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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from February 4th to February 9th, 2022

Below are User experiences starting from February 4th to February 9th, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H4 with In Person Interview at Delhi

Stayed in – The Ashoka Hotel Chanakyapuri

19th Jan – VAC appointment in Delhi
VAC is 5 min by car from the hotel

21st Jan – Consular Appointment
CA is 5 min walk from the hotel

Questions asked in the interview:
1.Are you a H4 applicant??
2.Date of your marriage?
A.Given the date
3.Is your husband in india ??

4.Who is your employer ?
A.told my employer name

He took i797b and told me that some verification needs to be done.No documents asked. Gave me yellow slip with admin processing written on it.

21st Jan status – Refused
22/23 Jan – Weekend
24/25 Jan – Refused
26 Jan – Holiday
27 Jan – Refused
28 Jan – status changed to admin processing
29/30 Jan – Weekend
31 Jan – last update date changed to 31 jan
1 Feb – status changed to Issued

Thank you.

The status updates in the site are real time.

Experience 2: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Interview is a t 10 am, went to the consulate one and half earlier, i don’t have a photocopy (photo copy is also needed for all interviews)
Waited for more than 45 minutes for photograph done with the photograph and started waiting in the que somebody told me to sit at the 33 counter,
my turn
Vo: what type of visa?
me: H1b category
Vo: who is your client?
me: told the client name **
Vo: how long you are working for the client?
Me: for xxxx month.
Vo: who is your employer and how long you are working for them
Me: told him that for x years
Vo: do you have the client letter?
Me: told him i don’t have the client letter, but showed him the Vendor supporting letter which says i am working for so and so client.
Vo: which state are you working from is that remote or working at client place?
Me: i a working from florida state remotely, after pandemic i will have to start working from the client place.
Vo: ok good your visa is approved and you will the get he passport with in a week have a nice stay.
Me: thank you officer, you made my day, have a nice day.

Experience 3: H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Slot booked on 6th Dec 2021

VAC – Chennai on 27th Jan 2022
CA (interview) – Delhi on 31st Jan 2022

Primary H1B stamping (renewal dropbox) done on 5th Jan 2022

VAC Chennai, 9:30 AM appointment:
Very straightforward, took about 15-20 min to complete the process. They took fingerprint and photo at the center.
Docs asked were:

  • DS160
  • Appointment confirmation page
  • Passport

CA Delhi:

  • Reached at 8:30 AM for 9 AM appointment. First step was security outside the embassy, no electronic gadgets allowed. Locker facility is available.
  • Not much to do for the relatives/friends waiting outside. Luckily wasn’t too cold in the morning for people waiting outside.
  • All personal items including docs were security scanned inside the embassy again.
  • Fingerprint and photo was taken again at the Delhi embassy for some reason. (Didn’t understand what was the point of the Chennai VAC appointment then?)
  • Biometric took about an hour to complete in Delhi. Waited for 15-20 min for the actual interview to commence.

Visa interview
The interviewer was relaxed and chill. He asked for I-797 and visa photocopy of primary applicant (H1B)
Then asked the following questions:

  • What visa category are you applying?
  • Since when are you married (date)?
  • Was it an arranged or love marriage?
  • Where did your parents meet?
  • Asked for marriage certificate
  • When did you first start talking?
  • Where is your husband now, India or US?

At the end said congrats your visa is approved and handed over a booklet of guidelines/rules for entering US.

Mentioned that the passport will be ready for pickup in 5-6 business days.

Overall the entire interview process took about 1.5 hrs.

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Feb 1st Delhi. 4:45pm appointment.

Jan 31st: Boarded flight from Hyd to Delhi. No rtpcr, no air suvidha form required.

Feb 1st: Reached shivaji Metro Station around 2pm. They didn’t let me or anyone it at the beginning.

2 30pm they let me in for the 4 45pm slot.

The lines inside were short and each person was taking around 10 minutes for their documents to be submitted.

The documents that were asked to me.
1) Current I797A
2) 1 passport size photo
3) Employment confirmation letter
4) Ds160 confirmation page
5) Appointment confirmation page

Nothing else was asked to me or to anyone else dropping documents at that time. I have seen people posting about W2, paystubs etc but nothing of that sort were even talked about.

It took about 45 minutes in total to be in and out.

Fyi: There’s a guy right infront of the documents dropbox place who will take your pictures or give you printouts just in case you forget anything or have to correct your DS160. Don’t panic. Also the people at Dropbox counter will give you a chance to comeback and submit the required documents same day before 4pm just in case you forget anything. Hope this helps.

