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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from December 22nd to December 31st, 2021

Below are User experiences for December 2021, starting from December 22nd to December 31st, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B at Mumbai

Visa dropbox at Mumbai Consulate: Oct 25th
Last updated date: Nov 4th
Last updated date: Nov 5th
Case status changed to Refused for Administrative processing: Nov 9th
Passport was not sent back and no update on case till Nov-22

Called India helpline and they suggested yo submit a case.
Raised a case with UStraveldocs through email on Nov 23.


They started sending passport back with white slip.

Received passport on Nov 27th with white 221G to attend in-person interview at Mumbai Consulate only.

As soon as my passport was delivered. There are dates opened for interview in my CGI federal login.

Booked a date on Dec-16th.

Attended inperson interview at Mumbai consulate on Dec 16th.

An young VO at consulate.

Just asked 3 questions.

Q1. Where did you complete your masters and did you change schools during your masters.?
Ans: Yes changed schools and completed at so and so school.

Q2. What’s your title with current employer?
Ans: answered my title

Q3. Are you direct or a contractor with current employer (FAANG).?
Ans: direct(fulltime) employment

VO: your Visa is approved and handed me H1b worker rights pamphlet.

Passport arrived with Stamped Visa on Nov-19th.

Other observations:

They didn’t ask me for photos during in-person interview, and they scanned my photos from dropbox submission.

No need to pay visa fee again for a followup in-person interview.

When your Visa application is requested for inperson interview post a dropbox submission, CGI federal will open the dates for you in your ustraveldocs(cgi federal) login account, if not submit a case with support-india email given above.

Good luck everyone and hope this will help others in the same boat.

Experience 2: H1B at Hyderabad

Emergency appointment experience.
Location – Hyderabad

I booked placeholder slots for Oct 2022
My husband is in US on H1b. I am here with my 2 year old child.

Raised emergency request under Medical needs. Mentioned family separation(explained about looking after the child being a full time working mother)and also about the projects that I need to be part of once I reach US and why it cant be done from offshore.Attached all our passports, husbands work permit and my client letter as proof.

Emergency request approved in 2 days. Logged into cgi portal. On top it was mentioned as Emergency request approved. Scheduling page now showed nearest available dates for all locations. Booked appointments in Hyd.

Biometrics : went well. I went with my 2 year old. Did not have to wait in queue. They let me in first.

CA: I had to wait in queue, no consideration even if we go with the child . Had to wait. It is not easy to manage the kid for so long if you are alone. Better not to take them with you(if appointment is in hyderabad).I reached consulate at 8.30, came out at 11am. Maybe because only 2 counters were open.

Child photo scanned
Nothing related to emergency
client name
Job description
Highest degree

Documents asked to show
I797, child’s birth certificate.
Visa issued.

Asked about husband – is he in us or India, H1b or h4, which Location – could be general questions or maybe because I mentioned family separation as Emergency reason. not sure.

Experience 3: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) at New Delhi

Documents required:

  1. i797 (latest one in case of the amendment)
  2. Client letter
  3. Passport.

Asked questions:

  1. Is there any vendor in between OR are you working directly with the client from the employer?
  2. Where are you going to work?
  3. US Salary
  4. Master education details.
  5. Designation
  6. what work you are going to do?
    just said few lines and she asked next question to wife.

H4 question.

  1. When did you get married?
  2. Where are you going to stay at US location?

And after that, she typed in to the system for couple of mins ( My heart beat gone Up drastically during that time for sure) before those magical words.

‘ Your VISA is approved, You all will get your passports soon !!’

Note :Since we had our kid with us, we almost skipped all queues.

