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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox – June 20th, to 24th, 2021

Below are User experiences for June 2021 from June 20th to 24th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for entire collection

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Experience 1 : H1B Visa Stamping New Delhi – NIE

My Brother in Law H1B visa interview experience. First time H1B approval – June 21, at Delhi location.

Hello all,
At Delhi location without you are having prior NIE approvals or letter from employer, the consulate itself asking when ur intend to travel and approving the NIE approval.. with in one hour or 2 they are getting email as well..

Today my brother in law attended the first time H1B interview at Delhi location..

Only one challenge, if you filed the DS-160 to one location and attend the interview in different location, there is a chance that your file is not transferred from the ds-160 location to interview location. So they asked to go and fill the new one for the visa attending location and come back.. it happens to my brother in law case.

We filled DS-160 for Chennai location, but attend the OFC and interview at Delhi.

At OFC they said all good, but at consular interview location also they are doing another round of finger prints and checking the documents. At that point of time they have raised a concern that the file was not transferred to this location. So they give slip and said come back with new ds-160. Luckily I was able to help but most of the people are struggling at that time what to do. They have to go outside and and the cyber people are charging 3500 rupees to fill and give the printouts. Even auto people are saying I know the place and we can go and get it.

So my suggestion is, please do fill the new ds-160 for interview location as well( other than original ds-160) and keep it ready with you.. if they said go and fill new one and come back, at that point you can show the new one..

Interview experience:

Me: gm
Vo: pass me the passport and I-797
Me: pass them.
Vo: what’s the client location
Me: answered
Vo: what project you work at client?
Me: answered.
Vo: pass me the client letter
Me: passed.
Vo: I’m approving you visa along with NIE approval, what day you are planning to travel
Me: as early as possible,
Vo: from June 28th to July 27th approved.

Brother in law got the email from embassy about NIE approval with in 1 hour of visa approval.

Experience 2 : Mumbai H1B Dropbox Experience

Date : June 21st, 2021. Location : Mumbai

  • Overall it was a very smooth process. My appointment was at 3pm but they let me in much earlier as there were not a lot of people for Dropbox (there was a huge line for biometrics though).
  • Once I entered the VAC office, they asked me to keep my phone on silent. Otherwise I could take my phone, backpack etc – no concerns there.
  • Once I reached the counter, they asked me for documents
  • They took my Appointment confirmation, DS160 confirmation, i797, passports (old and new), 2 photographs, NIE letter from my employer, and employment verification letter.
  • After 1 minute of interaction/verification, it was done.
  • I was told to wait for 5 days for the results.

Experience 3 : H1 Approval at US Embassy Delhi – NIE

  • OFC- 21th June
  • Interview-22 June
  • Booked in general on 17th June and somehow I got it.
  • Questions:
    Vo: gm, passport pls
    Me: gm sir
    Vo: who is the employer?
  • Did u work in opt?
    Said yes
  • Who is u r end client and what is the domain?
    XXxxx client and said pharmacy.
  • When would u like to travel?
    July 1 to 30
  • Vo: I am approving u r visa with Nie

No documents asked but when he asked client name I passed the nie letter .but he didn’t read anything in the document.

Experience 4 : H1B Stamping Kolkata – NIE

H1B Visa Interview, June 22nd Kolkata

  1. What does your employer do?
  2. What is your highest qualification/degree? And university name
  3. Where do you work?
    Client location
  4. Do you you client and employer relation documents?
    Provided supplier agreement docs and purchase order docs
  5. What are your roles?
  6. Which technologies do you use?
  7. Backend or front end?
    Said both
  8. Are you married?
  9. Annual pay?

Visa and NIE Approved

Experience 5 :H1B Dropbox with US Citizen Kid – Delhi

Had my Dropbox appointment today at Delhi.
My DS160 was based on Chennai consulate but booked appointment in Delhi.No issues or glitches they collected my documents .
Asked latest i797 and other documents mentioned in the ds160.

Additionally they asked for NIE .I informed I have USC .So they asked me to write a letter stating that exempted from NIE .so gave letter along with birth certificate and USC passport copy .Documents collected.

