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F1 Visa Experiences – October 2021

Below are experiences from October 10th to October 15th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Mumbai

Date: October 7th
Time: 9:10
Visa Type: F-1
Intake : Spring 2022
University: Texas A&M University- Kingsville
Course : Masters in Computer Science

VO was an American (Age may be between 30-40)
There Were 3 Straight Rejections before me.. I was very tensed.

My Turn

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir. How are You?

VO: Pass me Your I20 and Passport
Me: Sure Here it is.

VO: is it the first time you are flying to usa?
Me: Yes Sir.

VO: When Did You Graduate
ME: I Recently Completed My Graduation From KLUniversity Vijayawada.

VO: What is Your UnderGraduation CGPA?
ME: My CGPA is 7.3

VO: What Did You Study in Bachelors?
ME: Btech In Computer Science

VO: What Does Your Parents Do?
Me: My father is a farmer and My mother owns a dairy farm.

VO: Who Is Going Sponser you and how? ( i did not catch this question properly i said sorry and the officer Asked it again)
ME: My parents are going to sponser my education with their savings of 35Lakhs And their
annual income is 21Lakhs and we have some immovable assets which are valued around 6 Cr.

VO: Which Universities you have applied name Them?
ME: I have Applied for 6 Universities Namely Texas A&M University Kingsville, Wright State University,
New York Institute of Technology, Lewis and Rowan Universities.

VO: Is this the First time You are Flying( again the same Question)
Me: Yes Sir.

VO: Place Your 4 Fingers On the Scanner (I forgot which hand it is Sorry)
Me: Placed

And then the Golden Words….
VO: Ok Your Visa is Approved. Have A Safe Journey
Me: Thank You So Much Sir.

Experience 2: F1 at Chennai

Oct 7th
Slot time :08:30
Status: Approved✅
African male in his 40’s
Counter no : 23
Course: Masters in Civil Engineering
University: University of Texas at Arlington
Intake: Spring 2022
Me: Good morning officer
Vo: Good morning, How are you doing?
Me: I’m doing great officer. Thanks for asking
Simultaneously passed my documents
Vo: Why masters?
Me : officer as i did my undergrad in civil engineering, this masters degree will enhance my skills and technical abilities in this field. Moreover, it’ll help me to secure a job in india with high position roles such as construction manager/project head manager/Design engineer
Vo : Which university and course?
Me : I intend to pursue my masters in civil engineering specialising in Construction engineering and management from University of Texas at Arlington
Vo : why this university?
Me : officer, University of Texas at Arlington offers best course structure and it’s a tier 1 research based university which is of in my area of interest i.e.., construction engineering and management. It offers courses like pipeline and trenchless technology which is going to teach by Dr.Vinayak Kaushal who is currently undertaking research on it.
Vo : when did you graduate?
Me : officer recently in July 2021
Vo: what did you studied in your under grad?
Me: Officer I did my undergrad in civil engineering
Vo : Who’s sponsoring you?
Me : My parents are going to sponsor my education with a savings of 48 lakhs and I have secured an educational of 30 lakhs from state bank of india.
Vo: Parents occupation?
Me : officer my father is into construction business, he’s a civil contractor. My mother is a teacher
Vo : woah! Your father must be happy that you’ve chosen this field
Me : Absolutely he is officer (with a laugh)
Vo: what type of buildings he builds?
Me: officer he deals with both municipal and private sector contracts. He owns a contract through e-tender and he finishes off the work and subsequently he’ll be paid off.
Vo: say congratulations to your father that he opened a pathway for your carrer
Me: yes officer, I’m proud to be his son.
(Typing for 30-40 sec)
Vo : Congratulations ur visa is approved u can collect it in 2-3 days
Me : Thank-you officer. Have a great day ahead.

Experience 3: F1 at Hyderabad

Oct 7th 2021
Slot : 10 am
In time:8:50
Out time:10:20
At VO: Exact 10:00
status : APPROVED ✅
duration : 5min
Counter no : 12
Vo officer : she is an young American lady below 35years.
She was talking to person beside her for most of the time.
university: University Of North Texas
Course : Masters in Business Analytics
VO officer : Hello!
Me : Good morning mam!
Vo officer : pass me the passport
Me : did
Vo officer : Which university?
Me : University of north texas(she again started talking with person next to her for couple of minutes)
Vo officer: when did you graduate?
Me : Nov 2020
Vo officer: So after that you have joined cognizant?
Me : Yes from past 6 months i have been working in there.
Vo officer: what do you do at work
Me: Iam a salesforce admin and create reports, dashboards and workflow actions for data to categorize them.
Vo officer : what course are you going to?
Me : masters in business analytics
Vo officer : How are you funding?
Me : I have an secured education loan of 40lakhs and my father is sponsoring me (interrupted)
Vo officer : What is your father
Me : He is a govt employee, he is Deputy Engineer in GHMC.
Vo officer :Show me your i20
Me : did
Vo officer: Why masters?
Me: I have been interested in Analytics since my undergrad and also working in same field from past six months(intereupted)
Vo officer: YOUR VISA IS APPROVED. Thank You.

