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F1 Visa Experiences – November 2021

Below are experiences from November 5th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Chennai

Timings : 8:30AM out time: 8:45AM
Nov 3rd 2021
Counter no. 24
African guy in his 30’s
University :- UMKC
Me: Good morning officer
Vo : good morning, How’s ur day?
Me: going well sir.
Vo: pass me ur passport and I20
Me : passed the docs
Vo: so, which university?
Me: university of Missouri Kansas city
Vo: what are you going to do there?
Me: I’m going to pursue my master’s in computer science with data science as specialization.
Vo: Why data science?
Me: Due to less supply of specialized data scientists and rapid demand. Data science will definitely be a lucrative career in the future.
Typing something in the computer..
Vo: So, you mean Data is very important for every company?
Me: Yes, It predicts the market trends and help grow business.
Vo: who’s sponsoring you?
Me: My mother is funding for my education.
Vo: What does she do for a living?
Me: She is a business women, running an electronic store since 25years.
VO: Any certain brand?
Me: No, it’s a multi branded store sir.
Vo: I’m approving your visa, Take this slip (Gave a green slip)
Me: Thank You officer.

Very routine questions.. In Chennai consulate, there are 7 counters operating. I saw only two rejections overall.

Experience 2: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 11:00
In-Time: 10:00
Out-Time: 11:10
Counter: 21
VO: Male American 30-35 year old
University: Missouri university of science and technology
Couse : Mining and Mineral engineering
Time : 30sec

Me:Good Morning Officer,how are you?
VO:I’m good how about you?
Me: I’m fine officer
VO:Pass me your Passport,I20
Me:Yeah Sure, Passed docs
VO:what are your future plans?
Me:I will come back to India because we have various job opportunities for mining engineering. So,I would like to settle in india with the designation of Mining CI or Senior Mine manager in a reputed company.
VO:What does your father do?
Me:He is Senior manager in XXXXX Company
VO:He’s Income?
VO: what does your mother do ?
Me:She is a sales executive in Jewellery shop.
VO: Her annual income?
Me:XLpa and she also gets rental income of XXLpa
VO:Typing…. Congratulations Im approving your visa..🥳🥳🥳( And he gave my I20 back with Green slip)
Me:Thank you so much Officer🤩

Experience 3: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3rd November
Counter no – 24
Slot time 12 PM
In time 11:30 AM
Out time 12:00 PM
Interview time – 1-2 minute
Status: Approved ✅
Visa Type: F1
Attempt: 1st
VO was a american in 40 – 45s

Course : Computers & Information Sciences,semo

Vo: Good morning my boy, How are you?
Me: good morning officer. Doing good,how are you?
VO: I am good.
Vo: Pass me your Documents
Me: Sure officer, Here it is !
Vo: Which University ?
Me: Southeast Missouri State University
Vo: What course?
Me: Computer and Information sciences
Vo : passed out in which year?
me : Sept 2020 and My CGPA is 7.05 Out of Scale 10
Vo : are you working currently?
Me : No Officer, I Recently Completely my Bachelors So, Doing Online Course Which is helpful to my Master’s
Vo: How are you Funding ?
Me : My Father is my Sponcer, I have Secured Education loan of xx lakhs and I have xx Lakhs of Savings in my Account Officer
Vo: What is your Father ?
Me: my father is a Farmer and Agricultural Business Man
Vo: Income ?
Me: 18.5 LPA
Vo : Congrats man, I am approving your Visa
Stay safe,enjoy your journey.
Me: Thank you so much, You made my day.