Experience 5: H4 with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Visa type: h4 renewal
Jan 6th: Dropbox appointment
Jan 7th: Application received by consulate
Jan 13: Refused
Jan 14: email from consulate to come for interview on Feb 16th
Jan 24: got call and email from consulate to come for interview on Feb 2nd 9 AM
Feb 2nd (today):
Went inside consulate at 8.45
After completing security went inside to the interview waiting area where I was asked to submit my appointment letter and the officer came back in 10 mins and returned my letter and passport and told me to go to interview window
Interviewer asked me questions only about some work authorization issue that had happened during my f1 days(10 years ago). I showed some documents related to that. Once officer was satisfied approved my visa.
Said I will get passport in 2 days.

I went in at 8.45 and came out at 9.35. there weren’t many people waiting in line when I went in.

I hope this helps 🙂

Experience 6: H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at New Delhi

H1B is in the USA with expired VISA but approved petition.

Date: 1st February 2022
Appointment was at 12:15 but was allowed inside around 10:15

Documents Requested for H4 Spouse:

  1. Appointment Confirmation Letter
  2. Passport & 1 Photo
  3. DS-160 Confirmation
  4. H1-B Visa copy (which is expired one)
  5. Extended I-797
  6. Employment Confirmation Letter (I shared end client letter as well)
  7. In the last I mentioned that since PA visa is expired so here are other supporting documents, so VO mentioned that is why we have taken this extended I-797, other documents are not required.

Documents Requested for H4 kid (less than 14 years):

  1. DS-160 Confirmation
  2. Passport & 1 Photo

On 2nd February, 2022 I see status changed to Application Received.

I noticed that they highlighted Designation of my spouse from Employment Confirmation Letter.

I hope this information will be useful for others.

Experience 7: H1B with In Person Interview at Kolkata

February 2nd at 8:45 AM, Kolkata.

(Had my biometrics day before yesterday (31st Jan, Chennai))

Since electronic devices (smart phones, smart watches) and belts aren’t allowed I kept them in the hotel itself as it’s 10 min walk from the consulate general’s office.

Went there an hour earlier. 7:45 ish. They verified my passport and DS160 biometrics completion confirmation at the entrance and let me in after about 15 mins of standing in the queue.

A security check happened after that where in they checked for any restrictive items and so on. Took about 5 mins.

A second documents verification happened inside with the same set of documents (passport and DS160 confirmation post biometrics completion) and then they directed to the main interview room. This took another 10 mins as there were 4 guys ahead of me.

Went to the main interview room. It took me somewhat 20 mins for my turn. Here’s how it went.

VO : Good morning, how are you doing?
Me : I’m doing good, thanks for asking. How are you?
VO : Very good. Can you please hand over your passport and the I797?
Me : Shared him the docs
VO : Do you have any other documents relating to your employer?
Me : I do. I shared him the offer letter and the employment confirmation letter.
VO : Do you work for a client?
Me : Yes.
VO : Who’s your client?
Me : I explained him about my client and their line of business.
VO : Where do you currently work?
Me : I told him about my current employer
VO : What’s your roles and responsibilities?
Me : I explained in simple terms for him to understand.
VO : Where is your brother in US?
Me : Texas.
After a few seconds pause….
VO : I have got all the inputs. Your visa is approved. You’ll get the passport in a week’s time.
Me : Thank you. Wish you a great day ahead.
VO : You too.

Thanks to every one here for all the clarifications.

Experience 8: H1B + H4 (Spouse+2 Children) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Booked the slot together for all of us that means 1 appointment for all the 4 applicants

VAC -23rd Jan 2022 at Delhi
Travelled from HYD to Delhi and return back to HYD on the same day

Biometric is simple ,they just asked for Appointment confirmation, DS160 and took our fingerprints and photos
( I didn’t take my kids to Biometric since they are under 14 and carried their passport ,DS160 and photo copy -VAC team taken picture of my kids photocopy ans asked to bring the same photo during CA)

CA-2 Feb 2022, initially at Delhi but after my Biometric completion , I was able to reschedule to HYD as I got the slots in HYD

CA -time 8:30 am
went with my kids
Security checks for DS160,Passport verification and new appointment confirmation

After 5-10 mins of wait time , have been asked to move to counter 12 where in there are 2 more applicants waiting before me at the same counter

For one applicant before me ,VO told that she was unable yo get his I797 status from the system and asked him to go to the next counter to scan his 1797

My Turn for interview -VO is a lady with ~45 of age

Me : Wished Good Morning
VO: wished me back

VO : asked to pass all the 4 passports
While checking passport and DS160 details ,she started conversation with my daughter asking her name , age ,school /study -my daughter (6 years old ) has replied politely by adding ‘madam’ at the end of each answer and she liked it

Questions to me

Who is you employer ?
How long you were with your employer
Do you have end client
Answer -Yes
Who is your client
Client location
My salary

She was typing something in the system and said , she has to do the same for 4 passports and hence taking time and in between she also tried to initiate conversion with my son(infant) as he making noise

I have apologised and informed VO that we don’t have any one at home to take care of kids and hence we had to brought them for interview -She replied in pleasant manner and told that she actually happy to see and listen to kids noise.

