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F1 Visa Experiences – November 2021

Below are experiences from November 17th, 2021 onwards for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Hyderabad

Status: Approved
Course: MS in Computer system technology
University:Eastren Illinois University

Date : 16thNovember 2021

Slot time: 09:00am
In time: 8:30 am
Out time: 10:40 am

VO is American Female
Duration: 30-40secs

Me: Good morning officer
VO: good morning
(VO was very sweet and accepted almost everyone infront of me)

VO: Pass me your passport,I20
Me:Yes Officer Here it is and I passed my passport and I-20

VO : When u passed out?
Me : 2016
VO: Okay Good

VO: what you are doing since then?
Me:went to Australia to my masters in computer networking and after that I worked 2.2yrs as a data analyst in Melbourne ,Australia

VO:which course you are going now?
Me: masters in computer systems technology

VO : Who is funding ?
Me : my mother

VO : Congratulations Once again and am approving your Visa(With a smile)
Me : Thank you Officer,You made my day

Be confident and Speak with a loud voice so that VO can hear your voice clearly.

Experience 2: F1 at Chennai

Interview date: 16/11/2021
University of Texas Arlington
Slot time: 11 am
In time: 10:00
Out time: 10:30
Counter num: 24 ( looks like American lady)
Interview duration: 1 minute
Status: Approved

Me: very good morning mam,
VO: good morning, pass me ur passport and i20
Me: passed
VO: pass ur sevis
Me: passed
VO: Ur course is civil engg
Me: yes mam
VO: What’s ur undergraduation course
Me: It’s civil engineering mam
VO: when did u complete ug?
Me: it was in 2017 mam
VO: Are u working now?
Me: Yes mam, I’ve been working as a civil site engineer since 4 years right after completing my undergraduation
VO: What will u do after masters?
Me: I want to become a professional structural design engineer mam.
VO: do u have any loan?
Me: yes mam, I’ve education loan of 37.5 lakhs from leap finance and my father sponsored me 25 lakhs
VO: ok I’m approving ur visa, given green slip.
Me: Thank you very much mam.
VO: smiling
Me: Thank you very much mam(again with full smile)

Experience 3: F1 at Chennai

Date: 16th Nov 2021
University: California state university Long Beach
Interview Duration: Lessthan a minute
VO is the american lady and don’t know the counter number. She is very cool.

VO: Welcome, Good morning!
Me: Good morning mam, How are you?
VO: I am doing great! Thank you…..So cal state long beach….
Me: Yes mam.
VO: Do u have any loan?
Me: Yes mam , I have collatreal based loan of 35 lakhs from state bank of India
VO: Asked something……(I didn’t understand it clearly)
Me: Could you please repeat the question mam?
VO: when did you graduate?
Me: September 2020
VO: what’s your bachelors major?
Me: Computer Science Mam
Vo: Do you have any work experience?
Me: Yes mam I have completed a 8 month internship as a software engineer intern.
VO: whats the company name:
Me: It is xxxxxxxx which is a start up company situated in hyderabad.
VO: which roles you are looking to work in future?
Me: Full stack Developer or Devops Engineer
VO: Congratulation! Your visa is approved.

P.S:I have seen Indian VO counter who is grilling the students with a lot of questions.

Experience 4: F1 at Chennai

November 16
Counter No : 24
University name : George Mason University MS IN CS.
Slot : 09:00 am
In time : 08:10 am ( reached consulate by that time )
Out time : 09:05am
Interview duration: 60 sec
Vo is an american.. she’s very polite

She greeted me first
Vo: good morning
Me : gd mng officer.. hope you are having a good day
Vo : I am good..
Vo : pass me passport, i20
Me : passed them,
Vo : She asked me George Mason University
Me : ya I confirmed the university name and course name
Vo : where are you working now?
Me : working as a senior software engineer in HCL
Vo : Client name and location?
Me : xxxx in usa.
Vo : future plans ?
Me : Wanted to see my self as a technical lead in Artificial Intelligence.
Vo : That’s great. Ur visa has been approved. Place ur right hand fingers on the scanner.
Me : i said thanks

