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F1 Visa Experiences – November 2021

Below are experiences from November 7th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at New Delhi

Date: 08/11/2021
Appointment time: 10:30 am
In time: 9 am
Out time: 10 am
University: Santa Clara University
Program: MS CSE
Counter: 16
VO was an older lady with glasses
VO was very polite and trying to give as much chance as possible to get your visa approved
1 person before me got approved 1 rejected

Duration: 30 sec
Vo: pass me your passport and i20 please
Me: here you go
Me: good morning mam, hope you’re having a good day
Vo: yes! Good morning
Me: can i place my documents on the counter?
Vo: yes
Vo: what are you going to study?
Me: I want to study MSCSE from santa clara university
Vo: are you working?
Me: yes mam i am working with xyz company for past 1 year
Vo: it is an expensive program, how are you going to fund it?
Me: my parents and I have savings of xx lacs and
Vo: interrupted any loan?
Me: yes mam i have secured a loan of xx lacs from abc bank
Vo: your visa is approved

Just speak confidently and make eye contact with VO don’t panic at all
The lady who got rejected was not speaking properly at all and was not able to explain anything.
If there is less crowd at the embassy they are letting in people early so take a chance and go early.

Experience 2: F1 at New Delhi

November 8th, 2021
Counter no. 21
Approved ✅
VO was Blonde American in 30s
Slot time 10:30
In time 9:30
Out time 10:10
Duration ~1 minute
VO just accepted 2 H1s before me. She was very cool and patient.
VO: Good morning, pass your passport and i20.
Me: good morning ma’am (passed)
Vo: Where are you headed to in US?
Me: University of Michigan Dearborn, to pursue my Masters in Automotive Systems engineering
Vo: Is your bachelors relevant to this course?
Me: I completed my Bachelors in Automobile engineering and my cgpa is 8.94 on 10.
(Vo was not listening to my answers at all. She was typing something throughout and was asking questions for formality)

Vo : (asked my score again and I repeated the same)
Vo: Who’s funding your education?
Me: My father is funding my education with his savings of 21L and I got a loan of 37L from Avanse.
Vo: What’s your father?
Me: A businessman and a large scale agriculturist.

Vo: Your visa is approved. Have a good day.
Me: Thanks officer. Have a good day.

I saw many approvals in Delhi today. I fumbled once but I was pretty fluent throughout. Be short and precise. Dress code is not compulsory. You can go on neat casuals. Do some mocks, it’s really helpful.

All the best

Experience 3: F1 at Chennai

Date: 08/11/2021
Slot Time: 9:00AM
In Time: 9:00AM
Out Time: 9:05AM
Status: Approved ✅
University: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Counter: 28
VO in 30s looks like Mark Zuckerberg

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning officer, how are you doing?
VO: Good, please pass me your passport & i20
Me: Passed
VO: So why are you going to UNCC?
Me: I am going to pursue my Master’s in CS
VO: what are you doing now?
Me: I have been working as Software Engineer in CGI Group for last 27 months
VO: How many ?
Me: 27
VO: What did you do earlier?
Me: I have completed my Under-graduation in ECE in 2019
VO: Grade ?
Me: 7.55/10
VO: Did you take GRE ?
Me: Yes officer, I scored 312
VO: Who are funding your education?
Me: My parents and my sister are sponsoring my education.
VO: What do they do ?
Me: My father is working as Insurance Advisor in LIC for last 30 years, my Mom runs a boutique and my sister working as Associate Consultant in Infosys.
VO: I am approving your visa Have a Nice Day.
Me: Thank you sir.

Experience 4: F1 at New Delhi

Date : 08-11-2021
Slot time: 10:00
University: university of north texas
VO is a Male looks like chinese guy probably in his 40’s
Time :- less than 1 minute

Me: Hello officer good morning
V.O:Good morning.
Please pass me , passport
Me: passed
V.O: pass me your I20
Me: given
V.O : which university
Me: university of north texas
V.O: course
Me: master of science in business analytics
V.O : why UNT
Me: It is one of the best tyre 1 research institutes [interrupted….]
V.O: why it is tyre 1
Me: during my research about University i found that most of the professors have done indepth research on data mining and big data analysis..(after this i felt a bit nervous and ended saying that so I choosen this university)
V.O: you’re visa is approved have a safe stay in texas
Me: Thank you officer❤️

