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F1 Visa Experiences – September 2021

Below are experiences from September 1st to September 6th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Chennai

Date: 22nd July
Slot : 12:00
In time: 11:30
Out time: 12:10
Status: Approved
Interview took 2 minutes max.
University: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, MS in CS.

VO was an American Bob cut lady with specs in the middle counter. Very calm, patient and never cut me in between answers.

VO: Good morning! (While having a sip of water)
ME: Good afternoon ma’am!
VO: ooohhh is it afternoon already?
VO: sorry my slot was at 12. I entered the embassy at 11.30 and lost track of time.
VO: It’s still 11:55. Always Good to be ahead of schedule!
Me: absolutely!😀 and passed the docs.
VO: So when did you graduate?
Me: 2019
VO: what have you been doing since then?
Me: I’ve been working at Accenture as a software developer.
VO: what did you intend to specialize during MS?
Me: Software development and software engineering.
VO: is that what you currently do in Accenture?
Me: yes it is exactly what I do
VO: then why do you what a masters?
Me: during my tenure as a SD at Accenture, I realised there are many areas for me to master in for my next career goal of a project manager. No work experience or online course would give me that in a short period of time. Hence i chose to do masters.
VO: Fantastic. How are you planning to fund this?
Me: education loan + family funds
VO: what does your parents do?
Me: told
VO: please verify your 4 right hand fingers. Your visa has been approved.
Me: Thank you so much. You just made my career 😁

Didn’t feel like an interview. Felt like a lil conversation.
Didn’t see even 1 reject today.
The person before me stammerd a lot, had muged up answers and even restarted the answers in the middle. VO was patient enough to approve their visa too.
There are no right or wrong answers. The answers have to be convincing enough that’s it.
All the best guys

Experience 2: F1 at Hyderabad

24th August
Slot Time: 8.15am
Out Time: 9.15am
Status – Approved ✅
University: Saint Peter’s university, New Jersey.

Me – Good morning mam. How are you?
VO- Good Morning. I’m good. How are you? Please pass me your Passport.

Me – Passed my Passport

VO- place your left hand on scanner

Me- Did that

VO – which university

Me – Saint Peter’s university

VO – Which course?

Me -Masters in data science

VO – can i see your i20

Me- place it on the glass vo glanced at it

Vo-undergraduation course ?

Me- Computer Science and engineering

VO – when did your undergraduate completed?
Me – 2016

VO – What are doing since then?
Me – i am working in xyz company in xyz role

VO- what is the role about
Me- said

VO – who is sponsoring you?
Me – My parents are sponsoring.

VO – What do your parents do?
Me – My father is government employee His annul incomes is 20 lakhs annually. And mother she is an homemaker and runs a tailoring unit and annual income 6 lakhs

VO – Funding
Me – We have savings loan of 25lakhs savings and I personally have savings 10-12 lakhs
In total 60lakhs

VO – Okay. Your Visa is Approved.

Me – Thankyou so much mam

Best of luck to everyone who have their interviews in the coming days. Maintain eye contact and be confident.

Experience 3: F1 at Hyderabad

Visa date 20/08/2021
Slot time: 8:15
Counter no-12
Lewis university
Attempt: 1
Status: approved✅
Intervier is in his late 20-30 chill guy

Me: good morning sir
Vo: good morning
Vo: give me your passport
Me: Yes, given
Vo: hold your i20 to the glass
Me: holded it for a moment
Vo: so ms in data science
Me: Yes sir
Vo: any experience in data science
Me: two years of experience in xxx company
Vo: funding?
Me: both my parents are founding.
Vo: what are they do and their income?
Me: my father is into some xxxx business and his income is 11 lacks per anum. My mother look after our agriculture and the income is 10 lakhs per anum.
Vo: so what is their combined income?
Me: 21 lakhs per anum.
Vo: any bank loan
Me: 25 lakhs from canara bank.
Vo: ok, iam taking your passport. Thank you
Me: thanku sir.

Experience 4: F1 at Hyderabad

Visa Interview
Status – Approved ✅✅
Date – 27 August
Attempt: 1st
I reached at 7:30am
Slot time- 8:15 am
In time: 7:50 am
Out time: 8:40 am
Interview duration- 30 Seconds

University – lewis unversity
Course – MBA (project management)

Counter no- 14
VO was super chill maybe he is 26 to 30 age

Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: Good morning
VO: Please pass me your passport and I20.
Me: Yes, Sir.
VO: Tell me about your work experience?
Me: I worked as a business development executive in XX conpany for almost 3 years
VO: Tell me about your job roles ?
Me: metting with clients and (he interputed)
VO: what type of clients ?
Me: can i explain
Vo: yeah
Me: like for example schools and colleges management needs (vo interputed)
VO: Who is gonna sponsor you?
Me: My father is sponsering me with his savings of 47 lakhs and we have immovable assests worth 12 crores in hyderabad outskarts.
VO: What your father do?
Me: he has dairy farm business
VO: Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you so much Sir😀😀😀😀

Experience 5: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 30 August , 2021
Status: APPROVED ✅
Slot time: 10:30
Interview duration- 1 minute
Semester – SPRING 2022
The University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Program: Bachelors in International Business
VO was a cooperative American Lady

