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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from January 11th to January 22nd, 2022

Below are User experiences for January 2022, starting from January 11th to January 22nd, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Stayed at Trident BKC ( right across the US consulate and 10 min walk to the OFC )

Dec 28th – Passport and documents dropped
Dec 29th – Application received
Jan 3rd – Administrative processing
Jan 5th – Administrative processing but last updated was 5th
Jan 6th – Administrative processing but last updated was 6th
Jan 11th – Issued

Documents collected at OFC:
Appointment confirmation page.
DS 160 confirmation page.
Passport with most recent H1B stamp.
1st page of current I797A – Copy
Employment verification letter – Copy
2 Photos ( Took pictures from CVS and India, they took India pictures )

Experience 2: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

My visa expired on Aug 31st 2021. Started a new job on Sept 7th. It took a month for me to get a visa appointment.

Documents Asked:
⁃ Appointment Confirmation
⁃ DS-160 Confirmation
⁃ Copy of Latest I-797
⁃ Appointment Confirmation
⁃ 2 Photos (taken at a local studio in Mumbai)

⁃ Jan 3rd – Dropbox Appointment at 11.45am
⁃ Jan 4th – Case Created
⁃ Jan 6th – Application Received
⁃ Jan 7th – Administrative Processing
⁃ Jan 8th & 9th – Weekend
⁃ Jan 10th – Visa Issued.

Other Things to Note:
⁃ The passport was available for pick up on 10th itself.
⁃ You can take your phone/smart watch with you. They’ll ask you to switch it off though.
⁃ There’s a shop on the 1st floor for Xerox, Photo Studio, Updating DS-160 etc.

Experience 3: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Apt time Jan4th : 1PM,
went to shivaji metro station around 12pm. There was a line for biometrics but dropbox appts can go into the metro station directly.
US VAC is in the basement
they took below documents and told me that I will recevie the Passport via Bluedart and 650 rupees is cash on Delivery
appt confirmation letter
old and new passport
latest I797 copy
1 photo
Employment verification letter

Jan5th status: passport delivered to post
Jan6th status: passport is with us consulate
Jan7th status: passport is with us consulate
Jan8th status: passport is with us consulate
Jan9th status: passport is with us consulate
Jan10th status: Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery
Jan11th status: Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery
Jan12th status: passport delivered to home ( 650 rupees )

Experience 4: H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at Chennai

H4 spouse + 13 yr old H4 kid experience at consulate today. H1B spouse in US on expired visa but valid H1B status with approved extension i797.

Good news – documents accepted. There were experiences at certain consulates that below 14 yr old kid was asked to come to regular appointment since they were not eligible for Dropbox if H1B is in US on expired visa but valid i797. For us at chennai consulate they accepted Dropbox docs for both H4 spouse and H4 son, not sure about other consulates.

The usual list of docs was asked – appointment letter, DS160 confirmation page, photo, Passport, i797 approval notice, old i797 approval notice, H1b’s employment verification letter, NIE letter. For NIE letter we had 3 letters – H1B company NIE letter, self-written NIE letter by H4 spouse on family separation , Son’s US school letter from principal about requirement of in person attendance for 8th grade school classes(wanted to use 3 letters for NIE hoping one of those will/should click 🤞)

The whole process of docs submission took about 15 mins. Son did not go for this Dropbox appointment, wife dropped off both docs. When my wife gave sons passport, they asked his age to verify if below 14. Then not sure why but they took sons passport and went inside to confirm something with others and it took almost 10 mins and then they came back and gave acknowledgement of Dropbox submission.

I am hoping visa+NIE will be granted 🤞will update as soon as I know.

Experience 5: H4 with Dropbox at Chennai

Dropped off H4 child (First stamping, <1 Year old) docs @ Cochin (Chennai VAC appointment) today (Wednesday – 12-Jan-2022).
Only Temperature was checked, signed in. My appointment was for 14:45 but was allowed to submit at 12:20. I was out by by 12:35.


