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F1 Visa Experiences – September 2021

Below are experiences from September 7th to September 9th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at New Delhi

Status : ✅
Counter : 11
Duration of Interview: 1-2 mins
Documents Asked : Passport , I20
University of Missouri Kansas City
Me : Good morning Officer
VO : Good morning, pass me your passport and i20
Me: Yeah sure (passed )
VO: So what’s the purpose of your trip ?
Me : I intend to pursue my masters in cs at umkc
VO: Tell me about your undergrad.?
Me : I did my bachelors of technology in CE from XXXX and recently graduated in May 2021
VO: so you don’t have any experience..?
Me : I did summer internship during my bachelors for 6 months
VO : what’s your age ..?
Me : 21
VO : who is sponsoring your education ..?
Me : my parents are sponsoring for my education with savings XX lakhs and I have availed an education loan of XX Lakhs
VO : Congratulations Your Visa is approved 🔥
Me : Thank you officer, you made my day ❣️

Experience 2: F1 at Hyderabad

Date : 2nd Aug 2021
Status: F1 Visa Approved✅
Prev visa: currently on H4
Vo : counter 10 male in late 30’s
College : Tennessee tech univ
Program : MS in Computer Science
Slot Time: 11.15 am
In Time: 10:45 am
Out Time: 12:20pm

Vo : Good afternoon. Please show me your passport . I need to scan the bar code
Me : Sure Officer

Meanwhile looking at my application details

Vo : so you are on H4 currently
Me : yes.

VO: tell me about your background.
Me: told on my passout year and the company I am working for since. Right now I am on sabbatical leave

Vo: who is funding you
Me: my husband is sponsoring my education

VO: where does he work and what’s his annual income
Me: told

VO : show me your i20
While I showed him.the I 20, he asked me how is cookeville.

Me: it’s a bit country side, peaceful but I miss city. However I love Nashville it’s just an hour drive
VO laughing along and said yes Nashville is a beautiful city.

VO: what are your plans post masters
Me: like to join my company back with better position or join microsoft or Google as a data scientist

VO: very well,place place your 4 left hand fingures on the scanner. I am approving your visa.
Me: thank you. Have a good day.

VO: you too

Those going for h4 to f1, it’s easy peesy .just be confident.
Tip : at Hyderabad consulate they are sending on time. So please reach the consulate 30 mins prior. It should do.

Experience 3: F1 at Hyderabad

Date – 2nd Aug,2021
Consulate – Hyderabad
Slot – 10:45 AM
Interview time – 11:45 AM
Status – Approved✅

University – Stevens Institute of Technology, MS In Finance

Interview Duration : 30 seconds

VO was a young american

Me : Good Morning sir, How are you doing?
VO : Good morning, show me your passport
Me : Here it is
VO : Show me your I20
Me : Showed my I20
VO : Who is sponsoring you?
Me : My father is sponsoring me.
VO : What is his annual income?
Me : 10 LPA
VO : Did you take any loan?
Me : Yes, I have taken loan of 40 lakhs.
VO : Any savings?
Me : Yes, my father has saved 20 lakhs for my education.
VO : Please put your left hand four fingers on the scanner.
Me : Placed.
VO : Drop your passport in the wooden box. You can collect your passport in 2-3 days.
Me : Thank you. Thank you so much sir.

Experience 4: F1 at Kolkata

First attempt
Slot 8:30
Visa approved by 8:35
VO was friendly and an African American man.
Pass me your passport only
Yes, through the tray.
Yeah, That’s about it.
Now the i20

Why are you going to the US?
I am going to pursue a master’s degree in biological sciences in Missouri University of Science and Technology. With a specialization in Environmental Biology

Tell me about environmental biology
It’s the study of waste management, reversal of climate change, and other important topics for the reversal of climate change like bioremediation, global ecology, advanced fresh water lake ecology, techniques in applied and environmental biology, advanced biodiversity…..
Stop. ✋
How are you funding?
I have secured a loan of 34 lakhs, my father has saved up to 60 lakhs and I have immovable….
Stop ✋ Your visa has been approved and you will receive it in a week