Most of the visas are getting accepted in delhi i can say morethan 95% are getting accepted

Experience 5: F1 at Chennai

Date: 8th November 2021

Status: Approved✅

University: Arizona State University

Slot Time: 9 AM
Waiting time: 1 Hour
In Time: 8:30 AM
Out Time: 9:30 AM

VO: Bald Afro-American in his 50s

Interview duration: 30 Sec (approx)

Vo: Hey Good morning, how r u doing?
Me: Great officer
Vo: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Passed
Vo: which university
Me: Arizona state university
At this time, he placed passport in tray
Vo: Which course?
Me: Information technology with specialization in Information technology security
Vo: Great, what other universities have you applied?
Me: 4 including ASU
University of North Texas
California State University, Sacramento
California State University, Long beach
Vo: which year passed out? 2020 or 2021?
Me: 2021 sir
Vo: how are you going to fund your education?
Me: I have a sanctioned loan of XL and my father is sponsering me with his savings of YL
Vo: What does your father do?
Me: He’s a civil contractor
Vo: okay, place your left hand fingers on scanner. You’ll receive your passport in 4-5 days
Me: Thank you so much officer
Vo: Have a nice stay in US

Most of the F1 visas are being approved. Everyone is heading out with green slips.
Don’t get tensed
Basic questions are being asked VOs.

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

November 8th
In time: 9:45am
Slot time: 10:30am
Out time: 10:40am
Counter 24
Interview time: <2 mins
Status: Approved.✅
University: University of Texas at Dallas
Course: Business Analytics
Me: Good morning officer
VO: Good morning, Come forward and pass me your passport, sevis and i20 please.
Me: Passed
VO: Which University?
Me: University of Texas at Dallas
VO: What are you doing now? Any job experience?
Me: Iam currently working as an analyst in XXXX company. My job role involves building visualisation dashboards and sharing analyses, patterns, trends and insights with the client
VO: What’s the toughest part in your job
Me: Building dashboards is the toughest part
VO: Hahha Okay
VO: You work for a client?
Me: Yes sir I work for a US client
VO: What will you do after masters
Me: I want to see myself as a business analyst in top MNCS in India
VO: What about funds?
Me: we have a savings of XX lakhs and I have secured an educational loan of XX lakhs and also we have immovable assets ofXX
VO: What does your father do
Me: My father is a businessman, he is into a business of cement and steel, he is a distributor of it and the annual income is XY lakhs
VO: What is the best product that he sell?
Me: He sells Tata Steel, which is India’s best steel.
VO: Place your right hand 4 fingers on the scanner
VO: (typing) I’m approving your VISA. Have a great journey.
Me: I’m surprised
Me: Thank you so much sir

Experience 7: F1 at Chennai

Status : APPROVED✅, 1st attempt.
Date – 08 November, 2021
Slot time : 08:30 Am
University : University of North Texas
( Vo was American male, and he was really good,cool, friendly and polite guy )

Vo : Good morning !
How are you ?
please give me your documents.
Me : Hi officer, Good morning I’m doing fine. How are you doing ?
Here are my documents.
Vo : I’m fine thanks, What are your plans ?
Me : I’m heading to university of north Texas to pursue masters in computer science.
Vo : are you experienced?
Me: yes, I’ve 3 years of experience.
( VO didn’t got this answer properly and asked me is it 2 ?, No sir, it’s 3 years 5 months )
VO : how are you funded ?
Me: the question was not clear, so I told him my current CTC.
Vo : who is funding you ?
Me: I’ve approved education loan of lakhs
Vo : interrupted and asked from which bank ?
Me : from prodigy finance
Vo : do you have any family funds ?
Me : yes sir, I’ve family and personal saving of lakhs.
Vo : okay, what does your father do ?
Me : sir, my father is commerce professor at _ college and his annual income is lakhs. Also my mother is self employed and she is having clothing store, she earns around _ lakhs. So my parents income annually is lakhs
Vo : okay, your father is a commerce professor?
Me : yes sir, he is commerce professor in __ college in Telangana.
Vo : okay, I’m approving your VISA. Congratulations
Me : thank you so much office, you’ve made my day.
Vo : have a great day

Before me there was a student who applied for under graduate course, he was fumbling a lot and not listening to the question asked by VO (they give us 1-2 chances to answer properly). He was rejected.