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dec 22

  1. My DS-160 has application submission center listed as hyderabad (filled it back in Oct 2021), but my appointment is at Delhi for Dec 22 at 3pm (booked appointment in Nov 2021. The dropbox appointment telegram group should be thanked for this).
    Confirmed at dropbox representative in vfs delhi, that even if your DS -160 has some other center, can go anywhere for appointment in INDIA (only INDIA).
  2. I flew into Delhi on Dec 21 night (from vijayawada). Took a cab to the hotel at 2:30 am (yes ‘am’, my flight landed 11:30pm on dec 21, was helping someone with their flight for the next 3 hours. The delhi airport is very crowded.
    I double masked, Now I am concerned about getting covid, because of being in the airport and in its lifts for so long helping someone I just met on plane).

IMPORTANT: if flying to US, the RT PCR test report should have QR code. If report doesn’t contain QR code, airport folks don’t accept the report. You can take antigen test, in case you are in delhi airport and don’t have time for rtpcr. I was told US website lists both rt pcr and antigen for travel. double check.

  1. I stayed at holiday inn hotel in aerocity. The hotel is expensive (rs. 5600 including breakfast) but it is very nice (good room, great breakfast) and conveniently located close to the aero city metro station. Upon asking, they gave me gloves and sanitary wipes as well.
  2. To metro from aerocity metro (7 min walk from hotel), to the Shivaji stadium (vfs dropbox location).
  3. I arrived at 1pm at the vfs dropbox location (my appointment is at 3pm). The vfs location is in the same floor / level as the metro (once exited from metro). I went to the guard at the dropbox center and said that I have flight to catch after my visa (my flight is at 5:45pm).
    He told to come at 2pm. Asked me wait upstairs (restaurants area). I carried backpack with me (because dropbox folks don’t enter the vfs center, they can carry bags, backpacks etc.)
  4. I was dropping documents for my wife and myself. As my wife is’t travelling with me and I have flight back soon after appointment, although the pics I have are as per specification (took in konica studio at eenadu bustop near benzcircle) , I was concerned about the photos ( got a softcopy for my wife, just in case needed).
    Another guy who just submitted his documents showed his picture, his face is little zoomed (~ 75% of picture, and still his picture is accepted. Visa specification says face should be between 55-69% of photo. This guy told me not to go upstairs, hang around and request the guard after 15 min for earlier submission.
    My 2016 dropbox picture taken at hyd consulate is also 73% of photo but was still accepted).
  5. There are not many people in line at the submission counters and since I am hanging around and explained my concerns about photos, the guard asked me to submit the documents (at 1:10pm)

IMPORTANT – The lady inside the counter took my documents and said the appointment confirmation letter I gave her is for a cancelled appointment at 3pm for today and I also have another appointment today for 3pm ( while booking in cgi website, I inadvertently in 1 minute, booked and then booked again [ which cancelled the previous booking ] the same time slot again for 3pm on dec 22. I noticed this in the appointment history section in website). I don’t understand why the latest “print appointment confirmation” on cgi website gave me document for the cancelled appointment instead of existing one. Make sure just in case samething happened for you.
However, the lady taking the documents didn’t raise any issue with this (confirmation letter for cancelled appointment). I offered I will get new appointment confirmation printed, but she said “that’s fine, not needed” and took documents and stamped on the existing confirmation that my documents are submitted. The submission process took less than 10 minutes.

  1. Took metro back to the airport.

Experience 5: H1B at New Delhi

I was able to get a visa slot in Delhi for Dec 15th 2pm OFC and Dec 16th 9:20am interview.
Booked one way ticket on Dec 5th from Detroit to Hyd (layover for 2hrs in Paris and 7hrs in Delhi).
My F1 visa is expired in 2020 December so technically I don’t have a valid visa but still I was able to travel Thur Paris. I heard news that we are not allowed to travel via Paris without a valid visa after I booked my ticket but then I spoke to the Airlines customer support and they said we can travel. I have also checked this link in the airlines website https://www.timaticweb2.com/integration/external.php?ref=b25123445626e872424db944237b61da

Travel experience:
Dec 5th- Boarded flight at Detroit, changed flight in Paris (don’t have to change the terminal). Reached Delhi around 12:30am. We were asked to stay in a line and the airport security were checking our airsuvidha print out, if there is a green line in the printout, they stamped on it saying 14days self monitoring and allowed to board the next flight without a covid test, (rules changed after Dec 20th). Unfortunately most of the passengers baggage got delayed and I have to raise a issue for my missing baggage. Boarded flight to hyd and landed on time Dec 7th. I have to follow up with the airlines and was able to pick up my missing baggage the next day at the airport.

