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F1 Visa Experiences – November 2021

Below are experiences from November 8th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Chennai

8th November 2021
Time: 12:00 pm
In time: 11:10 Pm
Out time :12:15 Pm
Status: Approved✅
Counter no. 23(5 counters were open)
VO was in her 30’s (American)
College : Illinois institute of technology Chicago
Course : ITM

Vo: Hi welcome
Me : Good afternoon officer

Vo : Please pass me your i20 and passport please
Me : Here you go ma’am

VO: (looking at my i20) which course are going to study?
Me : information technology and management from Illinois institute of technology, Chicago
VO : Tell me about your undergrad
Me : I have completed my bachelor’s of engineering from Visvesvaraya technological University belgaum (interrupted)

VO: which year?

VO: Are you working now?
Me : I have 29 months of experience in yyy company

VO : What is your role?
Me : Told

VO : In which role you would like to see you after completing masters?
Me : I would like to see myself as a lead architect in MNCs like Google Amazon here in India

VO : Do you have any education loan
Me : I have a loan of 65 lakhs and my parents are sponsoring me with their savings of 35 lakhs

VO: From which Bank?
Me : Prodigy finance

VO: please scan your left hand 4 fingers
Me : ok Sir(scanned)

VO : ok, I’m approving your Visa, Thank you
Me : Thanks a lot ma’am, Thank you

I’ve seen very less rejections, like 1 or 2 during my whole time there

Just be confident and maintain eye contact. All the best for everyone

Experience 2: F1 at Hyderabad

November 5th
In time: 8:15am
Slot time: 8:30am
Out time: 10:00am
(Only two counters are working)
University : Northern Illinois University
Course : Masters in MIS
Status: Approved.✅
(Vo was a female in her 50’s)

Me : Good morning mam
Vo : Good morning how are you doing?
Me : I am fine officer.
Vo : so to which University are you going for and place your i-20 on the screen please
Me : I am gonna pursue my master’s in NIU, there you go with my i-20.
Vo : which course ?
Me : Masters in MIS
Vo : Any specialization have you decided?
Me : Yes, mam my specialization would be business analytics.
Vo : when did you finished your under-grad?
Me : I have completed my under grad in the year 2019 in the stream of ECE.
Vo : What are you doing since then ?
Me : Currently I am working in cognizant as a database administrator, my roles and responsibilities includes maintaining and monitoring the client servers and performing regular health checks and changes as per clients requirements.
Vo : how are you planning your funding?
Me : I am having an edu loan of 40L and my paternal uncle is sponsoring my edu, with savings of( vo cuts off)
Vo : whats does your uncle do?
Me : He works as marketing and sales vice president in ××××××.
Vo : His Annual income would be?
Me : It would be around 28LPA.
Vo : Okay place you left hand four fingers on the screen, your visa has been approved have a nice stay in Us.
Me : Thanks a lot officer, have a nice day.
Vo : thank you.

Experience 3: F1 at New Delhi

Date:- November 8th 2021
Slot time:09:40
In time:08:35
Out time:09:05
VO:- American Lady around 50-60’s
Counter Number:21
Status:- Approved ✅🤟

Interview Duration:approximately 1 min

Before me H1B+dependent Visa,they are fumbling I thought their visa gone at last she managed by saying I want to take treatment.At that time I have understood that VO is kind-hearted.They get Approved.
VO is too chill and happy.
It’s my turn!!..
Me:- Good morning Ma’am.Have a Wonderful Good Morning.
VO:- Good Morning.Pass me your documents.
Me:- Passed(Passport,I-20,Sevis)

VO:- Which University??
Me:- University of Memphis in Tennessee

VO:- What about bachelors??
Me:- I have done bachelors in the stream of Computer Science and Engineering at Xxx clg in Hyderabad.(VO is looking into eyes,it’s like dangerous)

VO:- How much have you secured CGPA???.
Me: Yeah,I have secured xxx CGPA out of scale 10.According to percentage it’s xxx.xx %

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My father is sponsoring for my education,he has savings of xxx lakhs and I have secured and approved education loan of xx lakhs from Union Bank of India and we have immovable assets of xx crore.

VO:About your father??..
me. He is a businessman.He use to TRADER Steel,Cement&&Fertilizer.(I were observing her,what she is doing)

VO:- Have you went to US before??
Me:No,It’s my first time.

VO:- Congratulations,Your visa is approved(loud and high pitch she said by laughing).
Me:(Thinking that’s all).

Me:- Thank you so much ma’am,I will never ever forget this day.
VO:Thank You!!..

VO is chill and friendly!!..She is listening to every word,what I were speaking.She is looking into eyes.I spoke loud and with confident(In backend I were feeling little bit nervous but it’s common).

Hoping all you Guys will get Approved.