Experience 5: F1 at Chennai

First attempt
Date: 2nd august 2021
Token no. 23
VO was a very cool, old Indian man
Reached by 7:45
Interviewed at 8:34
Slot for 8:30
Me: good morning sir, how’s your day going
Vo: good morning, good, pass me your passport
Me: wait a sec (passed passport)
Vo: which uni and which course
Me: I’m going to NC State University for bachelors in Aerospace Engineering
Vo: that’s good, where did you study earlier
Me: I studied ib in xyz and scored 35/45 in my year 2
Vo: that’s pretty good, what were your subjects
Me: (told)
Vo: Who’s funding your education
Me: my parents are funding for all 4 years
Vo: what do they do ? And what’s their income
Me: they are owners of our family business xyz and their income is 1.5cr combined and we also own properties worth 13cr
Vo: (searched the store) okay I see you have a very huge store, that’s great
Me: all thanks to my parents
Vo: your visa is approved (while passing the green slip) study hard and tell your parents I might visit the store
Me: sure, thanks for your time

The interview is so easy no need to worry about anything just be on time and be confident
Do not carry electronic devices or watches
And wear anything comfortable they don’t care about the outfits

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

Date: 2 Aug 2021 Status: Approved✅
Slot Time: 8:30
In time: 8:15
Out time: 8:42
University: University Of Texas At Dallas.
Course: Masters in Computer Science
Interview Counter: 27

VO – American Women

VO: Good morning.
Me: Good Morning Ma’am

VO: Will take your i20, Sevis and passport
Handed over them

VO: Tell me where you are going and about your course?
Me: I am going to pursue master’s in Computer Science at University Of Texas At Dallas.

VO: How are you funding
ME: My father is my primary sponsor. He has bank savings of XX lakh and I have taken a secured loan worth XX lakh by mortgaging my father’s house site and we have assets worth X Cr.

VO: what does your father do ?
Me: He is working as a Bank Manager in XXX Bank. He’s working there for the past XX years.

VO: what’s your father’s Annual Income?
Me: XX.Y lakh

VO: place your right hand fingerprints

Your VISA has been approved.

Me: Thank you so much, Ma’am. Have a nice day.
VO: you too.

Experience 7: F1 at Hyderabad

First Attempt
Date – july 22
Time- 9:15
Status – Approved✅
Northeastern university, Engineering Management
Dutation- 20-30 sec

VO : counter no:10 blonde lady in her 30-40’s. A person in-front of me given about 5-10min and got rejected (I didn’t heard much but I think it’s about financial matter)
She is very patient about the candidate and heard his total explanation

Me: good morning officer (With a great smile😁)
Vo : good morning sir
Vo: show your passport to the glass( to scan DS-160)
Me: shown
Vo: i20 similarly
Me: shown
Vo: What is the course you are taking in Northeastern University
Me: I going to pursue my master’s in engineering management in Northeastern University
Vo: How are you going to fund your education?
Me: My parents are going to sponsor my education and I have a 60lakhs of secured loan and she cut me off
Vo: What will ur parents do for living
Me: told
Vo: What is their annual income
Me: Their annual income is 15lakhs per annum
Vo: place your right hand 4 fingers
Me: placed
Vo: (Then the golden words) I’m approving your visa, please drop your passport in the drop box
Me: Thank You very much Mam, This means a lot to me.
Vo: Good luck and enjoy the study in US sir.

Experience 8: F1 at New Delhi

Date – 2nd August 2021
Slot time- 10: 30am
In time: 10:20 am
Out time: 10:50am
Interview duration- 2 minutes

Counter no- 19

University – Suny Buffalo
Course – Ms Econometrics and Quantitative Economics

Status – Approved ✅

Me: Good Morning Ma’am
VO: Good Morning, please pass my your i20 and passport please.

VO: When did you graduate
Me: just 2 months back

VO: what was ur final percentage
Me: 8.095 out of 10
VO: great

VO: Okay soo.. How are you going to fund yourself?
Me: My primary sponsor is going to be my father and told them about the pension funds, immovable assets and the secured loan from sbi

VO: she stopped listening in the middle itself 😂

VO: great can you pass me any document regarding that
Me: sure ma’am! And I passed the pension fund slip

She took the document and went inside for a minute.

