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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from April 6th to June 30th, 2023

Below are User experiences starting from April 6th to June 30th, 2023 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

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Experience 1: H4 with In Person Interview at Chennai

Biometrics: April 3rd, 2023

Interview: April 4th, 2023

Location: Chennai

But firstly – I had my biometrics yesterday which was done in 10 mins.. I had my child with me and so I was guided straight to the counter..

Interview Day:

In and out in half an hour

Question 1: can I have your passports?
(I provided both mine and my child’s passports)..

She asked me to go to the counter number 18, I went there, stood there for like 3 mins, the officer called, took our passports and scanned my child’s photo.
Then, I came back to the same counter.. She asked again for our passports and my husband’s H1B visa copy.. provided both..

Question 2: What have you studied?
Answer: Answered

Question 3: Can I see your marriage certificate copy?
Answer: Sure (and provided her the copy)

Lastly, she asked me to keep my fingers on the fingerprint machine to which I did

Finally, she said those golden words – You will get your passports in a week’s time..

I said Thank You and left the counter happily

If you have your toddler/baby with you, they will help you to get to the counter.. no need to wait in line

Experience 2: H1B+H4(Spouse+2 Kids) with Dropbox at Chennai

Appointment Date: March 27th 2023

Location: Chennai

Appointment Time : 12-45 PM. Allowed inside Chennai VAC at 1.45 PM

Allowed only primary applicant to submit the documents instead of all 4.

Status: Passport is with Embassy / Consulate

Email received on 4th April 2023

Status: Passport is ready for pickup

Documents submitted:

  1. DS 160 of all applicants
  2. Appointment confirmation
  3. All I 797 documents copies
  4. Passports (which are having exising US stamped Visas)
  5. Marriage Certificate
  6. Employment Verification Letter / Position Confirmation letter – Submitted client letter also along with that letter
  7. Applicant Photos

Issues observed for others:

1) Submitting the Old DS 160 beyond an year old
2) Passport photos were not carried

My Observations:

1) Due to the flexibility of dropbox option(Book the appoinment anywhere and drop the documents anywhere), could expect to see more inflow of the applicants in a given day and for a particular time slot.
2) Processing time also gets delayed due #2
3) Submitting the documents at the same appointment location may speedup the process.

Experience 3: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Chennai

Appointmet Date: 24th March, 2023

Location: Chennai

Documents asked:

1. Copy of my I-797 (new + any older if available; mine is new H1b but I had changed company after getting H1b, so they asked for the prev employer I797 as well)

2. My employment verification letter from my employer

3. Marriage certificate copy

4. My DS-160 confirmation page

5. Appt confirmation copy (common for both me and spouse, since it is the same appt – check whether the barcodes show both your and your spouse’s DS160 numbers though)

6. My US visa size photograph

7. Spouse’s DS-160 confirmation page

8. Spouse’s photograph (US Visa – 2in x 2in)

9. My passport

10. Spouse’s passport

Please remember – no spectacles must be worn when taking photograph for US visa – my friend had a scare since he had his specs on.

Timeline with status in CEAC website:

– Dropped off on 24th March afternoon (CEAC website will show ‘No Status’ until next step)

– ‘Application received’ on 28th

– ‘Approved’ on 30th

– ‘Issued’ on 3rd April (Available for pickup email recd on the same day evening)

– Picked up on 4th April

Specifically speaking about Chennai VAC – you can go an hour earlier than your appt time, they seem to let you in. If you are missing some documents, or have a wrong document dont worry. They give you a chance to go out, get things fixed, as long as it is not the end of day yet. You MUST drop off on the date of your appt; time delay due to errors/omissions seem to be okay as they ask you to come again with correct stuff if required.

Humble suggestion: have ALL documents scanned and uploaded in your personal drive. If you think you might need it, scan it. If you think something is related to immigration/visa, scan it. Anything that you think may help your case, scan it.

The Chennai VAC has a shop with copier, print out and photograph facilities downstairs and multiple shops in that same street; my two cents though – dont plan to use them on purpose, be fully prepared with document copies as much as you can. Use the checklist provided at the end of your appt confirmation. If it is listed, you’ll need it.

Use these facilities in case of emergencies, cuz things happen and that is okay.

Good luck!

Experience 4: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Appointment Date : 06 April 2023.

Reporting time : 8:50 am.

Location: Mumbai

Reached US embassy office at 7:35 am, got to know in sometime at 8:00 am by security guy that Bag is not allowed inside, only mobile is allowed to keep in locker, we got bit scared as our slots 8:50am were already called to be in queue for verification.

