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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from February 19th to April 5th, 2023

Below are User experiences starting from February 19th to April 5th, 2023 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

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Experience 1: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Finally the day has come to share my experience :

13th Feb 2023 Thumb Delhi.

Time : 17:15.

Reached by 16:00.

Security person arranged separate lane for 17:00 to 18:00 time.

Mobile phones allowed but we need to put it in Flight mode.

Entered line by 16:45 , came out by 17:30.

16th Feb 2023 Visa Interview Delhi:

Time : 08:40

Reached venue by 07:20.

Directly entered into line.

Huge queue for mobile and bags deposits. I don’t have any mobile

and baggage , saved 30 mins of time.

Guys don’t carry any mobiles or baggage , your time will be saved.

Stood directly inside the queue.

Entered directly into Passport verification.

Sent to Counter 5 for Thumb verification.

After that allowed me to stand in line for Visa interview.

Infront of me around 25 people standing and we are the first batch for the interview.

VO # Good Morning Sir.

Me # Very Good Morning officer , how are you?

VO # Iam good , how are you ? pls give your Passport , I797 original Approved copy.

Me # Sue officer.

Handover the required doucments.

VO# What does your Employer does?

Me# Explained about Employer details?

VO # How many employess there for your employer

Me # around 35 to 40 officer.

VO # What you will do here?

Me # Explained about my roles and responsibilites.

VO # Where you work client or Employer office loaction?

Me # I will be working for my client XXX in my Employer office at yyy location.

Finally Golden words

VO # Visa Approved. Cngts. You can collect your passport in 2 to 3 weeks. Have great day.

Me # Thank you so much officer.

Guys be confident in interview and if you have interview in morning time then VO will be in fresh mind.

This group really helped me and gave confident.

All the best guys.

Experience 2: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Chennai

Since I went with my wife and kid (1 yr old), we were asked to Bypass all the queues and it hardly took 5mins to reach the visa interview counters.

VO: Hi
Me: Good morning Ma’am.
VO: Give me your passports.
Me: These are my new and old passports.
VO: I don’t need the old ones.
VO: Give me your I-797 forms.
(Provided the same to her.)
VO: How long you’re with Cognizant?
Me: Responded with appropriate answer.
VO: Who is your end client?
Me: Responded with appropriate answer.
VO: How long you’re working for them?
Me: Responded with appropriate answer.
VO: What’s your salary?
Me: Responded with appropriate answer as per LCA.
VO: What’s your designation?
Me: Responded with appropriate answer as per LCA.
VO: Which location you will be traveling to?
Me: Responded with appropriate answer.
VO: What’s your highest qualification?
Me: Responded with appropriate answer.
VO: Let me talk to your wife.
(called my wife)
VO: Are you working?
Spouse: No, currently not.
VO: Where were you working before?
Spouse: Responded with appropriate answer.
VO: What’s your highest qualification?
Spouse: Responded with appropriate answer.
VO: Your Visa is approved. You will get it in a week. Thank you.
(VO handed us a green slip and a pamphlet of know your rights in US)
Me: Thanks. Good day.
VO: You too.

Thanks a lot for all your support🙏🏽

Experience 3: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Documents Dropped: 9th Jan 2023 – Hyderabad VAC

Application Received: 14th Jan 2023

Application Refused: 20th Jan 2023

Passport picked: 27th Jan 2023

Passport picked with a 221G form asking to attend an in-person interview with VO on 14th February 2023 between 9am-11am

On 14th of February 2023: Went to US Consulate, at 8.15AM. They segregated 221G applicants in a line and started to send them inside after 8.30AM. Went inside the consulate by 8.35AM and there was a big line which took around 35-40 mins of waiting.

Counter no: 25

VO: So, xxx company it is..

Me: Yes, Officer.

VO: How long have you been working with this company?

Me: Told

VO: Do you have a end client?

Me: Yes Officer. xxx it is.

VO: How long have you been working for xxx client?

Me: xxx years officer.

VO: So, You’ve been working for a longer period of time with your client than your employer.

Me: Yes, Officer

VO: What’s your salary?

Me: Told

VO: Give me your paystubs and W2.

Me: Gave

My salary has been increased and it is different in paystubs when compared to the one in LCA

VO: From when are you getting this increased pay?

Me: Told

Typed something in his computer for a couple of minutes

VO: So, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna keep your passport and return you in 2-5 days. Here is your slip.

That slip said “Your visa has been approved”.

Application approved: 14th February 2023

Application issued: 16th February 2023

Passport ready for pickup: 17th February 2023

Passport picked: 19th February 2023

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and helping in preparing for the interview. Hope my experience also will be of some use to others in this group😀

Experience 4: H1B with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Company – 17 years old consultancy, In house Project

Applied for first time from India

Feb 12 – Biometric – Hitech City – VAC

Just asked Passport, DS-160 and appointment confirmation.