What I observed is if you know about ur master’s and specialization atleast 50% .. visa is yours.. Don’t think about count numbers in Chennai. I got counter 24 today but i got approved.
I saw few rejections today infront of me. He fumbled alot while explaining financial things .. prepare well.. know about ur course.. justify ur answers….
All the best

Experience 5: F1 at New Delhi

November 16
Slot : 8.40 am
In time : 8:15 am
Out time : 8:45 am
Interview duration:15-20sec
Vo is an american.. he’s very polite

He greeted me first
Vo: good morning
Me : gd mng ma’am, how r u doing
Vo : I am good..
Vo : pass me passport, i20
Me : passed them,
Vo : what is your course?
Me : to pursue master’s in information technology from University of Cincinnati
Vo : When did you complete your under grad
Me : 2019
Vo : what’s your undergrad cgpa
Me : 8.16/10
Vo : Who are going to fund you ?
Me : My parents are funding for my education . I have secured loan for ## lakhs,and we have savings of ## lakhs. And their annual income is ## lakhs
Vo :What do they do
Me : Told
Vo : he put the passport in tray and told me ur visa is approved you can collect it in 3 to 4 days( before completing the financial explanation )
Me: Thank-you ma’am .You made my day

Thanks for this group it helped me a lot.

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai

November 16/2021
Visa Approved
Counter no – 23
Slot time – 11 am
In time – 10 am
Out time – 10:30 am
Interview time – 1 min
Vo was a American guy in mid 40-50

Me : Good morning officer
VO: Good morning pass me your passport and i20 documents.
Me – Yes sure
VO : You are currently working as ?
Me : I am currently working as software quality analyst in xx company.
VO : looking on the screen prior to that you worked at tech Mahindra for 4 years
Me: Yes
VO : You got pretty good work experience
Me : thank you
VO : What’s your GRE score ?
Me : I havent written GRE my admission is based on work experience (stopped)
VO : which university?
Me : University of North Texas Denton
VO : How you are going to pay your fee??
Me : I misunderstood the question and told about the education fee on i20.
VO: I have asked how you are going to pay the fee?
Me: I took a secured education of 25 lakhs and told parents funds as well (by the time he tore the green slip)

I have told about parents funds which wasn’t asked. Beacause of this there’s is another question what does he do ? and I told it.

VO: your visa is approved and you will receive it in 3-4 working days.

Me: Thankyou officer and fumbled while telling you made my day.

Experience 7: F1 at Mumbai

16 nov 2021, spring intake
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Slot time: 9:50
In time : 9: 20
Out time : 11

4 counters were open, most of them were getting accepted.

Counter 33

Vo: Good morning, please pass me your documents
Me: Good morning, here are my documents. ( passed sevis fee receipt, i20 and passport)

Vo: tell me about ur education plan
Me: I want to pursue my masters in electrical and computer engineering from University of Alabama at Birmingham. As I have prior experience as network engineer, I want to improve my technical skills by higher education so that I can come back to India and work for top companies

Vo: Tell me about your UG.
Me: I completed my UG from xyz university, with a gpa of 7.64 on a scale of 10

Vo: did u give gre?
Me: No, gre has been waived off by university of Alabama Birmingham, I have given Ielts and scored 7.5 on a scale of 10.

Vo: what about finding
Me: I have secured an education loan of xxxxx lakhs from prodigy finance. Both my parents are funding me with their anual income of 17lpa and we have immovable assets value around 1.2 cr.

Vo: place your right hand on the scanner, have a nice flight, I’m approving your visa.