Later on VO asked my spouse to scan left hand 4 fingers and after that asked me to do so.. (there were no questions to my spouse)

Finally VO informed -our VISA has been approved and asked to take the booklet which tells about our rights in US.

We offered our thanks and my daughter has also conveyed thanks to VO and she smiled replied to my daughter as well.

Experience 9: H1B with In Person Interiew at New Delhi

VAC – 30th Jan 3.30pm appointment.
Allowed to enter at 2.40 pm. -Security check. phone is okay. Needs to be switched off.
Documents for VAC: Appointment confirmation
DS160 confirmation
Passports (old and new).
They will put a stamp on your appointment confirmation, click picture and finger prints.

CA appointment – 2nd Feb 10.30 am
I reached the site at 8.15 and surprisingly they still took me in for a 1030 appointment.
There’s a facility for mobile phone locker and backpack storage right next to the 1st security check point.
There can be additional queue for locker storage as well.
The CA queue took forever. It was cold so dress accordingly. Formals are not needed. I wore 👖 👕 and a hoodie.
Once you are in the queue for document check, they will take your left hand fingerprints and check passport and I797.
Next queue is for interview.

VO: hand me passport and I797
Me: (handed)
VO: where do you live in the US?
Me: answered
VO: who is your petitioner?
Me: answered
VO: how much do you earn?
Me: answered
VO: what’s your educational background?
Me: answered
VO: where did you do your studies?
Me: answered
VO: nice profile. Your visa is approved.

Experience 10: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Appointment date: Jan 13th
Appointment Scheduled @12.15pm but reached visa application center at 10.45am and they let me in directly a lot earlier
Documents Submitted:
⁃ Original Passport
⁃ Appointment confirmation
⁃ Ds160 confirmation
⁃ Recent I797A copy
⁃ Employment verification letter
⁃ Client letter
⁃ 1 photo
Completed everything in 15 min

Processing Time: 12 working days (20days)
Documents Submitted @ Jan 13th
Jan 13 – No Status
Jan 14 – Application Received
Jan 15 & Jan 16 – weekend | Jan 17 – US Holiday
Jan 18 to Jan 21 – Application Received
Jan 22 & Jan 23 – Weekend
Jan 24 & Jan 25- Application Received
Jan 26 – India national holiday
Jan 27 – Application Received
Jan 28 – Admin Processing
Jan 29 & Jan 30 – Weekend
Jan 31 – Admin Processing and afternoon the status changed to Issued 🎉
Feb 1 – Passport has been Received from the consular section, is currently being processed for delivery 🚚
Feb 2 – Ready for pickup (Hyderabad VAC) and collected at 4.00pm

Experience 11: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Docs at VAC : (Feb 2 2022)
Documents required

  • DS 160 confirmation page
  • Original Passport
  • Appointment confirmation
  • 1 photograph (2X2)
  • I-797 copy
  • Employment Verification letter (make sure designation and client name is added in it)
  • Client letter (if any)

It take roughly 10-15 mins to complete the whole process. It is well organized.
Plan to reach there atleast 30 min prior to your appointment.


The team there will line you up in queue based on your appointment time, just outside the entrance of station and let you in 15 mins before time. There is security check like the one at airport, post which you need to go down two floor for the VAC Center. There they will check you documents outside the entry. Then they will let you in, post that there is another security check and documents verification counter. Once you are done, you get a token from another counter. They will make you stand in line and counter number and token number will be flashed on TV sets which are hanged. Just go to the window give your documents. They will apply a white sticker with barcode on back of your passport and stamp your DS160 with date stamp. You are done with the process.

Carry All documents as per the consulate check list.
Please do carry client letter in case you will be working for one. If it’s in house then letter from your company stating the same.

Hope this will help all you folks who are planning for appointments in Delhi consulate.