Feb 15 – Visa Interview – Begumpet – Counter 14

Q: Good Morning. Give me your passport – No other docs were asked.

Q: Who is your employer? – Answered

Q: Inhouse or Client project – Inhouse

Q: Whats your role – Software Developer

Q: Is this full time opportunity – yes

Q: To which place you are traveling – Answered full address

Q: So, is the company will be your future employer – yes

Q: Is your company a staffing one – yes

*** Pause for 3 mins

Q: Tell your full company address – Answered

Q: How did you get this opportunity – Applied through their website and after series of interview I was offered this position.

*** Pause for 2 mins

Finally… Your visa is approved. Take the slip and scan for visa rights.

Feb 15- Passport approved

Feb 16- Passport issued

Feb 21 – collected my passport with visa stamping

Tips (I am not a pro to give )- Be confident, speak louder and straight forward. Look into interviewer eyes. And have a smile on your face.

This group has helped me a lot from March 2022 till date. Thanks everyone for your help. All the best .

Experience 5: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Company – Us based consultancy,In house Project

Applied for first time from India

Feb 19- Biometric – shivaji stadium

Just asked Passport, DS-160 and appointment confirmation,Marriage certificate

Feb 21- Visa Interview – chanakyapuri, Counter 19

Q: Good Morning. Give me your passport, LCA,offer letter, Marriage certificate

Q: Who is your employer? – Answered

Q: Inhouse or Client project – Inhouse

Q: Current employee: Answered

Q:Experience in the role : Answered

Q: Whats your role – DBA

Q: what is the end prouduct of the project- Answered

Q: To which place you are traveling – Answered full address

Q: what is your salary? – Answered

Q: Where you will he staying- Answered

Question to Spouse

Q: how long you have been married- Answered

Q: Have you travelled outside to india before -Yes(went to honeymoon )

*** Pause for 1 mins

Explained about our rights in US

Finally… Your visa is approved. everything was over by 8:50 am

Feb 21- Passport approved

Feb 24 – Passport delivered to our home address

Tips – Be confident, speak louder into the mic And have a smile on your face.

Thanks everyone for your help. All the best .

Experience 6: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

I had my interview on 24th Feb – 8:40 AM

Biometrics given on 19th Feb at Kolkata VAC which went well without any issue just in 5 minute.

This morning interview-

Reached at 7:30 , they let us inside at 8:30 only. Too crowded. Employees inside are very humble.

I went with my 2 year old kid, So that helped a lot, and I did not stand in queue for more than 2 minutes.

There’s an officer for documents intake.

Documents- Passport, I797

After he checks the documents. He will send us reverify for fingerprints .

Next they directly send us to the counter number 33 for the interview.

Very professional and patient officer.

Me : Good Morning officer

VO: Pls give me all passport and other documents.

after scanning the passport and almost 30 second later,

Who is your client.

Me : Replied

After almost 30 sec, he returned all my documents with 2 white slips, 1 rights in the USA and the second for passport collection.


I have checked just in the tracker after 15 minutes, it is showing as approved.

Hope this help…

One tips : If you kids below 3 years, please go with them for faster processing.

Experience 7: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Biometrics given on 6th Feb at Chennai VAC which went well without any issue just in 15 minute.

17th Feb interview-

Reached at 8:20 , they let us inside at 8:40 only. Too much crowded,It almost took 2 hours waiting in queue inside waiting area due to huge crowd. Employees inside are very humble.

Inside the embassy they segregated for different type of visas queue H1B,F1, Visitor visas and also language specific.

There’s an officer for documents intake.

Documents- Passport, I797, Employment Offer Letter, LCA

After he checks the documents. He will send us reverify for fingerprints .

Next they directly send us to the US officer for the interview at specific counters.

Very professional and Pleasant it’s lady officer.

Me : Good Morning officer with gentle smile.

VO: Good Morning.Pls give me your passport and I-797

Me : Sure..provided through glass window.

VO: who is your employer and what they do?

Me: Answered my employer name and it’s business in two lines.

VO: What is your designation?

Me: Answered as per LCA

VO: Can you tell me your job duties?

Me: Explained two to three responsibilities

VO: what is your highest degree?

Me: I have done my bachelor’s in XXXX stream from YYYY University.

VO: So you will be working from ZZZZ State ?

Me: Yes officer. Mentioned my work location and also told i’l l be working from my client office .

VO: Ok good. She just paused for 30 seconds ,looking at screen and entered some thing in system

And She said – Congratulations YOUR VISA IS APPROVED 😀 and you will get passport in 7-10 working days. After that she returned all my documents , rights in the USA and passport collection slip.

