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F1 Visa Experiences – November 2021

Below are experiences from November 2nd, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Mumbai

Counter No:35
Slot time : 9:30 AM
In Time : 9:00 AM
Out Time : 10:45 AM
Vo: American Man aged 25-30
Status: Approved (02/11/2021)
University: Wichita State University.
Me: Hi sir, Good morning!
Vo: Not Responded
Vo: pass me i20, Passport
Me: passed
Vo: which course?
Me: I am going to pursue Masters in Computer Science from Wichita State University
Vo: Tell me about your Under Graduation
Me: I have completed my Under Graduation in IT with an CGPA of 8.02 on a scale of 10.
Vo: who are financing your education?
Me: My Father is my sponsoring my education with his savings of 17 Lakhs and I have also received education loan of 35 Lakhs from HDFC Credila. Apart from this , I also have immovable assets worth 3 Crores.
Vo: Ok. Congratulations , I’m approving your visa
Me: Thank You so much officer.

Tips: Be confident and make eye contact
Don’t be nervous. I have seen a lot of rejections today.

Experience 2: F1 at New Delhi

Status approved
2 Nov 2021
Counter no 16
University of Illinois at Chicago
Vo: what did you do in your bachelors?
Me: I have done my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering

Vo :When did you pass out?
Me : I just graduated in July 2021

Vo : (pointing to amount on I 20) who is going to look after this?
Me : my grandfather and father

Vo : what does a father do?
Me: he owns firm of fabrication, and he makes publicity holding boards which get directed on the roadside on the top of the building for the advertisement purpose.

Vo : okay ya ya that big publicity hoarding boards.. ☺️☺️☺️
Me : yes the whole MS frame structure.

Vo what’s the name of companies?
Me : shree Vahanvati iron works and shree bhramani iron works
Vo: so your grandfather too helping you for your masters.?
Me: yes he is also having a firm of fabrication. He does the same.

Vo : what would you do after masters?
Me I will come back to India and I would establish the effective startup of sleeves production which is a considered as a monopoly business in my province.

Vo what are sleeves ? Sorry 🤔
Me : sleeves are hollow mechanical component which install on the bearing to protect the bearing from machining load which causes wear and tear it it.
Vo: ohh 😯..i see.

Vo : okay your visa is approved ☺️💓

Experience 3: F1 at Chennai

Spring intake
University: University of South Florida – Tampa
Course: MS in Industrial Engineering

OFC: 31st Oct
VI: 1st Nov
Slot time: 10.00 am
In time: 9:30 am
Out time: 11:45 am
Interview duration: 2-3 minutes
Counter No: 28 (It just got opened and I was the second person to interview at this counter)
VO was an American guy in his 30s
Status: Approved ✅

VO: Good morning !
Me: Good morning officer, how are u doing?
VO: I’m fine. How are u?
Me: fine
VO: Pass me ur passport, I-20, and SEVIS Fees Reciept
Me: Passed
VO: So you’re going to University of South Florida. what do you wish to do at USF?
Me: I intend to pursure Master of Science in Industrial Engineering
VO: When did you graduate?
Me: 2021 sir
VO: Oh recently! So did you take any GRE for this program.
Me: Yes sir. I’ve got xxx out of 340.
VO: what was your undergraduate score?
Me: 76% out of 100%
VO: Is anyone funding your education?
Me: My father is funding my education and he has savings of 25 lakhs and his annual income is xx lakhs (Didn’t mention about loan).
VO: What does your father do?
Me: He’s a businessman sir
VO: Put your left hand four fingers.
Me: Ok sir
VO: Congratulations! Your visa is approved. Have a great stay in Florida
Me: Thank you so much officer! Have a nice day sir. Goodbye!
VO: Goodbye!

I’ve seen many people with multiple attempts. So just be confident and keep your answers short and crisp. Best Wishes !

