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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from December 2nd to December 9th, 2021

Below are User experiences for December 2021, starting from December 2nd to December 9th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Interview Date: 1st Dec (2pm)
Went inside: 1:30pm
Security scan of all belongings similar to airport checks (carried only mobile among electronics)
Documents asked:

  1. Current passport (previous visa stamped in same passport)
  2. DS 160 confirmation page
  3. Appointment Confirmation page
  4. Current I797 photocopy (NOT verified against original )
  5. Employment letter
  6. 1 photo (clicked in Walgreens)

Out of the center at 1:50pm


  1. CGI profile created against Mumbai location
  2. DS 160 created against Delhi location (need not necessarily be Delhi though)
  3. Flew Indigo Airlines from Mumbai to Delhi in the morning of 1st Dec. Neither RTPCR nor vaccination card checked anywhere. (Still be prepared.)
  4. An acquaintance picked up form airport and dropped at the venue, so no idea of metro or taxi commute.

Experience 2: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

DS 160 filled for Mumbai , however OFC and interview scheduled at Delhi embassy.

Dec 1, 12 pm : OFC 10 mins in and out
DS 160, Appointment confirmation and Passport
Switch off and carry your phone, no bags allowed but there is locker available inside only ..

They verify documents, take fingerprints and take your picture.

Dec 2 , 10 am : Consular Interview 1:15 hours in and out.. they allowed to stand in queue by 9 am

No bags or phone allowed inside . But there is locker facility just next to the waiting area .. Per mobile 50Rs and per bag 50 rs ..

Line for screening (security)
Line for Passport barcode scan
Line for documents security scan
Wait at outer lobby
Line at final document verification counter
Wait at inner lobby
Wait at interview line (3 applicants ahead)

The wait times may vary as per appointment times.



  1. Passport and i797
  2. You work for in house or end client
  3. Who is your client and asked for client letter
  4. What do you do at xxx client .
  5. What will be your US salary
  6. What will be your work location
  7. What is your highest education


  1. When did you got married
  2. Is it love marriage or arrange marriage
  3. Is it arranged by frnd’s , family or relatives

Both of Your visa is approved 😊

Note : With kid they allow to get inside quicker than normal queue ..

Experience 3: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Travelling experience-
1) Started the journey on 11/25/2021 from JFK -> Cairo -> Dubai -> Delhi.
2) I had to call airlines and dubai airport in advance to make sure I will be able to transit without leaving airport and I got positive response from everyone.
3) I had one hour layover in Cairo to board 2nd flight to Dubai. In this one hour I also had to get my next boarding pass. I can say one hour is more than enough to transit to next flight.
4) I had troubles in Dubai regarding my RT-PCR report. Date on it was 11/22/2021 and they said it is too old. No one was willing to help. Horrible staff from Spice Jet. They literally told on my face that I will be missing my flight to India and I have to book a new one. Fortunately, I had one more report from Walgreens dated 11/24/2021 so I was able to use that. The process was not smooth at all. There were MANY people stuck with same situation.

Dropbox Experience
1) I had pictures from CVS but I was not confident about them so I got 2 more pic clicked outside Hyd VAC. there are lot of shops. I also saw an agent there trying to book slots and getting error 😂. Cost of pics were Rs 200.

2) My appointment was at 10:30 am but they let me and other folks stand in queue outside the center at 9:50 am.

3) Inside the center they gave me token and called me on the window. The documents that were asked are as follows

  • Ds-160 confirmation
  • Appointment confirmation
  • I-797 copy both new and previous. Just the first page.
  • Employment verification letter
  • Passport.
    They stamped my Appointment confirmation page and gave it back to me. Whole process took less than 10 mins.

Few other observations-
1) Girl ahead of me didn’t bring I-797 photocopies so she was told to come again (same day) with the photocopies.
2) The guy on my right window was filling a lot of forms and writing lot of explanations. I am not sure what those were. He was working for a 3rd party client so may be something to do we that.