VO: Hello there !
Me: Hello mam , Good morning !
VO: Good morning! Can you please pass me your i20 and the passport.
Me: Sure mam , here it is
VO: So , you are going to the university of……ummm….. Nebraska lincoln ….right?
Me: Yes mam
VO: How did you get to know about this university?
Me: Through internet mam
VO: There are many universities on the internet . So , how did you select this?
Me: Mam , Mr. Warren Buffett is an alumni so everyone planning for business knows about this university. My university is a national tier 1 University . Also , its business school holds 100th ranking in the whole world according to the shanghai survey . It offers a strong curriculum and students support . They have various educational groups such as business international students association also known as BISA which promotes practical implication of theoretical knowledge and makes the educational experience fruitful as well as interesting. Also , i was awarded a good amount of scholarship from the university .
VO: (while looking at my i20) So , how will you manage your studies afterwards?
Me: Actually , my parents are the sponsors for my education.
VO: Do they have any kind of savings or loan?
Me: Yes mam , we have liquid funds worth xyz lakhs out of which abc lakhs are own funds and pqr lakhs loan.
VO: Place your right hand on the scanner
Me:Sure mam
VO:You quality for the F1 visa category . Your visa is approved………Oh wait…..you are planning for the spring intake??? Wait a second. (Pulled out a yellow 221g slip)

(At this point i got scared that she is going to refuse my visa)
VO- So …..since you are not under the 120 days limit yet , you have to come back to the VAC where you gave your biometrics in September end and submit this slip along with your passport there. You dont have to appear in the visa interview again , your visa has been approved . You just have to return for submitting these for visa processing.
Me: Ok mam thats understandable. Thank you so much.
VO – Just out of curiosity , why do you want to go for spring 2022?
Me : Earlier i was admitted to the fall intake only. But , due to unavoidable circumstances which was delay in my senior secondary examination i had to defer my admission to spring 2022. Otherwise , i was more inclined towards attending the fall semester
VO- Oh Ok ……thank you for appearing in the visa interview

Me:Thank you so much mam , have a nice day.

My tip to students – Do not focus on other applicant’s interviews . Just stay calm and be yourself . Everyone around me got rejected . Some , due to lack of confidence and some were just giving speech like answers. I didn’t let that affect me and answered well. That’s the only key to crack the visa interview CONFIDENCE

Experience 6: F1 at New Delhi

First Attempt
30th August
Slot Time: 8:00am
Out Time: 8:45am
Counter No : 19 ( American woman with short blonde hair in her late 30’s )
Status – Approved ✅
University: Northeastern University

Me – Good morning mam.

VO- Good Morning.Please pass me your Passport and i-20

Me – Passed my Passport and i-20

VO- place your left hand on scanner

Me- Did that

VO – which university and which course

Me – I am going to pursue MPS in analytics from Northeastern University at Boston

VO – What are the other universities you have applied for ?
Me – Apart from Northeastern University I have also applied for University of Texas at Arlington and Arizona State University

VO – Funding
Me – My parents have savings of 43 lakhs and sanctioned loan of xx lakhs and fixed value assets worth x.y crores

VO – Okay. Your Visa is Approved.

Me – Thank you so much mam

Best of luck to everyone who have their interviews in the coming days.

Maintain eye contact and
Be confident while speaking.
If possible go in formals.
Just answer to the point.

IMP NOTE ( Highly recommended) : Try to take mock interviews or just practice yourself infront of the mirror.

Don’t be nervous at the interview ( you are just going to have a friendly conversation with a stanger )

Actually I have seen 4 rejections out of 6 in counter number 21. I was about to be sent to counter number 21 (knowing this I went to drink water and when I came back the next person was sent to counter 21 and luckily I was sent to counter 19)….So just observe the counters while u are waiting and if there is any possibility try to get skipped from going to the strict VO counter.

Experience 7: F1 at New Delhi (3rd Attempt)

Counter no.19
Slot time:9:20 am
In time: 9:00 am
Out time: 11:00 am
Status: Accepted✅
(A bob cut lady with specs)
Entered the embassy and corrected my ds-160 before my interview. As I sat there, I saw some rejects so my confidence was down. It was my last attempt for this fall 2021 otherwise I would have had to take online class or take a leave of absence.
Vo : Good morning !
Me : Good Morning Officer !
Me: Pass me your i20 and passport.
(Please use the barcode on ds-160 confirmation page.
VO: Okay.
Vo: Scan your right hand 4 fingers.
( Placed my left hands in panic. She told me to place right hand fingers again. I apologised for that.)
Vo: Tell me about your course
Me: My course has core subjects like Intro to AI, Intro to ML, Robotics Algorithms and I can select electives like deep learning, reinforcement learning with domains such as machine learning and computer vision, information retrieval and Human-interaction.
Vo: What did you study in your undergrad?
Me: B.E in information technology
Vo: When did you graduate?
Me: In 2019.
Vo: What are you doing since then?
Me: I was preparing for my GRE and TOEFL. Due to covid-19, I deferred my admission from Fall 2020 to Fall 2021 and did 2 semester online by doing remote courses and currently I am working with Prof. xx on f1tenth Autonomous Racing and my competition is on September 15.
Vo: How are you finding?
Me: I have 57L in funds and an education loan of 35L.
Vo: Who is funding you?
Me: My elder brother and my uncle.
Vo: what do they do?
Me: My brother is a pharmacist and he runs a pharmacy store. My uncle is an wholesale supplier of Industrial electrical goods supplying products from Havells, Anchor, and Polycab wires, etc.
Vo: Your uncle is going to fund you from his savings or his children’s savings.
Me: My uncle is only sponsoring 2.88L and the rest are my family funds. as he has 2 children of age 6 and 2 and only one is going to school. I will only use his funds as and when necessary.
Vo: I am approving your visa.
Me: Thank you so much ma’am.
( Ran outside the embassy. And told my brother about my visa approval.)
Note:- Making eye contact is important. Vo was very nice. She listened to everything that i said. I fumbled and stuttered but she didn’t mind. Be confident and give your interview.