Experience 12: H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Appeared without principal applicant
Date: 27-Jan-22

  • Traveled from Chennai to Delhi with 4.5yrs kid
  • Stayed in Ashoka
  • Biometrics completed in Chennai on 24-Jan

Started from hotel at 8:13am, reached at 8:18am

Separate queue for ladies – Initial security check done for me and my kid

Next counter checked our passport barcode sticker during biometrics

Now entered small door for next security and final check asked us to remove jackets, belt

(If crowd is more for interview, you wil be asked to wait n shed with is open by sides jus top alone covered. Must b cold here)

Next entered into buliding again verified our passport, principal applicant visa,i797

All tis steps took jus 10mins, as we are first batch

Then asked to wait n chairs. Directed to counter 16 after 5mins

VO: Good morning mam
Me: Good morning officier
VO: Are you applying for first time H4
Me: Yes officer, first time H4
VO: when did your husband traveled to US
Me:Jan xxxx
VO: when did he come back last
Me: No officier, he yet to be back after his first time travel
VO: Is it, How long you guys married
Me: 5.8yrs
VO: To my kid, hi sweetie
My kid: Hello
He started asking ABT his docs
VO: Can I have your passport
Me: Yes officer, here it is
VO: your husband Visa copy pls
Me: s officer
VO: i797 pls
Me: passed
VO: Can you please pass approval copy
Me: I hav shared empolye verification letter

He ask me to wait and went to take some photocopies. He was back after 3mins

He asked me to keep my left 4 fingers

I tried, he asked me to press hard.
Not worked
Asked me to try other hand fingers
Asked me to keep thumb

He called security to change machine

Then vo asked me to wait, I waited for another 10mins. he has changed counter. Again he called me and apologies for the delay.

Asked to keep fingers and finaly machine worked
Asked for i129, I dnt have but had supporting documents. After verification n system he said your visa is approved.

Gave all my documents back. Also gave me phamplet on laws for visitors

I thanked and started back

Though he said approved and took my passport, I was doubtful

Case updated issued on 28-Jan-22

Got message and mail on 01-Feb, passport ready for pickup at Chennai

Collected on 2-Feb-22


  • They allowed small bag inside me and insured no electronic devices in it
  • Smart watches and few electronic watches not allowed
  • I have seen few other ladies with thier hand bags
  • They did not ask me marriage certificate, photos, invitation and my kid birth certificate. But you all please carry all documents
  • I came to know same VO has given 221g for other H1 and H4 cases but n my case he never hesitate to change counter
  • Every cases are different dnt assume if 1 gets 221g we wil als get it ensure to have all documents and supporting documents for haslefree

Experience 13: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Feb 3: Hyderabad
All our stamped visas expired 4 years back.
Dropbox appointment time : 2:45

Reached location by 2:00 and parked my car at last building basement (after taking right from Gowra Grand building). They charged Rs. 30 for parking.

I got the photos taken at the location as I see many people had complaints about photos taken outside. Even today couple of people sent outside for new photos. Security allowed ONLY MY SELF inside and asked my family to stay outside after checking visa appointment time. He allowed me 30i min prior to my appointment time

Next is Security check. No phones and backpacks or bags allowed. I suggest to take all documents in a file holder. Issued token here inside and strict social distancing followed inside

Docs requested:
All ds160 confirmation pages.
Principal applicant recent I797.
Principal applicant previous I797s.
Employment confirmation letter.
2 photos for each.
Spouse most recent I797.
Kids most recent I797.
My spouse and kids both passports as their recent passport wasn’t have prior visa stamping and gave old my passport back as my new passport has previous stamping page. Please take both passports if your latest passport doesn’t have stamped page.

Asked if there is any change in employer. I heard this question in almost all counters.

I carried all copies mentioned in appointment confirmation (copies of visa page and biographic pages of parents for kid) but they did not ask. I tried to give end client letter but he didn’t accept and said my employment verification letter would suffice.

He said he received all the required documents and told me that my passport will be received by post once processing is done . He stamped on my appointment confirmation letter and gave it back. Whole process took around 30-40 mins.

Experience 14: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometric at VAC : (Feb 3, 2022)
Documents required
DS 160 confirmation page
Original Passport
Appointment confirmation
Plan to reach there atleast 30 min prior to your appointment. And switch off your cell phones
They will take your photo and finger prints

Consulate Appointment : Feb 4th, 2022.

Carry All documents as per the checklist
After a wait based on the queue they will allocate a counter will ask for your passport, original I797 and appointment confirmation.
The VO will ask you for passport and I797 and the further questions are

Questions asked

  1. Who is your employer
  2. Who is your client
  3. Where you will be working in US/client location?
  4. What is your role?
  5. What will be your salary?
  6. Why is your highest qualification?
  7. What are your roles and responsibilities?
  8. Is your family accompanying you?

