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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from February 26th to March 10th, 2022

Below are User experiences starting from February 26th to March 10th, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Submitted Ds-160 3 days before. Make sure all the details are correct and accurate.

Feb:20th VAC at 4 PM.

Reached Delhi from hyd around 10:30 and booked ola(we will get metro directly to VAC center if flight take off in terminal3 )from airport to my hotel.

Reached early around 2:30 and stand in the line they allowed me in 3:30 slot.
Mobile phones are allowed to VAC in fligh mode or swich off mode.
Took they verified passport and ds-160 and took the finger print and photo.

Feb 22 8:40 interview:

Went to consulate early by 7 due to some anxitity

Arround 8 security started forming the queue for 8:30 bach and after that they allowed 8:40 bach.
No mobiles allowed to inside. There is box to collect mobiles(50/-) and bags(100/-)
After seccurity check they will send some people into counters.

VO:Good morning!
Me: Good morning, How are you!
VO:I am good ,Can i have your passport AND I797
Me:Handover the passport AND I797
VO:Is it first time to US?
Vo:Where are you working in US.
Vo:Who is your client
Vo:Which compmany currently you are working in india as i applied from new company in US
Vo:Since how many years you are woking in the current company.
Vo:How to did you get the oppertunity to get the job in US.
Me:Through LinkedIn
Vo:What is your salary in US?
Vo:Whats your client do?
Vo:Do you know about the rules to working US
Me:yes,I have gone through them when i am submitting the ds-160.I observered, if anyone say no,she is giving the phamplet.
Vo:Congrates your visa got approve and handover my I797 and client letter.
Me:Thank you.

Waiting for the passport. i have selected for the premium delivery.

Experience 2: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Here’s my dropbox experience. Hope it helps someone.

  1. Reach the VFS location as per your appointment time. They will check your time before letting you to enter the building.
  2. There will be a security check-in just like the one you go thru at any airport. So plan accordingly with things you carry.
  3. Go downstairs for US Visa Application center. (You’ll see facilities for. Other countries in the same building)
  4. There will be a line to enter into the actual facility. They check your Passport, appointment letter, your temperature, ask you to sanitize.


There’s a locker facility right there across VAC, you can use to store any additional things to take. They also help you with prints, making copies and Photographs.

My personal experience: The VAC folks reject 9/10 photos taken in the US and ask you to get new photos. So, better take them here. I had to take photos again as they sent me back coz they were taken in the US.
There are other vendors right outside the building. You need to cross the road and there’s a small lane with plenty stores. Beware of the prices and the brokers who stand right at the exit of the building offering you help.

  1. Once you enter into the facility they’ll do a security scan again to make sure you don’t have any other electronics.
    No AirPods please.
  2. Collect your token and wait in the line for your turn in any of the counters to drop off your docs.

Experience 3: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

VAC Feb 20 – 1:00 PM
CA Feb 22 – 10.30 AM
Reached VAC 1 and half hours early so waited till 12.45 then went inside.. simple process done within 15 minutes… They will ask our name and date of birth and then finger prints..

CA interview reached 1 and half hours early so waited half an hour…after first security check need to cross the road and again need to wait inside embassy line…but in our case we went three ( myself + wife + 2 year son ) so no waiting after security check directly went to VO officer

Counter 21: very cool lady officer


Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning and to my son “Hai Hello Namaste” 😊
VO: Ur passport and i797 please
Me: Given
VO: okiee u r working for abc company
Me: yes
VO : how many years u r working for abc company
Me: Answered
VO: inhouse or client project
Me: Answered
VO: she explained the same what I answered and asked correct
Me: yeah correct
VO: salary
Me: Answered
VO: location
Me: Answered
VO: job title
Me: Answered
VO: highest degree
Me: Answered
VO : ( to my wife ) have any plan to work over there
She: Answered
VO: ( to me ) how long have you been married
Me: Answered

Okiee now u have place ur left hand four fingers and to my wife right hand fingers

Then finally she said ” Your visa approved ” you will get ur passport within 5 to 7 working days…
Replied ” Thank you “

Place stayed : The Metropolitan hotel and spa… VAC within 5 min…CA around 20 to 25 min through cab…

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Appointment at 12:45pm

Reached at 11:45am, but was asked to wait outside as they were serving 12:15pm appointments. Guard at the gate looked at appointment letter confirmation and handed a token and let me in at 12pm.