Experience 8: F1 at Hyderabad

VI : 28th July
Slot Time : 8:30 am
In time : 8:10 am
Out time : 8:45 am
Counter : don’t remember exactly (the inner most counter at the end of the pathway)
Duration : 2 min
Status – Approved ✅
University – University of New Haven

VO looked almost similar to a PUBG youtuber named Chocotaco.

Me: A very good morning officer
VO: (smiling)Good morning. Hold your passport to the glass.

Me: sure sir.
VO: now hold your I20 to the glass.

VO: when did you graduate?
Me: May 2019 sir.

VO: what were you doing since then?
Me: worked as a **** at **** for a period of 2 years.

VO: what were your projects at the company?
Me: (told my project experience at the company)

VO: who is your client?
Me: Walmart (he smiled after hearing my client name)

VO: Who is going to fund your education?
Me: my father sir.

VO: what does he do?
Me: he is a government employee. He works as a ### at State department. His annual salary is ₹₹ lakhs. He has a savings of ₹₹ lakhs. Moreover i have a scholarship of 20% from the University.

VO: did you take a loan?
Me: yes sir. I have an approved education loan of ₹₹ lakhs from SBI. The collateral is my house.

VO: do you watch anime?
Me: (quite surprised as i did not expect this question. I know basic japanese by watching anime and i filled the same as japanese in the language known field in my DS160) (me* laughing) I’m quite a weeb to be honest. I watch too much anime sir.

VO: congratulations your visa has been approved. Please drop your passport in the box to your left.
Me: Thank you so much officer. Have a great day.

VO was pretty chill. Just looked in to my eyes while i was answering his questions. The guy before me fumbled with his answer on the question “Explain your undergraduate project”. But got his visa approved. Everyone around me wore nothing except white formal shirt, formal black trousers and formal black shoes with full sleeves. Looked like a corporate event. I wore lavender colored plain shirt with full sleeves and blue shaded jeans and grey sneakers. Just be confident with your answers and wear the clothes in which you feel comfortable. Good luck to everyone. PEACE.

Experience 9: F1 at Mumbai

In time – 8:30
Slot time – 8:50
Out time- 9:20
Counter no: 32
4 counters were operational today(28,30,32,34)

American VO – salt pepper haired young guy
University – University of Texas at Dallas
Course – Information Technology Management
Status – Approved✅

Me- Good morning officer.

VO- Good morning. Please pass me your documents.

Me- Sure officer.

VO- Please explain your course

Me- I’ll be persuing my master’s in Information technology management from University of Texas at Dallas. It consists a combination of management and technology subjects.

VO- How will you be sponsoring?

Me- Sir my parents will be sponsoring me with their savings of XX lakhs and also I have received merit based scholarship which entitles me for instate tuition which reduces my tution by 50% and also a 1000$ waiver. Additionally I have secured loan of XX lakhs from canara bank

VO- Is your undergraduate in same field?
(By this time he had already passed me the white slip). Also please scan your four fingers

Me- No, I have done in electronics engineering

VO – Congratulations your visa is approved! Thank you for coming in!

Me – Thank you sir. Have a nice day

I didn’t see any rejections today. Even bald guy was in a good mood and approved everyone’s visa. Best of luck to everyone who has their appointments in future! Just be confident.

Experience 10: F1 at Mumbai

2nd August 2021 (1st attempt)
Status: APPROVED 🧡
Slot time: 9:40
In time: 9:05
Out time: 9:40
interview duration : 50 sec to 1 min

University: Northeastern university
Course: regulatory affairs

Counter 32 – young American lady (she was very kind , polite and friendly )

Vo: Good morning!
Me: good morning mam ! How are you doing
Vo: fine sir
Vo: pls pass me your documents
(Passes passport, I-20, SEVIS)
Vo: so whats the purpose of US.
Me: Mam for masters in regulatory affairs at Northeastern university.
( She looked confused because there is different name on the i20.
So i explained her that its CIP code which was mentioned in the i20, basically i20 nomenclature.)
Vo: ohk ok got it.

