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F1 Visa Experiences – November 2021

Below are experiences from November 16th, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Chennai

Cleveland state university
Status approved ✅
November 12-2021
In time: 9:45 am
Out time: 11:05 am
Interview time : 1min
interview were thin American white handsome guy
Cabin number: 27
That day only 6 cabins were opened
In front me a girl who got her visa approved in 30secs

ME: good morning officer
VO: no response, pass your i20 and passport

VO: work experience
ME: from past one year I have been working in vo IT private limited solutions as software and my job role is web designer

VO: tell me about your tuition fee
ME: here i covered tuition fee, insurance, accommodation, living expenses

VO: tell me about fundings
ME: my family members are sponsoring me for my education with xxxx lakhs and fixed deposits xxxx lakhs in additionally I have taken education loan xxxx lakhs

VO: what does your parents do.?
ME: my fathers works in xxxx company and his annul income is xxx lakhs and in additional my mother runs boutique and her annual income is xxxx lakhs

VO: do have any siblings
ME: I have younger brother here I mentioned his name he is pursuing inter second year

VO: which university.?
ME: I’m going to pursue information system/science in Cleveland state university at Ohio state

VO: why this university
ME: I’m preferred to this because it is public search university with well experienced faculty that which is established in 1964 it provides unique curriculum course Where students as flexible to choose as per their interest . it provides hands on experience with internships, projects and assignments.

VO:place your left hand fingers on scanner and he gave green slip your visa has been approved
Me: thank you officer you made my day.

Tips: be confident, maintain eye contact, be loud

Experience 2: F1 at Chennai

Biometrics: 14th November
Interview: 15th November
Counter No : 26
Slot time: 8 am
In Time: 7:45 am
Out Time : 8:45 am
Interview Duration: less than one minute.
University of New Haven
Vo : Good morning Lady, pass me your passport
Me: Good Morning Sir, Here it is. Passed the passport.
He is not able to scan my passport. So he asked me to go to counter no 19 and come back.

In Counter number 19 she took my passport she did something in system

Went back to the VO.

Vo: Good Morning again asked to pass the passport.asked to pass i20.
Passed it.
Vo: What do your parents do?
Me:My father is into business, he is a gold merchant. My mother is home maker but she gets rental income.
Vo: Whats is their combined income.
Me: 14 LPA
Vo: Do you have job Work Experience?
Me: Yes I have been working as EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) Developer from past three years in Infosys Limited.
Vo:Place your right hand fingers on the scanner.
He placed my passport in a tray.
And He passed the Green Slip and told “Your Visa is approved”

Experience 3: F1 at Chennai

Interview : 15th November
Interview slot : 9:00 AM
Intime : 8:15 AM
Out time : 9:05AM
Counter : Didn’t notice
VO was American lady in mid 30’s
Status : Approved
Interview time : 30-40 Seconds

University : George Mason University
Course : MS in Computer Science.
UG Background : CSE

VO : Good morning. Pls come forward
Me : Good morning madam
VO : Pass me your Passport, i20
Me : Passed
VO : (scanned passport) George Mason University, right?
Me : Yes officer
VO : nice..
VO : When did you complete your Bachelor’s?
Me : I completed my BTech in 2020.
VO : Which branch?
Me : CSE
VO : What are you doing currently?
Me : I’m working as a Programmer Analyst in Cognizant.
VO: What are the roles you’re expecting after completing your Master’s?
Me: Data Warehouse engineer/Data Migration Analyst.
VO : Place your right hand fingers.
Me : Placed.
VO : I am approving your visa. Hope you have a great stay in US.
Me : Thank you officer

Experience 4: F1 at Kolkata

Biometrics in Hyderabad on Nov 10

November 15
Slot : 08:45 am
University : Lewis University
In time : 8:30 am ( reached consulate by that time )
Out time : 9:10 am
Vo is an African american he is very polite

He greeted me first

Vo: good morning
Me : good morning sir.

Vo : pass me passport, i20
Me : passed them

Vo : why are you going to usa
Me : to pursue master’s in Business Analytics from Lewis University

Vo : Any specialisation?
Me : yeah Officer, it is Operations Analytics.

Vo : what is Operations Analytics?
Me : I have breifed about operations analytics.

Vo : then he asked how this operations analytics will help you?
(VO asked the same question for 3 times in Different ways but I sticked to it and repeated the same answer)
Me : As I have experience in the same field for 3 years this course will help me get better positions when I get back to India.

Vo: what you gonna study in Operations Analytics?
Me: I gonna study Operations Management and Supply Chain Management.