Walked up to 1st floor, was asked to take a seat. As the counter got free, I was called.
Documents were asked in following order –
Appointment confirmation letter.
DS160 confirmation.
Recent 797 copy.
Employment verification letter.
2 photos.

The lady on the counter completed her checks and then handed me the Appointment confirmation letter stamped with today’s date. Told me it’ll take 7 to 10 days to collect passport. Overall it took approx 15mins way before my actual appointment time.

Let me know if anyone has questions.

P. S.- person next to my window was declined for his photographs as he was smiling.

Experience 5: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at Mumbai

24 Feb 2022, Appointment Time – 9:30 am

We reached the Consulate at 8:30 am.

Bags and other electronic devices are strictly not allowed and if required Mumbai Autowala will help us with lockers (@Rs. 500)

For Mobiles, there is locker facility available within the premises of the consulate @Rs. 50 per mobile.

The security guard allowed us to enter exactly at appointment time (9:30 am)

At the entrance, there is a security check, followed by verification of passport and then we’ll be asked to wait in the lobby.

They’ll be sending people by batches into the office.

There the security will separate people by the type of visa and allot us a counter where we have to wait for our turn.

Me: Good morning ma’am, how’re you doing.
VO: Good morning. Please pass your passports and I797
Me: here they are
VO: So what is the current role and where are you working?
Me: Answered
VO: what is your highest qualification?
Me: Answered
VO: what is your project
Me: I do have an end client in The US and I’ll be working on behalf of my sponsor
VO: oh, you have an end client.! Please share a few details of the client, project and could you pass the Client letter if you have
Me: shared a few details about the project, contract, responsibilities and passed the client letter
VO: She studied my Client Letter and asked a few more details of the products I will be working on.
Me: Answered
VO: in which location you’ll be working?
Me: Answered
VO: Your Visa is approved. You’ll get your passports delivered in 3 days
Me: Thank you very much ma’am. Have a great day.
VO: please place your right hand 4 fingers on the scanner.
Then she turned towards my wife and asked her to place fingers on the scanner.

VO: everything is good. You may leave. Please take the know your rights form and go through the same.

Me: thank you once again. Have a great day.

Experience 6: H4 with In Person Interview at Chennai

Feb23- VAC Chennai 10:30
Reached by 9 am but was allowed only by 10:15. Checked DS-160 and appointment confirmation. Verified details by asking for a full name and DOB.
Took fingerprints and wished good luck for the interview.

Feb 25- 9:00am Chennai

Reached by 8am and was allowed immediately. Went inside after the scanning was done. Was probably sitting for 5-10minutes. Was directed to the next building where the interview was happening.

VO- good morning
Me- good morning

VO- so you’re here for H4? Were you previously in any other visa
Me- answered

VO- where is your husband now?
Me- answered

VO- where is he working and location?
Me- answered

VO- where will you be staying?
Me- answered

VO- when did you get married and asked for the marriage certificate?
Me- answered and provided the document

VO- thanks! Your visa is approved!
Took my right hand fingerprints and gave me the booklet to read about the rights.

Was out of the building by 8:25am!
Thanks for all the previous experiences shared here. It helped me prepare for the interview better!!

Experience 7: H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Chennai VAC 11th Feb 8:30 am, reached by 7:30 am and was out by 9:00am.

Delhi CA 24th Feb at 09:00am, reached by 8:00am. Appointments between 8-9 were allowed together inside.
Security check
Waiting hall then again waiting in queue for interview
Called for interview around 9.30am.