Experience 6 : H1B Stamping at Hyderabad – US Citizen Kid

Hi all got my visa approved today. Here is my experience if it helps any at Hyderabad Consulate.

  • Fingerprints – Asked for Ds160, Appointment confirmation and Passport. Took finger prints and photo later on.
  • Consular Appointment Questions VO asked –
  • Where do u work?
  • Which state is ur employer in?
  • What is ur designation?
  • What is ur salary?
  • I see your kid is U.S citizen. Can I see the birth certificate, please?
  • What is ur highest level of education?
  • Do you work for an end client or are you contact-based?

Experience 7 : H4 Stamping New Delhi – NIE

Got first time H4 approved today, New Delhi Consulate.

This was on June 22nd, 2021 in Delhi consulate. I booked H4 visa 3 weeks ago. Got married in April 2021. Applied husband’s NIE(under IT critical infrastructure) last Thursday, recieved approval yesterday in email. He had H1 B stamped in April 2021 and currently is in India.

Questions asked:
VO: Good Morning! Please give passport and i797
Me: provided my passport and original i797 of my husband
VO: when you got married
Me: last to last month, mentioned date.
VO: please give his visa copy.
Me: I have his passport, is that ok?
VO: that’s good.
VO: show me your Marriage certificate
Me: provided original marriage certificate.
VO: was it love or arrange marriage.
VO: how did you meet.
VO: how old were you when you met (since we met in school).
VO: what the best thing you like about him.
VO: When do you plan to travel.
Me: mentioned date in July
VO: hmm.. (he was about to say somthing)
Me: He has NIE approved, can I provide the copy?
VO: yes, please.
VO: where was your husband’s visa approved (H1B was stamped on his passport)
Me: here in Delhi
VO: have you applied for a visa before?
Me: yes, I have a B1/B2 on my passport.

He had trouble at system with something so he apologized and went inside and discussed with someone… Came back… Took few more minutes… Gave me back my documents… And told Visa is approved with NIE and I will get in 5 business days. We can travel in July accordingly.

Experience 8 : H1B with F1 OPT – NIE

Consulate: Delhi
Visa: H1b first time, previously on F1-Opt
Visa Status : Approved with NIE
Regular Appointment, had NIE letter from manager but VO did not ask for it.
Asked questions like where I work, for how long, my role, etc.

Experience 9 : H1B + H4 Dropbox – Delhi – US Citizen Kid

Just completed dropbox @ Delhi… H1+H4 renewal.
Please do not go more than 30min prior… it is hot outside!
Documents needed:

  • appointment confirmation
  • ds 160 confirmation pages
  • passports – including all old passports
  • 1 photo each applicant
  • 2 copies of latest i 797
  • all h4 i797 copies if applicable. wasnt in my case
  • 2 copies of verification of employment
  • stamped visa copy on passport – though this was on the list, I wasnt asked for it
  • US Citizne(USC) birth certificate x 2 copies –
  • USC passport if available, 2 copies
  • cover letter NIE that explains what is the exemption category that is applied to you. x 2 copies

Experience 10 : Mumbai H1B Dropbox – NIE

NIE employer letter, no USC
Reached ~30 mins before appt time. Nobody asked about appt time though.
Person at counter took all the documents, including cover letter and other supporting documents I attached without any fuss. Decision will be made in a week, they said.
In and out in 10mins.

Experience 11 : H1B Dropbox Chennai – US Kid

Sent email to ChennaiCIU@state.gov explaining my situation on Jun 4th as I had to travel to India with my family on May 30 for a family emergency.
Received a follow up on Jun 7 from the embassy asking for DS160 application numbers and passport numbers of each applicant.
After sending a response same day, got an approval for EA processing on Jun 9th and I was asked to walk in on any business day.
Dropped the passport on Jun 14th with DS 160 , I 797 current and previous copy, US kid birth certificate copy, employment letter, president proclamation and a hand written letter staring that we are exempted from travel ban citing the attached proclamation.
Status of my application changed to Application Received on Jun 15th.
Application status updated to administrative processing on Jun 18th

Experience 12 : H1B Stamping Delhi

Hello all,

I want to share my visa experience(22/06/2021) delhi

Visa status: Approved

VO :Good Morning, can you share passport and I-797.
Me : sure , passed

VO: roles and responsibilities
Me: answered

VO: client letter
Me : answered

VO: why your travelling after 7months of your petition?
Me: answered

VO: marriage certificate
Me : Answered

VO: do you have kids?
Me: answered

VO is typing for 3mins

VO: how soon do you need to travel?
Me : answered

VO: I am approving your visa along with NIE approval you have to travel with in 30 days
Me: thank you sir

Vi : you will receive your passport in 5days
Me : sure sir, thank you.

