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F1 Visa Experiences – October 2021

Below are experiences from October 26th to October 27th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Mumbai

In time ~ Out time – 2hours
Date – 12th October
Status – Approved
Vo- middle age guy foreigner with brown hair.
Me: Good morning officer
Vo: Good morning. Pass me your i20 and passport.
VO: So MS in DS at UTA. Why this University?
Me :
It provides Unique course structure where students have to deal with real world problems in collab with community partners which is service learning.
• Innovative Research work on AI and Big Data which is in- line with my area of interest

VO: Who’s your Sponsor?
Me :
• Secured Educational loan from Prodigy finance around xxx USD equivalent to xxx rupees
• Aunt is my sponsor with savings of xxx and immovable property of xxxx

Vo: Which course in BTech?
Me: Electronics and communication engineering

Vo: place your left four fingers on green screen. I’m approving your visa.

Officer was approving most of the visa before me aswell. He was expecting short and precise answers. Analyse your Vo and give your answers appropriately with confidence.

Experience 2: F1 at New Delhi

Date : 22nd Oct 2021

Slot : 10:30 amin time : 9:20 am

out time : 10:50 am

interview duration : 10:40 – 10:45 am (5 mins)

New England College

status : approved

counter – 18

VO was a man who is middle aged person

Me : Good morning, How are you?

VO : Good morning

VO : Pass me your passport, I20

Me : Sure, please

VO : scan your 4 fingers of right hand.

Me : sure

VO : Tell me about your batchelors?

Me : I have done my batchelors in Electrical & Electronics, completed on year 2008.

VO : What are you doing since then?

Me : I worked in diff fields, started in telecom then in powerplant and been working in IT

Working in CTS, works in build, config and deployments, have handled previously L1,L2 now handling L3 (interrupted)

VO : okay. How r u funding your education?

Me : Myself and my mother are funding for my education, we have 30 lakhs savings in account and money is not an issue for us.

VO : Do you have any siblings?

Me : I have an elder brother who is working as testing engineer in IT

VO : Does he live in us or India

Me : India

VO : Scan your four fingers of right hand

Me : Sure

VO : alright. Im approving your visa. You will get it by 7 days. Also told something abt I20, couldn’t hear him since he murmured

Me : Thank you very much

Note: Be confident and talk to him normally. Those who feared and fumbled getting rejected

Experience 3: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 19th october
Slot time: 9.40am
In time: 9.30 am
Out time : 11 am
I was called for the interview at 10:50 am and interview duration was hardly around 2mn
University – UMKC
VO was an indian who looked very serious…I already got nervous just by seeing her.

Me: Hello! Good morning.
VO: Just showed her hand like she is asking for something.
Me: I passed her my passport and i20
VO: Tell me about your programme.
Me:This is a 30 credit program with 4 core requirements like advanced software engineering, big data analytics and my primary area of interest is data science…
VO: interrupts and asks why this university
Me: Umkc is offering courses like data scien..
VO: Again interrupts and asks what have you done in your UG
Me: I got very nervous over here as the VO was looking very serious and I fumbled a lot while answering.
VO: From where
Me:From JNTU Hyderabad
VO: show me your transcripts
Me: did
VO: Did you give GRE
ME: No , I didn’t
VO: How will you fund this course.(Here the VO looked into my eyes directly and very seriously till the end of my answer)
Me: I have an approved education loan of 26 lakhs and my father is sponsoring me with his savings of 25 lakhs . Also, i have a merit based scholarship of 16,000$ from university for 2 years.
VO: Place your left hand four fingers on the scanner
Me : sure
Vo : while giving my fingerprints she immediately asked her next question – What does your father do
ME : Told
VO: your visa is approved (in a low voice)
Me: Thankyou so much, have a great day..! (Here it took me 2 sec to realise that my visa got approved because she was asking questions without any gap)

When she asked for my transcripts . I thought that the interview is going bad and my visa will be rejected , but then I answered the next two questions quite confidently, which I think might be the reason for the acceptance.

Experience 4: F1 at Mumbai


Course : MSCS at UNCC

i20 amount : 45800$

Date : 22 JULY

Slot time : 8.40 am

In time : 8.10 am

Out time : 8.54 am

Counter : 25

Duration : 40 seconds

Handsome VO in T-Shirt

Me : Good Morning officer. How are you

VO : Pass me your passport and i20.

Me : (passed) Here you go

VO : Who is sponsoring you?

Me : My family is sponsoring me and my father will be my primary sponsor. They have dedicated savings of 48 lacs and have other investments like Mutual Funds, LIC bonds worth….

