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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from February 10th to February 25th, 2022

Below are User experiences starting from February 10th to February 25th, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

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Experience 1: H1B+H4 (Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Delhi

Biometric date : 02-Feb-2022
CA date : 04-Feb-2022

Biometric :
Appointment time 9:00AM
Reached on 8:20
They are creating lines with 15 mins slots
Standing on 9:00 clock line
They called for in on 8:45
Asked birthdates and no biomatric required for Kids below 14 year.
Completed all things and leaved VFS on 9:10

CA :
Appintment time is 9:50
Reached on 8:30
They were creating line for security check for timing 8-10
Comoleted security check.
Sent us inside
Standing on biometric verification line before CA
Completed CA biometric verification
Waiting for interview on approx 9:50 in line
Got my turn on 9:55 AM
Questions asked :

  1. Are you working on XXX organisation?
  2. What is your designation
  3. Are you going on Client location
  4. What is your Client doing
  5. Role
  6. Responsibilities
  7. Client name
  8. Salary
  9. Highest qualification
  10. First time going to US

At last Vo said , sir your visa is approved and as you selected premium delivery you will get you passport at your define location. Thank you.
Leaved Embassy on between ~ 10:05 – 10:10

Interview completed on 4-Feb
4-Feb : administration
5-Feb : administration
6-Feb : administration
7-Feb : Issued
8-Feb : Issued
9-Feb : Received at home

Experience 2: H1B+H4 (Spouse+Child) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

VAC Date: 6th Feb’ 22

CA Date – 9th Feb’ 22

Appointment time was 10:30 am, reached at around 10:00 am. There was a very long queue outside. But since I had my appointment along with my spouse and 2 yr kid, we were allowed to skip the line. Around 10:25 am, we were allowed to enter the main building and by 10:45 am, we got interviewed by the VO.

Questions to me(Primary Applicant):

VO – Pass me your Passports and I797

Me – Passed

VO – Who is your petitioner? Who is your end client?

Me – Answered

VO – What is your designation at your USA employer?

Me – Answered

VO – What does your end client deal with?

Me – Answered

VO – What’s your highest qualification?

Me – Answered

VO – Which location are you going to work?

Me – Answered

Questions to my wife (H4):

VO: What’s your marriage date? How did you meet your husband?

Wife: Answered

VO: Are you anyways related or was it a love marriage?

Wife – Answered

VO – How old is your kid? Birth year ?

Wife – Answered

VO – Typed something for around 1 min or so and replied “Your visa has been approved. Enjoy your stay in the States”

Note: There is a separate counter just opposite to the embassy entrance where you can keep your electronic devices for a minimal amount.

Experience 3: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, Follow up Appointment at Chennai

Work directly for US product company. Earlier in F1 so qualified for interview waiver.
Jan 19 Chennai VAC Dropbox
Jan 20 Application recvd
Jan 21 refused
Jan 24 got mail to pickup passport. Picked-up passport with 221g slip asking to schedule followup appintment in Chennai. No other documents mentioned
Jan 24 booked followup appointment for Feb 9 10:30 am. However I continued seeing schedule followup appintment radio button.
On Feb 4, I saw Feb 8 10:30 available and booked that.
Feb 8 attended followup appointment. Was let into Chennai consulate at 9:30 am.
First someone checked 221g letter and passport at a counter and was asked to wait.
Waited 15 mins before being called by consular officer.

VO: Good morning pass me your passport and i797
Me: Good morning officer. Passes passport and i797
VO: so you were asked to schedule a follow-up. Do you know why?
Me: No sir, no reasons mentioned.
VO: did you study in the US? How long?
Vo: So xyz filed your h1b, when did you start working with them
VO: When did you graduate?
VO: How long have you been working with xyz
X years
VO: What’s your salary in the US?
Vo: so you were always in status? You were never out of status?
No sir.
Did you ever receive letter asking you to leave the country?
No sir.
Types something.
Your visa is approved, you can collect your passport in a week

Feb 8: status changed to Admin processing
Feb 9: Issued
Feb 10: picked up passport

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Date: 8th Feb, 2022. 11:15 am

I reached 10.30 am and they took me in, no waiting for 11.15 am slot. There was a line of 20 people, and it was going pretty fast. Don’t bring any mobile, keys or digital watch.

Once inside they asked for following documents

  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. DS-160 confirmation
  3. Passport with visa
  4. 2 photos
  5. Old petition copy if available
  6. Marriage certificate (if married)

I did not bring marriage certificate, so they asked me to go out and bring a copy. Luckily, I had a digital copy in my email inbox. There are couple of vendors outside the VFS office who provides this facility but at a premium. They asked me to email me the digital copy and they took the printout, they charge me Rs 60/-

Again, went inside and this time no standing in line, just told the guard and he let me in. Again, went to same counter and they accepted all documents. They confirmed my cell # and told me you opted for premium delivery. That’s it and I was out in around 40 minutes.