Be confident and attentive to the questions. Answer to question without any hesitation, be cool. VISA officer asks every question every clearly. If you are not able to get it, please ask to repeat.

Experience 8: F1 at Chennai

Counter : 21
Status : APPROVED🇱🇷✅, 1st attempt.
Date – 08 November, 2021
Slot time : 12:00 Am
In time : 10:40 a.m
Out time : 11:40 a.m
University : Western Michigan University
( Vo was American male, and he was really good,cool, friendly and polite guy )

Vo : Good morning, please give me your passport and I20
Me : Here it is.
Vo : sir, what will you do after getting this degree ?
Me : My immediate plans for my master’s to join as Senior mechanical engineering in Top indian companies like Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata and L&T.
Vo : Asked about my parents
Me : Told
Vo : Asked about my dad’s business and my mother ( seriously typing for 15 seconds)
Me : Told
Vo : Asked about my dad’s income?
( At this time he made eye contact with me )
Me : told my dad’s income and told 40 L in hdfc credila.
Vo : is loan is based on collateral or non- collateral
Me : non- collateral
Vo : how’s your loan is based on
Me : sir, it is based on my work experience and academic
Vo : what’s your percentage in bachelor’s.
Me : 7.82 out of 10 ( At this time he made eye contact with me),
Vo : he asked about my work experience
Me : I am told my role and company
Vo : he again asked company name and number of years worked
Me : Told ( At this time he put my passport in tray )
Vo : okay, place your right hands four fingers on scanner.
Me : okay sir. ( I put my fingers on scanner
Vo : okay, your visa is approved and he gave me green slip.
Me : okay. (I put my green slip in my file)
Me : Thank you sir, you have a great day.
Vo : You too.

😇Believe in god, god is always with us😇. I wish you all get your visa.

Experience 9: F1 at Chennai

Status : APPROVED✅
1st attempt.
Date – 8th Nov 2021
Slot time : 10:00 AM
In time : 09:05 AM
Out time : 10:00 AM
University : UMKC
( Vo was American male, and he was really good,cool, friendly and polite guy )

Vo : please give me your passport.
Me : Here it is
Vo : your i20?
Me : Here
Vo : what will you do after getting this digree ?
Me : I would Like to work as a data scientist in multi national companies here back in India.
Vo : what does your parents do?
Me : My father is into business and my mother is house wife.
Vo : what is your father’s business?
Me : Explained it in 2 lines.
Vo : What is your Under Graduation Cgpa?
Me : 7.66 on a grade scale of 10
Vo : Do you have any siblings?
Me : Yes, I have an elder brother.
Vo : what does he do?
Me : He is currently pursuing his maters at United States.
Vo : okay, place your right hands four fingers on scanner.
Me : Done sir.
Vo : okay, your visa is approved and he gave me green slip.
Me : Thank you officer, Have a great day ahead.
Vo : You too.

Acceptance rate at Chennai 7/10
All the best for your upcoming appointments♥️

Experience 10: F1 at Mumbai

Date & Slot-8th nov, 9:40am
First attempt
Status: approved
Duration: 20-30sec

In time: 8:45am
Out time:11:20am
There was lot of wait time as there were many people today.

Counter 33 (American VO in his 30’s probably) (PS: I was scared if I’ll be directed to 35. 35 had Chinese VO. Who has rejecting every one)

Me: very good morning sir (with huge smile)
VO: good morning. How are you.
Me: I’m fine. Thank you. How are you?
VO: good. Passport and i20
Me: passed it to him
VO: tell me about your study plan
Me: currently I’m working at xx company. I plan to pursue my masters at computer science from Arizona state university. Spring 2022 intake
VO: I see you had L2 visa before
Me: yes sir when I was kid, my dad was working their for 2 years for a project. I had to visit him during that time.
VO: funding
Me: my parents are my primary sponsors. And I have also secure loads for 40L.
VO: what are your parents?
Me: Dad works at xx company as xx. Mom is a home maker but she gets rental income from immovable properties that we have.
VO: what is your fathers salary.
Me: xx L per Annum.
VO: alright. Put your four fingers on scanners. (He kept my passport aside)
Congrats i am approving your visa. Have a nice stay in US
Me: thank you so much. Have a good day.

Be confident. Give your answers with confidence. Same counter girl before me was fumbling so VO asked her more questions and later he approved it for her. Even if you are getting Chinese guy, do not worry! Answer properly with confidence. Only problem with Chinese guy is that his voice is very low.

