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F1 Visa Experiences – November 2021

Below are experiences from November 3rd, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at New Delhi

Slot time: 9:30
Status: Approved
Duration:2 to 3mins
Counter : Indian Male.
University: SUNY BUFFALO
Course: Computer Science and Engineering

Me:good morning officer!
Vo:good morning! Pass me i20, passport
Me:here it is!
Vo: Which course at which university.
Me: I’m going for Masters in computers at State university of new york, Buffalo.
Vo Started typing ( he’s so casual and free. I fact he’s eating sneakers while asking)
Vo: place your right hand on the scanner
Vo: what university have you applied other than Buffalo. How many admits and rejects.
Me: I’ve applied for 6 others and got admits from all of them.
Vo: Vo: Name any three if them
Me: told them
Vo: who is funding your education!?
Me: I have an education loan of xx lakhsand my parents have saving of xxx lakhs !
Vo: what does your parents do.
Me: my father’s an air veteran.
Vo: can you say that again.( I did)
Vo: speak to the microphone and say slowly. Don’t rush. There’s nothing to gain.
Me: he’s a retired from Indian army.
Vo: collect your passport after a week. Your visa is approved

Experience 2: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 8:30
In-Time:8:10 , Out-Time:8:45
Counter: 22
VO: Bald American guy in his 30’s
University: Valparaiso university
course:Masters in IT
Me: very good morning officer hope you are doing good
VO: Thank you pass me your documents
Me:sure here it is
VO:when did you graduate
Me: recently sir in july 2021
VO: ok..do you have any loan
Me: yes officer i have taken of 32L from avanse finance
VO: ok…how did you write your final semister
Me: (never expected such question) sorry!
VO: how did you write your final semister exams..
Me: yes good sir
VO:what was your hardest subject in your final semister
Me: i even forgot my subjects 😆and blindly said python
VO: explain list in python
Me: 🙆🏻‍♂️ i even forget what i said 😆😁😂🤣
VO: congratulations your visa is approved Enjoy US.
Me: Thank you sir….came out…i was in a shock for 5 min after that i realise did i get visa 😍 🎉 🎊 🎈

guys…be loud and clear…a guy in front of me got rejected…i was a bit tensed seeing those moments..but still i managed all those and gave a push back…

Experience 3: F1 at Hyderabad

Interview Date : 02/11/2021
University: UMKC
Course: Computer Science
Counter No : 14
Time slot : 8:30 am
Status : Approved✅
Duration : 2-3 mins
Me : Good Morning officer
VO: Good morning young man, pass me your passport
VO: Which University?
VO: Why Master’s ?
Me : Told
Vo: When did you graduated?
Me : In the year 2020
Me: In 2020 offficer
Vo : which courser you are going to do in UMKC ?
Me : Computer Science
Vo: Who is your sponsor?
Me: My father is my sponsor officer
Vo: what he will do?
Me : He is working as a senior line inspector in Telangana state electricity department
Vo: Good, Any loan ?
Me: Yes officer, I took XX lakhs of loan for my education
Vo: ok , Place your right hand four fingers on scanner, and the positive words …. Your visa is approved… enjoy ur stay in United States.
Me : Thank you officer.

Hyderabad Consulate approval rate was good yesterday.

All d best Guys!!

Experience 4: F1 at Chennai

Date :- 3rd November 2021
Slot Time :- 8 am
Attempt :- 1st
In time :- 7.45
Out time :- 8.05
VO is an chilled American guy with 30 – 35 age
Course in CS from State University of New York at New paltz
Status :- Approved✅✅✅🤟🤟
Me : GM officer
VO : State University Of New York
Me : Yes officer
VO : Wat r u going to do?
Me : To pursue my Masters in CS
VO : Wat r u doing ryt now?
Me : working as an Associate Software Engineer in XXX Company.
VO : Wat did u do before that?
Me : I did my bachelors in CS in 2018
Typing for 10 seconds
VO : Anyone funding ur education?
Me : My father is going to sponser my education.
VO : Wat is ur father?
Me : He is a Business man. He is into Cotton trading.
VO : Can u explain it?
Me : He buys cotton from farmers and sell it to textile industries.
VO : Does he own a company?
Me : No.
VO : Then golden words “Iam approving ur visa”
Me : Thank you so much officer
VO : Tq.