Tip: Be Confident and provide clear and short answers . Do not get distracted if some one in your queue gets rejected, 221g slip. Just believe in yourself and ace it any counter with patience .

Experience 8: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Bio metric date : 26-02-2023 at 2:PM and we have reached 1:15 , Went directly inside .

Documents Asked : Passport and DS160 and completed in 15 Mins

Consular Interview :

Date : 27-02-2023

Slot : 9 :00 AM and Allowed at 8:50 AM

Its was very crowded outside as well as Inside

Counter : 42 (documents verification , It took around 45 Mins in this counter because this counter person validating B2 Visa details ) – Verified and asked me to go for Finger Prints

Counter : 38 asked me to pass passport and he asked scan right side four fingers – Verified

Counter : 27 Finally , Interview , Asked me pass Passport and then asked me pass all documents and I have provided.

Question :

Q1 : XXX Company your working for ?

Ans : Yes Officer .

Meanwhile , he was checking my documents

Q2: Educations details please ?

Ans : I just confused and about to give documents … then he called tell me verbally and told Bachelors in ECE .

Total Time taken : More than 2 hours

Meanwhile , he was typing something in system and Finally Golden Words “Your Visa is Approved”

Thanks alot all the group members who are provided your experiences and I have followed continuously from last 3 months and this helped alot ….

All the very best everyone — feeling happy.

Experience 9: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

I had my interview on 21st Feb , 9:00 AM( self , spouse , child)H1, 2 H4

Biometrics given on 9th Feb at VAC which went well without any issue just in 15 minute.

21st Feb interview-

Reached at 8:00 they let us inside at 8:30 only

Inside the embassy they segregated for different type of visas queue H1B,F1

There’s an officer asked to keep in hand 797B and EVL, passport

From the queue went to counter 4 for document verification

After he checks the documents. He will send us reverify for fingerprints counter 6.

After 20 min waiting on queue reached counter 13 interview ( as per availability)

Lady officer. Smiled to us.

Me : Good Morning officer with gentle smile.

VO: Good Morning.Pls give me your passport and I-797

Me : Sure..provided through glass window.

VO: who is your client?

Me: Answered I will be work for XXX Client (as per my Nominated project during petition filing )

VO: What is your designation?Also give me your LCA.

Me: Answered as per LCA

VO: Can you tell me your job duties?

Me: Explained two to three responsibilities

VO: what will be your salary?

Me: Answered as per LCA

VO: So you will be working from ZZZZ State ?

Me: Yes officer. Mentioned my work location is my employer location (as per LCA) however, my client is in different state

VO: Ok good. She just paused for 30 seconds ,looking at screen and entered some thing in system

VO: Asked me and my wife, is it love or arrange marriage

Both: School friend, known to each other almost 25 years, it’s love marriage

And She said Keeping your passport, you will get it in few days. After that she returned all my documents , given yellow slip with Administrative Processing ( nothing else written)

Tip: Be Confident and provide clear and short answers . Do not get distracted if some one in your queue gets rejected, 221g slip. Just believe in yourself


21 Feb : administrative processing

21 Feb : approved

23 Feb : Issued

25 Feb : received stamped passport 😍

Experience 10: H1B with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

VAC on Feb 12th
Documents submitted for VAC: Appointment Confirmation Page, DS160, Passport

CA on Feb 24th
Documents submitted: Passport, LCA

Counter num: 15

Questions asked
VO: Good morning
Me: Hello officer, Good Morning
VO: Who is your employer?
Me: xxx mnc
VO: Years of experience with employer?
ME: 13 years
VO: Who is your client?
Me: yyy client
VO: how long you are working for this client
Me: Answered
VO: Is the 2010 joining date of your employer? (double checking my experience)
Me: Yes
VO: What is your role?
Me: Answered the role
VO: what is you salary
ME: Answered
VO: Which state you will be working at?
Me: Answered the city and state name.
VO : What is your highest Qualification?
Me : Bachelor degree from xxx university
VO : Which stream / branch
Me : Electrical engineering

VO is typing and updating during the interview. After asking all the above questions, He took around 6 min to search , cross check. In between he mentioned please bare with me. The internet is slow. Finally after 7 min of waiting golden words came out.

VO: Your visa is approved, and he asked to take a paper outside of the counter, which have QR codes to download the US rights pdf
Me: Thank you officer, have a good day

Appointment was at 9:30 am and I reached the consulate at 8:00 am. They are allowed inside at around 9am , they are sent all candidates irrespective of schedule.
Came out by 10:00, the whole process was done in 30-40 minutes

Experience 11: H1B+H4 (2 Yr. Kid) with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Date 23-feb-2023, Time:9AM

8.15am: Lost bag with all docs and passport

8.35: went to PS

11.10: got back bag thanks to Mumbai Police

11.40: went to US consulate

11.45 : allowed only H1 and H4 not needed.