Experience 4: F1 at Hyderabad

1st attempt Approved✅ spring 22
Date: 02/11/2021
slot Time: 8:10 am
Consulate : American lady age 50-60
counter : 13
University: Sacred Heart university
Course: Master’s in computer science
Me: Good morning
Vo: pass me your passport
Me : sure! Here it is.
Vo : please place the I-20 on the glass.
Me: sure.
Vo : oh! SHU good. How did you get to know about this university.
Me : After searching a bunch of universities, I found that my profile meets the university requirements and In particular Machine learning lab has caught my eyes and I’m willing to do research under Dr. Jordan.
Vo : why this university?
Me : In particular the course structure offered by SHU will help me to improve my skills which I gained from my Undergraduation, moreover the student to faculty ratio is 13:1, where I could easily interact with the professor.
Vo: when did you graduate.
Me: In the month of nov 2020
Vo : are you doing a job?
Me: yes, I’m working as a Samsung technical support engineer.
Vo: do you have any savings?
Me: yes, my father has got 30 lakhs of saving also(interrupted)
Vo : what does he do?
Me : my father is a state government employee working as a supervisor in Hyderabad (interrupted)
Vo : any loan?
Me : yes, I’ve secured an educational loan of 25 lakhs.
Vo: place your right hand four fingers
Me: ok, placed it( at this point of time I got nervous because she is holding my passport, It looked like she is going to return it)
Vo : I’m approving your visa, enjoy your schooling at SHU
Me : (Happily) Thank you so much, you made my day:)

She didn’t gave me any slip.. The assistant over there said, you’ll receive an email confirmation of pick up in 3-5 days.

Suggestions : Be natural while you’re speaking, keep an eye contact with the officer through out the interview though the officer is not looking to you.

Almost all the visa in Hyderabad is getting approved. Best of luck people:)

Experience 5: F1 at Hyderabad

University: University of Texas at Dallas
Course: Ms in Business Analytics
2nd Nov
Slot time:9 am
In time: 8.30am
Out time: 10:15am
Interview duration: 2 minutes
Counter No: 12
Vo was an American guy in his 30s
Status: Approved

Me: Good morning officer!
VO: Good Morning! Pass me ur passport
Me: Passed

VO: Which school are you going to?
Me: University of Texas at Dallas sir!

VO: Which course?
Me: Ms in Business Analytics

VO: What is your background ?
Me: I’ve completed my undergraduation in 2019 from Osmania University in ECE

VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: Working as a data engineer at Wells Fargo

VO: Explain your role and responsibilities.
Me: told

VO: How are you going to fund your education?
Me: My father is my primary sponsor.(cutoff)

VO: What does your father do?
Me: He is working as an Assistant Commissioner at EPFO India.

VO: What is his annual income??
Me: told

VO: Explain your father’s job role?
Me: told

VO: what are you going to do after master’s?
Me: I am going to coming back and work as a data scientist.

VO: Which company would you like to join as data scientist ?
Me: Google or Amazon, or probably join back Wells Fargo India.

VO: Place your left hand four fingers on scanner.
Me: Placed.

VO: Your visa is approved. Have a nice day!
Me: Thank you so much sir! Have a nice day!

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

Slote time : 10:30
In time : 9:45
Out time : 10:20
Counter no: 30
University :NJIT
I had few rejections in 2019.
Course: Masters in computer and information sciences
Status : APPROVED ✔️

Vo rejected a guy infront of me

I felt a little bit tensed 😨

me : Good morning office .how are you doing?
Vo: Good morning I’m doing good. How about you? Please pass me you’re i20 and passport.
Me: I’m doing good. Thanks for asking.
Vo: when did you graduate?
Me: 2019 sir
Vo: what are you doing now?
Me: working a Systems Engineer in xyz company and explained my role.
Me:Thank you sir
Vo: what does you’re father do?
Me : explained about his role and income.
Vo: you’re mother does she earn?
Me : explained about rental and agricultural incomes.
Vo continuously typing for 2 minutes. I felt little bit tensed.
Vo: what is you’re cgpa?
Me: on a scale of 10 i have 6.68 sir.
Vo: okay can you please elaborate you’re father occupation again?
Meanwhile i started to shiver.i thought my visa was rejected.
Me: answered looking into his eyes with confidence.
Vo: do you have any siblings in usa?
Me: yes sir, she is working for apple as a network’s Engineer.
Vo: congratulations I’m approving you’re visa.
Me: Thank you sir. Thanks you once again you made my day.
Vo:no response.

Be confident and maintain eye contact
Practice in the mirror before going to interview it helps you a lot.
Try to be as cool as possible.
Feeling tensed is common .
All the best to everyone!