  1. Appointment Confirmation (1 BW Copy, Page 1 which also includes Fee receipt).
  2. DS 160 (1 BW Copy, Page 1).
  3. Original Passport of H4.
  4. Latest I797 Approval Notice (1 BW Copy, Page 1) of primary applicant (H1B) – Originals were not checked.
  5. Employment Verification Letter (1 BW Print) of Primary applicant (H1B).
  6. 1 Photo as per US Visa specification for each applicant. Was taken from a studio near home, showing sample Visa photo.
  7. Copy of First and Last pages of both parents’ latest passport (pages with photo and address, 1 BW copy each)
  8. Latest valid visa (non-expired) copy of both parents (1 BW copy each). Were stamped on 30-Dec-2021.

Rs. 650 in Cash for dropping at Cochin instead of Chennai VAC.
Got receipt for the payment (Rs 650) and stamped Appointment confirmation.
As I opted for premium delivery to my home address, I’d be paying another Rs. 650 on delivery of passport.

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

VAC: 12th January 2022

1) the location is shivaji metro station – 2 floors are converted to VFS offices with metro entrance right next to it.
If coming from the airport take the metro to the 2nd last stop (1 stop before new Delhi railway station) easiest way to get around or a 10 minute walk from Palika Bazar

2) my appointment was for 2.45 and they allow entry 30 – 45 mins before but don’t have to get there too early unnecessarily, 15 mins before also is fine. There was a queue in the morning but no queue during the afternoon.

3) Bring photocopies of the i797, passport and previous visa, if you don’t have one there are shops nearby where you can get them

4) Bring a latest US visa photo, one couple got sent back to get a new one because their photo (according to VAC officer) was old. White background only – while in the queue someone got sent back for having a blueish background

5) my experience –
Showed up at 2.15 for 2.45 and got sent in right away, US visa office is 2 floors down from ground floor just walk through the metro entry and stand in the queue

Gave the stack of documents I had brought along with photograph and passport, the lady behind the counter took what she needed and returned the rest.

Took about 10 mins for it and then I was given the tracking number and was told that the passport will be delivered when ready to the address I had specified and it’s 650 Rs cash on delivery.

Documents I had with me –
Passport – original and photocopy
Visa – photocopy
DS160 and appointment confirmation printout
Previous i797 photocopies (they did not look at originals but carry them just in case)
Employment verification document
Salary slips (not needed but kept them just in case)

Experience 7: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Gud Mrng all, finally my husband visa got approved and here are the few questions VO asked

Vo:gud Mrng show me ur ds160 and passport
Vo: show ur marriage certificate,kid birth certificate and marriage photos (we have taken few pics and arranged in one small album)
Vo:that’s cool
Vo: which city ur are gng to work
Vo: show me ur client letter
Me:we showed client letter but letter was dated on may 2021 and he said this is old one do you have any thing recent jan client letter 2022 then my husband said no I have only this offer letter then vo didn’t say anything
Vo: what is ur employee is all about with what clients does it deal
Me: he said what is his employee and told few partners associated with his employee
Vo:spell ur client name
Me:spelled correctly
Vo:in house or client project
Me: told
Vo: what is ur role and what are ur roles and responsibilities
Vo: what is ur designation
Vo: which city u are going to work
Later sometime vo was typing in and asked pls wait for few minutes and let me check other things and then he said ok I am done your visa is approved congratulations

Me my husband and kid went for interview but as h4 I was not asked for any questions and all the questions were to my husband only

We greeted them back and left

Like all said be confident and tell only true

Experience 8: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

My experience today at Chennai Dropbox
My appointment was at 9:45 reached the Centre at 9:30 and came out at 10:18
They did temperature screening and security screening. Had to wait for few mins on line

Documents they verified
1) Appointment confirmation page
2) DS160 confirmation page
3) Photo (They asked when the photo was taken)
4) Current and Previous I 797 Photocopy (first page is enough)
5) Passport ( they took current visa page and confirmed with me if this is latest)
6) Employment verification letter

Additional things to Make note:

  • Since I opted for premium delivery to home address, they told I need to pay Rs. 650 at time of delivery. I don’t remember paying like this before, this time they told I need to pay. Anyone else informed like this?
  • Hand bags and water bottles were allowed
  • phone is allowed but need to switch off
  • Helmets, smart watch and other electronic items are not allowed , they asked people to keep in locker ( I don’t know if they charge for locker)
  • Read the specifications of photo, lot of photo was rejected today due to following reasons
    ~ for wearing specs photo was rejected, as per new terms specs not allowed, read it
    ~ 1 photo was rejected for not having natural smile, teeth was shown and got rejected
    ~ 1 photo was rejected as there was no proper spacing between head and photo.
    (They asked them to retake photo and submit with in 4 pm on same day)

Experience 9: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

I have dropped mine and my wife’s documents.