VO’s in Chennai are very cool and approving many visa’s. (9/10)

Tips :- Be Confident and Don’t panic, just deliver Wat u prepared.
Carry an umbrella if u r willing to go to Chennai location.
Finally, All d Best guys🤝🤝🤟🤟

Experience 5: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 3rd November, 2021
1st Attempt
Slot time: 8:50
In-Time: 8:30 , Out-Time: 9:00
Counter: 13
VO: American lady with spects
University: Northern Illinois University
Time : 1 Minute

Me: Hii Maam. Good Morning!
VO: Hi Good morning. Which Course?
Me: Computer science with specialization in Data science.
VO: What are you doing now?
Me: I am working as Xxx in xxx company for the past 3 years since my graduation.
VO: Who is funding your Education?
Me: My Father is funding my education with his savings around XX lakhs and I also have a secured education loan of 20 lakhs on collateral basis
VO: What does your father do?
Me: He works as Associate Professor
VO: Congrats! Your Visa is approved !

Tips: Be Loud in your voice and answer with confidence. There won’t be much questions if you have answered them with confidence.

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

Nov 3rd 2021
Slot time: 8:30 AM
In time 8:00AM
Out time: 8:45AM
Vo(27 counter): chill American guy of age 27 to 30
University: the university of Texas at Arlington masters in Computer Science
vo: good morning
Me: hi sir! Good morning

Vo: pass me your documents
Me: Passed
Vo: university uta?oo cool
Me: yes sir.

Vo: what are you doing currently?
Me: working as a software developer in ×× company.
Vo: from how long are you working?
Me: almost 2 years.
Vo: what did you do before that?
Me: I passed out from undergraduate in the year 2020,during my final semester I got a call from×× company as internship.
Vo: how are you going to fund?
Me: sir we have savings of xx lakhs and also i have a secured educational loan of xx lakhs.my parents annual income ××

Vo: what do your father do?
Me: told about my father.

Vo: do you have anyone in usa
Me: yes, my elder brother
Vo: I didn’t understand,can you repeat that.
Me: My brother
Vo : Is it soo (starring at me) .
Vo: what is your brother doing and what is his status?
Me : currently he is doing job and he is in H1b

Vo: place your right and four fingers…ur visa is approved. Enjoy your stay in US!!
Me: thank you officer you made my day .

Only few rejections try to be confident and speak truth because he is checking everything

Experience 7: F1 at Chennai

Visa Status : Approved
Date : 3-Nov-2021.
Slot Time : 8:30
In Time : 7:50
Out Time : 8:40

Visa Officer (VO) is a white american at counter num 21

It was raining outside there are fraudsters everywhere. At the time I went inside i was sent to counter 21 my front person spent a lot a time due to some technical issue. So he was asked to come again and vo went side. So i just walked in he was a bit nervous seeing me suddenly and asked like below
Me : Good Morning officer
VO : Good Morning, please me your passport.
Me : here is my passport sir.(Confidently).
VO : (seeing the passport)asked me I20.
Me : here is my I20 sir.(again Confidently).
VO : what are your plans after you come back.
Me: I was going to work as a Embeded systems engineer in top MNC’s like HCL, Tata Motors e.t.c (told instantly).
VO: What does your father do.
Me : told (with out any hesitation).
VO : What is your fathers Income.
Me : Told xx L.P.A sir.
VO : Do you have any loan.
Me : Sir, State Bank of India secured me a loan amount of xx Lakhs.
VO: what is the Safety.
Me : Sir I have xx crore worth of Immovable assets (said wrongly but i added instantly) and loan is collateral to my house sir.
VO : I am approving your Visa. Enjoy your trip.
ME : Thank You sir


  1. don’t take any bags to visa office as they will stop you in front gate on road and they will tell you keep it somewhere (mostly you will be frustrated, try to avoid it)
  2. be like buzzing electric and answer questions spontaneously in a connective manner
  3. if you have any doubt on weather for any chance of rain carry a Umbrella with you. All the Best to your incoming Interview.