Experience 7: F1 at New Delhi

Time -8:30
Counter no-16
American Guy-28-30 age
Very cool and calm
Visa status- Approve ✅
Me- Good morning officer.. How are you?
Vo- didn’t reply only transfer a smile
Vo- u are going for your master in Cleveland State University. Right?
Me- Yes sir I am going to Csu for pursue my masters degree in Civil Engineering
Vo- how many backlogs you have??
Me- I had XX backlogs in my bachelor due to me moving out from family I got a little home sick but I got myself popped up and got good grades in my last two years. Now I am more confident and stronger.
Vo- pl show me your diploma degree certificate.
Me- (loudly) No sir I had completed my bachelors in Civil Engineering and here it is.
Vo- how is your funding?
Me- My parents are my primary sponsor they have XXlakh of savings along with that I have secured XX Lakh of loan from Axis Bank and University also gives me XX$ Scholarship as well.
Now finally I am very nervous coz he didn’t reply me ans gives my I-20 and sevis fees 🧾 Receipt and told me put your left hand side fingers in scanner
After that He made my Day and says I am approving your visa pl collect your passport after 7days
Me- Thanks sir I am very happy and you made my day. Have a good dayofficer
Vo- with smile go ahead keep growing.

Advise– tell truth and be confident vo is very co-operative

Experience 8: F1 at Hyderabad

Slot time 9AM
Counter 14
First attempt
Purdue Northwest University

Me: Good morning Mam, how are you today.
Vo: Good, pass me you passport.
Me : passed
Vo : show me you I20 on the glass.
Me : placed on glass.
Vo : typing…..After reviewing my DS160 in computer
Vo : When did you passed out.
Me 2017.
Vo : typing…
Vo : what have you done since then.
Me : well, Right after my graduation I got placed in Blue star ltd as an application engineer, after one yr I decided to pursue my masters and I went to Australia in 2018
Vo : shocking look after listening Australia
Me : So I had a family emergency due to that I had to come back to india in year 2019, so after that pandemic begins and Australia closes their borders indefinitely..
I have also spoke to the university regarding that and they told me since I have enrolled all in research subjects that can’t be done online, so university offered me partial degree .,,VI INTERRUPTS NOW

Vo : what have you studied in Australia?
Me : I have done masters of engineering science in advance manufacturing systems
Vo : what are you studying now ?
Me : I’m going to pursue Ms in mechanical engineering with manufacturing and production as my major.
Vo : Who is sponsoring you ?
Me : my father and my mothers will be the sponsors.
Vo : what is your fathers do ?
Me : He is a civil engineer and currently working in govt based projects
Vo : Is your mother also working ?
Me : Yes mam, she is working as assistant professor in mathematics department in university
Vo : Any loan ?
Me : Yes mam, I have approved 20L loan and that is non collateral
Vo : typing… typing ….
This time she dropped my passport in the box.

Vo : congratulations, your visa is approved..
Me : thank you very much man, have a good day
Vo : Same to you…

Experience 9: F1 at Hyderabad

Nov 2
Slot time 8:30
University of central missouri
They said me to fill new ds-160 form because i selected Chennai and then rescheduled
Again i went at 11:00
Counter no:16
Vo is chill in his 30’s
Vo: hello come forward
Me: good morning sir
Vo: place your left hand and right hand on scanner
Me: done
Vo: what’s your specialisation?
Me : software development sir
Vo: do you have any experience in this field?
Me : i have experience with my major project and I recently graduated
Vo: tell me about your major project
Me : told
Vo: who is your sponsor?
Me: my father is sponsoring me with his savings
Vo:what does he do?
Me : he is a xxxx at xxxx company
Vo: your visa has been approved
Me : thank you so much sir

Who are going to Hyderabad consulate please check with the location you have selected when you submitted they are not accepting if you choose another location other than Hyderabad

3 candidates are approved infront of me, Most of them are approved

Best of luck 🤞

Experience 10: F1 at New Delhi

Date 1st November
Slot time 8.30 am
In time : 8.45 am
Out time : 9:15
Counter no: 16
Interview duration 2-min
Status : Approved✅
Vo was American lady between 30-35
Vo : hi gd mrng
Me : good mrng mam
Vo : pass me your passport & i20
Me : passed
Vo : which university r going?
Me : university of bridgeport mam
Vo : what u did in your undergraduate
Vo : which course?
Me : Analytics and systems( I was fumbled so much she didn’t understand she asked again with patience after I said again with confidence
Me : b.com(general)
Vo : she asked what is it mean
Me : I said bachelor of commerce( I was speaking fastly she said can u say it slow) said!!
Vo: who is sponsoring you
Me: my father mam
Vo : what he will do?
Me : Central govt employee in Indian Railways
Vo: what his LPA?
Me: he gets 14 LPA
vo: how many siblings you have?
Me: I have 2 siblings they both are younger then me.
Vo: typing……. And looking into screen and holding my passport and said.
Vo: place your left and right hand four fingers
Me: placed