Interviewer: Good Morning
Me: Good morning

Interviewer: Please pass me your passport, spouse visa, marriage certificate.
Me: Given

Interviewer: marriage date?
Me: answered

Interviewer: arranged or love marriage?
Me: Answered

Interviewer: how was your relationship wih your spouse before marriage?
Me: answered

Interviewer: from when you know your spouse?
Me: answered

Interviewer: any relations in us?
Me: answered

Interviewer: Your visa is approved.
Was out of consular office by 09:40am.

Issued:24th feb

Thanks u everyone

Experience 8: H4(Self+Kid) with In Person Interview at Chennai

Appointment at 8:30am and was let in by 8:10. Since having kid, was taken straight to the interview counter.

Appointment confirmation and DS 160 having seal from Biometrics are verified before entering the consulate.

Followed by Greetings,
VO: asked for passports
Me: Given

VO: asked for I797 copy
Me: given

VO: where is your husband right now?
Me: told he got his visa couple of weeks back through dropbox

VO: asked for Husband’s original passport if you have it
Me: passed over my husband’s original passport

VO: what will be your occupation in US
Me: told her I’m a home maker

There was an issue with my kid’s photo during Biometrics and was not scanned, Officer saw that and asked us to go to another counter for scanning the photograph. Scanned and came back to the same counter.

VO: verified the photo in the system and asked to scan the fingers. Then said visa is approved and handed over the rights pamplet.

Came out by 8:40am. I was bit nervous about the interview and worried if i would understand the accent, but the officer was cool and had no problem understanding the accent.

All the best to anyone new attending the interview and thanks group for all the tips and pointers.

Experience 9: H1B with Dropbox at Pune

Feb 8. Place is on 4th floor of shopping mall and is VFS center for many countries including USA. There were people out there for various countries.
Reached one hour early around 1pm – unfortunately it was lunch time, was made to wait outside for 10 min. Then they made ad-hoc queue for USA:

  • checked ID – I showed passport
  • checked vaccination certificate
  • checked temperature Security check:
  • mobile (switched off/vibrate) and backpack allowed
  • Laptop is not allowed but there is locker facility available for INR 200 Reached counter and submitted following (no originals asked):
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • DS160 confirmation
  • 2 photographs
  • Current Passport ( my previous passport had an expired business visa, but they did not accept it and returned it to me)
  • Latest I797
  • Previous I797 (Although my employer is same, there is name change due to re-branding, so they asked for previous).
  • Employment Verification letter (generated via worknumber) Paid 650 cash – they returned the Appointment confirmation with received stamp and payment receipt.

2/8 – No Status
2/9 – Application Received
2/14 (updated) – Application Received
2/15 – Administrative Processing
2/16 – Issued

I had chosen premium pickup at Pune VAC.
2/17 – I got email that my passport has been collected from consulate.
Status on CEAC tracker remained “Issued” for several days. Status in CGI site said passport ready to pick.
They will keep your passport at Pune VAC for 14 calendar days for you to pickup.

I picked up today at Pune VAC – can collect Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm:

  • checked ID – driving license (Indian)
  • checked vaccination certificate
  • checked temperature
  • security

At counter:

  • showed appointment confirmation
  • Paid 650 cash
  • received my passport with Visa
  • received back both I797 copies, Emp. Verification letter copy and 1 photo. Booklet of rights in US.

Experience 10: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Experience of Refused to Issued Visa in 4 days:

Feb27DEL VAC inside Shivaji Metro(2:30PM)
Reached 1:30,allowed entry 2PM
Cloth bag with docs, mobile(Silent), wallet
Long line for biometrics.
At counter checked DS-160, Passport and Appointment letter verified.
Entered office. Reverified docs and sticker at back of passport.
Biometric counter: he asked me to read a paragraph which is pasted on the slab Infront of us(Biometric Signature).
Asked Name, Date of Birth verified. Asked to place left hand four fingers, right hand four fingers , thumbs and took photograph.
He said it is done for today. Please proceed for CA.
Took 15 mins