After coming back

VO: did you travel outside of India?
Me: no ma’am

Great.. Your visa has been approved. Here is your i20.. Congratulations! Also you’ll receive your passport within 5 working days.
Me: Thank you so much Ma’am.😀😀

Experience 9: F1 at Mumbai

Slot: 8:40am
In time: 8:40am
Out time: 9:30am
Date: 02/08/2021
Status: Approvedballot_box_with_check
Appointment: Regular
Uni: JHU

Counter No: 30
(Legendary Bald guy was at counter 28 and had rejected 2 applicants and approved 3 applicants while I was standing in queue at my counter)

Me: Good Morning!
VO: Good Morning! How are you?
Me: I’m good! How are you doing?
VO: Good! Pass me your passport and I-20
Me: Passed
VO: What is your purpose to visit United States of America?
Me: To pursue my Masters in Finance from JHU
VO: How are you planning to fund your education?
Me: My mother is funding me and apart from that I have an educational loan.
VO: What does she do?
Me: Lecturer at XX college and teaches YY subject.
VO: How much does she earn?
Me: 14 LPA
VO: Place your left hand 4 fingers on the scanner.
Me: Did
VO: I’m approving your visa! (He said something about protocol while passing the white slip but I was so happy after hearing ‘Approving’ that I missed what he saidsweat_smile.

The VO that I got was pretty good . Bald guy was tough but was good to people who were able to answer precisely. I even heard him saying ‘Your Visa is approved! Thank you for visiting us!’ to one applicant.

Experience 10: F1 at Hyderabad

Going to usa for bachelors at George mason university
Date: 23rd July, 2021
Attempt: First
Status: Approved ✅
Appointment time: 8:30 am

Interview duration 50 seconds
VO was an American lady aged 25-35

Me : good morning mam. How are you doing today?

VO: I’m doing fine place your passport against the slice
Me: I did

VO:which university are you going to?
Me: George mason university to pursue my bachelors in mathematics and computer science

VO: oh for bachelors?
Me: yes

VO:why are you going to usa ?
Me: the academic curriculum is more practical and flexible in the USA. I’ll also get to experience the cultural diversity over there.

VO: show me your I-20
Me: showed her

VO: oh you also received scholarship from the university
Me: yes mam

VO: did you visit usa back in 2016? What was the purpose ?
Me: yes mam. I went to us on a family vacation

VO: who’s going to sponsor your education?
Me: my parents are going to sponsor my education and they have … ( interrupted)

VO: what do they do?
Me: both of them are doctors.

VO: what is their annual income ?
Me: xx lakhs
And then I told her about my parents’ savings, loan , and mentioned the scholarship again.

VO: your visa has been approved. Drop your passport .
Me: thank you so much mam. Have a nice day

VO: you too 😊

I actually didn’t hear her saying my visa has been approved. I was shocked for a bit, and then she asked me to drop my passport. I thought acha okay she wouldn’t ask me to drop my passport if it wasn’t approved 😂😂🤫

Tips: ask your VO if you can’t hear them. Be confident and talk to the students who are with you. It calms your mind. It Worked for me. Be confident and look into their eyes while answering their questions.

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai (7th Attempt)

VISA experience: 23rd July 2021
Slot time: 8:00 am
In time: 7:50
Out time: 8:20
Status: Approved 💚💚💚💚
Interview duration: 1-2 minutes
University: University of Missouri Kansas City
VO: American lady

Me- Place your documents
VO- good morning

VO- What are you taking in masters?
Me- Computer science
VO- when did your undergraduation completed
Me- 2019
VO- what are you doing since then ?
Me- When I’m in undergraduation I got places in tcs as an assistant engineer but I wanted to continue my studies so i was working on masters application and also did online courses..(interrupted)
VO: ok…then what will you do after masters ?which job you want
Me: after masters I will come back to India and I want to do job with good positions in mnc companies as a developer or a project manager.
VO: What are you going to focus on masters?
Me: Data science

VO typing for 1 minutes
And then
VO: I’m approving your visa
Me : Thank you so much mam (dancing inside)

Only this I want to tell is just be confident..nervousness is common for everyone but don’t show it in your words either it is right or wrong just say it with confidence…after 6 attempts..don’t worry who are not first attempts..confidence is the key…I have seen no rejections✅✅

Experience 12: F1 at New Delhi

VISA experience: 23rd July 2021
Slot time: 10:40 AM
In time: 9:30 AM
Out time: 10:00 AM
Status: Approved ✅
Interview duration: 30-45 secs
University: Northeastern Univeristy
Program: Information systems
VO: American guy in his law 30’s or early 40’s
Counter: 19

Me- Good Morning sir.
VO- ( didn’t greet me in return) pass me your passport and i20
Me: passed
VO- Why Northeastern ?
Me- Told about ranking and curriculum (and was about to say about professors but I was cut off )
VO- Who are your sponsors?
Me- my parents and I was about to say loan he asked next question, but still told him I had a loan.( didn’t ask any numericals)
VO- What’s your parents annual income.
Me- told
VO: parents occupation
Me: told that my father is a govt employee and my mum runs a boutique.
Vo: I’m approving your visa. (Couldn’t hear what he told later) Kept the passport with him.
Me: Thank you sir.
Me: (didn’t give me any slip) sir, should I collect any slip from here?
Vo: no it will be mailed to you.
Me: thank you sir.