VO : What did you say your father is?

Me : He is working as a Professor in Law and earns 19 lpa, Sir.

VO : What other universities did you apply to?

Me : Apart from UNCC, I applied to UTA, U. Houston Main Campus and IIT Chicago ( please tell full names of universities. Candidate before me mentioned abbreviations of his universities and VO asked him to give full names).

VO : typing….

VO : Place your right hand four fingers on the scanner.

Me : (placed)

Now, The Golden Words

VO : Congratulations, your VISA is APPROVED.

Me : ( so happy, couldn’t put in words) Thank you so much Sir. You have made my day. Gave a white slip to check details of passport delivery.

PS : I couldn’t hear what was going on in other counters as I was concentrating only on my VO’s counter.

So, I have mentioned the numbers hoping it will ease your minds.

All the best everyone and hope yall get your VISAS APPROVED🥳

Experience 5: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 14th July
Slot time 11.15am
In time 11.10am
Out time 11.13am
Interview time – 30 seconds
Status: Approved ✅
VO was a lady in his mid 30s .

Course : Cybersecurity
University : University of Maryland College Park

VO: good morning. How are you
Me: I am good. Good morning and how are you doing?

Vo: I’m good. So UMCP. What are going to pursue?
Me: Yes mam. Master’s of engineering and my specialization is Cybersecurity.

VO: What was your UG in and when did you graduate?
Me: Bachelor’s in Computer Science and I graduated in 2020.

VO: What did you do post that ?
Me: Did two internships.

VO: Good. Tell me about your funding
Me: My parents are sponsoring me . Dad has savings xx lks and breakable FD worth xx lks .

VO: so no education loan ?
Me : No mam.

VO: what does your father do and annual income .
Me : My parents run a business (told about business) and annual income of xx lks .

VO: Place your left hand fingers on the scanner. Your visa is approved , place passport inside the wooden box
Me: Thank you Office, Have a great day ahead.
Vo : You too !

Key takeaways: Be confident, Maintain eye contact

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

Time : 10:00
Date: 20th oct 2021
University: Lewis
Counter : no 22
1st attempt
Status :APPROVED ( black American guy)
Vo : pass me your i20 and passport
Me : passed
Vo: which University ?
Me : Lewis University
Vo : how many universities did u applied ?
Me : told
Vo : then why only Lewis ?
Me : Lewis University provides 35 graduation programs with student/ facility ratio is 13:1 then I could easily interact with professor and I like the course structure which they are offering me, it syncs with my undergraduation course so that I can improve more technical skills and they are nationally recognised by us news and world’s report Princeton review
Vo: are you working ?
Me : yes sir I’m working in xx company as a software test engineer
Vo :what is your role and responsibilities ?
Me : my role is to test the application functionally and manually by using the tools and also writing test scripts, which may get credited by programmer or delvepover
Vo: company name ?
Me : told
Vo : who is your client ?
Me : told
Vo : After masters which company can hire you ?
Me : Google Amazon …..
Vo : who is sponsoring you ?
Me : my father is sponsoring me
Vo : whats your father ?
Me : he is in to construction field
Vo : do have any loan ?
Me : yes sir I have a sanctioned education loan of 24 lakhs which is secured and we have savings of 25lakhs
Vo : Im approving your visa congratulations
Me : Thank you so much sir…
Tips : Be confident and loud and make sure you prepare well

Experience 7: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 20th October
Slot time 11 am
In time 9 am
Out time 12 pm
Interview time – 1-2 minute
Status: Approved ✅
VO was a lady in her mid 40s .

Course : Data Science
University : Stevens Institute Of Technology

VO rejected 3 students ahead of me in my counter but i was quite confident

Me: good morning officer. How are you
VO: I am good.

Vo: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Yes mam. Passed

VO: Why US
Me: I intend to persue my masters in data science from stevens institute of technology.

VO: Who is your sponsor ?
Me: My father is my sponsor and he has been doing saving from last 6-7 years for my further studies.

Then she have not asked about funding or father’s annual income.

VO: Why this university ?
Me: There are multifarious reasons behind this pick. student faculty ratio at stevens is 11:1 and 44.1% of its classes has fewer than 20 students. The most popular majors at stevens include data science and other engineering branches. Moreover, it is recognised by major firm in India like wipro, tata motors and many more. So, choosing stevens for my further studies will help me understanding the fundamentals.

VO: when did you completed your bachlors ?
Me : In july.

VO: show me your transcript
Me : passed transcript and read it for like 30 sec but i had a good score (9.37CGPA) in bachelor so i was calm.