Then she said something , but i couldnt hear properly.
Mam: what mam ?
Then again she said something
Me: mam so sorry but i dont understand what are you saying.

she again said something like whats the TITLE.
( Then i gussed that she was asking for my filed , because she might be not aware of my course )
Me : Mam this course is basically from pharmacy field.
Vo: ohk ok thats great.
Vo: what you background.
Me: completed bachelors in pharmacy from nirma University ahmedabad.
Vo: when did you graudate
Me: june 2020
Vo: what are you doing since then
Me: mam i was preparing for my IELTS examination and then focused on university application process.
Vo: whats your bachelor score
Me: 7.84 out of 10
Vo: so your family is sposnring you right ?
Me: mam only my father.
Vo: what does he do
Me: he is chief manager at xxx
Vo: whats his annual income
Me: told
Vo: what does your mother do
Me: mam she is homemaker.
Vo: do you have a loan
Me: yes mam
Vo: have you travelled outside in last 2 weeks
Me :No mam
Vo: your visa has been approved.

I didnt even see a single rejection. Everyone is coming with white slip.
There is too much hype of that bald guy but literally he was also approving visa of almost everyone. Just give all the answers confidently.

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai (3rd Attempt)

Status – Approved ✅
2nd August
Slot 8:30 am

Program: MS in computer science
University: Cleveland State University.

Interview duration – 2mins
Counter no:28 (i guess)
VO was a American lady with short hair and with spects
She approved two girls before me.

Me: Good Morning officer ,How are you?
Vo : Good morning iam good thanks!

Vo:And what about you?
Me : i am good thanks!

VO: Pass me your documents and scan your fingers
Me: Sure mam

VO: where are you heading to?
Me: i am going to Cleveland State University to pursue my master’s in computer science

VO: what’s your cgpa?
Me: i secured 7.3 on scale of 10

Vo: what about gre ?
Me: i got 311

Vo:oops! That’s really good score
Me: Thank you mam

Vo: any backlogs ?
Me:No mam

Vo: when did you graduate?
Me: 2019

Vo: what were you doing since then?
Me: intially i was preparing for Gre, IELTS but due to pandemic i differed my intake from fall to spring 2021 but unfortunately my visa has been rejected .after that I took up a job at tcs ,now iam working as system engineer in tcs it’s been seven months.

( She asked me agian )

Vo:working where?
Me :tcs

Vo:what’s your role?
Me : my role is to support technically in web based applications by using data handling tools like power bi and tableu.

Vo: Tell me about your funding.
Me: my parents are funding me,they have savings of 35 lakhs and I have sanctioned and education loan of 30 lakhs from prodigy finance.

( By that time she tore green slip and kept aside,i thought my visa is approved 😂)

Vo:- What does your parents do?
Me:- my father is into construction business and my mother is govt school teacher

Vo:what’s thier combined annual income?
Me:16 lakhs

Vo: plans after masters?
Me: i will get back to india, and mostly Target for the roles of software developer in top mnc’s like tcs,Wipro, Google.

Vo:-welcome to United States your Visa has been approved .have a safe journey..

Me:- thank you mam,thank you mam ,thank you so much ,stay safe
You made my day

(She was laughing 😂😂)

Vo :you to stay safe,and don’t forget to follow quarantine rules
Me :sure mam I will.

( I ran away literally without seeing her again 😂😂)

Experience 12: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 22nd July 2021
Slot: 8.30am
In time: 7.45am
Out time: 8.45am

Duration: 1min
Status: Approved ✅
University: NCSU
Course: MSCS
Counter no.: 25
Officer: American guy with brown hair n specs

VO: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Passed

VO: Who is sponsoring u?
Me: My father and my uncle.

What does ur father do?
My father is a real estate investor and he also owns a firm that sells and repairs computers and cameras.

What is his annual income?
The combined annual income of my sponsors is XX Lakhs

What is ur father’s annual income?
It is XX Lakhs

Ok, why is ur uncle sponsoring u?
My uncle is well aware of my Masters plan since past 3 to 4 years and after observing my potential and clarity of thought, he readily agreed to sponsor me.

What does your uncle do?
He owns a Pvt Ltd company which is the biggest distributor of mountaineering equipments in India.

What is his annual income?
XX lakhs.

Is your uncle married?

Does he have children?
Yes, he has one son who is in the 10th std

Ok, I’m approving your visa.
Thank you!

Tips: Please be very calm throughout the process to be able to think clearly and answer confidently. It is extremely easy, just do not think about it much and go for it.

Experience 13: F1 at Mumbai (2nd Attempt)

Interview Date: Aug 31,2021
Program Level: Masters CS
University: NJIT
Slot time: 10:50am
In time: 10.20am
Out time: 11.35pm
Counter: 32

Status: Accepted ✅

VO was an American Guy in his 30’s maybe.


Me: Good Morning officer, How are you doing?
VO: I’m good, pass me your I-20 and passport
Me: Here you go..

VO: So who’s going to sponsor?
Me: My Father

VO: What does he do and what is his salary?
Me: He has Diamond business and his salary is 20L per annum. Besides that he has 40L savings, liquid assets worth 40L. Apart from that I have education loan of 40L and we have fixed assets worth 5CR

VO: So what program are you going for
Me: Master’s in CS with specialization in ML.