The VO was roasting a guy infront of me. He was literally shaking with fear. He asked about why he chose that course, he was explains why and the vo said that’s not what I asked why did you chose this course. The VO repeated the same question for 3 times and 3 times times he tried to convience him. Later, he asked about funding and approved his visa. One key guys, just be confident and charming. That’s it, you got this.

Experience 13: F1 at Mumbai

Consulate : Mumbai
Course : MS in Computer Science
University of Utah

Vo at Counter number 32: Bald Guy

Bald guy rejected two people in front of me, one girl who he asked one question and rejected, one guy who was slightly unorganised and was giving twisted answers. The guy got really emotional after the rejection and pleaded for a re interview. This just pissed the bald guy even more and made me nervous.

I get called.

Vo: Next
Me: Good morning sir
No reply
Vo: Pass me your passport
Me: Passed only passport
(This one is super important read carefully – all the security guards at the Visa Consulate will tell you to give the vo your passport, i20 and sevis fee. However the bald specifically asked for passport and so I only gave him that and he was visibly pleased that I was attentive)
Vo:Ok. Your i20
Vo: What does your father do
Vo: what is his salary
What are his savings
Me: Sir he has liquid assets worth…. Interrupted
Vo: Did I ask liquid assets
Me: Sorry Sir he has savings worth xx usd
Vi: Does he have usd savings?
Me: oh I apologise xx inr
Vo: ok place your right hand

Thanks for reading
My tips for bald guy-
Be a good listener and do as he says
Don’t try to fool him in finance
Have a solid plan for finances. Loan is fine but should not be too much and also don’t forget to mention your savings
Be confident at all times. He hates long unconfident jittery answers
Best of luck. Just be a good listener and have a solid plan out for finances

Experience 14: F1 at Hyderabad

Date :22/07/2021
Status: approved✅
University: Arizona state university
There was a huge line and its raining 🌧 in hyd please carry umbrella
Slot time : 9:15
Entry : 9:30
Exit : 10:00

Vo was a young Canadian- American counter no . 11 .He was cool
Vo : hi good morning
Me:good morning sir
Vo: show me your passport and i 20
Me :shown
Vo : arizona right?
Me : yes sir.
Vo : construction management right ? Tell me about your project ?
Me : explained
Vo: good! Did you visit canada?
Me: Ya sir my sister used to study there
Vo: Great where did you go ?
Me: toronto
Vo : I was born there (with a smile)
Me: Its a beautiful city sir!
Vo : tell me about your funding?
Me: Its a combination sir, my parents will be sponsoring for my education they are having savings of 60 lakhs and i have a loan of 40 lakhs from Hdfc bank
Vo: ok good your visa is approved!

Guys there are only few rejections in Hyd ! They are very patient in hyd consulate . Be confident and give ans politely ! All the best guys

Experience 15: F1 at Chennai

Status : APPROVED ✅
Date: 21/7/2021
Slot time: 8:00
In time : 8:00
Out time : 8:30
University of Colorado Boulder,MS in data science
Interview time:45 secs

Counter 25: White American lady (looks bit of polish).She was so chill and approved for a girl before mine,she was standing with one hand on her hip and asking very few questions.

Vo: Come,come.Good morning! Pass me all the documents that’s in your hand.(My anxiety vanished here..it is very important to stay comfortable)
Me: good morning ma’am(I’m used to addressing people with ma’am/sir which really doesnt matter here) ( Passed)

Vo: What’s your undergrad in?
Me: I did my bachelores in CSE at PES UNIVERSITY

Vo: When did you graduate?
Me: 2018 ma’am.

Vo: So are you working now ?
Me: Yes,I worked until June.I have 3 yrs of experience.

Vo: as what? (Immidiate question where she maintained eye contact)
Me: So I worked as associate software eng at XXX and went on to become senior data science engineer at XXX.

Vo:What’s your masters in?
Me: I plan to pursue MS in data science.

Vo:What are your plans after masters?
Me: I want to transition to roles such as applied scientist back in bangalore…aaaah say in companies like Walmart labs and TCS research( I don’t know if TCS research even existed)

Vo:(Looks at me and raises her eyebrows. I remain expressionless)

Vo: What is funding you?
Me: My father is sponsoring me and also I have availed education loan from bank of baroda maam.