Experience 4: F1 at Chennai

Oct 7th
In time -9:40
Slot time :10:30
Out time-10:40
American male in his 40’s
Counter no : 23
University:suny albany(information science)
Me: Good morning officer
Vo: Good morning please pass me your passport
Me: Passed
Vo:pass your i20
Me : Passed
Vo : What will you do after your degree?
Me :I will come back to India before that I will use opt for gaining practical knowledge
Vo ; What your parents will do?
Vo : there salary?
Me : said(I also said about my loan and scholarship)
Vo:what your undergrad cgpa?
Vo : What universities you have applied?
Me : suny albany, UNT, UIS(interrupted and said the pronunciation of suny is wrong “he corrected it”)
Vo : (gave the green slip)Enjoy in the US
Me : thank you sir..thank you so much
Vo : thank you!

The VO was full chill and a smiling face. I have seen all the visa’s were approved in my time no rejections

Be confidence,maintain eye contact, speak clearly and loudly

Experience 5: F1 at Chennai

Oct 8th
In time – 8 25am
Slot time : 9 AM
Out time- 8 40 AM
American female in her 20’s or 30’s idk
Counter no : 23
Me: Good morning officer
Vo: Good morning please pass me your passport
Me: Passed
Vo:pass your i20
Me : Passed
Vo : you are going for UTD?
Me :yes, I am going for university of Texas at Dallas to pursue Information Technology and Management
Vo : what other universities you applied
Me : told
Vo:what your undergrad ?
Me: I have done my bachelors in Information Technology and I graduated in 2013.
Vo:asked me about the company I am working for?
VO: What are your plans after masters
Me: As I am working for abc company for the last four years I will be coming back and joining the same as cloud architect.
Vo: Do you have a loan ?
Me: I have xx Lakhs loan from cyz bank
Vo : (gave the green slip)Enjoy in the US Have a nice stay !
Me : thank you mam
Vo : thank you!

The VO was full chill and a smiling face. Almost all got approved today . I did not see any rejections . Only three counters were open and there were a few H1B approvals too

Be confidence,maintain eye contact, speak clearly and loudly ! Stay calm and give short responses with importance to the details.

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

7 October 2021
Slot time : 9:00 AM
In time : 8:15 AM
Out time : 9:05 AM
Vo : African American male in his mid 30’s, was super friendly and chill.
Counter no. : 25
Duration : < 30 seconds
Spring 2022
Document given: only passport and i20

Three counters were open at that time. I was nervous only till the previous day,
but was super chill and confident during the visa interview. However I saw a lot of people
getting rejected, 2 people were rejected just infront of me but I was still calm.
He was asked about his plans and he just said something about family business in Kochi
and got rejected. I only saw 3-4 people walking away with green slip while waiting, rest had white slips in their hands.
I had prepared for all sort of questions and specially why have you not taken the GRE ? ( heard that an old
Indian VO was rejecting a lot of people based on this question however I had solid and genuine reason why it wasn’t required in my case)

Moreover, there was another VO who was grilling one student, I could only hear something related to Cybersecurity plus one more female visa officer who seemed friendly too

I was standing third in the line, however I was called first as I was the only F1 student in the line, rest were H1B’s

walked to the counter and smiled
Me : Good Morning officer !
VO : Good morning sir, How are you doing today ? ( probably the most calmest voice I have ever heard)
Me : I am doing great sir, how about you ?

passed my passport and i20 even before he asked and it got stuck
fumbled sorry and he gestured no issues

VO: So student visa I see !
Me : yes officer

VO: So which course ?
Me: I am going to pursue my Masters in CS

VO was typing all this while and listening to me at the same time

VO: So have you decided on any specialization ?
Me: Yes, I will be specializing in Data Sciences.

VO: What are you plans after Masters ?
Me : As I am gonna be keeping my Masters quite research oriented, I would be targeting research data scientist position once I graduate,
I would like to join XYZ Labs India specially their socio technical group which is my area of interest. explained a bit more deeply as the VO was listening

VO: I see that you have been awarded a Teaching Assistantship !
VO reads something on his computer and goes through my i20

Me: Yes, my initial funding is for the spring semester with 100% tuition waiver and TA position after which it will be renewed in August for complete duration of program, So its pretty much a full ride !