Dropped date: Jan 5th

Documents collected for H1B (all are just photocopies):
Latest I-797
Employment verification letter

Documents collected for H4 (all are just photocopies):
H1B principal applicant’s latest I-797
All H4 I-797s
Principal applicants employment verification letter
Principal applicants H1B visa stamp

No status changes until Jan 10th, just said documents are submitted.

Jan 11th the status changed to issued for both.

I have opted for premium delivery and we got both passports on January 13th.

Hope this helps someone with the same scenarios.

Experience 10: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

VAC Experience :

6th Jan : Drove into Delhi, stayed at The Park in C.P. 10 minute walk to VAC.

7th Jan : Checked out but had my suitcase stored with the hotel. Dropbox done at 2pm with the following documents:

1 Photograph

New and Older passport that had my prior visa. Originals.

Latest I797 (I recently changed employers, this is the latest i797 from my current employer). Copy only original not required.

Employment letter with position, salary and location. Coloured printout of the pdf my employer provided, I suspect BW will also do the job.

DS160 & Appointment confirmation printout.

Was asked if I have an end client and I replied i directly work for my petitioner.

I was allowed an hour earlier in and was in and out in about 25 minutes. I advise only taking a file with documents and your phone. AirPods etc you should leave behind. There are paid lockers if you are going alone.

Jan 8-9 : weekend
Jan 10 : Received
Jan 11 : Admin Processing
Jan 12 : Issued
Jan 13 : Received email that it’s ready for pickup.

Experience 11: H1B with In Person Interview at Kolkata

Took Emirates flight from SFO to Hyd on 6th Jan (RT-PCR and filled Air Suvidha form with details). After reaching Hyderabad on 8th Jan they did temperature screening and checked my air suvidha, RT-PCRand Vaccination card. They noted down my local phone number and let me go. I quarantined myself for 3 days and officials from collector office reached out to local number after 3 days to take RT-PCR test and submit the results including the sample Id. I took RT- PCR test before flying to Kolkatta and sent the same to the officials.
Stayed in Kenilworth Hotel which is 2 min from US consulate and 7 min from VAC center.

VAC: 12-Jan, Kolkatta

  • Took only DS-160 confirmation, Appointment confirmation, Passport (latest)
  • Waiting in line after security check and took my fingerprints and photo. Informed about how my passport will be received after interview.(Premium courier/ Pick up)
  • time taken: 15min total including waiting time (Go early and it will be fast)

CA: 13-Jan, Kolkatta
Time – 8:45AM but was allowed inside at 8 AM itself. Regular security check and document check and next waiting in line for interview

  • documents asked: Passport (latest), I797 copy, Employment Verification Letter and Support Letter
  • time taken: < 30 min total including waiting time
    Questions asked:
    — what is your job title?
    — what are your job responsibilities?
    — what is your salary?
    — what is your work location?
    — what is your highest level of education?
    — what is your major?
    — when did you graduate?
    — Have you started working?
  • time taken: < 25 min total including waiting time. Interview went for around 5 min.

Finally officer said VISA is approved!! Please take all your documents. Your passport will be ready in 1 week.

Reached back hotel and checked status and it was showing ISSUED.

Experience 12: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Date – 14 Jan
Interview Timing- 10:30 AM
We were allowed to enter from outside queue at 9AM

1.Outside of embassy– Basic security check and counter to submit Mobile phones or bags . 50 RS per item.

2.Embassy Gate Checking– Checks Passport.

  1. Inside Embassy check– Passport, I797
    Had to wait for almost an hour as only 3 counter is open nowadays.

4.US counsulate officer Gate:

Greeting and documents asked were
Main Applicant-
Passports of both
Marriage Certificate

Who is your employer?
Who is your client?
Location of work.
When did you get married?

Fingerprint check for both main Applicant and dependent.

And finally those words “Your visa is approved” and provided 1 know your rights template.

Interview went for around 2-3 minutes. Average interview time I noticed was 5 minutes . Not more than that.