All the very best guys!

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai

Date : 08-Nov-21
Slot time 14:00
In time : 12:00
Out time: 12:40
Course : computer and information science
University: western Illinois University
Good morning : Officer
VO: Good morning
VO: Pass me ur pass port
Me: Here you go
VO:Asked i20
Me : Yes
VO: place ur right hand fingers
ME: Placed and simultaneously looking at her eyes while he was looking at system
VO: which university and which course
ME: western Illinois University and computer and information science
VO: When did u under graduate?
ME: 2019
VO: Asked about work experience?
ME: Told
VO: Asked father occupation?
ME: Told
VO: Searched in google that my father business? And said is it genuine business are not?
ME: I said confidently everything and told about loan.
VO: Loan is colletral r non collateral and asked whether it is secured are not.
ME: I said collateral and it is FD. I said savings and related to scholarship.
VO: Your Visa is Approved
Me: Thank you

Experience 12: F1 at Chennai

Status: Approved ✅
Course: MS in Engineering management
University: Wichita state university

Date 8th November 2021

Slot time: 9:30 am
In time: 8:30 am
Out time: 10:00am

VO is bald American guy
Duration: 50secs

Me: Good morning sir
VO: Very good morning

VO: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Did

Vo: which university u r going?
Me: Wichita state university

VO: What do you plan to do after completing your studies
Me: I plan to come back to India and work in MNC companies like Tata group and Ambani group

VO: who is sponsoring u r masters
Me: my mother is funding me for my masters

Vo: her annual income
Me: 17 lakh

VO: please put your left hand on scanner

VO: congratulations your visa is approved
Me: Thank u ,Thank u

He was very calm and chill. Just asked three questions and approved my visa.

Visa rating is 95% today in Chennai

All the best everyone. Don’t panic. Be calm and confident 😊

Experience 13: F1 at Chennai

Status: Approved ✅
Course: MS in Data Science
University: University of Texas at Arlington

Date 8th November 2021

Slot time: 9:00 am
In time: 8:00 am
Out time: 9:20 am

VO is American guy
Duration: 1-2 min.

Me: Good morning officer ! how are you ?
VO: Very good morning , I am fine .

VO: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Did

VO: course ?
Me: Masters in data science

VO: undergrad ?
Me: I completed my bachelor’s of engineering in R.M.D Engineering college

VO: Anna university ? ( in my ds160 , I mentioned anna university since Rmd is affiliated to Anna univ. )
Me: R.M.D. Engineering college is Affiliated to anna university sir
VO: okay got it ! Undergrad scores ?
Me: 8.62 on the scale of 10

VO: have u taken gre ?
Me: No officer, since my university waived off , I didnt give gre.

Vo: (Typing in the system for 1-2 seconds)
Vo: okay so University waived off !

VO:what are you doing since then ?
Me: Working as an Software Engineer in Hcl technologies and my client is cisco

VO: cisco..! Great.
VO: since how many years ?
Me: from the past 1 year.

VO: Funding ?
Me: my parents are funding with savings of 38 lakhs , Secured an educational loan of 20L and we have immovable assets of 1.5 Cr

VO: please put your left hand on scanner
Me: Did

VO: congratulations your visa is approved, have a great journey , all the best .
Me: Thanks alot officer , have a nice day.

Before me one guy rejected , I am tensed and started giving short answers but I answered him with loud voice ,confidence.

All the best everyone. Don’t panic. Be calm and confident 😊

Experience 14: F1 at Chennai

Biometrics on 07-11-2021
Visa Interview on 08-11-2021
Slot time: 11:00 PM
Interview duration: < 1 min
University: University of New Haven
Course: MS in Business Analytics.
American VO guy, probably in his late 30s
Counter no.30
Status: Approved✅

Me: Good Morning officer
VO: Good Morning
VO: Please pass me your i20 and passport.
VO: What are your plans after masters?
Me: After Finishing my masters i would like to see myself as business analyst in top mncs like…
(VO interrupts and asks)

VO: So, who is Sponsoring you?
Me: My parents are going to sponsor for my education with their savings for about Xxxx lakhs also we have immovable assets worth Xxxx.

VO: what’s your parents proffesion
VO : what’s ur father’s annual income?
Me : told
As i have gap after my intermediate.
VO : did you join ur school late?
Me: yes officer.
VO: may i know why?
Me: told.