Be confident, mumbai has a good acceptance rate. Don’t listen to people saying mumbai acceptance rate is low

Experience 8: F1 at Chennai

Date- 16 th november
Slot – 11:30
In time – 10:30 Am
Out time- 11:10 Am
Counter no 24(I think)
Interview duration – < 30 secs
University of North Texas
Visa Status – Approved 🟢
Vo was African guy; mid aged 35-40 years

Me – Hi Sir, Good morning officer.
Vo – Good morning, pass me your visa and i20
Me – Here it is officer and passed i20 and passport.
Vo – What is your course?
Me – Master’s in Datascience
Vo – Which University?
Me – University of North Texas
Vo – Are you working currently?
Me – Yes, I’m working in XX company as XX
Vo – how long have you been with the company?
Me – Told
Vo – What is your Mom and Father do?
Me – My Father is farmer and Mom is Home maker
Vo – What kind of crops does He cultivate?
Me- Told him
Vo – Is that seasonal or on cycle basis
Me- it’s on cycle basis
Vo- what are your plans after master’s
Me- get a Job as Datascientist in India
Vo-Are you going to work in the same company or will you be open to any company?
Me- I’ll work wherever the opportunity available
Vo – Place your right hand fingers.
Me- Placed my fingers
Vo – Your visa is approved 🟢 and you may leave now.
Me – Thank you so much sir, Have a nice day (I was literally singing this😄)

Experience 9: F1 at Hyderabad

1st attempt ✅ spring 22
Date: 16-11-2021
slot Time: Consulate : 9:30AM
Interview duration: less than a minute.
counter :14
University: Lewis University
Course: Computer Science
VO :come forward
Me: good morning Officer, no reply from the officer
VO: pass ur passport nd i20
VO: Put your i20 on the glass
VO: which university, Is it lewis right?
me: yes Madam, Lewis university Chicago
VO: when did u complete ur graduation
Me: December 2020
VO: what were you doing since then
Me: I has a skill gap so I upskilled myself by learning few course and in the meantime I gave my ielts and gre
VO:which universities did you apply
Me: told three and named them
VO: which course and why?
Me: computer science and I am passionate about AI so this had AI as elective and I can choose it as my core subject.
VO: how are you funding
Me: my parents are funding
VO: what do they do
Me: My father works as a business development manager at a logistics company and my mother runs a catering service.
VO: any loan?
Me: no madam we are having enough funds for my education.
VO: okay I’m keeping your passport and your visa is approved.
Me: thank you officer.

Visa officer didn’t even gave an eye contact she was looking at the monitor all the time.

Thank you so much for sharing everyone’s experience.

Experience 10: F1 at Chennai

Date and slot: 16 Nov, 12:00 pm
In time : 11:00 am
Out time 11:07 am
Counter: 27 (vo is an american male looked like late 30’s or early-mid 40’s)
Interview duration: < 1 min (40 sec -50 sec approx)
Status : Approved ✅
Vo: good morning!
Me: good morning! , how was your day sir
Vo: it’s pretty good and which university (and asked to me pass i20 and passport)
Me: UIUC and passed the documents
Vo: what does your father do
Me: told about his job and mentioned his annual income
Vo: explain his business
Me: told
Vo: any work ex
Me: 2yrs, mentioned my role and location where i’ve been working
Vo: place your right hand on the scanner, your visa is approved and gave back i20 and green slip.
Me: Thank you sir, Have a good day!

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai

Date: 16th November, 2021
Slot time: 09:00
In-Time: 8:00
Out-Time: 8:55
Status: Approved ✅
Counter: 24
VO: was an American women.
Course: Masters in Civilengineering
Time : <30 secs
VO was just typing something in her system saw me gave a look to come forward
VO: Hiii
Me:Good morning officer
VO:pass me your passport and I20
Me:Sure mam,here it is
VO: Ok!so you are going to do master’s in civil engineering?
Me:yeah mam.
VO:what is your Bachelor’s Stream?
Me:I did Bachelor’s in civil engineering only mam.
VO:When did you completed your Bachelor’s?
Me:In 2017 mam
VO:Do you have master’s degree already?(at this time she made Eye contact with me)
ME:No mam
VO:What is your current organization name?
ME: told
Vo:Do you have any loan?
Me:I have secured education loan of 24 lakhs from Indian Bank.(At this point I fumble like any thing🤕)
Vo: what is your designation after master’s?
Me:Sr structural engineer and structural designer.(at this point she kept my passport in tray)
Then Golden words
VO: Your visa is approved with big smile
Me:thank you so much mam(with another big smile)😅

She didn’t asked me anything about Savings and sponser.