Feb28DEL US Embassy Consulate:
Slot time 8:40AM
Reached 7:30AM there was heavy rush. Carried a mobile and cloth bag with docs.
Deposited mobile(Rs 50) security check 1.
Security people announced to form a line from 8AM to 9AM.
Moved towards second security check by 8:30AM.
At 8:40AM reached a counter for verification I797(Xerox) and Passport.
At 9:00 reached Counter 21.
There are 2 people before me when I joined the queue.
VO: Good Morning.
Me: Good morning ma’am.
VO: Please pass me I797 and Passport.
Me: Provided I797(Xerox) and Passport.
VO: Please place righthand four finger.
VO: Do you work for Client or employer?
Me: Client
VO: What is your highest qualification?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your annual salary?
Me: Answered.
VO: Who is the client and where do they operate from?
Me: Answered.
VO: Where will you stay in US?
Me: Nearby Client address.
VO: Do you have a client letter?
Me: No my company doesn’t provide it, but I have MSA.
VO: Checked the MSA throughout and seemed confused.
VO: I have to background verify the client and then approve.
VO: Uou will get passport in 5-7 days.
Me: Thanks and left at 9:20 AM.

Feb28: Visa Status Refused.
Mar01: Visa Status Administrative Processing.
Mar02: Visa Status Issued. Collect passport in 10 days.
Hopefully waiting to see the Visa stamp…

Experience 11: H1B with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

OFC on 20th February at New Delhi

Many locker are available outside, 100 rupees per hour
For CA carry the ds 160 with office seal which they put on OFC.
Belt, purse , non-smart watches are allowed inside OFC and CA

CA February 25th at 8.15 AM.

  1. what is ur company name ?
    Me: Answered
  2. What is ur client name ?
    Me: No client for me directly working with my employer on a inhouse project.
  3. Salary?
  4. Job location?
  5. Highest education qualifications
  6. How do you know about employer?
  7. How many years you’re working with employer (current H1B pettisioner?
    Me: Once my visa approved will join with my pettisioner.

VO: Your visa approved and collect employees rights form infront of you.

Experience 12: H1B with 221g Follow Up Interview at Chennai

221g appointment at Chennai for H1B 3rd renewal at 9am. Reached the consulate at 8:30. They don’t allow phones, smart watches, sanitizers etc. just your file. They don’t have locker facility. They directly let you inside after seeing 221g. Waited in the lobby for for about 45 mins. Then in line for another 45 mins. Made us sit in the interview lobby for 30 mins. The interview lasted about 10 mins. Total in and out in about 2 hours.

VO questions:
Hey there
Please pass your passport and 221g.
Can I see your i797?
What is your highest degree?
What university did you study at?
Where do you live?
Where is your work?
How long have you worked here?
What is your position?
What is your salary?
Were you on F-1 OPT before?
When did you transfer to H1B?
Did you get a STEM extension?
Did you have a job after you graduated?
Do you work for an end client or are you a direct employee?

Your application has been approved.

He gave me a green approval slip.

Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Passport pick up location Pune.
First time H1B – full time. Last visa stamped on 2014
10th Feb : docs drop off
11th Feb : application Received
17Feb : Admin Processing
24 Feb: Refused
24 Feb : cgi portal – passport is getting ready for delivery
28 feb : cgi portal – passport ready for pickup and passport picked up
Received passport with 221g only for fingerprints verification
1March : Mumbai consulate FP appointment done , ceac portal- status changed to admin processing
2 march: Issued , cgi portal- passport is getting ready for pickup.
Waiting for passport now.

Key points :
I didnt get any emails from consulate regarding 221g,
They sent my photos back with 221g form and passport and did not ask during fingerprints,
On 221g form – box checked only for fingerprints verification but during appointment, at the consulate they gave me another papet on which it said FP and interview. But during interview , visa officer only took my FP and did not ask any question. They didnt even ask me my photos.
Dont panic if they sent you your photos back. They must have scanned it already.