Tips: According to me, Enter early before your slot time,there will be no tense.And then there you can get relax and maintain eye contact in surroundings(not after entered into counter line),if required only you can speak with others(not to make long conversation).After entered into counter line just watch and concentrate.

Experience 4: F1 at Chennai

Counter : 24(I believe)
Status : APPROVED✅, 1st attempt.
Date – 08 November, 2021
Slot time : 12:00 AM
In time : 10:40 AM
Out time : 12:00 AM
University : University of Central Oklahoma
( Vo was around 50-60 years old male, and he was good. One girl got rejected before me )

Me: Good morning sir, How are you?
Vo: I’m good. How are you? Can you please give me your passport and I20
Me : I’m good sir. Yes, here it is.
Vo : which university?
Me : University of central Oklahoma
Vo : Why this university?
Me : Told
Vo: Why in US and what you will have opportunities after masters?
Me: told
Vo: what are the other universities you applied?
Me: told
Vo: how many admits you got?
Me: I got 3 admits and remaining are in review.
Vo: what are the universities you got admits?
Me: UCO, Wichitha state university, university of new haven.
Vo: Why did you choose UCO over Wichitha?
Me: told
Vo : Asked about my funds
( At this time he made eye contact with me )
Me : I have sanctioned education loan 40 L from hdfc credila bank and bank savings… interrupted
Vo : is loan is based on collateral or non- collateral
Me : non- collateral
Vo : how’s your loan is based on
Me : sir, it is based on my academics and my parents are government employees.
Vo : okay, place your right hand four fingers on scanner.
Me : okay sir. ( I put my fingers on scanner
Vo : okay, am approving your visa and he gave me green slip.
Me : okay. (I put my green slip in my file)
Me : Thank you sir, you have a great day.
Vo : You too. Have a nice stay in US

Education background: Passed out year: 2018 in EEE
Currently working in TCS as Quality Engineer.

😇Believe in god🙏

Almost all are getting visa in Chennai. All the best to everyone.

Experience 5: F1 at Chennai

Counter : 23
Date – 08 November, 2021
Slot time : 2:30 PM
In time : 1:15 PM
Out time : 1:40
University : Eastern Kentucky University

VO : Good Afternoon!!
Me : Good Afternoon officer😄
VO : What are your plans after masters?
ME : I will return back to India and work as Full Stack Developer in Top MNCs.
VO:How you choose this University?
Me : One of my senior suggested me this university and also this university course structure is related to my area of interest.
VO: I seem you have work experience!!
Me : Yes officer i have been working in XYZ company since 4 months.
Vo : So tell me about your role.
Me : I am working as software developer and i will develop mainframes applications.
VO: I think its outdated?
Me : Yes Officer in order to get work experience i am doing it.But my goal is to become full stack developer. So i want to do masters.
VO: How you are going to pay ?
Me : I Have secured Educational Loan 35 Lakhs and my father is sponsoring his 20 lakhs savings. (till now he was looking in to computer screen and suddenly turned and looking towards me to check whether i am confident or not)
Vo : what’s your Grade in bachelor’s.
Me : its 8.34 out of 10 scale.
Vo : place your right hands four fingers on scanner.
Me : yes sir.
Vo : Now he took green slip and said Your Visa is approved🥳🥳
Me : Thank you so much officer.

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

Counter : 21
Status : APPROVED, 1st attempt.
Date – 08 November, 2021
Slot time : 08:00Am
In time : 07:30Am
Out time : 08:10Am
University : Texas A &M University,commerce
( Vo was American male )
Me:Good morning sir ,How are you doing ?
Vo : Good morning, I m doing good.Thankyou
Vo :please give me your passport and I20
Me : Here it is.
Vo : What is your father ?
Me : My father is doing granite business additionally he loves farming and he is doing that .
Vo : What is his annual income ?
Me : Told
Vo : Asked about my father business..
Me : Clearly explained it .
Vo : Any loan ?
( At this time he made eye contact with me )
Me : told about the loan
Vo : How your loan based on ?
Me :It’s based on the home we are living?
Vo : Any work experience?
Me : I said no
Vo : when was ur graduated?
Me : 2020
Vo : what are you doing since then ?
Me : I went to the field for gaining practical knowledge there I learnt about the production of crops from ploughing to harvesting.(at this time he kept my passport in the tray )
Vo : What is your background
Me : I did my bachelor’s in agriculture department with 9.3 cgpa from ****University
Vo :what is your percentage?
Me : told
Vo: what are the plans after masters ?
Me :I will come back to India and looking for job as a crop researcher in research institutes like ICAR, IARI .
Vo : finally said that I am approving your Visa .
He gave me green slip
Vo : okay, place your left hand and also right hand four fingers on scanner .
Me : okay sir. ( I put my fingers on scanner

Me : Thank you sir, you have a great day.
Vo : You too.