VO: So you said you have education loan?
Me: Yes, I have education loan of 40L

VO: What is your work experience about?
Me: I have 6 years of work experience working for xxx company, working as a Software Developer. My roles and responsibilities are Designing Algorithms and Flowcharts. Creating, Developing and Testing s/w applications for computer.

VO: Good, Has anyone ever applied for immigrant visa for you?
Me: No

VO: So is this XXX person is related to you?
Me: Yes, She was my grandmother and she passed away and she was a US Citizen

VO: Where does your parents stay?
Me: India

VO: Which country citizens are they?
Me: India

VO: Keep your right hand on scanner and I’m approving your visa
Me: Thank you sir you made my day.

My situation was different both my parents are Green Card holders and my grandmother was a US citizen he was looking at his screen continuously and reading something on the screen and I was shocked to hear when he named my grandmother but I remained calmed and answered to the point whatever information he asked for
My interview was the longest and lasted 15 minutes.

Saw lots of rejects in Mumbai today but I was lucky that this VO opened his window because other 3 VO’s were continuously rejecting F1 candidates and I was the second person he interviewed he rejected the boy ahead of me.

Experience 14: F1 at Chennai (3rd Attempt)

First Attempt: 29th July – Mumbai Consulate
I20 amount – 41000 USD
Appointment Time 11.00
In time – 10.15
Out time – 11.00
Status – Reject❌
Portland State University
Officer was an American Guy in 20’s
I even try to say good morning before that he asked me a question
VO -Have you applied for a Visa before?
Me – No sir.

VO – who is funding you
Me – My father and my grandfather.

VO – What do they do ?
Me – My father is a business man and runs a business of supplying non ferrous metals and my grandfather father is retired

VO – What are their income ?
Me – My father earns 7lpa
VO – You said your grandfather is also sponsoring you ?
Me – Yes sir

VO – what was his profession and how much did he earn
Me – he did the same business as my father and used to earn 8 lpa

Vo- Did you have education loan ?
Me – No sir

VO- what are their savings
Me – My father has 21 lacs in his savings account. Along with that he has 30 lacs in the from of FD and bonds. My grandfather has 10 lacs worth FD and 3 lacs in savings

VO – You master’s is of 3 years right
Me – No sir it’s 2 years

VO – Do you have any sister or brother ?
Me – Yes sir. I have a sister

VO – Okay. Your Visa has been denied. You can reapply later

The reason on the white slip is you did not demonstrate that you will return back to india

A bald guy was present. Don’t know if he was the same legendary bald guy.
Background – My sister is on F1 visa too currently studying there

Second attempt: Mumbai consulate
Time -8 am
17th August
Status – reject
Why are you going to US
I am going to pursue master’s in electrical and computer engineering at Portland State University
How are you funding
I have 50 lakhs of savings and 1 cr in liquid assets
Undergraduate in ?
I did my undergrad in electronics engineering from DJ Sanghvi college of engineering
Did you applied before ?
Yes sir I had a F1 visa rejection
What did you change ?
I have added my mother as a sponsor and earlier I said that my father’s income is 7lpa whereas effectively it is 10lpa as the interest from investments and rent from other properties adds up more.And my mother’s income is 6lpa
Cgpa: 7.6
Gre: 302
and then reject

3rd attempt: Delhi consulate
31 st aug
Status – Approved
Counter 15 Indian lady

Me – Good morning ma’am
Vo why are you going to US
Me – To pursue my masters in electrical and computer engineering

Vo – tell me about you program
Me – it has 45 credits and I’m going for design and verification as a specialization under VLSI domain
( She didn’t heard so I had to repeat )

Vo – undergrad in ?
Me – did my undergrad in electronics engineering

Vo – how many universities u applied to ?
Me – I applied to 6 university and got admits from 4 ( so and so )

Vo – why psu
Me – I found psu offers the right blend of courses and research work in this domain and xx prof research interests aligns with mine which is computer architecture

Vo – asked me about computer architecture but I don’t remember the exact question
Me – I did my undergrad in electronics engineering in which I took courses of computer architecture and VLSI and did some research work too

Vo – congratulations your visa is approved
Me – for 10 secs I was just standing there as if it was a dream
Just ran from there as soon as possible

Experience 15: F1 at Mumbai

Date- 02/08/2021
In time – 10.45
Slot time – 11.00
Out time- 11.55
Counter no:28
VO – Legendary bald guy
University – university of Michigan Ann Arbor
Course – Automotive engineering
Status – Approved✅

It was raining heavily while we all were waiting. PS carry umbrella, they allow it inside

VO rejected guy in front of me while I was waiting. Then he told me to wait and went somewhere. Returned in sometime.

VO- Pass me your passport

Me- Good morning, sure Sir.

VO – your i20 please
Me – (passed)

VO- What does your father do?

Me- He Worked at xyz as xyz. He took an early retirement in Dec 2018.

VO – What’s his annual income.

Me – his annual income was xyz till Dec 2018

VO – Is your father retired?

Me – yes sir, he took an early retirement in Dec 2018

Vo – okay. What are his savings

Me – He has liquid asset of xyz and equity asset of xyz

Vo – what in equity?

Me – shares sir

Vo – Are you married?