Vo : How u r going to fund?
Me : I said about my Loan and Savings

After this Vo typed for 2 mins and then comes the golden words
“I am keeping your Passport, your Visa is approved”

I observed that African VO is approving visa if we are perfect in our course work, specialisation and technical related questions.

Chinese asking all technical questions.. those who give justified answers got approved.. he’s screwing with follow up questions.

All the best, Prepare as much as in specialisation and technical questions if you are going to Kolkata Consulate.

Experience 5: F1 at Kolkata

Biometric : 02nd November – hyderabad
Interview : 15th November – kolkata
Interview slot : 8:30 AM
In time : 8:10 AM
Out time : 8:45AM
Counter : 1
VO was American officer in his 40’s
Status : Approved
Interview time : 1-2 mins

University : University of South Florida
Course : MS in Computer Science.
UG Background : CSE

VO : Good morning. Pls come forward
Me : Good morning Officer
VO : Pass me your Passport, i20
Me : Passed
VO : (scanned passport and looked at i20 and looking in computer) So which course you are going to study?
Me : Master’s in Computer science at usf
VO : what specialization ?
Me : Specialization in Enterprise Application development
VO : why this Specialization ?
Me : told confidently.
VO : You are working right ?
Me : Yes I am working as XXX at XXX company
VO : who’s gonna pay for this ?
Me : told about my father’s xxx savings.
Vo : Any Loans for your education ?
Me : I have a secured education loan of XX lakhs from XX bank. Fixed Deposits of XXX and remaining in savings.
VO : What does your father do ?
Me : told xxx
VO : Can you explain about his designation ?
Me : Explained
VO : Place your left hand fingers.
Me : Placed.
VO : took my passport in hand.
Me : waiting what happens next
VO : I am approving your visa.
Me : Thanks a Lot Officer. You made my day.
Vo : Have a great stay in US.
Me : Thank you officer.

Experience 6: F1 at Mumbai

Biometric : 14th November
Interview : 15th November
Interview slot : 10:20 AM
Intime : 10:38AM
Out time : 11:45
Counter : 33
VO was a young man aged 29-30.
Super cool guy. He rejected 1 before me.

Attempt : 1
Status : Approved
Interview time : 30-40s

University : University of the Pacific
Course : MS in Business Analytics

VO : Good morning. Pls come forward
Me : Good morning Officer
VO : Pass me your Passport, i20
Me : Passed
VO : (scanned passport and looked at i20 and looking in computer) Which course have you applied for
Me : Said
VO : Why this course
Me : Said
VO : Do you have B1/B2 visa before?
Me :Said
VO : How much time did you stay there
Me : Said
VO : Place your right hand fingers.
Me : Placed.
VO : took my passport in hand and kept in a box next to him
VO : I am approving your visa.
Me : Thanks a Lot Officer. Have a nice day.

Experience 7: F1 at Kolkata

Biometric : 13th November
Interview : 15th November
Interview slot : 9:00 AM
Intime : 8:45 AM
Out time : 9:20
Counter : 5
VO was American male
Attempt : 1
Status : Approved
Interview time : 1-2 mins

University : University of North Texas
Course : MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
UG Background : EEE

VO : Good morning.
Me : Good morning Officer ,how are you
VO : Pass me your Passport, i20
Me : Passed
VO : scan your right hand fingers
Me :done
VO : what specialization ?
Me : masters in electrical and electronics engineering at University of North Texas
VO : Tell me about your final year project?
Me : told
VO : what is your contribution in project?
Me : told
VO : Tell me tools or parts of the project and explain them
Me : told
Vo : ok ,your visa is approved
Me : Thankyou sir.

Experience 8: F1 at Mumbai

Status: Approved✝️😍
Course: MS in Horticulture Science
University: Oklahoma State University

Date : 15th November 2021

Slot time: 09:40 am
In time: 10:00 am
Out time: 10:40 am

VO is American Male
Duration: 30-40secs

Me: Good morning officer
VO: good morning
(VO was very sweet and accepted almost everyone infront of me)

VO: Pass me your passport,I20
Me:Yes Officer Here it is and I passed my passport and I-20

VO : Why you are Going to US ?
Me : I Am going to US to pursue my Master’s in Horticulture Science at Oklahoma State University which is also Known earlier as Ferguson College of Agriculture
VO: Okay Good

VO: So you have Graduate Research Assistantship ohhh Congratulations(with a surprising and happy face)
Me: yes Officer,Thanks alot officer

VO : Place your right hand for fingerprints
Me: Okay Officer

VO : What is your passed out year ?
Me :In the year of 2019 I have passed out from my UG course and worked for 2yrs at Kedar Agros Pvt Ltd as A Product Development Officer.