1.30 pm : came out

V: passport
V: what are u going to do in US
V: how do you know this company
V: is they woking there ( said referral)
V:your visa approved
Smiles 😊

25-2-23: stamped passports got delivered

For Mumbai go just on time. No need to go 30 min early.
After security scan washroom is there after that not available
There is small cafe inside so water and snacks available
Locker for mobile is available 50/-
No bags for male
Female can carry hand bag

Finally: Be clear and loud enough and brush your English


Experience 12: H1B with In Person Interview, 221g at Chennai

Journey from Administrative Processing till getting Stamped Passport

Interview: Jan 6th 2023,

Not too many questions asked but given white slip Administrative Processing and visa refused.

After seeing many posts about Administrative processing waiting became very low and lost hope

However done my part on sending followup emails to Chennai embassy twice a week but used to get default reply.

Feb 15- Received email to submit passport, So excited and felt happy but still have doubt in some corner seeing the posts by some body got refusal letters though after submitting passports.

Feb 16: Went to chennai VAC to submit the passport

Till Feb 22 Afternoon . No change in status. Still refused.Sent followup email to chennai embassy DL, with in 10 minutes the case status changed to Administrative processing.

No more emails

Feb 23- Approved

Feb 24 – Issued

Feb 28- passport in Hand with Visa Stamp

I am not up to advise anybody.. .. I am the one who posted lot of queries about Administrative processing, asking for timelines and etc, waited, Disappointed, felt low about why this happened to me.

Finally its a happy ending with out hearing Golden words and taking booklet of US rights

Just be positive and believe the things. Today is mine, tommorow is yours

After seeing all this, one dialogue comes in to my mind from a telugu movie called Jalsa

” Ithaniki Plate meals ye easy ga dorakadhu, inka prema(Visa) em dorukutundi”

“some things are hard to get but at end for sure you’ll get it “

Experience 13: H1B+H4(Spouse+2 Kids) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometric Date: 26th Feb
Slot: 02: 30 PM

Interview: Date: 28th Feb
Counter: 16(Lady V.O.)
Slot: 08:50 AM
Status: Approved
Reached Embassy at 8:00 AM
Had to wait in the waiting row chair until 8:40 AM after all security check. Once they announced to get in, we walked and entered into Main building. Again waited in the queue, one person allots to available verification counters, where they checked our documents such as Passports, i797b, offer letter, LCA and Marriage certificates Once verified, they asked me to move to any VO counters.
Waited in queue for allotment about 10 minutes..
VO: Good morning
Self: Good morning officer!
VO: Can you pass your documents?
Self: Passed passport & i797B
VO: So, you are coming with family?
Self: Yes Mam, with Spouse and kids
VO : Greeted my wife
My Wife: Hello Mam, Good Morning.
VO to me: How long you are working with this employer?
Self: Answered
VO: Are you UG degree or Master Degree
Self: Master Degree, in xxx
VO: Do you work from In house location or Client location?
Self: Yes, I have end client
VO: Who is your client?
Self: Answered
VO: Are you already working for this client and how long?
Self: Yes Mam, working in the last xx months.
VO: what is your Salary in US?
Self: Answered xxx,xxx US dollars
VO: ok. What would be your work location
Self: Tried to say the complete address, she stopped and said Just say the city, xxxx.
VO: Oh ok, this state. fine
She took less than 30 seconds and advised “I’m approving your Visa and your passport will be ready in a week time”
No rules sheet given and didn’t ask any other documents than Passports and I797B

Experience 14: H1B+H4(Spouse+2 Kids) with In Person Interview at Mumbai

26-Feb-23 at afternoon 3:00 PM slot for Biometric

  • We reached around 2PM and they allowed at 2:30PM
  • It was very smooth and straight, documents verified
  • Passport, DS160 Confirmation and Appointment Notice
  • Indian Officers took fingers scanning and Photograph
  • Asked Full Name and Birth Date to each one (my 7 years son also told his details confidently)
    We came out at 2:54PM

Next Day,
27-Feb-23 at 8:50 AM slot for Visa Interview

  • We reached at 7:50 AM, they allowed in batch slot wise groups
  • There are total 3 coutners we visited
    1) Indian Officers check and verified documents (max 3 min) – Counter 41
  • Passport, I-797B, Current Employment Letter
    2) White officers verified biometric and documents (max 4 min) – Counter 38
  • Passport, I-797B, LCA
    3) White officer verfied documents and asked questions (max 7 min) – Counter 34
  • Passport, I-797B, LCA, Kids Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate

Documents asked
for H1

  • I-797B approval notice
  • Passport and DS160 Confirmation
  • LCA
  • Current Employment Letter

Also Biometric verified randomly (for me right hand 4 fingers, for spouse left hand 4 finger)
for H4

  • Marriage Certificate (Laminated acceptable)
  • Kids Birth Certificate

Greeted with smile and received same response from VO as well.