Nods and Typed for 5-10 secs

VO: Alright, I’m approving your Visa. Please place ur left hand four fingers.
Me : Thank you officer. Have a good day.

In between i fumbled for a second but i didnt stop.. i continued to answer. And the VO was not even looking at me. He was mostly looking at his screen but suddenly he was making eye contact.

The person who was standing infront of me fumbled alot and he kept on asking VO to repeat the question. His visa got rejected.

Experience 15: F1 at Chennai

Bradley University
Window:- 24
Date:- 08/11/2021
VO:- Afro-American guy
Status:- Approved ✅
Slot time:- 12:00 PM
In Time:- 11:20 AM
Out Time:- 12:05 PM
Interview Duration ( 30-40 Sec)

Me:- Good afternoon Officer. How are you?
VO:- Good afternoon. I am great. How are you. Pass me your documents.
Me:- I am good.. thanks for asking and Passed I20, sevis and passport

VO:- which university?
Me:- Bradley University

VO:- For which course you are going?
Me:- Maters of Science in Computer Science.

VO:- Are you working currently?
Me: Yes, working at Deloitte USI

Vo: ohh! Deloitte… What do you do at Deloitte?
Me: Explained about Role

VO:- How will you fund your masters?
Me: Told about the savings, loan and schlship

Vo: What does your father do?
Me: said

VO:- I’m keeping your passport and approving your VISA.. Have a great day .
Me:- You made my day!

Experience 16: F1 at New Delhi

November 8th, 2021
Counter no. 21
Approved ✅
VO was Blonde American in 30s
Slot time 9:40
In time 8:45
Out time :9:20
Duration ~2-4minute
VO is looking very kind. She was very cool .she is typing something about previous candidate.

VO: Good morning, pass your passport and i20.
Me: good morning ma’am
Vo: Which university you are going to?
Me: I’m heading to wichita state university to pursue my masters in computer science.
Vo: when did you completed your Under graduation?
Me: I recently completed my ug in month of July 2021.
(Vo was looking at me . She seeing my confidence and eye contact.)

Vo : tell me about your course?
Me:I’m going to do my masters in computer science program. Which is 30 credit hour program. Out of which it is having 12 credit hour For general computer science course’s and 18 credit hours for specialization and electives.
(Vo is willing to interrupt me. But I continued my answer till end.)
Vo: who’s is going to sponser you?
Me: my parents are going to sponser my education.and my father is primary spo nser.also I have sanctioned education loan of 33 lakhs from state bank of India. My father is having Savings of 25 lakhs in his bank account. Apart from this we have immovable assets of (vo interrupted…….)

Vo: What’s your father?
Me: he is working as a senior manager in propane gas company.and he is having multiple sources of income from businesses like vehicle transportation, coconut plantation, partner ship in real estate.
(Vo- kept my passport in the box)
I was so excited.waiting for the golden word’s 😍

Vo: have you ever been to us.?.
Me: no I have never been to us.
Vo:I’m approving your visa. You can collect it within 3-5days.
Me:thank you so much officer. Have a nice day

Vo: she is laughing at me after approving my visa. Because I greeted her loudly in the last question

I have seen so many happy faces around embassy most of the approvals are in Delhi today. First thing is you should Be confident. Listen to the questions properly.practice well.and coming to dresscode I prepared myself as a professional student .it is not compulsory but dressing in formals will give good impression on first look.keep your documents safe and sign your i20.

All the best

Experience 17: F1 at Chennai

Date: 08-Nov-2021
Counter: 22
Time in: 9 am
Time out:10:30 am

Term: Spring 22
University: University of Florida

Status: Approved ✅

Vo was a Us lady

Duration: about 1 min

Vo: good morning

Me: Good morning officer

Vo:please pass me your passport and i20

Vo:which course in bachelor’s

Me:I said my college name and graduated year.

She asked again and I answered computer science

Vo: What are u doing now

Me: told about my role and company (told clearly without any fumble)

Vo: have u taken loan

Me: I have sanctioned loan for 30 lakhs from bank

She kept my passport in try and said ur visa is approved

Me: Thank you have a good day

Key notes:
*Confidence is the key
*Be precise with your information
*Anxiety kicks in but try to maintain your calm
Everyone will get visa approved easily, all the best.