VO : Congratulations Once again and am approving your Visa(With a smile)
Me : Thank you Officer,You made my day

Be confident and Speak with a loud voice so that VO can hear your voice clearly.

Experience 9: F1 at Kolkata

November 15
Slot : 10:45 am
In time : 10:00 am ( reached consulate by that time )
Out time : 11:10 am
Interview duration:15-20sec
Vo is an american.. he’s very polite

He greeted me first
Vo: good morning
Me : gd mng sir.. hope you are having a good day
Vo : I am good..
Vo : pass me passport, i20
Me : passed them,
Vo : what is your course?
Me : to pursue master’s in computer science from University of Texas at Arlington.
Vo : any specialization ?
Me : yes officer machine learning!
Vo : why did you choose machine learning
Me : I was interested in ML and did my undergrad project using it!!!
Vo : what is the least favourite subject in your course?
Me : yes officer,distributed systems is my least favorite subject but I have an option of selecting computer architecture insted of this!!!(i got very lucky about this question because I have seen the subjects in the morning itself answered it very confidently)
Vo :asked about financials
Me : i have secured an education loan of 37 lakhs and my parents are supporting me with their savings of…(interrupted me)
Vo : he put the passport in tray and told me ur visa is approved you can collect it in 3 to 4 days( before completing the financial explanation )

What I observed is if you know about ur master’s and specialization atleast 50% .. visa is yours.. if you got African American
Only two counters are working: Chinese guy and African American

Chinese asking all required questions.. those who give justified answers got approved.. he’s screwing with follow up questions.but for slots after 10:00AM he accepted every guy I have 5 accepts in front of me in that 5 mem two fumbling but he didn’t care and approved their visa also

I saw few rejections that day in the morning 8 to 9:15 .. prepare well.. know about ur course.. justify ur answers….
All the best

Experience 10: F1 at Mumbai (2nd Attempt)

Mumbai Consulate
29th oct
Counter no – 28
Slot time – 10 am
In time – 9 10 am
Out time – 1 20 pm
Interview time – 40 sec
Vo was a chinese guy

Me : Good Afternoon Sir
VO: No response.
After 5 sec…. pass me your documents.
Me – Yes sure
VO : Where are you going to?
Me : The university of Tampa to pursue Masters in XX
VO : Why this university ?
Me: The university of Tampa has good course curriculum…
VO : ( held his head and made some noise) Cut me off…And asked Which undergraduation?
Me : Told
VO : Isnt your bachelors and masters program similar?
Me : No .They are a bit different. The Bachleors program had subjects like XX and XX. But in the masters program they have courses like sports nutrition , dimemsions of strength training which are advanced courses…..
VO : Place your right hand fingers on scanner. I am rejecting . You can reapply.

(It was my mistake as i started the answer with a direct NO …Always try to give full sentence answers)

Mumbai Consulate
15th November
Counter no – 35
Slot time – 10 am
In time – 8: 15
Out time- 9:30 am
Interview – 1-2 min
VO was a Handsome American Guy in 30s
VO- Good Morning
Me- Good Morning officer
VO- Pass me your i20 and passport.
Me – Yes sure
VO was Typing for 15-20 sec…
VO- Was your visa previously refused?
Me – Yes, I was refused visa previously. It was my first time to the consulate. And i feel that i was not able to put my points and convey my message properly to the VO.
VO- Oh…It was 2-3 weeks back?
Me – Yes
VO- did you change anything?
Me- I have not changed anything.
VO- Okay…why are you going to the us?
Me – My purpose is to study Masters in XX from the university of XX.
VO- What was you undergraduation in?
Me- I completed my undergraduation in bachleor of Physiotherapy .
VO- Did you say the same thing to the last VO?
Me- Yes, I said the same thing that i compelted my Undergraduation in Bachleor of Physiotherapy
VO- Okay…which year did you complete you Undergraduation ?
Me- In 2018, Explained about my work experience and how i need to upgrade my knowledge in that domain so i want to pursue this program.

VO- How will you be funding your education?
Me- My father with be sponsoring. He has saving of XX Cr and Immovable assets worth XX Cr…
VO- Interrupted and asked what does you father do?
Me- He used to work as Lab chemist in Saudi arabia for the past 13 years up until march 2021 And currently hes into stocks investment.
VO- He was a lab operator you said???
Me- He was a lab chemist in Saudi arabia.
VO- What was his last annual income?
Me- XX lakhs
VO- Okay. