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F1 Visa Experiences – October 2021

Below are experiences from October 30th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Chennai

Date: 28th October
Slot time : 8:30 AM
In Time : 80:15
Out Time : 9:20 AM
Status: Approved
Counter number 21
university: Suny buffalo
course: DS
Only 4 counters were open
I went to an American female

Me: Good Morning Officer, hope you are doing good
VO: Good Morning
Was typing and looking at the computer for 20 seconds
Vo: what ur bachelors degree
Me: I did my bachelor degree in EEE
Vo: passed out year
Me : Arp 2019
Vo: what are u doing since then, r u working?
Me: yes mam working as a data engineer at Numeric tech
Vo: what job positions you are looking in future
Me : data scientist
VO: Okay, Do you have any education loan?
Me: Yes, I do have an education loan of 22k USD from prodigy.
Vo Was typing and looking at the computer for 30 seconds
VO: place your left-hand fingers in the scanner your visa is approved
Me: Thank you, officer

Experience 2: F1 at Kolkata

Date : 26 Oct 2021
Slot time : 10:00
In time : 9:30
Out time : 9:55
Status : Approved ✅
University of New Haven
MS in Finance
Vo was an American guy at counter no: 6

Vo: Good morning, How are you?
Me : Good morning officer , I’m fine, how are you doing
Vo: Good
( I passed my Passport, I-20, SEVIs payment, Admit Letter, Scholarship letter directly)

Vo : Tell me about your program
Me : Explained in short

Vo : who is sponsoring you ?
Me : I secured a loan and my mother is sponsoring me
Vo : Loan interest rate?
Me : Told
Vo: Your visa is approved you will get in 3 days

Be confident and cool while answering. The number of questions will increase based on your previous answers and confidence in your answers. There were lot of rejections at Kolkata on 26th October

Experience 3: F1 at Chennai

Visa approved
28th oct 9:30 slot
University of dayton- MsCs
Vo: african guy @counter 24
Chilled and very minimal questions
M:good morning officer. How are you doing.
Vo: gm . Im fine. Pass me you Passport, ds160,sevis & i20

Note: Will list down all questions since all were very simple

  1. which university
    Note: tell your uni and course altogether
  2. How many universities did you apply
    Note: tell the number and also admits and rejects in same answer
  3. Specialisation
  4. UG graduation year
  5. Why Udayton over other universities
  6. Sponsors
  7. How did you save this much amount. Did you start saving from long time
  8. What does your mother do ?
  9. Any properties you have? Any income from those properties


Tips: Chennai is having a cloudy weather, it rained so carry an umbrella. In education details, work experience and in sponsor try providing complete information in single sentence. It avoids lots of follow up questions

Vo’s are audible, donot worry about hearing them. Maintain eye contact throughout the session.

Experience 4: F1 at New Delhi

Slot time: 8:40AM
In time : 8:10 AM
Out time : 9:15 AM
Counter: 17
Status : Approved✅
University: Wichita State University
Course: Masters of Sciences in Business Analytics with Major in Management Sciences
VO was American lady (looks like Kalki Kochelin)
VO: Scan your right hand 4 fingers please
Me: Good Morning Officer! How are you?
VO: I am good, can I get your i20 and passport?
Me: Sure here it is (handed over)
VO: where you are heading to?
Me: Wichita State University
VO: Which Course?
Me: Master in Business Analytics in majors as Management Sciences
VO: Why WSU?
Me: Wichita State University offers flexible curriculum to the students and they can do it on their pace also it is offering dual tracks for BA which will help me to be intra disciplinary which is indeed important here in India.
VO: How about your Undergraduate?
Me: I have completed my undergraduation in the field of Computer Science and Engineering from XXX University in 2019.
VO: What you have been doing since then?
Me: I have been working as Automation Tester in Xxx company since 2019.
VO: Do you have any relatives in US?
Me: NO
VO: Have you visited US before?
Me: No
VO: Who is your sponsor?
Me: My mother is sponsoring me with her savings and on top of it I have a secured loan of 27Lakhs with Xxx bank
VO: Congratulations! Your VISA is approved
Me: Thank you Officer. Have a nice day!

Be confident and maintain eye contact. Prepare well about your University and course as Indian VO at counter 16 is asking too many questions. I rarely see rejections and those who got rejected are fumbled in their answers throughout.

Experience 5: F1 at Chennai

Spring intake
Slot time 10 am
In time 9 30 am
Out time 10 20 am.
College : UMKC
American young lady
vo: Good morning pass me your documents
Me: Good morning here are the documents
Vo: under graduate course
Me : I completed my undergraduate in Electronics and communication engineering
vo: when did you graduate?
Me : 2019
Vo: Are you working?
Me : Im working in Capgemini Mumbai for the last 26 months
Vo: what is you role?
Me : Senior software engineer
Vo: After master’s which role you choose?
Me : Data scientist
Vo: Do you have Education loan?
Me : yes I have a loan of 20L
Vo: Nice pls place your right hand Four fingers

I don’t know whether she said approved or not she is giving me the green slip and I just took that and said thank you so much you made my day and ran away from there.