Some how we managed to convince one of our friend who stays near by to come and pick our bag, we able to do that by 8:40am , at that point 9:30 am slots were called to be in queue.

Thanks to my friend who helped us on that day.

Submitted mobile :- Rupee 50/- per mobile.

Lesson learned :- Don’t carry bag for the interview, carry only your documents if you don’t have any accompany with you during the interview.

Went inside the embassy, waited there for 30 min in queue, got documents verified and biometric validation

Then again waited for final interview for 45 mins in the queue, finally the time came to face the last battle.

Got the counter 27, Seems to be lucky, coz 27 is my day of birth, it was a day of hanuman jayanti , which represents mangal planet and 9 represents mangal, my astrologer and numerological mind gave me indication, its a approval now.

Below questions asked:

Question 1. Please give your document.

Answer :- Gave (Passport , I797, Offer letter, Cover letter, Marriage certificate, DS160)

Question 2 :- For what role your are going.

Answered in brief.

Question 3 :- Total years of experience and how much with current company.


Question 4 :- how you got this opportunity.


Question 5 :- When you guys got married( Asked to my wife ).


Finally golden words

Your visa is approved you can work in US

Thank you everyone, be prepared and be confident while giving answers.

Experience 5: H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Appointment Date: 4th March, 2022

Location: New Delhi


  • Last H1 and H4 visa stamped in April 2017 and expired in Feb 2019
  • H1 and H4 in US since 2017
  • 2 Employer changes. One in August 2017 and another in March 2023.
  • Both employment fulltime and US based company.
  • Only H4 went for stamping without H1 in April 2023. H1 in US.

Dropbox Location : New Delhi, India

DropBox timeline :

• Documents Dropped: 04/03/2022

• Application Received : 04/05/2022

• Visa Approved : 04/07/2023

• Visa Issued : 04/10/2023

• Passport Picked up : 04/12/2023

Documents Provided : (Regular ones)

• Expired Visa Copy (H1 and H4)

• Recent and Current I797 Approvals (H1 and H4 Extensions)

• Employment Verification Letter

• Marriage Certificate

• Old/New Passports

• DS160 confirmation

• Appointment Confirmation

Note: We also prepared a cover letter explaining why H1 does not have valid visa (based on some posts here and experience from a friend), but it was given back during drop off and said not required.

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Appointment Date: March April 2023

Location: Mumbai

About myself – Senior SE in FAANG. H1B Renewal done previosuly as well but they were all of biometrics/Interview type. First time doing it as a dropbox

H1 Dropbox Timeline:
Appointment, Dropbox, Pickup Location – Mumbai
1. Submitted following documents at Mumbai VAC – 31st March
– DS-160 confirmation
– Appointment confirmation
– Employment verification letter
– Copy of Current I-797 (I got previous I-797 as well but they did not take)
– Passport
– 2 Photos
2. Application received – 5th April
3. Approved – 9th April
4. Issued – 11th April
5. Picked up passport – 17th April (Bring BOTH original and copy of indian identity proof for pickup)
Update : Adding links to check visa status and passport tracking
Check VISA status:
1. https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=NIV
Use DS-160 Case number for tracking the VISA status

Experience 7: H1B with In Person Interview, 221g at Chennai

Jan 12 – 2023: VAC, Chennai for Biometrics

Jan 13 – 2023: In Person interview attended with Spouse and kid

VO – Good Afternoon

Me – Good Afternoon

VO – Can you please hand over Passports and I797

Me – Handed over

VO – How do you know your employer

Me – Through an Acquaintance

VO – Where are you going to stay

Me – Mentioned the address

VO – collected my passports and asked me to wait for sometime

After 15 mins, they called my name

At another counter, another person appeared now and asked where are you going to work employer or client

Me – Clients place

VO – Who is your client

Me – Answered

VO – Do you have any client letter

Me – handed over

Before he asked me, I mentioned that my client’s address is different from LCA and the letter I provided and also mentioned the reason that they shifted recently and the distance between the old and new address is just 1.8 miles which falls under the same MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area)

He verified something and asked me to wait for a few more mins.

After 10 mins, they called me and sent me to the 1st VO.

VO – She asked my spouse (Are you his wife)

my wife – Yes Officer.

VO – What are your qualifications

my wife – mentioned the qualifications

Then she took fingerprints of all 3 of us and then returned our passports with 221G White slips and mentioned that no documents are required at this time.