Your visa is approved. Enjoy your time in US.

Experience 15: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

VAC – 23rd Jan 3.00pm appointment.
Allowed to enter at 2.00 pm. -Security check. phone is okay. Needs to be switched off.
Documents for VAC: Appointment confirmation
DS160 confirmation
Passports (old and new).
They put a stamp on my ds160, click picture and finger prints.

CA appointment – 4th Feb 9:30 am
I reached the site at 8.15 and there was huge rush. At 8:30 they were preparing line till 10:00 appointment only.
There’s a facility for mobile phone locker and backpack storage right next to the 1st security check point. 50 rupees for each electronic device. Wallets, keys are allowed

There will be a separate queue for locker storage.

The CA queue took forever(more than 1 hour) and It was cold in delhi, so plan accordingly. Formals are not needed. After 2nd security check they made me sit a row. There were 6 rows and were sent 1 row at a time. People having babies and elderly people were sent for consular early (on request). There is nothing as such about the interview time. Once u r queue, they will sent in row wise fashion only irrespective of ur appointment slot.

In the queue for document check, they only asked for passport and I797.
Next queue is for interview.

VO: hand me passport and I797
Me: Greeted. (handed)
VO took really long time to check my case (almost 5 mins, without any questions/discussion)
VO: for whom u will be working ?
Me: answered

VO again took 3-4 mins to check and keep on typing.

VO: Good profile. Your visa is approved. You will receive ur passport in few days.

Experience 16: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

Interview waived off because of having valid B1 VISA

Appointment : 3rd Feb 2022; 3:15 PM

Reached to VAC at 3:00 PM and security allowed me to enter to go to the first floor (VAC).

Once reached at VAC, there was a line of 8-10 people for Dropbox appointment standing with social distance.

A guard came to us and asked to switch-off the mobile. As there is only mobile allowed in switched-off mode. No other devices allowed, not even smart watches or earpods.

After wait of 20 min, I got my number to get inside and gone through following steps:

Step-1: VAC Entry: Security guard Scanned the full body with a metal detector at the entrance of the office.

Step -2: Document Verification:

Visited a counter in the same room to verify the documents. They asked one by one doc from me (all docs were photocopy/printout only):

Appointment Confirmation Letter
I-797 (new + old if any)
EVL (employment verification Letter) where I also gave offer-letter from the US office (Didn’t ask for an offer letter but I gave it).
1 Photograph with proper specification as mentioned in the US portal and he asked when it was clicked.
Passport (current +previous if any)
Step 3: Documents Submission:

After verification of the document, He gave me all the docs bundled within a rubber band and I was asked to move to another room.
I was given a token by the security in the other room and waited for my number for about 2 min.
On my turn, I was asked to provide all the documentation, He also asked If I came for my own VISA document.
He confirmed that I am transferring my VISA to H1B after B1/B2. (NOT SURE WHAT HE MEANT BY TRANSFER AS B1 VISA DATE IS TILL 2029).
He confirmed that he ACCEPTED my documents and will get an update in the next 4-5 days.
He also mentioned that I opted for Standard delivery so my passport will arrive at a given location and I will have to pay 650 INR.
Timings & Duration :

  • Arrived at 3:00 PM
  • Waiting in line (20-30 min) – Depends on queue
  • Security scan ( 2 min)
  • Document Verification ( 5-6 min)
  • Waiting time : 3-4 min
  • Document submission: 5 min
  • Exit : 3:45 PM


  • Reach 15-20 min before your appointment
  • Do not carry any electronic device like smart phone or earpods. You would have to keep outside only at your own risk as there is no locker system.
  • Also do not carry any bag (like backpack or trolly).
  • Phone is allowed to carry in switched off mode
  • Carry the photograph with a very specific format & size as mentioned in the USCIS portal, and should not be older than 6 month and also not been used in any other VISA
  • Carry all the documents separately, they will punch if required.
  • Only candidates are allowed inside the building, Any relative/friend would have to stand outside only and there is no facility to sit.

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

First time H1B application with prior B1 B2 visa stamped

Jan 18 – Docs submitted in Bangalore VAC location

Jan 20 – Application Received

Jan 25 – No change
Jan 26 – Holiday
Jan 27 – No change in status but only the date changed.
Jan 28 – No change
Jan 29, 30 – Weekend
31 – No change

Feb 1 – Still was in Application received status. Called customer care they mentioned to wait for 10 business days

Feb 2 – No change and sent email to support team an called again to customer care

Feb 3 – since no change. Not even date change. Called support number by 1.30 pm IST afternoon and requesting status update as date also didn’t changed. After 1 hour status changed to Administration processing

Feb 4 – During afternoon (2pm)status changed to Issued.

