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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from December 10th to December 21st, 2021

Below are User experiences for December 2021, starting from December 10th to December 21st, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B at Mumbai

Consular appointment:
VO: please pass your passport and i797
VO: do you have offer letter
Me: yes
VO: so you are working with x company and no others (client)
Me: yes, I am with only x company
Vo: your previous visa was refused?
Me: yes , my student visa was refused
Vo: what is your highest qualification
Me: MS
Vo: where did you study that
Me: told x university in US
Vo: how was it studying there? Did everyone pass?
Me: most of them passed. It was quite challenging
Vo: oh, so you had to study hard
Vo: what’s your salary
Me: told monthly salary
Vo: how many years have you been with this company
Me: told
Vo: were you on opt before
Me: yes I was on opt, stem opt and then change of status to h1b
Vo: what is your current project?
Me: described briefly in under a minute
Vo: your visa is approved.

Experience 2: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

Nov 30 10am – dropped off documents at Bangalore Visa Application center – VFS Global office near Richmond Circle

Documents submitted:

  1. Appointment Confirmation (returned to me as an acknowledgment with a stamp)
  2. DS 160 Confirmation
  3. Passport
  4. I-797 current and an old one corresponding to the expired stamp on the passport
  5. 1 photo (Had to take a photo inside VFS Global as the one from Walgreens wasn’t accepted saying dull background, Rs 335)
  6. Employment Verification Letter
  7. Rs 650

Dec 2 ~11am – Application Received

Dec 4 and 5 – Weekend

Dec 6 ~5pm – Administrative Processing

Dec 8 ~10am – Issued

Dec 9 ~4pm – Received Passport at Home, paid Rs 650 for delivery

Experience 3: H1B at New Delhi

Biometric on 8th dec and consulate 9th dec 2021 (counter number 11). And my H1B visa is approved.

Questions were asked during consulate interview as below:

Me: Good Morning

VO: Good Morning

VO: Ask to put down right hand 4 fingers on scanner

Me: Gave my password and i797A Xerox copy (my original not reached me on time) as requested by VO

VO: what is your job role?

Me: told overall summary in 2 sentence only As VO is looking at me so ask can I explain my all roles and responsibilities in brief.

VO: no not required. That’s enough.

VO: Do you have end client? What is the name?

Me: Yes, told client name

VO: Client Address

Me: i have told the address

VO: Do you have client letter.

Me : yes

VO: Can I see the letter

Me : provided

VO: how you find this job in USA?

Me : Told, customer(name) is business partner with my current employer company from –years

VO : Who will pay you?

Me : Told

VO : typing something, next 2 min no question finally say your visa is approved took my passport and gave back i797A and customer letter to me

Me : told him thank you and said have a nice day

Be confident carry all documents with stapled and handy. For consulate interview reach early at least 1 to 1.5 hrs than your appointment time.

Hope this will help you. All the best..

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

7th December :

** Photo – Walgreens photo NOT accepted. Get a photo clicked from the photo studio opposite Delhi VFS (Search on google maps. I went to AK studio or AR studio).
I was wearing the same shirt as the one in the photo, nevertheless she asked me for another one.

  • 1pm appointment, Allowed to enter at 12:30pm.
  • Phone smartwatches are all allowed. Silent mode.
  • Bag scan upon entering.
  • Take Stairs to 2nd floor below ground level.
  • Tell security that you’re here for dropbox. He will direct you to stand in one of the counters.
  • 15 min wait.
  • Slide-in docs – She returned my offer letter and 2nd page of i797 copy. Asked for a different photo.
  • I have 4 passports with Visa stamps, she asked only for current (no visa stamp) and one old (expired visa stamp).
  • Returned the stamped Appointment confirmation page

You can hear other counter’s conversations. Some ask for passport copy, 2 copies of EVL, etc. Don’t panic, it is not needed for H1-B dropbox.