Tips: Be confident and Loud, Make sure you prepare well

Experience 4: F1 at Chennai (Attempt 4)

Slot time 11 am
In time 10:30
Out time 11:20
Me: Good morning officer
Vo: Good morning
Vo:to which university
Me:The university of Texas at Arlington
Vo: which course
Me:computer and information science
Vo:what r the other admits do u have
Me: Previous I was rejected for fall intake.i am interested to join uta so I am not holding any other universities admits.
Vo:Did u pay your sevis.
Me:yes officer I have submitted document to you.
Vo:how r u funding.
Me:State Bank of India sanctioned me an educational loan of 32 lakhs and my father is sponsoring with his savings of 30 lakhs.
Vo:what r ur plans after masters.
Me:I would like to come back to india.and see my self as data scientist in top companies
Vo: what’s ur father occupation
Me:he is into hospitality industry from past 20 yrs.he do have annual income of 14.5 lakhs.
Vo:what type of hospitality industry.
Me:he owns restaurant in my home town.
Vo:Do u have any work experience.
Me:No officer I recently completed my bachelor’s in the month of May.Doing internship at A company.
Vo:what is your cgpa
Me:7.49 cgpa

Then golden words – Your visa is approved,💯👏🥳🎉

Experience 5: F1 at Chennai (2nd Attempt)

Attempt -1: Chennai
Date: 26-OCT-2021
Status: Rejected
University of North Texas
Time: 2mins

VO American male(Rejected few members)

Me: Good morning sir
VO: Give me 1 minute (… typing)
VO: Have you done any internship
Me: Yes sir
VO: Tell me about that
Me: I have done an internship in ** company located in HYD.
(I didn’t explained clearly about the internship)
VO: Tell me about UG
ME: Recently, I completed my UG in CSE from Vel Tech in July 2021.
ME: It’s 7.49
VO: On the scale of 10?
ME: Yes sir
VO: What are you doing since then
ME: Sir, I just finished my UG 3months back and after that I have done few courses in Data Analysis and DBMS.
VO: Ohh, you are still doing internship
ME: No sir, I have done online courses in coursera.
VO: Funds
Me: My parents are funding my Ed with their savings of 21L and I have an education loan of 31L
VO: what does your father do?
ME: He is a fertilizer seller, He sells fertilizers to farmers and retails shops in my village.
VO: What types of fertilizers he sell?
ME: He sell chemical fertilizers like Urea
VO: Urea??
ME: Yes sir, and some companies are UPL, Bayer..,
VO: ok
Then VO keep on typing for 30sec
(I know I will get rejected because I didn’t explained him clearly about the internship and types of fertilizers)
VO: Sorry, I can’t approve your visa this time
ME: Ok sir.

Attempt- 2 : Chennai

Date: 3-November-2021
Counter: 21
VO: Bald Guy(looks like Gunther from friends)..,(He is approving almost everyone)
Time : 1-2mins

Me: Hi sir,Good Morning!
VO: Good morning, pass me your docs(i-20, Passport)
Passed Passport, I-20.
VO: Hi, what will you do after yours masters?
Me: I’ll come back to india and work as a Data Analyst in Top MNC like TCS, Accenture..,
VO: Undergrad Percentage
Me: It’s 7.49 on scale of 10.
VO: Tell me about your funding?
Me: My parents are funding my education with their savings of 21L and also I have an ed loan of 31L.
VO: is it collateral?
Me: No Sir, It’s Non Collateral given based on my academic profile and My fathers repayment capability.
VO: What do they do?
Me: My father is fertiliser seller, He sells fertilisers to farmers and retail shops in my village.
VO: Repeat again
Me: He is a fertilizer seller and my mother has a clothing store in which she sells all types of sarees and fancy dress for women and their annual income is 11LPA.
VO: Do you have any siblings?
Me: Yes sir, He is studying class 5 in Sri Chaitanya School located in AP.
VO:Tell me about your internship(He seen my previous rejection in the computer)
ME: Explained
VO: Tell me more about it
ME: Told about internship project( I have done a project in my Internship)
VO: Explain detail about project
ME: Told about the project and algorithms used on it.
VO: OK(kept the passport in the box)
I know I got it this tym
VO: Your VISA is approved, Have a nice stay in USA
Me: Thank you very much sir!!☺️

VO: Welcome.