-There are 2-3 vendors who provide xerox service, photo service, print service, locker service etc outside VFS office.
-There is a paid parking right next to VFS office if you bought a car or bike.

Experience 5: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Had appointment at 12:45 pm.
Reached consulate at 11:30am. Was asked to wait 5 mins and then was called in.
I had no phone, but people were carrying it even with bag packs. It was allowed, only they were asking to silent the phones if carrying.

Was given token when entered the gate , checked for temparature and then was asked to sit opposite the counter inside.

Immediately was called for documents,

First gave the passports – old and new

Then the appointment letter
Was asked for DS 160 Appointment letter

I797 first page copy of the latest petition

Gave 2 recent photos

Employment Letters – Gave position Confirmation Letter, Employment Letter and End Client Letter

Was told at the end that I will receive the passport at my Mumbai home address within a week.

Didn’t need to give the complete i797/ petition pages
Didn’t need to give the old i797 pages
Didn’t need to give the passport/visa copies

All this was done in 5 mins. I was in at 11:30 and out by 11:40.

All done before an hour of my actual appointment time. Super smooth and quick 😊😊

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

VAC – 4-Feb-2022 (5 PM slot)

Travel – If you are landing at T2 or T3 – you have direct express metro to Shivaji Stadium, service is every 10 mins and fare is Rs 50.
If you are landing at 1D, you can take feeder service to Aero City and from there catch the express metro to Shivaji Stadium, fare would be around Rs 40.

You will arrive at same level (concourse) at Shivaji Stadium where the VAC is located, once you scan the ticket pass the kiosk you would see the VAC in front.
If you are coming via cab or outside, you need to go thru security and baggage scan and then come down to concourse level for further procedure.
There are many visa service center are there in the metro station like Greece, China and Canada as well as VFS Global.

Photo and documents – There is a photo and document service available in front of VAC. Name of store – One Vasco.
Carry a photo with you and possible SOFT COPY in mobile, email etc. SOFT COPY – don’t crop it, ask your studio guy to give in original. the One Vasco guy will crop it based on specification and print.
SOFT COPY is needed – specially in case your are submitting document for your dependent or someone else who are not visiting the VAC.
if the original photo they reject, you could get a print in the store to be on safer side.
I was submitting for my wife and carried her soft copy image on my email.

COST – cost of the service at One Vasco is very high compare to market.
Passport / Visa Photo – 6 copy @177 (they can do it by clicking or you send image to their WhatsApp no. they don’t accept pen drive, they can connect to android mobile and copy too)
Photocopy – Rs 5 per page
B&W printing – Rs 15 or 20 per page (don’t remember)
Color printing – Rs 50 per page
so make sure you cross check your document list multiple times to avoid unnecessary fee at the center. consider that as an emergency service.
(These prices may be incorrect, its based on my memory)

VAC exp –
I was early there around 3 PM and had to wait.
the security staff allowed me to be in queue only after 4.30.
VAC staff will ask if you are carrying pen drive, laptop hard disk etc. – in that case they will not allow the bag or items inside.
But don’t worry – you can carry whatever is permitted thru security, like I carried a check-in bag with laptop, pen drive, HDD etc.
There are counters outside of the VAC gate, staff will send you there and its same process. so no need to panic.
alternatively, you can deposit your luggage at “One Vasco – photo service booth” and they may charge you Rs 50 or so for locker service.

Documents –
The staff at counter only took one copy of approved i797, position confirmation letter (employment verification letter) and passport.
For my wife – copy of my approved i797 and her passport. (Her H4 extension is still pending)
We both had stamped visa till July 2021 so we both were eligible for dropbox even her H4 extension is pending.

Processing –
Friday (4 Feb) – I submitted my documents
Monday (7 Feb) – Case Created at embassy.
Tuesday (8 Feb) – Administrative Processing
Wednesday (9 Feb) – Issued
waiting for my passport to be delivered by blue dart.

I had selected my location to Kolkata but got appointment at New Delhi.
When you track the status of your visa application, make sure you enter the location where you submitted the document like I searched with New Delhi.
link to track your application status after document submission – https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx

Note – all the above information are based on my personal exp. It may or may not be 100% accurate. Please check via other sources too for information you need.
Happy to help if any query!

Experience 7: H1B with In Person Interview at Kolkata

Date: 10 Feb 22 (8.45am)
Status: Approved

I reached the consulate at 8am. They made everyone stand in a line in order of slot timings outside the building. There wasn’t a long queue so they let me enter at 8.15.