Status – https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx
7th Dec – Dropbox docs submitted
8th Dec Morning – No Status
8th Dec – 1:40pm – Application Received
9th dec – Admin processing

Experience 5: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

In person interview after Dropbox submission:

Reached consulate directly. No fingerprints required or taken. Finished security check and waited to first get our passport back to our hand. Only then you can go to the VO counter. There was a wait time of 30 mins at-least to get it. Then another 15 mins to reach the VO counter.

VO asked for passport, client letter and employment verification letter (EVL) but Vendor letter was ignored.

Who is your client?
Where do I actually work (location)?
What’s my pay annually?
Highest degree
My roles and responsibilities
How long I have been in US
More questions about my job and actual work.

It was a long interview for more than 5 mins and then he said your Visa is approved and have a nice day!!!

Good luck to all of you who are in the same boat. Don’t worry I guess they are just doing random check. They didn’t mention anything wrong about my application as such.

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dec 10:

  • Base location : Mumbai
  • Booked Dec 10 Delhi IW 10:00 am on Nov 15.
  • Flew to Delhi on Dec 9. Stayed at The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa ( nice and clean hotel, friendly staff, 6 to 10 mins walk from Dropbox location )
  • Experience:
    — Reached 9:35 am, temperature check and bags scanned.
    — Joined Dropbox line, temp and appointment checked again and let inside room by 10:00
    — Bags checked and security check again and made to sit in the waiting area. You can carry switched off phones, purse, docs folder etc and keep it with you through out.
    — During my turn, docs collected
    — Old and new passport
    — One photo ( US Visa specific, latest )
    — Photo copy of current i797 ( prev one returned
    — DS 160
    — Appointment confirmation
    — Employement letter.
    — Was out by 10:10am.

The officer just confirmed my phone number and said it will take minimum one week to get the passport to my address.

Good luck to all of you.

Experience 7: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dec 9th .
1.Chennai – DS 160. Drop box appointment – Delhi (H1/H4)

  1. Took vistara flight from chennai. landed in T3 terminal . Metro available infront of T3 terminal. Very easy access. If you land in T1 there is feeder bus to Aerocity metro as well. 7 am to 9 pm.
  2. On arrival at Delhi I was asked for rtpcr. After few arguments between me and police that test not not needed for domestic travel ( me in English / Police – Hindi) , I lost the battle with him 😂. Finally I was directed to do a rtpcr. Counters were empty no fee , free of charge ,took one and left airport immediately.
  3. Metro Airport to Shivaji satdium ₹50. You can get the same QR ticket in mobile app using Paytm as well. No rush for tickets. Travel time 20 mins. This would be the best option if you are in T3 terminal.
  4. US VAC situated on 1 level above the metro platform. Opposite to ticket counter. you can’t miss it. Nearby Chineese and Greek vac are there. I arrived early so went 1 level up where few chairs was available in front of Canada vac. Rest rooms are available ( neet and clean) next to Canada vac.
  5. Allowed to stand in queue 30 mins earlier to appointment. Not before that. Doc submission takes < 5 mins.
  6. Pictures – Make sure you dont wear the same shirt or similar one which have been used in passport earlier , it could be for any stamping. Mine resembled one which I took for UK visa few years back. VAC folks told me it might cause the embassy to ask for new pics. So better to Change it now rather than sorry.I had another set of pics with different shirt.
  7. Documents colledted as per the appointment letter. No extra docs asked.
  8. Return to airport ₹50. Trains available every 10 mins I think. Easy return to airport as well.
  9. Many folks in group worried about have H1B as visa class mentioned for both H1 and h4. Don’t worry about it. After adding the H4 as dependent , the display was defaulted. No issues with that.

Experience 8: H1B at Hyderabad

Dec 7: Seattle – Phoenix – JFK – Delhi by American airlines
Dec 8: arrived at Delhi at 8:30pm
Dec 9: Delhi – Hyderabad
Dec 10: VAC at Hyderabad
Dec 13: CA at Hyderabad 8:00am

No difficulties in travel whatsoever.