Experience 8: F1 at Kolkata

Nov’ 2nd
Slot time: 08:30
In time:8:00
Out time:8:25
Bradley university
Status: approved✅
Vo is an African American guy in counter no 5
Vo: made a sign with his eye and called me to his counter
VO: good morning.
Me: good morning officer
Vo : pass me your passport, i20 . At the same time told me to place the left hand finger on the scanner
M: i handed over
VO: why are you going to US
M: To pursue my masters in computer science from university of Bradley.
Vo: Any specialisation
M: Artificial intelligence
Vo: Why AI
Me: currently I’m working on IBM and we have recently started a project on chatbots which uses AI.which doing it I realised I need to upgrade my skill set. So this masters would give me in depth knowledge on AI.
VO: who is you sponsor
M: my father is primary sponsor.(vo cuts off)
Vo:what does he do
M: He is a pesticide dealer and also agriculturist.I was about to say annual income (vo cuts off)
Vo : your visa is approved I’m keeping your passport.(hardly the interview took less than a minute)
M : Tq so much officer.

Being confident is the only key.Don’t show tension on your face . Be calm and composed . But be confident you can ace it.:).you own this visa.

Experience 9: F1 at Hyderabad (2nd Attempt)

1st Attempt: 20th October

Status – Rejected
Counter – 11

University: University of Texas at Dallas

Me – Good morning Sir. How are you?
VO- Good Morning. I’m good. Pass me your Passport.

VO – Which school are you going for?
Me – I am going to pursue my masters in university of Texas at Dallas

VO – Why this school?
Me – Told about the ranking of utd and explained it’s course curriculum (but I was tensed, anxious I couldn’t present myself with confidence)

VO – Who is your sponsor?
Me – my father is my primary sponsor. (Again fumbled)

VO – what’s his annual income?
Me – 17lpa

VO – Have you done any courses related to your masters course?
Me – said yes and explained about few courses I have done in udemy.

VO – show me your i20 through glass
Me – Shown ( but I didn’t signed on my i20 after my interview I got to know if there is no sign on i20 it remains invalid)

VO – (After typing for few seconds) Sorry, I can’t approve your visa this time. You can reapply if you want. And then handed me the 214b slip.

2nd Attempt:
Hyderabad Consulate

02nd November

Status – Approved ✅
Counter – 16

University: University of Texas at Dallas

Me – Good morning Sir. How are you?
VO- Good Morning. I’m good. How are you? Please pass me your i20 and Passport.

Me – I am good Sir.

VO – Who’s sponsoring your education?
Me – My father is sponsoring me

VO – What does he do?
Me – he is a businessman he owns a firm of furniture and two branches of furniture stores in Hyderabad

VO – What course have you done in your ug?
Me – I have done my under graduation in bachelors of commerce in computers

VO – Which school?
Me -Osmania university

VO – What is your ug score?
Me – it’s 7.12 cgpa on scale of 10

VO – what is your course in utd?
Me – it’s business analytics with specialisation of data science
VO – Okay. Your Visa is Approved. You will get your Visa in 4-5 Days.
Me – Thankyou so much Sir.

Best of luck to everyone who have their interviews in the coming days. Maintain eye contact and be confident.

Experience 10: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3rd November, 2021
1st Attempt
Program Level: Masters CS
University: Northern Illinois University
VO: American Guy 35-40 age

Slot time: 9:30am
In time: 8:30am
Out time: 9:30am
Interview duration: 1-2 min
Counter: 30

Me : Good morning officer
VO: pass me your I-20 and passport
Me: Here you go..

VO: which University and course you are going for?
Me: Nothern Illinois University, Masters in computer science

VO: what’s your Undergraduate score?
Me: told

VO: Is your UG background same as your masters?
Me: Yes… Computer Science

VO: Are u working?
Me: yes… I have been working in the IT industry from the past 4 years

VO: So who’s going to sponsor your education
Me: My Mother is my sponsor.. I have secured education loan of 30 Lakhs

VO: What does she do
Me: She is a state government employee working as school teacher

VO: Which subject she will teach
Me: Told

VO is typing in his computer for 10 seconds.. I am waiting

VO: place your left hand four fingers on the scanner.. I am approving your visa
Me: Thank you so much officer..

