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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from August 20th to August 26th, 2021

Below are User experiences for August 2021, starting from August 20th to August 26th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B + H4 (3) with CAP Exempt at New Delhi

Hi All, My Visa is approved . H1B+H4(3) Cap Exempt . Job transfer petition.
First of all I am thankful to this group where I got input at the right time.
While answering many questions and reading experiences I got a good understanding of the situation and whole process.
My visa was picked in the lottery in 2015 with one client (X), I did not choose to travel for 2 years. In 2017 I thought about moving to the USA.
But the project is available with a different client (Y)with whom I was working in India. Amendment was approved and moved to the USA in 2017.
I Was working with the same client for 2 years. Project got over. Clients asked to join their office instead of moving back to India or other clients.
My employer and client agreed and it was an easy employment transfer. I joined with the receipt number which turned out to be a big mistake.
My job transfer petition got denied during the Mr. Trump era. happened to many people. RFE on H1B specialty occupation.
Then My new employer asked to join the India office and promised to bring me back to the USA within a year. After that, the US government Changed and we wanted to wait for the right time. Then the corona pandemic started.
In the month of April 2021 they again applied for a Job transfer petition. received approval in just 4 working days !!.
Since the second wave in India is in peak condition I delayed the next proceedings. My attorney checked with me and if I want to travel they can request Expedited appointment with NIE. I wanted to wait. In June I started thinking and said to my employer I am ready.
Filled DS-160 with Hyderabad, paid fee started checking slots. It was a very frustrating month, always No Appointments.
Then I somehow got into Telegram, infact joined for vaccination alerts. Somehow I was able to join this group and Regular slots channel. I was reading experiences. Had a feeling Delhi and Kolkatha are good one to bet. also Hyderabad since it is home location.
One fine night around 9:30 PM to 10 PM, someone said there are slots available for 2nd Feb at Delhi consulate. I jumped on it and grabbed one for me.
Then I requested my Employer to provide a NIE justification letter, They said it may not work but no harm in trying. My manager, me and my attorney had several rounds of review and finally Prepared a letter. Took 2 weeks to formalize and come on to the letterhead. I used the knowledge I got from this in preparing a letter and applying for EA. i am still wondering why i did not choose Dropbox in the first place, i read that it was only 24 months. I may have answered wrongly and that turned out good. I got a chance to apply for EA and my elder son turned 14 years old so he can appear for an interview along with us. Otherwise he is not eligible for dropbox and he has to go for fingerprints and an interview alone.

I applied for EA on 16th July since my regular appointment was with New Delhi. It went to them. I applied under urgent business travel with an employer provided NIE justification letter (Communication sector – satellite communication ) and covaxin vaccination records. I explained in the description that I need to travel urgently as my company business is becoming normal after lockdown and clients need products earlier and we may lose business if we could not deliver ontime. There are few people who can work and more work. After 2 weeks on July 29th they approved my EA. I got slots for biometric 13th at Hyderabad and Consulate interview at Delhi on 18th August.

All of us, including a minor kid (8 years old ) went biometric , went well, Since it is our hometown it was easy .

Consulate Interview Experience:

I Travelled to Delhi on the 17th August afternoon and stayed at The Ashok hotel which is very near to the Embassy (1.1 KM)
On 18th August the appointment was at 9:40 AM. I reached there at 8:50 AM. Security asked to deposit electronic items outside of the embassy . Locker Kiosk available opposite the embassy , they charge Rs 50 for each item. Security check also at the same place.
9 AM I went into the consulate. Full crowd of F1 students. Was asked to sit row wise. 5 rows of seats. Interview time approached and asked them my appointment at 9:40 but they said that it is OK to wait in Q.
Then they asked Whole row to go inside. One lady was checking passports , I797 and fingerprints. This time I did not take my younger kid and only carried his documents. She asked Passport 2X2 photograph. I provided and she scanned luckily it seems OK.
Then asked to proceed to the consular interview area. One guy asked to sit there. There are around 5 VO counters. 4 people standing and waiting for their turn at each counter. I was hearing what VO was asking , what candidates were asking and the final result. At one counter (12) there is an Indo American lady who looks a little tough and rejected a few candidates(both F1 and H1). Thinking I should not go there. luckily when my turn came counter 13 was empty and the guy asked me to go there.
I felt relaxed and got a booster. VO was an American lady and she was approving almost every application . My confidence is boosting while I am approaching because all YES in front of me .
My Turn Came. I was ready with passports , I797 and NIE letter.

