamping. Please note – The airport staff is OK with the softcopy. So just a photo of the passport on my phone worked for me.

Good luck everyone.

Experience 2: H1B at New Delhi

My visa interview was scheduled on 22nd of Dec, at New Delhi. OFC was on 21st,again new Delhi. I booked a cheap 3 star hotel initially, near Aerocity but later booked at Holiday Inn it was very clean and hygienic compared to the other cheap hotels.
For OFC interview, I took the metro which was very convenient and best since the ofc is located inside Shivaji stadium metro. For OFC Don’t take laptop, power banks, or any other electronics. Phone is fine. I returned to the hotel within an hour. It was hardly 500m from my hotel to the Aerocity metro.
The next day I took an Uber from hotel and arrived the embassy 45 minutes before. I carried the money in my pocket and kept one credit /debit card inside the folder which had the documents.
You will be asked to submit your phone in a nearby counter. Carry hard cash with you.
After security check I was sent to the next block where the interview happened. I carried a folder with me which had alphabetical naming for accessing the documents easily and quickly. Keep the passport, i797 original, appointment page, with you ready. 99 percent of the times they ask you only the passport and i797.
Questions were about the employer, where is it located, where you will be working, what roles and what will be your duties /responsibilities, accommodation plan in the US. you should be aware of the area where you will be staying. Most of the employers will be helping with the accommodation.
Important – in house product or client based. If you are working for the employer directly and not for any other client then you wont need a client letter. You need to make sure you answer accordingly. If you say you are going to work for client, then they will ask for the client letter

Experience 3: H1B with Dropbox at Bengaluru

Dropbox experience:

  • Had Visa appointment at 9:45am in Chennai consulate. Choose to use dropbox in Bangalore.
  • Reached Bangalore Dropbox location (Global Tech Park, Langford Road) early. The security at the gate checked the appointment confirmation sheet and let me in only at 9:45, not before that.
  • Entered the VFS processing center. Visa processing is in 1st floor (Climbed 2 floors, but it was labelled first floor). They don’t allow laptops, phones, harddrive etc Backpacks were allowed.
  • Security in 1st floor checked appointment confirmation and matched with passport. After that went through security screening. All this took about 5-10 mins. (Line for women was shorter)
  • The VFS center has Visa processing for multiple countries. After security check, entered the hallway made a left and went almost all the way to the end of hallway.
  • US visa processing was in the booth allocated for Dubai to the right (there were no sign boards, just kept asking folks around). Sat inside in the waiting area.
  • VFS employee called out if there was anyone doing dropbox(there was no token system). Went to the counter, submitted the documents and photo.
  • Paid Rs650 cash for paid dropbox. Note that they don’t accept cards, cash only.
  • This VFS center has a photo booth and photocopy Machine inside the center incase anyone had to retake photocopy or photo.
  • Was out within 30mins. Overall it was a smooth process.

Experience 4: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Took appointment for both but I alone went to drop the documents.

Documents asked:
1) Original Passports (old and new, both were taken. Old has F1 visa stamp. I am not sure if thats why they took old.)
2) Photo 2*2 inch (make sure its on white background. Like pure white. I submitted 3 different photos and they took all 3 and said that will help them chose which they like. I took 3 photos to avoid taking the pic again in delhi.). I would suggest you take some backup photos taken with a quality camera on “white” background.
3) I797 current h1b copy
4) I797 old h1b copy
5) Old H1B Visa copy (color printout)
6) Employment Verification Letter (I saw that the guy who was verifying my documents only underlined my role on this letter.)
7) DS160 confirmation
8) Appointment confirmation
9) I797 for my spouse who is on H4.

The guy who took my documents told that average processing time is 1 week in Delhi.

NOTE: Take extra copies of all the documents. They did asked for copies (2 of some docs).

Experience 5: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

My husband had his Dropbox appointment on 3rd January, 2022. The location is Gate 3 at Parinee Crescenzo which is behind the building. He reached 20mins earlier than his scheduled time. Since the center had very low turnout, he was let in.

A paper token was provided to him which had to be given at the counter when his turn came.

