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F1 Visa Experiences – October 2021

Below are experiences from October 21st to October 25th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Chennai

18 oct 2020
Lamar University masters in cs
Appointment time 8:30 am
In time 8:15 out time: 9:20
Vo is in his middle 40-50 and rejected 2 people in front of me :

good morning sir how are you doing today?
Vo: am good what about you?
Me: am fine thank you .
Vo: please pass me your passport, ds160, i20
Me: passed
Vo: where are you headed?
Me:i am going to persue my masters in CS at Lamar University with specialization of AI
Vo: Why masters now?
Me: as i am working now at xxx company as technical support engineer am unsatisfied with work i just want to develop my knowledge in AI as i am very much intrested on AI .
Vo: what other universities have you applied
Me: told
Vo: how are your colleagues treating you in office( in weird expression)
Me: All good
Vo: what are your plans after MS?
Me: after completing of Masters i will come back to India and start my carrer as AI developer
Vo: How are you going to fund?
Me: I have a scholarship of 8k my parents are sponsoring me with their savings of XX lakhs and i also have a education loan of XX lakhs Offered by Canara bank so these would be enough .
Vo: alright place your left hand fingers ( shocked that he was going to reject because rejected people had placed their left hand and accepted people placed right hand before me)
Me: Ok sir
Vo: am approved your visa have a nice day
Me :thank you sir you made my day

Experience 2: F1 at Chennai

Slot time: 10:30 AM
Status: Approval ✅
Biometrics 17th slot time 2 pm ( in time 12:20 out time 12:40)
18th visa interview( in time around 10:10 out time 10:30) they are sending ppl as per appointment time I waited around 40 minutes in Que

American male around 35 to 40 (counter no 21) chill person he is giving eye contact between the interview ( Almost everyone got visa approval I saw only 2 to 3 rejections)

Interview around 1 to 1.5 minutes

University: Texas tech university(TTU)
Course: Masters of engineering (interdisciplinary)

Only two counters are operating

VO: Good morning, how are you
Me: Namasthe, Good, what about you officer
Vo: Doing good

Vo: so you’re going to Texas tech university
Me: yes officer
Vo: Nice

Vo: which course
Me: I’m going to pursue a master of engineering with is an Interdisciplinary course that offers dual specifications and my concentration on Advanced manufacturing and supply chain management. The curriculum of the course was very unique and flexible with advanced technology and course work was perfectly aligned with my level of interest there were few dedicated labs with the latest technology with virtual reality like sustainable manufacturing industrial robots VO cuts….

Vo: why this university
Me officer they are many reasons to choose this university TTU offers me dual speculation and TTU is well known for public and research universities it comes under the tier 1 category. The professor has an average rating of 4.25 as the instructors cuts between
Vo okay

Vo: did you pay sevis fee plz show me a receipt
Me: yes officer just hand over him

Vo: why masters
Me: officer while I was doing an internship I realised that I need to be a master in many areas to lead my career. No internship or online course could not help me gain professional knowledge in a very short time so I think this right to go for a master and master’s is a stepping stone towards my goals
Vo: good

Vo what are your bachelor GPA( vo voice very low but I catch the keyword GPA)
Me: I did my bachelor in mechanical engineering in ××× college affiliated by ×××
and my CGPA was 6.92 out of 10

Vo: do you have any work experience( he is looking into my DS 160)

Me: no work experience officer I had a paid internship at svs enterprise it’s small scale industry cuts…

Vo: what is your role
Me: my job at the internship was to maintain the heavy machine and giving feed and designing the corrugated box as per consumer requirements

Vo: so you did covid 19 volunteer work
Me yes officer

Vo: how is sponsoring you
Me: my parents are going to sponsor me on top of that I have an education loan of 32 lakhs

Vo: what do your patents do
Me: my father is an agriculturist and he runs a dairy farm he income was 8 LPA and he has savings of 21 lakhs and my mother runs the fancy store of ladies ornaments like cosmetics, jewellery’s and kids wear her income was 6 lakhs she has saving of 10 lakhs and we also have immovable property worth of 2.5 cores ( guys to be honest my mother is housewife if your laying be confident and I all have prof of the running business I was created a Google business amount on my mother name and I had ITR of one year)

Vo: was typing continually for few seconds he said ok
Vo: place left hand on the scanner ( I thought he is going to reject me because in front of me three were asked to keep right hand and he is verify the faces for few seconds my heartbeat was raised ) at that time VO keeps my passport aside and I saw green slip

Vo: said your visa approval stay safe in the US
Me: thank you so much sir and have a nice day
Vo: you too young man

I just come out from the consulate ppl who are waiting in the waiting hall and outside of the consulate I said what the VO was asking in the interview told him and said all the best to them.

Experience 3: F1 at Hyderabad

Slot 9 30 am
VO was a lady in counter no 14

Visa approved

Before my turn came she was busy typing and having her coffee I guess
VO : please come forward
Me: good morning madam how are you doing today?
VO : well I’m fine doing good what about you
Me : I’m doing great
Vo: pass me your passport
Passed passport
Typing ……
Vo : which State ?
Me: Illinois mam
Vo: why are you going to Illinois
Me : well I’m going to pursue my master’s in computer science with software engineering as my specialization
Vo: which school?
Me: Lewis university
Vo: tell me about yourself?
Me : gave my basic intro
Vo: what is your educational background?
Me: I have done my bachelor’s in eee at National institute of technology with an aggregate of ££
Vo : how do you relate your education with your masters ?
Me: with advancements in computer technology automation is taking our every field my father has also got adopted to this as we own a workshop where we have now deployed cnc automated lathe Machines
Vo: what does your do?
Me: told
Vo : what kind of business?
Me: told
Vo: what is your mother ?
Me : she works as a clerk in an organisation
Vo : fundings?
Me : 35 lacs savings
Vo : any loan ?
Me : yes I do have an educational loan sanctioned for 26 lacs
Vo : again what type of business is your father doing?
Me : told the same again
Vo: can you explain ?
Me : explained
Vo: place your left hand four fingers
Typing………10 secs
Vo : your visa is approved you can leave( in a low voice as she was having her coffee )
Me : I didn’t understand as she didn’t have me any kind of approval slip
Vo : your visa is approved congrats
Me : took my file and ran away from there

Experience 4: F1 at Mumbai

Date – 12th October 2021
University :Southeast Missouri state University
Slot time – 9:10 AM
In time – 7:50 AM
Out time – 9:20AM
Counter – 28
Interview Time : (1-2 min)
Status : Approved ✅
Vo : Good morning
Me : Good morning sir
Passed my i20, passport
Vo : why USA
Me : To persue my masters in computer and information science at semo
Vo : major?
Me :Computer and information science
Vo :Background
Me :Completed my btech in computer science at GRIET in 2019.
Vo : what you are doing since then
Me : Working as PA in Cognizant technology solutions. Explained about my roles
Vo : who is your sponsor
Me : my parents are sponsoring with savings of 16 L and had a sanctioned education loan of 31 L and besides that we have assets worth of 2.17 crores
Vo : what your father do
Me : my father is farmer and cultivates 10 acres of land
Vo : annual income
Me : 8.8 lpa
Vo : congratulations, your visa is approved
Me : Thank you sir,
Vo : given a slip (mentioned you will receive passport in 2-3 days)

Experience 5: F1 at Kolkata

Oct 20
Slot time:9:00
Chineese Vo
Status: Approved🇺🇸
Vo: come forward
Me:Good morning Officer, How are you doing?
VO:No response, please pass me your passport, i20 and sevis receipt please.
Me:Here you so sir
Vo: which University?
Me: Kennesaw State University
Vo: Which course?
Me: masters in computer science
VO: How many universities have you applied?
VO: who is going to pay?
Me:My father is going to pay for my education……
VO: When did you graduated?
Me: 2020 sir
VO : what have you been doing since then?
Me: I was prepared for few courses which helps me in doing masters
VO: Typing…..
Finally Golden words.. Congratulations! Your visa has been approved.
Me:Thankyou sir.
Kolkata is very chill and there were only 2 counters opened, 1 is American VO and other is chineese, chinnese vo is asking somewhat difficult but at last he is approving all visas.
All the best, Just be confident. visa will be yours

Experience 6: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 19th October 2021
Slot time : 10:00Am
In time : 9:05Am
Out time : 10:20Am
University of North Texas
Status: Approved ✅
VO was an Asian American and age around 30-35 years

Me: Good morning Sir!
VO:Good Morning
VO: Please pass me your i20 and passport
Me: Passed
VO: What are you going to do in University of North Texas.
Me: I am going to peruse Master of Science in Data Science
VO: Tell me about your funding.
Me: I have secured a loan for Rupees XX lakhs from canara bank, also my parents are my primary sponsors with their savings(Interrupted)
VO: What do your parents do?
Me: Told
VO: how many employees work under your father?
Me: Told
VO: Ok! I am approving your visa have a pleasant stay in Texas.

The VO was very cool and friendly and i have seen most of the applications approved

Experience 7: F1 at Chennai

Oct 20
Slot time: 11:00 am
American Young Lady Visa Officer
Status: Approved ✅
Attempt : first
Counter : 22
University : kent state University
Vo: come forward
Me: Good morning Officer, How are you doing?
VO: Iam good, What about you ?
Me: Fine
Vo: pass me your passport ?
Me: here it is
Vo: and your I20, sevis fees reciept Please ?
Me: here it is
Vo: thank you
Me: welcome
Vo: Typing 1 minute sincerly ….. and she asked Jain University , Bangalore
Me: Yes
Vo: When did you graduated?
Me: 2021
Vo: oh! recently
Me: yes
Vo: Could you please show me Transcripts ?
Me: here it is
Vo: taken and sincerly looking at my transcripts
Vo: What after masters?
Me: After completion of masters i will come back to india and i will work as data analyst in top most
multi national corporates like Google, Ibm, and microsft these area the national best infrastructure companies
VO: Laughing andi know you are well prepared
Me: Litle bit Laughed
Vo: laugh loudly no problem
Me: ok mam sure laughed
Vo: Have you taken any loan ?
Me: yes, i have taken loan in HDFC Credila
Vo: On what basis they given ?
Me: Based on my academic merit
Vo: Your answers are smart and Finally Golden words.. Congratulations! Your visa has been approved. have a nice stay in Ohio
Me: Thank you so much mam you made my day

she is very friendly and cool

There were only 2 counters opened and she rejected 9 memebers infront me including three H1B visa

All the best, Just be confident.