Consular Interview experience:
They were trying to transfer my case as my default consulate was Delhi and I had booked appointments at Hyderabad. Theirs system apparently dint have my photo taken on Dec 10 yet, so asked me to come back within 10:00am with two photographs. I went back after clicking pictures from outside. They had given me a letter to show to be able to come back again.

  1. Which company do you work for?
  2. What is your role/job?
  3. Where is your company located?
  4. What’s your annual salary?
  5. Were you a student before?
  6. Were you on OPT

I answered all the questions with confidence and the officer said “Visa approved”!

Good luck to you folks!

Experience 9: H1B at Kolkata

OFC Appointment- 9th December, 8:30 am
Documents required- Passport, Appointment confirmation page, DS-160 confirmation page.
Name and DOB verified, fingerprints taken, photograph taken.

The process was smooth and just took about 10 minutes to complete.
Only mobile phones allowed in switched off mode

CA Appointment-13th December, 10 am
Documents required- Passport, I797, Employer support letter.

Passport checked at two points before entering the Interview hall.
The Visa Officer asked for the passport, I797 and Employer support letter.

Questions asked:

  1. Job title
  2. Responsibilities
  3. How long have I been working with the company
  4. Highest degree obtained
  5. No of years of experience
  6. Job location
  7. Annual salary
  8. Whether married or not

The interview was for about 2-3 minutes and then he said your visa is APPROVED.

Returned home and checked the status, it said ISSUED

All the best to everyone.

Experience 10: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

  • Saw some experiences that Photos are frequently rejected and were asked to submit on the same day. Particularly if the photo was taken at CVS/Walgreens, it has very high chances to be rejected. So I took photos in India.
  • My appointment is at Delhi on 7th at 1pm.
  • VFS Global office is located in Shivaji stadium metro station.
  • Reach Delhi on 6th. Travelled by Metro airline express from airport terminal 3 to Shivaji stadium metro station. One time ticket charge is Rs.50.
  • Looked at VFS Global office and locker location. There were VFS Global offices for many countries here. Out of the station and went to hotel.
  • There were many budget friendly hotels available with in 20mins walking distance. Booked one before reaching Delhi.
  • Dec 7th : Checked out from hotel and reached Shivaji stadium metro station around 11am.
  • Security outside the building calls to enter based on timeslots they mention. They allowed 1pm candidates around 12:15pm.
  • Security check and baggage screening to enter metro station building.
  • Went straight to US VFS Global office in 2nd floor.
  • 1pm candidates were asked to wait on the side for few minutes.
  • Two queues were formed later (one for biometrics collection and the other for dropbox)
  • Observation: Biometrics candidates enter the office. They can carry phones (should be switched off), but not bags. No ear phones or pen drives allowed. Locker costs Rs.200 to keep your stuff. I saw some candidates carry handbags though.
  • Dropbox candidates do not enter the office. They go to counters available outside the office. Dropbox candidates are allowed to carry bags. No need to keep them in lockers. Can carry phone (switched off). Keep ear phones or pen drives in the bag.
  • Submitted documents for me and spouse. No objections raised for photos or anything else. In case, if there was objection for photos, you have vendors available outside the building. You can go to them and get your photos taken. Submitted documents by 12:45pm. Went to airport by Metro on lower level.
  • Dec 8th: status is application received.
  • Dec 9th, 10th: no status change.
  • Dec 11th, 12th: weekend
  • Dec 13th: Status changed to administrative processing.
  • Dec 14th: No status change in the morning. End of the day status changed to Issued.
    Expecting to receive passports by end of the week.

Experience 11: H1B + H4 at Chennai

VAC: Tuesday, December 7th, Chennai
Interview: Wednesday, December 8th, Chennai
VAC: appointment at 12.00 PM. Got there by 10.45 AM, No queue . Carried only documents and phone switched off and in my pocket. Guard checked DS 160 confirmation print out, appointment confirmation print out and passport. Went inside and followed all the directions given by various staff members. At various points, they check the above 3 documents. Straight forward process, took about 10 mins. I was out of there by 11.00, much earlier than my appointment time. No documents other than appointment confirmation, DS 160 and passport.