VO: Place your left hand fingers on the scanner.
Me: Placed

VO: Approving your visa. Must follow covid guidelines for travel
Me: Thank you Officer, Have a great day ahead.
And just run outside happily

Key takeaways:
Prepare very very well about your course , University and funding and you are good to go.
Wear proper formals as we are students so we have to behave like student.
Be confident.
Maintain eye contact.
Speak loudly.

Experience 8: F1 at Chennai

Slot time: 10:30 AM
Status: Approval ✅
Biometrics 17th slot time 2 pm ( in time 12:20 out time 12:40)
18th visa interview( in time around 10:10 out time 10:30) they are sending ppl as per appointment time I waited around 40 minutes in Que

American male around 35 to 40 (counter no 21) chill person he is giving eye contact between the interview ( Almost everyone got visa approval I saw only 2 to 3 rejections)

Interview around 1 to 1.5 minutes

University: Texas tech university(TTU)
Course: Masters of engineering (interdisciplinary)

Only two counters are operating

VO: Good morning, how are you
Me: Namasthe, Good, what about you officer
Vo: Doing good

Vo: so you’re going to Texas tech university
Me: yes officer
Vo: Nice

Vo: which course
Me: I’m going to pursue a master of engineering with is an Interdisciplinary course that offers dual specifications and my concentration on Advanced manufacturing and supply chain management. The curriculum of the course was very unique and flexible with advanced technology and course work was perfectly aligned with my level of interest there were few dedicated labs with the latest technology with virtual reality like sustainable manufacturing industrial robots VO cuts….

Vo: why this university
Me officer they are many reasons to choose this university TTU offers me dual speculation and TTU is well known for public and research universities it comes under the tier 1 category. The professor has an average rating of 4.25 as the instructors cuts between
Vo okay

Vo: did you pay sevis fee plz show me a receipt
Me: yes officer just hand over him

Vo: why masters
Me: officer while I was doing an internship I realised that I need to be a master in many areas to lead my career. No internship or online course could not help me gain professional knowledge in a very short time so I think this right to go for a master and master’s is a stepping stone towards my goals
Vo: good

Vo what are your bachelor GPA( vo voice very low but I catch the keyword GPA)
Me: I did my bachelor in mechanical engineering in ××× college affiliated by ×××
and my CGPA was 6.92 out of 10

Vo: do you have any work experience( he is looking into my DS 160)

Me: no work experience officer I had a paid internship at svs enterprise it’s small scale industry cuts…

Vo: what is your role
Me: my job at the internship was to maintain the heavy machine and giving feed and designing the corrugated box as per consumer requirements

Vo: so you did covid 19 volunteer work
Me yes officer

Vo: how is sponsoring you
Me: my parents are going to sponsor me on top of that I have an education loan of 32 lakhs
Vo: what do your patents do
Me: my father is an agriculturist and he runs a dairy farm he income was 8 LPA and he has savings of 21 lakhs and my mother runs the fancy store of ladies ornaments like cosmetics, jewellery’s and kids wear her income was 6 lakhs she has saving of 10 lakhs and we also have immovable property worth of 2.5 cores ( guys to be honest my mother is housewife if your laying be confident and I all have prof of the running business I was created a Google business amount on my mother name and I had ITR of one year)

Vo: was typing continually for few seconds he said ok
Vo: place left hand on the scanner ( I thought he is going to reject me because in front of me three were asked to keep right hand and he is verify the faces for few seconds my heartbeat was raised ) at that time VO keeps my passport aside and I saw green slip

Vo: said your visa approval stay safe in the US
Me: thank you so much sir and have a nice day
Vo: you too young man

I just come out from the consulate ppl who are waiting in the waiting hall and outside of the consulate I said what the VO was asking in the interview told him and said all the best to them.

Honestly, I’m saying I was super chill before the interview and while I was Que I started a conversation with two girls ( after entering into the waiting I was a bit nervous because I saw one person got rejection but I gave my answers with confidence and with a clear voice) I did not give any mock test but prepared my self.