Experience 14: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Had F1 visa previously which expired in 2020.

Date: 3rd March 2022
Time: 14:15

Reached the Dropbox location at 1:30PM (45 minutes in advance) in BKC and they had just started letting in people with 2:15PM appointments. Temperature was taken when going inside.

Once inside, I was called to the front for Dropbox, and submitted my docs. Was asked for:

  • original passports (current passport + any previous passports with US visas in them)
  • appointment confirmation letter
  • DS160 confirmation page
  • 2 photos as per the specifications (they specifically checked photos closely, and asked when I took these photos: would recdomend taking within few days of the appt)
  • employment verification letter (ideally should include position, start date and salary)

Upon asking was told that processing time currently is approx 2 weeks. (which lines up with other people’s recent experiences)

Overall process was extremely smooth and efficient. I was done and out within 15 mins

Experience 15: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometric at VAC : (Feb 27th, 2022)
Documents required
DS 160 confirmation page
Original Passport
Appointment confirmation
Plan to reach there atleast 30 min prior to your appointment. And switch off your cell phones
They will take your photo and finger prints

Consulate Appointment : Mar 3rd, 2022.

After waiting for 15 minutes on the queue they allocated a counter. Officer asked passport, original I797.

Questions asked

  1. Is “xxxx” your employer?
  2. What is your highest qualification?
  3. Are you currently working with this employer?
  4. Is there any end client?
  5. Who is your client ?
    Do you have client letter?
  6. Where you will be working in US?
  7. What is your role?
  8. What will be your salary?

I do not have client letter hence
I provided MSA agreement and officer took print out of MSA and returned my passport with the 221g yellow slip written as admin processing. And officer told that they will communicate later.

Experience 16: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

First time H1B – F1 to HB1 COS. Last visa was issued in 2013
25th Feb: Reached Delhi
2nd March: Doc drop off in person
3rd March: Application Received

Documents Asked:
Appointment Confirmation page.
DS-160 confirmation page.
1 photo
All passports with a US Visa.
Photocopy of current I-797
Employment confirmation letter.

When asked for Employer letter I provided with Client letter in the same bunch, and they just asked twice that I wanted to submit all those letters. No issues with photo as I had as per specifications (was asked several times during the process if it was recent), carry at least 2 or 3 different types and let them choose as mentioned previously by others. I saw people leaving only for photos and getting back in line. Was allowed in line before 20 mins. The VAC is on Concourse level in the Metro station hard to miss. Suggest taking Metro to reach Shivaji Stadium Station to avoid traffic and security check outside the entrance. There is photograph and printout service on the upper level.
Suggest not to carry anything other than documents folder switched-off phone and shoulder bag.
The process takes approximately 20 mins once you enter the hall, they will give you a token but wasn’t displayed anywhere. Instead, a person was directing everyone to next available window. Once done with the submission on the window you will be guided to the exit.

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Do not go well before your appointment time, They allow you in queue 15-30 mins before depending on what time folks are being currently processed, If you have flight to catch you may request the security folks and I have seem they are helping for genuine cases to jump ahead of time in queue yet those cases need to be on outside counters if open, Inside the system wont accept they said to 2 persons in front of me

  1. dont carry laptop ipod ipad etc or use locker facilities , you are ok to carry but they will make u stand in different queue at gate for outside counter which takes more time than what i observed for people going inside as they have multiple counters inside so that speed up process . Since I had just airpods no laptop i still had to be in outside queue and took me long to submit because there were 3 people in front of me and one person was 3rd time repeat who was asked to jump queue already since he attended 2 times before and had to get new ds160 and photo respectively
  2. Photo there is a big hype but nothing fancy all they need is clean photo with white background and no shadow that’s it, one guy in front of me gave arguments that he got the pics accepted in US and clicked in US they will not care at all . I got photos clicked from small town studio showing them specification for US visa category
  3. In case you need emergency pics clicked there is a studio near by D S photo studio and just get the job done there instead of worrying about pics , if you are going without family but carrying docs just ensure your family can get pics clicked locally if rejected and they should send you pics on whatsapp or email then again go to DS photo studio and get printed and done.