Experience 12: F1 at Hyderabad

Nov 12 biometrics (Delhi)
Nov 16 at 10 :15 am slot
Went inside at 10 am
Wait period was around 45 mins
12th counter
Vo was young American tall guy.

Vo: welcomed me
Me: very good morning officer, how are you doing?
Vo: asked to pass passport.
Me: passed
Vo: you are going to Western Michigan University right?
Me: yes officer
Vo: what’s your undergraduation?
Me: I have completed my bachelor in computer science at Sathyabama University in the year 2019
Vo: what have you done after your undergraduation?
Me. After completion of undergraduation.i have been working as a network analyst in hcl technologies for past 2 years
Vo. Who is sponsoring you?
Me : my father is going to sponsor me with his savings
Vo. Any loan?
Me : I have secured an education loan of lakhs from bank
Vo. What will your father do?
Me : he owns business and explained about my father business
Vo, what is your father income?
Me : lakhs per annum
Vo, what after your masters?
Me : I would like to work as back here in India and also I have verbal confirmation with my previous employer to rejoin after my masters
Vo : what’s your current salary?
Me : it’s per annum and pay for monthly
Vo : your visa is done
Thanks your officers have a nice day

Note: in Hyderabad it all matters how you answer ….if you fumble he will ask more questions to see your confidence. So be confident and don’t fumble a lot. Go with flow.

All the best to my fellow mates who gonna attend vi. Approval rate was 70%

Experience 13: F1 at Hyderabad

VO was American bald
University – UTA
Course- Masters in Constr Man adminst
Status- Approved
Slot time – 9:15
In time – 9
Out time- 9:50
Approved one guy in front

VO : Next please
Me : Hello, hope you’r having a great day.
VO : Yea I’m
VO : Asked for I20 and passport and continuously typing in the system and asked to place right hand fingers.
Me: Sure and placed my fingers.
VO : Where are you going ?
Me : I’m going to pursue my masters In Civil engineering and my specailsation would be CMA in UTA.
VO : Why this course
Me : explained
VO : Which skills you want to develop
Me : told after telling him to repeat the question.
VO : What is your father
Me : Told about father, mother and about loan and told him that would be enough for funding.
VO : I’m approving your visa.
Me : Thanks, I hope you’ll have a great day.
VO : Yea thanks.
He did’nt ask to scan my fingers afterwards.. Is that okay?

Experience 14: F1 at Chennai

November 16, 2021
Slot time : 11.30 am
In time : 10:30 am
Out time : 11:00 am
Interview duration: 1-2 mins
Status : Approved
Counter no. 24
University of Massachusetts,Boston
VO was an american lady, she was polite and co-operative
Before me she approved the visa of a woman and her daughter
Then she gave me a hand signal to come forward

Vo: Hi, welcome pass me your documents
Me : good morning mam… simultaneously passed my documents
Vo : scanned the passport and checked the 1st page….
typed on the computer for 10 secs then looked at the I-20 and typed again
Vo : In which stream did you complete your undergraduate?
Me : Computer Science and Engineering
Vo : when did you complete your undergraduate?
Me : recently in August 2021
Vo : oh congratulations
Me : thank you mam
VO again looked at I-20 and typed in the computer (10secs)
Vo : any specialization for masters?
Me : it is masters in computer Science with electives and I will choose Machine learning and Artificial intelligence as my electives
Vo : oh that’s good
Typed in computer for 10secs
VO : what type of job are you planning to do after your masters?
me : I plan to work as software engineer or a machine learning architect
Vo : place your right hand on the scanner, Your VISA is approved …
and passed me the green slip with my docs
I was expecting more questions but she surprised me
Me : thank you mam have a nice day
placed my right hand on the scanner for too long
Vo : ok all done you can go now