Tips: everyone says this even I’m saying BE confident keep eye contact( prepare all types of questions to course financial university some other extra question they many websites are available for visa questions and models answers in a search engine) take some suggestion from senior or already F1 visa approved ppl

Accommodation and food in Chennai I stayed near to consulate just a 3-minute walk. Guys take your state food I mean from Hyderabad I had an andra mess near to the hotel. After the visa interview, you can enjoy the Chennai food

I meet few 3 ppl from Telugu states they all got visa approval in counter no 21

Final after completing the visa interview just went to Bar to chill out

All the best guys

Experience 9: F1 at Chennai

Oct 25th
Slot time: 08:00
VO: American lady
University: UTD, MS ITM
Interview Duration: 1 min
Status: Approved

Me: Good morning.
VO: Good morning, Pass me your i20, se is fee receipt and passport.
Me: Passed
VO: what did you do in your bachelors
Me: I completed my undergrad in computer science and engineering
VO: Okay, When did you graduate?
Me: Recently, in august 2021
VO: Oh wow, congratulations
Me: Thankyou.
VO: any loan?
Me: no ma’am
VO: who is sponsoring you?
Me: my mother is sponsoring me, she has movable assets of xyz lakhs in the form of mutual funds, fixed deposits and savings.
VO: what does she do?
Me: she’s a civil engineer
VO: and your dad?
Me: he is also a civil engineer
VO: Scan your left fingers
Me: Done.
VO: Alright, I am approving your Visa.

Passed me back the i20 *
Me: Thanks alot. Have a great day!
VO: Have a great day ahead.

Experience 10: F1 at Chennai

Date: 25th October
Counter no – 23
Slot time 9 am
In time 8:30 am
Out time 10:00 am
Interview time – 1-2 minute
Status: Approved ✅

VO was a american lady in 25 – 30s

Course : Computers & Information Sciences,semo

Vo: Good morning my boy, How are you?
Me: good morning officer. Doing good,how are you?
VO: I am good.
Vo: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Yes officer,Passed
Vo: What is undergrad course?
Me: Done my bachelors in Computer science from vignan University
Vo : passed out in which year?
me :2020
Vo : are you working currently?
Me : Yes working in Tata consultantcy services as system engineer from past 14 months.
Vo: Do you have any loan?
Me : Yes officer, I have sanctioned secured loan of 20 lakhs from canara bank
Vo : Congrats man, I am approving your Visa
Stay safe,enjoy your journey.
Me: Thank you so much, You made my day.

Tips: Be confident and Loud, Make sure you prepare well

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai

Visa interview time:10:30am
Date:25th october
Duration:2 to 3mins
Counter no:29
University:Dallas Baptist University
Course: information technology and management!

Me:good morning officer!
Vo:good morning! Pass me sevis fee,i20, passport
Me:here it is!
Vo:so dallas Baptist University! What are you going for!
Me:yes officer! To pursue my master’s in information technology and management!
Vo: did you gave your gre!?
Me:No officer i didn’t gave the exam i planned to write gre but once cross checked with the university website they waived off!
Vo: what are all the universities applied!
Me: told!
Vo: do you have any job experience!
Me:No officer!
Vo: when did you graduate!?
Me: nov 2020
Vo: what are doing since then!
Me: Due to the pandemic i almost graduated 6 months late! So planned to give ielts preapred and gave the exam! In the mean time i researched about the universities and after getting admit i have checked the universities website and course details through online learning platforms got a basic idea about the subjects i am going to study!
Vo: who is funding your education!?
Me: my parents will be funding my education with savings xxlakhs,annual income xxlakhs, immovable properties xx!
Vo typing seriously for 30sec placed his hand on green slip and changed the hand direction towards white slip
Vo: place your right hand on the scanner!(silence for 30seconds) at this time i am not able to approve your visa!Passed the passport and documents with white slip!
Me:Thank you officer and left with blank mind!

I didn’t repeated the words, stopped in between,made eye contact through out the interview!vo did not make even once eye contact! I spoke confident enough and loud enough!

Experience 12: F1 at Chennai

22thOctober 2021
University of North texas
Slot time 11:30 AM
In time: 11:30 AM
Out time: 12:20 PM
1counters were operating.
Mine was counter 22. A African Male with Black hair.
Me: Good Morning Sir. How are you doing ?
VO: good morning. Am doing good, Give me your passport,i20
Me: Passed.
VO: Which University?
Me: I am going to the US to pursue my masters at unt.
VO: Do you have work experience?
Me: I am working as software Engineer in xx company from 3 years
VO: Any specialization?
Me: cloud computing
VO: What are plans after master?
Me: come back to india work as cloud engineer in indian start ups which uses cloud like hotstar, swiggy.
VO: how is funding you?
Me: told
VO: Scan your fingers. Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you sir.

Be confident while you answer and maintain a eye contact with the vo. Don’t get nervous. There is lot of waiting for f1 students.

Experience 13: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 25th October
Slot time 11 am
In time 9 am
Out time 11 am
Interview time – 1-2 minute
Status: Rejected🚫
VO was a lady in her mid 40s .