Observations : Almost everyone is getting approved.

Experience 6: F1 at New Delhi

Slot time: 8:40AM
In time : 8:00 AM
Out time : 9:00 AM
Counter: 17
Time : less than 1 min
Status : Approved✅
VO was American lady
VO: Scan your right hand 4 fingers please
Me: Good Morning Officer! How are you?
VO: I am good, can I get your i20, SEVIS and passport?
Me: Sure here it is
VO: where you want to pursue masters
Me: Wichita State University
VO: Why this university
Me: firstly, Wichita State University is offering a student friendly course curriculum which is inline with my area of interest that is algorithms. Along with this Wichita is also offering advanced technologies like ML and AI as electives. Apart from this I’m interested to work with profesor Ziyan Shan
VO: when did you graduate
Me: in may 2019
Vo: who is sponsoring you?
Me: my parents are sponsoring my education with their saving and I have a secured loan and received scholarship from University
VO: what your parents do?
Me: my father is so and so and my mother is working as xx at xyz company
VO: Congratulations! Your VISA is approved
Me: Thank you Officer. Have a nice day!

Be confident and maintain eye contact. Prepare well about your University and course as Indian VO at counter 16 is asking too many questions.

Experience 7: F1 at Chennai

Date: 28th October
Counter no – 24
Slot time 8:00 am
In time 8:00 am
Out time 8:30am
Interview time – 45sec
Status: Approved ✅
University: university of Michigan dearborn
VO was the famous black African ae Guy in 30s

Course : Masters in Program and Project Management
Me: Gud morning officer. How are you doing
Vo: Very Gud morning. I am good
Vo: Pass me your docs
Me: passed ( passport, sevis fee and I-20)
VO: Why this course
Me: As I am working as a project management lead would like to enhance my career and become a project manager
Vo: oh nice, could you please elaborate a little about this course and outcomes
Me: sure officer, I want to do more research on project management beyond software like in automotive, industrial and health care domains
Me: so this university is offering me the program that aligns with my interests
Vo : oh, Nice
Vo : Who is funding you
Me: My father, officer..!
Vo: what does he do
Me: he is into agriculture business ( I have to say paddy here) and we have agricultural lands
Vo: so what do you grow
Me: Paddy
Vo: is that like collecting paddy from farmers
Me: yes , exactly officer ( in a loud voice)
Vo: Very good. so is this paddy season? didn’t expect this at all
Me : I said no, January is the upcoming season for the crop
Vo : there is some festival in January right??
Me: yes officer, sankranthi..! we celebrate and welcome the season
Vo: great..!Please place your right hand fingers on scanner. I am approving your visa. please take the green slip and collect your passport in …( I was over the moon and didn’t here anything)
Me: Thanks a lot officer. you made my day..!

I’ve seen Many approvals @chennai consulate today

All the best everyone.

Experience 8: F1 at Chennai

26th October 2021.
2nd Attempt
Slot time: 9:30
Indiana State University
Status: Approved ✅
VO was an American Male (30-40)
Counter: 21

Me: Good Morning Sirr!
Vo: Good Morning Pass me Your Documents
Me: Gave I20, Passport, Sevis Receipt.
Vo: What Will u do after this Degree sir?
Me: I’ll come back to india and work with a Private Company Sir.
Long Pause
Vo: What is ur Father?
Me: Told.
Vo: What is his Annual Income?
Me: xx lakhs
Vo: what is his work?
Me: Told
Vo: how else are you going to sponser your studies?
Me: xx savings, xx FD, xx loan.
Vo: is the loan Collateral?
Me: Yes sir
Vo: what is the collateral?
Me: Our Residential Building
Vo: okayy what is ur Undergr.. Highschool Percentage?
Me: 57% Sir
Vo: How many Universities did you Apply?
Me: Other than this I’ve applied to five other universities and got admit from all of them and then named them.
Vo: Nice, How many siblings do you have?
Me: I have 5 Elder Independent Brothers
Vo: What do they Do?
Me: Told about everyone
Vo: Proceeds to keep the Passport
Vo: Place Your left 4 fingers on the Scanner
Me: Placed
Vo: Congratulations Your Visa Is Approved, Enjoy your stay in US!
Me: Thankyou Soo much sirr!!!

