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F1 Visa Experiences – November 2021

Below are experiences from November 1st, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Hyderabad

Oct 29
Slot time: 8:10
Out time: 9:30
University Of Okhlamoha
Status : Approved ✅
American middle aged VO

M: Good morning sir, how you’re doing today ( VO looks cool and friendly )
VO: Very well, thank you. Pls pass me your passport, and applying for which Visa?
M: F1 Student Visa
VO: * Reads the I-20 for about 20 seconds
M : I’m going to pursue master’s in Data Science and Analytics from University Of Okhlamoha
VO : Tell me about your background .
M : Sir I have been working in TCS for the last years and doing these projects ( took their names and told in brief )
VO: Tell me about your job responsibilities specifically
M: Told in detail and made eye contact to him .
VO: What is the final year project you did in your college?
M : (I took a pause for few secs as I passed out in 2016 and really got stunned about the question because nowhere I saw this question was asked to anyone ,not even those who passed out recently )
I tried to recall and ofcourse fumbled but VO was constantly looking at me and I almost managed to answer something .
VO : Who is going to sponsor you ?
M: (Although VO was busy in looking into computer, constantly typing something but particularly in this question he was continuously making eye-contact and looked very serious) Sir , My father is going to sponsor me with his xx amount of savings and on top that I also have an educational loan of 37 lakhs .
VO : What does Your father do ?
M: Sir he works in XYZ company as manager for the last 35 years .
VO : What is his annual income ?
M: He makes 15 lakhs around in a year
VO : What does your mother do ?
M : She’s a homemaker sir .
VO : So , What are you going to do after master’s ?
M: Sir , as I’m not leaving the job taking sabbatical leaves for two years for this master’s so once I finish off I will come back to India and join in research and innovation area of my present employer .
VO : (looks convinced at my answer ) Place your right hand four fingers
M : Did so ….
VO : Your visa is approved and I’m keeping your passport .
M: Thank you sir .
VO : welcome ,have a nice day .

Four counters were open . 15 had a really sweet VO, she was having conversations with the applicants and was laughing along throughout, approved many F1, H1B visas. My VO was a little reserved. I saw some interviews going on for over 10-15 minutes too. That panicked me a little but it all worked fine in the end.

Experience 2: F1 at Chennai

Date : 27th October
Counter : 31
Slot time : 11:00
In time : Around 10:45.
Out time : almost 12:00
Duration : 1 minute

Wichita State University
Course : Computer Science
My Undergrad course: ECE
Passed out : 2019

Vo is an American white lady between 35-45. Many counters were operating in chennai.

Vo : Good morning
Me : Good morning Mam.

Vo : Please pass your documents
Me : Sure.

Vo : So why do want to study in WSU?
Me : Told ( She listened completely without interrupting)

Vo : Have you visited USA before?
Me : No, I haven’t

Vo : But I can see a B1 VISA in your passport..
Me : Yes, I have taken a B1 visa to attend my brother’s graduation, But, unfortunately, I had my undergrad exams at the same time.

Vo : Oh yeah, I see. What is he doing right now?
Me : He came back to INDIA and recently joined as a lead developer in TCS

Vo : So tell me how are you going to fund your Master?
Me : My father will be my primary sponsor. I have also secured an educational loan of ** lakhs. Additionally, I also got selected for global select scholarship covering 10000$ of my tution fee.

Vo : What school did he go to? ( I asked her to repeat this question again)
Me : Told her my brother’s University name. (She typed for sometime)

Later she told the golden words
“Your VISA is approved and please have a nice stay in US” and handed me the green slip.
Me : I will, thank you, Officer.

In Chennai, Majority of the students came out of the embassy with green slip. Also while I was standing outside, it rained heavily, So having an umbrella will be helpful.

Experience 3: F1 at Chennai

Date: 29th October 2021
Slot time : 9:00 AM
In Time : 8:50 AM
Out Time : 9:40 AM
Status: Approved ✅
Counter number : 25
(VO :American Women in 30’s)
Arizona State University
Masters in Computer science

Me: Good Morning Officer, how are you?
VO: Good Morning
Was typing and looking at computer for 10 seconds
VO : Which course did you study in your undergrad?
Me: I studied bachelor of technology in computer science and engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Amaravati.
VO: When did you graduate?
Me: I graduated last month
VO: congratulations!
VO: What are your plans after masters?
Me: I will come back to India and work as a cloud engineer at one of the top Indian companies like wipro, TCS and Infosys.
VO: Who’s is going to sponsor your education?
Me: My father is gonna sponser me for my education with their savings of xx lakhs
VO: what’s your father’s occupation?
Me: Told
VO: place your left hand four fingers on the scanner your visa is approved
She passed me the green slip.
Tips :