Be confident and maintain eye contact with officer

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3rd November
Counter no – 24
Slot time 9 am
In time 8:30am
Out time 9:12am
Interview time – 1 minute
Status: Approved ✅
VO was the famous African american in 35-40s

Course: Computer Science (Computer Security), University of Southern California

Me: Good Morning. Happy Diwali!
VO: (With a smile) Thanks and the same to you.
VO: Pass me your passport and I-20
Me: (passed)
VO: So University of Southern California. What major?
Me: I want to pursue my Masters in Computer Science with a specialisation in Computer Security.
VO’s questions after:

So University of Southern California

What specialisation?

What will you do after your Master’s?

Have you been working after undergraduation?

What is your job?

What is your role?

What is your project at Wipro?

Why Cybersecurity?

What is your funding?

What does your dad do?

Me: (answered everything smootly)
VO: Place your right hand on the scanner.
Me: Okay.
VO: Congrats I am approving your Visa, you can collect your passport in a week.
Me: Thank you sir. Have a nice day.

Tips: Answer with confidence and maintain eye contact. Practice well and keep repeating the answers out loud when you practice so they just roll off your tongue. This way you won’t fumble and won’t have to think much. In Chennai, there are mics for both visa officers as well as applicants but better keep your voice loud.

Get there an hour early and wait. You’ll be sent in quick.

Almost 98% are getting their visas approved, All the best to everyone.

PS- There are water dispensers at the Chennai consulate waiting room

Experience 12: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3nd November, 2021
1nd Attempt
Slot time: 8:30 am
University: Northern Illinois University
Time : 1 min

Me: Hello officer, Good Morning! How are you and Passed Passport, I-20, SEVIS receipt
VO: I am good, how are you?
Me: I am fine thank you for asking
VO: Which university?
Me: Told
VO: which course?
Me: Computer science
VO: are you working currently?
Me: yes and explained about my job and responsibilities
VO: Funding?
Me: told about savings and loan
VO: plans after master’s?
Me: told that will come to India and join my current company
VO: place your left hand four fingers on the scanner
Me: placed
VO: congrats, I am approving your visa
Me: thank you officer, have a great day

VO was nice and simple, gives us time to complete our answers with out interrupting

This group has given good resources to all.
All the best to everyone.

Experience 13: F1 at Hyderabad

Date : 3rd Nov
Counter number:14
Vo : American guy in his early 30s
University: Texas state university
Course: Data analytics and information systems
In time 8:00am
Out time :8:40 am
Status: Approved ✅

Vo: Good morning
Me: Good morning officer.
Vo: Which School ?
Me: Texas state university for my masters in data analytics and information systems.
Vo: Undergraduate project?
Me: Told about my final year project.
Vo:Good, when did you graduated
Me:2020 Aug.
Vo:who is sponsoring you?
Me:My father is my primary sponsor having saving of 45lakhs and educational loan of 40lakhs.
Vo: Place your left hand fingers on scanners
Me: placed
Vo: congrats, im approving your visa I will keep the passport, you will receive it in 3-4 business days
Me: thank you officer .

Overall there are not many rejections in Hyderabad out of 20 I have only seen 3 rejections.

Experience 14: F1 at Chennai (Rejected)

Slot time:10:00AM
Counter : American male
University: university of north texas
Course: information science

Me:good morning officer!
Vo:good morning! Pass me i20, passport
Me:here it is!
Vo:which university
me: university of North texas
Vo: what are you doing since
Vo: who is funding your education!?
Me: my parents is sponsoring my education.took a loan (stopped me. )
vo:what is there annual income
me: 14.5L sir
vo: what is there profession
me: father owns an construction company he as rental and agriculture income and mother runs an boutique
vo: what is construction name and what does he do
me : told the name and he is contractor for apartments and building.
vo: oh good.
Vo typing seriously for 30sec placed white slip
Vo: place your right hand on the scanner

Experience 15: F1 at Hyderabad

Counter no 11
In time 8:00
Out time 10:30
Appointment time 9:15
Interview time : 2mins
VO is an American in his early 40’s
University: UTD
Course : MSBA

I was tensed because I already completed my masters here and my brother is in usa with h1b

Me : Good Morning officer How r u doing today?
Vo: Good morning! Pass your passport and which university
VO: how many universities did you apply
Me : Two
Vo: only two? Ok
Vo: Did you do your project?
Me: yes
Vo: why masters again?
Me: told about my interest in Business Analytics
Vo: Who is sponsoring?
Me : my father
Vo: what he does?
Me: He is an agriculturist and also a public representative
Vo: public representative?
Me : told about his designation
Vo: what’s his annual income and about mother?
Me : told
Vo: Any loan
Me: yes xxx L from xxx bank
Vo: your visa is approved!