Finally I have listened Golden words congratulations🥳🎉👏
I’m approving your Visa 😍
( I was so panic and fumbled before going inside after my turn comes I taked a deep breath and said all answer with confidence that is my key point to get my visa approval)
So be confident with your answers🙂
Definitely you will get in… All the best for everyone, who having visa interviews ahead.
I’m so thankful for this group members, who shared there experience,it’s helped me a lot..thank you

Experience 11: F1 at Mumbai

Date- 2 November
Slot- 9:30 am
In time- 8:45 am
Out time- 10:45 am
Interview duration- 40 secs
University- Northern Illinois University
Status- Approved

VO was an American man in mid 30s

Me- Hello officer, how are you?
Vo- I am good. How are you? Pass me your passport and i20
Me- Good too. Sure
Vo- Tell me about your education plans
Me- I am planning to pursue masters in management information technology from Northern Illinois University. I have done my ug in bachelor of engineering from Information technology. So I want to pursue masters as it aligns (Vo interrupts)
VO- okay who’s sponsoring you?
Me- My father
VO- what does he do?
Me- he’s a civil engineer working in Saudi Arabia.
VO- okay what’s his annual income?
Me- xx lakhs
VO- place your left 4 fingers on the scanner. Your Visa has been approved. Travel safe.
Me- Thank you so much officer.

I have seen equal amounts of rejections as well as approvals. Prepare well and be confident.

Experience 12: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 2nd November, 2021
Slot time: 10:10
In-Time: 10:00 , Out-Time: 12:10
Counter: 12
VO: American in 30/-
University: University of south Florida
Time : around 2-3 mins

Me: Hey officer , Good Morning! Passed Passport,
VO: Hello, you are going for..?
Me: I am going to study masters in US
VO:- which university
Me: University of south Florida
VO: when did you completed your bachelor’s
Me: in 2019 with 70 cgpa
VO: What are you doing since then
Me: auto cad engineering in XY company
VO: what is your final year project
Me: said … about my project very clearly because that’s only use full thing I did in my BTech
VO: what is your out put in project :
Me: said
VO:- education sponsor
Me :- my father … and my loan .. said about all
VO:- what is your plan after masters :-
Me:- I would like to come back to India because for industrial engineering there is lot of demand in India ( 😂 I made that instantly )
VO:- what is source of income :-
Me ;- said about that clearly :-
VO:- I am keeping your passport you may leave now .
Me :- sir green slip ? 😂 many of them said they will give you green slip I tought to take a selfie with that .
VO:- you are free to leave ..!

Note :- in Hyderabad there is rejections and acpt the key is
1- answer loud and confident don’t eat your answers
2- he will look into your eyes suddenly don’t get panic and continue your answer
3- it doesn’t matter that you smile or not only maters is your voice


Experience 13: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 2nd November, 2021
2nd Attempt
Slot time: 8:30
In-Time: 8:15 , Out-Time: 8:45
Counter: 15
VO: American lady (the same lady who rejected me last time)
University: Missouri State University
Time : 5-7 Minutes

Me: Hey officer , Good Morning! Passed Passport, I-20, SEVIS receipt
VO: Hi Good morning. Why this university.
Me: One of my friend is passed out fron a same university so through him i did my research and attended couple of online seminar and shortlisted 5 university. I prefer this one because this university is PMI affiliated.
VO: why this course?
Me: I have a experience in the same field where in I need to upgrade myself according to the market. This course will gonna help me to get my bigger goal which is PMP certification.
VO: Your age?
Me: 29
VO: Can I see your transcript?
Me: Sure.
VO: You got rejected the last time, what changes have you done?
Me: Frankly I wasn’t able to explain myself properly in the last time and just a reminder you only rejected me 😀
VO: Ohh, Am I that bad?
Me: No Mam just a reminder.
VO: Can you show me where do you work, any letter or salary slips.
Me: Sure.
And then the golden words your Visa is approved

She was grilling everyone and also rejected almost everyone before me. I stayed calm and was really confident. Also carry all the documents with you. You never know what can they ask for.