VO types something for a while

VO: Please place your right hand 4 fingers on the scanner

PS : I had noticed that student who got rejected infront of me was asked to place his left hand fingers, so when he told me to place right hand fingers, I thought that it seems approved.

places the fingers and hears the beep confirming its done

Vo keeps the passport in the tray and returns my i20 with the green slip

VO : so I am approving your visa, you should receive your passport back in 2 days.

listens to him as not to miss out any information
Me : Thank you so much officer, I hope you have a great day !
VO: You too with a big smile

Tips :

1) Make sure you prepare for all sort of questions from easy to worse ! plus, I would suggest you to prepare for the question “why this University ?” with lots of customization,
Ranking and other factors are ambiguous. Make sure you talk about in depth about curriculum relating it to your past and future along with the specific syllabus you would wanna study
for ex : I had prepared highly about research with a professor which was unique and not available elsewhere. Moreover all the questions about why and your plans should be the same way

Experience 7: F1 at Chennai

Oct 8 th
Vo was African guy
only 3 counters were opened
University: Kansas State University
Course : MS Data analytics

Me :Good morning sir, how are you?
VO: I’m good thanks

Me : passed i20, DS 160, appointment confirmation
VO:Which University?
Me: Kansas State University
VO: wild cats have good rivalry
Me : laughing (yes sir)
VO: What course did you apply
Me :MS DATA Analytics
VO: Any specialization?
Me : Data science, I would like explore more about recommendation engine and text mining
VO: are you working or just finished graduation?
Me: I’m working as systems engineer at infosys limited for past 2 years
VO : What do you do exactly at your work
Me : I develop machine learning algorithms using python programming language
VO : is your family going to sponsor you?
Me : My father is sponsoring for my masters. He is a state government teacher working for the past 25 years. He is having savings about 33 lakhs and I have also secured education loan from SBI around 38.5 lakhs INR.

VO: Place your left hand four fingers

Me : ok sir

VO: congrats Iam approving your visa you will get back your passport in 2-3 days. Have a nice stay in US.

Me: Thanks a lot sir, it means a lot me.

Actually when I was standing in the counter line I saw one rejection but African VO is approving almost all visa, so just be confident .answers confidently your visa will get approved. I have seen only one rejection rest all of them got approved

Experience 8: F1 at Hyderabad

Construction management – UMKC – (Spring 22)
8 October, 2021
Slot time : 10 am
Interview time : 10:15 am
Approved ✅
Me : Good Morning
Vo : Good morning.
VO:Pass me your passport
VO : which course?
Me : construction management
VO : why are you switching?
Me : officer I didn’t get you?
VO : Tell me about your background?
Me: I have done bachelors in civil engineering at Institute of aeronautical engineering hyd.
VO : so why industrial management?
Me : sir I have done my bachelors in civil engineering at Institute of aeronautical engineering it’s my college name and I am going to pursue masters in construction management at umkc.
Vo : ohkk got it. Why construction management.
Me : I have done few projects related to construction in my final year and developed interest on subjects like estimation & costing, planning & scheduling, (interrupted)
VO: Tell me about your UG project.
Me: told
Vo: show me your i20 on Tha glass ( showed) while showing when did you graduated?
Me : recently one month back officer.
VO : funding.
Me : My parents are funding me. I have an education loan of xxL, family savings of xxL and received 8000$scholarship from university which will cover 40%of my first year tuition fee.
VO : what does your parents do for a living?
Me : Told
VO: How much they make per year?
VO : What are your future plans?
Me : told
VO: place your left hand 4 fingers on scanner.
Me: Placed
VO: That’s it. Your visa is issued
Me: Thank you sir.

VO was expecting all short& unique answers.

Experience 9: F1 at Hyderabad

DATE : 7th Oct 2021
In time – 10:20
Slot time – 11:30
Out time- 11:40
Approved ✅
American female in his 30’s
Universityof North Texas
Me: Good morning officer
Vo: Good morning please pass me your passport
Me: Passed
Vo: Which University ?
Me : University of North Texas
Vo : Which Course ?
Me : MBA
Vo ; When did you get your I20? ( This question was asked as the previous person had the same University )
Me: I got it last 1 month
Vo : Why MBA ?
Me : I want to become an Entrepreneur and want to learn how to start and grow business. And i think this course will help me sharpen my expertise in business and make me able to contribute something useful and beneficial to the society.
Vo: What did you do in Undergraduation ?
Me: Told about the course and college name.
Vo : When did you complete your course ?
Me : Told
Vo : What did you do since then ?
Me : Have worked for Xyz company as a Marketing and sales executive. My role was to coordinate with Logistics team and achieve sales targets.
Vo : Funding ?
Me : My parents are funding me. We have ( Vo interrupted me)
Vo: What does your father do ?
Me : He is a businessman. He has ( Again Vo interrupted )
Vo: What kind of Business ?
Me : Told
Vo : Income ?
Me : He has a income of 15 Lakhs per annum.
Vo: Any education Loan ?
Me : Yes, i have a education loan of 30 Lakhs.
( She kept the passport in the wooden box)
Vo: Thank you. Visa Approved
Me : Thank you so much.