Experience 8: F1 at Chennai

Date : 18 Oct 2021
University of North Texas, Denton.
Master’s in Information systems & Technologies .
Status : Approved✅(1st attempt)

My bachelor’s major is Aeronautical &
Changing my major to Information systems & Technologies.

Vo : Hello good morning ..!
Me : good morning sir..!
Vo : which course?
Me : MS Information systems and Technologies
Vo : oh UNT ..! Why North Texas?
Me : It’s a tier one research university.
Where I can get more exposure to research in my major.
Vo : what’s your grade in undergraduate?
Me : 9.38/10.
Vo : Any Backlogs
Me : no sir
Vo : R u working?
Me : I just graduated 3 months back .
( I was very nervous that he might ask about my major in undergraduation..! Luckily he didn’t asked about that)
Vo : who is sponsoring you?
Me : my mother is my primary sponsor
Vo: what’s her job?
Me : she is a business women sir.
Vo: what kind of business..?
Me : she is agriculturist and will do Rice trading .
Vo : what’s her income?
Me : 20 lakhs
Vo: about your funds ?
Me : savings of 30 lakhs and educational loan of 25 lakhs .
(He is taking green slip in to his hands😋 )
Vo : (again asked my grade in undergraduation) sorry i didn’t heard properly can u tell me once again about your grade.
Me : It’s 9.38 sir .
Vo : so , I am approving your visa,place your right hand four fingers on scanner. And gave me green slip.
Me : thank you sir , Bye .

After that I am leaving the consulate .
Security at entrance stopped me and asked my name
I told .
Security : VO is calling you again , pls go inside again

I was Shocked and had a small heart attack..!😐
VO called me .
Me : what happened sir ? ( with fear)
Vo : sorry for your inconvenience . It’s a system error , your fingerprints were not scanned pls give me a minute. I will take it once again .
Me : ok sir , no problem 😊
Vo : put your right hand , left hand and two thumbs one after other.
Me : placed my fingers .
Vo : Thank you , Now it’s done ✔️. once again sorry for your inconvenience.
Me : It’s OK sir
Vo : Taken once again a green slip and (saw a green slip in my hand )
Oh I already gave right (laughed 😂)
Me : yes sir
Vo : Bye Have a great day..!

Suggestion : Don’t ran out of consulate in happiness after approval
My situation might repeat for you too .
Luckily at last second they called me back ..!

Experience 9: F1 at Hyderabad

In time:- 9.50
Out time :10:50am
Slot time :10am
University name: University of Massachusetts Lowell
I20 amount: 46,179$
Interviewview time : 1 min

VO: place ur right hand four fingers on screen
Me: did
VO: place ur passport on screen?
Me: placed
VO: place ur i20 on screen?
Me: placed
VO: drop you passport
Me: did
VO: tell me your professional background in cs ?
Me: I have been working in software industry for 5 years
VO: I see your are working in xx company and worked in yy company
Me: yes sir
VO: when did u graduate?
Me: I completed my under graduation in 2015
VO: Who is funding you?
Me: My husband is sponsoring me with his savings of 30 lacks
VO: what does he do?
Me: He is a branding manager in xx company.
VO: he asked me again which company
Me: told company name
VO: how much he is getting?
Me :- he’s annual income is 16 lack 27 thousand
VO: Do you have any loan?
Me: yes I have education loan of 25 lakhs from Canara Bank

And at last the golden words
Your visa is approved have a nice journey
Me: Thank you ma’am

Please be confident…almost all F1 visas are getting approved I haven’t seen any rejections at Hyderabad consulate

Experience 10: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 19th October 2021
Slot time : 10:00am
In time : 9:00
Out time : 10:20am
Interview duration : 3 mins approx
University of Missouri Kansas City
Status: Approved ✅(1st attempt)
Counter number : 16
VO was a middle aged American guy 25-35.

VO: Good morning, pass me your passport
Me: passed the passport and said Good morning officer,
VO: Good morning, so is it university of Kansas?
Me: No, it’s university of Missouri Kansas City
VO: Why masters
Me: I want continue my further career as a datascientist for which I am lacking my knowledge in the areas like big data, cloud computing and by masters I will be able to gain that knowledge which would eventually help me in getting job as datascientist back in india
Vo: do you have any degree in india
Me: yes i have done bachelor’s
Vo: which year passed out
Me: 2017
Vo: it’s been 4 yrs what are you doing since then
Me: told about my work experience
VO: pass me your i20
Me: showed over the window but slided through the door as he asked again
VO: I see that your family is funding you
Me: yes officer my parents are sponsoring my educ ( vo interrupted)
Vo: What does your father do
Me: explained his work
Vo: What is the role of your father
Me: told, also mentioned that my mother is also sponsoring with her savings they have combined annual income of 14L
Vo: what does your mother do
Me: told
Vo: what is the annual income
Me: 14L
Vo: how much savings
Me: 26L, also I have secured a loan of 31L from avanse and also got scholarship from University
VO: ok so I am approving your visa …..( Haven’t heard what he said after that)
Me: Thank you officer, have a great day ahead
VO: Enjoy your studies in USA

In my area I can see 2 other counters apart from mine, VO’s are very polite and helping the people giving interview. I have seen almost everyone getting the visa approval during my time.