VO: Pass Your passports.
Me: Passed passports and explained my minor kid is not here.
VO: That is OK, please pass your I797
Me: Gave it
VO : Is it renewal?
Me: Yes ( i had doubts but said YES confidently, because it is H1B employment transfer not renewal).
But it is the same location and company. My current employer was my client earlier.
VO: Where do you live in the USA?
ME: said location
VO: Wow nice place (she seems familiar)
VO: Wanted to take biometrics of me and my dependents. Done.
VO: What does your company do?
ME: Explained Briefly in 3 to 4 sentences. added last line My company is a Charter member of the critical infrastructure -Communication sector committee.
She was acknowledging and typing . Seems she is convinced of what I said.
VO: What is your role?
ME: gave one word answer.
VO: What do you do in that capacity?
ME: Explained all my job duties and how important it is for my company.
Also i mentioned i need to access Hardware lab which is located in USA only to carry out my tasks.
VO: Typing and looking at something on the PC. Taking some time.
ME: Asked if she wants to check the Employer provided NIE justification letter.
VO: No I am good. Your visa is approved with NIE. You will get Email in one day.

Carry your I797 while travelling, All the best.
I Convey my gratitude to her. She smiled and said all the best.

She did not ask any question on my petition denial and also no question to my dependent. 2 years of Drama and Trauma ended.
Still my status shows Admin processing. I Hope I WIll get my passport by Tuesday (24th August).
Meanwhile booked tickets with Qatar airlines for 2nd September. Started looking for accommodation.
My Indian company division started my exit process and the US company division started invitation formalities.
All good so far. This group is awesome, helping me in finding a regular slot and process on EA.
While finishing this writeup I got NIE approval mail from the embassy for all of us.

Experience 2: H1B at Hyderabad

July 13 : Visa Interview (H1B)

VO did ask questions about role, company, salary, NIE letter etc. After interview she did tell me it’s going to be approved in 2-3 days.

July 13 : Status changed from refused to administrative processing ( same day of interview)

Sent couple of emails to consulate requesting update as it was more than 30 days and all I was getting was automated emails with generic answer.

August 19 : Status changed to issued.

Also I got a call from consulate immediately asking few questions again after status changed to issued about my role and some basic questions. Lady over phone asked my NIE letter to be sent which I did. Am thinking this call was to verify about the NIE. But finally after 40 days status changed to issued today.

Experience 3: H1B at New Delhi

My new, first time H1B was approved today with NIE at Delhi consulate. I had gotten a regular appointment after searching fir 3 weeks.
Interview experience:
I had my ds160 and i797 location as chennai but went to Delhi as I got my slot there.
Reached consulate at 8 am for 8.20 appointment. Did not carry phone or any bag – only documents.

Was second in line for the interview. Saw the guy ahead of me getting rejected for F1 visa. He was clearly not answering anything accurately. Then VO tells me to come forward.

VO – good morning how’re you?
Me – Good morning, doing well * passed my i797 and passport *
VO – so you’re here for H1B?
Me – yes
VO opens my passport and sees my previous F1 visa
VO – I see you were on F1 before. so did you work in US before ?
Me – yes I was on OPT
VO – so where and what is your work now ?
Me – I’m gonna be working as mechanical engineer at abc company ( my company is a energy and defence contractor)
VO – hmm okay. * Types something *
Me – do you want me to describe my job duties as well ?
VO – sure tell me that and also tell me what skills or experiences are you gonna be using here.
Me – * described in a decently detailed way my job duties, skills, my experience in this *
VO – okay can you tell me specifically what kind of products you are gonna be working on ?
Me – * described technical details about the product and used engineering jargons to specify the same *
VO – gotcha. Now I get it. * Types for a minute on his screen * so you are gonna be in energy sector from what you described right ?
Me – yes sir it’s in the energy department. I have an NIE letter with me if you wanna see.
VO – no that’s fine I believe you.