Experience 13: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

I wanted to thank the people in this group for sharing the latest information and interview experiences with which I was able to get my visa approved.
Date & Time: Jan 13th, 09.10 am
I reached embassy around 8.15 and was made to wait for sometime before being allowed to join a queue outside the embassy where security check was done. Passport was checked at the entrance of the embassy and there was another security check inside the building. After the security check, I was allowed to enter the main room where I had to wait near the entrance for my passport and I-797 to be verified in a counter. Once done with the verification I was made to wait for my interview.

VO: Good morning, pass me your passport and I-797
Passed the documents
VO: Place your left hand 4 fingers for verification
Placed the fingers for verification
VO: What does your company do?
Explained about the company
VO: how long have you been working for them?
VO: do you work for a client?
Responded saying that I am a direct employee and all the work is in house
VO: what do you do for them?
Explained my job duties
VO: what relation my new company name has with my old company name?
Mentioned that it was just renamed and all the terms and conditions remained the same.
VO: did you get a chance to read about the employee rights while filling the form and do you have any questions with that?
Mentioned I am good with that
VO: Your visa is approved.

Experience 14: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

For finding the dates , fastest browser and internet speed is the key . The day I switched to the better speed connection and used Mozilla incognito – I got my visa date in no time.

I had a Dropbox appointment in Mumbai on 3rd Jan . The process is very smooth took 10 mins for the whole doc verification process , but they asked me to get the new photos and that took me another 20 mins . I feel they make everyone take new visa photos there 😒

Mumbai Dropbox timelines-

  1. Dropbox – 3rd Jan 2022 afternoon
  2. Status changed to “Application received” – 4th Jan 2022 around late morning
  3. Only date was updated on 11th Jan , but status remained as “ Application received”
  4. Status changed to “ Administrative Processing” – 13th Jan early morning
  5. Status changed to “Issued” – 14th Jan late morning
  6. Status changed to “ Ready for Pickup” – 14th Jan mid afternoon

So it took total 11 days from Dropbox and was issued on 9th business day . They generally take 5-10 business days.

Experience 15: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Kolkata

Jan 7: OFC @9:00am
Went to location at 8:45am and allowed at 8.50 am.
Passports, appointment letter and DS 160 are verified.
Asked name and dob and took fingerprints. Took photo for my 7 year old kid also there itself.
Wallets and mobiles in switched off mode are allowed. Bags can be kept outside

Jan 10: CA interview @9:00am
Phones not allowed.
Third party lockers available outside. But not sure about the reliability.
Was in waiting hall for 10 mins.

Speaker was not working. Informed the officer and he corrected. Not sure why the previous person did not inform that. It will be difficult to hear if speakers are not working..
Questions asked:
What do you do at work?
How long you have been with your current employer?

He said, “Congrats, your visa has been issued”

It was quick, simple and straightforward.
Jan 12: Received passports in Chennai..

Experience 16: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

Experiences shared in this group has been of great help.
Had my VAC at Chennai on Jan 9th at 1.30 PM.

Reached at 12.00 , Allowed inside at 12.15 since jan9th is lockdown in Chennai.
Mobiles need to switched off and can be taken inside. Paid lockers available but its closed due to lockdown

Docs Needed :
DS 160 Confirmation
Appointment Conformation
Original Passport.

Stay : I stayed at OYO Townhouse 091 in Nungambakkam. Good stay at Decent price , walkable to VAC center.

Dress code : I just wore Formals. Casuals will also do but nothing extreme , keep it simple. You will taken a Picture which would be in your VISA.

Had my interview on Jan 14th Delhi at 10.10 AM –

Stay : I stayed at IBIS aerocity. 20 mins to US embassy.

Locker available for Mobile [50 Rs] and Bag [50 Rs].
Arrived at 8.30 AM. Allowed inside around 9.30. Came out around 11.30.
My interview was only 10 mins , Long queues will take time.

Dress code : I just wore Formals. Casuals will also do but nothing extreme , keep it simple.

Docs Asked:
I797 Petition.
DS 160 and Appointment confirmation.
Original passport.

Additional Docs I carried :
Letter of employment – high chances they might ask.
last 4 months Payslips
2 US specification Photographs
Original Graduation certificates.
Both of my vaccine certificates

Questions asked.