Experience 14: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 2nd November, 2021
Slot time: 9:15
In-Time: 8:40 , Out-Time: 10:20
Counter: 11
VO: American fair and bald guy around 35-40 years
University: Eastern Illinois University
Time : 1-2mim

Me: Hi officer, Good Morning!, How are u?
VO: Hi gm, please pass me your passport and i20.
Me: passed the documents and VO looked into it, scanned the passport and looking into screen.
VO: Why are going to EIU ?
Me: To pursue my masters in computer technology in EIU which is located at Charleston
VO: Any specialisation?
Me: yes officer, specialisation in Data analytics
VO: what is data analytics
Me: told
VO: Did u contacted with ur professor of EIU ?
Me : told the professor names along with their research.
VO: Tell me about ur under graduation?
Me: I hav completed my bachelors in the XX year from XX college in the stream of XX.
VO: can u please explain ur under graduate project?
Me: Told
VO: Do u have any relatives in US?
Me: no officer
VO: Who is sponsoring u ?
Me: my father is sponsoring for my education with his savings of xx lakhs
VO: what does he do for living?
Me : Told about profession and annual income of XX lakhs
VO: do you have any education loan
Me: yes,I Have secured an education loan of XX lakhs
VO: Looked into the screen and typing for 20 sec.
I’m keeping ur passport and your visa is approved take the i20
Me: Thank you Officer! Have a great day!!…

Experience 15: F1 at Hyderabad

Bio metric- 23rd October
Interview -2nd November
1st Attempt
➡️ Sacred heart University –
Computer science and information technology .
Slot time – 9:30 am
In time – 8:45
Out time – 10:15
Status – Approved✅
Counter- I don’t remember it was last counter

VO – Handsome guy around 28 -30 ( looks like Steve Smith Australia cricket player )

Me- Good morning officer
VO- Good morning how are you.
Me – I’m doing good with big smile.
Vo – pass me your passport and i20
Me – Here it is
VO- I hope you are giving me all genuine answers
Me – Yes officer
Vo – He was looking into my i20…
Me – I was so so nervous and scared what questions he going to ask . And I was still confident
VO- He all ready kept my passport on the try …. And asked me oh computer science…
Me – yes offier
Vo – tell me something thing about your job role
Me – I worked as… stopped
VO – Who is funding …
Me – My parents are going … stopped again…
VO -What is your father
Me – He is working in central government as… stopped again
VO – With big smile I’m approving your visa …. You may leave now
Me – ₹£$£\%^£
VO – I hope you coming back to india
Me – Yes officer Thank you officer you made my dream come true ….
Vo – With some music Aahan …..good bye …

I straight away ran from there …
I was preparing for my visa from 10 days what should I answer … but This VO officer was so so good.

Tips – Keeping smiling, Be confident, Make eye contact .
I have seen rejection’s also the approval rate is 60% Rejection’s are 40%..

Experience 16: F1 at Chennai

Date: 2nd November, 2021
Slot time: 9:30
In-Time: 8:50
Out-Time: 9:20
Counter: 28
VO: Male American 30-35 year old
University: Northern Illinois University
Time : 1 min

VO:Good Morning
Me:Good Morning Officer
VO:Pass me your Passport,I20
Me:Yeah Sure, Passed docs
VO:Northern Illinois University,Right?
Me:Yes Officer
VO:What have done till now?
Me:I am working in TCS
VO:What have you done before that?
Me:I have completed my under-graduation in 2019 and then joined TCS
VO:What is your Percentage in Under-graduation?
Me:I have scored 8.47 out of 10.
VO:What is your GRE score?
VO:Who is funding you?
Me:My parents.
VO:What do they do?
VO:What is their annual income?
VO:Okay I am approving your visa have a nice day.
Me:Thank you so much Officer🤩

Experience 17: F1 at New Delhi

Spring intake
Approved ✅
Slot time 9:20am
Counter 13
University : university of Maryland Baltimore County
Course : MPS in data science
American young guy
vo: why data science?
Me : officer, I have done my under graduate specialization in data science and also completed my final year project in this field.
Vo: when did you graduate?
Me:I graduated recently in aug 2021.
Vo: who is sponsoring you education?
Me: my father is sponsoring my education with his savings of 25lakhs and I also secured education loan of 30lakhs.
Vo: what is your father ?
Me: he runs a automobile accessories business since 25 yrs. His annual income is 16pa.
Pls scan you four fingers your visa is approved.