Vo was looking at me for questions about funding and why master’s.

I would suggest prepare well and be confident so that there won’t be any fumbling during the interview. Even it happens try to pick up and mention the details clearly.

Experience 11: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 19th October 2021
Slot time : 9:30Am
Northern Illinois University
Status: Approved ✅
Counter no- 19
Was waiting in a queue as the officer was taking time to check the details of the person who went before me. He gave him a grey slip, asking him to try next time after 10mins.

VO was an American and age around
30-35 years

VO: Hello Maam, Good morning !
Me: Good morning

VO:So you are a student, please place your right hand four fingers on the scanner
Me: scanned
VO: Pass me your passport
Me: Passed
VO: which University
Me: its Northern Illinois University, Niu
VO: Why do you choose this university and pass me the i20 please
Me: told about the research works
VO: ok ok! When did you complete your bachelors
Me: i have completed it in 2020 with overall cgpa of 8.77
VO:what are you doing since then?
Me: I was selected as an intern before i could complete my undergraduation. After 6months of internship, i got converted to full time employee in the same company(company name)
VO: Thats good company. Your i20 says about parental support so What does your father do?
Me: Told about the business and apartment that he own. Overall savings and property values. Also mentioned about the research assistantship i received from university
VO: what about your mother and what is the total income of the family?
Me: she is a homemaker. And total income is 16lpa.

VO: do u have any loan?
Me: No officer.

VO: Looks like you hold two nationalities(i was born in saudi arabia so he thought that i have that citizenship as well)
Me: No not at all. I was born in Saudi Arabia but my parents are indian. To be a citizen of that country their are different rules and regulations.

VO: what are the requirements of holding nationality of that country?
Me: Even i am not sure about it. No one has clear idea about it.

VO: he was laughing at this moment and then..he smiled and said I am keeping your passport Miss.
Your visa is approved.
Me: Yayy!! Thank you.
VO: look at your excitement level. see you soon in US. Have a nice day.
Me: Thanks. You too!!

VO was a nice person. He was actually listening to all the answers and allowing me to complete it. He didnt ask for any documents except my i20. Do not panic. Be confident.

Experience 12: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 20th October 2021
Slot time : 9:30am
In time : 8:50am
Out time : 10:30am
Interview duration : 45 secs
University of Michigan Dearborn
Status: Approved ✅(1st attempt)
Counter number : 12
VO( age might be around 30-45)

VO: Good morning !
Me: Good morning sir
VO: Pass me your passport
Me: Passed
VO: Pass me your i20.
Me: Passed
VO: Which course and university?
Me: to purse Masters in computational science (actual masters data science, but I mentioned the major name to avoid questions)
VO: why masters?
Me: Sir, I had a background of computer science in my bachelor’s, so I wish to specialize in this feild. Moreover it will help me to secure a Job in India as there is a high requirement for data science here.
VO: when did u graduated? ( Is it 2020 )
Me: No sir, I just graduated a month back in August 2021
( He replied- so u wanted to go for masters straight after bachelors gud.)
( He had a problem with his mic for like 10sec .I asked him to repeat some questions because of mic problem)
VO:who is Sponsoring u?
Me: My father is going to sponser sir
VO: occupation of ur father?
Me: he is and LIC agent and an agriculturist.
VO: agriculturist!!( Questions about the role in it)
Me: ( explained about the land and stuff)
VO: his annual income?
Me: 12 lpa sir
VO: any savings?
Me: yes sir, he has a Savings of 30laks and also secured a educational loan of 25 lakhs.
VO: Is it secured?
Me: yes sir
VO: okay, your visa is approved ( he repeated twice🤭 and placed my passport in a tray)
Me: Thank you so much sir, have a nice day.

Just be confident.
There are only 3 counters operating and I saw many F2, dependent visas.
Make it as a formal conversation.
Mostly all the visas are approved at my time(I saw only one girl went out with a passport with her when I am waiting)

All the best guy’s…

Experience 13: F1 at New Delhi

October 20, 2021
Slot time: 10:40 am
In time: 9:30 am
Out time: 11:45 am
Interview duration: 45 secs approx
Counter no: 15
University: Illinois institute of technology
Status: Approved ✅ (1st attempt)
VO was a middle aged African American lady with a serious look and reserved nature.