Me – no sir

Vo – congratulations I’m approving your visa

This all happened in 20-25 sec. Answer confidently and quickly otherwise he gets impatient. Answer only what he has asked for, make it short. And know your finances well. All the very best

Experience 16: F1 at New Delhi

Date : 02 Aug
Status : Approved ✅
Slot Time : 10:00am
univ : Cleveland state university.
Course :- Cs

in Time : 08:30 am
out Time : 9:40 am

VO description : Middle aged indian guy. age might be around 30 years. Couter 15

Me :- Good morning officer how are you?
Vo:- Good morning, am good how are you?
VO : Pass your i20 and passport
Me: Here they are..
Then he asked for right hand fingerprints.

VO : Do you apply for visa in past 2019?

Me: Yes officer, i have been rejected 3times

Vo : Why did you choose this college?

Me: Csu is one of the best college in usa, The research in this field are extremely good. ( interrupted me.)

Vo : How are you funding?
Me : My father is funding.

Vo: what do he do?
Me: He is a business man.. who is into real estate business.( Interrupted me.. with a smile and said every one are saying the same answer.)
Me: Smiled and continued saying he constructs residential plots and malls.. and we have saving of 35lacks and applied for a loan of 25lacks.

VO: smiled and said the golden words.. your visa is approved.😍

Me: Thanks alot for making my day happier and moved asap from there.

Vo was really chill.. i have seen almost approving everyone.

Be confident and keep eye contact

Experience 17: F1 at Chennai

Counter No 27
Consulate: Chennai
University of North Texas
(Vo is indian looking like a lil bald headed around 50-60s)
Vo: good morning
Me: good morning officer
( vo asked me to pass my passport, gave)
Vo: where are you going?
Me: to pursue masters in computer science at university of North Texas
Vo: what’s ur father?
Me: he is a business man
Vo: what type of business? (Typing here sometime) and asked me our company name ;I said
Me: explained and said about the annual income
Vo: wts ur gre score?
Me : 315
Vo: what is your UG stream?
Me : Information technology
Vo: which University?
Me : veltech university, chennai
Vo: cgpa?
Vo: he took green slip and passed to me saying.Ok, your visa is approved.

He didn’t even askd me for sevis receipt or ds160. He just took only my passport

1.It was just 30-40 sec overall. He didn’t ask me anything about course or college. Just be confident, that’s more than enough
2.Go before half an hour prior to your slot time.

Experience 18: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 30th June 2021
Appointment Type: Normal
Slot time: 11:00 AM
In time: 10:30AM
Out time: 10:40 AM
there was absolutely no line ahead of me

Interview Duration: 30-45 seconds

University: George Mason University
Course: Masters in Data Analytics Engineering
Status: Approved ✅

VO was a late 20s or early 30s american guy

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning sir
VO: Can you pass me your documents please?
Passed passport, i 20, sevia fee reciept
VO: Which University are you planning to attend?
Me: gmu
VO: Why?
Told and also that my husband is alumni of the university .
VO: Please place your right hand four fingers on the scanner
VO: I just want to know abt funding?
i was reaching for documents…he said no no just tell me i dont want to see documents.
Me: My parents in law are sponsoring my tuition and husband will cover living expenses.
VO: What does your husband do?
Me: told
VO: Which company?
Me: told
VO: Your visa has been approved. Have a nice day. Passes the green slip
Me: Thank you so much. Have a nice day.

Experience 19: F1 at Hyderabad

VI : 31st August
Slot Time : 8:00 am
Stood in line at 7:30 am
In time : 7:45 am
Out time : 8:15 am
Counter : 14
Duration : 2 mins
Status – Approved ✔️
University – Lewis University

Me: Good morning mam
VO: good morning how are you doing

Me: good mam, thanks (interrupted)
VO: pass your passport for scanning

Me: yeah sure
Vo: which university you are going

Me: I am going to Lewis University to pursue my masters in computer science
Vo: place your i20 on glass
Me: yeah sure

VO: when have you done your bachelors
Me: I have done my bachelors in 2009 in computer science

VO: What have you been doing since then
Me: I have been working as a software engineer 3 different companies and at present working as a sr.software engineer in xyz company.

VO: who is going to sponsor for your education
Me: My husband is going to sponsor for my education

VO: do you have loan
Me: yes, I have an education loan from axis Bank worth 20L

VO: what does your husband do for living
Me: he works as a manager technology in publicis sapient
(She repeated about what’s my husband’s role, so i repeated the role..she said ohh manager technology)
(She was keep on typing and in-between looking at me, all of the sudden she turned my side and asked)
VO: why you want to do masters now
Me: as iam working as a Sr. Software engineer, my next role would be an architect, so to fit into that role I need to upgrade my skill set. And I felt this is the right time to pursue my masters.

VO: okay iam approving your visa
Me: thank you mam, thanku

I was the only one for F1 visa at 8am slot, many were for h4 and H1…I felt scared but I was the first person who got visa at consulate today.