Don’t loose hope😅🙂

Experience 6: F1 at Hyderabad

Date:3rd Nov 2021
Slot time:9:15
Interview duration:1min approx
University of Houston Clear Lake(masters in cs)
Counter:14(American male in his 30s)
VO:Good morning
Me:Good morning officer
VO:Pass me your passport and place your i20 on glass
VO:How is this course related to your background
Me:Told that i completed ug in ece from xxxx college in 2019 and started working in xxxx company as xxxxx from past two years
VO:How are you planning to fund your education
Me:I have a secured education loan of 39 lac 50 thousand from SBI and my parents are sponsoring me with the savings of 25 lacs and uni has offered me a merit based scholarship
VO:what your sponsors do
Me:My father is a retired central govt employee currently into agriculture
VO:where was he working previously
Me:South Central Railways (and added my mothers profession and mentioned combined annual income of both 15.5 LPA)
VO:Plans after masters
Me:I would return back to india and work in the role of data scientist for top mncs
VO:Please place your left hand four fingers on scanner ,your visa is issued
Me:Thank you officer

Note:VO approved 3 people in front of me in no time.In hyderabad i have seen very few rejections but most of them are getting approved.
I wish everyone having their visa interview best of luck hope you get your visas.

Experience 7: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 3rd November 2021
In time: 9:40
Out time: 12:00
Slot time: 10 am
University: pace university
Vo was Indian American in mid 30s
Status: Approved ✅

Me; Good morning officer
Vo: pass me your i20 and passport
Vo: what is your intent to visit USA
Me; to pursue masters in information systems from pace university
Vo: why this university
Me: told
Vo: who is sponsoring your education?
Me: my father in law is sponsoring my education
Vo: what does he do?
Me: told
Vo: what is his income?
Me: around xx lakhs
Vo: place your right hand on the scanner

After a while- I am approving your visa, have a good stay.
Me: Thank you so much, have a great day

The famous Chinese American guy was next to my counter. He was practically rejecting all visas. There were 2 rejections in front of me, both were a reattempt for f1. Good luck guys!

Experience 8: F1 at New Delhi

Course: MS in Computer Science
Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 9:30
In time: 8:50
Out time: 9:40
Status: Approved✅
VO: The american officer with blad
Counter number: 17

In front of me three persons are rejected, he was rejecting if we fumbled with answers about university. I greeted him well and made him comfortable with me.

Me: Good Morning Officer! Hope you are having good day
VO: Good morning yeah smiles

Then he pointed to my passport so I gave him the passport along with my I-20 and sevis.

VO: What is your university
Me: State university of new york to pursue masters in computer and information sciences

VO: why this university? (For this answer, at this point i am making sure that he is listening and understanding each point)
Me: it’s a public and research university, their course structure and concentration are aligned to my area of interests. Moreover university offered an opportunity as graduate assistantship with that i can work closely with professors involving in their research and publications with this exposure i can get knowledge and concentrate on my projects throughout the course

VO : what about funding?
Me : my parents are sponsoring with their savings of 20 lpa and i sanctioned educational loan of amount 26lpa and this i have scholarship available.

VO : what’s your interest rate of loan?
Me : 12.5

VO : that’s a lot, you could get lower in us (with smiling)
Me : yeah(with smile)

VO: Place your left hand 4 fingers on the scanner
VO : congratulations your visa approved.

I tired make sure he does keep listening you that’s only key i can say. Don’t make him confuse with your answers.

Experience 9: F1 at Hyderabad

Program Level: Masters in Computers Science
University: Kent State University
Date : Nov 3 2021
Slot time: 10:00 am
In time: 9:00am
Out time: 11:15 am
Counter: 13

Status: Approved ✅

VO was an American Guy in his 30-35 maybe.

VO: pass me your Passport and I-20
Me: Passed passport and here is my I-20

VO: So tell me about where and what course
Me: I’m going to pursue my Masters in the field of Computer Science at Kent State University

VO: Why CS
Me: Am passion about computers, my bachelors is under CSE and my professional carrer is also related to Software Industry with 4 yrs IT exp. So i choose CS to excel in it.

VO: What about CS electives?
Me: I was not prepared for this question but answered saying that about subjects like Java, Oops, DBMS etc

VO: who is sponsring you?
Me: My parents are sponsring me with their savings of 31L and secured an educational loan of 25L, apart from that we have immovable assests costs nearly 1.3 cr

VO: What is your fathers and mothers occupation annual salary
Me: My father owns a bussines earns xx per annum ( asked in detail about my fathers occupation like he exports or not) i said yes he will export and under him currently there are 5 workers and my mother also own a bussines with xx per annum besides that she gets rental income of xx per year.