Experience 7: F1 at Hyderabad

Status : APPROVED✅
1st attempt.
Counter : 12
She rejected two guys before me as they fumbled very much and are not able to convey properly.
I was panicked then.
Date – 9th Nov 2021
Slot time : 08:00 AM
In time : 7:45 AM
Out time : 8:20 AM
University : Lewis university
( Vo was American female in her 35-40 and he was really good,cool, friendly and polite guy )

Vo : please give me your passport.
Me : Here it is
Vo : show your i20 through glass
Me : Shown
Vo : you had passed out in 2019 , what were you doing since then.
Me : I am working as a SAP technical consultant for L&T infotech.
Vo : why Lewis university?
Me : I have mostly worked with ERP application so this course will help me to gain more expertise in this specific field and this course is also more flexible as I can choose any concentrations of my interest.
Vo : which course in Lewis ?
Me: computer science
Vo : any specialisation?
Me : no office it’s normal computer science.
Vo : what is your ug?
Me : Computer science only
Vo : Who is sponsoring your education?
Me : I have an education Loan of 41 lakhs from icici auxilo and my parents have savings of 33 lakhs
Vo : What do they do?
Me : My father is a General manager in a company named greenizon Infratech and his annual income is 18LPA, and my mother is a central govt employee in health dept as a ANM
VO: as what ?
Me: repeated (ANM)
Vo : okay, place your right hands four fingers on scanner.
Me : Done mam.
Vo : okay, your visa is approved.
Me : Thanks mam in very loud voice ( everyone at the embassy stared at me after that 😂).

Tip: prefer early morning slots, If you fumble once or twice it’s fine but be confident. Don’t give generic answers.

Acceptance rate at Hyderabad 8/10. All the best for your upcoming appointments♥️

Experience 8: F1 at Hyderabad

Slot time- 8.00 AM
In time – 7.50 AM
Out time – 8.30 AM
Interview time – 4 minutes
Status -VO said approved and kept passport
Visa officer was mexican American lady in 30’s

Me – Good morning officer, how was your day?
Vo – fine, passport plz
Me – gave passport
Vo- place your right hand 4 fingers on device
Me – done officer
Vo- show me your i20
Me – done officer, placed i20 on glass screen
Vo- university?
Me- university of Central Missouri
Specialization – MS in big data analytics and IT program
Vo- why this course
Me – I have prior work experience on big data while working , so it caught my attention and want to pursue a full masters degree.
Vo – ok, funding?
Me – my uncle was funding me, he is a central government employee,he is vice principal of NSTL school
Vo – what is NSTL?
Me – Naval Science and Technological Laboratory school
Vo – okay, have you applied for loan
Me – yes officer, I have applied and the amount was 15 lakh and also I have Fixed deposit on my name worth of 30 lakhs which covers total tution fee , living expenses, health insurance….
Vo- your graduation stream
Me – electrical and electronics engineering
Vo – okay what are your future plans after completion of your masters
Me – as I want to start a new startup company with my buddies here in India, I’m planning to move here
Vo – okay, so why this particular course, I don’t know why she asked same question again lol 🤣, (as I answered this one before, thinking might get visa rejected)
Me – I was have prior work experience and also I want to enhance my future career prospects…….. While I’m continuing to answer
Vo – congratulations , approved
Me – done? With confused face
Vo- yeah, you may leave she said and smiled
Me – 😱shocked , okay bye officer, thank you very much, hehe

Person standing beside me and giving interview to another Visa officer was shouting loud, so our voices ( vo and me) was bit unclear to hear

For 7,8 people I saw, 1 got rejected that’s it…..

Finally the line where I stood all people got their visas approved by the lady VO….

So out of 7,8 people I saw, only 1 got rejected, so please be cool and attempt, don’t worry about result

Experience 9: F1 at Chennai

Status : APPROVED✅
Date – 8th Nov 2021
Slot time : 10:00 AM
In time : 09:30AM
Out time : 10:15 AM
University : WSU
( Vo was American female, and she was really good,cool, friendly and polite)
Counter num:23
Me:Good morning officer
Vo:very good morning with smiling face
Vo : please give me your passport.
Me : Here it is
Vo : your i20?
Me : Here
Vo : what is your highest qualification
Me : I have done my bachelor’s of technology in CSE stream.
Vo : From where?
Me : Told
Vo:passed out year
Vo:Did u get any job in any campus selections
Vo:From which company and designation.
Me:In Tcs with Assnt.system .Engineer with one year working experience.
Vo:What about funding?
Me:I’m having bank balance of XX lakhs in my savings account also my parents income XX lakhs per annum also having immovable properties worth of XX cr.
Vo:Have u applied for any loan
Vo : what is your father’s business?
Me : Explained it in 2 lines.
Vo : What type of cars do they sell?
Me : Mentioned few car names
Vo : What’s his income
Me : Explained with annual income from business also mentioned the income he gets from other source like agriculture lands.
Vo : what will u do after completion of master.
Me:I’ll come back to my home country and will find a job in my specialised field which gives me a managerial opportunity with decent pay pack .
Vo : okay, place your left hand 4fingers
Me : Done .
Vo : congratulations your visa is approved have a safe journey and she gave me green slip.
Me : Thank you soo much Mam, you made my day.
Vo:smiled again