Experience 16: F1 at Kolkata

Date : 02-11-2021
Slot time: 10:30
University: UCM.
VO is a guy in his early 40’s
Me: Good Morning officer, How are you doing ?
V.O:Good morning.
Please pass me ur i20, sevis, passport
V.O: Why are you going to the US?
Me: To purse masters in Computer Systems Analysis with specialisation in Big-data and IT
V.O Why big data?
Me: Currently I’m working in TCS as a Cybersecurity analyst and I want to enhance my skills in terms of technologies such as Big data. ( I prepared for this question but gave entirely a different answer)
V.O: why not cybersecurity?
Me: I felt that the work which I’m doing is monotonous and want to enhance my skills in big data as it has a good scope in Indian market.
V.O: what are the roles that you get?
Me: Data engineer/Analyst
V.O: He asked me about the subjects in my specialisation.
Me: Big data architecture
Business Intelligence
Applications of machine and deep learning
Application development using C and Java
V.O: Yours visa has been approved.

Experience 17: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 9:30
In-Time: 8:40 , Out-Time: 10:20
Counter: 13
VO: American guy around 25-30 years
University: University of Missouri at Kansas city
Time : 1 minute

VO: Hi gm, please pass me your passport and i20.
Me: passed the documents and VO looked into it, scanned the passport and looking into screen.
VO: so computer science, do you have any background experience in this ?
Me: yes sir, I’ve done My under graduation in computer science and engineering
VO: no, I mean any work experience ?
Me: no sir, I recently graduated in May 2021
VO: oh, recently graduated.. tell me about your project?
Me: told
VO: Who created the algorithm?
Me : I did sir, I’m the team leader.
VO: who’s gonna sponsor you ?
Me: my father
VO: does he have savings ?
Me:yes sir 25 lakhs
VO: what does he do ?
Me: he’s a government employee, he teaches mathematics in a high school
VO: what’s his annual income
Me: 11.5 lakhs
VO: do you have loan ?
Me : yes sir, 25 lakhs
VO: do you have any education loan
Me : yes sir, 25 lakhs
Vo : your visa is approved , you can go
Me: Thank you sir…
Keynotes: maintain eye contact, go with the flow, I didn’t even fumble once … all the best guys

Experience 18: F1 at Chennai

Date- 3rd November
Slot- 9 am
In time- 8:45 am
Out time- 9:15 am
Interview duration- 40 secs
University- Northern Illinois University
Status- Approved
VO was an American lady I guess

Me- good morning mam, how are you?
Vo- I am good. Pass me your passport and i20
Me- Sure
Vo- what did you do your undergraduate in?
Me- mechanical engineering mam
VO- what subjects are you going to specialize in?
Me- ergonomics and lean manufacturing,
She seemd to know those subjects
VO- ” ergonomics ?” Nice
Me – yes mam, it’s an interesting subject and I’m sure it’ll be useful in current situation in India
VO- what year did you pass out?
Me- 2021 mam
VO- jobs are you hoping for after masters
Me- I plan on returning to India and working as continuous improvement engineer and eventually become a project manager. I’d like to run my own company one day.
VO- do you have a loan?
Me- yes mam I took a loan from * bank of amount *
VO- place your left 4 fingers on the scanner. Your Visa has been approved. Travel safe.
Me- Thank you.. happy diwali
She laughed and wished happy diwali as well

Tips: Don’t stress out much, have all the documents ready.. only give “gun shot” answers.

Experience 19: F1 at Mumbai

Appointment Type: Normal
University: University of Southern California
Major: MS in CS (Data Science)
Date: Nov 3
In: 8:30am
Out: 10.10 am
Interview length: 40 sec
Status: APPROVED ✅

Me: Good Morning officer. Happy Diwali !
VO: Good morning! Please pass your Documents

Me: Here you go officer.

VO: Why are you travelling to the US?

Me: Officer I intend to pursue my Masters at the University of Southern California.