Experience 18: F1 at New Delhi

Status: Approved
Course: MS in Computer Science
University: Governors State University
Biometric : 05th November 2021
Interview : 8th November 2021
I have a sister in US who studied in the same college and now she is in her OPT. I mentioned the same in DS-160 too. Although I was not asked any questions about this.

Slot time: 8:50 am
In time: 8:10 am
Out time: 8:40 am

VO is Young American lady
Duration: 2 minutes

Me: Hi officer, good morning
VO: Good morning
VO: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Did

VO: You are going for your master degree?
Me: Yes right.

VO: Is this your second master’s degree?
Me: No, first master’s

VO: When did you complete your UG.
Me: 2019

VO: What was your UG score?
Me: 67.3 percent which is first class in JNTUH.

VO: How many admits do you have?
Me: I have three admits.

VO: What was your second priority?
Me: Missouri State University

VO: Do you admit from that University?
Me: Yes, I do.

VO: The fee is expensive, how are you going to fund for your education?
Me: My father is my sponsor for my education and living expenses too. He has a savings of XX lakhs and FD of XX lakhs. Additionally we have assets worth XX.

VO: What does you Father do?
Me: Told including his annual income.

VO: Does your mother work anywhere?
Me: No officer, she doesn’t

VO: How come did you get so much savings in your account?
Me: Recently my father sold a piece of agriculture land for my education.

VO: How much is the rental income per month?(As I mentioned rental income in my father’s profession)
Me: Told

VO: How much is the rental income per annum?
Me: Told and included other sources of income too(again)

VO: Ok, I’m approving your visa and passed my i20

Me: Thank you officer, have a good day.

My suggestion – Do not change your university/consulate just by reading someone else’s experience/rejection(s). You and your profile are unique. Both me and my parents were mentally prepared for any decision coming our way. We planned to have fun and roam in delhi to get away from the interview stress.
All the best to everyone who have their interview in the coming days. Be ready for both approval and rejection.

Experience 19: F1 at Chennai

Date: 08/11/2021
Slot Time: 10:00AM
In Time: 10:00AM
Out Time: ,10:30AM
Status: Approved ✅
University: University of Central Missouri
Counter: 24
VO in 30s black male
Me: Good Morning officer, how are you doing?
VO: Good Morning ,I am doing great ( I passed all documents in tension he didnot ask for any 😂)(passport i20,sevis)
VO: Which university?
Me: University of Central Missouri
VO: what course ?
Me: Big Data Analytics and Information Technology offered by Computer System Analysis
VO: Who is sponsoring your education ?
Me: I have a sanctioned bank loan of xx lakhs from sbi and my parents are sponsoring me with their savings
VO: What is your parents doing ?
Me: Both my parents were government employees .My Father worked as Central Government employee in indian Railways and my Mother worked as State Government Employee .Both are Retired now.
VO: What are you doing now ?
Me: I am currently working as a software Developer in TechMahindra.
VO: What are your plans after masters
Me : I will return to India and work as a Senior Data Analyst or Lead a Data Analytical Team in companies like MuSigma,Amazon.
Me: I am currently working as a software Developer in TechMahindra.
VO: Is there anybody in US?
Me: yes my Elder brother
VO: Is he sponsoring your Education
Me:No, My parents are having sufficient fund and I have a bank loan so I don’t need his help
VO: Oh you don’t need as you have sufficient funds
Looked in his system and told that you need to scan your fingers .I don’t know whether right or left hand, waited for his instructions.
VO : Place you left hand four fingers .I am approving your visa .(handed over the green slip)
Me: Thank you officer you made my day !
Thank you so much to everyone who shared their experience here.It really helped me a lot .
Vo had a bunch of green slips on his table .Did not find a white slip and after giving my passport I didnot see the passport also .CONFIDENCE is the key .

Experience 20: F1 at Chennai

Date- 3rd November
Slot- 9 am
In time- 7:50 am
Out time- 8:25 am
Interview duration- 40 secs
University- University of Texas at Dallas
Status- Approved
VO was an American guy

Me- good morning
Vo- good morning. Pass me your passport and i20
Me- Sure
Vo- what will you do after your masters?
Me- After completing my masters I will return to india and work as a data scientist in top mnc like google.
VO- are you currently working?
Me- no I recently graduated in july 2021 with an aggregate of 8.69/10
VO- how did you write your exams?
Me – offline. I went to college and wrote the exams.
VO- what was the toughest subject in ug ?
Me- umm.micro controllers
VO- What was the score in that?
Me- 8 out of 10
VO- how about your funds?
Me- my parents are sponsoring me with their savings of 20 lakhs.Additionally I have secured a loan of 50 lakhs from leap finance
VO- place your left 4 fingers on the scanner. Your Visa has been approved.
Me- Thank you so much sir.You made my day.