Submitted documents are:
Appointment confirmation email
Latest I797(previous I797’s were not taken despite being mentioned on the email)
2 US passport sized photos
Employment verification letter
Indian Passport

My husband was asked to retake the photos as the picture did not match the face value specs of 75%. Got his photos taken at the in-house studio which costed him ₹500.

The process was smooth and quick and took him 25mins. ETA to receive passport given to him was 7-8 working days.

Experience 6: H1B at New Delhi

My experience getting my visa approved on 4th January(in person interview):
Travelled to Delhi from Seattle via Doha on Dec 31st. At every stop, they asked me to present passport, boarding pass, rt pcr(valid only if taken 72 hours before departure), air suvidha docs. I also showed my Covid vaccination card.
In Delhi, they didn’t ask Travelers from USA to take RT PCR again or to quarantine. They were asking passengers from other countries to take RT PCR test after landing.

On 3rd Jan, I went to shivaji metro station (vfs global) for biometrics. Bag is allowed if it just had documents. I think someone has earphones and they told them they couldn’t take those in. They ask you to switch off phone but you are allowed to carry that. They only need 3 docs – appointment confirmation, DS 160 confirmation and passport. You go through security, then they ten print you and take your picture. It was over in 15 min.

Next day – Jan 4th consular in Delhi – no phone or bag was allowed. You can carry docs in folder. Outside they just asked for appointment time and passport . Then you have to go through security, several long queues. There is another biometrics section before the interview area. They just looked at my appointment confirmation, saw that I gave my biometrics the day before and let me through.

For consular interview the only documents they asked for were my passport and I797A. Questions were pretty standard : how long did I work at my current company, what was my role, how much did I earn, what did I do before my current role, where do I currently live. The person before me was asked what was their motivation to move to the US.
Many were dressed professionally, I wore a t shirt and a hoodie. I don’t think they care.

Experience 7: H1B at New Delhi

Stayed at Ashok Hotel and walked(10 mins) to Embassy, left mobile at hotel.

Appointment booked in November’21 when some slots opened, for Jan 5th CA.

I am Eligible for new Interview Waiver as i had an approved h1b visa , expired several years ago. But i went ahead with my scheduled CA appointment as there is no clarity on new Slots.


Handed Passport and I797 to VO.

  • Whats your role?
  • What do you work on?
    Answered in 2 lines
  • What’s your salary?
  • Is there a End Client?
  • Do you have a Client Letter?
    Yes, passed it to VO.
  • Is there a Middle Vendor?
    Yes, mentioned name.
  • Work Location?
    Gave Client location
  • Highest Degree ?
    Masters at ….. University
  • Year you graduated?
  • Visa Approved.

Experience 8: H1B at Chennai

Bio metrics – Jan 4th. Around 20 people applicants were there – process was Swift and quick.
Appointment time – 9am, reached at 8.30am, got done by 9am.

Documents asked: DS – 160 and Passport.
Mobile phones can be carried but need to be switched off

Consulate interview – Jan 5th. Pretty crowded, 40+ applicants. Applicants with kids were excused from waiting in line for queue.
Appointment time – 9am, reached at 8.30am, got done with process by 11am.
Documents asked – original 1-797, passport.
Questions asked:
Q. Which visa?
Q. What does your employer do?
Q. location, title and Salary?
Q. Any dependents?

Informed that visa is approved.

Interview got done less than 5 mins. However for most in the room I observed it took 15mins on an average – the VO was grilling them with many questions and was asking for marriage certificate, marriage photo and what not. I got lucky i guess.

No locker facility – please don’t bring mobile, bags, water bottles and sanitizers

Booked interview slot early December’21

Experience 9: H1B at New Delhi

H1B regular stamping renewal experience with 8yrs in USA total :