Interview: appointment time 11.30AM. Got there by 10.30. They had already started the queue for 11.30AM. As I was having kids with me Guard allowed me in soon, don’t want to wait in Q. Guard at the start checked only passport. Walked along the footpath and there was a staff member seated. He checked behind the passport for the DS160 notation and sent inside. Once inside there was a metal check and then again people direct to go to the visa lobby. Again No wait, officer saw kids with me so he directly call us
As my wife was carrying kid officer without asking any questions to me asked my wife to scan left 4 fingers
Question to H4
VO: highest degree
VO:Are you working
No, now not working
VO: which industry did you worked before
Inbetween funny conversation between my kids😁
Done with H4 asked them to be seated.
Back to me H1
VO: What’s you salary in US
Me: Answered
VO:you are currently working with xxxxxxx company
Me: yes
VO:Who is your client
Me: Answered
VO: is they Direct client or 3rd party
Me: Answered
VO:Do you have a client letter?
Me: Yes( on this he was very happy and appreciated my company visa processing team)
VO: Please show me I-797, client letter
Me: gave the document
VO: your application is approved,you will get passport in a week
Me: Thank you officer

Stamped passport received at my home in 11th dec(3rd day after VO)

Note: As I went with my kids it was so smooth, no waiting anywhere. all it took 15 mins from IN gate to Out gate.

Experience 12: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Hope this helps someone – keeping it crisp!

Ds160 of hyd, changed the location in the last section while reviewing when submitting.

  • attended dropbox in Delhi (nov 29) – asked ds160,apt conf, i797 latest, client letter and passport.
  • application received and then refused in 2days was expecting 221G
  • picked passport on 6th dec
    Asked to bring client letter and MSA for work to interview

Flew to Delhi again on 8th evening
Attended walk-in on 9th around 9AM
Officer verified client letter, MSA and
I passed vendor letter as he asked about the vendor which is mentioned in client letter.
Asked about my previous company, present client and employer addresses.
Congratulations approved.

Picked passport in Hyderabad (15th Dec).

All the best!

Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Dropbox Experience: 6 Days

Appointment location: Mumbai
Submitted documents: Ahmedabad

Dec 10 : Submitted Documents
Dec 11 : Passport delivered to Mumbai
Dec 14 : Passport Issued
Dec 15 : Delivered to me via premium delivery.
(Note: Dec 11, 12 is a weekend)

Documents asked:

  • Both passports
  • Latest I797 and I797 associated with previous stamp
  • Employment verification letter
  • Passport size photos (Be prepared to click at dropbox location)
  • Appointment confirmation
  • DS 160 confirmation

Other things I was worried about it:

  • 2 passports. DS 160 had new passport details but appointment booked with old passport details. Inform this while submitting documents. They are helpful and will make sure your profile is updated with new passport.
  • Previous stamp expired 1.5 years ago. Needed I797 for previous stamp and latest one. I had 2 more I797 as I did amendment 2 times.
  • They still had some issues with passport size photos. I took 2 from CVS and 2 from PostalAnnex, none of them were accepted. On the day of arrival, I specially went to Mumbai VAC and clicked 2 from there and then travelled home.

Experience 14: H1B with Dropbox at New Dellhi

November 30th 2:00 PM appointment. Traveled from Airport by Metro, 50 rupees each way to the Shivaji Stadium Metro station. Convenient and Hassle free.

Reached the dropbox location by 1 pm. Security said I can join the line 30 minutes prior to my appointment.