Vo: Please place 4 fingers on the scanner.Congratulations,I’m approving your Visa (and gives me the green slip ) and says bye!

Me: Thank you mam with a broad smile.

1.There was a loooong queue today
2.I was very loud.
3.My friends asked me to give very minimal answers and not to say numbers unless asked for funding,which worked for me.

Experience 16: F1 at Chennai

Date : 22 July 2021
Status : approved
University: UNCC
Slot time : 8:30 Am
Waited in line for about an hour and interview lasted for less than a minute
Counter no :25 (Vo was middle aged American extremely chill and sweet )
Wished me good morning when I was walking towards him
Me : good morning sir how are you doing today
Vo : good how about you
Me : good
Vo : so have you been working ?
Me : yes for the past 3 years with xxx company as software engineer
Vo : what are you plans after masters
Me : I will come back to India and take up senior engineer roles in Tcs, Bosch or Qualcomm
Vo : oh so you’re interested in consultancies?
Me : no , tcs has an embedded systems Division which is my specialisation
Vo :* looking at me and nodding * ohh ok
Vo: so how are you funding
Me : loan of Xxx and father will sponsor
Vo: Your visa is approved
Me: thank you sir have a good day
Vo: you too

Almost everyone was with green slips and honestly the experience was very smooth . Just be confident and chill . My vo was looking at the screen looking at me and was nodding and it was chill . His voice was a bit low but then it was pretty audible so please be alert .

Experience 17: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 30th June 2021
Appointment Type: Normal
Slot time: 8:10 AM
Counter: 27
(4 counters were open 29 29 31 33, bald guy was on 33.)

Interview Duration: Hardly 30 Secs

University: Rochester Institute of Technology
Course: Masters in Computer Science
Status: Approved ✅

Me: Good Morning sir
VO: No response
VO: pass me your passport and i20.
Me: (passed my passport,I20)
VO: (Sees my i20, later asks) Which field did you complete your undergraduation?
Me: Electronics Engineering
VO: What year did you graduate?
Me: 2019
VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: Working as a Software Engineer at XX company.
VO: Ok. Who is funding your education?
Me: My mother.
VO: What does she do?
Me: told about her designation
VO: what her/your salary? (Couldn’t hear him properly, so i was confused whether he said her or your)
Me: my salary or her salary?
VO: Her salary.
Me: told.
VO: Do you have any loan?
Me: Yes. i have an education loan of $80k from Leap Finance.
VO: Have you travelled anywhere in the past 2 weeks?
Me: No.
VO: have you been anywhere outside India before?
Me: Yes. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.
VO: Okay. place your left fingers on the scanner.
Me: placed
VO: Types for 2-3 seconds Your VISA is approved.
Me: Thank you soo much sir. left without looking back

Counter no 27 guy rejected someone girl’s VISA 2 places before me. So it’s not like Mumbai consulate is approving everyone’s visa but most of them are getting approvals.
From what I heard, she was not confident in her answers maybe she didn’t prepare for them or she got so nervous she couldn’t collect her thoughts and stammered.
I heard her say the following.

  1. San Jose is in top 10 and… so i think he must have asked her why SJSU.
  2. I’m switching because i have worked here for this many year… and stammered. so i think he must have asked her why are you switching.
    and 1 or 2 more questions which I can’t recollect now.
    But my point is, These types of questions are not normally asked at Mumbai but they can come if you give VO a chance by showing him you’re not prepared and confident.
    The next girl got approved within a minute. I heard her say something like “After my master I plan to comeback to India…” so you can guess the question. She was confident when she spoke and he didn’t ask her many questions..
    So stay confident and take this as more of a conversation rather than an interview.
    Give short, confident and to the point answers. if you’re answer is too short for him, he will ask for more information like he did in my interview, so don’t worry.

Experience 18: F1 at Chennai

29th June
University: NJIT
Course : MS in CS
Status: Approved ✅
Ofc (27 June ):
2:30 in chennai

Consular (29 June)
Slot time: 9:00 am
In time : 8:45
Out time : 9:30
Counter: 27

VO was a young African American lady in her early 20

She was very sweet and polite. She was not audible but i tried to manage. She never looked at me for entire interview she was busy in typing….
She wished me first and asked me to pass the passport

Me: Good morning officer here is my passport
She scanned the passport
VO: pass me your i20 and sevis
Me: Did
Then she asked me to scan my fingers
VO: What type of visa your going?
ME:F-1 VISA officer
VO:which unvi?
VO:why this unvi?
Me: told
(Tips: told about my university and it’s course structure and mentioned some professors who I want to study under them)
VO: what about your funding?
Me: told
She tore the green slip I could see from the glass. I was happy 😁
VO: what are you plans after MS
Me: told
VO: congrats I am approving your visa
Me: Thank you officer. Have a great day !