Experience 13 : H4 Visa with NIE – Chennai

Received NIE approval during H4 interview June 21 at Chennai. We just had Employment Verification letter, no NIE approval before the interview.

VO: documents asked- passport, spouse I797, marriage certificate.
Questions asked:

  • which visa are you applying for?
  • Have you applied for US visa before?
  • when did you get married? – Arranged or love marriage?
  • How and when did you guys meet each other ?
  • your husband’s job title?
  • where did your husband get his stamping?
  • did your husband get his NIE approval?
  • travel plans?
  • should your husband be present physically in US for his job?

After few mins of typing something in the system and left the desk and came back after couple mins, then her visa was approved with 221g. But the VO was kind enough to consider our case and said Im approving your husband’s NIE and you’ll receive your passport by mail.

I think we just got lucky and the VO was gracious to ask the reason why I need to be physically present in US to continue my job. My spouse did a good job explaining in detail (and some cooked up reasons) the justification for the NIE.

Good luck everyone, even if you don’t have NIE approval and booked your appointment, just attend the interview and try to convince the VO for NIE. Looks like they are approving the cases more often than not.

Experience 14 : H1B with 221g – 4 Months – Hyderabad

Hi everyone, my 221g has been issued, so happy to share this news especially for Hyderabad people who are waiting for updates, here is my time line.

Consulate : Hyderabad
With US kid

Jan 20th 2021 : 1st time regular in person interview attended and received 221g to submit some documents
Feb 17 : Submitted requested documents
Waited almost 4 months but no update from Embassy
In between sent lot of emails regarding my US kid missing vaccinations and her health issues but no luck
Applied NIE as well with same US kid reason with my old visa number
June 1st : paid fees again and applied for EA with USC kid reason and got EA approval and Booked appointment in Delhi on June 14th and 15th
June 8th : All of sudden received email from Hyderabad consulate to drop my passport on 14th
June 9th : Cancelled my 2nd appointment and Flight tickets
June 14th : submitted passport at Hyderabad consulate
June 16th : Changed to admin processing
June 17th : changed to issued
June 19th : passport received with NIE

My 5 months wait ended finally.

Experience 15 : H1B Transfer with 221g – Approved

H1B visa (Transfer) approved under 221G
Ds-160 location: Mumbai
March 30 2021: Dropbox Chennai
April 6th: PP pickedup with 221G to bring documents for inperson interview.

I scheduled a followup apptnt for April 12th. Automatically got location mumbai

April 12th: Mumbai Con. did not allow me for interview as 221G is only in Chennai.

Since the till June 16th, I have bee trying to get an apptnt for chennai. My CGI portal was not working and always got Error while submitting the date.

Called / emailed the support 50-100 times. They used to say issue is resolved but it never was.

I dropped email to consulate exploning the error and frustrating on how the error is never resolved and I can’t book any appointment. Always got automated replies.
I never wanted an EA.

Suddenly I received an email on Jun 16 2021 from Chennai consulate to come and attend interview on June 21 at 8am

Interview went good!

Vo questions asked:
Which company you work for?
What location?
why do you want to travel?
Is anyone from family there?
What does your husband do? (Softwar test engineer in Unv Chicago for medical data center)
Asked for his H1B— I had no copy of it

VO asked for docs on the 221G letter.
She kept the letter to herself . Observed and asked many qtns to check how my work comes under NIE

interview went for 10mins.
Wrote something for 5 mins

Gave the green slip for visa approval. VO applied for NIE on my behalf, 221G to keep track for NIE approval with case number.

As of today my PP is issued with NIE.

Note: I am a wifi test eng in Comcast. I can’t work remote due to security concerns and wifi connectivity is for USA continent.