  • Delhi VAC/OFC/Biometrics(04-Jan-22):
  1. Appointment was at 12 noon, but allowed at 11.15am inside.
  2. Security checked, lets u inside 2 floors down where US VAC sits, then queue up, Indian officer asks Passport, ds160 confirmation & appointment confirmation docs only.
  3. Mobile is asked to switch off, Again 2nd security check, then Sticker will b pasted on passport by indian officer, token will b given.
  4. Queue up in line, go to counter as per token,indian officer took photo then left four fingers, right four fingers, both thumbs together.
  5. Process done for the day. Sticker pasting is vry vry important. Do not leave without sticker. Make sure. Total 45mins process.
  • Delhi US Embassy(06-Jan-22):
    1. Interview at 10.20 but they allow 45mins to 1hr early too. Need to keep mobiles & gadgets in locker. Mobile locker charges Rs.50.
    2. Passport check, then they let u inside building.
    3. Security check, then let u sit on any of 5-6 rows.
    4. Let u inside the main interview building.
    5. Queue up & the person will send u according to ur line number. No token system here. Indian officer 1st will check passport & petition I797 only. Nothing else.
    6. Sit on chairs until they send you to Visa Interview.
    7. Visa Officer(VO) asks passport, petition like I797.
    8. Visa Questions:
      VO: Which company u work?? VO: What does company do ??
      VO: What is your role/designation ??
      VO: What you do for company??
      VO: What is your salary??
      VO: Where do u reside in US??
    9. VO finally said congrats your visa is approved, you will get passport in a week or so.
    10. Exit building.
    11. Process done. This will take 1.5hrs to 2hrs due to long queues.

    Note: This may help someone attending interview in delhi. Hence sent in very detail.

    Experience 10: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

    H1b 4th time ( first time Dropbox in India)

    Documents asked:

    • Passport
    • App confirmation page
    • DS-160 confirmation page
    • i797 current copy and copy for the previous one( not all).
    • photo ( I took cvs and Walmart photos but they did not accept, to be on the safer side I took the one from local shop and they know the specs to the T.- they accepted that. I would suggest doing that.

    Few things:

    • my appointment time was 1:45 but they let me in at 12:57, just hover around that area where line starts and they will let you in. I was out in 20 mins. Very smooth processing.
    • if they ask you to provide any document, which you do not have ( many in my queue did not have employment letter, incorrect ds-160, new photos, client letter) don’t panic, make sure you have soft copies so you can get the print outs from outside shop- the same shop that takes photos, they also correct ds-160).
    • I was carrying kindle so they asked me to move to another queue.
    • they did not ask me employment letter , not sure why.
    • make sure to review the checklist in your confirmation document. They mentioned they have updated it. Many people were not carrying hard copies.

    I’ll be happy to provide any other information.

    Experience 11: H4 at new Delhi

    VO asked below questions and documents:
    Asked applicant passport
    Asked spouse visa copy
    Marriage date
    Who arranged the marriage
    Can I see marriage pictures
    Marriage certificate

    Visa approved!

    Documents taken to embassy:

    Ds 160 confirmation
    Appointment confirmation
    Spouse passport copy( all pages)
    Spouse visa copy (latest one)
    Spouse H1b copy
    Spouse pay stubs 3 months
    Spouse w2 3 years
    Spouse bank statements 3 months
    Spouse client letter
    Spouse LCA
    Spouse Employer letter ( if you have)
    Spouse I94
    Spouse i140 (if you have one)

    Experience 12: H1B at New Delhi

    2 Masters, regular 2017 and day 1 cpt Oct 2021, COS

    VAC: Jan 5th 12:30pm
    CA: Jan 6th 8:30am
    Current status: Administrative Processing Passport with officer.

    Travel + Stay + Delhi’s COVID rules : Came to India in December 2021. Flew from Bangalore to Delhi via Indigo on the 5th and returned on the 6th Jan 2022.

    Documents: Online Boarding pass and health declaration form, showed Passport as ID. While returning back I showed Aadhar Card since my passport was with the embassy.

    Stay: I stayed at the Karnataka Bhavan close to the embassy. The rooms are decent and are subject to availability.

    Delhi’s COVID Rules: No rtpcr test results were asked. Weekend lockdown starting this week. If you are taking Uber then only 2 passengers are allowed. Pathetic Uber cars, unhygienic, drivers don’t communicate and there was a lot of traffic so make sure to leave to the slot pretty early.

    VAC experience: Location – Shivaji Stadium lower level.
    Appointment was at 12:30 pm. I reached at 11:30am directly from the airport and the security guard will guide you to the VAC. I was let in around 11.45am.

    If you have family accompanying then they are made to wait outside, make sure they are dressed warm. Be sure to have an umbrella, the weather played is out. Don’t want the bags or files to drench.