Yesterday I read about the Indian guy with tilakam on counter 24 but today there was this lady on that counter. 4 counters were open and 1 of them was the Indian and he was rejecting the visas (I didn’t see him but 1 candidate was rejected from a different counter). Don’t expect the same officers on the same counters. I think it depends on your luck, just be prepared for anything and everything
Be precise and I would suggest to be dressed in formals. All the best

Experience 15: F1 at Hyderabad

Appointment time: 9:15
Date: 16th November, 2021
University: Thomas Jefferson
Course: MS in UX and Interaction Design Spring 2022
Handed over my passport to the VO and displayed the I20 through the glass
VO: Which year did you graduate?
Me: 2015
VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: I pursued a 6 month course in Visual design after undergrad and I’ve been working from 2016 up until now. So I have about 5.6 years of industry experience.
VO: What are you going to study at TJU? (She read that on my I20)
Me: MS in User Experience and Interaction Design
VO: Your course sounds interesting compared to all other applications that we receive.
Me: Haha! Yes, it’s quite interesting so I decided to level up.
VO: What about the funds?
Me: My family has saved up X lakhs, I have personal savings of X lakhs and I have a bank loan of X lakhs as well.
VO: Previously travelled to the US?
Me: Yes.
VO: What places have you been to?
Me: Named the places I went to
VO: Great! Add Philadelphia to your list, your visa is approved!
Me: Thank you, have a nice day!

Experience 16: F1 at Chennai

Biometric : November 10th 8:30 AM
Appointment: November 16th 10:00AM
In Time: 9:00 AM
Out Time: 10:00 AM
Duration: 45 sec
University : Wichitha State University
Counter :26
Vo American bald guy he is under 30-35 Age
Me: Good Morning Officer
Vo: Not responded, seriously typing something
VO:Pass me your passport
Me: Passed
VO: Pass me your i20
Me: Passed
Vo: What does your parents doing
Me: Prepared something, but suddenly I said they are farmers
VO: Annual Income
Me: 18lakhs per annum
VO: Any Experience
Me: Yes Officer, Currently I am working as Assistant System Engineer in TATA Consultancy Services from past 23months.
VO: Your Visa got approved, Congratulations!!!
Me: Thank you officer, You made my day with smile😎
Gave me the Green Slip and kept my passport in tray.

Be confidant, All the best😉👍

Experience 17: F1 at Hyderabad

Date – 16th November 2021
In time – 10:00 AM
Out time – 11:15 AM
Slot time : 10:15 AM
Status – Approved✅
College – Georgia State University
Course- Computer Science
Counter 14( VO was an American Lady in 50s)
VO – Good morning…pass me your passport and i20
Me – passed
VO – When did you complete your Bachelors?
Me – In 2020
VO – Why did you plan Masters now?
Me – I would like to improve my skills in latest technologies.
VO – How are u going to fund your studies ?
Me – Told about my education loan and Savings
VO – What do your parents do for living?(VO suddenly looked into my eyes)
Me – Told about my parents occupation
VO – Place your right hand four fingers on scanner .
VO – Congratulations, your visa is approved.
Me – Thank you officer

Please be confident and maintain eye contact.
All the best for every one 😁

Experience 18: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 16th November, 2021
Slot time: 9.40
In-Time: 9.00am
Out-Time: 10.30 am
Counter: 19(American lady)
University: George mason university
Course: Masters in Health informatics
Time : less than 30 secs
Vo asked me my i20 and passport
Asked me to place my 4 fingers on the screen.
At last!!!!
VO: what is medical informatics?
Me: told what I prepared
VO: What is your bachelors percentage?
Me: 8cgpa on the scale 10
VO: What about your fundings?
Me: My parents are sponsoring me
VO: what is your father?
Me: explained about my father business
VO: she asked me any loan
Me: I told yes
VO: I’m approving your visa. I said thanks and left
In Delhi almost all approvals just two three rejections .