Visa status-
11/30/2021 – Document submiited
12/01/2021- Application Recieved/Admin Processing
12/02/2021 – Issued.

Still waiting for next steps

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

11/24 at 2 PM:

Secured my appointment back in Oct with the help of the Dropbox slot group.

Stayed at the Sofitel in BKC, it’s a 4 min walk from the Mumbai IW center. NOTE: The entrance to the processing center is at the back of the building (google maps takes you to the front, so bake in 5 mins of a walk to gate number 3).

I reached the center at 1:45 pm and got out at 1:54 pm. Wasn’t crowded and overall a pretty seamless and smooth experience at Mumbai.

Guard at the front gate checks your appointment confirmation, gives you a token. Before you go up, another guard takes your temperature and gives you some sanitizer. Head up to the first floor, another guard collects the token and you may have to wait, but they let me in as the counters were free. I went in around 1:50 pm, and the officer asked for all the following docs:
◦ DS-160 confirmation,
◦ Current I797 photocopy
◦ All my passports that have/had a US visa
◦ Employment verification letter
◦ 2, 2×2 photographs – read from previous experiences that this was a pain point, so I decided to get my pictures taken the same day from a local studio. The VO asked me when the pictures were taken, I confirmed it had only been an hour (I was in the same clothes), accepted them

Took my prev i797s but gave them back as I have a gap of less than a year.

Checked appointment confirmation, put a stamp on it and gave it back.

VO then said it would take 7-10 business days.

The appointment literally took 4 mins at the counter and was wayyyy smoother than expected.

Status changes:

Nov 24 – No update on status
Nov 25 – No status change (thanksgiving)
Nov 26 – Application Received
Nov 27/28 – weekend
Nov 29 – no update
Nov 30 – Administrative Processing
Dec 1 – Issued
Not a status change but email/message:
Dec 2 – Ready for pickup at Delhi VAC (take a copy of your ID, else shell out 20 bucks for a copy there)
(Total processing days for Mumbai – 6 business days, they’ve picked up pace recently!)

Experience 5: H1B at Kolkata

VAC : Nov 28
Only Switched off mobile and wallet allowed (no smart devices) . No lockers as well.
Saw people leaving bags near to the VAC entrance

It took 20 min to complete biometric
Documents verified : DS 160 Confirmation page, Appointment Confirmation and Passport
Entered VAC, given finderprint (right,left) and picture taken

CA : Nov 30 – 8:15
Reached the center around 7:50, Many people(around 20 to 30) were already in queue. Most of them for F1
Waited in the queue outside the center approximately for 15 to 20 minutes
Documents verified – Passport,Appointment confirmation
Around 8:20 entered Consulate center, security check (i wasn’t carrying anything apart from documents)
Again Document verification : Passport , I 797B, Offer letter
Waited for 15 minutes, Entered into Interview room
Waited for 5 to 10 minutes, got my chance
Questions Asked:

  1. Requested passport, I797B
  2. Married ?
  3. Kids, US Citizen or Indian ?
  4. Who is your employer
  5. How long have you been with them ? ( i Said i will be joining after Visa approval)
  6. Salary
  7. Role
  8. Responsibilities ( Started telling, VO interrupted and asked for details, so started telling with technical terms/my tools), was talking for about 2 min and then heard the golden words.

By evening status changed to Admin Processing.
Dec 1: status changed to Issued.
Dec 3: collected passport

Stayed at Aster Guest House (Hotel is ok/Avg – walkable to both VAC and Consulate).

Experience 6: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Kolkata

24-Nov-21: Submitted Documents
25-Nov-21: Embassy Holiday
26-Nov-21: Administrative Processing
29-Nov-21: Issued
2-Dec-21: Available for Pickup at Kochi
3-Dec-21: Parents picked up the Passport for us

H1 Documents Submitted:
DS160 Confirmation
All Passports
All I-797 copies from last stamping I-797 till the recent I-797 copy. I had four I-797
One Photo
Employment Verification Letter

H4 Documents:
Only the recent I-797 copy of H4 as all other documents were submitted for H1 and it is a combined submission

You need to keep your bags outside the suite door and no electronics allowed except your phone and it should be switched off. Even smart watches are not allowed. Keeping the bags outside seems to be safe as you will be out within 15 minutes and only the applicants and the security personnel present at that location.