  1. Be confident and make eye contact.
  2. Listen the question properly and answer according to it.
    All the best 🙂

Experience 4: F1 at Hyderabad

Spring intake
University: University of Oklahoma
Course: MS in Data Science & Analytics
VAC: 27th oct
VI: 28th Oct
Slot time:9.45 am
In time: 9.20am
Out time: 10.05am
Interview duration: 7-8 minutes
Counter No: 14
Vo was an American guy in his 35-40
Status: Approved

VO: Passed me ur passport
Me: Passed
Me: Good morning, how are u doing?
VO: I’m fine. How are u?
Me: fine
VO: which university u r going to?
Me: University of Oklahoma
VO: Hold ur i20 against the glass.
Me: did
VO: When did u graduate?
Me: 2016
VO: what are you doing since then?
Me: I’ve been working in TCS as a software engineer for 5 years.
VO: What’s ur responsibities?
Me: Told( Same as written on ds-160)
VO: Can u please explain briefly?
Me: Told with the all the projects that I have done in TCS
VO: What have u done in ur final year project?
Me:( didn’t expect this question at all) So answered with fumbling but didn’t stop.
VO: (Again) what was ur final year project goal?
Me:Again fumbling while answering as I didn’t expect this ques too.
VO: What was ur final year project output?
Me: Again fumbling while answering this.
VO: Tell me about the clients that u have worked with in ur company?
Me: I’m sorry but due to confidentiality, I cannot tell u the client names.
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My father will be sponsoring my education with the savings of 21 lakhs and also I have an approved education loan of 46 lakhs.
VO: What does ur father do?
Me: My father is a business man. He is into clothing business and he’s been running his own clothing business for the past 25 years.
VO: Does he have a store?
Me: Yes
VO: What’s ur father’s annual income?
Me: 10 LPA
VO: What does your mother do?
Me: She is a housewife.
VO: Which particular portion in the whole data science field u like most?
VO: What do you want to be in the future?
Me: Data Scientist
VO: What are your plans after ur masters?
Me: Since I’ve been already working in TCS and taking sabbatical leave so, I’ll definitely come back to India and join Research & Innovation lab in my current company.
VO: (After checking his system for 20-30 seconds) ur VISA is approved, have a nice day.
Me: Thank you, sir(2 times🤣)

In Hyderabad, from what I’ve seen VO’s are approving most of the visa.


  1. Be confident and calm.
  2. Even u r fumbling, don’t stop and maintain proper eye contact.
  3. Don’t show ur nervousness to VO’s.

Experience 5: F1 at Chennai

Date: 28 Oct 2021
Bio Metrics : 26 th Oct 2021 11:00 AM
Slot time 8:30 AM
In time : 8:50 AM
Out time : 9:15 AM
Interview time – 30 seconds
Status: Approved ✅
Counter Number : 31

VO was a lady in her mid 30’s

Univ: Arizona State University
Course : Computer Software Engineering

VO: good morning. How are you
Me: Good morning Madam I am good and how are you doing?

VO:What are you going to pursue at Arizona State?
Me : I am going to Puruse Masters in Software Engineering Madam

VO: What did you do post your Bachelors
Me: I am working as a Java developer and I am currently working in xx conpany having 4 years of IT experience till date madam.

VO: Good. Tell me about your funding?
Me: My father is sponsoring me . I got a sanctioned loan of xx lakhs from union bank of India and we are having xx lakhs savings together .

VO: what does your father do and annual income . ?
Me : My father is a central government employee working in south central railways as chief ticket Inspector. The income is xx lakhs per anum

VO: Congratulations your visa is approved. You will be getting your visa in few days.
ME: Thank you so much Madam.


  1. Don’t go to the consulate hours before your slot time because there will lot of waiting on road side. Just be 30 mins before your slot time to avoid suffocation.
  2. What ever VO ask try to answer them confidently and in chilled manner. Your confidence and chilled nature will decrease the number of questions by VO and you will hold the green slip in no time like me.
  3. Prepare for all types of Questions in worst case and frame them in your own words in simple English that will br easy for you to answer. Don’t stress yourself.
  4. Lastly All the Best Everyone. Hope You will all get your visa approved and achieve your dreams.

Experience 6: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 29th October
Counter no – 17
Slot time 10:20 am
In time :09:00 am
Out time : 10:00 am
Interview time – 1 min
Status: Approved ✅

Course : Data engineering, university of North Texas

Me: Good morning officer
Vo: good morning
Vo: Pass me your passport ,i20
Me : yes officer
Vo: Where are you going to?
Me: Iam going to university of North Texas to pursue my master’s in data engineering
Vo: Why this university?
Me: The course offered by the university alligns with my intrest and provides flexible options covering all the hot topics in current software industry. Also, unt is tier 1 public research university where high research activities take place
Vo : When did you finish your undergraduation?
Me : August 2021
VO: your ug score?
Vo: who is funding you?
Me : my parents are funding me with their savings of XX lakhs and additional i have an educational loan of XX lakhs
Vo: What do they do?
Me : my mother is a state government employee in telangana and my father is a senior manager in XX company.
Together they have an annual income of XX lakhs
Vo: do you have any siblings?
Me : yes officer i have a younger brother who is in his 11th grade.
Vo : Okay place your fingers on the scanner ,I am approving your Visa. Collect it after 5 days. Enjoy your stay at Texas
Me: Thank you so much officer.