Tips: Don’t stress out much, have all the documents ready.. only give “gun shot” answers.

Experience 21: F1 at Chennai

Date – 8 Nov
slot time – 9:30 am
intime – 8:00 am
out time – 10:00am
Status – Approved☑️
Vo was White American in his early 30’s ( He was so cool)

Me : Good morning officer
Vo : Good morning pass me ur docs
(Passed the passport , i20 and sevis receipt)

Vo: So UTA and which course
Me: Yes officers. Masters in Construction management

Vo: why this course?
Me: Told

Vo: Have you taken GRE for this course?
Me: Yes and told the score

Vo: Are you working currently?
Me : No officer. Recently graduated in July 2021 with a CGPA of xx out of scale of 10

Vo : Who is Sponsoring for you?
Me : My father is sponsoring me officer

Vo : What does your father do?
Me : He is working as XX in XX – told along with Annual income

Vo : Any relatives in the US?
Me : One elder brother in his final year of Masters

Vo : Ohh nice . How many years he is been in the US?
Me : Its been one year officer

Vo : Does your Father sponsor both of you?
Me : Yes officer

Vo : Okay place your left four fingers on the scanner.
Your visa is approved 💯 All the best
Me : Thankyou officer made my day❤️

“Being Confident is the only Key!”

Experience 22: F1 at New Delhi

Date : 8th November 2021
Slot Time : 10:20 AM
In Time : 9:00 AM
Out Time : 10:00 AM
Attempt : 1st
Status : Approved✅

University : University of Texas at Dallas

Counter No. : 16

VO was an American lady in her 40’s and was very polite.

Interview Duration : approximately 1 minute

VO : Please come forward..!!
ME : Good Morning officer..!!
VO : Very Good Morning, please pass your passport and I-20 Form
ME : Passed

VO : Which Course?
ME : I want to pursue Master of science in Mechanical engineering with the specialisation of manufacturing and design innovation.

VO : In which field did you complete your undergraduation?
ME : I completed my bachelor in Mechanical engineering.

VO : Who is going to pay your education fees?
ME : My family is sponsoring my education.

VO : How will they pay?
ME : My father has a bank balance of XX Lakhs Indian rupees which is equivalent to XX USD in his saving account.( Then she cut me off)

VO : Did you take any loan?
ME : No..( I was jut about to explain the reason, the moment again she stopped me)

VO : What is your father?
ME : My father is a businessman and he is doing a business in a diamond field in the city of Surat.

VO : What does he do?
ME : he buys rough diamonds, then diamonds are cut and polished according to design, afterwards my father sells to jewellers or any local trader.
VO : Great..!!

VO : Please scan your right hand fingers..!!
ME : Right hand?
VO : Yes..!!

Then she said golden words

VO : Congratulations..!!!YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED..!!!
ME : Thank you officer, You have made my day..!!

Tips : Just Be confident and makesure to maintan the eye contact with officer…!!!

Also, If there is less crowd at the embassy they are letting in people early so take a chance and go early.

Only saw few rejections…!!!!

Experience 23: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 8th November 2021

Status: Approved✅

University: University of Texas- Arlington

Slot Time: 10:40 AM
Waiting time: 1 Hour
In Time: 8:30 AM
Out Time: 9:30 AM

VO: Old Chinese Counter No.:- 20

Interview duration: 1.30 min (approx)

Me: Good morning Sir
Vo : Good morning
Vo: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: Passed
Vo: which university
Me: University of Texas – Arlington
Vo: Who is paying you ?
Me: Sry sir
Vo : Who is paying you ?
( 2nd time didn’t understand the question. And I though he asked me about me my course)
Me :- I want to purse Master of science in industrial engineering
Vo : (loudly) Who is paying you
Me : My father is sponsoring me
(At that i though he would reject my visa )
Vo : why this University ?
Me : Told ( very confidently)
Vo : how your father manage to fund ?
Me :- (confidently) my father annual income is 21 lacs.
For my education, i have taken education loan of 40 lacs rs which is equivalent to 53,300$
Also my father has liquid cash of 30 lacs rs which is equivalent to 40,100$
(He interrupted me still i completed my sentence)
My father has real estate property worth over 2 cr
Vo : press your right hamd four finger.
( i put left hand fingers)
Vo : right hand
Me : Sorry sir
( and then i put right hand fingers)
Vo : Congratulation, Your visa is approved
Me : Thank you sir, have a good day

Most of the F1 visas are being approved.