+91 11 4036 7752

  1. Carry all i797 and all passport , they will check and take only passport with Us visa inside
  2. Separate out docs for yourself and any dependents you have with you and give documents as they ask starting with primary applicant, photo to be given only when asked as they first check your documents and passport
  3. If anyone need near by stay the “The Park new Delhi” is closet and decent not great but still good and especially for drobox purposes its the best as hotel is about 10-12 minutes walk.
  4. If you land at airport at Delhi and want to go directly to dropbox location use Airport Metro available near to T3 terminal and shivaji stadium is your destination station 50₹ , don’t waste time and money by booking cab or finding taxi to get stuck in traffics, VFS is at same level where you will get down from train and use escalators

Experience 18: H1B + H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Kolkata


  1. Reached venue 1 hr early, they allow only 15 min before the scheduled time. No place to sit or wait. So better to reach on time or just little earlier for biometrics.
  2. Since I had a kid they gave a chair to my wife to sit but didn’t allow to skip the queue
  3. Biometrics takes hardly 10-15 mins and should be quick one with just passport and ds 160 verification, photo & finger print.

CA interview next day

  1. Reached venue 1 hr early and they let me in.
  2. No sealed products allowed like food or water bottles. Since I had a baby they allowed a opened biscuit packet
  3. After security check they send for passport and ds 160 verification.
  4. Then they allowed inside interview room

VO officer : Good morning and namaste
Me : good morning officer
VO officer : please pass over the ds 160 and passport
Me : gave
VO officer : Give me the employment letter
VO Office : brief abt ur project and Roles & responsibilities in USA
Me : explained
VO officer : what’s ur salary and place of working
Me : explained.
VO officer : Pass me the Client letter if you have one
Me : Since i didn’t have client letter i passed all the supporting documents (MSA and position description letter.
VO officer : Do you work in employer or client location
Me : Employer location
VO officer : asked my wife abt marriage date
VO Officer : Was jovial and spoke to my 2.8 yrs old daughter abt her bf, her name and DOB

VISA was approved
Documents asked : I797, passports, ds 160, Employment verification letter, Client supporting docs, Original marriage certificate, child birth certificate

The whole process took hardly 50 min. I was at exit before my scheduled time.

Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, Follow Up Interview at Chennai

Work directly for US product company. Earlier in F1 so qualified for interview waiver.

11th Feb – Chennai VAC Dropbox
15th Feb – Application Received.
24th Feb – Refused.
25th Feb – Booked follow-up appointment for March 7th, 2022.
28th Feb – Collected passport and 221g slip. 221g slip was white and mentioned no documents to bring for the interview.
7th March – Interview Done. Visa approved. State changed to Admin Processing.

VO: Give me your passport and I797.
Me: Provided the passport and I797.
VO: Are you a direct employee of X or do you have a client?
Me: I am direct employee of X.
Vo: What’s your job title?
Me: Answered
VO: What do you do at X?
Me: Answered
VO: What’s location?
Me: Answered
VO: What’s your salary in the US?
Me: Answered
VO: Did you apply for a Candian Visa?
Me: Yes but it was a tourist visa and I never used it.
VO: Your visa is approved, you can collect your passport in a week.

Experience 20: H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

I am so excited to share my recent 1st time H4 regular experience -( past two times F2 rejection Hyd in 2018 )

Delhi : Biometric -27th Feb, time slot – 04.30 p.m. – Shivaji stadium metro station, Delhi.