Experience 16 : New Delhi H1B, H4 Stamping

H1B & H4 – EA – DELHI Embassy Experience – June 10th 2021

June 4 – Applied EA request – urgent business travel category and submitted support documents for your kind reference. • Letter from my employer requesting emergency appointment • My American Citizen son’s passport copy and Birth Certificate • All 3 applicants Passport Biodata pages, visa copies and travel stamps (Applicant) • All 3 DS 160 Confirmation • Current Appointment confirmation • My H1B I-797 Approved petition

June 5th -EA got approved.

June 9th – Reached VAC before time, there was small queue. In and out in 10 minutes. Note that phones and kids are allowed inside VAC.

June 10th – Reached before time, Infront of me there were 10 people . Interview was very simple and asked Salary, Job details and travel date.

June 15th – Passports dispatched
June 17th – Passports received in Blue dart courier.

We stayed in ITC Mourya and hotel was very nice but food is very expensive. I used uber for all my trips in Delhi.

Experience 17 : New Delhi H1B, H4 Stamping

VAC on 20th June evening — very smooth. The place was deserted.
Embassy interview on 21st June (the person before me was a DevOps guy working in Sunnyvale who also got his h1b approved and was probably carrying an NIE letter–not sure):
VO: Passport and I797, please.
VO: So, you’re going to as a professor?
Me: Research Scientist.
VO: Oh. What do you research?
Me: 2 lines on what I do.
VO: Oh, you already had an F1 renewal in 2019. You get two visa foils in your passport!
I laughed.
VO: What’s your salary?
Told her.
VO: And you’ll be living in is?
Said yes.
The VO then approved my visa as well as an NIE (didn’t ask for or mention it/I also was not carrying any NIE letter) starting a week from the interview date (i.e., 28th June to 27th July). I asked her if she could push it a couple of days, which she kindly agreed to. However, I received an email from the embassy this morning with NIE details and the above dates. Which is fine.
That was it.

Experience 18 : H1B New Delhi Experience

My first time H1B visa got approved today at Delhi US embassy. Thanks to all the people who helped clear my interview.

Biometric done on June 10th at Delhi. Appointment schedule for 3:30 PM, I reached VAC around 12 PM. It was very quick completed my Biometric with in 10 minutes. You can carry your phone but has to be switched off. No bluetooth devices like airpods etc.

Interview was on 9.40 AM June 21 at US embassy Delhi. I reached the embassy around 7.45 am, first they called all the people whose appointent at 8.30, then 9, then 10 (it took just 25 minutes to call all the three batches), when they called for 10’0 clock I went to do initial security screening and mobile deposit outside the embassy. They charged 50 rupees per device. At the embassy entrance they verified my passport and asked me to go for security screening inside the embassy. After the screening was done I entered actual embassy office, at the initial counter they verified my passport, I797, DS160, Visa Appointment letter and asked me to proceed for the interview. There were around 15 people waiting before me, only 4 interview counters were open. I waited for around 20 minutes for my turn. Around at 8.45 am they asked me to go for the interview

VO: greeted me back and asked my Passport
Me: Greeted back and handedover the passport
VO: Who is your petitioner
Me: Answered
VO: What does your employer do?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your Job role and what you do?
Me: Software Developer and some point which are related to security , data handling so that i will fall under NIE AND MY PRESENCE is needed in USA
VO: Who is your client?
Me: Answered
VO: Do you have client letter?
Me: Yes and provided
VO: You are eligible for NIE.
When are you planning to travel?
Me: Thanks. I’m planning to travel ASAP
VO: Your visa is approved. You can travel in 30 days after your receive your passport.
VO: You will receive an email related to NIE approval with dates.
Me: Thank you very much. Have a good day

Experience 19 : H1B Stamping New Delhi – Healthcare NIE

  • I finished my h1b visa in-person interview at new delhi on June 23, 2021.
  • My client is HEALTHCARE client.
  • VO just asked basic questions. Asked me to explain job duties(to find whether i am eligible for nine).
  • Main question is explaining job duties. I told I work on applications that deal with medical diagnostic equipment. that’s it
  • Visa got approved.
  • I tried giving him the client NIE letter. But he said, he don’t need.