  • Types for couple more minutes *
    Okay your H1B is approved with NIE. You’ll receive your passport in a week. Have a good day.
    Me – thanks, you too.

Documents that I carried :

Passport, Appointment confirmation, Ds160 barcode page, I797, Nie letter

But at the end the only documents that was required was i797 and my passport nothing else.

Experience 4: H1B at Hyderabad

First time H1B VISA regular slot experience at Hyderabad
Biometrics on August 13th chennai
August 20(Today): H1B regular consulate appointment
Appointment time 9:30 but they called at 11:10 am
VO: Hi, good morning.
Me: Hi, a very good morning sir.
VO: Can I have your passport
VO: What is your salary?
VO: What is your role?
VO: Who is your petitioner?
VO: Do you work for client?
VO: Sir, you have to tell me reason for NIE exception.
Me: told and shown NIE letter from Employer.
VO: What is your higher degree of qualification?

Typed something and told congratulations your visa is approved and will receive email once it is ready for pickup

Experience 5: H4 at Kolkata

Biomatrics on: 3rd August, 2021
Interview Date : 4th August, 2021
Appointment Booked on 28 th April 2021
Appointment type : Regular
Ds160 submitted : 17 July 2021
Visa Received: 6th August

Interview Experience
The Visa Officer was very descent and polite

Me : Good Morning !
VO : Very Good Morning ! What’s you name ?
Me: Replied
VO: Give me your Passport.
Me: Passed
VO: Please Remove your masks
Me : Removed
(The VO verified my face with the passport)
VO: What is your Husband’s name?
Me: Replied
VO: Which Company does your Husband works for?
Me: Replied
VO: Pass me your Husband’s Visa documents and I797.
Me : Passed
VO : What kind of work does your Husband do at the U.S. Company ?
Me : Replied about his duty
VO: What is your date of marriage?
Me: Answered
VO: Okay !! Congratulations
Me: Thank you so much
VO: Was it a love or arrange marriage?
Me: Answered
VO: How did you meet your spouse ?
Me : Replied
VO: Is your Marriage registered?
Me : Yes , Should I give you the Marriage certificate?
VO: Yes ! Sure
(Passed him the Original Marriage Certificate)
VO: Do you have Wedding Photographs?
Me: Yes ( Passed him our wedding album)
(The VO was checking photographs and Smiled )
VO: Okay ..So, was it a small ceremony?
Me : Yes due to the pandemic situation we had a small ceremony (Registered Marriage) but we are supposed to get married socially soon
VO: So do you have Marriage Invitation Card?
Me: Yes !! Should I give it to you? (The Card was in my hand )
VO : No need . So ,When you both met ?
Me: Answered
VO: How?
Me: Replied
VO : Alright !! so you both need to spend time together ?(Smiled)
Me : Yes !
VO : Where is your Husband now?
Me : He is in India , Infact He came here with me waiting outside ..And I have the document of his NIE approval . Should I give it to you?
VO: Yes ! definitely
(Passed him the NIE Approval)
The VO took 2 minutes to check
VO : Okay !! Alright . Your Visa is Approved .
(The VO took my passport and returned all the other documents)
Me : Thank you so much sir
VO : Safe Travel 😊