In the future, if you receive an email, please drop your passports at the nearest VAC locations, and don’t need to take an appointment once again.

We left thinking about what went wrong and didn’t find any.

I lost hope and forgot that interview and started concentrating on my regular work.

After exactly 3 months i.e. on 12th April 2023, I received an email asking me to submit my passports at any of the 5 VAC centers along with my dependents.

On the 18th, I dropped my passports at Chennai VAC along with my dependents.

On the 20th all 3 of our statuses are changed to Approved (earlier it is refused)

On the 21st of April, my dependent’s status changed to Issued and mine changed to Application received (I wondered why this happened) but the same day evening, my status again changed to Approved, and my dependents showed as Issued.

On the 22nd (Saturday) of April, I got a call from the courier saying that 2 passports are ready to deliver this afternoon. please be at home. I received my dependent’s passports with visa stamped but mine is still in approved status

22nd and 23rd are weekends, Today i,e, on the 24th my status also changed to issue, and when checked in the CGI portal saying

“Passport had been received from consular section and is currently being processed for delivery”

Hope, I receive my passport tomorrow.

Experience 8: H1B+H4(Spouse+2 Kids) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Finally it’s my turn to share the experience, listen the golden words “your visa is Approved”.

VAC: 30 Apr 2023

VO: 1st May 2023

VAC experience:

Document carried

1. VAC Appointment Confirmation

2. DS-160 confirmation

3. Passports

4. Photos (2*2) only for kids age below 14

There is no time consideration who ever go early they will be allowed inside. I suggest please go as early as possible.

Note: On Sundays VAC will be opened from 1PM.

VO interview:

Documents carried:

1. VAC Appointment Confirmation

2. DS-160 confirmation

3. Passports

4. I797B

5. Offer letter

6. Client letter

7. LCA

8. I-129

My slot is 10:50AM

Reached embassy by 8:30 AM

They allowing every one inside without looking at the timings,

I have observed one thing, if the crowd is less we no need to bother about timings..

Please try reach the vac center as early as possible who have the early slots before 11AM.

I was not carried any mobiles went directly to the queue.

1. security check

2. Verified just passports

These 2 are outside the embassy

Now I entered into embassy after passport verification.

Now We have a three step process inside the embassy

Step1: There are 5 counters and they will check passports only here and ask us to move to counter number 6 or 7.

Step2: In counter number 6 and 7 they will take the biometrics. For h1b applicant they will ask us to keep the left hand and for H4 they will ask us to keep the right hand. For children’s there is no biometric required here. After this biometric process they will ask us to move to other queue which is step 3.

Step3: in step 3 we have to wait for a VO counter, there are some staff inside, they are assigning us to move to particular counter and there are around 14 counters. we have waited for almost 20-30 minutes for my turn to come and we are moved to counter number 16. In the counter number 16 there is a male VO officer.

Me: Good morning Officer.

VO: please pass your passports.

Me: passed all my four passports.

VO: Pass I797B

Me: shared I797B

VO: Is XX your employer.

Me: yes

VO: are you working for in-house or end client

Me: End client

VO: who is your end client

Me: abc

VO: what does your employer do

Me: Technical Recruiting, IT consulting services and outsourcing.

VO: what is your roles and responsibilities

Me: I explained about, what I will do in project whether it is like creating architectures preparing the technical design documents and what technology stack I have and how that will be advantage to the position offered.

VO: asked my wife how long you been married

H4: x years

VO: where you will be staying in US

H4: some place

VO: finally heard the golden words Your visa is approved and you will have the same rights as the US Citizen and you will receive the passports in 7 days.

Experience 9: H1B with In Person Interview, 221g at New Delhi

Date of petition approval: 23rd Sep 2022

Interview at Delhi Consulate: 18th Nov 2022

Received 221g blue slip for additional documentation related to Project

Documents submitted by employer: 17th Feb 2023

Mailed Delhi consulate for status update: 16th April 2023

Received email for passport submission: 20th April 2023

Submitted passport at Hyderabad VAC: 24th April 2023

Status changed to Administrative processing: 27th April 2023

Status changed to Approved: 28th April 2023

Status changed to Issued: 1st May 2023

Received mail to collect stamped passport: 3rd May 2023

Few observations from my experience:

  • if no response after 2 months , mailing consulate & asking for status might be helpful
  • keeping in touch with other ppl with similar 221g slips in this group extremely helpful to estimate timeline
  • when additional docs asked better to request employer to submit docs without delay( in my case lot of time lost because of that)
  • most importantly, if you are making a genuine application with a dependable & genuine employer & receive 221g, dont lose hope, you will definitely get your visa.