  1. I reached the centre at 1:15 but they were only allowing the entry half an hour before the scheduled slot.
  2. Rejoined the queue at 04.00pm and they confirmed if the people in queue are for 04.30pm
  3. Guard Checked the Appointment confirmation page for the slot.
  4. Went through the first security scan.
  5. Went down two floors in lift where we were asked to stand in a queue.
  6. We were asked to join another queue, the security person at the counter verified passport details with ds- 160 and appointment confirmation.
  7. Went inside the biometric centre, another round of counter security i kept my mobile silent and allowed me. question – he asked about my DOB.
  8. Biometric taken and stamp given on ds-160

CA – 2nd March, 09.50 a.m. – Delhi

  1. Reached embassy at 09.00 am
  2. When i reached directly i went in queue and security check was done. Didn’t carry anything except my documents file and some cash.
  3. Guard called out 09.30-10.00 a.m. slot people to join the queue.
  4. Entered the queue and went through the first security scan- this is before you enter the embassy
  5. Embassy queue – another security scan
  6. Was asked to join another counter and have 3 documents handy – passport, i797 And visa stamp of principal applicant ( here i don’t have visa copy of my husband as he recently got his H1b and he was in US initially he was in F1 and now H1b)
  7. Details were verified by the Indian personnel in the counter.
  8. Joined another queue for the interview process. One lady saw me and told to go and sit .
  9. I was observing everyones interview how it is going on..and bit tensed too.
  10. After sometime my turn came and person told to go to 19th counter. Before me two people both are H1B they both got approved.
    And Finally my turn came. First soft gesture i got from consular is Good Morning😊.
    I replied good morning mam.😊

Questioned asked

  • Pls hand over your passport, visa stamp of your husband and I797
  • I gave my passport and I797A and when she asked husband visa copy i told her that he recently got his H1b and he is in US – so she said ho i got it asked husband passport copy- handed her.
  • Only one question she asked Do you have kids i said No mam not yet.
  • Later she typed something and she smiled at me and said system is slow.
  • Later she said do you know the rules of United states of America- i said yes, she asked do u have any questions i said no mam everything is clear.
  • The interviewer stated that your visa is approved, place your left hand on machine and said you will get the Passport within 7 working days..

On March 3rd it was showing as Administrative processing.
March 4th status changed to Issued.
March 7th today afternoon status changed to ready to Pickup.

By my observations Delhi Consulate approval rate is good.Before to mine so many H1, F1, L1 and H4 got approved on that day and that gave me so much positive vibes.

From November month i was trying and Finally it is done. Thanks to the Group 😁

Experience 21: H1B with Dropbox at Bangalore

My Dropbox appointment was on Feb 22 and reached one hour before my appointment at Bangalore location, but they were allowing only 15 minutes before your appointment.
Once my turn came, they started doing security checking at the entrance and allowed me inside which took about 2-3 minutes.
US Visa center is at the 1st floor, once entered I could see one person from one of the counters calling me to go to counter 12 to collect token.
Once collected, it took me almost one hour to get my token number to be called. Even though there were more than 15 counters (half empty) and around 10 Persons, only 2 counters were functioning. One for passport collection and one for Dropbox documents collection. If you are going with family and kids, they are giving preference to them.
Submitted the documents and paid 650 rupees in cash. It took around 5 to 10 minutes for complete process.

Feb 22 – dropped documents at Bangalore location
Feb 24 to Mar 2- Application Received
Mar 3 – Administrative Processing
Mar 4 – Issued
Mar 7 – Passport is ready for pickup.
Took me around 2 weeks for Visa Stamping

List of Documents:
Old and New Passport
1 Photo
Current and Previous i797 photo copies
Appointment Confirmation page
DS160 confirmation page
Position Confirmation Letter

Experience 22: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

March 3rd – Submitted documents: Passport (old & new), all I-797A related to H-1B only, appointment confirmation, DS-160 confirmation, employment verification letter, 1 copy of photo (without glasses).