Experience 6: H1B with 221g at Chennai

Visa Approved – Experience:
Background – I had H1B visa long back which got expired in 2017. Currently working in a company in India. My new fresh petition with a new US employer got selected in lottery in 2020.
April 12 – Attended consular interview in Chennai. Got 221g white slip for admin processing and passport retained by VO.
April 14 – Got back passport without stamp and 221g white slip asking for client letter stating my position is still available and the contract between vendor and client.
May 12 – responded to 221g in email to ChennaiH&L@state.gov as mentioned in the 221g slip with these docs – MSA doc and a letter from vendor stating that client will not provide any letter and confirming by position.
Sent follow up emails inquiring about my case status to ChennaiCIU@state.gov on June 1, June 17 and Jul 27.. Got standard response that my case is being processed under 221g. Case status remained refused in CEAC tracker all these days without any change in the date as well.
Jul 30 – Got email from Chennai consulate to submit my passport to the nearest VAC for further processing. Also the case status in CEAC tracker updated to Admin processing.
Aug 4 – Submitted my passport along with NIE request letter from employer at the Chennai VAC
No update in status or date for two weeks in the CEAC tracker after the passport submission.
Aug 18 – sent email to ChennaiCIU@state.gov inquiring my case status.
Aug 19 – got response from Chennai consulate that my visa is approved but still some additional required processing has to be done. case status in CEAC tracker remained Admin processing but date updated to Aug 19
Aug 20 – case status in CEAC tracker updated to Issued.
Aug 21 – passport delivered with visa stamp along with NIE annotation.

Note: I observed in my case that the consulate processes the VISA applications with 221g only when you keep following up with them regularly(atleast once in a week) else they just forget about ur application.. I did not follow up much and even after passport submission I waited 2 weeks to follow up.. if I had done the follow ups sooner, I would have gotten Visa approval sooner

Many ppl had been asking for sample nie request letter format.. I prepared the nie request letter myself on behalf of the employer based on various experiences posted in Redbus link, and got it signed by my employer.

Experience 7: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

April 7th – Interview. Got 221g YELLOW VO mentioned his system is not working.
April 14th – Returned passport with BLUE 221g asking for client letters and few other project related docs with employer letter.
June 23rd – Submitted docs
July 24th – Got email to submit passport with NIE letter.
Aug 2nd – Submitted NIE with passport
Aug 7th – Returned passport and again got 221g YELLOW slip asked to submit vendor and client letters along with passport in VAC.
Aug 12th – Submitted docs along with passport at VAC.
Aug 18th – Status changed to ISSUED.

NOTE: I haven’t done amendement after changing client with in same MSA. Produced all the new client letters Updated LCA to new client.

At some point of time I lost hope after getting 3 221g’s but Stay positive guys be strong.

Experience 8: H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Hi everyone, glad to share the news that my visa got approved with NIE annotation.

08 Aug, 2021 – Book dropbox slot
17 Aug, 2021 – Attended dropbox appointment at Delhi consulate
20 Aug, 2021 – Received NIE approval email
21 Aug, 2021 – Received passport with Visa

The dropbox appointment process was super easy and smooth. Though I went to the appointment center in Delhi by 1.30 pm, they let me join the line and I was waiting till 2 pm in the line only. At 2.10 pm the security guard verified the documents and sent me in. The visa officer called me around 2.14 pm and verified all my documents, returned me unnecessary documents and then said (with a mile on her face) that the process for today is done and I may go.

I double checked the following with her – Do I need to email my husband’s NIE approval letter to the consulate.
Answer: It is not mandatory but if you want to, you can email.

Overall, I was shocked with the processing time and happy as well.

If you have anyone accompanying you, please ask them to enter via Shivaji Stadium Metro Station (same place where Visa office is situated) and wait in the metro station area rather than waiting in the buring heat outside.

Request you to choose Delhi consulate if it suits you and if you need your visa to be processed soon.

Experience 9: H1B + H4 with 221g at New delhi

Visa Status: Issued


April 19th 2021: Dropbox at Chennai
April 29th 2021: Received 221g to appear for in person interview after regular operations resume
June Last Week: Filled new DS 160 and paid fees.
June 29th 2021: Got appointment for Feb 2022. Requested for EA under Urgent business travel. EA approved on same day.
July 19th 2021:VAC Appointment in Delhi
August 2nd 2021:Interview at Delhi.
Visa approved for both H1B+H4 along with NIE after interview. Received NIE approval mail for both of us after few hours after interview.