They verify passport details before entering the consulate building.

Next, after entering, there is a security screening (similar to airports). No sealed envelopes are allowed beyond this point.

Next, I was taken to a waiting room where they verified I-797A

Then I proceeded to the interview room. Had to wait in line for about 15 mins before my turn came.

Documents asked for:

  1. Passport
  2. I-797A


  1. What is your salary?
  2. Will you be working in-house or at client location?
  3. What are your job duties?
  4. What is your highest educational qualification?

Next, VO asked me to provide my fingerprints and said, “Your visa is approved and your passport will be ready in about a week”

Experience 8: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

I had my appointment on Feb 10 at 4.15 pm.

Travelled from Bhubaneswar to Delhi in the morning and reach IGI terminal 2 at 12.30 pm.

Walked to the metro station and bought a ticket to Shivaji stadium . Paid Rs 50 for the ticket.

It takes 5-10 mins by walk from airport t2/t3 to platform 3 .

The metro runs every 10 mins and it takes less than 15 mins to reach the Shivaji stadium.

The VAC is In the same building and same floor where the we get down from the metro in Shivaji stadium.

This is most convenient travel option from airport to VAC. One way cab will easily take 40-60 mins based ok traffic.

Waited at the waiting lounge for 2 hours. There are few food options inside the VAC like cinnabon and starbucks. I went out of the station and has lunch at Bikanerwala.

By 3.00pm there were hardly any people, so I requested the security to let me in early and they allowed me to enter an hour before .

I had to drop my laptop in the locker and paid Rs 200 for 1.30 hrs.Its the same agency that takes photos, printouts and ds160 correction. Its right opposite to the VAC.

Inside the VAC , the person asked me to give my old and new passports and my spouse’s passport.
Validated the ds 160 and appointment confirmation letter.
Asked me photocopy of latest i797 and position confirmation letter.
Then asked the photocopy of latest i797 of my spouse and photocopy marriage certificate.

Then asked for 2 photographs of each.I had taken the photos in India and it’s advisable to have white background. I saw many people photos were rejected as they didn’t have white background. Those people had to take photos in the agency that provides locker facilities.

With that the person said I am good to go. Took the retun metro to airport and boarded the 6.30 Pm flight back to Bhubaneswar.
Delhi airport security will take time. So make sure you have atleast 30 mins aside for security

Experience 9: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

I had Dropbox appointment for my H1 and my wife H4 today at 12:45 pm at Delhi. I was allowed to go in at 12:00 itself. They are allowing only 1 family member to go in the VAC office with all the documents of all family members. My wife had to wait outside near Metro station. I was out in 45 minutes. They say it takes about 1 week for processing, keep checking the website.

For H1 Dropbox you need following:

  1. Copy of Appointment letter
  2. Copy of DS 160
  3. I-797 copy (original they will give back to you on the spot)
  4. Employment Verification letter
  5. Visa size photograph 2×2 inch as per US Visa specifications.

For H4 Dropbox they need

  1. Copy of Appointment letter
  2. Copy of DS 160
  3. I-797 copy for Principal H1 applicant (original they will give back to you on the spot)
  4. I-797 copy for H4 applicant (original they will return to you on the spot)
  5. Copy of marriage Certificate
  6. US Visa photograph 2×2 inch.


  1. They allow you to take cell phones, smart watches, wallet
  2. They don’t ask for vaccination proof nor RT PCR test

Experience 10: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Booked in December 2021

Biometrics Appointment – 10th Feb, 9am slot

• reached at 8.30am was out by 9.20am

• documents asked – passport, ds160 confirmation, appointment confirmation

Advise: Don’t carry airpods or any battery powered earphones, they allowed me to take phone and smartwatch but I had to take a locker to store my airpods since they wouldn’t let me in with those

Consular Appointment – 11th Feb, 9am slot

• reached at 8am was out by 9.05am (yes i was out in 65 minutes)

• documents asked – passport, i797 (Approval notice)

• items I carried – a folder (doesn’t have to be transparent), a disposable water bottle and cash

Questions Asked:

1) Which company do you work for? (gave one word answer)

2) What do you do? (simply stated my title)

3) What does your company do?

4) So you work at the end client? (No, there is no client, I work internally)

5) What is your undergraduate degree?

6) What is your masters degree?

Visa Approved!!!