Me: Good morning ma’am. How are you?
VO: (No response. After 2-3 secs..)
Pass me your passport and I-20.
Me: (Passed)
VO: So, where are you going?
Me: I am planning to study my Masters at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago in the Illinois state.
VO: Who will sponsor your college fee that is 50 thousand dollars?
Me: My father and grandfather are my sponsors. My father’s annual income is xx lakhs. My grandfather’s income is yy lakhs per annum. I also have some amount of savings since I have been working for the past 2 and a half years.
VO: Have you taken your GRE?
Me: Yes ma’am.
VO: What’s the score?
Me: 306
VO: Do you have any loan?
Me: No ma’am. I don’t have any loan. My …
VO: (Cutting me off)
What does your father do?
Me: My father is a government teacher. He has working for the last 25 years.
VO: Place your right hand four fingers on the scanner.
Me: (Placed)
VO: Your visa has been approved. Take your I-20.
Me: Thank you ma’am. Thank you very much.

General tips:
There is a mike in front of the VO and what the VO speaks is clearly audible. So don’t worry about that, just pay attention. You are required to speak loudly since there is no mike on your end.
Sometimes the VO gets up from the seat and comes back within a few seconds or minutes. Don’t get tensed thinking that it is related to you. They just go on their work and it’s no way concerned to your case.
Please don’t forget to pay your SEVIS fee as I have seen a girl getting her visa rejected for not paying the SEVIS fee.
I haven’t received any green slip. So, if they don’t give any slip and just approve the visa, don’t panic. It’s normal and still means your visa is approved.

Experience 14: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 20th October 2021
Slot time : 9 AM
In time : 7:50 AM
Out time : 9:15 Am
Counter : 30
University of Alabama at Birmingham – UAB
Status: Approved ✅
Five Counters opened
VO was an American lady age around 30-35 years
Me: Good morning madam how are you!
VO: Good morning I am fine
VO: pass me your passport and i20
Me: passed the documents
Me: UAB is a Tier 1 research university and I have chosen my Master’s to be thesis based(stopped by VO)
VO: what other did you apply
Me: I apply for 4 universities and got admits in UAB and NJIT
VO : NJIT is very good university why did you choose UAB over NJIT
Me : I told that NJIT is expensive and told about a professor whom I would like to study under
VO: How will you fund your masters?
Me: told about parents savings, loan and scholarship
VO: What does your parents do
Me: Told about there profession and there combined annual income
VO: what about your loan
Me: Told about loan amount and bank
VO: Place your left hand fingers on the scanner
Me: placed
VO: I am approving your VISA.! handed over the White slip.
Me: Thank you so much have a great day

There were not many rejections in Mumbai but saw a few C1 visas getting rejected and compared to C1 visas F1 candidates are fewer. The visa officer was very kind and congratulated me for my admits and scholarship even though it’s a little less. Just be confident. All the best

Experience 15: F1 at Mumbai

21st October 2021
University of North Texas- MS in Information Systems and Technologies.
Slot time 8:50 AM
In time: 8:30 AM
Out time: 10:10 AM
3 counters were operating.
Mine was counter no.32. A Chinese Male with Black hair.
Me: Good Morning Sir. How are you doin?
VO: Nods his head. Give me your passport,i20 and Sevis.
Me: Passed.
VO: Why are you going to the US?
Me: I am going to the US to pursue my masters in Information Technology at the UNT.
VO: When did you graduate?
Me: 2018
VO: What was your undergraduate in?
Me: Civil Engineering.
(He looked at me in the eye)
VO: Why do you want to change your stream?
Me: After working as an associate software engineer for 3 years, my tenure in the IT arena triggered my interest to pursue masters to update my skillset.
VO: Why didn’t you take up a job in Civil engineering after your Bachelors? Didn’t get any?
Me: I happened to attend all the placement interviews at my college and bagged this one.
VO: How long is your work experience?
Me: 3 years.
VO: Can’t you do the same course in India? Why US?
Me: India has some very good colleges but they are few in number. And also I’m really interested to work under a professor named XYZ who happens to be actively researching in my area of interest. So that’s why I want to pursue my masters at this university.
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My father is sponsoring me and also I have a loan of 35L from Avanse.
VO: What does your father do and what’s his income?
Me: Told.
VO: Scan your fingers. Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you sir.

Experience 16: F1 at Mumbai

21 October 2021
Status: Approved ✅
Slot time: 9:10
In time: 8:15
Out time: 9:20
American Visa Officer (in his late 20s)
Counter: 34
Interview time: 2-3 mins


Me: Good Morning sir, my name is . How you are doing?
VO: I’m good. How are you?
Me: I’m great and excited.
VO: Pass me your Sevis Fee Reciept, I20, Passport
Me: Sure!
VO: Why and where are you going?
Me: I’m going to pursue Masters in Information Systems and Technologies at University of North Texas, Denton
VO: Why UNT?
Me: My goal is to become _ and UNT offers the subjects such as___ which offers the skills for management oriented roles. Apart from this, UNT is one of the older and 4th largest universities in USA. It is tier 1 university by Carnegie Classification.
VO: Tell me about your funding?
Me: My parents are going to fund my education. We have got funds in terms of bank balance and fixed deposits of ₹.