Experience 10: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Location: New Delhi

Inhouse project, Consultancy

Biometric Date: 27thApril 2023

Interview Date: 28th April 2023

Appointment Time: 09:30 AM

Reached the location by 09.00AM

After document verification and biometric I was in the interview que.

Interview conversation:

Me: Good Morning officer.

VO: Good Morning! Please handover your passport, I-797

Me: Shared the documents.

VO: What are you going to work on in this company?

Me: Answered but interrupted by the officer before even completing the answer

VO: Have you been to US before?

Me: Yes officer. Twice. Mentioned the date and visa type.

VO: Your Visa is refused! We are keeping your passport. You don’t have to come back again and handed over a yellow slip with 221-G (Administration processing)

Me: I came outside with a heavy heart.

Interview lasted at least for 15-20 minutes for people who went before me whereas mine lasted not more than 2 minutes.

Visa status on CEAC (state.gov)

28thApril – Refused

29thApril – Refused (Saturday)

30thApril – Refused (Sunday)

1stMay – Approved

2ndMay – Issued

4th May – Received passport with visa 😊

Thanks so much everyone for posting your questions and experiences here. It has helped me a lot in clearing most of query and prepare well for the visa interview.

Experience 11: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

Location : Mumbai

Current Status: Waiting for passport with issued H1B Visa

Note: my H1B Petition got approved in 2021 when I was in the US, I traveled to India in 2023 to get my h1b stamping done

April 11: Dropped off documents at the Mumbai VAC center ( for Mumbai consulate )

Note: They asked for my i797-A copy, 2 photographs, employment verification letter or EVL, DS-160 confirmation page, Appointment letter, passport

April 14: Application Received
April 27: Refused

Note: At this stage, I wasn’t sure if my visa application was actually refused or not, but when I checked the CGIPortal it said my passport was getting prepared to be sent to pickup location so I was sure refusal was the only possibility

May 1: Passport Ready For Pickup
May 2: Picked up passport from premium pickup location at Kochi

Note: I got a 221(g) notice along with my passport saying that I can show up for an interview at the Mumbai consulate any working day between 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM. It also asked me to bring one document, my birth certificate

May 4th: Attended interview at Consulate

Note: I showed up at 9:30, and they allowed me in so it seems like we don’t have to be there between 10:30 to 11 exactly. They also allow non-transparent folders. They also have a minimal locker thing, where you can drop off small items like a cell phone and other electronics if you pay Rs 50 in cash right before you enter the building.

The actual interview was a little stressful. They put me in line with other 221(g) people, so it was a small line. They took multiple fingerprints, I had to go to 3 counters. The last counter was where they actually took my interview. Turns out the reason why they wanted my birth certificate was because my F1 Visa stated an incorrect birthplace whereas the rest of my documents, like my passport and my H1B DS-160 form, showed the actual birthplace. The birth certificate made them happy. They also asked me for my LCA, and asked me what my job position, was and where my physical location was. Afterward, they said my visa was approved and I can expect my passport in a week.

May 4: Approved

Note: I checked the CEACTracker website that changed from “Refused” to “Approved” almost immediately after my interview. As of now, May 5th, it’s still in “Approved” status.

Hashtags for easy searching: #visa #h1b #first-time #birth-certificate #mumbai #dropbox #interview #221g #refused #approved #kochi #lca #reinterview #f1 #student #f1-to-h1b #transparent #locker #phone

Experience 12: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Location: Chennai

Date: 8th May 2023

Reached consulates at 8.15am for 9am time slot. Shown the passport and 221g form to get in to the consulate.
VO asked below Questions:
⁃ Pass me ur passport, I-797 forms
⁃ Then he asked few questions like who is ur client, how long you are working with current employer, are you married , do u have children ?
⁃ Then he asked , LCA and &129 forms.
⁃ Roles and responsibilities
⁃ Where are you going to work in US?

Then he said to wait in the lobby. Another Indian officer called to check LCA stuff once again and asked for client letters/SOW.

Called by the officer, I was in the queue and quite tensed.
Finally With a happy face he said you will get your passport in a week of time and know your rights booklet to me along with all papers given to him.
By 10.15, I came out of the consulate. Happy day 😊

Experience 13: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

Biometric: Feb 9th, 2023. Slot: 9 am
Interview: Feb 10th, 2023. Slot: 8.40 am

In-house Project with Current Company


I went to Mumbai VAC at 8.15am and waited outside the gate. They allowed me in the queue at 8.30 am and came out at 9 am.