Course : computer science
University : wichita state university

Me: good morning officer.
VO: good morning

Vo: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Yes mam. Passed

VO: which university
Me: wichita state university

VO: so cs? Any specialisation?
Me: mobile computing and cloud computing

VO: how many admits
Me: applied for four and got admits on four
Vo: name them
Me: TTU, Wright state, university of dayton
Vo: when did you passed out
Me: 2020
VO: what are you doing since then?
Me: working in Huawei technologies

VO: Who is your sponsor ?
Me: My father

VO : what he do ?
Me : he is an agriculrist

VO : what he grows
Me : he is used to grow commercial crops like palm oil and sugarcane

VO : income ?
Me : 10.8 lacs

Vo : any siblings
Me : Yes I have an younger sister working in DXC technologies

VO: unfortunately I am rejecting your visa and gives me 214b slip.

Actually my funding is different. My mother as have income and I have loan but didn’t mention there because I was tensed a lot
Key takeaways:
Prepare very very well about your course , University and funding and you are good to go.
Be confident.
Maintain eye contact.
Speak loudly.

Experience 14: F1 at Chennai

Slot time : 9 am
University : umkc
Interview timing : 1 min
Date : 25 oct 2021

Me : good morning officer
Vo : good morning. What will you do after gaining this degree?
Me : i will come back to India and join the same company in senior level positions.
Vo : which company?
Me : Tata Consultancy Services
Vo : from how many years have you been working?
Me : 2.5
Vo : what does your parents do??
Me: i dont have father officer. My mother takes care of our agricultural lands and she gets income from those.
Vo: does she give the lands for lease?
Me : Yes officer
Vo : how much is her income?
Me: 7LPA. Additionally my uncle is also sponsoring my education with his savings of 22L.
Vo: what does he do?
Me: he has been working as headmaster in government high school for 25yrs.
Vo: place your right fingers.
Me : placed
Vo: Congratulations, your visa is approved. handed me the green slip .
Me: Thank you so much officer.

Experience 15: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: Oct 25th
Slot time : 9:30Am
In time : 8:00Am
Out time : 9:15Am
Interview time – 30 seconds
Status: Approved ✅
Saint Peter’S unviversity, New Jersy.
VO was a Gent age around 30-35.

VO : Good morning. How are You..?
Can i see your passport..
Me : Yeah sure ( gave him passport )

VO : How are you…. ( Once again )
Me : Fine sir. How are you.

VO : I am doing good. can i see your I-20 just place it on the screen.
Me : Sure sir ( just placed on the screen )

VO : Do you have any experience.?
Me : Yes sir I have yr experience.

VO : Thats nice. What you have studied in your Undergraduation.
Me : I completed my CSE in * College.

VO : Who is your Sponcer.?
Me : My father/ mother are my sponcers.

VO : Annaul income of Thier both..
Me : ** per annum.

VO : I am approving your visa✅
Me : Thank you sir

Just answer confidently. Make a eye contact with VO thats helps for sure…
All the best…

Experience 16: F1 at Chennai

Status : Approved☑️

San Jose State University
Masters in engineering management

Intake : spring 2022

Biometric : 24 Oct 2021
Working times
1 to 5 pm

Slot time : 3.30 pm

Intime : 2.30 pm

They were letting in as and when applicants come as there was no rush
Hardly 15 people in line.

Out time : 3 pm

Doc’s needed :
Visa appointment

Only three enough nothing else .

Vi : 25 Oct 2021
Slot : 9 am

In time : 8.30

Vi time : 9.45

Out time : 10 am

While standing in line outside consulate
I could see all green slips
Maximum people with approval.

Vo was in her 30s and smart with a happy face
She was American.

There was a girl applying for H1B visa before me ,
She was very nervous and Vo repeatedly kept her asking
What if you don’t go , now everything is wfh, how will this impact.

She was tensed and repeating same answer

But still at end she approved her visa

Her VI was about 4 5 min.

Vo : Gm
Me : Gm
Vo : pass docs please
Me : passed
She checked SEVIS and i20

Vo : Ug in ?
Me : Ec with CGPA 8.88 when converted to us gpa
She interrupted

Vo : tell me about your course
Me : answered about engineering management

Vo : when graduated and where are you working
Me : 2019
And Robert Bosch engineering and business solutions
She was impressed here .

Vo : what roles are you targeting after masters
Me : Project lead
Engineering manager
Product development manager
Vo : good

Vo : so what your parents do ?
Me : I did not speak about parents. As my parents are not sponsoring .
I answered it as my sponsor works at yellowbrick data as an principal solution architect and has an annual package of xx Lpa
My sponsor is in USA
And he is my maternal uncle .