Experience 19: F1 at New Delhi

Status: Approved😍😍😍
Course: MS in computer and information science
University: Sacred heart University

Date : 16th November 2021

Slot time: 10:50 am
In time: 9:00 am
Out time: 10:20 am

Counter: 18
VO is American female in 30’s
(Sweet person, she approved all visas infront of me by asking only one question)
Duration: 15 secs

Me: Namasthe officer, Good morning.
VO: good morning

VO: Pass me your passport,I20
Me: Here it is officer. I passed my passport and I-20

VO : How do you funding?
Me : Officer, my father is my sponcer. I have sanctioned education loan of 30 lakhs in *** bank with 11% interest rate. We have savings of 25 lakhs. And we have immovable ( VO interrupted me)
VO: Place your left hands
Me:- I placed left hand
VO:- your visa is approved
Me : Thank you so much Officer, You made my day.
That’s it I came out of the hall with full speed.
Be confident and Speak with a loud voice so that VO can hear your voice clearly.

Experience 20: F1 at Kolkata

Status: Approved
Course: MS in Business Analytics
University: UM Dearborn
Date : 15th November 2021

Slot time: 10.00 am
In time: 9:45 am
Out time: 10:15 am

VO is American Male, very short hair, he was polite
Duration: 50 seconds

VO: Hi good morning, how are you
Me: Good morning Sir, I’m fine how are you
VO: Pass me your passport and I20

(passed my passport and I-20)

VO : Place your right hand on the scanner
(placed my fingers on the scanner)

VO : What is your course?
Me : I am going for MS in Business Analytics at University of Michigan, Dearborn

VO: You are working as an analyst?
Me: Yes Sir.

VO: So why do you want to go for masters? You are working in your field of choice.
Me: Sir, I currently I am working at a mid-level role and my aim is to move to a senior level role in the next few years and a leadership role in the future. A Master’s degree along with my work experience would help me achieve it.

VO : Tell me about your course.
Me : Sir, it’s a 30 credit hour course and I have chosen my concentration in Supply Chain Management..
VO (Interrupted) : That’s fine, tell me about one subject you are looking forward to learning, tell me something about it and how it will help you in achieving your career goals.
Me (I had not prepared for this question, So I took 2 seconds to think) : Sir, one of the subjects I am really interested in learning is predictive analysis….
VO (Interrupted) : What is predictive analysis?
Me : Sir, it’s analysing past and present data to predict trends for the future…
VO (Interrupted) : How do you do that?
Me : Predictive analysis?
VO : How do you predict the trend for future using past data?
Me : It can be done by time series algorithm or regression analysis…

VO (Interrupted) : Okay, that’s enough. (Took a few seconds and looked at his system) U-Mich is pretty expensive. Are you sure you can afford it?
Me : Yes Sir, My parents have a savings of…

VO (Interrupted) : Congratulations, I am approving your visa. I am keeping your passport and you may collect it after 4 days.
Me : Thanks a lot sir.

VO : (Smiled) Good luck. Have a great day.
Me : Thank you Sir, you too.

Here are a few tips for Kolkata : That particular day I saw a lot of rejections. They are asking a lot of question about the course so prepare for a few technical answers.
Chinese guy as usual was asking complicated questions and rejecting a lot of applications.
Be confident, and give precise answers and sound genuine you will surely get approved.
Even if you have answers prepared, don’t sound like you have memorised them.
Good luck to everyone.

Experience 21: F1 at Hyderabad

Slot time : 8:00 am
In time around 7:30am
Out time around 8:30am
counter no : 9
Interview time around 2 minutes
Status: approved, data science. (UMKC)

vo is middle age bald guy around 35 years

first he asked me for fingerprint
I had applied for the same university 2 years back. I couldn’t attend interview due to some personal reason.