Tips: Confidence and maintain eye contact.

All the best to everyone.

Experience 7: F1 at Mumbai

Date : 29th October 2021
Slot Time : 9:50am
Duration: 20-30 sec
Only 2 counters were operating 28 and 30
Counter No. 28 Young Asian
Counter No. 30 Middle Aged Lady
While I was in Queue for Interview there were 2 F1 candidates on both counters and both got Accepted.
Later they were taking only H1 on Counter No. 28 and all other visa category on Counter No. 30 as the Young Asian officer was on Training got to know while talking with the Staff at Consulate

A guy before me got rejected 🙅‍♂️

Vo : Good Morning. How are you .
Me:Good Morning Mam.I am fine Thank you ( Passed my Passport,I-20 ans Sevis fee receipt)

Looked at my I-20 and saw the course name Management Science
Vo: Management So MBA ?
Me: No Mam Masters in Supply Chain Management
Vo: Looking at my Ds-160 and said so you graduated this year
Me : Yes Mam in 2021
Vo : Funding ?
Me : My Father is sponsoring my education and he is an (The officer was going to ask about Fathers profession but I didn’t stop ) Role at @@@@ . His Annual income is about @@@@ and has a savings of about @@@@ and he wishes to help me with my education.
Vo: Place your left hand Four fingers.
Me : placed
Vo: Congratulations Your Visa is Approved ✅and passed other documents to me and kept the Passport


Entered waiting area at 8:35am
Went inside the Interview area at 10:45am
Left the Consulate at 12:20pm
I saw only 1 Rejection that too the one who was in front of me got a little scared and knew what mistake he did and took a deep breath and went with confidence

All the best to everyone, I hope this will help

Experience 8: F1 at Mumbai

Date – 29th October
Time: 8:50 am
In time: 7:45 am
Out time : 9:15 am
Status: Approved✅
University- University of Cincinnati
Counter no. 30
Counter no. 28 was an american chinese guy and on counter 30 it was an old american lady she was very chill mine was counter 30 and in front of me she rejected a guy because he applied to only 1 university and was fumbling alot while answering.

Vo: Hi good morning
Me : Good morning ma’am, How are you doing?
Vo : oh thank you, I am doing good.
Passed the passport and i20
Vo : oh University of Cincinnati
Me : yes ma’am
Vo: Great ! Is it a state university or a private university?
Me: ma’am it is a state university.
Vo: okay i see that you have got scholarship from the university thats great congratulations (with a wide smile on her face)
Me: Thank you so much ma’am
Vo: is this a merit based scholarship?
Me: Yes ma’am
Vo: great! What other schools have to applied to?
Me: ma’am i have applied to total 7 universities.
Vo: please name the admits
Me: University of texas at dallas, Illinois Institute of technology, Stevens institute of technology, university of connecticut, pace university
Vo: ohh wow these are some good universities.
Me: Yes ma’am they are
Vo: who is going to pay for your education?
Me : My parents
Vo : what do they do
Me : They have a business of building material supplies
Vo : their annual income?
Me : told
(At this moment she kept my passport in the tray)
Vo : have you taken any loan?
Me : no ma’am
Vo:place you left hand 4 fingers on the scanner.
Me : placed
Vo : with a smile alright your visa is approved have a good day.
Me : thank you ma’am you have a good day ahead.

The Visa officer is very cool and nice attitude.be confident and give eye contact just don’t get tensed while you are in queue.
Just answer straight to the questions asked and you will be good to go.

Experience 9: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 21th October
Counter no – 32
Slot time 10 : 00 am
In time 9:40 am
Out time 10:40 am
Interview time – 5 to 7 minutes
Status: Approved ✔️

VO was a chinese Guy
Course : Computer science, UNT

Me: Good Morning officer
VO: Good Morning pass me your documents
Me: Yes did.
Vo: why you are going to us.?
Me: to pursue masters in Xxx
Vo: Tell me about your ug course
ME: told about ug
Vo: How many universities did u apply
Me : I have applied to 3 universities named them
Vo: why unt ..?
Me : told
Vo : Did u have any loan
Me: Yes I have xxlakhs of education loan.
Vo: How did your loan secured
Me : I have taken non collateral loan
Vo : how did they give you non collateral loan.
Me:- I am a credible student and i have reached admission criteria and got i20 and also by my bachelor scores they have approved loan
Vo: Gre score
Me : told
Vo : any relatives in us
Me : No
Vo : who is going to sponser you.
Me : my parents are sponsering me
Vo : what does your father do ?
Me : he is a doctor
Vo : in what specialist .?
Me : told
Vo : and your mother?
Me: she is a lecturer in govt junior college
Vo : tell me about java programming language
Me : told
Vo : do u like java
Me : yes and told few points
Vo : what is packages
Me : told
Vo : ok I’m approving ur visa u can collect it at your location
Me : Thanks thanks a lot

Ps : In my counter maximum all visas got rejected even though they performed really well and in counter no 34 max all visas got approved. Seriously today I have seen lot of F1 rejections happened in mumbai. So guys please prepare well and give ur best.