VO: What does your father do?

Me: My father work at for _ years and his annual income is__.

(At this point, he kept my passport aside in the box)

VO: What you are going to do after your masters?
Me: As I have mentioned that my goal is to become______ and this role has a good demand in India. I’m sure I’ll get the job in one of the reputed companies.
VO: Your visa is approved. Take back your I20, Sevis fee Reciept.
Me: Thank you so much sir. Have a great day!🤩

Experience 17: F1 at Hyderabad

In time:- 830
Out time :10:00am
Slot time :10:00am
University name: Lewis University
Interviewview time : 2 min
VO: place ur left hand four fingers on screen
Me: did
VO: drop ur passport on screen?
Me: did
VO:which university
ME: Lewis University
VO: Which course
ME:MS in computer science.
VO : Show me your I20 on screen
ME: I thought she asked me to drop it and tried to drop but she asked me again just to show it through the screen and not to drop. . . I did as she asked.
VO: In which year you have done your undergraduation?
ME: In the year 2019
VO: What are you doing since then?
ME: Working as a ××× in ×××
VO: why are you doing masters now?
Me: As I done my undergraduate undergraduation in ECE(she stopped me by asking the next question)
VO: who is your sponsor?
Me: My father is sponsoring my education with his saving of ××Lakhs
VO: what does he do?
Me: He is a central government employee in xxxx.
VO: he asked me again which company
Me: told company name again
VO: how much he is getting?
Me :- told
VO: Do you have any loan?
Me: yes I have education loan of xx lakhs from Bank of India
VO:Your visa is approved and will your receive your passport
Me: Thank you ma’am

Experience 18: F1 at New Delhi

Oct 21
Slot time: 10:50
(The famous) Indian lady Vo
University : UTD, MSBA
Interview Duration : Less than 20 seconds

Status: Approved

Vo: come forward
Me:Good morning Officer
VO: Good Morning, please pass me your passport, i20
Me:Sure ( passed)
Vo: how you’re funding your education ?
Me: My parents are doctors and they are my primary sponsors apart from that I have also secured an education loan of 45 L
Vo: You applied through GRE ?
Me: Yes and my GRE score is 305
VO: okay, you’re visa is approved.
Me: Thank you !

In Delhi , 5 counters were opened. I saw few rejections as well . Those who were not able ans confidently or having a single bad university admit, I saw those are getting rejected. Good confidence but average English were also getting approved.
Keep your confidence high !

Experience 19: F1 at Hyderabad

Spring 2022
Date : 21 oct 2021
Firstly my Background, it’s quite twisted, i passed out last year july 2020, and i chose australia as my destination, got my visa ! , got admited to July 2020 intake in RMIT university,but due to pandemic i deferred. However, i have taken online classes from march 2021 and completed my 1st semester of masters online in Australian university! simultaneously i was teaching IELTS to more than 150 students and blogger in instagram. But lately i got to know that the Australian flights are banned until 2023 ,
And i quickly shifted to USA from july !
I processed everything and got my admits by september ! Spoke to program directors and processed my transfers as well !
Now i was really worried regarding what to say in my interview
There are so many things which I shouldn’t mention ! I was nervous
I filled my DS 160 with out mentioning about australia and i mentioned about IELTS in others category of occupation.
Okay enough with this let’s get to the interview !

Interview time : 10:00 Am
I went inside at 9:35 am but my interview started at 10:45 am ( very late, my mom was tensed outside )
I came out at 10:55 am !
The girl infront of me applied to H4 but she had few complications and they didn’t give her visa, i was scared !

Counter : 12
Fat american Lady with black hair
She was quite chill !

Vo : come forward and pass me your passport
Me : me while passing passport ! Good morning officer
Vo : good morning ! So which school ?
Me : at a moment (*i was stuck okay this is really happening speak out give you best *) am going to University of texas at dallas
Vo : which program ?
Me : i am going to pursue Masters in Business Analytics with specialisation in Data science
Vo : what did you in your undergraduation ?
Me : i completed my Btech in Electronics and communication engineering with cgpa of 8.92..( she interrupted)
VO : not required, tell me why ECE to BA and data science
Me: during my undergradution, i have done 2 projects based on data science and machine learning, completed 2 internships based on thrm as well, successfully published 2 research papers based on data science also took many electives based on business and management all of these made me incline towards pursuing my masters in Ba and DS
Vo : fair enough ! when did you graduate ?
Me : i graduated last year, august 2020 !
Vo : what did you do since then ?
Me : ( this is where i panicked, but i asked her to repeat so that i can take few seconds to cool down )
Vo : she repeated
Me : i always wanted to do masters since childhood but due to pandemic the plan got delayed, i was learning few courses aligned to my masters…. (She interrupted, i was lowkey really happy she interrupted! As i was scared about Teaching IELTS as well or stating about australia, few said saying about business is also alarming to secure visa, so i was nervous to state about ielts also, but am fortunate she interrupted! )
VO: who is sponsering you ?
Me : my parents are my primary sponsors
Vo : what do they do ?
Me : my father supplies dry fruits to various star hotels and sweet shops of Hyderabad and my mother has a firm she provides security to govt sealed companies through SFC !
Vo : explain more about your mother occupation ?
Me : explained in detail, she was quietly listening while staring at me !
Vo : okay ! Tell me about their income ?
Me : they cumulatively earn 15 lakhs per annum
Vo: any educational loans ??
Me : yes i secured a sanctioned educational loan of 49 lakhs from state bank of india
Vo : any savings ??
Me : as am a single daughter to my parents, they have saved 20 lakhs for my abroad education !
Vo :Why masters at this moment of time !?
Me : I haven’t prepared about this question, again used the repeat question statergy and framed my answer in mind !