VO : what job role can you repeat it ?
Me : principal solution architect also knows Senior sales manager.
VO : Understood it now .

Here i see Vo keeping my passport in box
And typing since beginning of interview and ended it finally.

And then Said : I am approving your visa
Have a good stay .

I was excited at this moment.
Wrapped all doc’s
And thanked Vo 4 times .
She smiled and greeted a happy journey with a bright smile .

Tips : Keep a happy face; Dress in proper attire; Many counters were open as there is huge number of applicants

Experience 17: F1 at Chennai

University: Pratt Institute, New York


VAC Appointment
Appointment time: 11:00 AM
Arrived at 10.30 and was allowed to enter the building. At the counter, I was asked to submit DS160 confirmation letter, Appointment confirmation letter and passport. Fingerprints and photo were captured at the counter. The complete process took around 15 minutes, and I was out of the building by 10:45 AM.

VISA Interview
Appointment time: 9:00 AM
Reached around 8.40 AM and was immediately let into the 9:00 AM appointment queue. Folks who had appointments after 9:00 AM were asked to wait in a separate line.

Me: Hi, good morning!
VI: Good morning, please pass your passport, I-20 and SEVIS fee receipt.
VI: So what did you do your undergraduate in?
Me: Architecture
VI: What will you be specialising in at Pratt?
Me: I’d like to specialise in Human Computer Interaction!
VI: What do you plan on doing after this?
Me: I want to come back and start a multidisciplinary design firm for both Architecture and UX Design.
VI: Who will be funding you?
Me: My father will be sponsoring me and I have a scholarship of $XX per year.
VI: Okay get ready to put your hand on the scanner please. (Handed me a green slip). Safe travels!
Me: Thank you!

Good luck everyone!
PS: Out time was 10.15, So took 1.5 hours totally from standing in line to out of the consulate!

Experience 18: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 21st October
Slot time : 10:00 AM
In Time : 9:45 AM
Out Time : 10:50 AM
Status: Approved ✅
VO was in her mid 30’s

Me: Good Morning Officer, how are you?
VO: Good Morning
VO: Scan your right hand four fingers.
Me: Scanned.
VO: which university?
Me: Wichita State University
VO: Which Course?
Me: Business Analytics in Data Science Concentration
VO: Pass me your i20 and place it on the Window.
Me: Placed.
VO: When did you undergraduate?
Me: 2019
VO: What did you do after your undergraduate?
Me: I’ve been working in IT firm as IT Analyst. I used to collect information and create reports as per the company’s requirements and also clean and prune the data (Cuts Off)
VO: Do you have education loan?
Me : Yes Officer
VO: Why masters now?
Me: After working 1.8 years I’ve realised that I need enhance my technical skills in terms of technologies such as Big Data Analytics.
VO: What are your parents ?
Me: They are into business
VO: What business?
Me: They are into Mattress business and they have warehouse where they supply Foam mattresses and Spring mattresses throughout the country. Their Combined Annual income is 18 LPA
VO: I’m keeping your passport
Me: I was over the moon😊

Note: Be confident and make eye contact. There were mostly Approvals in the consulate

Experience 19: F1 at Hyderabad

Date :25th october 2021.

Slot time:10.00 AM

In time :8.45AM
Out time:11.30 AM
University:University of North Texas.

Vo is going american guy who is in his 30’s.

VO:Good morning.

Me:Hi sir. Good morning how are you?

VO: So you are heading to University of North Texas.

Me:Yes sir.

Vo:Place your left hand fingers on the scanner.


Vo: which course?

Me: Ms in business analytics

Vo:Who is the lead of this department?

Me: Anna Siradova who is the associate dean of this department.

Vo:How about your funding?

Me:I have approved loan of 26l and My father is going to sponsor(Vo cuts)

Vo: What is your father?

Me: He is into real estate where he deals with buying anr selling of lands

Vo: Does he own any?

Me: Yes sir open lands.

Vo: Do you own a house?

Me:Yes sir.

Vo: In which district it is located?

Me: it’s located in ranga reddy district hyderabad.

Vo:Do you own a car?

Me:Yes sir.

Vo: which company?

Me:Swift Dzire.

After this Vo called one lady and shown my passport she has taken my passport and went.

Vo told me to wait for sometime and there are some more questions to ask. Here I tensed alot and thought I was rejected. I didn’t understand why they have taken the passport. They called me after 15mn

Vo:(again) Hello. Good morning How are you?