Experience 10: F1 at Chennai

Spring intake
Slot time 10:30 am
In time 10:00 am
Out time 11:55 am.
College : UCM
Young American
Counter no :29
vo: Good morning pass me your documents
Me: Good morning here are the documents
Vo: So,your gng to university of Central Missouri
Me : yes sir
vo: which course
Me : masters in computer science
Vo: what are u doing now?
Me : I have resigned my job 4 months back and right now I’m focusing on some technologies which will be helpful for my master’s program
Vo: what did you do before?
Me : Worked as a project engineer in XXX company
Vo: How many years did you work?
Me : 20 months
Vo: what did you do before that?
Me : Graduated in 2019
Vo: How much CGPA?
Me: 8.56 cgpa
Vo: Have u given gre?
Me: yes , I got 318
Vo: How about funding?
Me: my parents are my primary sponsors they have savings of 15L ( cuts me off)
Vo: What do they do?
Me: told
Vo: How much savings do u have?
Me: 15 lpa
Vo: congrats,ur visa is approved
Me: Thank you so much sir

Observations : Almost everyone is getting approved.

Tip: Be confident , there is lot of waiting in consulate as there are so many people for interview, who ever are gng to Chennai consulate please carry umbrella with u ,as from 2 days there is heavy rain and u need to stand outside of consulate for more time

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai

Date: 28th October
Slot time : 10:00AM
In Time : 9:40AM
Out Time : 10:15Am
Status: Approved ✅
Counter number 31
university: Central Michigan university
Around 7 counters were open
I went to an American female who seemed to be in her 30’s
Counter no:31
Me: Good Morning Mam.
VO: Good Morning with a smile
Asked me to pass i20 n passport and scanning the same.
Vo: So why this university?
Me: told that it has flexible curriculum which also offers dual specialisation in my desired fields which being business data analytics and sap software. Also sap is quite advanced in this university.
These factors made me choose cmu over others.
Vo: What is your undergrad score
Me : Told
Vo: Do you’ve any work experience?
Me: yes mam 1.5 years of work experience as salesforce admin.
Vo: who is funding you?
Me : primarily my father is sponsoring me with his savings and my savings included.
VO: Okay,What does your father do?
Me: My father works as exe.engineer in state government sector in rws department.
Vo Was typing and looking at the computer for 30 seconds
VO: place your left-hand fingers in the scanner and congratulations your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you, officer
You made my day.
VO:laughed and said have a good stay at US.

VO is pretty chill at counter no:31 and is kind enough to let me complete my answers and is reassuring with a smile all along. She was asking the same set of questions to everyone.
There was a large queue and also drizzling that day.
Carry an umbrella just in case.
Don’t panic,and don’t overdo your preparation and try to be candid with your answers.
And yes we’ve to wear masks all along(prefer surgical mask than n95s they might make you little suffocated and we’re quite audible to them and they are too.

Experience 12: F1 at Chennai

Date: 28th October
Counter no – 24(Total 6 counters are opened )
Slot time 9 am
In time 8:30am
Out time 9:30am
Interview time – 30-40seconds
Status: Approved ✅✅✅
VO was the famous African american in 35-40s

Course : Computer Science, University of central Missouri

Vo: Good morning How are you?
Me: good morning sir. I’m good how about you
VO: I am good.
Vo: Pass me your documents
Me:- while passing the documents i asked him how was your day.?
Vo: good.
Vo: Why US?
Me: I want to pursue my masters in computer science.
Vo: Which university ?
Me: It’s the university of central Missouri sir.
Vo: What after masters?
Me: I will comeback to India and work here in data science firms specifically as data scientist in top companies like google,Facebook, IBM.
Vo:- which companies do you think will hire you?
Me:- Google and Facebook.
Vo : are you working currently?
Me : Yes I am currently working as junior software developer from past 12 months.
VO:Who are your clients?
Me: told .
Vo: Who is your sponsor?(while looking in to my i20)
Me : Sir, my primary sponsor is my father
Vo: What do he do?
Me: My father is a businessman and he owns couple of jewellery shops.( at this time he looked into my eyes) (From now interview happened like a neighbour to neighbour chat)
Vo: how’s the gold business now?
Me:- it’s pretty good sir.
Vo:- Rates are increasing very high here right?
Me:- yes sir increasing rapidly.
Vo : place your left hand on the scanner.
Me: Done sir.
Vo:congrats I am approving your Visa, you can collect your passport in 2,3 days
Stay safe,enjoy your journey.
Me: Thank you so much sir you made my day.