Acceptance rate at Chennai 6-7 out of 10.
Even I heard the sounds of rejection while I entered the room and my front person got rejected.
Be truthful for everything visa will be yours what ever we are saying is been very clearly known to them they are checking everything in system it’s just like they’re testing that we are saying truth r not .
All the best for your upcoming appointments♥️

Experience 10: F1 at Hyderabad

Northeastern University
Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Course:- Computer Science, General
Date:- 09/11/2021
Status:- Approved
VO:- American with a bald head in his 30’s
Slot Time:- 9:30 AM
In Time:- 9:00 AM
Out Time:- 10:30 AM
There is a lot of waiting time in Hyderabad so be prepared for that. Two guys were in front of me, One guy got rejected as he fumbled and one guy got approved.
Interview Duration:1 Minute
VO: Good Morning!
Me: Good Morning Officer!
VO: Pass me your Passport and the I20
Me: Gave him the Passport and I20
VO: Which University?
Me: Northeastern University
VO: Why this university?
Me: Northeastern, for Computer Science, offers a lot of subjects to choose from different concentrations (VO Interrupted…)
VO: Which concentration are you interested in?
Me: Software Engineering
VO: Tell me some names of the courses in Software Engineering.
Me: Web Development, Application Development … (These were some of the subjects but not the exact names, but I said it loudly with confidence)
VO: What is your plan after Masters?
Me: I want to work in some top MNC’s like Amazon and Microsoft.
VO: Which designation are you looking for?
Me: (I did not hear it properly so I asked him again…) I want to work as a Software Engineer aligned towards Web Development.
VO: What does your Father do?
Me: He has a business of xxx.
VO: Any employees under him?
Me: Yes, 6 of them(And told what do they do).
VO: Any loans and savings?
Me: I have taken an education loan of xxx lakhs and have savings of abc lakhs.
VO: Your Visa is approved.
Me: Thank you, officer!

Have confidence and try not to fumble a lot. Small fumbles here and there are fine though(I too fumbled for a second once)
VO may look at you sometimes and try to look at him with confidence.

Experience 11: F1 at New Delhi

Date : 09-11-2021
Slot time: 9:10
University: Southeast Missouri State University
VO is a Male probably in his 40’s
Time :- less than 1 minute
Me: Hello officer good morning
V.O:Good morning, pass me your passport and 1-20
Me: passed
V.O : where did you find this university
Me: I found on Google, and I attended web seminar.
V.O : how many Universitys you applied
Me: 5 I got 4 accepted one is under review
V.O: how about your funding
Me: Parents are sponsoring me savings 20 lakhs, education loan 25 lakhs And immovable assist 1.74 cores.
V.O: if required are you going sell those properties?
Me: no officer
V.O: you’re visa is approved. You will receive your passport in 5days.
Me: Thank you officer❤️

Infront of me 2 accepted, After Approval when Vo send to place your rights hand four fingers I placed left hand four fingers😂.

Experience 12: F1 at Hyderabad

University of North Texas
Window:- 16
Date:- 09/11/2021
VO:- American lady in her 30’s
Status:- Approved ✅
Slot time:- 8:15 AM
In Time:- 7:50 AM
Out Time:- 8:45 AM
Interview Duration ( 2-3 Min)

Me:- Good afternoon Officer. How are you doing?
VO:- Good afternoon. I am great. How are you. Pass me your documents.
Me:- I am good.. thanks for asking and Passed I20, sevis and passport

VO:- which university?
Me:- University of North Texas

VO:- For which course you are going?
Me:- Maters of Science in Computer and Information Sciences.

VO:-When and What have you done in UG?
Me:- I passed out in 2017. I did my ug in information technology

VO:- What have you been doing since then?
Me: Iam working as a full stack developer from 4 years. Currently working for GAP, which is an international clothing brand.

VO:- have you been directly hired into gap?
Me: yeah officer, they have opened their development center in Hyderabad and I’m working there.(here I felt she got impressed by my work and company)

Vo: ohh! Nice… Why masters now after 4 years of experience?
Me: Recently in our project we got a requirement where we needed to use some advance algorithms and latest technology, I faced few challenges with it. That is when I have decided to upgrade my skills with current and trending technologies. This master’s degree will aid me in learning in depth of current advancements.