VO : Congarts your visa is approved
Me: Thank you sir, have a good day
VO: with smile thank you and u too

Maintained eye contact and answered him full loud voice in order to be confident.
I gave all answers with confidence and smile

Experience 10: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 3rd November
Counter no – 13
Slot time 10 am
In time 9:20 am
Out time 10:15 am
Interview time – 40-45 secs
Status: Approved ✅
VO was an American guy in between 25-30
Course: Business Analytics
University: University of Texas at Dallas

Me: Good Morning sir, how are you?
VO: I’m fine, thank you.
VO: Pass me your passport and I-20
Me: (passed)
VO: Is this business Analytics course?
Me: yes sir, it is business analytics course.
VO: Do you have any prior experience in this field?
Me: I have done an internship in data analytics field and also had subjects like data science, business and management science in undergraduate where I got basic skills in these domains.
VO: Who are going to fund your education?
Me: My parents are sponsoring for my masters. They have savings of xx lakhs and I have a secured education loan of xx lakhs. Apart from these my parents own immovable assets of worth 2.9 crores (while I was answering this question he had put my passport aside)
VO: Place your right hand four fingers on the scanner
VO: done,thank you.
Me: Thank you so much sir!!

Tips: Answer with confidence and maintain eye contact.

All the best to everyone who are going to attend!!

Experience 11: F1 at New Delhi

University: University of Texas at Dallas
Course: Ms in Business Analytics
1nd Nov
Slot time:10.10 am
In time: 9.45am
Out time: 11:30am
Interview duration: 2 minutes
Counter No: 12
Vo was an American woman in her 30s
Status: Approved✅

Me: Good morning officer!
VO: Good Morning! Pass me ur passport,i20 and sevis receipt
Me: Passed

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me:My parents are sponsoring me

She then continously typed for a minute
While typing she gave me expression of surprise
I dont know what she saw on screen

I kept calm and I dint loose my eye contact from her

VO: Place your right hand four fingers on scanner.
Me: Placed.

VO: She kept my passport in a basket
And said you are good to go.

Me: Thank you so much mam!

Keep eye contact even if the VO is not even seeing you and nervousness is normal but do not show on your face
Keep calm even if you fumble a bit do not worry they are very generous people
My tip: Do not talk to anyone else in the embassy(friends or co applicant)
Also focus on yourself becoz at embassy you will see every sort of emotion with approval and denial of the applicants before you

Experience 12: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 9:40
In-Time: 9:00
Out-Time: 10:00
Counter: 13
VO: Male American 20-30 year old
University: Cleveland state University
Time : 30 seconds
VO:Good Morning
Me:Good Morning Officer
VO:Pass me your Passport,I20
Me:Yeah Sure, Passed docs
VO: Cleveland state University
Me:Yes Officer
VO:What do you know about computer science?
Me:I have work experience in the data science field for 4 years I want to gain much knowledge . I want to learn cloud computing also which I am very much interested.
VO : Do you have sufficient funding for USA ?
Me:I said with xxx amount of loan and xxx amount if savings .
VO:Okay I am approving your visa have a nice day.
Me:Thank you so much Officer🤩

Experience 13: F1 at Chennai

Time in: 11:15am
Time out: 1:05

Term: Spring 22
University: Steven’s institute of technology

Status: approved ✅
Vo was a semi bald guy in his early 30’s

Duration: about 10secs

Vo: good morning

Me: Good morning officer

Vo:please pass me your passport and i20

*Vo sees something on my i20. *

Vo: what do your parents do?

Me: My father is a senior manager in a real estate organization in Bangalore and he has an LPA of xyz lakhs

Vo: Do you have any siblings?

Me: yes officer, I have 2 elder sisters both are married

Vo: congratulations your visa is approved have a safe journey..

Me: Thanks officer you made my day.