For H1B:
August 3rd 2021: Visa Issued
August 4th 2021: Passport received

For H4:
August 2nd to August 19th: Administrative processing
August 20th 2021: Visa Issued
August 21st 2021: Passport received

Experience 10: H4 Regular at Hyderabad

Ds160 – Chennai
VAC & Consular appointments – HYD

  • Not needed to change the DS160 to HYD just to match the location unless you don’t have any error correction required

22nd Aug – VAC HYD

My Reporting time – 8:00 AM

  • The security inside the consular building took my passport to move my DS160 from Chennai to HYD ( hardly 10 min)
  • 08:05 AM got into a queue for 8 AM slots , It was fast moving
  • Got counter 14 ( only 3 counters were operating)
  • VO : She is very polite and precise

Questions Asked :

  1. Which Visa I am applying for
  2. How long I am married
  3. Asked to show the Marriage Certificate and gone through all of the pages until she see the Digitally/hand signature of Registrar
  4. Asked to show Marriage photographs
  5. Where is he working
  6. When was his last travel to India
  7. Asked for his NIE, and asked to show his NIE approval
  8. Asked for Photographs ( Said the VAC didn’t took it properly)

She stepped out from her seat and called another person to check my photograph issue, later asked me to go to another counter to talk to him. Gave my ds160 & passport and come back once that was done

In another counter( #10) – He asked when was my VAC , and Was my photographs recent. ( Hardly 5 min) He given back my ds160 & Passport to asked to go to same counter (#14) again.


  1. VO welcomed back and asked my passport
  2. Told – I am keeping your passport to check for the NIE annotation, you can check the status. Good day.

I hope they are approving my Visa.

Suggestion – Please get your printed 2×2 photographs with you as the one taking during VAC is a mess in HYD, I carried those in last rush as some faced the same issues.

Experience 11: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi (USC Kid)

H1B/H4 Dropbox experience with USC kid:
Booked appointments on Aug 7th for Delhi VAC on Aug 10th at 10 am. Reached there at 9:30 am. They allowed me earlier. I was out by 9:55 am.
Documents submitted:

  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. DS160 confirmation for h1/H4
  3. 1 photo per applicant. They rejected my photo but luckily I had 2nd set of photos which they accepted.
  4. Passports
  5. Photocopy of principal applicant I797 ( one for each applicant)
  6. Position confirmation letter (one for each applicant)
  7. Cover letter for US kid along with birth certificate and US passport copy ( one for each applicant)
  8. Copy of I797 for H4 extension

Status update:
Aug 10: No status
Aug 11: Application received
Aug 12: Administrative processing
Aug 20: Issued.
I am waiting for passport pickup email now.

Experience 12: H1B at Chennai

First time visa interview experience at Chennai consulate Aug-17-2021:

VO was Indian around 55+
VO – good morning
me – good morning
VO – Give me your passport
VO – Who is your petitioner ?
me – answered
VO – Can I see your i797
Me – sure sir. I also given i129 + LCA copy in a booklet manner
VO – Where will you be working in USA ?
me – answered
VO – What is your designation in USA ?
me – answered
VO – What is your designation in India ?
me – answered
VO – What is your salary in USA ?
me – answered
VO – What xxx client does ?
me – answered
VO – What actually you are working for xxx client? Explain in details about your work ? [This is the question to mark my NIE category]
me – answered and explained about my importance in USA and for the client.
VO – How many years you are with current employer ?
me – answered
VO – How long do you work for xxx client ?
me – answered
VO – Do you have the client letter ?
me – I told “NO” and given Master Service Agreement (MSA) Copy
VO – Is there any middle vendor in between your employer and xxx client ?
me – answered
VO – Your visa is approved and you will receive the passport soon. Also given blue colour approved slip.
me – Thank you sir

20th Aug I have received my passport through premium delivery to my address with NIE annotation.

Experience 13: H1B + H4 at Hyderabad

17th – Hyderabad VAC
20th – Hyderabad Consular

Hyderabad VAC – they allowed inside only before 15 mins of the appointment.

Hyderabad Consular – 11am appointment – arrived 1 hour before the appointment. Since they’re were no crowd they allowed us at 10am. There were only 3 to 4 counters so the queue was moving slow.