VO:- How will you fund your masters?
Me: Told about the savings and loan

Vo: What does your father do?
Me: said

VO:- I’m keeping your passport and approving your VISA.. Have a great day .
Me:- You made my day!

Experience 13: F1 at Chennai

Counter : 26(American bold head silent guy).
University: Rowan University.
Intake: spring 2022
Status : APPROVED🥳🥳,
1st attempt.
Date – 09 November, 2021
Slot time : 8:30 Am
In time : 8:00 a.m
Out time : 8:40 a.m

Me:Good morning officer.(no reply)
Vo:pass me your passport.
Me: passed the passport.
Vo:what is your father into.
Me:my father is into AGRO bussiness and he is a large scale agriculturist.
Vo: what’s his annul income.
vo:are you working.
Me:yes, I’m working in TDS, banglore.
Vo: what your undergraduate percentage.
Me:its 71%(In the meanwhile he dropped my passport in the box)
Vo: congratulations your visa is approved.
Me:you made my day officer.
Vo:small smile.

He haven’t saw my face in the entire interview. Interview will just a minute

I was confident and continuely looking at him.

Really long and long queues in chennai and fully raining.

Confidence is key.

Experience 14: F1 at Chennai

Bradley University
Window:- 24
Date:- 08/11/2021
VO:- Afro-American guy
Status:- Approved ✅
Slot time:- 12:30 PM
In Time:- 11:30 AM
Out Time:- 12: 10 PM
Interview Duration ( 30-40 Sec)

Me:- Good afternoon Officer. How are doing?
VO:- Good afternoon. I am doing great. How are you. Pass me your documents.
Me:- I am great thank you. Passes it.

VO:- which university?
Me:- Bradley University

VO:- For which course you are going?
Me:- I’m going for MS in Computer Science.

VO:- what are you doing currently?
Me: I’m working as a full stack developer at Wipro

Vo: How long have you been working?
Me: I have been working since past 14 months.

Vo: Any specialization?
Me: data analytics

Vo: what will you do after completion?
Me: said

VO:- How you’ll be funding?
Me: Told about the savings, loan and property value.

Vo: What does your father do?
Me: said

VO:- Congratulations, Your visa is approved. Have a great day .
Me:- Thank you so much officer.

Experience 15: F1 at Kolkata

November 9th, 2021
Counter no. (Did not observe) left corner when you enter the room
Approved ✅
VO was Chill American guy in 30s
Slot time 8:30
In time 8:00
Out time 9:00
Duration 40-50secs
VO just accepted H1 before me. He was very cool and patient.
VO: Good morning, pass your passport and i20.
Me: good morning officer (passed)
Vo: University and Any specialisation ?
Me: University of Michigan Ann arbor, yes sir specialisation in vehicle control and performance.
Vo: looks like your bachelors is relevant to this course
Me: Yes sir,Automobile engineering.
Vo: what are your plans after masters?
Me: i plan on returning to India and work in companies like TATA, TECH Mahindra, ZF ,etc
Vo: Who’s funding your education?
Me: My parents are funding my education with their savings of 30L and I got a loan of 45L from Axis bank.
Vo: What’s your father?
Me: A businessman.
Vo: Could you explain it ?
Me: yes officer, he is having contract with 2 clients Balaji Amines pvt ltd and balaji accu perci. His job there is to fabricate pipeline system and plant maintenance. (Did not ask about salary)
Vo: The tuition is expensive hope you have the related documents ?
Me: Yes officer, would you like to take a look?
Vo: Not necessary, Umich is a solid university young man. I am approving your visa. All the best
Me: thank you officer.

VO is very chill. I observed that the Chinese guy (C.number- 5 i guess) is asking lot of questions, but approving if you answer it confidently.
Just go early and try to be Clear, Loud and speak slowly. The mic is audible and you do not have any mic so speak aloud.

Dress normally, they are asking to remove any belts, shoes, chains etc. Make it simple.
All the best

Experience 16: F1 at Chennai

Date – 9th November 2021
In time – 8.30 AM
Out time – 9.10 AM
Counter number – 26
Slot time : 9:30
Status – Approved
University of Houston Main campus
Me – hello officer good morning(with loud voice)
VO – Good morning…pass me your passport
Me – passed
VO – pass me your i20
Me – passed
VO – what does your sponser do?
Me – My father is a businessman and agriculturist. He is having his own fertilizers and pesticides shop from past 20 years in our Village and we have some agricultural lands. His combined annual income is XX L.
VO – Do you have any experience ?
Me – yes sir, from past 28 months I am working in xx company as a RPA developer and recently I got opportunity as a scrum master of the team.
Vo – scan your right hand 4 fingers
Me – scanned
VO – Mam, your visa is approved …have a great stay in US
Me – Thank you officer, you made my day.