Note: Be confident and Make Eye Contact
The Vo wasn’t even looking at me at all though. (He was a Super Nice Guy)

Experience 9: F1 at Chennai

Date: 22nd Oct
Slot time-9.00AM
In time -8.30AM
Out time-10.00
Interview time- 40 sec
Status : Approved
Vo was American guy.
Course: Masters in computer science
University: wright state university
Me: good morning officer. how are doing today? ( while greeting i handed all my documents with confident)
Vo: morning, doing good. which university?
Me: wright state university
Vo: why masters?
Me: yes, officer. currently working in xxx company since 3 years and told my duties
Vo:what kind of job is it?
Me: my team work on ai projects and i handle a team of 15 members
Vo: how are u funding? ( he repeated the question second time)
Me: my is sponsoring me. i have an educational loan of 20L and saving of 30L and i git scholarship of 10000$.
Vo: do you think data science is best than other technologies?
Me: yes officer
Vo: place your right hand fingers.
Vo: your visa as been approved and have a good day
Me: thanQ officer have a good day.

Experience 10: F1 at Chennai

Date : 26th October
Counter : 24
Slot time : 10:30
In time : Around 11:05.There are many f1 applicants today at Chennai embassy. So there is a delay in my in time.
Out time : 11:15
Duration : 1 minute
Portland State University
Course : Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vo is an American white lady in her early thirties. Many counters were operating in chennai.
Vo : Good morning
Me : Good morning Mam. How are you doing.
Vo : Good. Drop your documents in this tray
Me : Sure.
Vo : What is your bachelor’s about?
Me : I have completed my bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering with a Gpa of 9.2
Vo : She looked at me and told ,Oh good.
At this moment I felt little bit relieved and confident.
Vo : So you are working right? May be she was checking my ds160 during the interview.
Me : Yes, I am working as a system engineer in Tcs.
Vo : After completion of your Master’s, in which role do you work?
Me : I will work as a chip designer engineer in the top most Vlsi related companies.
Vo has taken green slip at this point and asked whether I have any education loan?
Me : Yes Mam. I have secured an education loan worth of 37 lakhs rupees.
Vo : Place your left hand four fingers on the screen. Congrats your visa is approved.
Me : Thank you Mam. You have made my day.
Vo : Smiled and said enjoy your day.

In Chennai, visa acceptance rate is good today. Majority of the students came out of the embassy with green slip.

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai

Date : 26 Oct 2021
Slot time : 8:00
In time : 7:45
Out time : 8:31
Status : Approved ✅
counter no: 23
Vo: Hi, Good morning
Me : Good morning…!!
I passed the documents before VO asked.
Vo: What university
Me: Clemson University
Vo: Which course?
Me: Computer Science.Major in Computer and Informatic Sciences
Vo: Do you know anything about Clemson?
Me : Told about what is clemson famous about and Also Its a public university and good at research.
Vo: Oh ! Its good that you know about the university.Nice..
Me : Thank you !!
Vo : But I dont think Clemson is doing that great like it did before.
(Vo Typing something)
Me: Oh… But as per what i have read on google and according to US news report its ranked 75 in national universities for computer science.
Vo: What are you currently doing?
Me : I am working as xxx at xxx. I contributed to xxx.
Vo : how are you planning to fund your education ?
Me : my parents are sponsoring for me. We have dedicated savings of xx lakhs and educational loan of xx lakhs. immovable property around xx and movable in the form of xx of worth xx.
Vo: Congratulations your visa is approved you will get in 2- 3 days.Have a nice day. (Returned my i20 and sevis receipt with green slip.)
Me: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Experience 12: F1 at New Delhi

Visa interview time:09:00am
Date:27th october
Status: Rejected ❌
Duration:2 to 3mins (American Lady Around 35-40s)
Counter no:18
University: KENNESAW State University
Course: computer science
Me:good morning OFFICER
Vo:good morning! Pass me i20 and, passport.
Vo:Why masters ?
Me: I have already learn some computer based courses.so I need to gain In depth from this course.The master’s degree will help to get a good job in top MNC’s like TCS,WIPRO etc..,
Vo:What is specialization.
Me: Machine learning.
Vo: Tell me about Machine lerning and what were the job factors ?
Me: Machine learning is a part of Artificial intelligence(told some thing about forgot exactly) and there were lot of job opportunities on this course when I get back to India I would like to job as a machine learning engineer.
Vo: what about you funding?
Me:My Parents are sponsoring my education with savings of 25L and I have a secured bank loan of 30L.
VO:what is your father ?
Me: He runs over a mirchi trading center his annual income was 12lakhs per annum.
Vo:what is chills tell me exactly what were those ?
Me:This chills were used as topings in pizza’s and the chills falkes we will have in pizza’s were also come from those.
Vo:( by laughing 😂 I like those very much).
Me:I also like those mam.
Vo:What about your mother?
Me:My is a home maker but he will get rental income of 4lakh per annum.
Vo:Do you any siblings?
Me:yes , I am having a elder sister who was working as a software developer at Broadridge.
Vo : From how many years ?
Me: She is wroking there from past 1.5 years.
Vo: How many employees were working under your father?
Vo : Those were 6 employees working under my father.