    There will be security checks and you cannot carry cellphones or backpacks.
    Apparently there is a locker available to keep stuff but it’s quite expensive (not sure how expensive). At the VAC center, they asked me for passport, appointment confirmation letter and DS160 confirmation page. The process was quite smooth – I was in and out in 10-15 minutes.

    CA experience: I reached at 7:40am for an 8:30am appointment. They let us in at around 8. Again, no mobile phones or bags allowed and accompanying family/friends are made to sit outside. There is a counter where the officer asks for the finger prints again, and 1 US passport size photo, i797. If you don’t have a photo then you are sent to the next counter and they will click a pic for you.
    Suggestion: to avoid delays and panic take the photo with you.

    At the interview counter I waited for around 5 mins for my interview. I handed over my passport and original of I-797 and The interviewer did not ask me for any additional documents. The interview had these questions:

    1. What does your company do?
    2. Designation?
    3. Did you already start work with your company?
    4. Did you study in the US?
    5. When did your status change?
    6. What we’re you doing before that?

    I was asked to place right hand four fingers. Passport is with the officer. The VO asked me for a copy of i797 and gave me 221g slip with a comment stating “Administrative Processing”. The VO informed me that she needs to work on my case and she did not need any other documentation from my end, if needed an email would be sent.

    I was out within half hour. There were a lot of approvals for F1 and me along with 3 other folks were given yellow slips. If I remember one guy got approval for H1.

    Make sure to mask up and use sanitizer wherever possible. Contact hotels to know if there are any rules due to lockdown etc.

    Good luck!

    Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

    Reached Hyderabad on Jan 5th by qatar airways.

    They checked boarding pass, rt-pcr report and air suvidha form. The process was very quick and exited airport in less than an hour.

    Attended Dropbox appointment on Jan 6th at Hyderabad.

    Submitted current passport( which had my last H1 visa stamped), appointment confirmation, DS 160 confirmation, photo copies of I797s, employment verification letter and 2 photos. (Lucky me as photos were accepted that was taken back in US in a local photo studio).

    Note: I changed my employer since my last stamped visa in the passport. So submitted 3 I-797s (current, previous from previous employer and the one which was used for last visa stamping in the passport). They just took 1st page of each I-797s.

    The appointment was very quick. I was in and out with in 10 minutes.

    Experience 14: H1B at New Delhi

    6th January-2022

    Appointment was at 9:20 am, reached at 8:00 am and got into the queue. Security check outside done separately for men and women.
    Men queue is long. Everyone who has an appointment from 8-9 am is allowed to go first then second slot 9-10am, so it’s better to go early.

    Docs needed for h1-b: passport, ds160, approval notice (797b or 797c)

    Inside it takes 1 – 1.5 hours.

    Questions asked

    Your Salary?
    What projects do you work on?
    Where do you live in USA?
    Where and what did you study?
    clients of your USA company?
    what projects do your USA company do?
    what is your post in your USA company?

    They take my passport, give you back all other docs.. And say that it may take 1 week to get your passport back.

    Overall pretty smooth. Only suggestion is to go early. Dress comfortably.

    There is a small shop where you can deposit your phone/bags. Many people did that and it is pretty reliable.

    Experience 15: H1B at New Delhi

    Recently had my VAC and interview for first time in Delhi. Process is much smoother than my previous experience in Chennai (for l1b)
    Well organized, friendly and helpful for all queries. We went directly there with our bags for family appointment. They allowed one of us to attend bags outside the office while other went inside and gave biometrics. No fuss involved. In and out in 10 mins.
    Metro station has clean hygienic condition for restrooms if you want to change clothes before photos are taken.

    Interview at consulate:
    There is small counter outside to keep mobile phone for 50 rs. One random guy also allows to guard your bags kept on pile for some charge (I didn’t carry bag )
    They allowed bottled water which was in my kiddos hand and didn’t say any word. After security check you wait in holding area until space is available inside to form queue.
    Inside they again took fingerprints and asked for photos . We didn’t carry any photos so they again took our photographs there. Moved to bench for waiting our turn for interview. Normal questions like where do you work, how long, age of kid and marriage date. Approved and good bye. In and out in 1 hr.