I have seen all the visa’s were approved in my time no rejections

Practice your answers before appearing for visa. Be confident,maintain eye contact, speak clearly and loudly.

I had maintained eye contact with her even when she was typing on computer.

Experience 10: F1 at Chennai

Status – Approved ✅
Appointment Date: 08-10-2021
Slot time: 12:00 Pm
In time: 11:30 Am
Out time: 11:45 Am
University – University of Texas at Dallas
Course : Ms in CS
Counter no. : 23 ( I think it was 23)
Only 2 counters were open and the consulate was not busy at all.

The person before me got approved and the VO waived her hand at me to approach the counter.

VO was a pretty looking American lady with dark hair, around 30 years of age.

Me – Good morning ma’am!
VO – Hiii…
Me – Hiii…

VO – I’ll take your passport
Me – Yeah sure! (gave her my passport)

VO – she was typing for some time and was looking at the computer
VO – Pass me your I-20 and Sevis fee receipt
Me – Okay ( passed the documents)

VO – So what did you do in your bachelor’s?
Me – I’ve pursued Computer Science in my under graduation from VIT University.

VO – (looking at me) Which year?
Me – 2020
VO – Okay

VO – Again started typing for some time ( I was constantly maintaining eye contact)

VO – (looking at me…) Which course are you taking?
Me – UTD offers a wide range of tracks to choose from but I’m inclined towards taking Data Science once I go there.
VO – Okay!

VO – typing for a few seconds…puts my Passport in the tray ( seeing her do that, I thought that the interview was going good and was getting good vibes)

VO – Did you take any education loan?
Me – Yes ma’am, I’ve secured a loan from Union Bank of India of XX lakh rupees.

VO – Okay place your right hand four fingers on the scanner.
(With a smile on her face) I’M APPROVING YOUR VISA, have a nice stay in the US.
(passed me my documents along with the Green Slip)
Me – Thank you ma’am! Thank you so much! Is it done? (regarding the scanner)
VO – Yes, it’s done!
Me – Oh, Thank you ma’am, have a nice day! 😊
VO – You too.

She was so sweet and very friendly. Looking at the way she greeted me made me feel a bit relaxed.
The process was as fluidic as it can be. You get in, they scan you and your documents, then they let you into the visa lobby, you get your job done, they let you out. It is as simple as that. Be honest with your answers and get straight to the point and reply with just the necessary answer and you are good to go.

Overall it was a pleasant experience.

Experience 11: F1 at Hyderabad

VI October 8 2021
Status : Approved ✅( First attempt)
Biometrics- Chennai (29th September)
Slot time: 10 am
In time: 9:00 am
Out time: 10:45 am
University : Wichita State University
Course: Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Intake: Spring 2022 (January)

Me: Good morning officer, how are you?
VO: Am good, how are you?
Me: Am fine sir, thanks for asking.
VO: Pass me your passport.
Me: Passed my passport
VO: Which university?
VO: I see you went to US on a Vistor visa.( Just to confuse me)
Me: No sir it’s my first time.
VO: Tell me about your undergrad course.
Me: Bachelor of technology in electrical and electronics engineering
VO: When did u graduate?
Me: Recently in the month of July 2021.
VO: Tell me about your major project.
Me: Told.
VO: What would you do after coming back to India?
Me: Work as a senior signal processing engineer.
VO: what sort of work is it?
Me: Told
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: I have secured education loan of XX lakhs and my father is sponsoring me with an annual income of YY lakhs.
VO: What does your father do for living?
Me: He works as a Regional Manager in XX company located in Saudi Arabia.
VO: Golden words “Your Visa is approved”
Me: Thank you very much sir, have a great day.

Note: Just be confident and speak whatever you feel like saying, don’t buttify answers, just be natural.

Experience 12: F1 at Chennai

Date – 12th October 2021
University of Central Missouri, MS in IT
Slot time – 8:30 AM
In time – 8:00 AM
Out time – 9:00 AM
Counter – 22( being early in the morning only one counter is operating for F1 visas)
VO – Black American in his 30’s

Me – Good morning officer
VO – Good morning. I will take your passport and I20.
Me – Here you go. (While passing the docs I asked how is he doing)
Vo – I am good and what about you?
Me – I am doing great sir.
Vo – So which university?
Me – University of Central Missouri
Vo – And what course?
Me – Information technology and specialization in mobile application development
Vo – Sorry what is the specialization?
Me – Mobile application development sir both in android and IOS
Vo – Oh okk. So you have been in Infosys right.
Me – Yes sir.
Vo – how many years?
Me – It’s been 3 years sir.
Vo – Ok. So what do you think about the future of mobile application development?
Me – Sir, I am currently working as a web and desktop application developer and with my specialization in mobile application development I would become a cross platform application developer. And the future for a cross platform application development is bright.
Vo – (Typing for 15 seconds) So what do you think would be a tougher subject for you in your graduation?
Me – Sir, I think IOS application development would be a tougher subject for me as I am not much aware of IOS applications and this particular course would require some extra attention from me.
VO – So, you are currently working as a mobile application developer right?( In DS160 I mentioned that I am a web and desktop application developer. So this question is for cross check)
Me – No sir, I am working as a desktop and web application developer.
Vo – Ok. Who is funding you?
Me – My father is going to fund me with his savings of xx lakhs and I have secured an education loan of YY lakhs from SBI.
Vo – OK..place your left hand four fingers on the scanner.
(At this point I thought he is rejecting my visa as he asked to place right hand finger for the girl whom he approved in front of me.)
Vo – Your visa is approved. Please collect it in 2-3 days.
Me – Thank you officer. You made my day.
Vo – All the best.