I gave my parents contact details in airsuvidha and they got a call from the government officer next day asking about my travel. They booked an appointment at the nearest government hospital and asked me as well as my parents to take covid test.

Travel to Delhi for visa interview:
Boarded flight on Dec 14th to Delhi. Stay at The Park hotel.

Dec 15th OFC at 2pm. Its 10mins walk from the hotel I was staying. Reached at the center around 12:45pm. They asked 2pm appointment people to line up at 1:10pm. Security check and then asked us to turn off the cellphones. Waited in line for 10mins and gave my finger prints and picture. Returned to hotel before 2pm.

Dec 15th visa interview:
Started at the hotel around 8am and it’s a 30min drive. Reached at 8:30am. Security started asking people from 8:30-9:20am appointment candidates to stay in the line for security check. There is a small place where you can give your phone and they charge 50rs. Security checked passport n asked me to wait in the queue. There security scanning happened and again another queue for attending interview. Waiting game started and it took 30-40mins to reach the visa officer.
-vo asked for my passport n i797 form
-then she asked me what do I do for xxx(employer name) ? I answered I work as Xxxx engineer (told my job title)
-responsibility ? I explained
-when did you graduate? Answered
-what did you do after graduation? Worked for xxx as a xxx engineer and explained my responsibility at that time.
Your visa is approved.

I selected home delivery for my passport.

Checked status on dec 17th – issued/passport with the embassy
18,19 Dec: weekend
20 Dec: Issued/Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery
21 Dec: Issued/Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery
I emailed my passport number to passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com to check the status of my passport and got response – The current status of your passport is In Transit From Post.
So I tried to track it in blue dart, gave my UID number (from the appointment confirmation) as the ref number in blue dart tracking. Was able to get the tracking details of my passport.
22nd Dec: passport delivered at home and I paid 650rs.

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

I had my DS160 as Chennai location. Got Hyderabad slot and booked it. No issues with DS160 location.

Timeline –
20th Dec – Submitted all documents
21st Dec – No status
22nd Dec – Administrative processing
23rd Dec – Issued

Documents asked –
Current and previous i797 copy
Appointment confirmation
DS160 confirmation
Employment verification letter

They allow only folders to carry. No electronic gadgets and bags allowed inside. You have to deposit at the lockers, which are available outside. 100 rs per hr.

They allow half an hr early.

Experience 7: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Travelled by air India EWR- Mumbai- Hyderabad .
RT-PCR test , vaccine proof and Air suvidha form was asked before boarding ( FYI EWR has Covid testing center right next to the air India check-in gate)
In Mumbai airport , air suvidha and vaccine card was checked . Nothing else was checked . ( Air India cabin crew gave us self declaration forms for Rt-PCR test on arrival and a self quarantine form but no body asked for these in Mumbai .
Nothing was checked while boarding flight for Hyderabad nor in the Hyderabad airport .
Stayed in vivanta near the US visa center (8 mins drive to the drop box center)

Dec 16th – Doc dropped( appointment was at 12:45 but they let me in at 11:45 itself
No queue at all was in and out in like 10 mins. )..
Documents submitted : Passport , i797 current and previous , employment verification letter , two photographs.
No electronic items allowed . There are storage facilities available outside for 100 rs per hour ) . Passport photo , internet center and photo copy facilities available.

Dec 17th Application Received
Dec 20th – Administration Processing
Dec 22th – Ready for pick up

Experience 8: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

14th Dec: Appointment. Documents asked: current i797A photocopy, employment verification letter, ds-160 confirmation and appointment confirmation, 2 photos

I took the photos at Ds photo studio in delhi few hours prior to the appointment and they accepted without any questions.