VO: Why USC?

Me: Officer USC is giving me an option to opt for core CS subjects such as Analysis of Algorithms and core DS subjects such as NLP. USC is very flexible on subject options.

VO: Tell me about your funding.

Me: Both of my parents will be sponsoring my education with a combined ITR of xx lakhs. Apart from that, my father also has savings of xx lakhs and an education loan of xx lakhs.

VO: Okay, please scan 4 fingers from your right hand. Your visa is approved !

Me: Thank you officer. Have a nice day.

Note: Today the average interview times were around 4 to 5 minutes and most of them were rejections.

Stay confident and answer to the point.

Experience 20: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 3nd November, 2021
Slot time: 08:45 AM
In-Time: 08:00 , Out-Time: 09:15
Counter: 13
VO is American Male
University of Bridgeport
Status: Approved
Time : around 5-6 mins

Me: Very Good Morning officer!
VO: Good morning, Please pass me your I20 and Passport.
Me: Passed.
VO: Place your left hand four fingers?
Me: Placed
VO: where are you going to and which course?
Me: I’m going to pursue masters in management science from University of Bridgeport
VO: Why this course?
Me: Told
VO: Why this university?
Me: Told
VO: Did u apply for any other universities?
Me: Yes, Told the university names
VO: So why u selected this university over the other universities
Me: Told
VO: Did u give GRE for this university?
Me : Yes, Told my GRE score (VO started typing)
VO: When did u complete your undergraduation
Me: September 2020
VO: So, u were on job from past 1 year?
Me: Yes Sir
VO: Explain ur role and what u have worked on
Me : Told
VO: How this master’s program will benefit u in future
Me: Told
VO: Who will be funding you?
Me: My parents will be funding my education with their savings of ##lakhs, we have FD and other valuables worth ##lakhs
VO: what is father’s profession
Me: Told
VO: what about your mother
Me: Told, Both my parents get rental income on our agricultural lands
VO: How much is that?
Me: ## lakhs
VO: Do you have any educational loan?
Me: No sir
VO: How many acres of land u have?
Me: ##acres
VO: Alright, Your visa is approved and you may leave (VO dropped the passport)
Me: Thank you officer

My suggestion : In Hyderabad there were few rejections today and even the guy in front of me got rejected as he fumbled a lot, still the VO asked him many questions and told him ‘sorry I cannot approve your visa, try ur luck next time’. Don’t bother about rejections in the consulate and If u have answers the visa is yours, Be prepared for questions like why this university and why this course. Be confident, loud enough and look at the face of VO while answering. Even if u fumble in between don’t stop the answer until u convey ur intent.

Note: VO is suddenly looking into the eyes, I faced the same today, however I was looking at face of the VO from the start while I was answering.

I wish good luck to everyone and I would say approval in Hyderabad consulate is based on your performance.

Experience 21: F1 at Chennai

Nov 3, Slot time : 10 AM
Counter 24 : African bald guy (he is super chill)
University: Northwest Missouri State University.
Status : APPROVED✔️
Interview time : 1 min
Me: Good morning officer. How are you doing?( Passed my i20 and passport even without asking)
Vo: I’m good. How about you?
Me: I’m doing great.
Vo: So which University?
Me: It’s Northwest Missouri State University.
Vo: So I see you have completed your undergraduation recently.
Me: Yes officer. I’ve completed my bachelor’s recently in the month of August 2021.
Vo: So what’s yours bachelor’s percentage?
Me: Told
Vo: which course?
Me: Computer and Information Science with specialization in cybersecurity.
Vo: Will you come back to India after masters?
Me: told
Vo: Is your role as Sr.Information security analyst will be useful? How?
Me : told
Vo: what about funding?
Me : told
Vo : I’m approving your visa please collect it in 2-3 days
Me: Thank you officer. Have a great day.
I’ve also used my hand gestures while expressing my points. Many are getting their Visa approved just be confident and don’t fumble.