    Experience 16: H1B at Chennai

    VAC: Took hardly 10 minutes (Sunday). They will allow mobile (must be switched off) and documents but not bags.
    Just asked only Passport, DS-160 confirmation page, Appointment letter.

    CA: Took hardly 10m but stayed in line almost 1hr to get interviewed. They will not allow anything except documents

    Questions were asked:

    1. Why you want to go US?
    2. Who is my client?
    3. Where you intended to work?
      Ans: I said client location as it is mentioned in my LCA
    4. Please provide your client letter?
      Ans: I said I don’t have.
      VO: He explained me 15m about client letter importance
    5. Salary?
    6. Location of work?
    7. Totally years of experience?
    8. How long I have been with Employer and Client?

    Just asked Passport, Original I-797 and Client letter (in my case, I don’t have)

    VO took my passport and said my visa is approved.

    Experience 17: H1B + H4 (Spouse+ USC Kid) at Kolkata

    VAC 6th Jan 2022– Was quick . Only doc asked was passport and DS160. They took pictures and stamped the DS160. You can keep you bag near the gate , it’s allowed

    CA 7th Jan 2022 – there is authorised shop to keep your bags . They take Rs 100 for bag.

    Security checked DS160 and checked our names for attendence

    There is one officer who chela the passport inside and will keep i797 and employment verification letter with them

    VO – Good Morning, Namaskar
    Me – Google Morning Officer
    VO – Pls pass your passport, i797 and employment verification letter.
    VO – Job duties , salary , Location, if you have USC kid.
    Asked for USC kid passport.
    Marriage certificate and kids birth certificates
    Took time to enter lots of infromation.

    After 10 minutes said Visa is approved. It will be delivered withing a week.

    Experience 18: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Daughter) at New Delhi

    Delhi location stayed at Hotel Metropolitan Hotel and Spa.

    Bio Metric- 30th December 2021.

    Consulate interview – Jan 6th 2022.
    Appointment time – 10am, Reached at 9am.
    Counter No: 13 American Lady.
    Documents asked – Original 1-797,Passports.

    Questions asked:
    VO : Which Location ?
    VO : End Client or In House Project ?
    VO: What you do for Company?
    VO: What is your salary?
    VO: What is your highest degree?
    VO: Since how long you Married?
    VO: How old is Your Kid?

    VO finally said congrats your visa is approved, You will get passport in 5 Days.

    Case Created : 05 Jan 2022
    Administrative Processing : 06 Jan 2022
    Issued : 07 Jan 2022

    Experience 19: H1B at Hyderabad

    Travel process:
    -Jan 1st 11:00AM departure.
    gave my RTPCR test on 30th 8AM, received reports on 31st 11:AM.
    -Filled Air suvidha, uploaded required documents.
    I don’t have have any connecting flight , direct flight from chicago to Delhi. Landed delhi airport on 2nd 7:PM. They have asked for air suvidha form, RTPCR test and boarding pass. Got stamped 14 days self monitoring. Connecting flight Hyd. In Hyd it was smooth just collected my bags came out of the airport it took me just 10min.

    Visa process:
    Jan 6th biometric
    Documents asked:

    • passport
    • ds160
    • appointment confirmation
      No photo copy asked.

    Jan 7th In person interview:

    Documents asked: Only passport in my case.

    Questions asked:

    • which company you are working for.
    • How long have you been working in the company.
    • what is your job title.
      -what is your salary.
    • who is your petitioner.
    • how long you have been with your petitioner.
    • who sponsored your visa.
    • have you done your masters.
    • what is your university name.
    • have you taken opt.
    • who sponsored your opt.
    • have you taken cpt.
    • Do you have double degrees? What is the other university name.
    • how long you studied in both the universities.
    • is there a gap between two master degrees.
    • do you have attorney.
    • name of your attorney.

    Visa is approved.

    Waiting for passport pickup email.

    Just be confident while answering questions.
    In my case I have done double masters.
    So far no lock down or night curfew in Hyderabad.

    All the best. Good luck to everyone.

    Experience 20: H1B at New Delhi

    Interview experience first time L1-> H1B.
    H1B amendment (change of location) approved after OFC.