Experience 20 : H4 Stamping with NIE – No Kids

H4 Visa approved with NIE, (No Kids)

  • Interview Date & Time : June 24, 10:15am
  • Location : Kolkata (Delhi Feb 2022 rescheduled to Mumbai July 2021 rescheduled to Kolkata June 2021)
  • Spouse is in the US
  • Type : H4 (I was in the US on L2 and had received my I-797 for H4 sometime back)
  • EA: Denied

Visa Stamping Experience:

  • Reached at 9:30am and they let me in.
  • An officer checked my Passport, DS 160 confirmation, Appointment confirmation, Husband’s I-797 and my I-797
  • Entered the main space where another officer at a window checked my passport size photo, passport, Husband’s I-797 and my I-797
  • Waited in the queue for VO interview
  • VO Questions:
    • Can I have your passport and petitions?
    • When did you get married?
    • Is your husband in the US or India?
    • VO: Your Visa is approved and we’re giving you NIE. Your passport will get delivered to your address.
  • I did carry NIE letter and supporting documents for my husband’s surgery but they didn’t ask for anything.

Experience 21 : First time H1B without NIE – Mumbai (221g)

  • First time regular H1B without NIE.
  • Mumbai at 23rd June
  • VO:Asked for passport, i797
  • VO:company? who is your client? highest level of education? your profile? any kid? USC kid? project explanation? is it a retail product?
  • VO: you do not qualify for the travel ban exception, however it doesn’t mean your visa is refused or denied, it has been put on hold for administrative processing, you may contact your attorney or employer to get further clarification on this.
  • VO: return passport and all documents, handed over 221g white slip with ‘administrative processing due to presidential proclamation’ and one more white slip.
  • No question asked regarding NIE.

Experience 22 : H1B Dropbox NIE – Mumbai

  • 16th June: Dropped documents at Mumbai
  • 17th June: Case status Refused
  • 22nd June: Case status changed to Administrative Processing
  • 23rd June: Case was updated but with same status.
  • 24th June: Case status Issued.
  • No USC kid.
  • NIE letter from employer.
  • Infrastructure: Railroads.

Experience 23 : H1B Stamping without NIE – Kolkata

I wanted to share my first time H1B regular (without NIE) visa interview experience at Kolkata Embassy. I have no clue how to get the appointment in the first place but many thanks to the telegram group for posting the slot availability which helped me get one. It is hard to get a slot but please be patient and follow the group.

Reach at the embassy 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the appointment so that you can get done within time.

I stayed at the Astor hotel for 10 days. Descent hotel with good food options (Must try Deck 88).

Day 1: Biometric (15 the June)

Following documents are checked at two to three checkpoints until you reach the window:

DS-160 Confirmation
Appointment Confirmation

At the window, photo is clicked and fingerprints of both the hands are taken. At the end, DS-160 confirmation page is stamped which you need to carry to the visa interview. Mobile was allowed inside but need to switch off in front of the personnel. I was out in 15 minutes.

Day 2: Visa interview (22nd June)

Carry translucent bag to carry all your documents.
At the entrance DS-160 confirmation, appointment confirmation and passport is checked
Security check
Document verification 1 – passport, i797, appointment confirmation
Document verification 2 – passport, i797, appointment confirmation
At the interview counter, need to provide fingerprints

Interview conversation was as follows:

VO: Good morning
Me: Good Morning, Sir

Handed over passport and i797 (was asked for old passport as well)

VO: What is your highest level of education?
Me: Answered

VO: What does your company do?
Me: answered

VO: What is your role?
Me: answered

VO: What is your title?
Me: Consultant

VO: What is your salary?
Me: X dollars per annum

VO: What tools will you be using?
ME: listed 5-6 tools from my supporting letter

VO: Will you be working with any end clients?
Me: Yes

VO: Whom are you traveling with? Are you married? (basically, to check if there are any dependents)
Me: Answered

At the end VO said I’m approving your visa with NIE (I work in healthcare data analytics). The whole process took 25 minutes.