Make sure you don’t smile in the photo, not even a little bit without showing teeth. The face should be neutral and cover 70% of the area in the photo.

I had one amendment rejection in between the last stamping and this submission and my last stamping expired 41 months back. I was worried but got it issued.

Good luck to everyone.

Experience 7: H1B at New Delhi

Counter # 19
VO: Asked for I-797 Copy
Me: Submitted
VO: What is u r salary
Me: Answered
VO: What is u r position?
Me: Answered
VO: What is u r highest edu qualification
Me: Answered
VO: Asked about my university country
Me: UK
VO: I know about that place and talked about the state, place in a normal way with jokes
Me: I said yes
VO: Took my passport and kept in the tray which is beside to him
VO: Your Visa Approved. You can collect u r passport after few days.
Me: Thanks.
Note: Be confident with VO and answer only what that ask. Don’t give too big answers. I waited nealry 60mins at VO counters and noticed counter #10 has lot of queries/rejections.

Experience 8: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Appointment Date : December 3rd. 10AM

Security let the group in by 9:35 AM.
Please don’t take anything other than wallet and phone (in silent). It’s just easier that way. Just leave everything else in the hotel or with someone outside the building.

The process was complete and I was out by 9:55.

Documents asked :
DS 160 confirmation
Appointment confirmation
1797 copy(did not verify with original)
Passport ( include old passport only if your visa has not been “cancelled” by the embassy ).
Employment verification letter (Full name per passport, salary, and join date).
I am a mechanical engineer, so I don’t have this client letter nonsense for my job – so I don’t about that.

Overall experience was very smooth. Just keep the documents ready for submission and do so as soon as they ask for – you will be out in no time.

Location : exactly per appointment confirmation letter.
Which means, If you are going to the Delhi VAC, you need to go to the Shivaji metro station near Connaught Place. The queue literally starts outside the building entrance. There will be security outside the building, just ask them if you are in doubt. Please arrive 30 mins before. To be on the safe side.

Only concern in this entire experience is the photo. They were going to reject my photo (for whatever reason I didn’t understand). So please get photos from 2 or 3 different photo studios just to avoid the last minute hassle. I AM SAYING AGAIN THEY ARE VERY VERY PICKY on the photo. It MUST meet ALL the requirements as described in the us docs photo requirements website.

I did wear formals, but a lot of people showed up in jeans and t shirt.

I did take my pay stubs, old i797 copies, originals, etc…. In case of issues they might come in handy. Just keep them with you, and they do not ask any other documents other the ones listed above. This is simply my suggestion as it is always good to be prepared.

Experience 9: H4 with Dropbox at Hyderabad

I had my slot yesterday at 10:45 AM . I booked my slot last week with help from the telegram group . I just followed it relentlessly for a week and was always near a computer to login as soon as availability was posted .. it didn’t work for a few days but managed finally !

I reached Hyderabad on Thursday and checked into Hotel Vivanta ( 5 minutes from VAC) . It is a nice/clean/safe hotel .

I went to the appointment a few minutes early and was asked to wait till my slot was called . There are several locker facilities available around the Center but I chose to leave everything at the hotel. The actual Dropbox experience was smooth . They took the following documents for my H4:
DS160 , appt confirmation, principal applicant’s visa , current/previous I 797 , employment verification letter and photos . I saw a lot of folks being asked to retake photos .. not sure why but be mindful that even if they do then there are plenty of shops right outside the center. Also, I updated my DS160 the night before the interview because there was an error in the one I had filled previously .. I just updated my traveldoc profile and printed a new appt confirmation – so there were no issues !