Nov 30th: Dropped off the documents. Passport, Appointment Confirmation, DS-160 confirmation, Employment verification letter, copies of previous and current I-797’s, 1 Passport Photo (was asked to bring a new one, didn’t accept the one which I took in CVS). My suggestion is rather wasting $15 bucks at CVS/Walgreens, reach the appointment place a little early and there were a bunch of guys who can provide the passport photos in 10 minutes for 150-200 rupees and that will be accepted for sure by consular center.

Dec 1st: Application Received
Dec 2nd: Administrative Processing
Dec 3rd: Issued

Dec 7th: Passport ready for pickup at Hyderabad location.

Experience 15: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

  1. I got the appointments using old DS160 numbers and realized that I hadn’t submitted those. Filled out new DS160 just 2 days before my appointment and updated my CGI profile with the same.
  2. Submitted my documents on December 8th at the Delhi location. I had my laptop bag with electronic copies of all the documents just in case if anything was missing.
  3. We got our picture taken at a local studio in Noida a day before the appointment date only.
  4. Documents listed on confirmation page were submitted only. I was asked to provide an employment confirmation letter for my wife as well but told them I had only one copy. I was told not to worry about it.
  5. Status:
    Application received – December 9
    Administrative Processing – December 15
    Issued – December 16

Experience 16: H1B at New Delhi

OFC: Nov 22
Interview: Nov 23
OFC – at the end of the biometric process, I was asked to carry two 2×2 size (US passport size) photographs for the interview.

Interview day – I was not asked for the passport size photographs on the interview day. I asked around and got to know that only some people were informed that they need to get photographs.

If you are asked to carry and choose to do so, there are many photo studios available near the OFC location that will give you instantly.

Interview experience – very quick and smooth process.
VO: pass me your i-797 and passport
VO: tell me about your role.
Me: gave 1 or 2 line description regarding my role at a big 4 consulting firm.
VO: do you provide services to 1 client or many clients at present?
Me: I am a full time employee at ABC firm and on behalf of ABC,I provide advisory services to one client at present.
VO: what is the name of the client?

My client is currently a new startup organization so the name was not familiar to the VO when I mentioned it.

VO: do you have any document that provides some info about the client?
Me: I have a client experience letter. Would that work?
VO: Absolutely.

I passed the letter and the VO gave it back to me soon after taking note of the client name.

VO: where is ABC going to make you work?
VO: where did you go to school for your Masters?
VO: congratulations your visa is approved and you will receive it in 5 business days.

I got the passport delivered to my house on the 27th.

Good luck!

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Dec 13th: Submitted Documents
Dec 14th: Visa Status “Application Received”
Dec 16th: Visa Status “Administrative Processing”
Dec 17th: Visa Status “Issued” and Passport Status “Ready for Pickup”

Picked up passport from Mumbai VAC on Dec 17th

Documents asked during Submission – DS160 Confirmation, Appointment Confirmation, 2 Photos, Current I-797 Approval copy and Employment Verification Letter. Did not ask for previous I-797 copy as my previous visa had expired only 3 months ago

Documents returned along with Visa stamped Passport – 1 Photo, Current I-797 Approval copy and Employment Verification Letter

Advice – Better to get photos clicked in any photo studio in India, they will be better and will be accepted easily as compared to photos from CVS, Walgreens, etc. in US.

Experience 18: H1B at Kolkata

12th Dec flew into Kolkata from Delhi. Indigo said RTPCR or Vaccine proof needed for West Bengal but no one checked for it anywhere.

13th Dec Dropoff at Kolkata VAC. Only let me in 5 minutes before appointment. Only phone allowed but has to be switched off (they actually check that). If you have bags, AirPods any other stuff apart from file folder you will need to drop it off at a corner space outside the VAC door at your own risk.

14th Dec Status: Application Received
15th Dec Adminitrative Processing
16th Dec Issued
17th Dec status on Ustravel docs switched to “passport received and processing for delivery”
17th Dec Sent email to passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com with pp number as subject to get tracking info.
18th Dec Used uid # on appointment confirmation to track blue dart shipment. Package showed as “Customer Requested Future Delivery: Hal”.