Experience 18: F1 at New Delhi

Date 2/11/2021
Slot time 9:50 am
Arizona state University
Status : Approved
Vo good morning
Me good morning officer how are you doing

Vo so Arizona stae University?
Me : yes mam

Vo: arizona is a nice place to live
Me: yeahh mam its good place

Vo : are you planning for masters
Me : yes

VO : How are you planning to fund it
Me: my father’s sponsoring me with….stopped me there

Vo: what does he do
Me : told

Vo: which course like cs or se which are you taking.
Me: I am taking computer engineering with vlsi and computer architecture interests

Vo what is vlsi I am hearing for the first time
Me explained in brief.

Vo place your left hand fingers.
I am keeping your passport

Me : thank you mam you made my day

Just be confident and maintain eye contact

Experience 19: F1 at Hyderabad

University: University of Texas at Dallas
Course: Financial Mathematics.
2nd Nov
Slot time:9 am
In time: 8.30am
Out time: 10:15am
Interview duration: 1 minute
Counter No: 11
Vo was an American guy in his 30s
Status: Approved

Me: Good morning officer!
VO: Good Morning! Pass me ur passport and I-20
Me: Passed

VO: Which school are you going to sir?
Me: University of Texas at Dallas sir!

VO: Why UTD?
Me: Told

VO: What was your undergraduation?
Me: I’ve completed my undergraduation in 2019 from Osmania University sir (didn’t tell Bachelors course as I’m shifting stream)

VO: What was your major project?
Me: told

VO: Who is paying for your education?
Me: My mother is sponsoring for my education with her savings of xx lacs and (VO cuts off)

VO: What does she do?
Me: She is a pensioner and receives rental income from 2 properties.

VO: What pension does she receive?
Me: My father used to work in army. So, after him, my mother is receiving pension.

VO: Army??
Me: Yes sir.

VO: And also rental income?
Me: Yes sir from two properties we have.

VO: Place your left hand four fingers on scanner.
Me: Placed.

VO: Your visa is approved sir! Please collect your i20.
Me: Thank you so much sir! Have a nice day!.

Experience 20: F1 at Hyderabad

Nov 2nd, 9:30 am slot
VO: Male Asian American, early 30s
Duration : 30-40 seconds
Me: morning officer
vo: good morning. Pass me your passport and i20.
me: passed
vo: Scan your left hand
me: Done
vo: Oh management sciences?
me: No sir it’s business analytics from University of Texas dallas
vo: who is going to pay for your education?
me: My father and My mother sir.
vo: what do they do?
me: My father works in transportation department for Telangana state government.
My mother is a state government teacher.
vo: Is it elementary school?
me: Yes sir
vo: Do you have any savings?
me: Yes sir 35 lakhs.
vo: Do you have a loan?
Me: Yes sir , 40 lakhs.
VO: Is the loan on house?
Me: Yes sir.
Vo: Is it on the house you live in?
Me : Yes sir.
Vo: Congrats. Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank You sir.

Experience 21: F1 at Mumbai

Date: 28th October
Slot time 9:10am
In time 8:45 am
Out time 11:00am
Only 2 counters were opened
Interview time – 3 minute
Status: Approved
VO was a Chinese guy
Course : MS in Computer Science at University of Missouri Kansas City

Vo: Good morning
Me: good morning sir
Vo: Pass me your passport and i20
Me: passed
Vo: Which program will u pursue?
Me: Master’s in Computer Science at umkc
Vo : Background
me : Done my bachelor’s in computer science with …. Cgpa
Vo : passed out year
Me: 2020
Vo: what are you doing since then
Me: I am working at cognizant as programmer analyst trainee
Vo: sponsors
Me: my father and have a sanctioned educational loan of… Lakhs more over got scholarship of 8000$ per year from the university
Vo:what is your father
Me: told
Vo: How many workers and his annual income
Vo:other than umkc what are the other admits you received. Me: Wichita State University,university of Houston clear lake, kennesaw state University.
Vo: your visa is approved
Me:Thank you sir.