Another word of caution for folks traveling from other places – if you are taking Indigo check the terminals for connecting flights … my connection was in Mumbai while going – had to come out , take a cab to get to the next terminal and then do security check again . Same happened in Delhi while returning !

Good luck guys…

Experience 10: H1B at Hyderabad

29th-Nov: VO asked only Passport after formal greetings.

  1. Who is your employer ? Answered **
  2. How long you have been working for them?
    Answered & as I worked for single client during this period and going to us for the same, I mentioned the client name as well. Also I have proper client letter with me.
  3. What do you do for them ?
    • Tried to answer in 2 liner and VO cut me out, asked whether I am software engineer or developer ?? Answered it.
  1. Which state you are going to ?
  2. Salary in USD per annum ?
  3. Highest education degree ?

That’s it VO asked me to scan my right hand and said as visa approved.

No document asked other than Passport, not even I-797 also.

Nov 29th : Admin Processing
Dec 1st : Issued

In my case, my employer and Client are bigger positives as they are well known.

My student visa was refused back in 2011 and also in same Hyd😁

Experience 11: H1B at Chennai

VAC: Friday, December 3rd, Chennai
Interview: Monday, December 6th, Chennai
VAC: appointment at 12.00 PM. Got there by 11.10 AM and 11.30 queue was going on. About 5 mind after I got there, the queue for 12.00 started and I stood in line. Carried only documents and phone switched off and in my pocket. Not sure about bag storage. Guard checked DS 160 confirmation print out, appointment confirmation print out and passport. Went inside and followed all the directions given by various staff members. At various points, they check the above 3 documents. Straight forward process, took about 15 mins. I was out of there by 11.30, much earlier than my appointment time. No documents other than appointment confirmation, DS 160 and passport.

Interview: appointment time 12.00 PM again. Got there by 11.20 or 11.30. They had already started the queue for 12.00. Guard at the start checked only passport. Walked along the footpath and there was a staff member seated. He checked behind the passport for the DS160 notation and sent inside. Once inside there was a metal check and then again people direct you to go to the visa lobby. Short wait of about 5 mins and then went inside to where the counters are. I was asked to sit for a few minutes. Then called to counter 23.
VO: hello! Please give me your passport and I797 (I gave original)
VO: are you working for an end client or… oh okay you’re not got it (i didn’t have to say anything)
Typing for while and then confirmed the city where I’m working.
VO: what’s your job title and salary?
Followed by: right 4 fingers please, your visa is approved. I was out of there by 11.45 AM, again before my appointment time

Experience 12: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Interview Date: 1st Dec (2pm)
Went inside: 1:30pm
Security scan of all belongings similar to airport checks (carried only mobile among electronics)
Documents asked:

  1. Current passport
  2. DS 160 confirmation page
  3. Appointment Confirmation page
  4. Current I797 photocopy (NOT verified against original )
  5. Employment letter
  6. 1 photo (clicked in Walgreens)

Out of the center at 1:50pm


  1. CGI profile created against Mumbai location
  2. DS 160 created against Delhi location (need not necessarily be Delhi though)
  3. Flew Indigo Airlines from Mumbai to Delhi in the morning of 1st Dec. Neither RTPCR nor vaccination card checked anywhere. (Still be prepared.)
  4. An acquaintance picked up form airport and dropped at the venue, so no idea of metro or taxi commute.

On return flight to Mumbai on 2nd December, one of the two were checked: Negative Rtpcr or fully vaccinated certificate

Documents dropped: 1/12
Application Received: 2/12
Administrative Processing: 3/12
Weekend: 4/12
Weekend: 5/12
Issued: 6/12

Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

The dropoff location is at the concourse if the shivaji stadium metro station, so certainly convenient by metro. From the domestic airport it took me no more than half hour to get to the location.

They will ask you to form a line 30 mins before appointment time.