Found the status confusing so just went to premium pickup location in gurgaon where the passport was already there. Picked up with aadhar proof.

Experience 19: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Dec 10th: Submitted Documents
Dec 11th & 12th – Weekend Holidays
Dec 13th: Visa Status “Application Received”
Dec 14th: Visa Status “Administrative Processing”
Dec 15th: Visa Status “Issued” and Passport Status “Ready for Delivery”

Delivered to home address on Dec 17th (paid 650 rs cash for each application)

Documents asked during Submission – DS160 Confirmation, Appointment Confirmation, 2 Photos, Current & Previous I-797 Approval copy for Primary and I 797 current copy for dependent and Employment Verification Letter.

Advice – Look for standard photographers(passport photo) who are this profession for long time. I had shared the measurements for the photo which they are already aware. No issues when I submitted mine.

Hope this helps people looking for answers!

Experience 20: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Child) at New Delhi

Note: No phones and bags are allowed inside consulate. But there is locker facility available to put Mobile phones and Bags. But I saw people waiting 1 hour in a queue just to out mobile phones in a locker. I suggest you to not to take any mobile phones or bags to consulate.

Interview Questions in Delhi Consulate:

Give me your passport and I797B
What is ur current company name?
What do you do in current company?
How did you apply for this Job in US?
What are your Job duties in US?
What is ur salary in US?
Where will you work in US?
Do you work at client location?
Who is your client?
What does your client do?

Questions to my Wife :

How long you are married?
How old is your daughter?
Do u have any other kids who are not here.

Then, she gave us yellow slip and said, “I need to do little verification and processing and will send you mail if any more documents are required. I am going to keep your passports for now and you don’t need to come to consulate again for another interview. If you receive any mail regarding any additional documents then you need to submit those at consulate with this yellow slip.”

Yellow slip has “Administrative Processing” written at the end of the slip.

All in all, my interview went very smooth and we were in and out by 30 minutes. (As we have small kid, we skipped most of queues). For all other people it took around minimum of 2 hours for complete process.

Attended interview on 14th Dec.
Visa status changed to “Issued” on 15th Dec
By 17th December my passport was ready to pick up in Hyderabad.

Experience 21: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

Dec 14, 2:30 PM ( Allowed into queue only after 2 PM) : OFC 5-10 mins in and out

DS 160 confirmation page, Appointment confirmation and Passport
Switch off and carry your phone, no bags allowed
They verify documents, take fingerprints and take your picture.
Make sure they add barcode stickers to your passports, those will be scanned at CA

Dec 15, 9:30 AM: CA ~1:30 hours in and out No bags or phone allowed. Be prepared for line at locker facility and account for the time if dropping your belongings.
Reached around 8:15 AM and asked to go across the street for wait area and security check. Dropped phone at locker facility (50 per one device) and waited for time slot to be called.
Line for screening (security) – allowed into queue around 8:45 AM – took ~ 20 mins
Line for Passport barcode scan Line for security scan Wait at outer lobby – we can sit here and restrooms available – 10-15 mins Line at final document verification counter – passports, i-797,( fingerprints ) Wait at interview line (1 applicant ahead)
The wait times may vary as per appointment times.
Interviewer: Passport and i797
Is this your first time to US?
How long have you been married for?
Do you have kids?
Us Citizens?
Change of jobs/visa? (My case as per stamping is L1B to H1B and with different employer)
What do you do at xxx?
What is your salary?
Did you studied in US?
Where did you lived in US?
Do you like xxx city?
Took fingerprints
Your visa is approved

Experience 22: H1B at Mumbai

Interview appointment: Mumbai consulate 17 Dec 9.30 AM

I reached the consulate around 8.30 am. They checked my passport, ticked it, and let me in.

Inside, there was a large sitting area and I was waiting for another 30-40 mins and then walked into main office.