March 4th – status changed to Administrative processing

March 5th & 6th – weekend

March 7th – visa issued

March 8th – collected passport today

Some pointers to note:

  1. My wife and I both went for independent H-1B stamping through our respective companies.
  2. They did ask for the marriage certificate xerox first (during initial check-in) but later the officer said it’s not needed since both are independent visas and not dependent on one another. However they sent both the passports together to the embassy.
  3. We both got back our passports today (March 8th) along with our photos.
  4. Our appointments were at 12:45 PM & 1:15 PM IST. However we reached around 12:00 noon and they let only me enter the center. Upon submitting the initial docs for verifying, they asked if I have dependents. I mentioned that I am married but my wife has her independent H-1B through her employer separately. So then they asked the security to ask her to come as well. She submitted her docs too for verifying and only 1 of us was allowed to go to the final officer to submit the sorted documents. Submission took about 5-7 mins and the officer gave me the acknowledgment with the stamp on both of our appointment confirmations that they received our docs. We left the place around 12:30 PM whereas our appointments were at 12:45 PM and 1:15 PM.

Experience 23: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

VAC – 6th March at Chennai
Documents asked

  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. DS-160 Confirmation page
  3. Passport
    Process went smoothly and completed within 20mins

CA Interview Experience on Chennai consulate – 8th March 12:00 P.M

Reached Consulate by 11:15a.m and allowed inside at 11.30a.m

Conversation with VO and questions asked .

  1. Provide your passport and i797 copy.
  2. Are you working for xyz company ?
  3. Are you going to xyz location ?
  4. Name of your client.?
  5. What will be your role ?
  6. What is your salary?
  7. What is your highest education?
  8. Where will be your stay ?
  9. Are you married ?
  10. Are you taking your wife with you ?
  11. Do you have kids ?

Came out of Consulate by 12:25 PM

Status :
6th March – Application received
8th March – Admin processing
9th March – Issued

Waiting for my passport, opted for premium delivery

Experience 24: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

VAC – Kolkata – March 3rd

Had my Appointment at 9:30AM
Went to the VAC by 8:30, they let me in by 9:15

Phones are allowed but need to switch off. Wallet is allowed.
No other electronic gadgets allowed including remote car key and electronic hotel keys.

Documents asked:
Appointment confirmation page
DS160 confirmation page

They verified the documents, took fingerprints and photo within few minutes.
Bags should be kept out and no locker facility available.
Passport covers should be removed.

CA – Chennai – March 11th

Had my Appointment at 9:30AM
Went to Embassy by 8:15, they let me in by 9:00

Phones, electronic gadgets are not allowed. No locker facility available.
Wallet, Watch, ID card should be placed inside file.

Long queue at security check waiting area and they finally let inside the interview building by 10:00

Had to wait inside the Interview Building for around 30 minutes for my turn. Restrooms and Drinking water is available inside.

I was asked to stand behind a person who was already being interviewed after a long wait.

Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: Very Good Morning! Can I see your passport?
Me: Sure!
VO: Can I see your i797?
Me: Sure!
VO: Are you working for AAA Company?
Me: Yes
VO: How long you have been working for AAA?
Me: Answered
VO: What’s your client name and salary?
Me: Answered
VO: Where will you be working?
Me Answered
VO: Are you married?
Me: Answered
VO: Aren’t they travelling with you?
Me: Answered with reason
VO: Place your left fingers!

And finally the Visa is approved!!

Experience 25: H1B + H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Mumbai

I was with my wife and 10 months old kid.
Feb 28th Biometric
docs required – appointment confirmation letter, ds 160, passport
There is a cyber cafe on same floor and they provide locker facility and print outs, ds 160/correction.
Charges for locker 500
Charges for print out 500 per page (too much)
Ds 160/Correction 500 each

March 2nd CA
Docs asked : i797 and passport

VO : Good morning. Your son is very cute and silent
ME: good morning smiling and saying yes very silent

VO : smiling and saying I am also a mother of 4 kid
ME: thats good, this is our first

VO: can I see ur passport ?
ME: sure.
VO: can I see ur i797 ?
ME: sure.

VO: since how long you are working with this company
flight experience of travelling from mumbai to us via newark : Yes sure

VO: ok. ur Visa is approved.
ME: Thank You very much 🙂

I got my visa delivered at home on 4th March


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