Experience 24: F1 at New Delhi

Status :- Approved
Slot time :- 10:10
In time :- 8:30
Out time:- 9:30
University :- North Carolina State University
Course:- Master in Food Science
Counter no :- 21 (Vo was very friendly and cool minded. she maybe in his 30s)
Vo called me by his hand
Vo:- Good morning
Me :- Good morning. How are you
Vo :- I am fine. Pass me your documents.

I passed passport and i-20

Vo:- Please scan your left hand four fingers.
Vo :- which university
Me :- North Carolina State University.

Vo:- When did you completed your undergraduate
Me:- told

Vo:- what is your cgpa

Vo:- what is your sponsor
Me :- My father is going to sponsor my education in usa

Vo:- what is he doing
Me :- told

Vo :- what is his annual income
Me:- told

Vo:-( by showing i-20 ) is this sufficient for your education.
Me :- No sir. My father also has savings of XX indian ruppes which is equivalent to xx us Dollar in his saving bank account. My parents also has some other liquid assets worth of ruppes XX which is equivalent to xx US Dollars. Apart from this, my father posses immovable assets worth of ruppes xx. I believe that this are the sufficient funds for my education in usa.

Vo :- Did you take any loan
Me :- No. I did not take any loan.

Vo:- Do you have any relatives in USA
Me :- No

Than she typed for around 15 seconds

Vo :- Do you have any brother or sister?
Me :- told

(Than golden words come)

Vo :- Congratulations, I am approving your visa (with smile)
Me :- Thank you so much. Have a great day. (She smile when I told this)

Experience 25: F1 at Chennai

Date: 8th Nov, Monday
Slot time: 10:00
In time: 9:50
Out time: 10:30
Counter Number: 30
University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
VO: White Male (bald or shaven – I don’t quite remember) with incisive eyes (I could see that he was judging me from the word go)
Time: Around 2 minutes
Status: Approved

Me: Hello officer, good morning. How are you doing?
V.O: Good morning. Doing good.
Please pass me your passport and I-20
Me: Here is my passport Officer. Please give me a moment – er here’s my I-20 (I didn’t have the I-20 readily. I wasn’t expecting to be called so quickly because I could see that there were others who were ahead of me in the queue outside still waiting for their turn – please learn from this. Keep your documents ready once you enter)
V.O: So, what after Illinois?
Me: I’m currently working on a startup idea and I intend to pursue it once I graduate. (I vividly remember that I was expecting the next question on the lines of How does this University help you with your startup idea? But not to be, he had a different angle)
V.O: Tell me about your startup idea.
Me: (This was also an expected question. I did a decent job.)
V.O: Your last employment was at XXX (It was a politically sensitive Organization) Tell me more about your responsibilities.
Me: I worked as a Data Analyst at XXX
V.O: How are you funding your education?
Me: I have already paid an enrollment deposit of $1000 to my college. My family has a combined savings of XXX and I have secured a loan of YYY on top of it. (I went on to ramble about my family’s networth.. And this is where he cut me off)
V.O: Please place the right hand on the scanner.
Me: Okay officer (But, I haven’t answered the question yet)
VO: Your visa is approved. (Passes me the green slip) Have a safe flight.
Me: Thank you officer! Have a great day! (It then suddenly struck me that he had both of my passports – old and new)
Officer, you have taken both my passports – When and where would they be returned?
VO: They would be returned to you at whichever location that you have chosen. (Doubtful eyes)
Me: That’s great. Thank you Officer. Have a great day!
(I must admit that my last question was redundant – I’m including it here as you should know that most of us goof up simple things & it’s okay)

I’m not going to comment on most of the people getting their visa approved at a particular Consulate- I believe that it’s your personality and how you present yourself that matters more than anything else.

Be confident. And remember, you can’t control all the variables – but you can always control how you react to external stimuli.

Good luck! Work hard and leave nothing for chance.


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