• They open the line for slots one hour back so reach at least 65 to 70 mins before your slot time

• Although there is a security booth to deposit your phones and bags but there was a huge slow moving line for it, so if you have to deposit something plan to arrive even earlier

• Be confident, greet them and give to the point answers, speak no extra words

• Do post your experience, reading others experience helps calm down in case you freak out

Experience 11: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometrics on Feb 6th: It is scheduled in my hometown at 14:00 PM at Rasool Pura, Hyderabad. 5 mins walk from Metro Station. Carry below docs and need not go too early. I went 2 hours early; it went in vain. They only allowed me 30 mins before the appointment time.

1. Appointment Letter.

2. Latest DS 160: I Filed new DS 160 after my appointment was booked. So, I carried both DS 160 forms.

3. Passport.

Biometrics were completed in 30 mins. However, Depends on the queue.

Consular Interview on Feb 11th: Scheduled for 10:10 AM. Stayed at “The Ashok Hotel” and reached the Embassy at 9:20 AM.

1. Security check.

2. Passport & DS 160 Verification

3. Security Check again.

4. Made us sit row wise.  First come First in

5. Entered the consular office at 10:20 AM

6.  Need to provide I797 & Passport at a counter first and then directed to another counter.

7. This time it is a Visa Interview. Q & A below:

  • VO: Asked to provide I797 & Passport
  • Me: Provided the same
  • VO: Scanned for a while & Asked the Work Location
  • Me: Answered
  • VO: About Project & My role.
  • Me: Answered – In House Project.
  • VO: About Highest Degree
  • Me: Answered
  • VO: About Salary
  • Me: Answered
  • VO: Returned Forms except Passport & Said that it will take a week for me to receive.
  • Me: Thank You. Nice talking to you.

I felt I797 speaks a lot. If the profile is perfect & if we qualify then approval is guaranteed.

Experiences shared on this page helped me a lot and time to give back. Thank You.

Experience 12: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Feb 3: Hyderabad
Type : Dropbox (1 H1B + spouse H4 + Kid H4). All our stamped visas expired 4 years back.
Dropbox appointment time : 2:45

Reached location by 2:00 and parked my car at last building basement (after taking right from Gowra Grand building). They charged Rs. 30 for parking.

I got the photos taken at the location as I see many people had complaints about photos taken outside. Even today couple of people sent outside for new photos. Security allowed ONLY MY SELF inside and asked my family to stay outside after checking visa appointment time. He allowed me 30i min prior to my appointment time

Next is Security check. No phones and backpacks or bags allowed. I suggest to take all documents in a file holder. Issued token here inside and strict social distancing followed inside

Docs requested:
All ds160 confirmation pages.
Principal applicant recent I797.
Principal applicant previous I797s.
Employment confirmation letter.
2 photos for each.
Spouse most recent I797.
Kids most recent I797.
My spouse and kids both passports as their recent passport wasn’t have prior visa stamping and gave old my passport back as my new passport has previous stamping page. Please take both passports if your latest passport doesn’t have stamped page.

Asked if there is any change in employer. I heard this question in almost all counters.

I carried all copies mentioned in appointment confirmation (copies of visa page and biographic pages of parents for kid) but they did not ask. I tried to give end client letter but he didn’t accept and said my employment verification letter would suffice.

He said he received all the required documents and told me that my passport will be received by post once processing is done . He stamped on my appointment confirmation letter and gave it back. Whole process took around 30-40 mins.

Feb 3 to 8: No status
Feb 9: Application received
Feb10-13: Administrative processing
Feb 14: Issued

Experience 13: H1B + H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

VAC Date: 4th Feb’ 22
CA Date – 11th Feb’ 22

Appointment time was 9:00 am, reached at around 08:00 am. There was long queue for security check to submit the electronic devices.

Due to extensive number of people , they allowed us in around 9.35 am.

9.40 am at the I797B & passport verification counter – better to carry marriage certificate for H4.

9.45 am at the actual interview counter

Questions to me(Primary Applicant): Counter Number -13
Me – Good Morning Sir
VO – Good Morning
VO – Pass me your Passports and I797
Me – Passed
VO – Who is your end client?
Me – Answered
VO – What do you do for your client?
Me – Answered
VO – Which location are you going to work?
Me – Answered

Questions to my wife (H4):
VO: What’s your marriage date?
Wife: Answered
VO: Are you anyways related or was it a love marriage?
Wife – Answered
VO – Are you currently working?
Wife – My wife said Yes. But I will resign and support my husband.
VO – Typed something for around 1 min or so and replied “Your visa has been approved. Enjoy your stay in the States”

Hope this helps !! Good luck.
Note: There is a separate counter just opposite to the embassy entrance where you can keep your electronic devices for a minimal amount.