Feb 5 – Got SMS that passport will be delivered to my apartment address Bangalore

Total 16 calendar days and 11 working days it took for me.

Suggestion from my side:

Whoever status is still in Application received after 5 business days please send email to support-india@ustraveldocs.com

It will be updated next 1-2 days

Experience 18: H1B + H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Date: Feb4
Appointment was at 9am. We reached at 8.50 am nearby the waiting line. Over there you have locker facility to keep your bags and mobile phones. I kept my bag for 50 rupees. Waited in the line for 15mins to get inside and security check was done.

Then we are requested for passport verification in the next window check.

We were waiting in the queue for 20 minutes to enter the Consular section building. It is very cold over there. You can wear jackets till your final interview section.

Security check was done again including your documents and has been asked to sit in the waiting hall for an hour.

At 10.50, we have been asked to enter into Embassy and the passport details has been validated again

Then we are asked to go to interview hall and they will guide you to each counter.

Went to the counter.

VO: Good morning
Me: Greeted with Good morning
VO: Requested Passport of myself and dependent and then requested for I797

Below questions has been asked for H1 during the interview.

Which company do you work.
Who is your client
What is your work location
Are you on H1 before.
What is your salary
What is your highest degree qualification

When did you get married
Finally he says the visa has been approved and have a safe journey and kept our passport

I was out by 11.20

Experience 19: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Jan 28 ( OFC ) – Appointment was at 9:30, but reached the location around 8:35 and was let in.

No mobile phones, bags allowed.

Documents asked – Ds-160, Appointment confirmation letter, Passport.

There is a general counter where they verify if details on your passport and DS-160 matches and assign you to another counter.

Again they verify your details and take a picture, fingerprints and stamp your DS-160.

Process takes less than 15 mins.

Feb 1 (CA) – Appointment was at 9:20, but allowed to enter the consulate around 8:20. They run your belongings through the scanner ( same as airport) and beyond this point no electronics are allowed.

Was asked to be seated in a waiting area till 10 am ( priority was F1 till 10 am) , around 10:05 was allowed to enter the building where the interviews take place.

Questions asked

  1. Name of employer
  2. Role and responsibilities
  3. In-house or client project

The VO took my I797, Employer verification letter, 1 passport size photo and made a copy of them, informed me that I qualify for the visa, but there needs to be some documents uploaded to their system ( PIMS issue I guess) and there was nothing needed from my end.

Handed me a white slip with admin processing option checked

Feb 1 – refused
Feb 2 – AP
Feb 3 – Issued
Feb 5 – Passport delivered to home

People who have opted from premium delivery use the bar code number (reference number) on your appointment confirmation letter for blue dart tracking.

Good luck everyone ✌🏼

Experience 20: H1B with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Dec 23rd Dropbox to Feb 1st Inperson visa experience

Hyderabad Dropbox 10.45AM H1B (1 applicant)
Reached the VAC location at 9.45AM.
They started letting us in by 10.10AM.

No pendrive, smartwatch, phones, electronic gadgets allowed.

The security guard checked the appointment confirmation and let us in.

After getting inside there were 6 windows for H1B dropbox. Got a token and waited for my turn.

For my case i had old passport in the portal and the old passport expired. But my whole application on ustraveldocs was done with old pp. Also the visa was on old ppt. My visa had expired on Oct 2018 so it was a while since I had stamping luckily I was eligible for Dropbox.
I had also changed employer since then so carried all my I797s since the visa expired.

Documents asked –

  • Appointment confirmation
  • DS-160 confirmation
  • All I-797s from 2018.(photo copies)
  • 2 latest photos
  • Employment Verification letter
  • Both original passports(old and new)

Status updates
Checked the passport status on ustraveldocs portal.
Ds-160 tracking/ passport # for tracking.

  • Dec 23rd – No status/Your passport is being delivered to the post
  • Dec 24th Holiday, 25th, 26th – Sat Sunday.
  • Dec 27th – Application Received/Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
  • Dec 28th – Refused/Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate
  • Dec 31st to 2nd – Embassy holidays for new years.
  • Jan 3rd – CGI portal got updated with new passport. Passport tracker switched to new passport number. Refused/Passport still with embassy.
  • Jan 5th – Got email to attend inperson interview on Feb 1st 9.00 AM
  • Feb 1st – Interview approved visa, status updated to Administrative processing.
  • Feb 2nd – Issued / Passport still with embassy.
  • Feb 2nd – Issued / Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery
  • Feb 3rd – Issued / Passport picked up.