Experience 24 : H1B + H4 Stamping at Kolkata

Visa Interview Experience for H1 & H4 at Kolkata on June 24
VAC done at Delhi on April 22 but Initially, interview appointment was on April 23 at Delhi but got canceled due to lockdown, luckily got slots for both of us in August 3rd.
Employer provided a letter and requested for emergency appointment. With in 7 hours EA request was approved and able to book slot for 24.
Travelled from Hyderabad RTPCR report was asked while traveling to Kolkata in Air India.

Interview day:
Reached consolate by 9.45 appointment is at 10.00. After 10 mins of wait, security check and docs were verified.
Not able to retrieve ds160 forms so asked us to submit DS160 form again and have a window of 12 hours to come back and attend for the interview.
Went to near by internet center and filled DS160 form(took around an hour or so for both of us) and took 2*2 photographs with white background(I don’t have it initially).
Went inside consolate by showing slip and security check again.
Documents verified and went to VO window.
Provided passports and i797.


  1. What does your client do ?
  2. What’s your salary ?
  3. Where are you currently located ?
  4. When were you married ?

VO mentioned he is approving under NIE and handed over paper that has instructions to follow for NIE.

Experience 25 : H1B Interview Waiver / Dropbox – Mumbai

H1B Visa Experience (IW-Dropbox) – Mumbai

I work in IT domain and the project is in Healthcare / Public Health domain.

Appointment type: Regular OFC IW (dropbox)
Location: Mumbai

  • 06/17: Passport and documents submitted.
  • All passports, Copy of I-797, Employment Verification Letter, NIE (from employer) and one recent photo.
  • 06/18 – 06/20 : US Consulate was closed due to Juneteenth federal holiday and weekend
  • 06/21:status changed to ‘Refused’
  • 06/22 – 06/23 : status changed to ‘Administrative processing’
  • 06/24 : status changed to ‘Issued’ in the morning and was able to collect the passport later in the afternoon.
  • Visa is with the NIE annotation/approval.
  • There is quite a bit of confusion about NIE and when to submit the request. To the best of my knowledge and experience:
  1. if you already have a valid visa then you need to submit the request through email explaining why you qualify. No need for letter from employer.
  2. If you are going to apply for visa stamp (interview or dropbox)then you need NIE letter from employer explaining why you qualify. I believe there is no need to submit email request before you go for the interview or dropbox.

Experience 26 : H1B and H4 Stamping Dropbox NIE

  • H1 b H4 EA Dropbox
  • Came to India on April 20
  • Had Dropbox appointment scheduled on May 4 which got canceled
  • Managed to get Employer letter for critical infrastructure energy sector
  • June 8:Send mail to Chennai CIU with documents supporting NIE and requested to grant EA Dropbox.
  • June:15 After 2 mail conversation EA Dropbox approved
  • June 16: Dropbox done
  • June 17:application received
  • June21 : administrative process
  • June 22:issued
  • June24: passport delivered with NIE annotation for h1 and h4

Experience 27 : H1B Stamping Mumbai – NIE

H1B Visa appointment experience – Mumbai
Regular appointment on June 17th at 9:20. Arrived at 8:30, they asked to wait a little, allowed inside at 8:50. And came out at 9:20
First time H1B, previously on H4
Questions asked by the VO (shared passport and i797)
Which company do you work for?
What is your role?
What do you in your role?
Do you know about NIE – handed over the NIE request letter from employer, VO read through and made notes. (NIE requested under Critical Infra for IT, with multiple healthcare customers)
How big is your team?
Have you taken up travel in the last 2 weeks? Apart from the travel to Mumbai, None
After taking finger prints the VO said he’s recommending NIE and needs to be approved by his boss and will take a few days.
Status progress
June 17 -> refused
June 22 -> administrative processing
June 23 -> issued
June 24 -> passport ready for pickup
Visa is annotated with NIE.

Experience 28 : H4 Dropbox Experience EA – US Citizen Kid

H4 Dropbox to EA appointment and approval experience Chennai .
I had dropbox appointment in April (chennai) which was canceled due to lockdown then selected sep mid appointment for dropbox in delhi..

Gave a try for emergency appointment n luckily approved. Then tried to book EA dropbox appointment but there was a error saying “group size is larger than ………..” something like that..
So we opted for vac n ofc appointment on june 21 and 22.
i had my EA h4 interview at Hyderabad consulate On june 22.