Documents I carried : Passport, Appointment letter, DS-160 Confirmation.


I went to Mumbai Consulate at 7.40 am and waited outside the gate. They allowed me in the queue at 8.10 am and came out at 9 am.

Documents I carried: Passport, Appointment Confirmation, DS-160 Confirmation, i129, i797 Original, LCA, Employer Offer letter, Consulate Letter, Employee itinerary, Employer Company docs featuring list of branches in US and tax forms,Project Documentation , All experience certificates and academic certificate photo copies
Documents VO asked : Passport, LCA, I797 (you will carry these docs in your hand after documents verification)
About VO : Young female officer counter 30
Interaction with VO:

Me: Good morning officer.

VO: good morning. give the passport

Me: Gave the passport and was waiting for next question.

VO: Pass on the LCA.

Me: given the LCA which I was carrying in my hand.

VO: whose your Employer?

VO: Are you working for current company?
Me: actually I’m working in their offshore partner which is XYZ

VO: In India??
Me: Yes In India.

VO: From how many years ?
Me: …. years.

VO: Do you have client ?
Me: No, I will be working in In-house project.

VO: what is the Project name?
Me: XXXX and explained in two lines about the project.

VO: Your Visa is Approved and she gave US rights slip.
Me: With big smile, I said thanks officer.

Tips: Dress in Formal and Be confident while answering.

On the same day Feb 10th, Case status changed to “Approved”.

Feb 11th and 12th – Weekend.

Feb 13th – changed to Issued.

Feb 14th – Got SMS to my mobile and Email to collect my Passport. I have given Hyderabad as my pickup location.

Experience 14: H1B+H4(Spouse+2 Kids) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Location : New Delhi

Date : May 8th, 2023

First time Stamping done in 2018 from C*S, but not travelled to USA. Later switched to DT in 2019 in India.

In July 2022, Got a Consultancy who transferred my application from Texas Service center, Took almost 5 Months to get it approved(Jan 2023),

In Feb 2023. Due to Slot in-correct process got 90 Days block. So near slot which could see was May month. So Booked VAC on May 7th and Interview on May 8th In Delhi.

Original Slot : 10:10 AM, but reached Consulate at 8:30 Am and they allowed inside.

Interview: Counter No 17, American Young Lady.

Documents asked: PP, I797 and Marriage Certificate.

VO: Good Morning, Please handover Passports and I797.

Me: Provided.

VO: Is your employer XXX.

Me: Yes.

VO: How your got your Employer.

Me: Through Dice.

VO: Roles and Responsibility.

Me: Explained.

VO: Why to went to Uruguay (In 2022 Apr, Went onsite for 3 month with current employer)

Me: Go live activities with current employer.

VO: Were you worked with C*S?

Me: Yes.

Spouse Turn:

VO: Your was Arranged or Love.

Sp: Arranged.

VO: were you both have any common relation.

SP: No.

VO: Can i see your marriage certificate

Me: Provided.

Typed something for 20 seconds( Eagerly waiting for her saying am approving). There she goes. Am approving your Visa. Get your Rights.

Reached back to Hotel by 10:00 AM.

May 8: Status is Approved.

May 9: Status is Issued.

May 11th: Collected Stamped passport at Hyderabad location.

Note: From 2019 to 2022 was in assumption that i have to go through lottery again to have my H1b. But Following few blogs and FB pages realized that we can do transferred if we have the VISA stamped. Later i started the process which is now with this stage now.

For People travelling from other locations to Delhi for VISA interview based on my experience prefer HOTEL Diplomat( Chanakyapuri) as it is very near to VAC and Interview.

VAC fair in Auto was 120 to 150 and for Interview its 70 to100 max from Hotel Diplomat.

Hope this details might helpful.

Experience 15: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Location : Chennai

Drop box – March 22nd
Refused – March 30th
Interview – May 12th

VO questions:

  1. Good Morning- I see you have I797 can I see the copy
    Handed it over to her
  2. Who is my employer ?
  3. Who is my client ?
  4. When did you start working for employer ?
  5. Can I see W2 for 2022?
  6. Can I see earlier W2s ?
  7. Where do I work?
    What’s the project name? Designation?
  8. Do you have masters in Industrial? No Mechanical, Automotive specific
  9. What University did I go to?
  10. Asked few repeated questions

Alright! Your Visa is approved, know you’re rights and handed over the documents and a booklet.
Hoping to get it issued soon!