Place left hand on scanner, i am approving ur visa, passport will be delivered to ur selected address

Experience 22: F1 at Kolkata

Date – biometric 31-10-2021
Interview- 01-11-2021
University- Gannon University
Course- Masters in engineering management
First attempt- aug 11 chennai – Rejected
Second attempt- kolkataa
Status- Approved 👍
Approved after administrative processing.

Interview time- 9 am
Interview time- 2-3 minutes

VO- Chinese guy.
This post is really long.but I think it will be really helpful for many students.so please read all.

Kolakata is small consulate compared to chennai. I came at 8 am and place have good shades and you can keep your bags and phones in near by shops for 100 rupees. I entered the consulate in 8.50 after some que.

There were 4 counters.2 American guy, one Chinese and one Indian lady.
So I was standing there and 4 people are talking wid VOs and 4 of them got rejected.i got scared but just prayed..
I was directed to the Chinese guy he looks like Yao Ming from MBA.

VO- Good morning
Me- morning
VO- Pass me your i20 passport

VO- which course?
Me- masters in engineering management
V0- why masters now ?
( Because I graduated in 2016)
Me- I am working as civil engineer now.i am seeing myself in a senior management position in five years. For that I need this masters. With my degree it will be hard for me to advance in my careers.
VO- could you please repeat slowly.( Chinese guy can’t understand fast English and I talks fast.so I said sorry and repeated the same answer slowly.so if u guys get him speak slowly.)

VO- WHY THIS UNIVERSITY?. and he suddenly asked how many admits?.

Me- I wanted to study engineering management with civil engineering specialisation and there were not many universities were offering that because it’s pretty new course..so I applied in university of San Jose, Pittsburgh university,Gannon University .
VO- how many admits ?
Me- two admits.university of Gannon and Pittsburgh.
Then I continued my answer
Also I wanted to work with a particular professor in gannon mr Mahesh Agarwal he a reknowned engineer. And he is helping with my journal article which I am writing for the past 2 years.. So it will be great opportunity for me to work under him.

VO- ok.what about the funding?

I got fumbled at this time really..don’t knw what happened.he was taking lots of time for asking questions
Me- my father wil be supporting me.he have 36 laks Savings .( In really my answer was my parents). Also my mother wil also helping me.i have 26 lakhs saving by my own..also I got 5000USD scholarship from the clg.
( I missed the about my assets)

VO was keep looking into the screen and suddenly he asked.
VO – did u studied in Newzealand?
( I studied in newzealand from 2017-2018 and working there )
Me- yes I studied.
VO opened my passport and checked
VO- what did u studied?
Me- Graduate diploma in management.

VO- so it’s your second try.what happened in first time ?
Me- I fumbled infront of the officer and I was not confident.
VO- what will u do after your studies?

Me- After my studies I wil come back to India and will work as an engineer manager in companies like tata group or amabani group.

he started typing again and was looking into my passport and all.i got tensed.
VO- scan your fingers.
He gave me 221g green slip
VO- you will be informed by email.
Me- is there any issue from me?
VO- no it’s issue from our side.
Me- is it a rejection or admit?
VO- sorry I can’t say.

I went out with the 221g green slip.i was tensed but I am relieved that I didn’t got rejected .In the slip he marked in other administrative processing.
I mailed them and waited . because some administrative processing may take months.

Today I checked in the website with my ds160 number and status changed to ISSUED.it was showing refused last day but it doesn’t mean your visa is rejected.its jst under processing.

Now I will tell everything I know for other applicants

  • I booked through freshers section even though my first one got rejected.
  • I made changes in my ds160. Those changes are
    • Increased my fund to 25k extra.My i20 amount was 28k and in my fiest i20 it was 29 k funds. and i showed 45 k + 5k scholarship for the second interview.
    • Added my volunteering experience in redcross and one another ( which is a lie. I never done any volunteering. I added that because it’s a good thing for an interview)
    • Added my work experience in newzealand.( I didn’t had any certificate for that).
  • So these changes I made in ds160.
  • I lied about admits I only had one and I only applied there.
  • I wore a casual dress no suits, no shoes and not even tacked in

There were many rejections in 01-11-2021

I am saying all this because of many questions which I saw in this group.i think it’s ok to book through fresh slots because I got it..
I strongly believe it’s because I prayer a lot.. because my answers could have been better.