Be confident and maintain eye contact. The acceptance rate is almost 💯% in Chennai.

Experience 17: F1 at New Delhi

Date : 08-Nov-21
Slot time 9:30
In time : 9:00
Out time: 10:00
Course : Business Analytics
University: University of new haven
Me: Good morning Officer !
VO: Good morning
VO: Pass me ur pass port and i20
Me: Here it is mam
VO:what is business analytics
Me : told
VO:who is your sponser
Me:My parents are my sponsers and i have secured loan amountxxx
VO:whats your father does?
Me: told
Vo:Any siblings?
Me:One younger brother who is studying in Chandigarh university
Vo:- how much does your father earns?
Me :- told
VO: place your left hand fingers
ME: placed
VO: Your Visa is Approved
Me: Thank you

Just be confident with your answers, your visa will be approved definitely…
All the best to Everyone.

Experience 18: F1 at Hyderabad

Slot time 9:15
In time 9:00
Out time 10:00
Status : Approved ✅
Counter :15 ( American Young Guy) Approved 3 Members before Me .
Course : Business Analytics
University : Lewis University
No Greetings Unfortunately 😄😁

VO : Show Me Ur passport like this ,he displayed someone’s passport on glass
Me : Showed , he scanned barcode
Vo : Give me u r passport
Me : Ok , here is my passport
Vo : Show Me i20 through glass
Me : Done
Vo : Mm , Business Analytics
Me : Yes!
Vo : Put Ur four fingers on scanner
Me : Done
Vo : When do you complete your UG
Me : March 2020
Vo : Asked the same again
Me : said the same
Vo : Any job experience ?
ME : NO Officer , I said I have been learning so courses
Vo : Silence 🤐 for sometime
Vo : Ok I from Commerce Background
Me : Yes Sir ,Bachelor Of Commerce
Vo : Ok then tell me about u r Project
Me : Said ,he I fumbled Vo saw me and told me to take long breath and saw it again 😃 this time he pushed the keyboard aside and listening me 🤣
Vo: keep on typing
Vo : Ok who’s funding
Me : My Parents
Vo : Ok , what do they do
Me : said about them and mentioned their combined annual income
VO : Raised the eyes seeing like 🙄
Vo : What
Me : said annual income again
Vo : r u sure
Me : Confidently said Yes
Vo : any education loan
Me : Yes iam having sanctioned Education loan of xx lakhs
Vo : Okay , your Visa Approved , Congrats
Me : Thank you Officer!

Be confident and say confident what u want to say.

Experience 19: F1 at Chennai (3rd Attempt)

Attempt-1: Consulate: Kolkata
Status: Rejected

Course: Ms in Information system
University: Dakota State University

Date 21st July 2021

Slot time: 8:00 am

VO is American guy
Duration: 20secs
Vo is in 30-40 age

Me: Good morning sir
VO: Very good morning

VO: Pass me your documents
Me: Here it is i20, passport, sevis fee

VO: whats ur background
Me: I’m done my bachelor’s in Computer science

VO: Tell me about Specization
Me: Cyber security

VO: Tell me about cyber security
Me: I’m little bit Flumble..but explained about Pegasus cyber attacks

VO: who is ur sponsor
Me: my father is primary sponsor

VO: what he do for living
Me:I flumbled alot I’m not properly delivery my answer about finding

VO: Sorry sir pls reapply again given 214(b).slip

Attempt-2: Delhi embassy
Status: Rejected

Course: Ms in Information system
University: Dakota State University

Date 8th Aug 2021
Vo is Indian guy

Slot time: 8:00 am

Vo-Hi sir ,Good morning .
Me-Very Good morning .

Vo – Tell me about Specization.
Me -I explained about course work and creditals all those thing .

Vo -who is ur sponsers.
Me- My father is my sponsor.

Vo -What he do for living.
Me -He is huge scale agriculturaist and explain about savings at this stage I’m Flumble little bit .

After 1min of typing .

Sorry sir in this time you are not eligible for visa pls re-apply.

Attempt-3: Chennai
Status: Apporved✅

Course: Ms in Cyber security
University: Saint Louis University

Date -3rd Nov 2021

American Guy in late 30’s

Slot time: 8:30 am
Before guy also apporved .

Me – Very Rainy and Cloudy Morning with a smile .

Vo -He’s smiling and said very good morning.

He said pls pass ur sevis &passport ,i-20.

I passed all required documents.

Vo – Tell me your plans after Masters .
Me – After completing my master’s I come back to India I will join in companies like a Cisco or Google.

Vo -sponsors.
Me – My father is going to sponsor my education.My father is huge scale agriculturaist.we cultivate crops like Red chills and recently we cultivate Dragon fruit .

Vo – Annual income .
Me-13L PA.