Vo: Good Morning
Me: Smiled. Hey good morning officer.
Vo: Could you pass your I20 and passport
Me: sure sir passed my documents
Vo: I could see that you have applied 2 years back to the same university
Me: yes officer
Vo: why masters now
Me: told including about the specialisation and after coming back plans
Vo: who’s sponsoring
Me: my father is the sponsor.
Vo: what does he do ?
Me: he’s an employee in central government
Vo: what in central government
Me: told

for 10-15 seconds typing
he said golden words

Vo : am approving your visa, taking your visa
Me: thank you, sir

Tip: be confident, try not to fumble more. Little bit is fine.

Experience 22: F1 at Chennai

Interview: 16th November
Counter No : 27
Slot time: 9 am
In Time: 8:40 am
Out Time : 9:00 am
Status: Approved☑️☑️☑️

Interview Duration: < 30s
VO was an american bald guy between 30-35
University of new haven

Vo : Good morning, pass me your passport
Me: Good Morning Sir, Here it is. Passed the passport.

VO: Pass me you I 20
Me: Passed.

Vo: What is your father?
Me: My father is a retired indian army soldier and he is currently working as fabrication engineer

VO: Whats his annual income.
Me: 12 LPA

VO: Do you have job Work Experience?
Me: Yes I have been working from past 5 years in Tech mahindra pvt Limited.

VO: job role?
Me: as a software engineer

VO: Are you going for double masters?
Me: I told yes! then vo repeated same thing then i told no sir this is my first masters degree

VO:Place your right hand fingers on the scanner.
He placed my passport in a tray.
And He passed the Green Slip and told “Your Visa is approved”

Experience 23: F1 at Kolkata

November 16
Slot : 10:15
University : university of central missouri
In time : 10 am
Out time : 11:10 am
Vo is an American guy in counter 5,
And in counter 4 it’s infamous Chinese guy

Vo: good morning
Me : good morning sir.
Vo : pass me passport, i20
Me : passed them
Vo : why are you going to usa
Me : I want to pursue master’s in computer science at university of central missouri
Vo : whats your specialisation?
Me : i wanted to do my specialization on software development
Vo: why sd?
Me: since I’ve done my undergraduate project related to software development (interrupted)
Vo: what is your project name?
Me: its hand gesture recognition using python
Vo: what is your contribution?
Me: developed login page using html,css and java script
Vo: how many days it will take to develop a login page?
Me:It clearly depends on one’s intrest
For me it took 1 week as it was my first project
Vo : How many fields are available in your login page?(here i did not understand the question and asked vo to repeat 3 times and 3rd time i got the question)
Me : there are 3 fields sir
username field,password field and captcha field
Vo:how you are funding?
Me: My father is sponsoring me with a savings of xx lacks
Your visa is approved
Be confident and know about your specialisation perfectly. All the best.

Experience 24: F1 at Hyderabad

Biometric : 19th November
Interview : 16th November
Interview slot : 10:00 AM
Intime : 09:50 AM
Out time : 10:50 AM
Counter : 12
VO was a middle aged man 35-40
He was typing continuously. He rejected 1 before me.

Status : Approved
Interview time : 40-50s

University : SUNY Buffalo
Course : MS in Mechanical Engineering
Me : Good morning officer
VO : Good morning. Pls come forward
VO : Pass me your Passport and show your i20
Me : Passed and did
VO : So your are going for SUNY buffalo (He was impressed with the university)
Me : Yes Officer
VO : Why are going to this University?
Me : To pursue my master’s in mechanical engineering.
VO : What is your background?
Me : I have recently completed my undergrad in mechanical engineering from Sreenidhi institute of science and technology.
VO : What is your Major Project?
Me : Said it in-detail (He was keenly observing me at this point and while I was talking he placed my passport aside)
VO : How are you going to fund your education?
Me : Told
VO : What are your future plans?
Me: Told
VO: Place your right hand four fingers on the scanner
Me: I did
VO: Congratulations, your visa is approved
Me: Thank you officer you just made my day and just walked away with utmost happiness.

First things first, be confident it’s the key…I was not asked for any docs apart from I20. Prepare well and be spontaneous for any sort of questions cause the guy before me fumbled a lot so he was asked a lot of questions.


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