I don’t know why got rejected. By listening the words of the VO between the interview I thought that she was going to approve my visa. While asking the last question his hands were on the green slip but I she changed her mind I don’t know. Finally she gave me white slip.

Vo : TOLD me you were not qualified this time under the immigration rules.
Me : May I know the reasom mam.
Vo : You can go through the paper and gave me the 214(B) slip.

Experience 13: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 25th October
Slot time 11.00am
In time 10:30am
Out time 11: 30am
Interview time – 2 – 3 minutes
Status: Approved ✅

VO was a indian lady of middle age.

Course : Ms in computer science.
University :Texas tech university.

Me: Good morning and how are you doing?

VO: (NO reply she is very serious) please pass you passport and i20.
Me: passed them.

Vo: where are you going?
Me: Texas tech university.

VO: which course?
Me: Master’s in computer science.

Vo: why this course?
Me: After working for 20 months in my company as frontend mobile app developer I got to known that my skills are not up to mark so i want to enhance my skills by doing master in mainly backend development like advanced database management system. (i prepared for another answer but i changed answer completely)

VO: how many universities you applied for?
Me: I applied for 4 universities including TTU.

VO: how many admits?
Me: I got all 4 admits.

VO: Can you name them?
Me: texas tech university, wichita state university, Arkansas state university, university of dayton.

VO: Can you pass me your transcripts?
Me: I passed them. She checked all the semesters.

VO: (while checking she asked) did you attended Gre for this?
Me: yes mam, I scored 315.

Vo: can you pass you score card?
Me: (I am ready to take out them but asked next question.)

VO: what about you funding?
Me: I have prodigy loan of $66000 which will cover all expenses for 2 years moverover.. (she stoped me while i am telling about my savings).
Vo: give my score card of gre..
Me : i gave it..

Vo: what are the plans after masters?
Me: After completing of my masters i want to come to india and settle as senior full stack developer in any reputed company like Amazon or Microsoft.

Vo : please place to right hand for finger print..
Me: I am confused and placed left hand she saw me seriously and tell me to place right hand)

(At this point i am bit nervous and i though i visa is rejected but finally she told that last life changing words)

VO: okay..! Your visa is approved you can take you documents. (with a serious face.)
ME: Thank you mam..!

Key takeaways:
Be well prepared for the interview. And tell the answers what you prepared.. If you forgot them you almost loss the visa…

It is not possible that not be nervous. But if you well prepared the answer will come out the mouth automatically.

All the best 🥳

Experience 14: F1 at Chennai

Biometrics on 28-10-2021
Visa Interview
Date: 29-10-2021
Slot time: 08:30 AM
There is a big line even at 8:00 AM
In time: 08:30 AM
Interview time: 09:30 AM
Out time: 9:45 AM
Interview duration: 40-50 sec
Course: Georgia State University – MS in Information Systems (Big Data Analytics)

Vo was an American guy, probably in his 40s
Counter no.27
Status: Approved✅

Vo: Good Morning, pass me your passport and I20 please
Me: Good Morning Sir
Passed passport, I20
Vo: What are your plans after masters?
Me: I’ll come back to India and work in a top tier MNC with the skills I gained from my masters degree

Typing for 5-10 secs

Vo: When did you complete your graduation?
Me: I completed my bachelors in 2016.
Vo: What are you doing since then?
Me: I have been working with Accenture as an Application Development Analyst from past 5 years.

Typing for 5-10 secs

Vo: What do your parents do?
Me: My father is a state government employee working as a secondary grade teacher for Andhra Pradesh education system and My mother is a private teacher.
Vo: What is their total combined income?
Me: It’s 10LPA

Vo: Please put your right hand four fingers on the scanner.
Me: Kept.

Vo: Keeping my passport and passing the green slip saying congratulations your Visa is approved.
Me: Thank you so much sir. Have a great day.

Be confident and tell the answers clearly.
Try to be calm while waiting for the interview.

Experience 15: F1 at Chennai

STATUS : Approved
Course : MS in computer science at University of Central Missouri

Date : 26th October 2021

Slot time : 10:30 am

In time : 9:30 am

Out time : 11: 20 am
(There is big queue to enter the consulate, had to stand in line for more than an hour)

Duration : ~4 min

Me : Good Morning officer. How are you?