Visa approved

Came around 8 they let people in by 8.30 my interview was at 9.

VO asked me the following-

  1. What company you work for?
  2. What does the company do?
  3. Where are you located?
  4. What’s your position?
  5. What’s your comp?
  6. Is it full time or client – told im a FTE
  7. What’s your highest level of education?
  8. Where did you do masters from in USA ? Any other universities you went to? – told and said I dint go to any other university
    Then said it’s approved.

Experience 21: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

Feb 1- Vac

Reached VAC centre in chennai by 1:30 pm and they allowed inside eventhough my appointment is by 2:30pm.

For Initial check below documents are asked.

Ds160 confirmation
Appointment letter.

A sticker will be placed in the passport and then mentioned to enter the biometrics hall.

There they will check again ds160 confirmation, passport and appointment letter.

Then, asked me to read the visa policies written there in my preferred language and then took photo.

Later asked to provide my fingerprints in the scanner.

VAC is done. No other documents or questions asked

Consulate interview on Feb 3 in Chennai

Reached the consulate by 10:15 as my appointment is by 10:30 am.

Checked my passport before entering the consulate.

Security check is done for any electronic items or food.

***Cellphones are not allowed and no baggage counter in chennai consulate.

Then I have asked to wait in the waiting hall.

Preference was given to couples and couples with children.

Then asked to me enter visa interview building.

There waited for another 1 hour before entering my interview counter.

VO- good morning sir, how are you
Me- very good morning, thanks am fine how are you
VO-Am good thanks for asking. Which visa have you applied for.
Me- H1B
VO-i can see you already had a visa. Why you didnt apply for IW.
Me- my old passport cancelled and that’s the reason am not eligible for waiver program.
VO- Ok I got it. Who’s is your employer
Me- Answered
VO- what’s your end client name?
Me- Answered.
vO- can you provide any document stating your client name
me- provided the employment confirmation letter.
VO- Are you married ?
Me- Answered
VO- why you didn booked for them?
Me- Answered
vO- what’s your salary
Me- before I answer it he got the info from my EVL.
VO- what’s your highest degree
Me- Answered
vO- your visa is approved. Enjoy your stay in usa.

Experience 22: H1B + H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Today we completed CA for H1B and h4 visa for our family in Delhi, On left side of the road 2 queue will be there 1 for security check and another of mobile/purse locker. Bags have to be kept seperately , it will be collected by another person. people are asked to stand in queue for security check who has appointment in another half an hour.
After security check we proceeded to the right side building across the road.
Initially the passport will be scanned and will be allowed to enter the building.There passport and i797 verified, i was not able to walk so wheel chair provided, Then photos were collected for all( even though photos are taken in VAC we were again asked for photos so all please carry your photos for CA appointment too) and biometrics also collected, then proceeded to interview, below questions were asked,
1.who is your employer? Answered

  1. Where are you going? Answered
  2. What is your job role? Explained
  3. Are you working for your end client? Answered
  4. Are you supporting your client from India too? Answered
  5. Can you Provide your employment confirmation/client letter. – provided.
    Consular collected the passport and informed your visa is approved.No H4 questions were asked for us.
  6. Where are you going? Answered
  7. What is your job role? Explained
  8. Are you working for your end client? Answered
  9. Are you supporting your client from India too? Answered
  10. Can you Provide your employment confirmation/client letter. – provided.
    Consular collected the passport and informed your visa is approved.No H4 questions were asked for us.

Experience 23: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometric at VAC : (Jan 31st, 2022)
Documents required
DS 160 confirmation page
Original Passport
Appointment confirmation
Plan to reach there atleast 30 min prior to your appointment. And switch off your cell phones
They will take your photo and finger prints

Consulate Appointment : Feb 1st, 2022.

Carry All documents as per the checklist
After a wait based on the queue they will allocate a counter will ask for your passport, original I797 and appointment confirmation.
The VO will ask you for passport and I797 and the further questions are

Questions asked

  1. Is it your first job?
  2. How long your have been with employer ?
  3. Who is your employer
  4. Who is your client
  5. Where you will be working in US/client location?
  6. What is your role?
  7. What will be your salary?
  8. What is your work location?
  9. What are your roles and responsibilities?
  10. Do you know the rights as a employee in USA?

Got the yellow slip with 221g written as admin processing. And VO told that it will take 7 to 10 days to approve. And gave the booklet to read about the rights .