Note :- I saw a couple of rejections while in line but he is approving the visas too if you look confident with your answers. He is asking one question to cross check information provided in DS160. So make sure you are saying what is mentioned in DS160. You need to talk through your mask. So make sure you talk loud and clear. I hope everyone get their visas. All the very best:).

Experience 13: F1 at Hyderabad

VIOctober 12 2021
Status : Approved ✅( First attempt)
Biometrics- Hyderabad(8th October)
Slot time: 10 am
In time: 9:15am
Out time: 10:00am
University : southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Course: CMIS
Intake: Spring 2022 (January)

Me: Good morning officer
VO: Pass me your passport just pssport
Me: Passed my passport
VO: Which university?
Me: Southern Illinois university Edwardsville
VO: Which course
VO: When did u graduate?
Me: I completed my bachelors in 2018.
VO: which course
Me: Computer science
VO: What were you doing since then?
Me: i was directly hired by xyz company after my graduation. Currently I am working at wipro
VO: your package?
Me: 3.5lakhs per annum
VO: 3.5lakhs?? Okay😯Who is sponsoring you?
Me: I have secured education loan of XX lakhs and my father is sponsoring me with an annual income of YY lakhs.
VO: What does your father do for living?
Me: He has been into xyz business for the pst 31 years. He works all over india for private and govt projects.
VO: what type of business it is?
Me: its a process of …..
VO- can you please
VO: how much loan did you take?
Me: 36lakhs
VO:place your i20 over the glass
Me: placed
VO:after looking at it she had a discussion with the person beside her
VO- total funds?
Me – it’s around 55lakhs
VO – again she discussed something with that person and
Then she placed my passport in the tray and said something. I didn’t get what she told. I just said thank-you and left

Note: Just be confident and maintain eye contact

Experience 14: F1 at New Delhi

8 October, 2021
Slot time:09:30
University of Houston clear Lake
Interview time: 20sec
American young Guy (25-30)

Me: a very Good morning! How r u
VO: I’m doing good how r u doing! Plz pass Passport nd I 20
Me: I’m dng great
VO: ur academic background
Me: my UG was CS and have been working as full stack developer in Virtusa. So, I intend to do major on CS
VO: Is ur brother in US
Me: yes
VO: What he is doing?
Me: persuing master’s in UMKC
VO: same field or different
Me: different,He is dng his master’s on Computer network
VO: place ur left hand
Me: did
VO: Am approving your F1 visa, Have a nice stay in US
Me: Thanks Officer😀

Almost all got approved. I have seen very few rejections . Only three counters were open and there were a few H1B approvals too.

To gain confidence, try giving more Mocks. Maintain eye contact, be honest, and be prepared with your answers. Respond clearly and loudly with short responses.

Experience 15: F1 at Mumbai

12th october,9:00am
College:University of north texas (Unt)
Program:management science and quantitative methods
In time:7:30am
Out time:8:40am
Initially when i entered 5 counters were operating later on when my turn came only 3 counters were operating.
Counter number:28

Vo was rejecting many of the f1 and c type visas and he literally rejected 7 visas before me
Vo:good morning how are you and how is your day till now ?
Me :good morning sir ,i am fine how about you and my day was going good till now and how about yours ??
Vo:mine was going good…..what course you are going to pursue
Me: i am going to pursue my masters in management science and quantitative methods which is popularly known as business analytics in university of north texas which is located at denton .
Vo: what is your undergraduate course and percentage of your bachelors.
Me:i have completed my bachelors in b.com (bachelors of commerce) from osmania university with 70%
Vo:who is sponsoring you
Me :my father is the sponser with the savings of xx lacs and has a secured loan of xx lacs and his annual income is xx lacs and he has a construction business.
Vo:place your right hand for scanning ……congratulations your visa has been approved have a safe journey to usa and stay safe enjoy the ride and it will take 5-6 business for receiving your passport.
Me : thank you sir it was a pleasure to meet you
Vo:thank you and enjoy the day.