VO : I’m good. How are you? Pass me your documents

Me : I’m doing good
( passed passport, i20, sevis fee receipt)

VO : Why are you going to us?
Me : To pursue my masters in computer science at University of Central Missouri.

VO : Are you looking for any specialization in this course?
Me : Yes, I’m planning to take up AI courses since it is in line with my interest as we use computing vision mechanisms at my work place that is a part of AI. I want to use this experience to enhance my skills and deep dive into advanced technologies.

VO : okay! So you are working?
Me : yes I’m currently working at Amazon where we deal with ( explained my role)

VO : okay! what are your plans after studies?
Me: After completion of my masters I want to work as a software developer at TCS or Infosys to gain experience and my long term goal is to work with my brother,he is a doctor and I want to handle the technology operations and be a system administrator at his hospital.

VO : Why TCS and why not Amazon?
Me : I want to work at a different firm, also TCS has been my dream company from my college days and I’m inspired by ratan tata who is the CEO of the company.

VO : tata family? Who tata is the family?
Me : no, ratan tata is the CEO of tata consultancy services and I’m very much inspired by his vision for his company. ( I actually didn’t understand what he was asking)

VO : okay gotcha!!
Typing typing typing typing…
Me: Nervous nervous

VO : Place your right hand four fingers on the scanner.
Me : placed.

Vo: Place your left hand four fingers on the scanner
Me: placed

Vo: Did you have any problem for finger prints before?
Me: no sir, I didn’t have any problem during my bio metrics.

Vo: okay, place you left, right hand fingers and thumb.
Me: Placed again.

VO : okay, I’m approving your visa. You can collect it after 2-3 days.

Me : Thank you Sir. Have a nice day.

Gave a green slip.

Just ran away to share this good news to my father who is waiting outside of consulate eagerly.

PS :
1) Maintain eye contact (from starting to ending he was looking into my eyes, even I was looking his eyes from beginning to end )

2) Do not get distracted by other counters, listen carefully to the officer.

3) Be Confident

4) Maintain the fluency while talking.

5) If you were not prepared for the answer then make up something immediately and speak.

6) Be prepared for every possible question and give mocks as many as possible.

7) I stayed at Treebo trend pine tree hotel, gream’s road which is near by (5 min in auto) to consulate.

8) Some places I travelled at Chennai and liked all of them
a. VGP marine kingdom
b. Marina beach ( visit early in the morning)
c. Gandhi beach
d. Avenue express mall
e. parthasarathy temple
f. TTD
Had food at sangeetha foods which was very good in terms of hygiene and taste.

All the best to everyone and hope you all get your VISAS APPROVED🥳

Experience 16: F1 at New Delhi

Spring intake
Approved ✅
Slot time 8.40am
In time 8 15 am
Out time 9 10 am.
Counter 13
American bald guy
vo: where are you going?
Me : officer, i want to pursue my Master’s in mining engineering from Missouri University of science and technology
Vo: which state?
Me : officer, it’s Rolla city.
VO typing….
Me: it’s also known as Missouri University of science and technology
Vo: oh ok
vo: why did you chose mining and mineral engineering?
Me : officer, it is related to my bachelors and diploma. So have chosen the same. I also did a one month internship from xxx gold mine
Vo: why Missouri?
Me : Missouri has a unique curriculum. It majorly focuses on practicals besides conceptual, which is very important for mining based program. Missouri awarded me xxx dollars scholarship
Vo: how did you receive scholarship
Me : based on my merit
Vo: please pass on your i20
Me : given
Vo: it shows only half of the amount you said as scholarship
Me : yes officer, i20 shows only for 1yr. The amount I mentioned for duration of 2yrs
Vo: how did you manage the funding
Me : told about my father job and annual income. Savings from father. Loan for xxx amount
Vo: how did you get your loan
Me: Loan on collaterals
Vo : have a safe stay at Missouri, your visa is approved. Collect your passport after 5 working days. Place your right hand fingers
Me : thank you so much sir

Suggestions(university, consulate), Maintain eye contact, carry certificate/document of internship/any other work experience for sure.

Experience 17: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 28th October
Slot time : 9:30 AM
In Time : 8.50 AM
Out Time : 9:30 AM
Status: Approved ✅

Vo was an American guy in his 25-30
Counter number 16
Wichita State University
Masters in computer science

Me: Good Morning Officer, how you are doing?
VO: Good Morning. Iam good
Was typing and looking at computer
VO: place your passport on glass for scan
Me: placed on glass .And gave my passport to officer after scanning.
VO: please place your right hand four fingers on scanner
Me: Placed
VO: can you place your i20 over the glass
Me:placed on glass
VO: ok computer science .do you have any professional experience
Me: yes sir I have 10 months of experience in Tata consultancy services
VO:asked about sponser profession
Me: he is working as govt employee in judicial department
VO: in which department (asked again)
Me: judicial department
VO: what does he do there
Me : he works as junior assistant
VO: what is his income
Me: his income is 11 lakhs per annum
VO: Do you have any loan
Me : yes sir I do have a loan (interupt)
VO: how much
Me: 22 lakhs
VO: iam keeping your passport. your visa is approved
Me: thank you officer.