I had initially submitted a ds160 for chennai but after getting an appointment in Delhi I filled up a new ds160 with location as Delhi (it’s not required to do so) and submitted it 4 days prior to the Dropbox appointment. Updated the profile and regenerated appointment letter to reflect new ds160 number.

16th Dec: Administrative Processing

17th Dec: Issued

Did a premium delivery to Bangalore

Passport arrived on 21st December. Got email and sms confirmation to pickup from VFS Bangalore.
There is no appointment time to pickup, can go anytime when the VFS office is open, I went at 10am.
Documents needed for pickup: Self attested photocopy of ID proof (Aadhar card is accepted)
Dropbox Appointment letter indicating pickup location.
Paid Rs.650 cash to pick it up

Experience 9: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dec 8th – Submitted docs for H1B and H4 at delhi vac
Dec 9th – Process Initiated
Dec 10th – H1B status changed to Refused
Dec 13th – H4 visa status changed to Issued
Dec 15th – Received email to pickup the passport for H4
Dec17th – Recieved email to pickup the passport for H1B
Dec 19th – Picked up passport from Chennai vac. H4 visa stamped and H1B recieved slip from consulate to attend the interview in Delhi embassy. No appointment needed and it mentioned to visit any day before 10AM
Dec 21th – Attended interview and received yellow slip with reason as passport under administrative processing. Consulate mentioned as process takes

Question asked during interview

  1. Employer business profile?
  2. How many years working at client location?
  3. Direct vendor to client or not?
  4. Provide client letter

Dec 23rd – H1B status changed to Issued

Experience 10: H1B at Hyderabad

20th dec: VISA Interview
We went to counter 12 and officer seems to be very serious and was giving 221g to many ppl Infront of me.
VO: Asked me why I haven’t chosen drop box as my passport had previous stampings.
Me: I told him that we got struck during covid when we visited India in February 2020. After that we had to stay back for long time due to travel restrictions and family as well needed our support.
So, I decided to take temporary transfer to India office and post transfer my H1B petition is revoked. So, I thought I might not be eligible for drop box.

VO: he looked at his computer screen for long time and said your petition looks like not revoked. I see it as ended. please go to counter 8 and come back to same counter.

Counter 8: they asked for copy of I797 and stapled to my passport.

VO: What’s your highest qualification , USA salary, which city are you guys travelling, whose is your end client
Me: I responded back to all the questions and told him that I work for a product based company as full time employee.

VO to my husband: how long have you been married ? , any kids? Is he USA citizen.
Husband: said all answers and told him that we have 4 year old USA citizen.

VO: he typed for really long and gave me 221g white slip and told me that my application requires some administration processing with 2nd box checked in white slip. They didn’t ask me for any additional documents.

21st VISA STATUS UPDATE: Administrative processing
22nd VISA STATUS UPDATE: updated again to administrative processing

I received email on 23rd to pick up the passport at Hyderabad consular location although I chose premium home delivery. Looks in case they cannot deliver to certain places, they change back to the place where you give interview.
I suggest you guys to choose nearest VAC location in case you are residing in a small city

Experience 11: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox experience:
Dec 6th – Docs dropped
Dec 7th – Application Received
Dec 8th – Administrative Processing
Dec 9th – Issued
Dec 11th – Passport delivered to home , paid 650Rs to bluedart guy

Documents submitted:

  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. DS160 confirmation page
  3. Current i797 photocopy (only carried photocopy to the center)
  4. Original passport
  5. Photos (they only took one photo)
  6. Employment verification letter

At Delhi dropbox location, counters to drop off docs are outside the center; hence you don’t have to worry about your stuff, you can carry bag pack. You can get in line 30 mins before your appointment time and wait for your turn. I had all the docs in the order before my turn, slipped everything in one go. It took less than 2 mins for her to process the docs and then she confirmed the email, home address for passport delivery and phone number. She said it would take 4-5 business days to get the passport back. She returned back Appointment confirmation with a “VAC Delhi” and date stamp.