Trust me guys I didn’t even said about my savings and loan and VO didn’t even asked me about that. Confidence and luck matters too..(IF ur from Hyderabad visit chilkur Balaji temple😀 the visa god)
Tips: Answer with confidence and maintain eye contact.Fumbling once or twice doesn’t matter but lot of fumbling matters. In chennai there are mic’s for both visa officers as well as applicants but better keep your voice loud.
Almost 98% are getting their visa’s approved
All the best to everyone.

Experience 13: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 1st November
Slot time : 8.30 AM
Status: Approved✅
Duration: 30s
Counter number: 15
Texas tech
Masters in Computer science

  • VO was an indian lady in her 40’s
  • Me: Good morning mam, How are you ?
  • VO: Good Morning ( neutral )
  • VO: Pass me ur passport and i20
  • Me: passed
  • VO: have you attempted gre?
  • Me: yes, told score.
  • VO: tell me about your course
  • Me: Im going for computer science Ms at TTU.
  • VO: why computer science
  • Me: my ug was in electrical engineering. But i was passionate about computers and I learned cse subjects at my own. Now I want to learn more about computers especially artificial intelligence.
  • VO: who is funding you.
  • VO: my family is funding me with 56L of savings and 68L immovable assets.
  • Vo: Pass me your ug transcripts
  • me: passed
  • VO: your visa is approved. Thank you.

PS: It’s normal process. Don’t get tense. There is nothing to be scared of. Just give your best.

Experience 14: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 1st November
Counter no – 16
Slot time 09:10 am
In time :08:30 am
Out time : 09:25 am
Interview time – 30-40 seconds
Status: Approved ✅

Course : Masters in Fashion Merchandising and Retail management at LIM, New York

Me: Good morning Ma’am
Vo: good morning
Vo: Pass me your passport ,i20
Me : sure
Vo: Why are you going to US?
Me: For masters in Fashion Merchandising and Retail management
Vo: What will you do after masters?
Me: My future plan
Vo: what did you do undergraduation in?
Me: Bachelors in Pharmacy followed by Certificate Course in Fashion and accessory designing
Vo : What’s LIM?
Me : Laboratory institute of Merchandising
VO: Who is going to sponsor you?
Me: My family
Vo: what does your father do?
Me : my father does…. and my mother is also working at…..
Vo: Place your left hand fingers
Your visa is approved congratulations
Me: Thank you so much ma’am.

Tips: Confidence and maintain eye contact.

All the best to everyone.

Experience 15: F1 at Chennai

Date:1st NOV 2021
University of North Texas
Masters in Data Science
Interview time:<30sec
Status:Approved ✅
VO is a chill African American male in his early 40’s

Me:Good morning officer,how are you doing.
VO:Hey,good morning pass me your documents.
*Typing a minute
VO:Which University are you going to?
Me: University of North Texas
VO:What are currently doing?
Me:I’m working as a python and RPA developer at XX company
VO:What is your UG?
VO:Who is funding your education?
Me:My father
VO:What does he do?
Me:Works as a Senior Manager at XX department in XX comalpany
VO:What exactly is his role?
Me:He is incharge of handling XX work.
VO:What about loan?
Me:No loan,my father has enough funds for my 2 year education
*Handing the green slip
VO:I’m approving your visa please place your right hand on scanner.

Guys,be straightforward and to the point,I thought I was gonna fumble a lot but seeing others in front of me getting approved gave me a confidence boost.Chennai VO’s seemed very chill,but one guy beside me fumbled and didn’t answer properly and got denied.Good luck everyone.

Experience 16: F1 at New Delhi

Biometrics on 27-10-2021
Visa Interview on 28-10-2021
Slot time: 09:10 AM
There is a big line even at 8:30 AM
In time: 08:30 AM
Interview time: 09:30 AM
Out time: 9:45 AM
Interview duration: 2-3 mins
University: University of Texas at Dallas
Course: MS in Business Analytics

VO was an American lady, probably in her late 30s or early 40s
Counter no.21
Status: Approved✅
VO: Please come forward.

Me: Good Morning officer, how’re you doing today? * With all excitement although I was super nervous *
VO: Good Morning, It’s going good. How about you?
Me: I’m doing good. Thank you.
VO: Please pass me your i20 and passport.

VO: Are you going for your undergraduate?
Me: No ma’am, I’m going for my masters in Business Analytics.
Typed for 5-10 seconds
VO: Did you ever lose your passport?
Me: No ma’am, never.

While typing
VO: So Texas Dallas is it?
Me: Yes ma’am, I’m going to the University of Texas at Dallas.