Be confident and make eye contact.
There are Approvals in the consulate. Saw a rejection infront of me .All the best

Experience 18: F1 at Chennai

Biometrics on 22nd October
Interview on 26th October
Slot : 10:00 AM
In time: 10:05 AM
Out time: 10:45AM
Approved ✅
VO officer Afro-american male in his 40’s
Counter no:23
VO: Come-on young man
Me: Good morning sir, how are you doing?
VO: Good morning, I am good and you?
Me: I am fine sir
VO: pass me your docs
Me : sure sir!
VO: So, which university?
Me: It’s Southern Illinois University Edwardsville sir
VO: what are going to pursue there?
Me: to pursue MS in Mechanical Engineering with the intrest in Robotics and automation.
VO: do you have any experience?
Me: No I’m a fresh graduate, I graduated recently in the month of July.
VO: your score?
Me: on the 10 scale it is 8.3 sir
VO: that’s great, How this course is going to help with your career?
Me: This course helps me to expertise in the field of robotics and with this master’s degree I can easily secure a position in indian automotive gaints like Tata and Mahinda, where I got good references.( I also told him that I’ll come back after studies)
VO: who’s your sponser?
Me : My parents
VO: What does they do ?
Me : told clearly about my father’s business
VO :Place your left hand fingers on the scanner. I’m approving your visa have a nice stay in the US
Me: thank you so much sir! Have a nice day ahead and pleasant stay in our country.
VO: thank you, good luck with your studies young man !

Just be confident and be prepared for any type of question. I have seen very few rejections.

Good luck everyone for your visa interview

Experience 19: F1 at Chennai

Date: 28th October
Slot time : 8:00 AM
In Time : 7:45
Out Time : 8:30 AM
Status: Approved
Counter number 22
Franklin University
Masters in Computer Science

Me: Good Morning Officer, how you doing?
VO: Good Morning
VO: When did you complete your Bachelor’s?
Me: 2018
VO: What are you doing since then? Are you working?
Me: I’m currently working as a software developer at XXX

Was typing and looking at computer for 10 seconds

VO: What do you want to do after masters?
Me: i want to come back to India and work in big MNC’s like Google, Microsoft, TCS.
VO: on which Designation after you come back?
Me: Senior Software Developer
VO: who’s sponsoring you?
Me: My father
VO: What does your Father do?
Me: He works as an IT Manager at Microsoft in Saudi Arabia
VO: place your right fingers in the scanner your visa is approved

Be confident and make eye contact.
There were mostly Approvals in the Chennai consulate. All the best 🙂

Experience 20: F1 at Chennai

Oct 28
Slot time: 9:00AM
In-time: 8.41AM
Out-time : 9.25AM
Interview Duration : 1 min
Counter : 31

VO : around 30 year old American Lady (She looked like Emma Stone 😊)
University : UTD, MSBA

Status: Approved
Vo: Hey, Good Morning (She was in her best possible mood with a broad smile. (The Emma Smile)
Me:Good morning Officer
VO: Please pass me your passport, i20
Me:Sure ( passed)
Vo: Oh. Dallas?
Me: Yes.
Vo: Why UT, Dallas.
Me: (I absolutely bye-hearted the answer for this question, But I entirely gave a different answer) Working in the IT Industry for the past 3.5 years, I find UTD’s Course work best alligns with my Area of Interest. (Now I remembered, but thought, let me not prolong too much and give a crisp answer)
Also, I have a Scholarship from the School which will waive off my 50% Tuition fee for the first year. (She did a thumbs up with both her hands, smiling. I realised, I got this.)

Vo: Where are funds coming from ?
Me: Parents are sponsoring my Education with savings of XX Lakhs. We have immovable assets worth XX Crores & Additionally I have taken up Education Loan of XX Lakhs.

VO: What do your parents do?
Me: Told with their Annual Income
(She was typing continuosly)

VO: Place your right hand fingers on the scanner.
(Wait for it. Wait for it. Barney style)
VO: Congratulations. I’m approving your VISA. You will get it in 3 days.
(Passed me Green Slip and took my Passport and Put it her tray)
Me: Thank you !

In Chennai, 10 counters were opened. I saw few rejections as well .

My suggestion. Due to pressure, You won’t be able to give exact answers that you have prepared.But, Its absolutely fine. Even if you have a thought block moment, Just don’t stop speaking in between.