Questions asked,
Q- Who is your petitionar
A- Told my petitionar name
Q- When will you start work for your Petitionar?
A- Curently working for same
Q- When will you start work for client?
A- Curently working for same client
Q- Where will be you located when travel?
A- I will be trvel to (city name) in (state)
looking at my family with smile,
Q-Has anyone of you travelled before to US?
A- we all 4 said one-by-one , No officer.

Then he said that magical words to us ” Alright, Your Visa is Approved and Enjoy your stay in the US”. He handover half page white slip and we greeted all Thanks to him with big smile 🙂


  • Be calm and confident
  • Answer loudly with Crisp and Clear
  • No extra information, No extra documents unless asked.

on 28-March status changed from Approved to Issued
on 1-March passport received with stamp (premium processing delivery)

Wish You All the Best Guys, whoever are appearing for visa interviews.

Experience 15: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Bio Metrics: Feb 28, 2023

VAC is in metro station, and you have most of visa offices in the same premises.

It took 30 min to complete my process.

Remember to carry mask as it is mandatory to wear one and mobile phones are allowed need to switch them off and keep it with you. Don’t carry earphones or Bluetooth devices.

Consular Interview: March 06, 2023

My appointment is at 8.30 AM, I did not carry any electronic gadgets including mobile phones.

In case if you carry, they have facility outside the campus where you can deposit them. Avoid it incase if you can.

Here is my experience:

After security check we were waiting in the waiting area for 20 mins, and we are allowed inside.

For document verification, they asked us to keep I797 and passport handy and instructed to processed to the counter for document verification.

Once document verification is completed, we are instructed to go to Fingerprint verification and then joined the line for Counselor interview.

There were about 8 counters opened and mostly all are US officers taking interview apart from counter 18 who is Indian officer, and I was asked to go to counter 18.

I approached the counter and greeted Good Morning and asked how are you.

1)He asked for passport and I-797B

2)He verified a few details in the system by typing the company name.

3)Asked for LCA – Asked Salary and employer location?

4) Inhouse or End Client ?

5)Who is your client and what is your client do and location ?

6)Asked about project and asked responsibilities?

By showing rights and rules slip He asked have you gone through Rights and rules while submitting DS-160.

Few important observations which can help for fellow applicants.

By the time I have reached the consular interview line there were around 50 people infront of me waiting for interview. So I had sufficient time to analyze each officer and type of questions which are being asked.

Approval rate was good . While I was observing only 5 people got slips (Yellow/White).

Answer based on your LCA.

Explain the project in understandable way so that officer can replate it rather than speaking technically as they may not understand technical terms.

Be prepared for interview,Speak confidently and carry your smile and you will get through.

All the best 👍.

Experience 16: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

2019 – Did not pick in the lottery

2020 – Did not pick in the lottery

2021 – Did not pick in the lottery

And finally in 2022 it got picked

Application filed (I129) : 30th June

USCIS received date : 14th July

RFE received date : 2nd November

Petition Approval: 29th November

Booked interview Date: Feb 29th

Interview experience:

Reached Consulate @7:30 AM and was standing in the line and they allowed us inside near to 8 AM and inside there was one more line where they are sorting all the applicants based on Visa type and I joined H1B line and again waiting for next 15 mins the line started to move and my turn has come

Me : Good morning Officer

VO: Good morning can you give me two minutes and left.

Me: Sure . In the mean while I took my documents and was ready and the Visa officer arrived after 4 to 5 mins

Vo: Please pass your Passport

Me: Passed my passport

Vo: Typing something on screen for 2 to 3 mins and you are going to work for?

Me : xxx company

Vo: Please pass your I797 document

Me: Passed the document

Vo: What is your education?

Me: Bachelor of Technology in xxx

Vo : Client or internal project

Me: Internal

Vo: what is the name of the product

Me: explained xxxxx

Vo: How does your skill help the product.

Me: Explained

Vo: Where are you Going?

Me: Explained

Vo: where is your office?

Me: explained

Vo: Just passed the ” Know your right” booklet and an approval slip

Me : Thank you Officer

Vo: Have a great time when you are US

Me: Sure Thank you Officer and left.