Me: Hello, Good morning
VO: good morning, Pass me your passport and I797 approval notice
Me: Did

VO: Who’s your employer? What does the company do?
Me: Answered

VO: Where is the company located?
How far do you stay from company?
How do you commute?
Me: Answered

VO: Do you have joining letter stating salary?
Me: I had it, passed it to him

He verified something in his computer, asked me to place fingers on biometric machine.

VO: your visa is approved, it should be ready in about a week.
Me: Thank you!

Overall, I felt like it was a casual conversation than QnA. Be confident and you should be fine. I saw all the applicants before me got their visa approved too:)

Experience 23: H1B at Kolkata

H4 to H1 convertion

Finger prints – Dec 12th(Mumbai)
Interview – Dec 14th(Kolkata)

Dec12th – Finger Prints Appt at 2.30 PM Mumbai, allowed to go in at 2 PM, verified DS160, Appt Confirmation letter and took Photos at OFC

Dec14th – 8.30 AM Visa Appt in Kolkata, allowed to go in at 8AM

DS160, appt confirmation letter, old and new passport, I797, Employment verification letter

What is you work location
Is your spouse also on H1B
where did you do your masters
Were you on F1 before
how long you been working for this employer
where do you live
what is your salary

Visa was approved

Passport received at home on Dec16th- 650 Rupees delivery charge

Experience 24: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Documents collected

Appointment confirmation page.
DS 160 confirmation page.
Current Passport.
Previous Passport.
Current I797 approval – Copy
Employment verification letter – Copyp
Current visa – Copy
2×2 Photo

DS 160 confirmation page
Current Passport
Previous Passport
H4 I-797 approval document – Copy
Primary applicant H1B approval – Copy
All previous H4 approval docs – Copies
Primay applicant Employment verification letter – Copy
2×2 Photo

Dec 14 – Passport dropped at VAC location New Delhi – asked only the documents mentioned in the appointment confirmation email
It took 20 mins as it was for both H1B and H4.
Dec 15 – Status showed as “Administrative Processing” in CEAC website.
Dec 16 – Status showed as “Issued”
Dec 17 – Status showed in CGI portal as “Passport received from consular and processing for delivery”
Dec 20 – Received all collected passports with visa stamped on current passport at home(Kerala) as I selected for premium delivery. Paid Rs. 650 per applicant upon delivery charge as mentioned in the cgi portal

Please carry latest photograph as they compare photo with all passport photos as well as prios stamped visa photos.
Carry all prior passports, they check it but they take the ones with prior US visas stamped along with current passport.
Stayed at The Park hotel near drop box location, its 10 mins walk away.

Experience 25: H1B at New Delhi

Fingerprint (VAC)

Location, date, and time: Delhi, December 17th and 12:00

I reached the location around 11:30 am. The security guard announced the time and arranged the queue.

There is a private locker facility and we can keep our laptop bag there. They charged around 200 INR for an hour I believe.

Documents we need:

  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • Appointment confirmation number
  • Passport.

It’s hardly a 5-7 minutes task. They take a picture and asked me to scan my fingers.


Location, date, and time: Delhi, December 21st and 8:30 am

I reached around 7:45 am and there is a waiting area where we can get a small locker to keep our mobile phones.

They charged 50 INR.

The guard announces slot times and we need to be in the queue.

There is further passport checking, and after that one more security checking.

Following that, I was asked to keep my I-797 A and passport ready. They confirmed.

I was asked to move ahead for an interview.

  • VO: Good morning
  • Me: Good morning
  • VO: pass your passport and I-797 A
  • Me: passed
  • VO: how long have you been working with this company?
  • Me: Answered
  • VO: who is your end Client?
  • Me: answered
  • VO: Did you get your master’s from the United States?
  • Me: yes, I got my masters from the US
  • VO: which university
  • Me: answered
  • VO: describe your role and responsibilities
  • Me: answered
  • VO: what’s your salary?
  • Me: answered
  • VO: I will keep your passport and you will get it within a week and take your I-797 A
  • Me: thank you and have a good day ahead.


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