Experience 21: F1 at Chennai

28th 10:00 slot (graduation in 2014 as mechanical engineering, 5yrs working, had f1 visa on csula in 2015 bt didnt make it), after that i have got 4 rejections on 2 different universities
Attempt : 5

California state university Los Angeles
Information systems (15 mins approx)
Cabin 24 ( American guy around 30-40, approved 3 guyz infront of me)
Vo: pass me your documents
Me : sure officer
Me: Happy Thursday office
Vo: what ? Happy birthday
Me: No, Its Happy Thursday
Vo: Oh, likewise
Me: Thank you
Vo: what does your parents do?
Me: My father owns real estate and transportation business and my mother owns medical clinic and pharmacy ( I fumbled a bit)
Vo: When did you graduate
Me: Its in 2014
Vo: Do you have a loan
Me: Yes , Ive got a loan of 25 lakhs
Vo: whats the security
Me: Its a secured loan on our home.
Vo: Any work experience
Me: Yes, im working with Amazon for the last 3 1/2 years as Event detection specialist in D2AS team.
Vo: Is that your total experience
Me: No, ive total experience of 5 years
Vo : what kind of real estate business does ur father do ?
Me: He sell flats, lands and we do have rental agency as well
Vo: why masters in information technology ?
Me: from the last 5 years, Ive observed that digitization took a big hit and I found that there is a knowledge gap. With this masters, I can acquire that knowledge and skills which will help me to grow in my career.
Vo: Any siblings
Me: Yes, I have a sister
Vo: what does she do
Me: Nothing, she is gonna get married in december
Vo: what does her fiancee/spouse do
Me: He works in TCS as support engineer (which is fake and yet i managed to lie)
Vo: I see that youve multiple rejections, why r u nt gng with same university
Me: as my previous visa was rejected, I do not hold the admission from that university anymore
Vo: How many universities youve applied
Me: csula, Lamar University and Arizona State University.
Vo: did you traveled to usa or any other university
Me: No, not even once
Vo: What happened in 2015 when u got visa
Me: There was a passing away in my family, I can still make it at that time but i thought that my family needs me emotionally. So, I choose to stay back and thought to defer my admission but the University do not have spring 2016term as they were changing from quarters to semister. so, meanwhile I thought to have some corporate experience so i started working since then.
Vo: so, you never entered to usa.
Me: No sir
Took a gap, he was looking into system and meanwhile another guy came and looked into my profile, they were discussing about me and vo was explaining to that guy that i didnt use previous visa ( i can hear their voice) and im gng to same university ive got visa in 2015
Vo: place ur right hand on the scanner please
Me: sure
Vo: passing my documents, ur visa approved, enjoy ur stay in usa this time. ( finally those golden words)
Me : Thank you so much officer, you made my day.

Never give up guyz, If I got visa. anyone can get it too. try and try till u succeed. trust yourself.

Experience 22: F1 at Chennai

Date: 28th October
Slot time : 10:30 AM
In Time : 10:00AM
Out Time : 11:10 AM
Status: Approved ✅
Counter number 27(VO :American Women in 40’s)

Northern Illinois university
Masters in Management Information Systems

Me: Good Morning Officer, how are you?
VO: Good Morning
Was typing and looking at computer for 10 seconds
VO : Which university and what program you are going to study
Me: I’m going to pursue my masters in management information systems at Northern Illinois University
VO: What do you want to do after masters?
Me: i want to work in companies such as Abbott labs,and JP Morgan chase as a business analyst here in India
VO: Tell me about your latest educational baground
Me: I’ve completed my undegrad in electronics and communication engineering with 8.03cgpa recently in aug2021(at this point of time she kept my passport in the tray)
VO: oh congrats! who is sponsoring your education?
Me: My parents are gonna sponser me with their savings of xx lakhs and I’ve secured an education loan of xx lakhs.
VO: what’s their annual income?
Me: Told
VO: Is your loan secured
Me: yes
VO: place your left hand four fingers on the scanner your visa is approved

Be confident and make eye contact.
There were mostly Approvals in the consulate. All the best 🙂

Experience 23: F1 at New Delhi

Oct 27th, Slot time: 09:40 am
VO: American lady in her 30s
University: Alliant International University, San Diego, CA
Interview Duration: 5-7 min
Status: Approved
Me: Good morning Ma’am
VO: Hello
VO: Please pass me your paperworks and your passport
Me: Passed

VO: Which university?
Me: Alliant International University

VO: How many universities did you applied before?
Me: 6 (she asked to name those universities)

VO: Why did you choose this university ?
Me: Told about facilities

VO: This facilities are also provided by other universities as well, Then why this university ?
Me: (Didn’t know what to say) Actually I have one friend studying in US, He recommended me this university.