Key notes:

*Confidence is the key
*Be precise with your information
*Dress in formals( recommended cz you look professional)
*Anxiety kicks in but try to maintain your calm

Experience 14: F1 at New Delhi

3rd November
Slot time :- 10:30 am
In time :- 9:10 am
Out time :- 10:35 am
Vo is an American lady of age around 40-45
Me : Good morning officer , how are you .
Vo : good morning. I’m good , how are you .( in a cool way with smile)
Me :- yeah am doing good
Vo :- pass me your passport , i20 and sevis .
Me :- yeah here it is
Vo :- Ok , how did you get to know about this university.
Me :- One of my friend is studying now in Cleveland State University and I’ve done my research where I got to know it’s a good university and suits me
Vo: what’s your undergrad
Me :- I’ve done my undergraduation in Computer Science background and now am working as an associate software in the same computer science background and want to explore more in the same field
Vo:- Who is funding you ( in a low tone and I didn’t get it )
Me :- sorry i didn’t get you
Vo:- Who is funding you ( by pointing her finger on i20 fee structure)
Me :- my parents are sponsoring me
Vo :- what does your father do
Me :- he is an automobile engineer and owns his own workshop
Vo:- does he repair cars ?
Me :- yes he services cars , autos , Generators etc and also deals spare parts in retails
Vo:- okay , what does your mother do !
Me :- she is a fashion designer and ownes a fashion boutique
Vo:- any siblings?
Me :- yes , a younger one
Vo :- yes approving your visa ( but I couldn’t hear that )
At last she handed me my sevis recipt and i20 without passport (then I got to know that she accepted my visa)
Vo :- thank you
Me :- thank you officer , have a great day
( A guy from our telugu states is being so tensed at the time of interview , then I’ve suggest him to be cool and said him that “just think that you are in a hotel now and going to reception and talking to receptionist and say the details that they ask you for “ . He also got visa today for UCM ) 🥳
This is my experience
My suggestion :- Don’t panic and stay chill overall and think that you are talking to a hotel receptionist 😂)

Experience 15: F1 at Hyderabad

The Christian Brothers University
Window:- 14
Date:- 03/11/2021
VO:- white American guy
Status:- Approved ✅
Slot time:- 8.45 AM
In Time:- 08:00 AM
Out Time:- 10: 30 PM

Interview Duration ( 1-2 min)

Most are F1 candidates.

VO:- Good Morning
Me:- Good morning Officer.
Pass me your pass port.
Me:- passed
Vo:- Show your I 20 on glass
Me:- shown
VO:- hmm Christian Brothers university
Me:- yes officer

VO:- which course?
Me:- Master in computer and information science

VO:- Great! What you have done in your Undergraduation?
Me:- Bachelor of Commerce with specialisation in Computers

VO:- what are you doing after completion of bachelors

Me: working as Data Analyst in IT organisation from last 2 years

VO:- what are your roles and responsibilities
Me: told

VO:- What type of Data you manage
Me:- Employees Data

VO:- What projects you have done in your bachelor
Me:- Told

VO: Who is paying you?
Me: My father is sponsoring me with the savings of ₹₹ lakhs and I have a secured education loan of ₹₹ lakhs from SBI

VO:- What kind of job he do?
Me:- manger in Saudi Arabia from last 15 years

Vo:- tell me about your fathers company?
Me:- told

VO:- After completing masters what will you do?
Me:- came back to india and work in a same company as a data scientists or apply to other MNC companies

VO:- what kind of job role you will find in india?
Me:- Data scientists or Data analyst.

VO:- I am keeping your passport you can go now
Me:- Thank you,u so much officer.

Tips : Be well prepared in your answers and be confident I have seen 6 to 7 rejections today in hyderabad so be confident with your answers

Experience 16: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 3rd November
Slot time: 9:45 AM
In time: 8: 45 AM
Out time: 10:30 AM
Status: Approved
American male around 35 to 40 (counter no 12) he is giving eye contact between the interview (There are two students in front of me 1 approved and 1 rejected)
Interview around 1 to 1.5 minutes
Course: MS in Computer Science