Feb 1 : visa status Refused
Feb 2 : status updated to Admin processing
Feb 3: status updated to Issued
Feb 4: processing for delivery
Feb 5 & 6: weekend
Feb 7 : Passport ready for pickup, collected passport from Bangalore location

Experience 24: H1B with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

DS-160 submitted 10 days before , you can submit even a day before your appointment


-Went around 7:30 am to the location .. they let me in at 8:15 am. Came out by 8:30am

-Verified passport, Appointment confirmation page & asked to keep DS-160 handy by the security at the gate

-Inside they Verified the same documents in the system & given the fingerprints

no need to carry passport size photos they are taking one
better to carry expired passports if you have but they are not asking for it


-There was a H4 visa candidate before me & it was approved.

Interview Questions by VO:-

Who’s your client ?
Who’s your employer?
What’s your salary ?
Client location ?
Where does your husband stay ?
Where do you stay in USA ?
What’s your project & explain what do you do ?
What are the services does your client provide?
Why did you change your college on F1 visa ?
When did you finish your masters ?

-Documents asked by VO:-
can you pass me your LCA.. &
He verified my I-797 A information in this system & I was told to move to a different counter(8) to verify the same “keeping my passport with him”

**AT Counter 8:-
-Asked why was I sent to this counter ..
-Checked my I-797 A information in the system & mentioned that the information is not updated in the system

– he took a copy of my I-797 A & asked me to track the passport using ds-160 number
haven’t mentioned any definite timeframe

Status changed from refused to issued :-

  • it showed status “Refused” from 24-01-2022 to 01-02-2022
    -changed status to “Administrative processing” on 02–02-2022
  • changes status to “issued” on 04-04-2022

Yet to receive my passport on hand. I have opted for premium delivery service which it costs 650 rs & can be paid it’s delivered ..you can opt for delivery or pickup option on ustraveldocs website

– I’m currently waiting for my passport, it might take few business days to receive it on my hand

-I have carried each & every document except the client letter as I work for the service based company ..I’m glad that VO dint ask for that

Please carry all the documents & be confident

Experience 25: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometrics – OFC

⁃ Appointment timing was 12:00 PM
⁃ Reached at the VAC around 10:00 AM
⁃ Stood in the queue since 10.30 AM , Was allowed inside by 11.20 AM
⁃ They asked us to stand in line keeping DS160, Appointment Letter & Passport in hand
⁃ DS160 and appointment letter was checked
⁃ They told me to enter the VAC, inside again the documents were checked and my DS160 sticker was pasted behind the passport (It contains the barcode and your premium courier details if availed)
⁃ Token was given to me, and a counter was assigned
⁃ Went to the counter, my full name and Date of Birth were asked, biometrics (Photo and Fingerprints) were collected, and DS160 was stamped.
⁃ The VAC personnel told about completion of biometric and the Interview date, time (next day).

Interview – CA

⁃ Appointment timing was 09.30 AM
⁃ Reached at the US Embassy Chanakya Puri around 8:15 AM, was asked to submit the backpack and mobile (you can submit your mobile and backpacks in counter )
⁃ After that everyone who had the appointment from 8 AM to 10 AM were told to stand in a queue and after security check we were sent towards the US Embassy Gate Entrance
⁃ At the entrance only passport was checked for the DS160 sticker (this sticker contains the barcode in ref. to your DS160 Registration Number)
⁃ After that entered inside the US embassy boundary where we are again checked (Similar to airport security checks) and then we were told to wait in queue (Sitting arrangement in 6 rows).
⁃ Then we were sent inside the Embassy building where we again stood in queues waiting for our biometrics verification (asked to keep i797, DS160 and Passport handy) . Once done, you move for the CA interview

⁃ You will be told to wait and a security personnel will ask you to stand in front of a counter
Interview Experience:

⁃ Me : Good morning!!
⁃ Consular: Morning!!
⁃ Consular: Can I have your i797 and passport
⁃ Me: Sure!! (Provided the documents)
⁃ Consular: you work for the xx company.
⁃ Me: Answered
⁃ Consular: So what’s your role ?
⁃ Me: Answered
⁃ Consular: Who is your client?
⁃ Me: Answered
⁃ Consular: Do you have the client letter ?
⁃ Me: I have the MSA, submitted the agreement and Hr letter.
⁃ Consular: So you’ll stay at the client location or at your company location?
⁃ Me: I will be staying at the client location, gave the complete address
⁃ Consular: And what’s your highest qualification?
⁃ Me: Answered
⁃ Consular: Nice, can I have your fingerprint
⁃ Me: Sure
⁃ Consular: Alright, so I am approving your Visa. You will receive your passport in 7 days.
⁃ Me: Thank you very much !! Have a nice day!!
⁃ Consular: You too, Thanks.

⁃ Exit the Embassy


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