The vo has grilled a girl infront of me she was in fear and shivering like anything i got tensed by seeing her but i was in very high confidence that he will give to me at any cost and what i felt was confidence matters a lot and there were many students and most of them have been rejected

Experience 16: F1 at Chennai

Vi October 13 2021
Status : Approved ✅( First attempt)
Biometrics- Chennai (12th October)
Slot time: 8:30am
In time: 8:00am
Out time: 8:30am
University : UMKC
Course: ms in CS spl in Data science
Intake: Spring 2022 (January)

Me: Good morning officer
VO: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Passed
VO: Which university?
Me: umkc
VO: Which other admits did you get
Me: told
VO: why did you choose umkc over nyit ?
Me: Told ( better ranking , course curriculum is inclined to my interest, I got scholarship)
VO: which course
Me: Computer science
VO: What have you been doing ?
Me: I finished BTech just 3 months back, I’ve been doing a course on big data which is a branch of data science and I’ve been learning Japanese.( I shouldn’t have mentioned about japanese)
VO: why only Japanese ?
Me: told ( managed to say something because I wasn’t expecting this question )
VO: how are you going to fund your studies and stay?
Me: I have secured education loan of XX lakhs and my parents are sponsoring me with their savings of xx lakhs
VO: What do they do for living?
Me: told
VO:place your left hand fingers, no sorry right hand ( I thought I’ve been rejected because the two guys who were rejected infront of me were asked to place right hand fingers too)
Me: placed
VO:congratulated in Japanese
Me: thanked in japanese

Then he placed my passport in the tray.

Note: Just be confident and maintain eye contact. Do not give pauses and practice talking ask any of your close people to take mocks.

Two people who couldn’t speak well got rejected infront of me.

Experience 17: F1 at Chennai

North Carolina State University
Computer engineering
13th October
Spring 2022
VO is an African guy
Background: I had a B2 rejection back in 2018. That time my uncle staying in US was my sponsor.
VO: good morning
Me: good morning sir.
VO: I’ll take your passport and I20
(Handed them over)
VO: Which University
Me: North Carolina State University
VO: Which field
Me: master’s in computer engineering with specialization in Embedded systems
VO: Why did you choose this specialization
Me: Told that I did my final year project on this field and developed interest on it. Also told I wanted to start my own business
VO: What are you currently doing?
Me: I have been working as systems engineer at TCS for past 2 years
VO: what kind of work are you doing?
Me: We build backend systems for e commerce website using sterling OMS
VO: for which company you were working
Me: Said TCS
VO: no I mean for which company you have built e commerce website
Me: For tapestry.. coach , Kate spade, Stuwert Weitzman
VO: ok okk good
Who is your sponsor
Me: My father is sponsoring me. We have saving of 42L and loan for 27L
Vo: place your right hand on the scanner. (My heart stopped beating here. 3 students infront of me got approved and he asked them to scan the left hand. Then he took out the green slip
.Again my heart started beating😂😂)
Your visa is approved. You will receive it in 2 days
Me: thank you sir.

No need to panic. In Chennai only one counter is open today as well. VO is a very nice guy. Decent amount of questions were asked. Most of f1 got approved as I see.
Don’t panic, just give straight forward answers.

Experience 18: F1 at Hyderabad

13 October 2021

Counter no 16
In time: 08:00
Out time: 10:45
Slot time:09:15

University: Trine University

Interview time: 2min
American young Guy (25-30)

Me: Hey Good Morning Officer, How are you?
VO: I’m doing good how r u doing! Plz pass Passport and I20
Me: I’m fine, Thanks..okay

VO: Did you paid your SEVIS?
Me: Yes

VO: place ur left hand four fingers
Me: did

VO: Information Science huh??
Me: Yes

VO: What is your background on Information Science
Me: I have done my Internship as Software Developer

VO: What was your role?
Me: Told

VO: Who is funding you?
Me: My Father is my sponser

VO: What does he do for living?
Me: He works as a Q.C manager at XYZ Company which is located in Madina, Saudi Arabia

VO: What is his role?
Me: Told

VO: So your father works in Saudi?
Me: Yes

VO: Annual Income?
Me: XX Lakhs

VO: do you have any loan?
Me: Yes, I am having an educational loan of XX lakhs from XYZ bank

VO: Visa is Approved
Me: Thanks Officer😀, when can I collect my Passport

VO: After 3-5 days
Me: Thank you

Experience 19: F1 at Chennai

Date : 13th October 2021
Slot Time: 9:00 AM
In time: 8:30 AM
Out Time: 9:40 AM
University of North Texas
Status : Approved
(Only one counter was opened as it was early morning and I think it is counter No – 22)