Me: Good morning, Officer.
Vo: Pass me your Passport
Me: gave I20 and Passport.
Vo: Which university you’re heading to?
Me: University of Illinois at Chicago
Vo: Why this University?
Me: It has built a high-quality diverse education system and research opportunities for students at graduate level and computer science department is (VO cuts me off)
Vo: any research you know of?
Me: I’ve seen some of the researches of Robert Sloan Head of CS dept, his researches mainly focus on AI, ML and cloud computing, and another professor Tanaya Wolf (VO cuts me off)
Vo: On what are you focusing?
Me: Sir, I am working at Accenture where Microsoft is my client and I’ve been introduced to Azure concepts and those fascinated me so I’ll be mainly focusing on Cloud computing and AI,ML.(Told something like this)
Vo: who is sponsoring your education?
Me: My parents are funding for my education we are having saving (vo cuts me again)
Vo: What does your father do?
Me: He works as a Technical engineer for Telangana State health and Medical dept, Ranga Reddy division.
Vo: what does your mother do?
Me: Homemaker sir.
Vo: okay congratulations young man I’m approving your visa.
Me: Thank you Sir.


Experience 17: F1 at Hyderabad

University of Central Missouri
Slot time-9:45
In time-8:20( joined in the queue)
Out time: 10:35
Vo is American in his 30’s
Interview time < 1 min

Vo: Good morning , please place the passport on the screen
Me: Good Morning officer.placed the passport on the glass
Vo: Please place your left hand four fingers on the scanner
Me: Did
Vo : Please display the I20 on the glass
Me : did
Vo : Masters in computer systems analysis
Me: yes officer
Vo: Do you have any work
Me: yes officer, i have work experience of 2 years as a software Engineer.
Vo: Who is funding your education
Me: My parents are sponsoring me
Vo: what your mother does?
Me: told
Vo: what your father does?
Me: told
Vo: Any loan?
Me: yes, i have education loan of 20 lakhs
Vo: Am keeping your passport.Your visa is approved .
Me: Thank you so much sir.

2 people before me got approved. Asking about the undergrad project if they are recently passed out

Experience 18: F1 at Kolkata

Slot time: 9:30 AM
In time: 8:15 AM
Out time : 9 AM
Status : Approved.
(There were lot of h1b visas only few F1 were seen)
Three counters were operating.
University: IUPUI
VO was American.
VO : Good morning, how are you doing ?
Me: Good morning officer, am doing good. How about you?
VO: pass your i20 and passport.
VO: tell about your course ?
Me: Medical informatics is intersection of health care and information technology, which mainly focuses on designing and developing health care system and applications.
VO: You already completed Pharm.D why you want masters now?
Me: Pursuing this masters will help me to provide better health care to the people of my country and Pharm D knowledge will help me to make it even better.
VO: Congratulations, am approving your visa you can collect it in 4 working days.
Me : Thank you officer ☺️☺️
(Only two questions were asked and got approval.)

Experience 19: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 10:00
In-Time: 9:20 , Out-Time: 11:00
VO: American guy around 31-35 years
University: University of Texas at Dallas MSBA
Time : 20-30 seconds

VO rejected a guy infront of me
VO: Hi gm, place your left hand four fingers on the scanner.
Me: placed Good morning sir
VO: Pass your passport and show your I20 through the glass.
He read the university and the course name through the glass
VO: So, you have any professional experience ?
Me: Yes sir, I have been working as an analyst in ABC company from past 2 years and VO cuts me off*
VO: Ohh very cool, so who’s sponsoring you?
Me: I have an approved education loan from prodigy finance and VO cuts me**
VO: Ok , so do you have any other sponser?
Me : Yes sir, my father will be sponsoring me.
VO: What does he do?
Me: He’s an agriculturist and receives rental income
VO: What’s his annual income?
Me: It’s 9lpa
VO: Okay your visa is approved.
Me: My mind is blank for 5 secs Thank you
VO: You’re welcome
Keynotes: maintain eye contact and go with the flow. Be genuine and stick to one answer even if he asks the same question again and again… all the best guys

Experience 20: F1 at Hyderabad

University: University of North Texas
Major: MS in Data Science
Date: Nov 3
Counter no:16, The VO was very chill and polite.
Interview length: 40 sec