  1. Pass on your passport and I797
  2. Who is your client ?
  3. what do you for your client ?
  4. what are your job duties ?
  5. Your annual salary?
  6. Where do you stay in US?

Greet them, stay confident , prep well , Answer according to your Petition and I129.

All the very best guys!!

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

6th Jan – Dropbox appt in afternoon
7th Jan (Friday)- status changed to received
10th Jan (Monday)- status Administrative processing
11th Jan (EOD) – status issued
17th Jan (Monday) – passport shown ready for pickup at Mumbai
Very smooth operation at both Dropbox and pickup. Phones are allowed in switched off mode at Kolkata VAC for Dropbox, you have to leave bag outside the room – there is good security though best not to carry any valuables if avoidable.

Regarding photos – I decided to take photo at Kolkata near US consulate per prior recommendations from group members (approved with no issue)

Regarding travel- only vaccination certification was needed for Mumbai to Kolkata. However, it was the week Kolkata started limit on number of days flights could operate, so had to stay an extra night as my original return flight got cancelled.
Stayed at Kenilworth hotel – 10min walk from embassy. A bit on the expensive side, but worth it (especially if you’re completely new to Kolkata and a solo woman traveler concerned of safety)

Good luck to all members still waiting!
And a huge thanks to all members and admins for their guidance and support – truly an admirable feat bringing together so much information.

Experience 18: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Hyderabad

January 18th: Time: 2.45pm

Applicants: 2 (H1 + H4) Both had previous visa and both were expired.

Passport (primary + dependent spouse)
Appointment Confirmation
MRV fee receipt
DS 160 copies for both applicants
2 photos for each applicant
Current and previous i797 for primary applicant
Current i797 for dependent spouse
Primary applicant Employment Verification Letter

A few pointers for Hyderabad – Arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time, there are several lines to reach the Visa Application Center and each will take around 15minutes. So, be prepared for at least 1.30hrs of wait time. Once you reach inside, it’s fairly quick and you’ll be out within minutes.

Another note is I saw a lot applicants running out to get photographs, so make sure your photos are according to their guidelines.

Experience 19: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

In person interview (was eligible for waiver but decided to go for in person)
On airport they checked for RT-PCR report and Air Suvidha form.

Flew from SFO to DEL on Jan 7 – Direct Flight

OFC – Jan 9

  • took 15 mins total
  • Asked for DS160, Appointment confirmation and Passport.
  • No electronics allowed except mobile phone.

VISA Interview – Jan 10

  • took almost 2 hours.
  • Appointment time was 8:40am. Reached consulate at 8:20am (should have reached earlier)
  • Had to wait in seating area for almost 50 mins. Allowed to go in at 9:10am
  • Took biometrics again and moved in line for the interview
  • Questions (just 2 of ‘em)
    1) What do you do for your company
    2) Current salary

VO: Visa is issued and can be collected in 10 days

Visa status changed to Issued on Jan 12. Received email of pickup on Jan 14. Picked up on Jan 18.

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at Kochi (Chennai VAC)

Dropped off h1b docs (first time) today (Tuesday – 19 Jan-2022).
Temperature was checked, signed in. Backpack was allowed. Asked to switch off laptop and phone. Appointment was for 10:45 but was allowed to enter when I reached there at 10. I was out by 11:45. Only 5 people were infront of me. It took this long because a couple of guys had some issues with their ds160 etc and it took some time for them. And I had to retake my photo as well because head size was not right as per specification.


  1. Appointment Confirmation (BW Copy of Page 1 which also includes Fee receipt).
  2. DS 160 (BW Copy, Page 1).
  3. Original Passport. They checked my b1 visa.
  4. Latest I797 Approval Notice (1 BW Copy, Page 1) – Original was not checked.
  5. Employment Confirmation Letter. They asked if I have any letter from the employer. I provided employment confirmation and offer letter pinned together.
  6. 1 Photo as per US Visa specification. Was taken from a studio nearby the center.
  7. Rs. 650 in Cash for dropping at Cochin instead of Chennai VAC.
    Got receipt for the payment (Rs 650) and stamped Appointment confirmation.
    As I opted for premium delivery to my home address, I’d be paying another Rs. 650 on delivery of passport.

Overall experience was smooth. Staff behaviour was nice. He told me to retake photo and come back but no need to wait in the queue. Was also answering my questions politely.