VO: Why this particular university? still typing something and wasn’t looking at me
Me: The major reason for me to choose UT Dallas was the course itself. It allows me to do dual concentration and I really wanted to focus on two specific areas which are Data Science and Marketing Analytics. It was providing me perfect combination that I was looking for. The management school of UTD, which is The Jindal School of Management is highly renowned, ranked amount the top B schools in the US and has good credibility even back in India. Also, Dr…cuts me off

VO: When did you finish your under graduation?
Me: 2019.
VO: What was your major?
Me: Electronics and Communication Engineering I didn’t want her to feel the disconnect between my UG and my masters course so I added and after finishing my UG, I worked as a Product Engineer at HCL Technologies on a Google Analytics Project.
Looking into the screen and nods That’s exactly what I’ve written in my DS160.

VO: So, who is going to be taking care of your expenses?
Me: My dad would be my primary sponsor. He has saving of about 28L and I have secured a loan of 40L from XX bank. We also have immovable assets.. Cuts me off

VO: So, what does your dad do?
Me: He’s working as a XXX in Infosys Limited.

Nods and Typed for 5-10 secs
VO: So, is he into IT?
Me: No ma’am. He is into the facilities department.

Me: What’s his salary?
I paused for a second since he has different sources of income and if I only spoke about his salary, it would be a bit less. But I stuck to what I say and changed the answer instead of explaining about all his sources.
Me: His annual income is 20.2L

Types something for 10 seconds
VO: How much did you say your education loan amount was?
Me: It’s 40L.
VO: Is it secured?
Me: No ma’am, it isn’t.

VO: Nods and asks me something. I think she asked me if I was married or something. I’m not sure.
Me: Sorry, I couldn’t get you.
VO: Repeats her question but I still couldn’t understand.
Me: I’m really sorry but I couldn’t hear you properly.
VO: Nevermind. Waves her hand
This get me nervous

VO: Do you have any siblings?
Me: No ma’am, I’m the only child to my parents.

VO: When does your program start?
Me: Jan 10, 2022
Looks at my i20 and nods

VO: OMG! It’s 2022 already!
Me: I get all excited for some weird reason I know right! The past two years have just sailed through Covid.

VO: Nods and smiles Yes, Yes! Alright, I’m approving your Visa. Have a wonderful time in Texas.

Me: I shall. Thank you so much! You have a great day!

I saw only a few rejections in Delhi. Indian VO was scary and was verifying all the documents. Saw quite a few rejections on her counter. But on a whole most of them we’re getting approved.

Confidence! Confidence! Confidence! I cannot stress on this enough. Be as confident as you can. Try to rehearse in front of a mirror. A few mocks would be really helpful. Maintain an eye contact. I was super nervous while I was sitting on the bench waiting for my turn.

But took a few deep breaths and relaxed yourself.
Your stress and nervousness is understandable. But you gotta understand that the more nervous you get, the more suspicious the VO gets.

At the end of the day, it’s just an interview. You gotta be prepared for both acceptance and rejection. That will prolly calm your nerves.
All the best!

Experience 17: F1 at New Delhi

Counter No:21
Vo: American Man age 30-35
Status: Approved (01/11/2021)
University: University of South Florida
Me: Hi sir, Good morning!
Vo: Good morning! place lefthand four fingers on the scanner
Vo: pass me i20,sevis receipt, passport
Me: passed
Vo: which course?
Me: Masters in industrial Engineering
Vo: Undergraduate cpga
Me: 9.15 on the scale of 10
Vo: which year are you passed out?
Me: 2020, September 20 sir
Vo: any backlogs?
Me: no backlogs sir
Vo: any other admits?
Me: yes sir, other admits are western Michigan University, university of North Texas
Vo: who are your sponsor?
Me: my mother is my sponsor
Vo: what is her occupation?
Me: she is agriculturalist (at this point of time,vo suddenly looked into my face and shocked) and she maintains daily farm.
Vo: how much annual income?
Me: 14 lacs sir( after some time i said), i have education loan of 31 lacs sir
Vo: I’m approving your visa
Me: Tq sir, Tq very much sir.

Tips: Be confident and make eye contact
Don’t be nervous

Experience 18: F1 at New Delhi

31/10/2021 04:00 PM Bio Metric
01/11/2021 8:40 AM Visa Interview
Counter 21: Lady

Status Approved ☑️

Vo: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning officer

Vo: Pass me your i-20, Passport
Me: Here it is

Vo: Which university you are going to?
Me: I’m going to the university of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Vo: Why this university?
Me: This university offers good course curriculum with wide selection of electives like 7 courses are electives which I can select on my own and 3 are core courses and also university offers advanced courses in the fied of Artificial Intelligence. And i want to work under the professor * who has made many contributions in the field of AI, his knowledge can help me over a successful carrier ahead.

Vo: When did you graduated?
Me: I’m graduated in 2018 from Osmania University Hyderabad.

Vo: What are you doing since then?
Me: Presently I’m working as a Data Engineer in Aplihs Software Solution Pvt Ltd.

Vo: What about your fundings?
Me: My parents are sponsoring for my eduction, We have a savings of 40 lakhs and a education loan of 26 lakhs 50 thousand.