They’re asking for all the things mentioned in the appointment letter:
Ds160 confirmation, appointment confirmation, 1 photo, passport
I797 copy and employer verification letter.
They will verify everything is ok and give you back the confirmation page with a stamp and ask to await intimation about passport pickup (I chose pick up from Mumbai).

The line is slightly slow moving at times, it took me a total of 1 hr, the actual process only takes 10-15 mins at the window.

For dropbox only, you can carry your backpack, phone, other things. Since you’re not really entering the premises, only submitting through a window.

Experience 14: H1B at Mumbai

First time H1 stamping (CoS from F1)
Got an appointment when slots bulk opened last month.
Appt time: Dec 6th 920am. Got there at 8.20am was let in by 9
Waited 15 minutes in the garden waiting area and then was called into the interview queue area. Didn’t have photos (OFC said no need) so was sent to separate counter for clicking photos. That took 40 minutes. After was sent back to interview queue and waited 10 minutes. VO asked for I797, passport, and offer letter.
Q. What do you do at ?
Answered with title
Q. what is your highest level of education?
Answered (MBA)
Q. Where did you study?
Visa Approved

Dec 5th – biometrics
Dec 6th – interview and status in Administrative Processing
Dec 7th – issued

Experience 15: H1B at New Delhi

Visa experience :
Me : Good Morning officer
VO: Good Morning
Me: Gave my password and i797A as requested by VO
VO: Is this company your employer
Me: yes
VO: what is your job role?
Me: told
VO: Do you have end client ? What is the name ?
Me: I have end client told the client name as well
VO : can you share the location
Me: i have told the physical address
VO: i am not gonna send Christmas gifts to your address (in a funny way )tell me state and zip
Me : Told
VO: where did you do your masters?
Me : Told
VO : what is your major ?
Me : Told
VO : your visa is approved took my passport and gave back i797A to me
Me : told him thank you and said have a nice day

Be confident carry all documents. Dont panic listen to Visa Officer questions clearly and answer accordingly. All the best for people who are attending. Any questions related to visa experience can be answered.

Experience 16: H1B at New Delhi with USC Kid

I got appointment for 1st (OFC) & 2nd (consular) December on 27th November, location New Delhi. I travelled directly to New Delhi from US immediate next day, off course flight tickets were expensive.

DS 160 was filled for Chennai location which was filled 3 months ago, I didn’t make any changes.

No COVID related issues at New Delhi, arrival on 30th early morning.

I didn’t get any checked bags on arrival that caused several issues because we traveled with infant, received them after 5 days at my home town.

OFC 1st Dec – we were out in 5 min

Consular 2nd Dec : we went 30 minutes early for 10:10 appointment but we came out by 10 as we have minor USC, they allowed us all the way through without any queue.

Below questions were asked :
Employer and location in US?
My role in the company?
How long have you been with the employer ?
Salary ?
Asked if kid is a USC?

Finger prints for both of us and officer told visas are approved.

Current status is passport is preparing for delivery.

Experience 17: H1B at New Delhi

VAC + Interview experience:

Landed and took cab service provided by Delhi police. Safest, cheapest and instant availability. No need to take uber / ola.

Stayed at Samarat hotel ( I’ll rate 3/5 ) .. I heard Diplomat is much better..
But the overall area is safe to stay..

Day 1
VAC ( biometrics ) – Enter the metro station.. go 2 levels down and take left..
Reached 35mins before, usually they allow you to enter the queue 30min before the interview slot.
Cell phones can be switched off and carried in there. No bag packs are allowed inside. There are a couple of options to keep them though..
Docs required – Appointment confirmation, DS 160, passport.
In-out – Max 15min
( The appointment was at 11.30am. Got in the queue around 11am and was out at 11.15am )

Day 2
Interview at the US embassy.

Reached 45min before. They were calling for candidates as per the time slots.