Vo – What is seasonal crops
Me – I exaplin about seasonal crops.

Vo – Education Loan .
Me – I sanctioned education loan of 32L from SBI it’s colletral loan based on my home which we are leaving .

Vo -Any property.
Me- I said about my propertys and all those stuff.

In this time he was reading my previous comments

Vo -Any siblings
Me – yes my sister working as senior consultant in Infosys annual income 13L PA.

In this time he generate green slip.

Tricky question
Vo – are you going to study cyber attacks correct ?.
Me – No No cyber security with smile face .

Vo – Tell me about cyber security
Me – I said about cyber security clearly .

In this time also he was reading my previous comments and typing

Vo – Tell me about real time scenario cyber security you are faced

Me – I clearly about my cilent and basically my cilent is Australian bank .I explain about cyber threads and all those things very clearly .

Vo – Excellent Gentlemen .Have a nice stay in Usa all the very best for future .Handover my I -20 and Greenslip

Me – In this time I didn’t understand what happen .
I said thank you officer you are made my day special.He is smiling .Good to go.

My advise – Don’t panic before interview it’s create impact on Interview .Never Give up.Basically Dakota State is good universe.my friends is apporved same university.I Fail to explain about finace .Third time i prepared well.Third time I only given single mock .Pls make eye contact with Vo…All the very best to everyone .Never Give up

Experience 20: F1 at Chennai

VI November 09 2021
Status : Approved ✅( First attempt)
Consulate: Chennai
Biometrics- Hyderabad(29 October)
Slot time: 9 :30am
In time: 8:30 am
Out time: 10:30 am
University : University of North Texas, Denton
Course: Masters in Computer Science
Intake: Spring 2022 (January)

Me: Good morning officer
VO: Good morning ! Pass me your I20
Me: Passed my passport
VO: what’s your background?
Me: I did my bachelors in computer science and engineering
VO: okay, do you have any experience?
Me: Yes,i have 2 years of experience in xxx as Programmer analyst.
VO:Any loan?
Me: yes i have secured loan amount of xxxx.
VO:Is it secured loan?
Me:No, its unsecured.
Vo: On what basis did they approved?
ME:Basedon my academics and current salary pay slips.
VO: What does your father do?
Me: He is into bussiness and agriculturist too.
VO: I am issuing your visa
Me: Thank you officer! You made my day!

Note: Just be confident and maintain eye contact. If you fumble(that’s very natural) continue to speak without stopping.

Experience 21: F1 at Hyderabad


University: central Michigan University

Slot time: 11am
In time : 11:30am
Out time:12:45pm

Counter no:14

Vo was an American male in his 30’s
Counter no:14

Me: good morning officer, I hope you are doing good today.
Vo: good morning, yes pass me your passport and i20
Me: sure, (given)
Vo:which University?
Me: Central Michigan University, mount pleasant
Vo:why CMU?
Me: told about the course curriculum and the dual specialisation flexibility.
Vo: what is your specialisation?
Me: told
Vo:who is sponsoring?
Me: father is my primary sponsor
Vo: what does he do?
Me: told about his business
Vo: annual income?
Me: XYlpa
Vo: do have any loan?
Me: no sir, I don’t
Vo: Savings?
Me: yes sir, XYlakhs
Vo: you may leave now, your visa is approved.

Said thanks and went without even turning back

Experience 22: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 09-Nov-2021
Counter: 15
Time in: 8:40am
Time out:10:00 am

Term: Spring 22
University: Wichita State University
Status: Approved ✅

VO is a US guy in his 30’s he is polite

Duration: less than 2 mins

VO: good morning

Me: Good morning officer

VO: Please pass me your passport

VO: Show me your I20 over glass

VO: Tell me about your professional career

Me: I am working as System Engineer with TCS

Vo: How many years of experience do you have?

Me: I am having 3 years of experience in IT field

Vo: Who is your sponsor?

Me: My parents are my sponsors…(VO interrupted)

VO: What is your mother?

Me: She is self-employed, she makes so and so products.

VO: What is your parents combined income?

Me: My parents annual income in 14LPA

VO: What is your father?

Me: He is working as senior accountant in xyz company

VO: Do you have any loan?

Me: Yes officer

VO: What is the loan amount?

Me: It 35L officer

He kept my passport in tray and said I am approving ur visa

Me: Kept Namaste🙏🏻 and said you made my day

Key notes:
*Confidence is the key, it’s okay to fumble for few times
*Be precise and don’t give long essays

I saw max approvals in my time of interview atleast with the counters 14,15,16

Experience 23: F1 at New Delhi

Status: Approved ✅
Course: MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
University: Portland State University
Date 9th November 2021

Slot time: 11:40 am
In time: 10:30 am
Out time: 11:00 am

Counter:17 or 18 i did not remember
VO is American lady
Duration: 1-2 min.