VO was a middle aged American

Vo : good morning
Can I have your passports
You two are recently married?
where did you two meet?
when did you get married?
Can I see your marriage certificate?
Can I see you photo album? Can I see more pictures?
How many were present at your wedding?

who is your employer ?
What is your role ? (Some more questions related to role)
How long did you work there?
Where did you do your masters? What is your degree?
What is you base pay?
Explain how you qualify for NIE?
Did not see the NIE letter.

I am adding you to the NIE list, Since I don’t have the authority to approve it, once it is approved you’ll get your passport in a few days.

Experience 14: H1 + H4 (Spouse+Kids) at New Delhi

Hi all,
Just wanted to quickly share my drop box stamping experience at New Delhi for myself(H1 – direct employee) and wife(H4) and kids(H4); it was an H1B extension stamping based on approved I-140; I was in India since last 2 years (was in US before that):
I had 2 appointments – 1st for myself and my wife on Aug 3 and 2nd for my kids on Aug 13; both in New Delhi.
Aug 3: Dropbox appointment for myself and wife. Dropped our documents
Aug 4: Application received
Aug 5/6: Refused
Aug 7: Received passports with 221g asking to come for interview at new Delhi any day before 10am
Aug 9: My wife and I went for f2f interview. The lady on the other side asked basic questions like highest degree, what does my company do, salary. She confirmed that visa is approved
Aug 11: Issued
Aug 12: Received our stamped passports with NIE annotation (via premium delivery to Bangalore)
Aug 13: Dropbox appointment for my kids. Submitted both my kid’s documents
Aug 17: Application received
Aug 18/19: Administrative processing
Aug 20: Issued
Aug 21: Received kids stamped passport with NIE annotation (via premium delivery to Bangalore)

Experience 15: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata (USC Kid)

Case: Dropbox experience at Kolkata. H1B extension, having USC kid but USC kid and family are in US

Aug 20th (Fri) – Submitted all the documents as per the checklist, with NIE exception cover letter along with USC kids birth certificate and passport.

  1. Also mentioned in the letter that I travelled on emergency (mentioned my specific reason of dad passed away) and have to travel back to rejoin family.
  2. My photo was not accepted but not to be worried as they direct us to nearest studio and says that have time till 4:00 PM to come back
  3. Carry umbrella as it’s rainy season and if you have to wait in rain outside the consulate office

Aug 23 (Mon): MOrning status changed to “Application Received” and evening it changed to “Issued”

Experience 16: H1B + H4 (Wife+Kids) at Chennai

Consulate: Chennai
First Time H1B. H1 + H4 (Wife and 2 Kids) and No US travel history.

Interview Date: 09-Apr-2021
Apr, 09: Received 221g asking MSA, Itinerary, Employer Tax Returns.
Apr, 22: Submitted the requested documents at Chennai VAC.
Apr, 26: received another 221g to submit client letter.
Apr, 28: submitted client letter via email.
Jun, 15: Sent follow-up email. No reply.
Jun, 30: Sent follow-up email. No reply.
Jul, 12: Received email to submit the passport.
Jul, 23: Submitted passport with NIE request letter at Chennai VAC.
Aug, 13: Sent follow-up email. Received generic reply.
Case status remains refused with no date change.
Aug, 23: Status changed to “Administrative Processing” for all (H1+3 H4)
Aug, 24: Status changed to “Issued” for all (H1+3 H4)

Hopefully, I will receive the passports in the next few days.

Lessons learned:

  • Give some time for the consulate to process your case.
  • Never give up your confidence.
  • Everything will be alright when the time comes.
  • Do follow-up at least 1 a week if you are waiting for a long.

In my case, I noticed, they started looking at my case only after I sent follow-up emails.

Experience 17: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Kolkata

My Dropbox experience at Kolkata on the 19th.

Had an appointment at 10:00 am. Was let inside at 5 mins before the time. Had to wait for 15 mins before they called me in. You can keep your bag in the hallway at your risk. Also they allow a switched off cellphone with you.