PS: don’t be in a trance of chennai or mumbai approval rates. In chennai I saw a lot of rejects with in 45 min of standing in queue. There are many rejects which you can’t see or hear.
But Be confident. It depends on you not the consulate or VO

Experience 19: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 30th June, 2021
Type: Regular Appointment
Slot: 11:40am
Interview Duration: 40 to 60 secs max
University: University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Status: Approved✅
Counter no: 33
VO is the Bald Guy everyone talks about. He is approving visas within minutes, but he’s very sweet to talk to.

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Officer, Hope you are doing well
VO: Im doing good, Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Here you go (passed the documents)
VO: So what does your father do?
Me: He’s a business man, His business is into XXX
VO: Sorry, Can you repeat again pls
Me: His business is into XXX (he’s typing constantly, so i continued) Even my mother assists him, Both of them runs the business together.
VO: Okay, so what’s the combined income of both the parents?
Me: They have an income of XXLPA
VO: What’s your savings?
Me: We have savings of XXL which are XXL in FD and.. (interrupts me and says)
VO: Please place your right hand four fingers on the scanner, your visa has been approved and hands over the white slip along with the I20.
(The golden sweet words❤️)
Me: Thank you so much officer, you just made my day.
VO: My Pleasure

Even though my interview was held by him, while i was standing in the line waiting for my turn, I haven’t seen one rejection from other counters as well. Other officers might ask few more questions but they are ultimately approving your visa.
Please careful and be confident.

Experience 20: F1 at Chennai

Date : 1st July 2021
Appointment Type : Regular
Arrived at 10:55 AM. There was a long queue. They started calling people in by 11.10 AM.

Slot time : 11.30 AM
In time : 11.30 AM
Out time : 12.10 AM
Interview duration : 1-2 min

University : NCSU
Course : MS in Electrical Engineering
Status : Approved

I forgot the counter number. She was a white American in her late 20’s. She was very friendly and sweet

Me : Good morning
VO : Very good morning. Please pass me your passport and i-20
Me : Passed
VO : (Typed for a while. Checked what program I’d applied to and then) What is your undergrad course?
Me : I’ve done my Bachelor’s in electronics and communication from XX
VO : Which year?
Me : 2019
VO : And what have you been doing since then?
Me : I’ve been working as a YY in ZZ
VO : (Typed for a while) What specialisation are you planning to do?
Me : I wish to specialise in VLSI
VO : And that’s “Very Large scale ..? “
Me : Integration. Yes it stands for Very Large scale integration.
VO : How are you planning to fund your education?
Me : I’ve secured a loan of xx lakhs and my father is sponsoring the rest. He has a savings of yy lakhs
VO : And what have you secured the loan on?
Me : It’s secured on our house
VO : What does your father do?
Me : He’s a QQ in a public sector company. His annual income is ww lakhs
VO : That’s good. And what kind of roles do you wish to work on after graduation?
Me : I wish to apply to Design/Verification roles
VO : And in what kind of companies?
Me : In companies such as Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm etc. (I’d planned not to mention any American companies but ended up doing so at that point xP)
VO : (Typed for a while. Then took out the green slip) Congratulations! Your visa is approved!
Me : Thank you so much! 🙂

Good luck to everyone else who have their appointments in the coming days!

Experience 21: F1 at Hyderabad

Visa status : Approved ✅
Attempt : 1st
22nd July
Slot time : 8.00 am
Interview time : 1 min
University/ college : Albany college of pharmaceutical and health sciences, Albany, Newyork.
Course : Masters in Molecular Biosciences

I have done my undergraduate in Malla Reddy college of pharmacy affiliated to Osmania university.