Status: APPROVED ✅

VO:Please place your passport on glass.
Me: Good Morning.
VO: Good morning! Please place your i20 on glass
Me: Sure.
VO: Management science?
Me: No ..data science but as per the rules (He cuts saying i get it)
VO: Any work experience in this field?
Me: I have worked as data analyst for sometime before working as developer in TCS
VO: How long have you been working in Tcs?
Me:Since 2018 ,2 years 10 months
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me:my father.he has savings of xx and also I’ve secured a loan of xx lakhs.
VO:What does your father do?
Me: He is working in govt department as xx
VO: what’s his salary?
Me: xx
VO:Great.Have you ever been to USA?
Me: No,never.
VO: I’m approving your visa,you can leave now

Stay confident and answer to the point.

Experience 21: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 8:30
In-Time:8:15 , Out-Time:8:55
Counter: 23
VO: Pretty American lady
University: University of Colorado Denver
course:Masters in CS
VO : Hey how are u doing??
Me: good morning officer i am doing gud
VO: pass me your passport
Me: passed passport and then she asked for i20
VO:what did u do in ur Under graduation??
Me: I did my bachelor’s in CS with a cgpa of 7.2 on a scale of 10 and i graduated in the year 2019.
VO: what have you been doing since then??
Me: i have been working in Bank of America in the role of sr. tech. associate since the last 2 years

VO: ok…what designation do you want to be in after masters??
Me: i will come back to india and work in roles like ML engineer or ML operations developer as i want to specialize in ML
VO: do you have any loan?
Me: yes i have a secured education loan of 28 lakhs from SBI
VO: ok i am approving your visa❤️….ur passport will be delivered in 3-4 days.

Me: Thank you so much officer.✨

Try to answer confidently in the first couple of questions which i think can reduce the number of questions they ask. don’t be nervous guys. be prepared and do well.

All the very best to everyone.❤️

Experience 22: F1 at Kolkata

Date: 3nd November, 2021
Slot time: 10:15 AM
In-Time: 10:20, Out-Time: 11:20
Counter: 5(not sure)( three counters wr open)
VO is American Male
University of Texas at Dallas
Status: Approved
Time : around 1mins

Me: hello. Good morning sir.
VO: Good morning, Please pass me your I20 and Passport.
Me: Passed.
VO: Place your left hand four fingers?
Me: Placed
VO: where are you going to and which course?
Me: I’m going to US to pursue masters in supply chain management from the University of Texas at Dallas.
VO: why SCM?
Me: told.
VO: why are u changing ur field from design to procurement and supply chain
Me: just came up with something on the spot and told.
VO: Do u have any experience in procurement?
Me: yes, (I tried linking my final year project to procurement and explained it to him)
VO: CONGRATULATIONS your visa is approved. U can collect ur passport in 3-5 buisness days.
Me: thank you sir.
VO: Please collect ur I-20.
Me: sure. ( I took my I-20 and placed it in my folder)
Me: have a nice day sir.
VO: You too.

My suggestion : In kolkata there wr many rejections today and even the guy in front of me got rejected as he fumbled a lot, still the VO asked him many questions and told him ‘sorry I cannot approve your visa, try ur luck next time’. Don’t bother about rejections in the consulate and If you have answers then the visa is yours, Be prepared for questions like why this university and why this course. Be confident, loud enough and look at the face of VO while answering. Even if u fumble in between don’t stop the answer until you convey your intent.

I wish good luck to everyone and I would say approval in kolkata consulate is based on your performance.