NOTE: If they send you back for visa photo issue I would recommend “AR Digital” on Sarat Bose Road. They are fast and have no issues with their photos the last two times. They are also pretty near to the VAC.

19th – No Status
20th – Application Received
23rd – Refused
24th – Administrative Processing
24th – Issued

No USC kid. And had submitted NIE letter from my employer.

Experience 18: H1B with EA, NIE at New Delhi

Originally had appt for Feb 2022 in Delhi. Got this appointment in June 2022. Requested EA citing Urgent Business Travel on June 30. Provided employer letter. Got EA approval end-July. Booked appt for mid-August.

At the Delhi consulate, 9am appointment. Line moved rather quickly.

VOC: Please provide passport
VOC: Are you aware of NIE restrictions?
Me: Yes, I have NIE letter. Can I provide?
VOC: No keep it. Where did you study?
VOC: Where do you work?
VOC: Job title and salary
VOC: Explain why NIE
Me: Explained that I do research with Census Bureau (hence govt facility). Again indicated that I have NIE letter but they seemed to want to listen to my own explanation than to see the NIE letter
VOC: Visa approved with NIE

Got my passport about 5 days later.

Some things I feel might be influencing. Take these with a pinch of salt as they are based on anecdotal experiences and information.

  1. Seems like receiving EA approval with H1B is a good sign. It seems like consulates are more interested in processing NIE eligible H1Bs for EA
  2. It seems like Mumbai has been quite notorious with EA. Delhi seems to be better in this regard from my own strawpolling.

Experience 19: H1B at New Delhi

I’m on my 5th year h1b and Came to india in April and had Dropbox in Hyderabad in April but got 221g due to PP and checked with Hyderabad embassy for month and didn’t get any response.
So I filled out a new DS 160 on August 5th and got a January 2022 appointment in Delhi and raised an EA on August 12th with employer provided NIE letter and self drafted NIE explanation and got the EA approval on 16th and rescheduled my appointment to 22nd and 23rd and interview questions asked.

  1. Passport and I797 please.
  2. What’s your employer name.
  3. What’s your role and what do you do in that role and I mentioned my role and responsibilities and I mentioned I fall under critical IT providing services for TeleCommunications sector.
  4. Salary
  5. Your visa is approved.
  6. Asked about NIE and he said you’ll get NIE approval in the mail in 24 hours and you’ll get your passport in 48 hours if you are picking up in Delhi embassy.
    No questions asked about 221g in Hyderabad and VO didn’t take or look at my NIE letter.

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Time line: visa issued Delhi Dropbox
January 5th 2021- Chennai Dropbox
January 12 – recived 221g need to update client letter (unfortunately my client update we won’t provide client letter)
February 3rd week long stay in India client terminated position.
April employer withdraw my H1b application because I am in USA soil (White employer)
June 1st week went H1b transfer CAP-Exempt and it’s got approved June 4th petition went and 6th got approved like 🚀 not even day.(new employer)
June 10th reached to old employer attorneys requested them to sent a mail to us consulate general Chennai withdraw my 221g because our company no longer engaged with beneficiary and we got e-mail from us consulate June 15th from consulate stating that administrative closed my visa application in their records.
Got Dropbox appointment on august 19th Delhi.
19th afternoon dropped documents
24th went to admin
25th morning got NIE approved mail and afternoon got issued..
Note: My last visa expired on September 2020.. and my COS happened on November 2019 (F1-H1b)

Experience 21: H4 at Hyderabad

Biometric Chennai – August 11th
Visa interview Hyderabad – August 18th

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning
Vo: Are recently married?
Me: Answered
Vo:Show me your marriage certificate and pics
Me: given
Vo: For which company your Husband is working for?
Vo: Show me your husband NIE and where is he right now?
Vo:Typed or searched something in system
Vo:Am approving your NIE
Me:Thank you
Vo:Am holding your passport
Vo:You can leave
Me: In how many days can I expect my passport?
Vo: with in a week
Me:Thank you

August 18: Refused
August 19: Refused
August 20: Adminstrative processing
August 24: Issued

August 24 – got am email for passport pick up
Collected the passport.
Got visa with NIE annotation.