No cell phones are allowed, I didn’t see any location to keep bag packs safely. But the security person was dumping all on top of each other at the entrance for those who had one.

a. Quick physical security check.
b. Scanned bar code from the tag attached on passport after VAC ( prior day )
c. Additional security check after entering the consulate building.
d. Waiting area – they have chairs kept in 6-7 rows and they call out sequentially.
e. Additional quick scanning of appointment confirmation.
f. Queue to be navigated to one of the windows for interview.

Docs – Passport, I797, employment verification.

Questions – My role and responsibilities.
How long I’m working with my current employer.
Offer letter / employment verification.
That’s all, VISA was approved!

Passport was received on 3rd day after the interview, with premium delivery.

Experience 18: H1B at Mumbai

I had booked my appointment on nov 1st when they opened bulk alots for December. I have been trying for appointments since September 2021. Telegram was a massive help!

Visa is a change of status F1 to H1B, direct employment with the company.

I had updated my DS160 after booking appointment and didn’t face any issues. Just filled out new DS160 and updated the same in cgiportal using the “Update Profile” option. The new DS160 reflected in the appointment confirmation immediately after.

Documents asked

Questions asked
What’s your title and role in the company?
What’s you highest educational qualification?
What’s the specialization of the degree?
When did you start working at the company?
When did you graduate?
Were you on OPT?
Did you change companies between graduation and now?

Experience 19: H1B at Hyderabad

Appointment was at 10.45, they allowed us to go in at 10.30. Electronic devices were not allowed including smartphones. Sanitizers also not allowed. Docs should be in a folder and not in a bag. Wallets are ok.

I filled DS160 for Mumbai and got Hyd appointment, they asked for following docs.

  1. Passport with expired visa.
  2. Photos – 2 I had about 55 to 60% face covering and it was accepted, I carried additional photo with 70 to 80% face covering but it was not needed.
  3. Current I797
  4. Previous I797
  5. Employment Verification Letter.
  6. DS160 confirmation – I changed the original DS160 due to minor errors, they kept only the new one.
  7. Dropbox appointment confirmation.

They asked the following questions

  1. if I still work for the same company
  2. When was this photo taken.

There was no temperature check or vaccination check or covid test result checks.

They said, the stamped passport will be ready in 7 to 10 business days at the pick up location, my pickup location is Mumbai.

Hopefully this info will help few folks of they are in the same boat.

Experience 20: H1B at New Delhi

VAC: New Delhi

-Biometrics appointment was at 3.30 PM. Arrived at the center an hour before- 2.30 PM. I was allowed to go inside.
-Handed over DS-160, Appointment confirmation letter and passport. Biometrics were collected.
-Officer asked my full name, DOB and read out my passport pickup location and asked to carry supporting documents when I go to collect it.

Whole process took 10-15 min.

Interview: New Delhi
Appointment was at 8.50 AM. There were long queues.

Interview experience:

VO: Good morning. How are you?
Me: Good morning. I’m doing good. How are you?

VO: Good. Can you pass your passport and I-797 copy.

VO: What do you do at xxx company?
Me: I’m a full time employee working as xxx at xxx company.

VO: What do you do as part of your role?
Me: Answered

VO: Your visa is approved.

It was a smooth experience and the entire process took 20-30 min. (Waiting time inside the embassy was around 10 min).

Experience 21: H1B + H4 at Chennai

VAC: Tuesday, December 7th, Chennai
Interview: Wednesday, December 8th, Chennai
VAC: appointment at 12.00 PM. Got there by 10.45 AM, No queue . Carried only documents and phone switched off and in my pocket. Guard checked DS 160 confirmation print out, appointment confirmation print out and passport. Went inside and followed all the directions given by various staff members. At various points, they check the above 3 documents. Straight forward process, took about 10 mins. I was out of there by 11.00, much earlier than my appointment time. No documents other than appointment confirmation, DS 160 and passport.