Experience 21: H1B with 221g Follow-up Appointment at Chennai

Visa type : 221g followup after dropbox
Dropbox date : 10am 12/9
Follow up appointment date : 8am 01/20
Type of 221g : White slip with my EVL attached, they asked me to come for an in-person interview.

Went around 7:45am, wait time was around 30-40 mins. They checked my 221g slip, passport and recent i797 at another counter before I went to the VO.

VO: Good morning! Can I have your I797. Are you still with the X company since the last stamp?

Me : No I changed firms in 2020.

VO: Oh good good! Where did you go to grad school? And when did you come to the US? How long was the course? And when did you graduate? How long did you work on OPT after grad? When did you get uour first H1b picked? Answered these questions, he typed something on the screen and meanwhile chatted about Austin/Houston for a while 😅)

VO: What’s your work location and salary.

I answered those questions and then he said your visa is approved and gave the approval slip.

No documents were asked but I took payslips, W2, current and previous company EVL.

All the best😊

Experience 22: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

OFC 16th Jan Delhi
Slot was 12 pm. I reached there at 10.30. They let me in at 11am. Only mobile phones are allowed inside. No other electronic devices ( not even earbuds pendrives) I was out by 12pm. There is enough place to sit outside. I had luggage with me as I traveled from Mumbai so you can think of directly going from airport there.

Interview 18th Jan Delhi
Slot was at 10am. They allowed us inside at 9. There was a long line and waiting place is not closed but only covered with shade so be prepared with cold weather clothes. My interview was done by 11am.
Questions asked:

  1. How long have you been working with this company?
  2. What is your role? What does the company do? location of company?
  3. How many employees work there?
  4. What is your salary?
    Documents asked: Ds-160 confirmation, original I797, passport.
    There is a small counter to keep bags phones outside and they charge you. If you are going with someone not covered place or washrooms for them to sit.
    No electronics are allowed inside. No smart watch or fitbit too.
    All the best!

Experience 23: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

19th january -submitted documents

20th january- status changed to accepted/received then Admin process on same day afternoon

21st january- Issued

Case: last visa expired in 2018 september, came back to India.
Approved 797 from 2020- did not travel
Approved 797 from 2021- current, will travel with this which is approved till 2024 december (Amendement plus extension petition out of cap)

Documents submitted:
-Ds160 (Filled out for delhi location)
-Apointment conf ( returned with stamp as confirmation)
-Passport (they collected even my 2014 expired passport which has no stamp at all)
-employment verification letter
-797 copies (all 3, dated back to my 1st 797 from 2015)

1 US standard 2*2 photo

Hope this info will help..

Experience 24: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

1/21 dropbox appt exp
10.45 appt but they let me in by 9 came out by 9.45
Docs asked : passport, photo (make sure pure white background and no dark or over exposure on face ),
ds160 of h1+h4,
appt confirmation,
current i797 copy,
I797 associated to recent visa on the passport, only first page of 797 were taken no need of i129 supporting pages,
employment verification letter..
End client letter and visa photocopies were not required even I shared but they returned back.

I had created new ds160 both h1 and h4 this morning due to some incorrect info on original applications. For H1 I was able to update in profile but H4 I could not. They said not an issue and simply accepted my latest ds160 copies.

Waiting inside queue for 30 mins and 10 mins at the counter.overall smooth experience.

Hoping will get stamped without any issues in few days . fingers crossed.

Experience 25: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Kolkata

No need to bring your child if he/she is less than 14years old. But bring his/her passport, ds160 and photograph(2″ x2″).

I had biometric scheduled on 20th Jan, 9am. I reached 15 mins before. The process was very streamlined. They were maintaining proper covid protocols. No electronics items allowed inside, not even sanitizer, no smart watch, no mobile phones. Bring appointment confirmation letter, ds160 and latest passport. The process completed within 20minutes.

Interview scheduled on 21st- We reached 15 mins before. Process took 30 mins to complete. Don’t bring any electronics items.
Required documents: passport (all), ds160, appointment confirmation letter, position confirmation letter, petition.
You may also be asked for end client letter, marriage photographs, marriage certificate, birth certificate of child.
Questions asked:

  1. Job title
  2. Salary
  3. End client or inhouse project
  4. End client letter
  5. Roles and responsibilities.

Visa approved!!!


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