Docs asked :
(just shown below documents no single document taken)
passport, marriage certificate
questions asked
Do we have any US born kid?
Shown birth certificate

Currently where my husband is?
I said he is currently in India.

Q: Where we are going to reside in US?

Visa approved

Dropped passport in the box…

hoping it’s a positive sign.

Experience 29 : H1B Stamping – Dropbox, 221g, Approval

Pradeep, [24.06.21 21:55]
Second time H1B stamping – Hyd
March 23rd – submitted documents via Dropbox appointment.
March 26th – received and email to attend in-person interview for April 14th.
April 14th – was issued a 221g during the interview requesting some personal documents to be sent via email.
April 15th – sent the docs via email and received an acknowledgment.

Was waiting for a response, after.

  • April 27th – wrote a fresh email to the email address provided during the interview, saying I did not receive an acknowledgment (though I received) for the documents I sent! Please confirm if the documents were received, I’m really concerned. This time no acknowledgment for real 😂
  • April 28th – received a call and email from the hyd consulate to come and drop off the passport on April 29th.
  • April 29th – dropped the passport and case status updated to Admin processing on Apr 30th.
  • May 28th – case status updated to refused.
  • June 3rd – received an email to come and pick up the passport and picked up on 4th.
  • June 9th – wrote to hydCEA using my initial 221g case number, requesting a visa approval under critical infra (work for the state of Ohio) CIO signed letter on governor’s letter head, and medical emergency for my wife (doctor’s letter provided, for pregnancy miscarriage in the last week of May)
  • June 10th – received an email saying I’m not eligible for an exception.
  • June 15th – wrote again with the same context and subject from my work email and received the same not eligible for an exception on the same day.
  • June 16th – I wrote to hydCEA equivalent emails of Delhi and Chennai with the same subject and context.
  • June 16th – I wrote to the equivalent emails of hydCEA and NIE for Delhi and Chennai with the same subject and context and no acknowledgment or response.
  • June 17th – wrote to hydCEA again with the my travel ban 221g case number this time (case status showing “Issued”) and received the response saying we have received your docs and sent to the concerned team for review.
  • June 18th – wrote to the senator of Ohio explaining my case and requesting to follow up with HydCEA for the approval regarding my case.
  • June 18th – paid the MRV fees again, filled a new DS 160, booked a regular appointment at Delhi for jan 2022 and requested for an EA.
  • June 20th – EA approved by Delhi and opened slots for every single day until end of august and they gave me time until June 23rd to book an appointment anytime until end of august.
  • June 21st – booked ofc and EA for June 24th.
  • June 23rd – received a call and email from the Hyderabad consulate asking me to drop off the passport on June 25th at 10am for further processing.
  • June 23rd – still flew to Delhi for my OFC and EA on 24th.
  • June 24th – visa approved by Delhi.
  • VO – do you need an NIE approval
  • Me – Yes, please!
  • VO – when are you planning to travel?
  • Me – ASAP, as my wife has a medical situation and I need to support her.
  • VO – is your wife back in the US
  • Me – Yes
  • VO – I’m issuing you travel dates from June 28th thru July 28th.
  • Me – thank you.
  • VO – who filed your petition
  • Me – my employer XXX but I work at an end client, the state of Ohio.
  • VO – Do you have an end client letter?
  • Me – Yes and provided the NIE letter from the client on the top and the actual client letter at the bottom (since the client letter is from March, for my original Dropbox)
  • VO – was taking notes from the NIE letter and asked what my duties were, at the client location.
  • Me – emphasised on the highly important projects I developed and support day to day and how I support the mission critical files processing and the applications.
  • VO – what’s your income
  • Me – answered XXX USD per annum
  • VO – what’s your highest level of education
  • Me – answered MS in CIS from XXX university
  • VO – asked about my personal issue from 2010 for which I was issued a 221g in hyd first.
  • Me – answered all the questions related to that and emphasised on the documents I carried to show but the VO didn’t ask for any.
  • VO – we are all set then, I’m issuing your visa. You will receive an email with your NIE approval in the next few hours and should receive your passport back in the next 5 days. Safe travels back!
  • Me – thank you so much, have a nice day!

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