Counter : 4
VO is very young around 25-26 years!! He is cool and calm.
VO : Good Morning maam, How are you?
Me : Good morning sir, I’m good and how are you?
( Replied – I’m good).
VO : Please place ur passport on screen to scan.
Me : done sir.
VO : Show me ur i20 on glass
Me : done sir.
VO : which course are u planning to do?
Me : Masters in Molecular Biosciences
VO : tell me about the background
Me : I have completed doctor of pharmacy, which is a 6 year course which includes 6 months research work and 1 year internship in different medical departments.
VO : what is your specialization?
Me : Molecular Biosciences deals with the subjects like microbiology, immunology, virology where I can learn from the basic level which helps me to move forward at a greater speed. With this knowledge I can see myself as a research associate or a research scientist in CCMB ( centre for cellular and Microbiology) which is luckily located in my city and this course will help me to achieve my goal.
VO : okay, you did 6 years here?
Me : yes sir.
VO : Tell me about your funding?
Me : Sir, I have a collateral educational loan of 45 lakhs and 25 lakhs savings. My parents are my sponsors too.
VO : okay, what’s your father’s salary?
Me : He is working as Marketing manager and income of 7 lakhs per annum besides that there is a rental income.
VO : okay, please place your left hand fingers for scanning.
Me : yes sir.
VO : okay, I’m approving your visa and enjoy your stay in Newyork.
Me : Thank you so much sir
VO : Please drop ur passport in the box.
VO : Next person please.

Experience 22: F1 at Hyderabad (2nd attempt)

2nd attempt hyderabad
Status: approved
27th august 9:30am
Vo: she is looking like fat indian women with american accent black hair
Counter no : 14
Vo: good Morining sir pass me your passport
Me: passed after that I told good morning madam
Vo: what’s the name of university are you going for ?
Me: indiana institute of technology [told very fast] due to tension
Vo: ha?
Me: indiana institute of technology
Vo:ok which course
Me: masters of engineering management
Vo: ok your i20?
Me: trying to pass i20
Vo: she told no, show me it through the glass
Me: ok madam showed
Vo: who is your sponsor?
Me: my father is sponsoring for my education he is an agricultural who owns ××acres of agricultural lands and his annual income is 17lakhs per annum.
Vo: tell me about you undergraduation?
Me: I had completed my bachelors in computer science at 2020
Vo: do you have any work experience?
Me: after completion of my bachelor I did internship its 7months intenship program along with that also I prepared programming languages and from the past 2months onwords I am working in byjus as associate
Vo: do you have any educational loan?
Me: I secured an educational loan of rupees 18lakhs and also I am having saving of another 18lakhs rupees in my father account so totally its 36 lakhs which will be enough for my 2 years of tution fee and living expenses
Vo:why do you want to do this masters?
Me: while at the time of studing my bachleor there is a subject which is know as data base management system at that time it self I thought to do masters in the data base administration specialization
Vo: I am taking you passport
Me: [i am in confusion] thanks madam thanks a lot.
Vo: is only looking at finance special [loan] if you have loan then almost she is going to accept and work experience or any courses if not even internship or atlest you must say I am learning programming language and then also you must say saving accoring to sponsor annual income and profession of sponsor, also you must have a little idea about your course and university.
She is not caring about backlogs, cgp,
Gre, Duolingo is enough for usa.

Experience 23: F1 at Chennai


Date: 19 July 2021
Attempt: First
Slot time: 8:00 AM ( Reached an hour before)

University: Arizona State University

Counter: 25 (or may be 23) – VO was an Old Indian Officer


VO: Pass me your passport and press the finger print scanner like you’re going to break it.

VO: Which University are you going to?
Me: Sir, I am going to Arizona State University

VO: Which University did you do your UG in?
Me: Told my UG University

VO: Again asked me the University I am going to and which course are you going for?
Me: I’m going for MS in Computer Science to Arizona State University.

VO: Where are you working?
Me: I have been working in ABC company for the last 2.5 years. I recently resigned to pursue my Master’s degree.
(Cuts me off even before I could complete)

VO: Your VISA is approved. ✅

Me: Thank you, sir. Am I done here ?
VO: Yes, you will get your passport in 2-3 days.

Tips and Takeaways:

➡️ Most people have already told you to stay confident, Yes that is an extremely important factor. But also understand it is okay to be slightly tensed, so own that.
Just ensure that you speak clearly and honestly.

➡️ Be thorough with your financials and plans during & after masters. I saw a few guys getting rejected as they were not able to answer about their plans and fundings.
So my understanding is that people only get rejected if they don’t articulate properly and can’t explain their funding/plans to the VO or if the university selected in not upto the mark.

➡️ Stay calm during your interview, it hardly going to be for 2 mins.