    Scheduled flight LA -> SFO(1st 1:30 PM) SFO -> Delhi (1st 7PM)
    RTPCR 28-Dec 2:30 PM
    Report available 29th Dec 8PM
    Submitted to the same time.
    Approved by united in 30-minute

    Actual flight
    LA -> SFO (as usual, no air suvidha check)
    SFO -> Delhi (same nothing different)

    Landed Delhi 3rd 1.00 AM

    1. They took 3 passengers for rtpcr testing
    2. Other they check air suvidha form and green line on it
    3. RT PCR checked.

    No temperature check, nothing special
    No customs, but unfortunately, I lost my baggae (carry your documents with you)

    Vac Delhi 3rd Jan 1:30 PM

    1. At security, they verified temperature
    2. Security done.
    3. They checked DS 160 and passport, I enformed the vac that I have H1B amedment is in process and I havent got approval later yet. They told inform the consulate.

    5TH JAN – Amendment for change of location approved and received soft copy
    Filed new DS 160.
    Updated in salesforce profile with new DS-160


    2. Informed the first executive that I have amended the DS 160 .
    3. She discarded old ds160
    4. She asked for a photograph and retook fingerprint
    5. Attached new ds 160 and soft copy of amendment i797 approval(yes, I did not have the original one yet)
    6. Send to consulate

    C:WHY I AM SEEING 2 797
    C: which company
    M: amazon
    C: What are you working on
    M: explain my product in 2 lines
    C: whats your salary
    M: explained salary


    C: WHERE HAve you got your degreee
    M : University of mumbai

    M : 6 (4 in usa 2 in india)

    C: please put your hands for fingerprint
    C: your visa is approved.

    Experience 21: H1B at New Delhi

    Travel experience: Took rtpcr 72 hours before my flight at CVS and got the result in 24 hours.

    2nd Jan Chicago – Abu Dhabi – Hyderabad (Etihad airways)
    ⁃ Process is really smooth
    ⁃ Filled airsuvidha, uploaded documents rtpcr and vaccination certificate in etihad website and you will get verified to fly email. do not panic if you don’t get the email they will verify at counter (you will see seperate counter to checkin for folks who received verified to fly email)

    4th Jan landed in Hyderabad
    just checked rtpcr and air suvidha and hold the hard copies of these docs as they do some checks and you need to show the same in three different places before you come out of the airport.

    Experience in Delhi: (I flew very next day to Delhi for interview)
    6th jan – biometric
    Appointment is at 12:30 but I reached counslate at 11 and they allowed me in. Process completed in just 10minutes (documents need to carry – appointment letter, ds 160 confirmation, passport, payment confirmation letter and i797)
    Few tips: don’t carry bag coz you need to deposit it for 200 bucks so better leave it at hotel unless you think if it is really useful carry it and you can carry your phone inside. You cannot carry watch / headsets or any other electronic devices. btw deposit counter is just opposite to the biometric.

    7th Jan CA interview –
    This time I just carried a file with necessary documents and they checked appointment letter, ds 160 confirmation page which was stamped on 6th at biometric office.
    Note: phones are not allowed and you can deposit it at the counter outside office for 100 bucks
    Slot is at 10:50 and I reached at 10 but guess what they let folks with slots 8:30 – 11 way long back so the earlier you go the faster you will be wrapping up…
    This time my wait was 1.5 hour coz only three officers wer interviewing….
    Counter 13 – lady officer greeted me with a smile…
    ⁃ so h1b ?
    ⁃ You did masters from xyz uni?
    ⁃ You are working for xyz company?
    ⁃ Are you a full time?
    ⁃ What you do? ( I gave a power start with my responsibilities and I was not stopping then with a big smile she said that’s a lot and immediately we both had some humor conversation)
    ⁃ Are you married? ( I said yes and she asked then why my wife didn’t come along I told that she is done with her h4 stamping last year) I intentionally started talking about Covid cases and I mentioned my was stuck for xyz months so officer also interacted with me bout how worse things were and etc…
    ⁃ How many years you are with this company? ( rather giving flat reply I always maintained my conversation in statements for example I started as a contractor and later they converted me to fte and now my exp is so and soo)Then our conversation started out to go with humor and I felt she is comfortable now.
    ⁃ Where do you stay?
    ⁃ Do you work remote?
    ⁃ Where is your company located?
    ⁃ She got confused and was a bit hesitant with my masters and h1 approval dates and before she pitched in further questions I answered her clearly when I completed masters and when my h1 is approved and gave her clarity…
    VO: Place your left four fingers and she verified it is me and mentioned me that I will be getting my passport in a week…
    Note: A small tip just don’t give out flat replies try to communicate with officer based on your questions that will really make them comfortable and will make you confident 😊