Can’t stress enough on photos, best is to get from outside the center, those guys are pro and knows what works. I reached 30 mins earlier and got photo at D S studio (https://g.page/ds-photo-studio?share) which is <5 mins walking from the center. It took 10 mins (including printing) to get photos. There were few other vendor outside the center too calling if anyone need photos. I had a guy Infront of me, he had envelope with multiple photos. They rejected all the photos and then guy had to pack everything n go outside to take photo again. Recommend to take something as backup but still get the photo from outside the center. It will save lot of time/trouble/stress.

Traveled back to US from united DEL to SFO on 25th Dec:

  1. Got RTPCR at Delhi airport, booked slot online (https://www.newdelhiairport.in/covid19-test-appointment-booking) beforehand for 24th morning. Showed email confirmation on mobile at the registration desk. No hardcopy docs required. I got report in less than 6 hours with passport number and QR code. They charged 500 Rs, paid online. Testing counter are at departure level, entered from multi level parking structure walked on the bridge connecting the parking structure and airport departure (bridge is at level 3 if I remember correctly). Ask someone for RTPCR for travel to US, there are too many counters, could be confusing.
  2. Printed copy of online report at home.
  3. United checked both Vaccination card copy and RTPCR copy. No one checked these two documents after check in counter.
  4. Took nearly 3 hours in check-in, immigration, security check, additional security check at flight gate. Reach early at the airport.
  5. At SFO process was smooth, gone through normal immigration. Checked current i797 and nothing else.

I hope it will help.

Experience 12: H1B at New Delhi

End to end biometric takes about 10 mins (if all your docs are in place). Very smooth and hassle free.

Docs needed: Passport, visa appointment confirmation page, DS160.

Appt at 330 pm, was allowed in at 250 pm. They will allow 30 mins prior and post your slot.

Bags, wallets & phones allowed. Laptops & pen drives not allowed but can be kept in locker. Vaaso locker charges 200 for 1.5 hours and is pretty reliable.

My DS 160 name was not matching passport (middle name was missing). So they asked me to update DS160. There is a shop on the same floor that does this but they charge fees (INR 500). It takes 15 mins so better to ensure your DS160 is accurate and matches your passport to the tee.

They will do security check twice
Then they will give a token
Then you will be asked to give finger prints and photo.
They will stamp your ds160 and that needs to be taken to visa interview.

Experience 13: H1B at Hyderabad

Collected my passport today from hyd VAC. Quick timeline which may help others

Biometrics: 13th Dec @ Chennai. Whole process took just 10 mins.

Consular Interview: 20th Dec @ Hyderabad. Interview was quick with basic straightforward questions and lasted hardly 2 mins. Before the interview, one of lady in the seating area asked me to go to counter 8. The lady in the counter 8 asked me for my petition form and took a photocopy of it and stapled it to my passport. Now, after the interview, the VO said that he will be keeping my passport to do some stuff in their backend and don’t need any docs from me at this moment. Issued 221g white with administrative processing checked.

21st Dec: Status Changed from Refused to Administrative Processing
23rd Dec: Status Changed from Administrative Processing to Issued
27th Dec: Collected Passport

Only document asked during the interview was passport. Most probably everyone who go to counter 8 will get 221g for admin processing at Hyd.

Experience 14: H1B at Mumbai

Sharing first time stamping experience, changing from F1 to H1.

26th December, VAC:
Biometrics appointment for 2:30pm, reached around 1:45pm and was let in around 2:10. Inside the experience was smooth ; went through security check, waited in line for giving my fingerprints and photographs for about 5 minutes. Was in and out in less than 10 minutes overall.