Interview: appointment time 11.30AM. Got there by 10.30. They had already started the queue for 11.30AM. As I was having kids with me Guard allowed me in soon, don’t want to wait in Q. Guard at the start checked only passport. Walked along the footpath and there was a staff member seated. He checked behind the passport for the DS160 notation and sent inside. Once inside there was a metal check and then again people direct to go to the visa lobby. Again No wait, officer saw kids with me so he directly call us
As my wife was carrying kid officer without asking any questions to me asked my wife to scan left 4 fingers
Question to H4
VO: highest degree
VO:Are you working
No, now not working
VO: which industry did you worked before
Inbetween funny conversation between my kids😁
Done with H4 asked them to be seated.
Back to me H1
VO: What’s you salary in US
Me: Answered
VO:you are currently working with xxxxxxx company
Me: yes
VO:Who is your client
Me: Answered
VO: is they Direct client or 3rd party
Me: Answered
VO:Do you have a client letter?
Me: Yes( on this he was very happy and appreciated my company visa processing team)
VO: Please show me I-797, client letter
Me: gave the document
VO: your application is approved,you will get passport in a week
Me: Thank you officer

Note: As I went with my kids it was so smooth, no waiting anywhere. all it took 15 mins from IN gate to Out gate.

Experience 22: H1B at Kolkata

I got my finger print appointment for 6th dec in Delhi and interview for 8th dec in kolkata.
Mine is a h1b visa renewal and it’s a single appointment for both myself and my wife .
Reached vac center 1 hour before but they allowed me inside 15 mins before my appointment. Security guy who is outside asked me to show the appointment confirmation page , passport and ds 160 and after verifying he let me and my wife in , they did a security check and let me enter the vac center , at front desk again they verified the ds 160 confirmation, passport and appointment confirmation and gave a token , I gave my finger prints when they called my number , it took less than 60 mins for this entire process , they stamped our ds 160’s and asked us to leave.

For the interview, I had an appointment at 8 am , I reached there by 7 am , security guy asked us to stand in the line (on the road) . at 7:45 am they called people who had 8 am appointments to stand in another line close to us consulate main door , they verified our names in their list with our ds 160 and passport and let us in , they did a security check and let us in to the consulate .at front desk they asked us to show ds 160, appointment confirmation , passport , I 797 and employment verification letter .after verification they let us in to interview room , there were only 4 windows in that room , called our number in less than 8 mins , visa officer asked me to show passport , 797 and my employer letter , asked very basic questions , 4 or 5 questions 1) who is your employer, are you full time , you have one daughter who is is citizen ? , where is she now ? He entered something in his computer and told your visas are approved , have a great day.
Note : Nothing is allowed inside consulate except money , wallet and documents , you can’t take sealed file holders also.

Experience 23: H1B at Kolkata

Travel Experience:

  • Travel Date : Nov 22. Booked Qatar airline from SEA to DEL flight with layover in Doha (no transit or any sort of visa req).
  • I was carrying CDC vaccination card as well negative result 72 hour prior the date of departure.
  • While boarding at Seattle Airport I was asked for vaccination proof, RT-PCR test results and Air Suvidha Self Declaration form. For Air suvidha fill this form https://www.newdelhiairport.in/airsuvidha/apho-registration and carry a print of it.
  • At Delhi Airport was again asked for Vaccination proof and RT-PCR test results. No quarantine required. I travelled pre Omicron variant so not sure if this has changed recently.
  • I stayed at Metropolitan Hotel which is 1km away (12mins walk) from the Delhi VAC center.

VAC at New Delhi — Nov 26th (12:00):

  • Reached VAC center around 11:30AM. The security guard checked for the Appointment confirmation page and asked to stand in a queue. Went inside the center at 11:50AM.
  • At the entrance there is baggage check. Past the baggage check you need to go 2 level down. There you’ll have another document check where they verify the DS-160 confirmation alongside your passport.Past the second document check you go inside the biometric room.
  • At the window they ask for the passport and DS-160 confirmation page and ask you to place both your hands and thumb on the biometric scanner.
  • I was out by 12:05 AM. You can carry cell phone but it needs to be switched off. No other electronic (pen drives, headphones, etc) allowed.
  • There are lockers available but I’m not sure of the cost of those as I did not carry any electronic devices with me.