Experience 14: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

VAC Biometric Delhi 11th Feb 2022

Appointment was at 9:30 am

Reached 8:20 am VAC people were kind enough to let me in early as it wasn’t crowded . I was done quickly ( ~15-20 Min )

Visa in Person Appointment ( Approved)

( Chennai Consulate 16th Feb 8:30 am )

Reached around 7:30am waited in line for 30 min. Pretty straightforward was out by approximately 8:45-8:50 am.

VO : Pass me Passport and I797

Applicant: Provided

VO: Going back to California

Applicant : Yes,Ma’am

VO: Did you go to University name

Applicant: Yes , I did

VO: What did you study

Applicant: Answered my program(MS in EECE)

VO: Asked about my lost & new passport dates

Applicant: Answered

VO: How long you been working with employer

Applicant: Answered

VO: Asked about my profile /job title and salary

Applicant: Answered

VO: Your Visa is approved & you will get passport in a week, Provided approved receipt/ standard info sheet and an Employee right’s leaflet

Applicant: Thank you so much !

Both VAC and Consulate did check Body Temperature and provided hand sanitizer to use before you enter the premises but never asked for Vaccination proof or RTPCR report .

I personally recommend to carry both we never know when they would change. I did carry both .

Reached in India on 1st Feb 2022, Followed all the possible precautions recommend by CDC and Indian GOVT COVID-19 rules & regulations ( Vaccination, RTPCR test)

Mode of transport used to visit Delhi & Chennai (partly Train and multiple domestic Flights)

Experience 15: H4 (Self+2 Kids) with In Person Interview at Chennai

Vac on 6th Feb 4pm:
Reached by 3.15 allowed inside by 3.45 point to be noted if u go with baby no queue. I left my 9 months baby outside n took my 7 years child inside so stood in normal queue
Main entry – appointment confirmation
Next while in queue they asked to keep ds 160 and passports handy
Gate entry- temperature check then while in gate handed over the passports along with ds-160. For identification they asked my name n dob. Then same question asked for my son. Then baby name was asked.
Proceed to next gate- tokens were given n then left hand and right hand finger prints were taken only to me. Then photo taken to me n son. For the baby they took the photo n took a snapshot.
Handed over the passports and ds 160’s with seal n stickers pasted for CA.
CA Chennai on 11th Feb 9 AM:
Reached by 8.15 allowed immediately . No queue any where as I went with kids.
Counter 22
VO- Good Morning
Me- Good Morning
VO- Good Morning to my son
Son – Good Morning
VO- How old is ur daughter
Me – Answered
VO – my son is also 1yr old
VO – passports pls
Me -Gave
VO – Spouse visa copy
Me – gave
VO – 1st time to US
Me – Answered
VO – How long are you married
Me – Answered
VO – ur visa is approved
Me – Thank you so much
VO – took right hand finger print
VO to my son- listen to ur mom and good day
Feb 12,13 – admin processing
Feb14- morning 11.30 status changed to issued
Feb 14 2.45PM- passports ready for pickup.
Rushed to collect the passports ,reached by 4.05 but they refused to allow saying VAC is open from 10 to 4PM
Feb 15 -collected the passports. For collecting passports need to submit xerox copies of Govt Id for self and need to show original. For kids (2kids 2 copies of my I’d xerox) and their Aadhar xerox to be submitted.
They also verified appointment confirmation. And handed over the passports

Experience 16: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at Chennai

Hoping it will be helpful for people trying dropbox with first time infants/kids.
Both me and my wife had our previous h1 and h4 visas which got expired in 2019. Came to india for delivery and was unable to travel back due to covid lockdown started early 2020. We had a new born in India in dec 2019, who is now 2 yrs old and it’s his first time h4 stamping.
Applied for h1b work permit and got approved in 2021 and started looking for appointment since sept 2021 and luckily got for feb 1st 2022 after a long try.
Created a ds160 family application and booked dropbox appointment for all 3 of us together (h1+2 h4) in CHENNAI.
Was little hesitated based on some scenarios with kids dropbox issues in Hyderabad and other consulates news through various telegram groups. But dont wanted to cancel and redo seperate appointments as it was very hard to find slots. So proceeded as it is with single booking for all 3 of us.
Feb 1: dropped passports and other required documents ( had no issues with kids application – they accepted it)
Feb 2: case created
Feb 3: Application received
Feb 10: administration processing.
Feb 14: Issued
Feb 16: collected the passports through courier(priority shipping opted during dropbox)

Experience 17: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

16th Feb : Interview was scheduled for 8.50 am , we reached around 8 but there is long queue for depositing phone and bags we were just in time for the 8.50 queue for the final screening for reach embassy at least an hour early if you have to deposit your phone or bag to the locker.