VO: (interrupted) What does he do there ?
ME: He is studying computer engineering in New York.

VO: Okay got it.

VO: What did you do after your bachelors?
Me: I am working with xyz company and my designation is xyz.

VO: Who is your sponsor ?
Me: My father is my sponsor.

VO: What does he do?
Me: told

VO: Tell me about his company.
Me: Told

VO: What is his annual income?
Me: The income is 22 lakhs per annum and my father is having 32 lakhs of savings and 65 lakhs of immovable assets as well.

VO: Do you have any siblings and if yes then what does he/she do right now?
Me: Yes sir, i do have a younger brother and he’s right now pursuing his bachelors of commerce from xyz city

VO: Any loans?
Me: No

VO: Is this money sufficient for your masters?
Me: Yes ma’am

(She asked her senior about something for 3-4 mins)

VO: Please scan four fingers
Me: Did

VO: Place your right hand fingers, I am approving your Visa and keeping your passport.
(Passed me my i20 and sevis receipt back)

Me: Thankyou ma’am, have a great day.
VO: Thank you

Just be confident and maintain eye contact nothing else you need more. I saw many rejections in my counter (counter number 21) but overall they were accepting more.

Experience 24: F1 at Chennai

Status: Approved ✅
Date: 28 Oct 2021
Slot Time: 9:30
In Time: 9:30
Out Time: 10:00
Interview Time: 30-45 Seconds
American Lady around 30 age
Counter: Didn’t noticed. Its corner last counter.

My Profile: 8 years Work experience,
Role: Senior Software Engineer
Qualification: MCA passed out 2012
University: University of North Texas, MS in Artificial Intelligence

VO: Good Morning with a Smile!
Me: Good Morning with a Smile..

VO: Pass me your documents.
ME: passed Appointment confirmation, SEVIS Fee, Passport.

VO:Please pass I-20 as well!
Me: passed I-20 and taken back Visa Appointment confirmation.

VO: Why this University?
Me: UNT is a Tier 1 research School, and also curriculum which is offering 36 credit hours, where I can choose 18 credit hours in my area of interest.

VO: Why have you chosen spring intake?
Me: My Masters completed in 2012 and I have decided to update my skills in advanced technologies like AI which helps me in developing advanced applications after coming back to India.

VO: Your GPA?
Me: 73%

VO:Explain to me about your role and work Experience.
Me: I am currently working as Senior Software Engineer. My responsibilities are Design and build advanced applications for the iOS platform. And I personally working on my own application from last 6 months and this course will help me in adding advanced features in that application.(Here I have answered how this course will helps me in future 🙂)

VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes.

VO: How are you going to fund your education?
Me: I have an education loan 26 L, and my personal savings 25 L, and my sister and father are going to be my sponsors.

VO: What is your Sister doing?
Me: She has been working for the State government for the last 12 years. And my father is into Realestate business and we also get rental income around 5 L. Their combined annual income is 23L.

VO: Do you have any relatives in the US?
Me: No! (With smile)

VO: place your left hand fingers.
Me: Okay !(tensed bit)

VO: Congratulations!! Your visa Approved with a big smile!!🙂 and gave Green slip.
Me: Thank you with a big smile!!!

Tip: VO is chill, I am a bit nervous but answered all questions properly. VO is waiting to complete your sentence. It’s like a casual interaction between you and a foreigner. All the best for all.

Experience 25: F1 at New Delhi

Date : 28/10/21
Status: Approved
Time : <1min
VO was an Indian lady who was grilling everyone with the documents
Counter No: 15
University: Bradley University
Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: Good Morning
Me: passed my i20 passport
VO: Why this University
Me: After writing my gre I searched all the universities which suits my profile in that I found Bradley where it has a unique course structure where Bradley has 33 graduate credit hours and you could pursue 21 from mscs and other 12 or 4 subjects could be pursued from my area of interest like management/electrical/automobile engineering which I think would enhance my profile and will help me in the future prospects.
VO: which course?
Me: Masters of science in computer science
VO: what’s your gre score?
Me: 311 officer
VO: What about Funding?
Me: I have secured education loan of 25 lakhs and my parents are supporting me with their savings of 51 lakhs moreover I have immovables of 10cr(interupted after this I was about to say about movable assets)
VO: place you left hand four fingers on scanner.
Me: sure officer
VO: Have fun at Illinois I’m approving your visa just go and have fun 😅
Me: Thank you officer you made my day(with a big smile)
They were 2 rejections in front of me 1 F1 and 1 H1B other visa officers were giving like hell and this indian vo was rejecting but the only thing I suggest you is stay confident because you own that visa as you met all the requirements 🙌🏾


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