All the best, everyone. Rock it. 🥳

Experience 24: F1 at Chennai

22nd July 2021
Attempt: First
Appointment: Regular
Slot time: 9:00AM (Reached around 8:20 AM)
In time: 9:30 AM
Univ : Indiana University Bloomington
Status: Approved✅
Interview time: 40 to 60 Seconds

VO was an American ( late 20s or early 30s)

I was nervous at this point and forgot to wish him.
VO: Pass me your docs (I20, Passport )
Me: Sure (passed)
VO: So what are your plans after your master’s ?
Me: I would come back to India and would like to work in the healthcare data startup ecosystem here.
Vo: What was your bachelor’s in?
Me: I did my bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering

VO: Okay ( Typing)
VO: Do you have an elder sibling?
Me: No, I have a younger brother.
VO: What does your father do?
Me: My father works as an office supervisor at a company.
VO: What company?
Me: XX company based out of Cochin, Kerala.
VO: What does your mother do?
Me: She is a homemaker.
VO: What is your father’s annual income?
Me: It’s x LPA, but my father is not the one who is sponsoring me… (here I was a bit tense because my father’s income is low, and before he could reject I had to clarify my source of funding so continued..) I am married and my husband would be supporting me.
VO: What does your husband do?
Me: He is a Senior Product Manager at YY company.
VO: What is his annual income?
Me: He draws an income of xx lpa.
I also have an education loan…
(Got interrupted, I saw him pull the green slip)
VO: Is your husband accompanying you to the US?
Me: No he is not accompanying me.
VO: Please put your finger on the scanner, I’m approving your visa. Congratulations.
Me: Thank you so much!

He rarely was giving eye contact, and was typing most of the time.
I think this person was asking the same set of questions to people. I’ve read many similar experiences for counter 21.
All the best everyone!!

Experience 25: F1 at Mumbai

22nd July 2021
Appointment: EA
Slot time: 10:50 am
Course: MS in CS from University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
Interview duration: ~1-2 Mins
Status: Approved✅
Got the legendary bald guy, counter no.32

Me: Good morning officer, How are you?
VO: Good morning, pass me your passport and I-20.
Me: Here it is sir!
VO: Asked something about father couldn’t hear as his voice was very very low and person beside me at counter 30 was shouting.
Me: sorry sir could you please repeat the question?
VO: What does your father do (this is what I assumed the question as i couldn’t hear for the 2nd time because the speaker was situated on right side of counter no. 32 where a lady was announcing some counter no. to send some students).
Me: I am extremely sorry sir could you please repeat the question again?
Vo: I have already repeated twice
By that time I assumed that the bald guy only asks for what does your father do as the first question.
Me: He is a businessmen who runs a garment business also my sister is sponsoring me.
Cuts me and says you are not listening to my questions. Please stick to it. Is this interview important for you or not?
Me: sorry sir I’ll try to answer my best
VO: what does she do?
Me: She is a senior vice President at XYC bank
VO: how much is her annual income?
Me: said Xx amount. (more than 35 lakhs)
VO: Ohh that’s great! that’s why she is sponsoring you
(Here bald guy changes his mood from irritated person to a understanding person)
Me: Yes sir
By that time he kept my passport in tray and started typing
VO: Are you nervous?
Me: Yes sir a bit nervous but I am comfortable now
Vo: You don’t have to be nervous just be confident about it and hear the questions properly. How can you hear the questions now?
Me: I was distracted by the speaker so couldn’t hear much
VO: he gave me a look and said, You will have to answer these questions at immigration exit too! please be confident there and answer properly.
Me: Yes sir I’ll keep that in my mind
( was a bit nervous when he gave me a look)
Vo: Place your left hand
Me: Placed and got scanned in first time
VO: Okay your visa has been approved, please be confident and make sure to take i20 with you
Me: Thank you so much sir

Tips: be very specific with him about finances, do not fumble (I didn’t fumble but I was confident about funding), he does give chances a lot(more than 3) and understands the situation of candidates. So listen to him carefully. He is a nice guy. He is grilling only if candidate is not sure about funding. Please don’t panic he is the coolest and fastest guy to approve the visas.
While I was waiting outside the consulate 5 guys came out and 4 guys were rejected ( 2 from bald guy and 2 from counter 34 they were having conversation among them about universities I heard 2 of the guys universities which were Southwest and North Texas).
Also he rejected one girl and guy within 20-30 seconds of span one of them had j-1 before i was about to go for his counter.
I was bit nervous about rejections that’s why I think i couldn’t concentrate on first two questions.


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