    Experience 22: H1B at Kolkata

    Jan 6: OFC @9:00am
    Went to location at 8:45am and came out at 9:00am.
    Verified name and dob and took fingerprints

    Jan 7: CA interview @9:00am
    Reached location at 8:40am.
    Phones not allowed.
    Questions asked:
    Client company name and location
    Client letter
    Job duties
    Single or married
    How long you have been working with your employer

    They said visa approved and collect passport in a week or so.
    Came out at 9:00 am.
    It was quick, simple and straight.

    Experience 23: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

    Dropbox appointment on January 10th:

    Traveled from Vijayawada to Delhi yesterday. At airport just an id proof and ticket is enough. No negative pcr needed. We landed on time, its was Sunday and weekend curfew was there. We took cab and went straight to hotel. Transportation is available bus, auto cabs metro everything is there. No one stopped us or asked for any details.

    Today morning took cab and went to shivaji metro station. We went 3 hrs early so had to wait. Near by we took photo which are needed for dropbox many studios are there.

    I am allowed inside 1 hr ahead of my appointment time. Went inside checking was done. And went to the dropbox counter. She took my passport, appointment confirmation, DS 160 confirmation page, employment letter and photo. She took all 8 photos and choose the best of it. Everything was smooth till here.

    She checked the passport and there was a visible gap in binding so she said that it will be consider as a damaged passport and it will be at discretion of us embassy to give me visa in same passport or ask for a new passport. ☹️ so fingers crossed and waiting

    Experience 24: H1B + H4 at Hyderabad

    Scenario– coming back to india after 5 years. Change of employer since last visa stamp. Prev visa stamp expired 2019. FTE entire career of 10 years in USA.

    Dec 9 Dropbox:
    Usual documents- passport/i797 copies/employment verification letter/ photos.

    Dec 13: Status changed to refused.

    Dec 14: Email from consulate to attend in person interview on Jan 10. No reason given for refused other than “further processing needed”
    They provided date/time. Only principal applicant required. Can’t change consulate location, has to be same as Dropbox.

    Jan 10: Attended in person. Took ~ 2 hrs. Was handed back passports before interview. Took my aadhar along with the email asking to come in person.

    Questions (after asking for all passports)
    What is your designation ?
    I see you did a MS in US. Where and when ?
    Did you do any OPT or CPT ?

    Visa approved. No other docs asked. Changed from Refused to Admin Processing within 30 minutes. Expecting issued in a couple days.

    I will always advise take whatever doc you feel is relevant to the situation.

    Experience 25: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

    Documents collected:
    Appointment confirmation page.
    DS 160 confirmation page.
    Current Passport.
    Previous Passport.
    Current I797 approval – Copy
    Previous I797 approval – Copy
    Employment verification letter – Copy
    2×2 Photo

    JAN 4 – Passport dropped at VAC location New Delhi – asked only the documents mentioned in the appointment confirmation email
    It took 10 mins for entire process, appointment was at 10 got there at 945 and was let in after security check.
    Jan 5- Status showed as “Administrative Processing” in CEAC website.
    Jan 7 – Status showed as “Issued”
    Jan 10- Status showed in CGI portal as “Passport received from consular and processing for delivery”
    Jan 11 – Received all collected passports with visa stamped on current passport at home (Mumbai) as I selected for premium delivery. Paid Rs. 650 upon delivery

    Please carry latest photograph as they compare photo with all passport photos as well as prios stamped visa photos.
    Carry all prior passports, they check it but they take the ones with prior US visas stamped along with current passport.
    Stayed at The Park hotel near drop box location, its 10 mins walk away.


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