Vo : repeated
Me : as you already knoe am from electronics background, and want to be data scientist one day, the masters in business analytics will broaden my skills drastically, it helps me learn so many things practically ! And i would want to pursue masters at this moment so that i can seattle big in my career soon !
Vo : Okay your visa is approved you may go !
Me : felt like i just threw tons of weight from my body and literally gave a big smile saying omgg thank youuu !!

Trust me ! Confidence is the key ! Also please sign on your i20 paper at student attestation, my very close friend got rejected due to that reason ! I20 becomes invalid if you do not sign !

Experience 20: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 22nd October 2021
Slot time : 9:10am
In time : 8:40am
Out time : 9:20 am
Interview duration : 30 secs
University of Texas at Dallas
Status: Approved ✅(1st attempt)
Counter number : 34
VO( age might be around 30)

VO: Good morning !
Me: Good morning sir. How are you doing?
VO: I am good. Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Passed

VO: Why US?
Me: to purse Masters in Business Analytics at the University of Texas at Dallas

VO: why UTD
Me: The University has given us flexibility to choose courses as per our interest. We cam choose courses from 9 different tracks and each track focusing on each domain. We get both technical as well as Business skills through this university

VO:who is Sponsoring u?
Me: My father is going to sponsor me. He is working in XYZ company which is government undertaking. His annual salary is XX LPA

VO: okay, your visa is approved. Placed my passport in tray and asked me to place my fingers for scanning
Me: Thank you so much sir, have a nice day.

Just be confident.Look at VO eyes and speak.

All the best guy’s…

Experience 21: F1 at Hyderabad

Date:- 22/10/2021
University:- University of Texas at Arlington
Window:- 12
VO:- American VO ( Pregnant Lady )
Attempt:- First
Status:- Approved ✅
Slot time:- 10:00 AM
In Time:- 08:30 AM
Out Time:- 10:00 AM

Interview Duration ( 30 Seconds)

Few F1 Candidates only and Full other type visa candidates.

I have seen few rejections in other windows.

Coming to my window 2 girls are present in front of me.
The 1st girl got rejected ( She didn’t mention funding properly)
The 2nd girl got approved. ( having job experience, she is repeating her sentence each time. )

Me:- Good Morning Officer , How are you ?
VO:- No response ( Pass me your passport)
Me:- Passed it.
VO:- Keep your left hand on the scanner.
Me:- Done officer.
VO:- Which School ?
Me:- University of Texas at Arlington
VO:- Which Course ?
VO:- Economics (🤩) Really ?
Me:- Yes officer ( Here by seeing the glow in VO Eye’s , I confirmed that my visa is approved )
VO:- Undergraduate In ?
Me:- I have completed my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from KLUniversity with CGPA of 7.92
VO:- why Masters Now ?
Me:- Officer I have 6 month of internship experience in field of data analytics and top of that I published a international paper. I need more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge.
VO:- Show me your I20
Me:- Showed and Asked to explain sponsor.
My father is funding me with his savings of 30 lakhs and I have educational loan of 45 lakhs.
VO:- What does your father Do?
Me:- He is into clothing business for over 30 years
VO:- Annual Income?
Me:- 13 lakhs
VO:- Do you have a kind of showroom?
Me:- Yes officer we are having showroom.
VO:- Here you go, Your visa is approved. Have a great journey.
Me:- Officer, You made my day ❤️ Thank you 😊

I’m in happy tears. Because it’s a beautiful journey with a lot of struggles.

Tips:- For Coming F-1 students in Hyderabad

1- Shut your mouth in waiting area and just observe around.
2- Be Confident
3- Observe the front candidate ( their answers )
4 – Explain funding correctly ( Key Role )
5 – If I have done it , You can too.

All The Best.