Experience 16: H1B with In Person Interview, 221g at Mumbai

Location : Mumbai

Date : June 9th, 2022


Came to india in 2019 before Covid and got struck for almost more than 3 years.

Apr 2021: attended H1b interview in Chennai and asked to submit client letter. I Lost project and not able to submit requested client letter.

Find another employer and filed H1b in 2022 and went for interview in
May 11th 2022 in Mumbai.

VO told to withdraw old one and come for interview again.

Dropped mail to Chennai and asked to withdraw my old case.

Again attended interview June 9th 2022 in Mumbai.

VO: what type of company is this?

Me: explained. When explaining he asked me question, is it end client?

Me: Yes, it’s end client.

VO: are you sure?

Me: Yes

VO: I’m asking you again is it end client?

Me: Yes sir

VO: can you answer me properly. Is this for end client. I don’t think it’s end client.

Me: No sir, it’s end client

VO: can you wait for 10 minutes. I will call you back.

Me: I said ok and started waiting.

He completed interview for remaining people and called me back.

VO: I’m asking you again, is it for end client or in-house project?

Me: it’s for end client.

VO: what kind of project is this? What is your roles and responsibilities.

Me: answered

VO: is your employer and client are in same building?

Me: said yes.

VO: haha both Handled by one person right?

Me: no, both are different

VO: how did you find Job?

Me: I applied in online and employer and client took interview. Both are satisfied and received offer letter.

VO: do you use Linux servers?

Me: yes

VO: y u required Linux servers for this job?

Me: explained technically.

VO: searched in google and typing typing typing and handover yellow slip with all tick marks from employer side and added extra points to submit extra documents.

I told to employer and after 3 months he submitted requested documents.

I followed up multiple times and received standard replies.

After 10 months, USCIS came to location and collected few information from employer.

After 2 months from site visit, for multiple follow up’s, today received mail to submit payment.

Exactly one year completed.

Thank you so much all of you for your support.

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

F1 to H1. Traveling to India after 3.5 years and only 6 months of I94 validity left. Expiring on Sept 30. Extension in process.

Dropbox appointment – April 17
Dropbox location – Mumbai VAC
Documents dropoff/pickup – Hyderabad VAC

After documents dropoff, for a couple of days I was checking my status:
caec website search result for Mumbai VAC was showing “Your search did not return any data”. For Hyderabad VAC it was showing “No Status”.
Cgi portal shows “your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate”
Mailed to passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com and received the following response “The current status of your passport is Delivered To Post.”

On 26th Mailed support-india@ustraveldocs.com and received a generic email after 2 days that my case has been updated
Checked ceac portal on 28th – case not updated.

On 29th – ceac searched by Hyderabad location – Your search did not return any data
Searched by Mumbai – case created 27th, case status – Application Received
Cgi portal – document deliery information changed to empty.
Response from passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com- There is no status update available for the passport number submitted.

On 3rd – sent email to support-india@ustraveldocs.com, requesting updates on case

On 4th – received email that case has been updated. Ceac portal – status changed to Approved

On 5th – after 5pm case status changed to Issued

Oth 8th – cgi portal updated status – passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery

On 9th – around 3pm received email that passport is being returned to the delivery location

On 10th – cgi portal updated – Ready for Pickup.
Mailed to passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com. received response – The current status of your passport is Ready For Pickup.

Authorized representative picked up my passport.

Every time I emailed support-india@ustraveldocs.com, they replied with a generic response in a day or two. Thankfully my case was updated.

I anxiety and wait was been terrifying. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Hoping those who are waiting get their approvals soon. Good luck🍀

Experience 18: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai


March 15 – Dropbox at Hyderabad
March 23 – refused
March 24 – received passport with 221g slip to appear for interview ( No documents mentioned, only passport )
April 24 – Applied for new passport as it will expire in 4months ( appliedTatkal)
April 27 – submitted required Documents for New passport at Passport office for renewal.
April 29 – Received new passport (Blue dart)
May 8 – interview at Chennai( Madras)
May 9 – status changed to approved
May 10 – status changed “ Application received” for H1B and for H4 issued.
May 11- H4 passport received (for my daughter) and H1B stays remain “ Application received”
May 12- H1B status changed to “ Issued”
May 13- received passport with stamp!!!