Me: Good morning officer!!
VO: Good morning, how are you doing?
Me: I am doing good officer, how are you?
VO: I am doing great.
VO: Which university are you applying to?
Me: I am applying for University of North Texas.
VO: Which Course?
Me: Masters in Computer Science with specialization in Cloud Computing.
VO: Are you working currently?
Me: Yes sir, I am working as an Associate Data Engineer at Company X from the past one and half year.
VO: Can you explain about your role and about your current project?
Me: Explained
VO: What do you want to do after Masters?
Me: I want to learn as much as I can during my Masters and want to comeback to India and join my old company in higher positions.
VO: Who is funding for your trip?
Me: My father is my sponsor.
VO: What does he do?
Me: He is a agriculturist and is also into Real estate business.
VO: Do you have any education loan?
Me: Yes Sir, I have an education loan of XX lakhs and savings of YY lakhs.
VO: (Typed for few seconds) Please place your right hand four fingers on the scanner.
Me: Placed my fingers on the scanner.
VO: Then came the golden words – I am approving your VISA and I will keep your passport and you can collect it in 2-3 days.
Me: Thank you officer!!
VO: Enjoy in Texas.

Just try to be confident while speaking and I saw 4-5 VISA’s approved before me.

Experience 20: F1 at Mumbai

October 13th
Slot time : 8:50
In time. : 7:50
Out time. : 9:25
Interview duration : 30-40 seconds
American male vo in his late 30’s
Counter no: 24
Me:Good morning officer
Vo: Good morning ,How are you?
Me: I’m good,How are you?
( Vo didn’t respond asked to pass passport)
Vo: why usa?
Me: To pursue my
Master’s in Computer Science from University of Central Missouri
Vo: why ucm?
Me: Ucm offers great course curriculum.It has courses related to data science such as Big data analytics,Data mining, Machine learning and along with it ucm offers some backend courses like Database management, Advanced web applications and service development.These courses will enhance my technical skills to pursue my career as data scientist
(By this time he kept white slip with him)
Vo: Who’s sponsoring
Me:My parents are sponsoring me with their savings
(Didn’t mentioned the amount just said they’re sponsoring me)
Vo:Their profession?
Me: Told
Vo: Congratulations! Your is approved.Place your left hand on scanner
Me.Thank you very much officer! You really made my day!! ( Said two times)
Vo: Smiled
Me: When can I get the passport
Vo: In a week
Me:okay Thank you officer! Have a nice day

Just be confident and be prepared with course curriculum and University related questions

Being confident and making eye contact is the key and maintain good body language , don’t talk to anyone go and get ur thing done ,Get your visa.

Experience 21: F1 at Chennai

Biometric 12 th October
13th October
Spring 2022
Slot 10:00
In time 9:00 out time 10:15
Interview time 4-5 minutes
He was asking many questions I may have missed some of them
Me : good morning, officer
‌Vo : very good morning how are you?
‌Me : I’m fine how are you sir?
‌Vo : I’m good?
‌Vo : which university your applying for?
‌Me : CBU
‌Vo : Your program?
‌Me : CIS
‌Vo : I didn’t hear about your specialization, have you said that?
‌Me : No I didn’t, it is information system management
‌Vo: about this course?
‌Me : explained
‌ (20-30 seconds looking at the screen)
‌Vo : are you working?
‌Me : No I’ve just completed my Graduation
‌Vo : what are your plans after Masters?
‌Me : I’ll come back to india and (explained the job and companies I’m going to apply and also the job role)
‌Vo : who is funding you?
‌Me : my parents.
‌Vo : what your parents do?
‌Me : explained their business
‌Vo : have you taken any loan?
‌Me : yes I’ve secured a loan of Rs xx lac
‌Vo : how you’ve secured it.
‌Me : with our property
‌Vo : your family property?
‌Me : yes my family property.
Vo : after looking at screen for about a minute
Your visa is approved take your documents, have a safe journey to the USA
Me : thank you officer have a nice day.

If you are eligible and prepared you just need to be CONFIDENT THAT’S IT.
‌He might have asked any other questions I may be missing those ,
‌he was the same African American guy , he is very calm, and helping students to be confident with their answers ( like he was saying ok, and he is making expression that he understood what I am trying to say) it really helped me alot to get my visa approved.

Experience 22: F1 at Hyderabad

Vi October 13 2021
Status : Approved ✅( First attempt)
Biometrics- Hyderabad(12th October)
Slot time: 9 am
In time: 8:00 am
Out time: 10:30 am
University : University of North Texas, Denton
Course: Masters in Computer Science
Intake: Spring 2022 (January)