Our application was for H1+H4
Interview was pretty quick :

  1. VO : Provide your I-797 and passport.
  2. VO: Which company you work ?
  3. Me : I work for so and so company
  4. VO : What does your company do ?
  5. Me : I told all the details for my company
  6. VO : Where are you going to Stay
  7. Me : I told the location
  8. VO : Is there a client involved ?
  9. Me : Yes, I told about the client (client is a major Pharma enterprise)
  10. VO : Yeah I have heard about them
  11. VO : What is going to be your salary in US ?
  12. Me : I told the salary mentioned in my LCA
  13. VO : Have you travelled to US before ?
  14. Me : Yes, multiple times on my business visa

Questions to Wife :

  1. VO : For how long you guys are married ?
  2. Wife : she told the details
  3. VO : What are you going to do in US when your husband is at work ?
  4. Wife : (She is working right now ) So she said she is taking break from her professional life and planning to focus on health and hobbies and may be in future pursue a educational course of interest

VO : Thank you guys your visa is approved and you will get the passports in a week’s time.

I was not having a client letter, so I had asked my us attorney, he recommended me a structure of employee verification letter which I had carried but I was not asked for it. I have the template pm me incase any one needs it

Experience 18: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

Feb 13th Biometric (Hyderabad)
doc: appointment confirmation letter, ds 160

Feb 16th CA (Chennai)
Doc asked : i797, passport, offer letter

Feb 16th night 9.45 status was “administrative”
Feb 17th morning 11 status “Visa Issued”
Feb 17th noon 2pm “passport is being processed for deliver”
May be tomorrow by evening i will get it.(Premium process).

Within 1 day Visa staus is “Issued” I am surprised and very happy meanwhile 🙂

ME: Good Morning officer
VO: Good Morning

VO: can I see ur passport ?
ME: sure.
VO: can I see ur i797 ?
ME: sure.
VO: Oh u been to different countries ?
ME: Yes. US, Singapore…
VO: also South Korea ???
ME: Yes. Samsung was my company.

VO: u r going to work in NJ ?
ME: Yes
VO: xxx is ur company ?
VO: ur position is xxxx ?
VO: who is ur client ?
ME: I work for inhouse project.
VO: ok. ur Visa is approved. U will get it by Monday.
ME: Thank you. Thank You very much 🙂

Experience 19: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

I payed the fees (H1 + 2 H4) and started looking for appointments in December.
Finally got the appointment for all 3 of us in January for the month of February.
Feb 13th (Sunday) 4:30PM- VAC – HYDERABAD : Not much crowd. We were done in around 30 mins. Documents asked were Appointment confirmation, DS160 and latest passports.
I kept purse and mobile at hotel and only carried cash. They did not allow me to carry a small water bottle inside.
Feb 14th – Visited Chilkur Balaji (also known as Visa Balaji) temple. You can google for more information.
Feb 15th (TUESDAY) : 8:15 AM : US consulate HYDERABAD – Reached really early (as we were anxious and decided to wait outside consulate rather than sitting in the hotel).
All of us were asked to make a queue at around 7:50 am.
1 person was validating the passport and ds160 before letting you in (Note : The sticker that was applied to the passports in the VAC had H1B mentioned in the dependents passport as well, so I pointed the guy to the Ds160 where H4 was mentioned). We were let in.
Inside the consulate, it was not much crowded and folks are asked to sit and called 1 by 1. Finally our turn came.


FEB 18TH : Could see the status in Blue dart site.
FEB 19TH : PASSPORT delivered at home

Note : I had previous travel history to US and also had previous L1B denial, but none of that was asked.

Experience 20: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

Second Stamping H1B, first stamp expired in September 2020, due to change in regulation in December I was eligible for drop box

  1. Jan’27- dropbox appointment ( dropped documents at VAC Ahmedabad )
  2. Feb 01- status refused and passport is scheduled for delivery at home address
  3. Feb-02- Passport received via blue dart( I was expecting to have it stamped, unfortunately I received 221g with instructions to appear for interview)l at only Mumbai consulate)
  4. Feb-03 Was able to book an appointment for Feb 17. (Please note 221g does not allow emergency appointments, it’s very hard to cancel the appointment once booked, only way to cancel is to contact the customer care and they reply typically after two- three days later, so my advice is to wait if you are seeing farther future dates and wait until you get the spot in near future, believe me you will get it. Check the slots every half an hour, spots does opens up and you will see in the form of radio button if you are booking for first time)
  5. Feb 17 – If you are having 221g approach directly to the check point and they consider 221g as urgent and thus allowed all people with white slips or any other slips to go in first. Regular appointment people were waiting in the line for their turn to come. They checked i797 + 221g slip + appointment letter at the gate.