Me: Good morning Mam ! how are you ?
VO: good morning, I am fine .How are you?

VO: Pass me your passport
Me:I did
checking in system for few seconds
VO: pass me i20
Me:I did
VO: by seeing i20 are you opting for Electrical and electronics engineering
Me : Yes mam
VO:Can explain me in simple words about this
Me: Electronic engineer design and produce chips that u see in TV and mobiles and cars as well
VO: When did u complete ur Bachelor’s
Me: I completed my bachelor’s in 2017
VO:What were you doing since then
Me: I strated answering as i got a job immediately after my UG she cuts off me right there
VO: who is funding you?
Me: my father was sponsoring for my education.
VO:Annual income ?
VO: please put your left hand on scanner
Me: Did

VO: congratulations your visa is approved, have a great journey , all the best .
Me: Thanks alot officer , have a nice day.

Experience 24: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 9 nov
Time: 11:00 A.M ( last person in the consolate to be interviewed )
counter no: 14
Out time : 12:30
Two people in-front of me got rejected.
Interview time: 4-5 mins
Status: Approved⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vo: Hi, gm
Me: hello sir
Vo: Pass me your passport and i20
me: passed and I asked how are you doing today sir.
Vo: I’m doing good with hard note.
me: thats nice sir
Vo: Which university?
me: Illinois institute of Technology
Vo: Which specialisation?
me: Told
Vo: Why only U.S
me: Officer US is a land of excellence. Most of the students have a dream to pursue masters in the us as it has a great reputation all over the world. And employers in my country prefer candidates who have international exposure particularly from the U.S ( at this point vo interrupted me)
Vo: How many uni u have applied?
me: Applied to 4 and got admit from 3 and 1 is in review
Vo: Name them?
me: Told .
Vo: Why this uni?
sir, in this university the departmnt of food science is collborated food and drug administration where FDA scientists come and work on research projects thereby i can have a chance and exposure to work under those scientists apart from that the electives in this course are completely suited to my interests ( here vo interrupted me again)
Vo : Why masters suddenly and why this course
Me: Told abt my undergrad and work ex blah blah……
Vo: Future plans?
me: sir, I want to become a food scientist after completion of my graduate program and want to in top mnc food firms like Britannia, Parle g, Cadbury, Haldiram’s etc and deep down in future i want to start my own company with my father mainly focusing on plant based dairy products by replacing conventional dairy products for that i intended to pursue my masters in this program.
Vo: funding?
me: sir, my parents are my sponsors they have saving 35 lakhs ( Vo interrupted even tough i continued to tell about my loan amount)
Vo: I see you have scholarship too?
me: Yes sir, I have 10k scholrship from the university as i have good scores in my previous studies.
Vo: Your father profession?
me: sir, he is into agriculture and his income is 18 lakhs per annum
Vo: Asked me to elaborate his work and asked how many acres of farm land does he own?
me: sir, my father have 15 acrs of farm land and he grows soo and soo in it.
Vo: Looking towards my i20 and system screen
me: Feeling tensed inside bcoz he asked almost the same questions to the pervious guy and he rejected him as he fumbled a lot in between.
Vo: please take back your i20. Im approving your visa….👻👻😃😃
me: Thanks sir, with the happiness i raised my hand and told him thank you again then he laughed and nodded his head.

I heard negative about hyd consolate. Even my frds told me that i did wrong by opting this consolate. However, I believed in giving my best and will see later.

Today i feel majority of the people got accepted. Maybe around 20 percent people might have got rejection.
In counter no 15 a guy beside me fumbled a lot and he couldn’t even express proper answers even though he got approved.

Key note: Speak confidently and loudly.
practise yourself in mirror it will help you.
Give mocks.

Experience 25: F1 at Hyderabad

Status: Approved ✅
Course: MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
University: Portland State University
Date 9th November 2021

Slot time: 10:15 am
In time: 10:30 am
Out time: 11:00 am

VO is American lady
Duration: hardly a minute.

VO: Pass me your passport and hold your I20 to the mirror
Me: Good Morning Ma’am. (I did as asked)
checking in system for few seconds
VO: purpose of visit
Me: to pursue master’s degree in ECE at PSU
VO: So why PSU?
Me: answered in 2 lines
VO: what exactly will be your specialization
Me : answered
VO: oh I see you have a sibling in the united states
Me: yes my older brother
VO: where does he lives
Me: answered
VO: what about funding
Me: my parents are my sponsors so they will be funding me (she asked next question immediately)
VO: what does your father do?
Me: answered
VO: do you have any education loan?
Me: yes, I have an approved loan of **LPA from UBI
VO: please put your left hand on scanner
Me: Did
VO: congratulations your visa is approved, have a great journey , all the best .
Me: Thanks you Ma’am.
It helped!


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