27th December, Consular Interview at Mumbai Consulate :

Appointment time: 9:10am, reached around 7:45am, they were already letting people with appointments upto 8:30am inside. Waited about half an hour till they called my appointment time to come inside. Once inside, went through security check, then was seated in the waiting area for about 10 minutes. After which was asked to go inside, wait in line, and went to counter #34. Interviews while I was waiting in line seemed to be going on pretty long. When my turn came, the VO asked me for my passport and I797, then after scanning my passport, asked me if I had brought photographs with me. I said no, and told him I had them taken at the VAC a day back. He said he couldn’t find it in the system and asked me to wait near the last counter for my photograph to be taken. I waited about 15 minutes after which one of the consulate admin people announced my name and asked me to get in the queue again, and said they found my photograph in the system (it took time because they probably hadn’t loaded the data from yesterday early this morning). After waiting in line again for a couple of minutes, I was asked to go to counter #30. The VO was an American lady who seemed really pleasant and in a good mood. I said good morning and handed over my passport and I797. Here’s what she asked me:

  1. How long have you been working for your current employer? Answered.
  2. Did you work for them on OPT? Answered.
  3. Did you work for any other employers on OPT? Answered.
  4. Have you ever overstayed beyond the legal duration while on OPT? Answered.
    She took a quick look at my SEVIS record and asked me to put my left hand on the fingerprint reader and said “Your visa is approved”.
    I thanked her and came out by 9:30am.

Experience 15: H4 (Spouse+Infant) at Chennai

Biometrics: 26th Dec
Mobile was allowed (switched off). There are lockers available at ground floor but I dunno the size of the locker or the rental cost. VAC was smooth. They allowed me as well to go inside the VAC, and I waited outside at the floor. Not sure if it was because of the kid or the day being a Sunday and no rush. They took photo & Fingerprint of my wife there. For kid, we submitted the photo we took.
Documents asked: Passport + Appointment Confirmation + DS160 Confirmation.

Consular Appointment: 28th Dec

for 9 AM appointment we went by 8.30 and they allowed her inside immediately.


  1. How long have you been married?
  2. Is your husband n the US?
  3. Where was your kid born?


  1. Passport + DS160 Confirmation
  2. Marriage Certificate
  3. Birth Certificate of kid

and the visa was approved
if you have kid take them if you are comfortable. Helps in bypassing big queues(as well as softening the VO). My wife’s name is not changed in PP after marriage just added my name as spouse in it.

Experience 16: H1B at New Delhi

Interview Date: 16-June-2021
June 16: Received 221g asking recent employment verification letter
July 20: Submitted the requested documents over email.
Oct 28: received reply to submit my passport at nearest on follow up with HLProcessing
Nov 1st : submitted Passport.
Nov 12th: Received email from us travel docs to collect passport & received yellow slip saying that my case is currently in administrative processing. Online case status still remains as refused.
Multiple follow ups in between – No reply
Dec, 21: Received email from support@us travels to submit passport
Dec, 22: submitted passport.
Dec, 23: Case updated and changed to AP
Dec, 27: Status changed to issued
Dec, 29: Collected passport, visa stamped

Experience 17: H1B at New Delhi

First time stamping (F1visa holder in past)
So as per the new rules I was eligible for the interview waiver but as I had the appointment scheduled for today went ahead with it and there were no issues.
Date: 28dec2021
Total time: 1hr20min
Time: 8.40am

There were about 50-60 people in the queue already when I reached the consulate at 8am. Went inside the consulate at 8:10am.

Something surprising happened.
While checking in for the visa interview, where they ask for passport and I-797 and verify your finger prints and photo. They asked if I have passport photos because they don’t have my photo from the VAC yet due to technical error. Luckily I had passport size photographs with me. So must carry those with you.

Questions asked:
Are you currently working in USA for this company?
About does your company do?
What do you do?
Did you study your masters in USA?
Which University?

Passport will arrive in 10days.

Experience 18: H1B at New Delhi

Sharing my experience for consular visa interview at US consulate from yesterday. Might be helpful for those who are new to the process/city

Appointment was at 10.30 am, reached at 9.15 am and got into the queue. Security check outside done separately for men and women.
Men queue is long. Everyone who has an appointment from 8-11 am is allowed anytime so it’s better to go early.

Docs needed for h1-b: passport, ds160, approval notice (797b or 797c)

Inside it takes 2-3 hours.