There were only 4 counters functional. I was asked to go to the counter number 31. Did not had to wait much after 10-15 mins waiting I was called for an interview.
VO: Bald guy with glasses 🤓 in his mid 40s. Hi Good morning
Me: Good morning. How are you ?
VO: can I see your passport ?
Me: I handed over my passport along with I-797 and white slip 221g( which he did not ask, but still wanted him to know that I am a special case, lol)
VO: what you do at the X company ?
Me: Answered
VO: Do you have graduation ?
Me: Answered
VO: what ere you doing on OCT 2017?
Me: answered
VO:what are you doing in Dec 2018?
Me: Answered
VO: have you been in OPT in Dec 2018
Me: Answered
VO: have been feel out of status?
Me: Answered
VO: How long you been with this company?
Me: answered
VO: Your visa has been issued and keep the passport
Me: Thank you and collected the formal instructions which says to wait for 10 days for passport to arrive

Feb 18 – status updated to admin processing

Feb 19- Final processing visa issued. Waiting for passport to arrive at pick up

Experience 21: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

13 Feb biometrics

14 Feb CA 9:30 AM appointment

CA Experience,

Reached at 9:00 am entered in line (I would suggest to reach 1 hour before appointment time)
Allowed inside around 9:45 am and came out at 11:15 am(Someone ahead in my interview line was asked a whole bunch of questions since he travelled to Iraq. So ended up waiting around 30-45min just in the interview window line)

VO asked i797 and passport

Questions asked,

1) Job Role ?
2) Any Client ?
3) Client name and location ?
4) How long have you been working with the client ?
5) Do you work at client location ?
6) Where did you complete your Masters ?
7) When did you graduate ?
8) When did your H1 approve ?
9) Were you working on OPT before ?
10) Do you know your rights ?

VO said she needs to verify something later and that I would get my passport after 7 days.
I asked if she needed any documents at the time, and she said nothing is required.

Returned my i797

14 Feb: Admin processing
15 Feb: Issued
17 Feb: Delivered by blue dart

Experience 22: H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Took American airlines jfk to Delhi nonstop flight on 14feb filled airsuvidha form, downloaded arogya setu and rtpcr as it was showing Mandatory at that time . Airlines people checked all multiple times it was smooth in India no one asked for anything, i walked out of airport just like precovid days.

Dropbox appointment experience

  1. I went a day before to see location and get photos clicked
  2. Stayed in aerocity hotel took metro ( getting into building is easy if u go by metro) otherwise the guards will not let you in before appointment time.
  3. things have changed now ( before people were dropping off at windows and one could carry luggage) now no pen drives, portable hard disk, ear pods, laptop are not allowed but u can carry mobile switched off.
  4. left all stuff in locker facility available in a store just opposite to Dropbox location they do printout, photography and photocopy as well. They charge 200 inr/ peace of luggage for locker .( I took my own lock as well)
  5. Went in que showed appointment confirmation letter and passport before entrance than went through security screening they did asked to open purse and checked everything.
  6. submitted documents according to list in confirmation letter , but they did asked for marriage certificate photocopy which was not mentioned in list.
  7. Window person told m processing time is week and I will recieve documents by premium delivery ( payment due at the time of delivery).

Experience 23: H4 with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Biometrics at Kolkata on 28/1/2022
Travelled to Kolkata on 29/1/20222
Stayed in a hotel in market road
Appointment was at 9 am
Morning left hotel at 8 am
15-20mins Uber drive
Entry permitted only at 8.50am
First come first serve basis -have follow queue
Entry permission granted only if appointment letter is shown
Entered lift upstairs
A lady would ask to keep passport appointment letter and Ds 160 in hand
Mobile phones allowed provided its switched off
Checked passport and appointment letter
Next door straight to biometrics area
3 counters
Token given
Officer -verified your identity by asking name and date of birth
Ask to keep fingers and show face to camera
And ask to exist
Entire process of biometrics -hardly 10-15mins

Interview at Bombay on 7/2/2022
Reached on 6/2/2022
Stay was at Goregaon West
Appointment at 9 am
Reached place at 8.15am
25-40mins drive to application centre depending on traffic
Outside checks passport -a lady in a tent
Security check – no electronics allowed
Only file with documents
However have seen few with handbags
Next door -passport verification
Guy who was supposed to monitor and make sure to follow order and timings was useless
randomly let ppl into office
Inside office – 4/5 counters
One counter alloted for each
Random allotment
Officer -passport pls
Officer-when did you get married
Me-said the date
Officer-oh recently,can u pass marriage certificate
Me-original document given
Officer-can you show wedding photos
Me-document given
Officer -few compliments on wedding pics
Me-acknowledged the compliment (felt relieved)
Officer-your visa is approved
Collect passport in a week
Me-thank you ,have a great day
10/2/2022-passport arrived with stamp on it.