Me: Good morning officer
VO: Good morning ! Pass me your passport
Me: Passed my passport
VO: Which university?
Me: University of North Texas, Denton
VO: Why do you want to go to US ?
Me: I want to pursue my masters in computer science with a specialisation of machine learning in university of north texas, denton.
VO: what’s your background?
Me: I did my bachelors in computer science and engineering from xx university in 2020 with a cgpa of 9.2 out of 10
VO: okay, what did you do after graduation?
Me: After my graduation, I have started working as a software engineer in xx company.
VO: What do you do in your role?
Me: I do the backend job in my role where I develop or update API’s in microservices in reference to customer’s feedback and validate them from my end. After that, I commit and deploy my changes to the portal so that customers can re-validate them from their end.
VO: Why UNT ?
Me: Told about the importance
VO: in what real time project would you like to involve?
Me: As prof Dr.Jose perez is working on a research about cancer prediction applications, I would like to work under his guidance which help me to improve my knowledge and also give an experience in this field.
VO: I see your parents are funding you ?!
Me: Yes, my parents are going to fund my education with their savings of xx lakhs. And i have a secured educational loan of xx lakhs from xx bank. Also immovable assets of worth xx
VO: great, what does your father do?
Me: My father works as xx in xx company. As both my parents are going to fund me , My mother works as xx. Their combined annual income would be xx.
VO: (after 2..3 minutes of typing)
I am issuing your visa
Me: Thank you officer!

Note: Just be confident and maintain eye contact. If you fumble(that’s very natural) continue to speak without stopping.

Experience 23: F1 at Hyderabad

October 13, 2021
Status : Approved ✅( First attempt)
Biometrics- Hyderabad(12th October)
Slot time: 9:15 am
In time: 8:15am
Out time: 10:30am
Counter: 16
Interview duration: 30-50 seconds
University : University of Texas at Arlington
Course: Masters in Computer Science
Intake: Spring 2022 (January)

Me: Hello, Good morning Sir
VO: Good Morning
VO: Show me the barcode on passport
Me: showed
VO: Show your i20
Me: showed
VO: Tell me about your professional background in CS
Me: After completing my under graduation, I started working in Capgemini as Software Engineer
VO: What did you develop?
Me: I’m a full stack developer. We are assigned 4 projects. (VO cuts off)
VO: How are you funding?
Me: My parents are funding my education and (VO cuts off)
VO: What does your mother do?
Me: My mother is the director. We have a own company called XXX YYY machines private limited. My father is the founder and managing director. They have been working since 12 years. Said about their major customers.
VO: asked about what is the company about
Me: told
VO: asked the company name again
ME: told the company name
VO: Stopped for some seconds after hearing that looking at the computer screen
Me: (I think he searched in Google but not sure)
VO: What is their annual income?
Me: 25 L per annum
VO: Any loan?
Me: No sir
VO: Savings?
Me: we have savings of 40 L and additional (VO cuts off)
VO- Your visa is approved. congratulations.
Me: I was in shock, and was confirming again
VO: Your visa approved and said something like “your company (and said something I couldn’t hear), it was impressive”
Me: thank you sir

The person before me got rejected after 1st question. I got scared after seeing how fast VO had rejected.

Note: VO was expecting direct and short answers. Listen to the question asked to the person before you. Try to be confident and maintain eye contact

Experience 24: F1 at Mumbai

14 October, 2021
Slot time:09:10
University of North Texas, Denton
Interview time: 45 secs
American old lady (55-60 age)

Me: Good morning mam How r u
VO: I’m doing good. How are you?
Me: I’m dng great(simultaneously gave my i-20 and passport)
VO: Checking i-20
VO: This is state university right?
Me:I said its public university
VO: ya both are same just remember both are funded by govt… and she said something couldn’t hear properly.
Me: ok sure
VO:what did you do in bachelors?
Me: My bachelors in Computer Science
VO: What is your role in current job?
Me: Working Senior Data Analyst in xx company
VO: do you have loan?
Me: yes, I have loan from HDFC credila
VO: who is sponsoring your education?
Me: My Parents are sponsoring
VO: what do they do?
Me: Told
VO: place ur left hand
Me: did
VO: Am approving your F1 visa, Have a nice stay in US
Me: Thanks mam😀

Experience 25: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 14th October 2021
Slot time : 9:15
University of Texas at Dallas
Status: Approved ✅
Counter number : 12
VO was an American and age around 25-28 years

VO: Good morning !
Me: Good morning Sir
VO: Pass me your passport
Me: Passed
VO: Show me your i20 through the glass
Me: Showed
VO: So is it Business Analytics or Data Science
Me: Its business analytics course with data science as specialisation
VO: So do you have any experience in Business analytics field
Me: yes I worked as a digital marketing analyst and analysed and provided business solutions
Vo: who is sponsoring your education
Me: My parents are sponsoring my education
VO: What does your mother do?
Me: she is also into the same business
VO: what business ?
Me: It’s engineering good business which deals with welding rods, grinding wheels and the combined annual income is xx lakhs
VO: okay, do you have any loan
Me: yes a sanctioned education loan of 40 lakhs from HDFC bank
VO: wow that’s nice , your visa is approved
Me: Thank you so much

My tip is just be confident and while your waiting in the waiting room, talk to other people so that you don’t get nervous and tensed


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