Me: Hi sir. Good morning. Am fine.

Vo: How much savings you have?

Me:32 lakhs

Vo: What other universities you applied for?

Me: UTA and USF.

VO: Do you have all the admits?

Me: I have admit from UTA and rejection from USF.

VO:Ok your visa has been approved.

Me:Thank you so much sir with all the smiles on face.

Guys who wants to know about visa approval rate in hyderabad. As per my experience it’s 99%. If you have a doubt whether to go for hyd. Or not I suggest to go. I haven’t seen any rejections today. F1 visa applicants are less when compared to other visa applicants. If anyone knows why they have taken my passport please comment below so that if anyone face same situation in future they may not get tense.

He didn’t ask me i20 also. Just passport and no other documents.

I have double masters too but no question was raised regarding that.

Experience 20: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 25th October
Counter no – 12
Slot time 11am
In time 9:45 am
Out time 11:01am
Interview time – 1minute
Status: Approved ✅
VO was a american guy

Course : Computers & Information Sciences

Me: good morning officer.how are you doing?
VO: I am good. What about you
Me:I am doing great
Vo: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: here you go officer
Vo: University??
Me: University of North Texas
Vo:y unt??
Me:There are many factors that made me choose Unt. First of all Unt have a strong major in cs and the courses offered perfectly match my area of interest . I have also gone through the social media and contacted some current students who are currently majored in cs and they spoke very highly about the university of unt and cs program. This is the reason why I chose to study there
Vo: congrats I am approving your visa.Place your left hand 4 fingers
Me: Thankyou so much officer

Tips: Be confident and Loud, Make sure you prepare well

Experience 21: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 25th October
Counter no – 14
Slot time 9:45 am
In time 9:00 am
Out time 11:00 am
Interview time – 1-2 minute
Status: Approved ✅

VO was a american Guy in 30s

Course : Computers & Information Sciences, UCM
Vo: show your passport please
Me: shown and passed it.
VO: place your i20
Me: Yes did.
Vo: oh UCM and IT. How this course is related to you?
Me: Done my bachelors in Computer science.
Vo : ok
Vo left his place and came back after 2 mins
Vo : I see you have a previous h4.
Me : Yes sir, my husband is in US now and im planning to finish my masters while we are there.
Vo: Thats fine. How about funding?
Me : Im sponsoring myself with my own savings and my parents will be cosponsers just in case if my money is not sufficient. (Mentioned amounts as well)
Vo : Typing typing cont. And no education loan?
Me: No sir and repeated that my parents have savings and immovable properties to fund my education.
Vo: Thats ok
Typing Typing ……
Your visa is approved. Leave

Me: Do i have to pick any document from the ones placed here?
Vo : nothing leave

Tips: Be confident if you can, fumbling a bit is absolutely fine. I have seen h1b people fumbled a lot and got Visa. Mine was absolutely easier. However, please prepare well and give your best leaving rest of things and result will be good. Ensure not to worry at all its just a conversation with a person.

Lot of wait time in Hyderabad inside consulate. Eat n go 😊

All the best everyone.Hope all of you get their Visa approved.

Excellent group very informative and helpful.

All the best 💯

Experience 22: F1 at New Delhi

Date:25th october 2021
University: Northern Illinois University
Slot time: 11am
Counter 17
Vo is in her mid 40s seemed Indian

There were many people in Delhi consulate today. 2 people infront of me were rejected as they were nervous. I was scared a bit as my brother is in US through h1 and i mentioned it in DS160.
Me: Hello, Good Morning!
VO: pass me your passport
Vo: which university(i didn’t understand)
Me: sorry, could you please repeat
Vo: which university
Me: Northern Illinois University
Vo: i20 and sevis
Vo: how did you get to know about this university
Me: i researched for universities which are offering specialization in both business analytics and sap. That’s how i got to know about this university.
Vo: how are you going to sponsor 42K$
Me: I have an approved loan from punjab national bank and the remaining amount is sponsored by my parents.
At this moment itself she kept my passport aside.
Place your left hand fingers. I have shown all my nervousness on the machine and pressed my hands really hard. Then she told me that my visa is approved and asked me to place my right hand fingers lightly this time😅

Guys, i had many loopholes lyk my bro staying in us, low gpa and gre. Do not bother just be confident, cool, and composed. Nothing else matters. Do not prepare much and be spontaneous and candid. Do not give long answers and figures when they ask abt sponsors. Many ppl gave figures and explained in detail today but it only works if you are firm. If anyone going to NIU please comment below so that we could connect.