Experience 23: F1 at Mumbai

University: University of Southern California
Course: MS in Computer Science
Date: 2nd November, 2021
Slot time: 9:50
In time: 8:50
Out time: 11:30
Status: Approved✅
VO: The Chinese American Guy
Counter number: 33

Me: Good Morning Officer!
VO: Good morning

Then he pointed to my passport so I gave him the passport along with my I-20 and sevis.

VO: What did you do your undergraduate in?
Me: I did my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University.
VO: is that related to your Master’s course
Me: Yes my master’s is in CS and so it’s the same field.

VO: (pointing to my I-20) Why this university?
Me: Unlike most universities that require 3 courses a semester, the University of Southern California requires the student to do only 2 courses a semester. This means that there is you can have have more in-class time and personal time dedicated to the 2 subjects and get a more in depth learning instead of having to juggle 3 courses.

VO: Any Loans?
Me:No loans
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me:My mother is sponsoring me
VO: What is her annual income
Me: Her income is 17 lac per annum
VO: 70 lac?
Me: No sir, 17.
VO: What does your father do?
Me: My father is retired
VO: Retired from what?
Me: (I didn’t understand so I asked for a clarification) do you mean why he retired?

VO: Place your left hand 4 fingers on the scanner

Now, here I thought for sure that I was rejected but he made me wait for two minutes while he typed something then told me that my visa was approved!

Me: Thank you for the early diwali gift officer!

It was a long wait as only 2 counters were processing F1 visas. I’d say that the accept-reject ratio in Mumbai today was probably 50-50 today. The guy on my counter was giving more rejects. The American Guy on counter 35 was giving a lot of admits.

I tried to keep eye contact but he wasn’t really looking at me. Most important thing is being confident

Experience 24: F1 at Mumbai

The University of Texas at Arlington
Window:- 35
Date:- 01/11/2021
VO:- American guy
Status:- Approved ✅
Slot time:- 10.00 AM
In Time:- 09:00 AM
Out Time:- 12: 15 PM

Interview Duration ( 1-2 min)

Most are F1 candidates.

Me:- Good morning Officer. How are doing?
VO:- Good afternoon. I am doing great. How are you. Pass me your documents.
Me:- I am great thank you. Passes it.

VO:- For which course you are going?
Me:- Going for MS in Construction management.

VO:- which university?
Me:- The University of Texas at Arlington

VO:- Great! Undergraduate in?
Me:- Civil engineering

VO:- Undergraduate university
Me: Savitribai Phule Pune university

VO:- undergraduate marks?
Me: told

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My parents are sponsoring me. He is a businessman.

VO:- What kind of business does your father do?
Me:- Told
(Already he kept my passport in the box)

VO:- Annual income?
Me:- Told

VO:- Congratulations, Your visa is approved. Have a great day .
Me:- Thank you,u so much officer.

Experience 25: F1 at Chennai

Attempt: First
Date: 3rd November 2021
Slot time: 8:00 AM
In time: 8:00 AM
Out time: 8:30 AM
Status: Approved
Counter no: 28
University: North Carolina State University Raleigh.
Course: Computer Engineering
Intake: Spring 2022

Interview duration: <1min

About VO: American Male officer…has a computerized voice(neat and clear) and age is around 30

VO: Good morning!!
Me: Good morning officer.. how are you (passed the documents meanwhile)
VO: Looked at the i-20 and was like ..wow north Carolina (at this moment i knew it will be approved)
Which course?
Me: I’ll be pursuing Masters in computer engineering from North Carolina State University.
VO: What is your undergrad score?
Me: It is 9.16 on a scale of 10 in Electronics and communications engineering.
VO: Did you give your GRE.
Me: Yes officer!
VO: what is score(typing)
Me: It’s 323!!
VO: How are you funding?
Me: My father is primary sponsor and will fund through his savings and additional I secured educational loan from HDFC bank!
VO: How much is your savings?
Me: The savings are of 21L and 40L of educational loan
VO: what does your father do?
Me: He is an IT professional and works for Wipro!
VO: Place your right hand four fingers …..Your Visa is approved …have a good day and enjoy your stay in US..(handed the green slip)
Me: Thank you !!!! You too… Pleasure talking to you!!

All the best guys …Please be confident and cool. It is just normal conversation …and maintain eye contact.
Be prepared with all kinds if questions and documents ( A person was asked his company id card ..though payslip suffices)


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