Experience 22: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Hi all, here is my Dropbox experience at Delhi based on employer NIE letter.

Dropped documents on Aug 18th
Appointment was for 2pm, they let me in by 1:30pm. Items allowed inside backpack, documents, Apple Watch, mobile phones etc, items which weren’t allowed Bluetooth devices such as Apple AirPods

Documents asked – Passport, latest I797, Employment verification letter, Employer NIE letter, Passport size photo(took the photos at photo studio opposite to Shivaji metro stadium), Appointment confirmation, DS-160 confirmation

Application received – 8/19
Administrative processing – 8/20
Received NIE approved email – around noon on 8/24
Issued – around 3pm on 8/24

Note – Requested for NIE approval with my previous valid visa stamp at HYD, it’s been more than a month and no response from them yet.

Experience 23: H1B at New Delhi

First Time Stamping Experience:

Got the appointment in 2nd week of Aug, 2021.
Mumbai: Biometric 22nd Aug 2021 1:00pm
Delhi: Interview 25th Aug 2021 8:20am

Reached the VAC center by 12pm. It was quite empty. No queue.
Carried only DS160, Passport, Appointment letter in a file, with some 💵
They verify the docs and later they take photo and scan fingerprints and ask to verify name and dob.
They put a barcode sticker at the back of your passport.
Took 10 mins overall.

Interview: Carried only docs and cash in a file.
Reached there by 8:10. They weren’t allowing in yet. They opened at 8:20am and let people enter acc to their slots.
There is a screening across the road where they do a security check.
After that I proceeded to the embassy entrance.
There is a counter where they scan the sticker at the back, and asked me to wait in the line.
After that I went inside they checked my passport and i797A and sent me to the a nearby counter.
The guy in front of me was for f1 visa and was rejected. Upon my turn, with the greetings, the lady (VO) asked for my passport and i797A.
Questions asked:

  1. Do you work for the same employer as mentioned in the petition?
  2. What is your salary?
  3. What is your job title?
  4. What is your job role?
  5. When did you graduate?
  6. What is your work location?
  7. Who are your customers?
    Mentioned all fed agencies that I work with.
    She told Im approving your visa with National Interest Exception, you would receive the passport in a week.

I had all the docs including NIE letter by company, EVL, etc, but nothing was asked.

Experience 24: H1B at Hyderabad

Hi all, I have successfully completed my H-1B first time stamping interview today.

Biometrics completed on 24 Aug at Hyderabad Consulate.

H1 interview on 26 august 2021 Hyderabad consulate

Reached 1 hr prior to the appointment time and stood in line and they are sending attendees every 10-15 mins inside

Need DS160 confirmation and passport for verification at the gate and once verified will be sent inside.

Wait time inside is approximately 20-30 mins.

After that i have sent to stand at the VO counter.

My interview questions:

Handed over passport for verification

No other docs asked.

Who is your employer?
How long have you been working with them?
Who is your client?
What is your role?
What is your work location?
Are you working from home?
What are your roles and responsibilities and
Why do you think you are eligible for NIE?

At last she said I will recommend you for NIE and once approved we will share the passport.

Experience 25: H1B at Hyderabad

First time H1-b (previously on OPT) interview experience, Hyderabad consulate.
Date 18th August
2 people applying for an F1 visa rejected in front of me. Didn’t see any apparent reason for rejection. So was a little nervous.
VO: Give me your employer letter
Me: Gave her my petition letter and NIE letter from manager on company letterhead
VO: I still don’t see the employer letter
Me: Stares back with a blank expression. After a while say it’s the petition and NIE letters.She shuffles through a little bit and finds what she was looking for in the second page.
VO: Basic questions about my education and where I live.
Me: answered
VO: I’m going to recommend an NIE. If there’s any problem we will contact you.
As I’m leaving she says, my daughter works at the same place.

August 24th: Administrative processing
August 27th: Issued


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