Experience 22: F1 at Hyderabad

Status: Approved✅
In time: 9:10
Slot time: 10:00
Out time : 10:40
University – Oregon State University
Course: Masters in Computer Science
VO is an American Lady, she’s chubby and probably in her early 30s, counter no. 12. Only 3 counters were open.
Interview Time: 1-2 mins
Me: Good morning mam
Vo: Good morning.
Vo: Give me your passport.
Me: Did
Vo: Place your right hand 4 fingers on the scanner.
Me: Done.
VO: Which school are you going?
Me: I am going to Oregon state university mam.
VO: Which course
Me: Masters in Computer science with area of specialization as Cybersecurity.
Vo: Place your i20 on the glass window, make sure you don’t touch the mic.
Me: Okay mam
VO: Whattt, is your masters 3 yrs course?? (she’s kind of shocked seeing that.. atleast that is what I felt looking at her expression)
Me: I was trying to explain that 3 yrs is the maximum time to complete masters and course is of 45 credits…(she interepted in between saying.. It doesn’t matter, tell me in how many years will you complete) (She was kind of irritated, I thought she’d reject me at this moment)
Me: I’ll complete it in 2 yrs mam. (At this moment I was terrified but somehow managed to stay confident, didn’t fumble and said everything loudly)
Vo: What course did you do in your undergraduation.
Me: I did my undergraduation in Computer science and engineering with 9.32 CGPA..(VO stopped again)
VO: In which year did you graduate?
Me: 2020 mam
VO: What were you doing after your graduation?
Me: I am working as a software engineer at Capgemini from an year.
VO: Who is sponsoring your education?
Me: My uncle and my mother are sponsoring for my education mam.
Vo :What do they do?
Me: My uncle is working as a Technical lead at a software company named XX and my mother is a house wife but she gets her income from agriculture land and rental property.
Vo: What is their combined total income?
Me: 21L mam.
Vo: Do you have any educational loan?
Me: Yes, I have an education loan worth 45L mam.
VO: Why masters now?
Me: Actually I thought of doing Masters right after my Bachelor’s but due to this pandemic situation I had to postpone it for an year mam.
Vo: Congratulations, your visa is approved. Have a nice day.
Me: Thank you mam.

Regarding approval rate – I saw only one rejection and remaining all were approved, so everyone stay calm and answer confidently.

Experience 23: F1 at Mumbai

Oct 22
Slot time: 09:10am
VO was handsome American Guys(Age 30-35)
University : CSUDH
Interview Duration : Less than 2 min
Status: Approved

Vo: come forward
Me:Good morning Officer
VO: Good Morning, please pass me your passport, i20
Me:Sure ( passed)
Vo: Tell me where and why you are going to US
Me: I want to pursue my masters in Cyber Security from California State University Dominguez Hills.
Vo: Who is funding your education ?
Me: My parents are doctors and they are my primary sponsors and also i have secure an education loan worth xx Rupees
Vo: What do they do?
Me: My father is the Proprietor of XX and My mother is a government employee working as a lab technician at government hospital.
VO: okay Congratulations, I am approving your visa.
Me: Thank you Officer, Have a nice day.

In Mumbai , 4 counters were opened. The famous Bald Chinese guy is asking many questions and rejecting many of them.

Experience 24: F1 at New Delhi

In time:- 8:30
Out time :9:30
Slot time :9:10
University name: University of North Texas
Counter No:18(American bald guy).
He is a really cool officer. Accepted almost all of the visas that I saw. You are lucky if you get into this panel.
Interview time : 1 and half mins
Me: Good morning Sir
VO: Good morning.Can you give me your passport and I20
Me: Sure sir and given
VO:So you are going to Unt. Why UNT
Me: Because the course curriculum in Unt is constantly updated according to the cutting edge technologies and I also have quite some friends who are studying there and given me a good feedback
Vo: What other universities did you apply to?
Me: Told the names of the universities
VO: Okay. Do you have your sister working there?
ME: No sir she is doing her PhD there in so and so university.
VO : So two of you studying there wouldn’t that be an issue for your parents?
ME: No sir my sister is self funding for her education as she has research assistantship
VO: Okay who is sponsoring for you?
ME: My mother is sponsoring my education with xx lakhs of savings and I also have an educational loan of xx lakhs and we have immovable asserts worth of xx Cr
VO: Okay place your right hand four fingers on the screen.
ME: Done
VO: and there it was.. Your visa is approved
Me: Thank you sir you have made my day
VO: He gave a nice smile I left

Experience 25: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 22 nd october
Slot time: 08:40 am
University – UMKC
VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning officer.
VO: Can you pass your passport and I20?
Me: Sure officer, just a sec
VO: UmKc nice
VO: Why Umkc?
Me: The courses offered by Umkc aligns with my particular interest such as data science, advanced software engineering, network management etc.
VO: interrupts and says but all those courses are offered by other universities too
Me: Umkc admits very few people and it has excellent student to faculty ratio which allows students to approach faculty in a helpful manner.
VO: why data science? How are you related to it? Any prior experience?
Me: I have a Bachelors of technology degree in Cse with a cgpa of 9.58 on the scale of 10 and I have worked as a data analyst for Melbtech technologies and had business exposure, so I felt the need to master in particular courses, to upskill my technical skills, I opted for data science.
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My grand mother is my primary sponser, as my mother expired recently. I have 41 lakhs education loan sanctioned from canara bank and 35 lakhs funds in my saving account and 16k dollars scholarship offered by the university
VO: place your left hand fingers on the scanner
Me: did
VO: do you drink and drive?
Me: shocked and said No officer
VO: please do not do that in US too, your visa is approved…
Me: Thank you Officer, have a good day!


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