Experience 23: F1 at Chennai

Date : 3rd November 2021
Slot : 9:30 AM
Counter 24 : African bald guy
University: University Of Houston – Main Campus.
Status : APPROVED⭐️
Interview time : 2-4min
Me: Good morning officer. How are you doing?
Vo: I’m good. How about you?
Me: I’m doing great.
Vo:Pass your i20 and passport ?
Me: Passed ( Very Tensed 😐)
Vo: So which University?
Me: University Of Houston – Main Campus to pursue Master’s in Construction Management.
Vo: Oh Construction Management so what’s your Undergraduation ?
Me: Yes officer. Civil Engineering , I’ve completed my bachelor’s recently in the month of July 2021 with CGPA /10.
Vo:Why Construction Management ?
Me:It provides me enough Theoretical and Practical Skills to be a Site Engineer , when I’ll come to India.
Vo: Which field are you interested Bridges , Building’s ??
Me: Highway .(didn’t Expect this Question)
Vo: who Funding You?
Me: My Primary Sponsorer is my father With his savings of lakhs on top of that i have education loan of lakhs and Combined Amount is lakhs more over we have immovable assets of Cr.
Vo: What Will your Father do?
Me: He is a business Man . he has been Running his trading Company past 21 years with his annual income is lakhs.
Vo: what does his trading do?
Me : My Father Majorly Deals with Cotton , turmeric and red Chillies.
Vo: what was the price of this goods?
Me : As per Today , Cotton price range for 8k-10k per ton depends on quality. Red Chillies price range 9k-13k per ton depends on quality . Turmeric price range 7k-11k per ton depends on quality.( Expect Question so i prepared those prices )
Vo : Oh very good prices for those goods .
Me: Yes officer.
Vo: Scan Your Left hand Four Fingers.
Me : Done . ( Too Tensed because i have seen him rejected )
VO:I’m approving your visa please collect it in 2-3 days .
Me : Very Happy . You made my day Officer😁.

Tips: Be confident and Loud, Make sure you prepare well..

Experience 24: F1 at New Delhi

Status: APPROVED ✅
Course: MS in Computer Software Engineering at Arizona State University

i20 amount: 51,763 USD

Date: 3rd November 2021

Slot time: 8:40 am

In time: 8:10 am

Out time: 8:50 am

Counter: 21

VO is an American lady in her 30s.
Duration: < 1 minute

Me: Good Morning ma’am. How are you doing?

VO: Good morning, pass me your passport and i20.

Me: Here they are. (passed)

VO: Which University?
Me: Arizona State University.

VO: Why this course?
Me: Computer Software Engineering is totally relevant to what I have been working right now. The courses offered as part of this program are the ones what the industry expects. I’m very sure that I will gain the right technical skills and practice knowledge in order to work in challenging roles after my graduation.

VO: When did you complete your undergraduation?
Me: In the year 2020.

VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: I have been working as xxxx at xxxx.

VO: Good, what about your funding?
Me: I have secured an educational loan of xx L from xx bank, my father is sponsoring me with his savings of xx L and we have immovable assets of worth x crores. Moreover I received a scholarship of $xxxx from ASU.

VO: Ok, what does your father do?
Me: Answered accordingly.

VO: Have you ever been to the USA?
Me: No ma’am.

VO: Congratulations, your visa is approved. You will receive your passport in 5 days.
Me: (with bright smile) Thank you so much ma’am. Have a great day! 😁

PS: Stay confident, be loud and maintain eye contact.

Experience 25: F1 at Kolkata

Biometric 2nd Nov
VI :3rd Nov
Slot time 10 am
In time 8:00
Out time 11:30
Status : Approved✅
Northwest Missouri State University.
Spring intake
Vo :(American guy) hello mister HRU , please come forward.

Me: hey! I’m good wbu

Vo : I’m good .thank you

Vo: please pass me your passport and i20 .

Me: passed the documents.

Vo: Tell me about your programme

Me : It’s a 30credit hour course, and explained the subjects.

Vo: cuts me off and asks about my course which is Applied Computer science.

Me: Explained why it is different from CS .

Vo: Cuts me off again and asks why this university.

Me: explained with specifying the specialization .

Vo:how r u funding.

Me: My parents are funding me with their savings and I have sanctioned loan of 15L . (I specified especially that it’s just for formality and for a worst case scenario I have taken a loan.)

Vo : what is your parents annual income

Me : it’s 16LPA

Vo: what does they do

Me: mentioned they handle firm shops from past 20 yrs.

Vo:Do u have any work experience.
Me: yes officer, I am working as a .net developer since 2.5 yrs and that’s y I choose this course .

Vo : oh that’s good. Congratulations I’m approving your visa 🥳🥳🥳

Just be confident on your answers. I have seen around 80% rejections on my day. But still I kept hope. So just don’t fumble by seeing other’s rejections .


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