Experience 20: F1 at Kolkata

Visa Interview-August 2
Status : Approved ✅
University: university of New haven
Slot time-9:30
Interview intime- 9:00
Out -9:35
Duration- max 30-40 sec
American guy
VO- good morning sir , how are you doing
Me- hello sir, good morning, I’m good ,how are you
VO- I’m good as well
Give me your i20 and passport
VO- whats your date of birth
Me -tols
VO- So,which course?
Me- Sir, it’s master in civil engineering
VO- Ok, what’s specialization
Me- Construction Engineering sir (may be checked in the system)
VO- why masters?
Me- Sir. I completed my bachelor’s in civil engineering i want improve my skill and knowledge ..so i thought masters can enhance my knowledge so (interrupted)
VO-You worked as a site engineer right?Me -Yes Sir!!
VO-how many years of experience do you have in your department ( couldn’t heard first asked twice.. )
Me-Sir . 4 years.
VO- Wow.nice. so what about funding?.. who is sponsoring?
Me-Sir my parents are sponsoring my education with ( interrupted)
VO- What they do ?( Made an eye to eye contact)
Me- Sir. my father is into construction business. he runs real estate office. My mother is school teacher
VO- Business? What kind of business ?
Me- Sir. Real estate office.he deals…(Interrupted).
VO-What kind of..is it Commercial or Residential
Me-Sir. they deals both…!
VO- Oh !! Nice … Your visa is approved.. congratulations
Me- Thank you sir .
I don’t remember did he scanned my right hand or not… Listening to the golden word i forgot every thing..he took my passport ..
Me – Sir , will you give me any kind of slip ?
Vo- no.. we won’t provide that … Your visa is approved you may leave now …
Me – thank you sir .. thank you very much
Guys kolkata is very chill all most everyone got visa .. i saw no rejection…
Please don’t get panic … At first I’m to in the same situation..but every thing went good … Please be confident…

Experience 21: F1 at Kolkata

Status- Approved ✅
University- Arizona State University
Course- MS Industrial Engineering
Date- 29 July 2021
VI Slot- 08:00 am
In time- 07:55:am
Out time- 08:04 am
Interview duration- 15sec

VO was an American Male in mid 30s (probably).
Only 2 counters were open this early. The Chinese- American VO just entered the embassy when I did, so he was yet to start his part of the day.

VO: Goodmorning! How are you doing sir! Please Pass me your passport, i20.
Me: Goodmorning Sir, I am doing fine, hope you the same for you.

VO: Place your left hand 4 fingers on the scanner pls.
Me: Did so.

VO: Why US
Me: Sir, I want to pursue my MS in Industrial Engineering at Arizona State University in the US

VO: Any specialization
Me: Yes Sir, do have one. It is Industrial Statistics.

VO: What about fundings?
Me:My father is sponsoring my education. We has liquid funds of XX lakhs.

Your Visa is APPROVED. Fly safe.

Me: Thankyou! Sir.

PS.: Only once during question on funding did he look into my eyes. Rest, he kept typing on his computer.

Talking to those in line will keep your vocals ready. Mind will be relaxed.

Experience 22: F1 at Chennai

Date: 2nd August Monday 2021
Attempt: First
Course- Masters in Computer Science
Status: Approved ✅ 🕺🏻💪🏻🐯🎉 💛
University: University of Missouri, Columbia
(Mizzou 🐯)
Appointment time: 08:00 am
In time: 08:00 am
Out time : 8:08 am
I was early at the consulate by 7.15 am waited outside.
Interview duration : 1 minute
VO was a Indian American in late 50s, cool and composed.

📌 I already have a B1/B2 visa with two visits in 2018 and 2019, I was expecting questions on this

I was literally the 3rd person to be interviewed that morning, counter no 23 and 1st person at that counter.

Me: Good morning officer.
Vo: Good morning.

VO: Pass me passport.
Me: Passed

VO:Where are you going and what course?
Me: Computer Science at University of Missouri, Columbia

VO: Pass me your i20.
Me: Passed

VO: Where did you do your undergrad.
Me: Told (VO hardly looking at me, just typing)

VO: Who is sponsoring your program?
Me: My parents are my primary sponsors, they are sponsoring XX lacks also I have been working since YY years, I am also contributing XX lacks to my masters program.

VO: What do your parents do?
Me: My fathers works in Indian Railways and mother is a high school teacher.

VO: Oh, so you have been working for YY years, why masters now ?
(At this stage my heart was racing 🤯, tried to be calm and answered calmly)
In these covid times, I had lot of time to explore about emerging technologies during which I had self introspection as to where I stand in market, for which I really needed to upskill myself in order to survive. So I did lot of research read white papers/journals and found that Data intelligence blocks is going to be the next game changer in IT. As I am form analytics background wanted to pursue my masters in this get ready to for the future. Mizzou is widely carrying out research on this and it was my obvious choice.

VO: Pulling out the green slip, at this moment I knew I had done it, VO continues typing…

Silence for 5 seconds

VO: Your Visa has been approved, please collect your passport after 3-4 days, passed me the green slip.

Me: Thank You officer.

I was elated, took my file and walked passed students waiting to be interviewed, kept my green slip on top so that most of them would calm down.