Documents asked are only passport and i797

And there ends my Journey and my visa is now in final processing and will receive my stamped passport in a week or so.

Thank you everyone in this group for providing a lot of good information all throughout my Visa Journey and now it’s my turn to share this experience hoping it helps Someone as it did for me.

@All the best for the applicants who have their interviews scheduled

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

First-time H1B stamping Dropbox on Oct 5, 2022.
Refuse-Oct 10,2022.
Received an email to collect the passports on Oct 11, 2022.

Collected passport with 221g, mentioned to come for an in-person interview on any working day.

Went for an interview on Oct 20, 2022
Vo- what is your role?
Vo- how many master’s degrees do you have?
Vo-What your company does?

Hand me 221g again with AP tick ✔️
Me- How long will it takes to complete this process
Vo- It won’t take much time to complete.

Keep following up with ustravel doc by email or phone.
Called us travel doc after 2 months on Feb 14, 2023, to follow up, lady ask me to email the ustravel doc.
Sent a nice email on Feb 14, 2023.

Received an email response on Feb 16 2023 to submit my passport with the form and email copy.

Submit passport on Feb 17, 2023
Status got changed to Issued on Feb 23, 2023
Received a text msg and email on Feb 24 to collect my passport.

Experience 18: H1B(Self+Spouse) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

5th time Renewal H1b. Me and wife both on H1B decided to skip the drop box (even though we were eligible) and go for face to face interview. Directly landed the night before VAC appointment in Delhi from US.
Even though we have separate H1B we were able to get slots for same timings and both went together including the interview counter. Had a 2 year old US citizen kid along. No questions asked.

March 6: Biometric. Appt at 5.15pm. Reached at 4.15pm and requested to join the line early as we had a sleeping toddler. They let us join. Done within 20
Mins. They were only letting folks within 30 mins of scheduled time.

March 7: 8.30 am slot. We reached at 7.45 am and they were already letting people with 8.45 am a lot. Recommend going 1 hr before the slot in Delhi interview. Me and Wife were interviewed on same counter. We both on separate H1. Standard questions asked, what do you do, salary, what company. Etc. Interview was uneventful and officer told visa approved for both and we will get passport in 7 days.

March 7: Came out and checked CEAC status. Both our visa statuses were already in approved status.
March 9: issued
March 10: UStravel docs status moved to passport received from post
March 10(late night): Was able to track both our passports using reference number in bluedart website
March 13: collected passport from bluedart.

Recommendation is if you are renewing for the Nth time and need the passport quickly. Skip the Dropbox and go straight to the interview when booking the appointment.

Experience 19: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Finally heard the golden words !

Would like to thanks this group for so much support and information making available for people like us.

Petition Date: March 2022

Approved date: June 2022

VAC appointment: March 6, 2023

Have been asked for Appointment Letter, DS160 confirmation, Passports, Photographs of kids.

After document validation, biometrics and photographs have been captured.

We have carried incorrect size of photographs for kids.

We have been advised to get the right size and carry them for PA Interview and attached the stamps and stickers on passports, mentioning this note in DS160 confirmation page.

We have took a local photographer help on the same day(2*2 US visa size).

PA interview: March 7, 2023

Phones were kept in locker.

Security checks were done.

Waited for 15 minutes. It was morning 8:40 slot.

Have been called inside.

Initially verification of documents took place and photographs of children have been scanned. Then moved to biometrics.

Some tense situation because of 3 failed attempts. The officer said we shall try one last time and we were about to loose hope.

This time have put more pressure on the device and it got captured.

Officer has smiled and showed a thumbs up.

Thanked god and moved on 😃.

Moved to interview counters.

Greeted the officer

Officer: Very Good morning, How was your day? Smiling.

Answered and thanked her with smile.

Officer: So you work for (my company) ?

Answered yes.

Officer: Where are you going to ?


Officer: Oh well, that’s a nice place.


Officer : Are your working for your client?

Answering and she finished my rest of the sentence 🙂

Officer: What do you do ? Role ?


Then it’s spouse turn.

Officer: May I ask you few questions? How long you have been married.


Officer: Is it a love or arranged ?

Answered and elaborated how we met.

Officer: Oh wow, sweet and romantic huh ?


Officer: How old are your kids ?


Meanwhile my little 1 year old one was making a mess, wants to get down, shouting and yelling 🙂.

I apologised her for the situation.

Officer: No it’s absolutely fine, I too have kids, I know what it is.

All together laughs 😄

Officer: Your VISA has been approved. Enjoy your stay in the US and you shall receive them(attesting the passports) soon.

Finally Overwhelmed with joy and returned.

We went inside the consulate around 8:15 and came back at 8:45.