Vo: What your parents do?
Mo: We have rice industries, they manages our business.

Vo: Industries? Tell me more about your industries.
Me: An area of 5 acres with heavy machineries, we buy paddy from farmers and covert into a quality of rice with help of this heavy machines. And we export this rice to the super markets and other states, we are the leading exporters in our area.

Vo: What are there anual income?
Me: My Parents anual income is 21LPA,: My fathers anual income is 14L and my mothers anual income is 7L.

Vo: Why Master’s?
Me: With 2+ years of experience as a Data Engineer. I felt there is a room to improvement in the field of AI. So this program helps me to study it more in depth so i can enhance my skills and ability and it aslo helps me to get one step closer to my future carrier opportunities as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Vo: Did you travel to usa before?
Me: No officer.

Vo: Ok, You visa is approved. congratulations
Me: Thank you officer.

Experience 19: F1 at Mumbai

University – UTD, MS in CS
Date – 25/10/2021
Slot time – 9:00 am
In-time – 7:40 am
Out-time – 9:10 am
Status – Approved
American Lady (in her 40s)
VO – Good morning
Me – Good morning officer
Passed my passport and i20.
VO – Do you play Polo? “Cheerfully and laughing” (I wore a Black US Polo T shirt)
Me – No officer. Actually this is my favourite T shirt and lucky T shirt. I said this while laughing
VO – Okay okay. So you are going to UTD.
Me – Yes officer.
VO – So you graduated this year? Looking at the DS160
Me – Yes officer. June 2021.
VO – How are going to fund your education?
Me – My uncle and my father are my primary sponsors. They have a combined actual income of XX crores. *I could see her face that she was impressed *. I have an education loan of 49 lakhs.
VO interrupted me and said that let’s go a little behind.
VO – What job does your uncle and father have?
Me – Said the designation.
VO – That’s the reason for such high income.
Me – Yes officer.
VO – Your sponsors are having sufficient amount of funds? Why did you take an education loan? As a security in case of emergencies?
Me – Yes officer. The loan amount will be used in case of emergencies.
VO – Okay Okay great. Place your right hand on the scanner. Congrats your Visa is approved.
Me – Thank you officer. You made my day.

The entire interview lasted for only 40 seconds.
Tips – Be confident. Don’t lose your cool. Keep smiling.
Mostly H1B and J1 visas were getting rejected.

Experience 20: F1 at Mumbai

Spring intake
University: University of Michigan-Dearborn
Course: MSE Automotive Systems Engineering.

OFC: 31st Oct
VI: 1st Nov
Slot time:9.40 am
In time: 9.00am
Out time: 9:45am
Interview duration: 1 minute
Counter No: 34 (It just got opened and I was the first to interview at this counter)
Vo was an American guy in his 30s
Status: Approved

VO: Pass me ur passport, I-20, and SEVIS Fees Reciept
Me: Passed

Me: Good morning officer, how are u doing?
VO: I’m fine. How are u?
Me: fine

VO: why do you wish to go USA?
Me: I intend to pursure Master of Science in Automotive Systems Engineering at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

VO: What about undergraduation degree?
Me: I have my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from xx university

VO: what was your score?( Couldn’t hear it properly as he was speaking way faster…so I asked to repeat it again)
Me: 7.94 out of 10

VO: Tell me about your funding?
Me: My father is going to sponser partially …I have savings….(corrected myself) my father has savings of 36 lakhs and also have loan sanctioned of 40 lakhs. (Forgot to mention about scholarship, but I guess he saw that on I-20).

VO: What does your father do?
Me: He’s lecturer by profession in xx college.

VO: Put your left hand four fingers.
Me: Done

VO: Congratulations! Your visa is approved. Have a great stay in the US.
Me: Thank you so much officer! You made my day.

I’ve seen more rejections than approvals, so just be confident.
All the best!!!

Experience 21: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 1st November
Slot time 09:10 am
In time :08:40 am
Out time : 09:50 am
Interview time – 30-40 seconds
Status: Approved ✅

Course : Masters in Computer science
University: UNT
Me: Good morning sir
Vo: good morning
Vo: Pass me your passport ,i20
Me : sure
Vo: which university?
Me: i am going to University of north texas
Vo: Program?
Me: Computer science
Vo: any background in CS?
Me: yes sir, i completed my undergraduation in CS and i am working as software developer
Vo : do you have any sibilings?
Me : Yes sir, i have one elder brother. He is working in amazon
VO: Is he on OPT or H1B?
Me: no sir, he is working in india
Vo: Ahh, Indian amazon
Vo: tell me about funding?
Me : my father and my brother are sponsors. Also, i have secured educational loan of ×× lakhs and we have savings of xx lakhs. Apart from this we have immovable assets worth ×× crores.
Vo: okay, your f1 has been aproved. Place your right hand fingers on scanner.
Me: Thank you so much sir, have a good day

I have seen so many approvals today.