Note: If your interview is at Chennai then make sure you don’t carry any phone or bag (No electronic /no watch /no pen drive … only documents thts it)
No locker so had to Spend 2000 rs ( + 1000 as visa got approved) to Auto guy who took care of the belongings.

My interview timings was b/w 9:00 to 11:00 AM ( any time)
Reached 7:30 am , they allowed me inside at 8:30 AM only till then had to wait outside in a line.

Before VO interview got Updated my new passport number in DS-160 at initial counter where officer check all the details.

I prepared 3 folders with different colour code :
All documents for 221g

  1. 221g white slip
  2. DS-160 ( mine and my daughters , H1b and H4)
  3. Petition I 129
  4. LCA
  5. I797 C & B
  6. Offer letter
  7. Employee Agreement letter
  8. Support letter
  9. Passport old and new /previous VISA
  10. Photos
    All originals
  11. Educational certificates
  12. Previous companies Offers letters/ payslips/ experience certificates
  13. Marriage certificate and my daughter birth certificate
    ** Documents that I have submitted during RFIE)

Officer didn’t ask for any except for Passport,LCA, I 797.

Interview questions VO asked :
Counter 28 (Very friendly officer)
⁃ Greetings exchanged
⁃ Handed over new and old passport of mine and my daughter passport
⁃ VO : How did you know about this job
⁃ VO: Job roles and responsibilities
⁃ VO: client name and location
⁃ VO: my role at client place
⁃ VO: salary
⁃ VO: why do you want to work in US
⁃ In between each question she took time to cross check in her system.
⁃ When I explained roles and responsibilities she took more then 10 mins and called Indian officer and he asked same and I have explained.
⁃ After answering all the questions they took another 15 min and she returned my old passport and took new passport of mine and my daughter passport and finally Golden words” Approved” you will get your passport in 3 days 😊
⁃ It’s been 1 1/2 yr for the entire process ( Lottery to VISA stamping)

Thanks .This group did help me to prepare well for the interview.
Wishing everyone best wishes 💐

Experience 19: H4 with Dropbox at Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

Date: May 2nd, 2023

Background: This is my first time getting an H4 stamped. I previously held a F1 and B1/B2. Husband had H1 from 2016-2019 and got it stamped in 2017. Moved back to India in 2019. Got an opportunity in US again and moved there in 2023. Did COS from B2 to H1. So no new H1 stamping done.

May 2nd: Dropbox

Docs Submitted:

  1. Confirmation page of DS160
  2. New i797
  3. Old i797 and old h1 stamp
  4. Emoloyment verification letter
  5. 2 photos
  6. Wrote a letter sitting in the VAC that husband is in US and has done CoS from b2 to H1. So new stamp is not available. Thus submitting the old stamp from 2016-2019.
  7. Marriage certificate

I had carried all the documents as listed in the checklist though they omitted some. They did not take my old US visa copies though it’s mentioned in the checklist to take.

4th May: Application received
11th May: Approved
15th May: Issued

Received passport with stamp on 17th at home.

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Location: Hyderabad

Date: March 10th, 2023

VAC Timeline:

  • March 10th, dropped my documents at HYD Vac.
  • March 31st, application status changed to application received
  • April 4th, status changed to refused and got an email from consulate to attend the interview on 17th April, 2023
  • April 17th, at HYD consulate, called me to a separate room and an Indian lady asked several questions on employer, client and multi filing on H1 application and she took LCA, client documents and gave my passport back with a 221g white slip.
    On white slip, it was marked on admin processing.
  • May 12, I mailed to Support-India and support@ustraveldocs.com, about my application status.
  • May 13th, received an email from support that my application status is in final processing and on ceactracker status changed to approved.
  • May 19th, received an email from support to submit the passport.
  • May 22nd, Submitted passport at HYD vac. On ceactracker status changed to issued.
  • May 24th, got an email to collect passport.
  • May 25th, Collected the passport.

Thank you All. Hope everyones case should get resolve soon.

Experience 21: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at New Delhi

My H1B DropBox 2023 Timeline:

20th March 2023: Dropbox for H1b New Delhi VAC.

21st March 2023: Application status Case Created.

27th March 2023: Application status Refused.

30th March 2023: Passport received at home address with 221g White slip to appear for interview. No specific document mentioned to bring.

8th May 2023 : Appeared for walk-in interview at New Delhi Embassy. Got 221g blue slip to submit i797, i129, LCA, cover letter via email.