I really worked hard for this, an effort of more than 4 months, 1 month just to get the slot, this group has been really helpful, thanks everyone ❤️🤗

My tips from experience:
Do not take interview lightly, do your groundwork about course.
Your answers should be different from your peers, avoid saying I want to work with xyz professor, I will return back to India and work with companies like xyz, almost everyone is saying AI, Machine Learning, Data Science looks very obvious, they must have heard this 1000 times, give them answers they have never heard before.
Judge your scenario, make a list of questions they might ask, for e.g I have work exp and travel history to US, I throughly prepared for these questions.
Be loud and clear, everyone gets nervous but, be calm, this is your chance don’t let it go.
Answer to the point, nothing less nothing more.
Dress nicely, formals preferably, that gives you that feel and you look neat.
Be positive, don’t get scared reading visa rejections, just read them and learn from experience.
Believe in god, get a good sleep a day before and eat before interview.

Experience 23: F1 at Mumbai

Date : 2nd August
Approved ✅
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Master’s in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

Slot time: 10:50 am
in time : 10:40 am
Out time: 11:25 am

Counter: 28(Bald Guy)
Just rejected two guys in front of me, who had applied for 10th and 2nd time respectively, looked to be in a slightly fowl mood.

Me: Good Morning Sir.
VO: Good Morning. Pass me your passport.
I passed my passport
VO: Pass me your I20.
Passed my I20

VO: What does you father do?
Me: My father was working with Nokia Siemens Network as a Project Controller for 28 years. He retired in 2012.

VO: What does you mother do?
Me: My mother is a homemaker.

VO: How much saving does your father have?
Me: My Father is sponsoring me along with my uncle, and they have a combined saving of.. (Interrupted by VO)

VO: I only asked about your father. (He was typing till now, looked up while asking this to me).
Me: My father has 31 lakhs of savings in the form of fixed deposits.

VO:What does your uncle do, is he retired as well?

Me: Yes sir, he is retired as well. (Kind of lost hope here😅)

VO thought for around 5 seconds, then asked me:
VO: How many kids does your uncle have?
Me: He is Not married sir.

VO: Where does he stay?
Me: He stays with me sir, we basically are a joint family..(Interrupted me)

VO: Oh okay! I got it. Your Visa is approved. Please scan your right hand 4 fingers on the scanner.(I don’t remember right or left)

Me: (Does as asked, taken by surprise completely)Is it okay sir?

VO: (Returns I20) You will get your passport in 2 days. Have a good day.

Me: Thank you very much sir!

Thanks to everyone, who shared their visa experiences. Just be confident and you’ll be fine. All the best!

Experience 24: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 2nd August 2021
Attempt: 1st
I20 amount : 46 lakhs
Slot Time: 11:00
University: New York university
Course – construction management
Interview Duration :15 secs
Status : approved✅

VO:Good Morning
Me: Good Morning sir
VO:pass your documents
Me: Passed
VO: Which course ( couldn’t hear him properly so said to repeat again)
Me: Ms in construction management in New York university
VO: what is your undergrad?
Me: I have done my bachelors of architecture from Savitri Bai Phule Pune university
VO: tell me about funding !
Me: I have secured a loan of 50 lakhs , savings 26 lakhs, scholarship 10 lakhs, 10 lakhs of semi- liquid funds in the form of gold.
VO: Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you sir , thank for your time !

All questions are basin no in-depth questions asked.
This group really helped me a lot in every aspect.Thanks to each and every one and will share me previous experiences by evening
All the best everyone !

Experience 25: F1 at New Delhi

My VISA Interview Experience
27th July, 2021.
Slot time: 9:00 a.m.
Went inside by 8:30 a.m. (Since it rained heavily, they are allowing almost everyone: may be those who have time slots till 10:00 a.m.)
Waited in the lobby for 20 min
Out time 9:02 a.m.

Counter:10 – AMERICAN LADY in her late 20’s or early 30’s(may be blonde)
🏫University of Missouri- Kansas City , MS in Civil Engineering: Specialization in Construction Management.

All the 3 guys before me got approved and it boosted my confidence and I have seen almost all the approvals(only) while I’m waiting in the lobby.

Duration of the interview: Hardly a Minute..!!
VO: Nods to call me
VO: Good morning and said something (couldn’t hear her properly)
Me: Good morning officer…!
VO: Please pass your Passport, I20 and SEVIS
Me: Sure officer.
VO: Scans the barcode, looks at the I20 and started looking at the screen.
Gave a look at me and turned again towards the screen
VO: when did u graduate?
Me: I graduated in the month of May in 2020.
VO: What does your father do?
Me: My father is into the business, he runs… intervenes me here
VO: Oh! He’s into business then..!!
Me: Yes officer.
Looked at the screen again for few seconds VO: How many universities did u apply to?
Me: I applied to four universities in total.
Typed for 20-25 seconds
VO: Please place your left hand four fingers on the scanner.
And then comes the golden words🥲
VO: Your VISA is approved(she put my passport in the box: only then I understood it was approved😬) , U can collect it in 4-5 days and please follow the quarantine rules.
ME: Okay officer. Thank you SIR🤦🏻‍♀️(said it in a low tone tho)
Left the counter with my file in shock
I’ve seen approvals from all VO’s. Just be confident and prepare well. Nervousness is common, Take a deep breath cuz it will definitely help you to relive ur tension. While waiting in the lobby, try listening to the questions and answers of VO’s and applicants and the same when u are allotted a counter.



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