Good luck with all others who are on the journey… Cheers and see you there 🙂

Experience 20: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

I had on 15 March 2023 (New Delhi). Here is my experience.

Note: We cannot wait/stand before the embassy though we make it early well before the interview.

If interview is at 8:30AM, the we can go at 7:30AM and there would be a line in the lane next to the embassy where we would be asked to stand in queue. Based on the appointment time, they would let us into the main queue.

We have a Mobile deposit counter outside the embassy and we can deposit the mobile and bag just in case if we carry it.

Each device deposit would be 50rs. So if u have 2 then we would have to pay 100.

Initial check:
There would be a physical check at initial stage when we join the appointment line.

Once the check is done, we would pass to the next counter where they would be verifying the label that was laid in the VAC/biometric office the day before.

Then we would be asked to sit in the waiting hall and they would be sending row by row inside the main hall.

Once we enter the hall, there would be almost 20 counters on a total.

If its for H1B category they would ask us to have DS160, passports and I797 handy in our hands before we go to the counters.

Main process:
Counters 1-4 are for our appointment and DS160 verification.

Counter 5-7 would be for verification our biometrics.

Counters 8- 20 would be for the main interview.

Do not panic when u are in the main line for interview as we would be asked to stand behind the person who is being interviewed until our turn has come.

Stay calm as the interviewer would be having an eye on us when we stand behind. Never let them know that we are tensed or in a panic mode.

Interview questions for me
Greet the interviewer as soon as ur turn comes in.

If possible ask them how they are doing? They would ask our how abouts in turn.

They would ask our passport initially and then I797.

Interview starts.

  1. Who is ur future employer?
  2. Who is ur end client?
  3. What would you be doing for the client? — Explain ur roles and responsibilities in this case. All u need to ensure is say confidently what ever u say coz they are not into too much technical. Don’t stop until they ask u a next question.
  4. Please help me with ur LCA document.
  5. Where is ur client located?
  6. Would you be working at client place?
  7. Where is ur employer located?
  8. What is your annual income?

H4 Questions:

  1. Are you travelling with your spouse to US?
  2. How long u have been married?

Golden words at the end— Your visa is approved. U would be able to collect your passports within a week.

Experience 21: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

Status – Approved

VAC – Mumbai
Dropbox location- Ahmedabad
Dropbox date – 17th Feb 2023
Creation date – 2nd March
Case updated with AR -2nd, 15th, 16th
Refused – 16th (221g slip for in person interview on any working day b/w 10:30-11am)

Visa Interview (20th 10:30)
Reached on time.
Went inside- waited until 10:55am inside before going in the building.

At first window VO asked for passport 221g slip and i797. Got red sticker from here sent me to window 37. There asked me for scanning fingers. Next sent me for interview at any available window.

VO: Good morning.
Me: Good morning sir.. How was your weekend ?
VO: pretty good.
VO: pass me your passport, 221 and i797
Me: here you are.
VO: Do you have your LCA with you by any chance?
Me: No it is with the employer.
VO: Thats totally fine.. (checking and typing on pc)
VO: Is ABC your current or future employer?
Me: Current.
VO: How long you been working with them?
Me: 1.5+ yrs
VO: In-house project or End client?
Me: Answer given
VO: what do you do at Xyz.?
Me: Answer given.
VO: Can u further elaborate what kind of application are you working on?
Me: explained.
VO: Cool. Thats all I needed. Your visa has been Approved. You will get ur visa within next week.
Me: quick question- is there any way I can pickup passport today itself after visa being printed? Or maybe tomorrow?
VO: Unfortunately there isn’t. Yes in exceptional circumstances and referrals, this is possible. But generally delivered through post only.
Me: Thank you so much for the information. Have a wonderful day!

Exited the consulate.

Experience 22: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Chennai

Went with family however inside the facility they are letting only the H1B to be represented, so no need to take your spouse and try to go before 10 mins of appointment time.

Drop box point: Docs provided
1) Old and New passports, mainly they are checking for last entry point immigration seal in India
2) Chennai VAC appointment
3) All the ds160 confirmations
4) passport size Photos 51*51mm is the acceptable and without specs
5) Copy of marriage certificate ( for family)
6) I797 current and 1 previous enough- photo copy
7) employee verification letter
8 ) client letter (optional)
9) last 3 pay stubs (optional)
10) W2(optional)

Consulate member:
Checking DS160 for all the members and it should match the same with passport even a single mistake they ask to change and come back on the same day, please carefully review. Though below facility has the browsing center and we have to pay almost incorrigible amount for printing the DS160 confirmation again post correction.