11th May 2023: Email sent with case number in subject as per the instructions mentioned in 221g slip.

15th May 2023: Got email with subject ‘Passport Submission-<Passport Number>’ to submit passport to the nearest document drop-off location.

22nd May 2023: Went in to submit passport at the New Delhi VAC. Person at window filled the document submission forms(2 forms) and asked for a copy of I797 and Employee Verification letter as a precaution.(he gave 1 form with receiving stamp) When asked for tracking no. for passport none given. Told to check caec website.

23rd May 2023: Application status change from Refused to Administrative Processing.

1st June 2023: Status changed to Approved

2nd June 2023: Changed to Issued.

6th June 2023: Passport delivered at home.

Thanks all for suggestion from this group!

Experience 22: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at New Delhi

Location : New Delhi

March 18: Dropped of at VAC
MARCH 21: Application received
March 22: Refused and requested interview under 221(g)
March 30: Walk In Interview

Questions asked during interview:
Who is your employer?
Roles and responsibilities
Who is client?
Court documents requested and asked explanation regarding the charges I had
(Btw I was a victim of scam)
Provide all court documents

VO: issued Yellow sleep for Admin Processing

Apr 17: Refused and passport returned with white slip for requesting additional court document

Apr 30: Dropped off requested documents at VAC

May 24: Email from HL processing department requesting more documents from court

May 24: Sent requested documents via Email

June 8: Approved
June 9: Issued

Experience 23: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Location: New Delhi

Date: June 16th, 2023

Firstly I would like to thank each and everyone who is giving responses to the posts and making awareness to the H1B applicants.

Recently I have completed my stamping in Delhi. I wanted to share my experience that may help to the applicants who are going to attend interview in near future.

Here is the questions which was asked by VO.

Me: Good Morning officer

VO: very good morning

VO: please pass your passport.

VO: which company you’re working for.?

ME: Ans

VO: Are you working for end client or internal assignment.

ME: End client.

VO: Who is your end client.

ME: Ans

VO: What they do.?

ME: They do manufacture since 1845.

VO: Where do you stay in US.

ME: Ans

VO: How long you been married ( question to my wife)

Wife: Ans to the above question.

VO: congratulation your visa approved you can collect passport in next 7 days.

ME: Thank you officer.

It was great moment for me i been trying for H1 since 2016. I have decided one day definitely i will be in US. So never give up. BTW my B1 also rejected in the year 2019.

Thank you all.

Experience 24: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Location: Chennai

Date: June 21st, 2023

Last visa stamping done in 2018 Canada

May 30- Dropped dropbox documents in Hyd VAC

  • Passport
  • Copy of current I-797 & previous
  • Employment Verification letter
  • 2 photos
  • Marriage certificate
  • DS -160 ( H1B & h4)

June 1 – Application Received
June 2 – status updates to refused.
June 8- got passport with 221g white slip to attend interview on June 27th no documents required
June 9- sent mail by requesting to Perpone the interview at the earliest
June 11- Got reply to attend the interview on June 21
June 21- attended interview

  • Employer Name
  • How long you are working from
  • What is your salary
  • What is your work location
  • What is your job title

Officer gave one slip and asked to seated for few min

New counter :

  • What is your tittle
  • Did you visited employer office location anytime
  • What your job duties
  • How long you are in USA and what was your previous titles

Asked again to seated few min

After sometime proceed to initial same counter officer:

Scanned passport, typed in computer something and asked about spouse few details and said your visa is approved.

June 21 – status changed refused to Approved

Waiting for passport. Thank you

Experience 25: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Location: Chennai

Date: June 30th, 2023

9th June – Dropbox submitted
12th June – Status (Unknown)
13th June – Status (Application Received)
14th June – Status (Refused)… It probably means 221g
17th June – Collected Passport (had 221g slip)

221g slip – Asked for W2s and asked me to come over for interview on 7th July. They said I may come alone but need to bring dependent passports.

For travel reasons, I requested to get earlier date. Thankfully they gave 30th June

Today I went for Visa interview (Chennai).
Cellphone, smart watch, CD, pen drive are not allowed. I took documents in transparent and non transparent folder. Interviewer requested W2 forms…
Asked my work location; client details; work duties and responsibilities in brief.
Then interviewer said Approved. I asked about my dependent passports (she forgot about it). Fortunately I remembered and gave my dependent passports (I don’t what I need to go through if I didn’t realize it)

She took my dependent passport and approved theirs too… 😊

She said that I will get our passport in a weeks time…


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