I have seen only few rejection a white lady is asking many questions and being very friendly but approved all visas

Experience 23: F1 at Chennai

Oct 25
In time : 8:30AM
Slot time : 9:30 AM
Out time : 10:30 AM
Status : Approved
I have my elder brother who is working on h1b and I have mentioned in ds160
Me: Good morning officer(I have passed i20 and passport)
Vo: Good morning
Vo: which university
Me: university of central Missouri
Vo: which course
Me: masters in computer science
Vo: I see you have worked in Accenture
Me: yes officer, I worked as a sap security and grc consultant (so I explained him roles and responsibilities)
Vo: what are you plans after masters
Me: I will get back to India and I wish to join Accenture again
Vo: what you want to become in future
Me: I want to see myself in higher level position as a data scientist
Vo: what about the funds?
Me: my family is sponsoring with savings of 40lakhs and taken a education loan of 15 lakhs
Vo: he was saying something but I couldn’t undertand
Me: sorry officer , I couldn’t understand you
Vo: you are visa is approved
Me: thank you , thank you so much. Officer

Please be genuine and confident . I saw many people are getting visas
All the best for everyone

Experience 24: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 22th October
Counter no – 32
Slot time 9 am
In time 8:45 am
Out time 9:30 am
Interview time – 2 minute
Status: Approved ✅
VO was a Chinese guy

Course : MS Computer Science
University of Southern California

Vo: Good morning, How are you?
Me: good morning sir. I am fine,how are you?
VO: I am good.
Vo: Pass me your sevis,passport and i20
Vo: Which program will u pursue?
Me: MS Comp. Science from USC
Vo : Whats your favourite course?
me :ML
Vo : Had u applied for visa before or anything is under processing? (I mentioned in ds 160 about immigration file)
me: never applied for US visa but my aunt filed immigration petition on behalf of my father (I am also dependent of him)
Vo: Do u have any other relatives in US?
me: My aunt lives in US
Vo: Where does she live?
me: California
Vo: Will u immigrate to US?
me: no, I will go to US only to study
Vo: Who is sponsoring u?
me: I have education loan of Rsxx lacs and my father is sponsoring me with (interrupted..)
Vo: What does ur father do?
me: he is working in xyz company as a xyz
Vo: Annual income?
me: xx lacs

Place right hand on scanner, i am approving ur visa, passport will be delivered to ur selected address

Passed me the white slip

Experience 25: F1 at Mumbai

Visa interview time:09:00am
Date:25th october
Status: Approved ✅
Duration:2 to 3mins
Counter no:28
University: Northwest Missouri State University
Course: computer science

Me:good morning sir, please to meet you (smiled)
Vo:good morning! Pass me i20 and, passport
Me:here it is!
Vo:hmmm… Your bachelor’s in?
Me: electronics and communication engineering sir
Vo:then why did you chose CS in MS?
Me: I am interested to do data science in masters bcz I am working as a data process executive in Cognizant technology solutions, currently iam in junior level, to increase my level and to reach superiority level after come back to India I need to do masters.
Vo: how many colleges you applied for and how many admits?
Me: I have applied to 4 colleges and got admits from 3
Vo: what are courses you have applied?
Me:data science, machine learning, mobile commuting for IOS
VO:(asked something and I didn’t get his question)
Me: sorry sir I didn’t get you
Vo:ok fine,who is funding?
Me:my father is my primary sponcer,he is sponsoring me with his savings of 30L and we do have immovable property worth of 2.6C(iam about to tell about bank loan but vo interrupted me asked about any loan?)
Vo:any loan?
Me:yes sir,I do have a secure bank loan of 20L
Vo:how do you secure your loan?
Me: nearly 84-100 months will be there to repay the bank loan and that’s not a big deal to suffer, my father will repay the loan amount with his personal savings of 60L.
Vo: what does your father do?
Me:he is a farmer and we do have poultry farm (about to say annual income but vo interrupted me)
Vo: what he grows?
Me: paddy and seasonal seeds like bengalgrum etc(I don’t know the exact meaning of bengalgrum)
Me:yes sir, it is primary product of rice, and we usually called paddy as rice..
Vo:place your left hand four fingers on the scanner
Vo: congratulations…. Your visa is approved 🙂
Me:(I was in unconscious to receive those words and after 2 secs I replied).
Thank you sir you made my day (smiled with tension free)

I was totally confused bcz before me all the candidates were going with passport.
Finally god is great 💗 and I made it 🤩 my father was very happy then he was observing me while coming out from office and he ran towards me to know the results I just acted like dipressed but my father found out and laughed at me 😃


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