My case was from Mumbai so transfer to Delhi took 1 hour. Had to wait.

Questions asked
Your Salary
What projects do you work on
Where do you live
What does your spouse work as.. salary..
Do you like your work
When did you go to US
Where and what did you study

They take your passport, give you back all other docs.. And say that it may take 1 week to get your passport back.

Overall pretty smooth.
Only suggestion is to go early. Dress comfortably.

There is a small shop where you can deposit your phone/bags. Many people did that and it is pretty reliable.

Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

Had an appointment for 10 AM today, was let in at 9:45 AM
Gave them the following docs:

  • Current and previous passport
  • Current and previous I797
  • Employment letter
  • Appointment confirmation
  • DS160 confirmation
  • 1 Photo

Waited ~5 minutes in line, and then ~5 minutes for them to verify the documents. Was out before 10 AM. Was told that best case processing time is 3-7 business days, but there is no upper limit if Embassy delays processing.

I was able to carry mobile phone (switched off) into the VAC
There is an OYO hotel (Cute Orange) that is located across the road from the VAC (1 min walk). I stayed there overnight – it is very basic, but clean and staff is good. There is a private locker facility in the same building as the VAC if you want to hold your luggage somewhere. I didn’t use it, so don’t have first hand experience.

Experience 20: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) at Chennai

VAC on 28th Dec – Very smooth and in and out in 15 minutes. Express entry for candidates with kids.. Documents required (Appointment confirmation letter, Passport and DS-160 confirmation page)

CA on 29th Dec – Express entry again. Few security checks for personal belongings and directly to the consular for interview.
H1 Questions:
1) Who is the petitioner?
2) How do you know this employer?
3) Which city in US?
4) Salary in US?
5) Since I am a QA a Analyst, interviewer asked on how do I track QA metrics to ensure quality delivery (it’s an interesting question and I never expected this one, but it’s an easy one too)

H4 Questions:
1) How long been married?
2) wedding date?
3) How old is kid?
4) Highest educational qualification?

Some chatting about kid and pandemic situation. That’s it. Finally she said safe travels and visa is approved

All the best guys, prepare for any type of questions..

Experience 21: H1B + H4 (Kid) with Dropbox at Hyderbad

I am thinking this might be useful to the ones going along with kids under 14 years

My case: I am H1 and my previous visa got expired in April 2021. My wife is in H1 previous visa expired in July 2021. Kid h4 – 8 years old

Myself and my kid got appointment in Hyderabad on 22nd dec .. I am the primary applicant for my kid

My wife got Dropbox on 23 in Delhi

Hyderabad: Initially they did not agreed to take my kids application since both mine and my wife visa got expired

They said either of one parent should have valid visa to take kids application for Dropbox

I had to fight with them , gave multiple examples like so many of my friends and colleagues got stamped along with their kids in Hyderabad location and Delhi as well ..
They called all of their team leads and heads , tried to convenes me to book in person appointment for my kid but I did not give up

Finally they asked me , what I am expecting , I said please accept my kids passport they said okay but they told me there are more chance sending kids passport without strap .. I said I do not have any other option so I am ready to take chance and submitted both of our passports

On 28th dec both got stamped and 30th we received passports to my home in vizag

Experience 22: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

DS160 Location – Chennai
H1B Dropbox appointment location – Delhi (30 dec)

Travelled from Cochin via Chennai to Delhi (29 dec)
Cochin airport

  • I just showed an id and boarding pass
  • rtpcr/vaccination proof was not asked


  • since I was transiting, that why I think I was not asked for TN epass (not sure). I was only asked for the next flight boarding pass and id
  • was not asked for rtpcr, vaccination proof.

Delhi (reached 9pm)

  • was not asked for rtpcr/vaccination proof
  • there is an airport taxi counter but there was a long queue for it. took the metro to a station near the hotel (then a 6 min walk).
  • stayed at The Park hotel. Decent/good experience.