Finally they said your Visa is accepted, vac letter was sealed and given back, other docs were taken..kindly wait for 2-3 weeks for pickup or premium delivery and we have to pay 650 rupees in cash for each member. If pickup: kindly take VAC appointment letter, Aadhar card(self attested)

Expereince 23: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

F1 to H1B visa experience📽️:

Consulate: Chennai
Dropbox Location: Hyderabad

Nov 16: H1 dropbox at Hyderabad
Nov 19: Applicable Received.
Nov 25: Status changed to Refused.
Dec 4: Got 221g white slip with returned Passport.

Jan 4: Attended Interview

VO asked general questions and collected all employment related documents.
After 1 hour wait in waiting area. Called me said visa refused under additional administrative processing.
Issued 221g white slip and no documents asked.

Jan 4: Case date updated and status shown Refused.

Feb 27: Finally Received passport submission email 🧘
Feb 27: Submitted passport same day.

Mar 4: Status changed from refused to approved 🥳

Mar 13: Status changed from approved to refused 😳

Mar 16: Got 221g white slip with passport 🤦🏻‍♂️

221G mentioned: I must attend the interview on “MAY 02”⌛️

Same day I sent an email to Chennai consulate for earlier visa slot as I waited long enough. They replied after 3-4 hours and rescheduled to “MAR 23” 🤞

Mar 23: Attended interview in Chennai 🏃

No questions asked except Fingerprints, provided the fingerprints and VO said to me that Visa is approved.😡

Mar 23: Status changed from Refused to Approved.😏

Mar 24: Issued🍻
Mar 26: Received passport 🛫

(Nov 16 – Mar 26: Working from India all this time)

No client or employer verification in my case. They didn’t receive any email.

Received 3 – 22G white slips.

Thanks everyone in this group who provided their experience. It really helped me to understand what will happen next. I hope my experience will help someone.🙂

Experience 24: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

Yesterday I picked up my passport with the stamp finally –
I would like to thank this group for all the support.
Here is my timeline:

Dropbox Appointment – 14th June 2022
Docs submitted :: i797 copy, MSA, vendor letter and employment verification letter

Passport returned with 221g white slip asking to appear for interview at consulate – 19th June 2022

221g interview (walk-in) – 7th July 2022

Questions related to role, client business, why remote work and not in client location, details for i797s in last 2years and any other approval i may have got as well (answered i797s but forgot to mention about i140 approval i had in the same period)

Result:: lady officer told they didn’t need any other docs or information but my case will need additional admin processing.
Passport returned with white slip with admin processing marked.

Long wait till feb28 2023 for the date on my ceac date to change. I have sent emails every 10-15 days but got a standard reply to wait for admin processing to complete. Tried reaching out to the senator of my state but didn’t got any traction.

After 230+ days wait got an email to submit a passport with 2 copies of filled submission slips on Feb 28 2023.

Due to personal reasons,submitted passport on 20 Mar 2023
Docs submitted-
Employment verification letter(it was not mentioned in the passport submission email but was asked at the VFS counter to submit it),i797 and two filled submission slips.

Status first change to approved on 23rdMarch then after 2 working days to issued.

Received email for passport collection,
Received stamped passport on 3rd April 2023.

I do got a blue color slip with passport in which they have marked ‘TDY clearance'(not sure what it is but seems to be the reason for long wait).

My visa does not have any clerance annotation as well.

Experience 25: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Biometric: 3 April 9.00 AM

Reached the center at 8.45AM, and they simply let me in.




Doc verification

Booth token

Line for the counter

Fingerprints + Photo + sticker on Passport

Documents asked : Passport, DS160, i797

Everything went smoothly and came out at 9.00 AM

In Person: 4 April 8.40 AM

Reached at 7.30AM

Hell lott of rush outside of the consulate ( Frnds , companions, parents and what not)

They let the 8.40 batch in by 8.20ish


Documents verification (intake window) 20 mins in line at Max.

Fingerprints verification: 10 Mins Max

Interview queue : 15-20 mins

VO : Hey Good Morning Buddy , How you doing?

Me: Morning officer All Good. How about you?

VO : Same here buddy

(He was in a good mood with a smiling face )

Me : Handed over the passport + i797

VO : Who is your Employer

Me : xxx (One of the FAANG)

VO : oh xxx (raised eyebrows with a light smile)

VO: Ever been to the US ?

ME : No

VO : Alright here are the rules (handed that Know your rights slip)

VO : Your Visa is approved buddy, have a good one.

Me : Thanks a lot Officer

VO : No problem man

It was smooth like anything.

The person standing in the queue after me was more surprised than me 😃😃

Came out and walked little away from consulate to get the auto.

(I read on this group (In the many posts) that one should be careful/ stay away from autovala’s outside consulate, 😃😃)

Best of luck guys.


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