Experience 24: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Day-1 Ofc interview completed on Feb 6th @ New Delhi in the evening @4:30, even if you reach early, they will leave you according to your slot time only and the process is same mobile in switched off mode and folder can be taken and rest all normal process only so I’m sharing the detailed explanation of the

Day-2: Consular interview: Feb 10th, 10:40 AM @New Delhi
Booked Rapido, and reached by 9:45 AM
There is a dedicated Locker facility on the other side of the embassy (queue was there) where you can keep Mobile (Rs50) you will be given a receipt.
Just carry the folder with all the docs, wallet, analog watch only (no smart watch) and room keys(if you’re from other state and taken room here)

Beside locker, there will be a waiting area, people who came with you, can wait there and here goes the different stages

Initial check
Beside the waiting area & locker starts the initial checking queue and they will let you inside 3hours slot basis like 8 to11 batch (whose appointment time falls under 8 to11) will stand in the queue for the initial check

Passport barcode scan
after your initial check done then you’ll go to the queue at the US consulate(which is at the otherside of the road) where you have to take out your passport and the barcode sticked at the back of the passport during Ofc interview will be scanned and then you will be sent inside the consulate to the next checking, where your mobile, wallet (they have asked me to take out the coins from the wallet out and scanned that too) belt and your analog watch

Waiting Area
After the second check, you’ll be taken to the waiting area, where there will be 4 or 5 long rows with chairs to sit and you will have water to drink (but there was no glass or bottle to drink when I saw, but if you ask security they might tell you on that) and rest rooms are available, I have waited around 45 mins, they will be sending people inside row wise and then our turn came, we have been asked to move to the interview hall

Interview hall
Initially, the security person will ask you to take out passport and I-797 and then you will be asked to move to first booth, they will ask your passport and sometimes ask you to put your four fingers on the machine for validation and then you’ll be moved to the final interview

Final Interview
There will be around 6 or 7 booths where 3 or 4 people will be standing against each booth waitiing in queue for interview, you will be asked to wait, until one of the queue is free, you can hear the other interviewers questions and the interviewee answers, once a queue is free you will go and finally my turn came and below is the convo between me and interviewer

Interviewer: read out loud my employer name
Me: Yes

Interviewer: what’s your salary?
Me: Told the amount per annum

Interviewer: Are you going to work for an end client?
Initially i didn’t understand it correctly, so said No,
Interviewer: asked what??

Me: Ok, you’re asking about end client?

Interviewer: Yes

Me: Sorry, told yes and the client name, he didn’t get my words

Interviewer: you’re not clearly speaking

Me: Dropped down my mask and told, yes and the client name

Interviewer: Where do you stay?

Me: I didn’t get the question whether he is asking about my work location or my location of stay, so I asked are you asking about my location of stay??

Interviewer: Yes, this is your visa interview and you’re going to stay there, so I’ll ask your address only (in a Slightly frustrated voice)

Me: I said, Sorry, sorry and then I started with my address along with House number, by the time I was about to say the city and State, he said I don’t need the address because I’m not going to send you Christmas card and then asked, now tell me which city are you going to stay
I said the city name.

Interviewer: Ok, Your visa is approved, you’ll receive it

And that’s the terrific experience of my interview.

Hope this will be helpful to people

Experience 25: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

Appointment @1:45 – Was allowed only @1:30. Don’t bother coming in earlier. Appointment confirmation was asked at entry – I was asked to leave my bag and carry all the docs for a faster experience hence did that! Cellphones need to be turned off.

Documents that were asked:
Appointment Confirmation ✅
DS-160 ✅
I797 Approval LATEST COPY ✅
I797 Approval PREVIOUS COPY ✅
(I had a gap of 2Years) They insisted on taking only the Last and the latest I797.
Passport ✅
Employment Verification Letter ✅
Photo:1 Specifications were checked ✅
Was asked when I had taken the photo and where I had taken it – Was taken in chennai and submitted based on specs provided in USCIS site.

Documents that were asked as (Proof) – Below were returned back

Original I797
Latest I129 petition

Appointment confirmation was stamped and returned. In&Out – 20 mins!

Few points to keep in mind – just for your awareness:

  1. Do not take a Photo in the US – Bunch of them were sent back since they didn’t meet specs.
  2. Have your originals handy
  3. Follow below links for Photo specs: Konica/local studio in chennai does an amazing job if you carry these specifications. Carry 3-4 photos so that even if they reject it you can pass along a diff one

Photo Requirements:


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