Dropbox appointment day (30 dec)

  • it’s a 12-13 min walk to VFS global from the hotel. or a less than 5 min ride by auto.
  • had the appointment at 10am.
  • reached VFS global around 9.25am. there was a long queue for other country visas. Was allowed to skip that and enter the building
  • was only asked for documents that were mentioned in the appointment confirmation email.
  • the process was done by 9.55am

Delhi to Cochin (direct flight – 30 dec)

  • decided to take the metro, since this has a stop at the airport. (Cab takes almost the same time I am thinking because of traffic. This might be a good option too)
  • this metro line station is in the VFS global building.
  • This metro is pretty convenient (depending on which terminal you need to reach)
  • just asked for id and boarding pass at the airport
  • was not asked for rtpcr/vaccination proof


  • I had filled out an epass application online before departing from Delhi
  • didnt run into any airport officials while exiting. So was not asked for rtpcr/vaccination proof/epass

Experience 23: H1B at Mumbai

VAC: Dec 28
CA: Dec 29
Passport ready for pick up: Dec 30

VAC experience: Appointment was at 11 AM. I reached at 10:00 AM and the security guard told me I am too early and I should come back at 10:45. So I left and came back at 10:45. I was the last one to go in for the 11 AM slot. Make sure you don’t have your mobile phone or bags with you – you can’t carry it inside. Apparently there is a locker available to keep stuff but it’s quite expensive (not sure how expensive). At the VAC center, they asked me for passport, appointment confirmation letter and DS160 confirmation page. The process was quite smooth – I was in and out in 10 minutes.

CA experience: I reached at 8:30 AM for a 9 AM appointment. They let me in right away. Again, no mobile phones or bags allowed. After security processes, i waited for around 30 min for my interview. I handed over my passport and original of I-797. The interviewer did not ask me for any additional documents. The interview was quite simple, only 3 questions
1) Is yours an in-house job or do you have a client?
2) Since when have you been working at the current job?
3) Did you start the job on OTP?

Next day afternoon around 2PM, I got an email saying the passport is reasonably for pick up. Pick up was the same location as VAC. You need one India gov issued id (original and one photocopy) to pick up the passport. They also asked me for my interview appointment confirmation letter. I was not carrying it, but showed my DS 160 confirmation page and they accepted it.

Other info: I stayed at the Trident in BKC. It is right beside the US consulate and 10 minutes walking from VAC location. So the location was super convenient

Experience 24: H1B with Dropbox, 221g at New Delhi

Dec 8th – Submitted docs for H1B at Delhi
Dec 9th – Process Initiated
Dec 17th – H1B status changed to Refused
Dec20th – Picked up the passport (premium delivery) received white slip 221g along with the passport. Asking me to attend for an walk-in interview before 10 A.M on any working day within one calendar year from that date.And also, asked me to bring client letter and detailed project description.
Dec 27th – Attended interview and visa approved

Question asked during interview

  1. Asked for I-797?
  2. Asked for client letter?
  3. Any middle layer vendor?
  4. Asked for vendor letter?
  5. How many middle layer vendors are present?
  6. Where do you work?
  7. How long are you working for this client?
  8. How long are you with this petitioner?
  9. What is your role?
  10. What is your wage?

Dec 28th – H1B status changed to Issued
Dec 31th – Picked up passport (premium delivery)

Experience 25: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

My first H1B was stamped in Mumbai back in 2018. I was able to secure a slot for 23rd December 2:00 PM at Kolkata. Flew to Kolkata from Mumbai on 23rd December morning.

Documents asked:
1) Original Passport old and new
2) DS 160 Confirmation page
3) Appointment confirmation page
4) Photo per specification (please pay attention to this since they are pretty particular about it)
5) Employment Verification Letter
6) Photocopies of current and previous I797 (did not even ask for the original)

23rd December: Dropped off documents
24th to 26th December: No status
27th December: Application Received
28th December: Administrative Processing
29th December: Issued
31st December: Received passport at my home address in Mumbai through Blue Dart with stamped visa.


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