Experience 22: F1 at Hyderabad

University of Central Missouri
Slot time-9:45
In time-8:20( joined in the queue)
Out time: 10:35
Vo is American in his 30’s
Interview time < 1 min

Vo: Good morning , please place the passport on the screen
Me: Good Morning officer.placed the passport on the glass
Vo: Please place your left hand four fingers on the scanner
Me: Did
Vo : Please display the I20 on the glass
Me : did
Vo : Masters in computer systems analysis
Me: yes officer
Vo: Do you have any work
Me: yes officer, i have work experience of 2 years as a software Engineer.
Vo: Who is funding your education
Me: My parents are sponsoring me
Vo: what your mother does?
Me: told
Vo: what your father does?
Me: told
Vo: Any loan?
Me: yes, i have education loan of 20 lakhs
Vo: Am keeping your passport.Your visa is approved .
Me: Thank you so much sir.

2 people before me got approved. Asking about the undergrad project if they are recently passed out

Experience 23: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 8:30
In-Time: 8:00
Out-Time: 9:00
Counter: 23
VO: American 30-35 year old
University: University of North Texas
Time : 1 min

VO:Good Morning
Me:Good Morning mam
VO:Pass me your Passport,I20
Me:Yeah Sure, Passed docs
VO: What is undergraduation course
Me: I completed mechanical engineering
VO:Which year
Me: 2016
VO:What have you done after that?
Me: worked as a software engineer in xyz company
VO: have u resigned
Me: yes I resigned recently
VO:do u have loan
Me: yes, I have loan from state bank of india for 25lakhs

Scan left hand four fingers and said your visa is approved.

Vo was good and in chennai counter number 23 most of them have approved.

Keep smiling and look into VO eyes and speak

Experience 24: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 3rd November, 2021
University: SUNY Buffalo
Course: MS in CSE
Status: Approved✅
1st Attempt
Visa officer is a male american 35-40 years old.
Went to counter No: 14
3 counters were open.

VO: Good Morning, Please come forward.
Good Morning Officer.

VO: Pass me your Passport

VO: Place your i20 on glass.

VO: So doing masters in computer science?
Yes officer

VO: Educational background?
I completed my Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science And Engineering at Sreenidhi Institute Of Science and Technology last year(2020).

VO: What were doing since you graduated last year?
Right after I completed my undergraduation, I was planning for masters but due to pandemic I had to care of my father’s business. Now, that he has recovered well I decided this will be right time to go for masters.

VO: Tell me about your major project.
Told about project which is based on Machine learning.

VO: What are your plans after Masters?
I will come back to india and will apply for job for the role of machine learning engineer in startup companies based in Hyderabad.

VO: Who is going to sponsor your education?
My parents are going to sponsor my education.

VO: What does your parents do ?
Told about my fathers business and mothers government job.

VO: Is your father retired government employee?
Yes officer.

VO: Their is your parent annual income?
Told their combined annual income 28LPA.

VO: Place your left hand four fingers. Your visa is approved.
Thank you so much Officer.

Many people are getting approvals, Approval rate is 90% as I say few rejections.

Experience 25: F1 at Chennai

Date: 3rd November, 2021
Slot time: 12:00
In-Time: 11:00
Out-Time: 12:10
Counter: 30
VO: Bald Male American 40+ year old
University: Arizona State University
Time : 15 seconds

VO:Good Morning
Me:Good Morning Officer
VO:Pass me your Passport,I20
Me: Passed Documents
VO: What after masters?
Me: I’ll come back to india and work at xyz companies at abc position
VO: Are you currently working?
Me: I just graduated in 2021 September
VO: Any internships?
Me: Yes (Was about to explain my roles and responsibilities but he asked next question)
VO: How did your exams go?
Me: I did well.
VO: Great, what was the toughest subject?
Me: Was surprised _ subject was tough.
VO: What did you score in that?
Me: B
VO: Alright, explain your funding
Me: Both my parents are funding me with their savings of x lakhs and I have an education loan worth y lakhs.
VO: Place your right hand 4 fingers on the scanner ( Saw him pull out green slip)
VO: Okay I am approving your visa all the best for your studies.
Me: Thank you officer have a nice day.

Note: Both my friend and me were asked the exact same question from the same VO, we were attending the same university and had the exact same profile, I was allotted the same counter right after him.

The approval rate was 8/10 today, most got approvals

It purely depends on your confidence and nothing else matters, just keep calm while waiting and talk confidently (The more confident you are the less questions you’ll be asked)

If chennai, better carry an umbrella


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