All the best to everyone.

Experience 22: F1 at Chennai

Dat:01/11/2021 and also my birthday🎂
Status approved😌
Slot time :-10:30
In time:-11:20
Out time :11:50
(sweet lady)
Uni: umass Lowell
Duration:less than 15sec
Vo: hlo how r u?
Me:at this time mind blocked because too much pressure😖 . After 5sec gap yeah hi how u r mam. I am fine

Vo: pass me docs
Me :sure mam

Vo: wht did u do UG stream( with fluent voice I didn’t catch up but I can hear which stream)
Me: ece mam
maximum time typing vo

Vo : wht r u doing write now?
Me: I am recently completed my UG in this month August 2021.

Vo at this time my passport put it out side
I see this moment 😍 ok fine.

Vo : do u have any loan?
Me: yes mam I have secured education loan 29L form canara 🏦

Typing typing…….

Vo: congrats🎉🥳👏 I am approving u r visa.
Me : thanks thanks thanks alot mam

I don’t see wht she is giving me docs. I will check after 2hrs because one frd asking……

I can observe all f1 visas are approved but I see counter number 22 one guy rejected bcz he is lot of fumbling. And my counter before guy take pink color slip I don’t know rejected or approved then she tell the fill the paper and….. I didn’t hear.

My biometrics 31/10/21
I know wht I will face tomorrow interview

My tips💡: just u don’t fumble at that time. One or thrice don’t worry. Wht are you saying he don’t know anything wht is in you mind just say it enough.

Experience 23: F1 at New Delhi

University : Franklin university (masters in computer science)
Status: Approved
Date: 1st-nov- 2021
Vo: American young man in his 25-28
Slot time: 10:50
In time: 9:10
Out time: 10:20

I was a bit nervous as i have seen 3 rejections infront of me as they don’t have a justified answers for why they’re applying in Delhi consulate and all the three were for same university for their bachelors and all the three got rejected with same question

Vo: step forward (as i was waiting for vo call while he was in work with some documents)
Vo: good morning young man
Me: Good morning officer
Vo: give me passport & I20
Me: passed
Vo: Franklin university right
Me: yes officer
Vo: course?
Me: masters in computer science with specialisation of data science
Vo: what’s your under graduation course
Me: i have done my UG in Electronics and communication engineering and recently passed out in the month of June 2021
Vo:good how can you relate your under-graduation course to your masters
Me: as i have done my UG in Electronics and communication engineering i had taken many of the electives related to computer science and i also done my major project related to data science which is my core area of interest and my area of specialisation in masters and all these made me to incline towards pursuing my masters in computer science from electronics ( here i have seen vo is dropping my passport in tray)
Vo: who is going to sponsor you
Me: my parents are going sponsor me and i also have secured education loan
Vo: what does your sponsor do?
Me: told
Vo: what is their annual income
Me: told
Vo: will you come back to India after your masters?
Me: yes
Vo: where do you want to see yourself after your masters
Me: i want to see me as senior data analyst in top MNC’s like IBM GOOGLE here back in India
Vo: place your left hand four fingers
Me: placed
Vo: sorry go with right hand four fingers
Me: placed
Vo: and here is the golden words
Congratulations young man have a safe journey
Iam approving your visa (later he said something I didn’t got him)
Me : thankyou officer have a great day 🤗

Just be confident and best of luck guys

Experience 24: F1 at Chennai

Date: 2nd November, 2021
Slot time: 9:00
In-Time: 8:30 , Out-Time: 9:10
Counter: 24
VO: American lady
University: Northern illinois
Time : Less than 1 mim

Me: Hey officer , Good Morning! Passed Passport, I-20, SEVIS receipt
VO: Hi Young man, what will you do after yours masters?
Me: I’ll come back to india and look for a higher level position in a MNC in india
VO: what is your undergraduate
Me: Computer science
VO: which year?
Me: 2019
VO: What is your role in TCS?
Me: system engineer
VO: do you have any education loan
Me: yes,I Have secured an education loan of 25 lakhs
VO: your visa is approved take the i20 and green slip
Me: Thank you Officer! Have a great day ahead!

Experience 25: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 1st November
Counter no – 16
Slot time 09:00 am
In time :08:30 am
Out time : 09:05 am
Interview time – 30-40 seconds
Status: Approved ✅
American lady
University: UMKC
Me: Good morning officer, happy halloween
Vo: Thank you so much, very good morning (with big smile on her face)
Vo: Pass me your passport ,i20
Me : passed
Vo: Why are you going to US?
Me: To perceive my master’s in computer science
Vo: what does your father do?
Me : my father has a business of growing and exporting of commercial crops
Vo: farmer right?
Me: yes
Vo: Do you have siblings?
Me: yes
Vo: elder or younger?
Me: younger
Vo: Father annual income?
Me: xxx lakhs
Vo: Place your left hand fingers
Your visa is approved congratulations
Me: Thank you so much.


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