Consular Interview at Kolkata — Dec 9th (8:00 AM):

  • I stayed at The Park Hotel which is 900m from the Consulate office.
  • Reached the center around 7:15AM. The security guard asked to stand as per the interview slot timings.
  • The security guard checked the passport and DS-160 confirmation page.
  • Went inside the consulate office around 7:50AM. There’s a security check at the entrance.
  • Past security check there’s another document check where they ask for Passport, i797A and Employment letter. They ask to keep these documents handy and keep all other documents back.
  • After the documents check they ask you to move to the interview room. As I was the first person for the day I went directly to the interview window. Other folks were asked to wait in the queue inside the interview room. There are 6 interview windows but only 3 were open when I was there.
  • At the interview window, the VO asked for my passport and i797A letter. I passed the documents.
  • Questions Asked:
    • Who is your employer?
    • Are you a direct employee or you work for a client?
    • What is your job title?
    • What is your salary?
    • Can you describe your job duties?
    • Whats your highest level of education?
    • Are you married?
    • Any kids?
  • Your visa is approved. Please collect the passport in few days.
  • I was out by 8:05AM. No electronic devices allowed inside the consulate office. No sealed envelope allowed too. There’s a locker facility but I did not use it as I kept all my electronic devices back at the hotel.

Experience 24: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Case details : Last petition filed through employer A was denied in Dec 2019. Been in India since then. Working in company B currently. Cap exempt petition filed by company C. Would be working directly at employer’s location and no intermediary involved

Petition approved in premium processing : Nov 2

Started monitoring the Dropbox slots group and luckily was able to book H1+H4 appointments on Nov 15 for Dec 2 appt at Delhi

Dropbox appointment at Delhi Dec 2 10am :
Dropbox was smooth. Even though spouse too had come along, only I was asked to join the queue and drop documents for her as well. Took photos in the morning at DS photo Studio nearby and they passed without any questions. Document details below

  1. Current passport which has previous stamping (Old passport with no stamping wasn’t collected)
  2. Current i797 copy (Didn’t have original and wasn’t asked too)
  3. Old i797 copy ( had an amendment. Offered it but told it wasnt needed)
  4. Employment verification letter in company letter head from HR confirming the intent to employ me at their office location with joining date, salary and designation ( Had offer letter too but they didn’t ask for it)
    Had USC kid cover letter, kid’s passport and birth certificate as well as vaccination certificate for self. Offered these but weren’t taken


  1. Passport which has previous stamping
  2. Current i797 copy
  3. Old i797 copy of spouse was asked but she wasn’t given one so I stated the same. Was fine
  4. H1 visa copy of primary
  5. Employment verification letter
    Had marriage certificate. Offered this but was not taken

Timelines for both H1, H4

Dec 2: Dropbox appointment
Dec 3: Case created, Application received
Dec 4, 5:Weekend
Dec 6: Administrative processing
Dec 7: Issued both H1, H4
Dec 9 :Pickup passport in VFS, Bangalore

Experience 25: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

Reached Delhi on Dec 5th, stayed in a hotel at aerocity ( nice and secured place) near airport.

December 6 morning I took metro from aerocity to Shivaji stadium station (vac center is in metro station).

I have reached 30 mins before appointment. I have carried luggage and mobile ( in silent mode), no restrictions since it’s a metro station.

December 6: dropped the documents including kids ( h4)
December 7: Application received
December 8: admin processing
December 9: issued

Document submitted:
1) latest I797
2) old and new passport
3) Employment verification letter
4) photo as per us specifications

H4 kid documents:
1) my latest I797
2) passport
3) photo as per us visa specification
4) mine and spouse passport copies
5) mine and spouse visa copies ( if available) else not required.
6) my employment verification letter


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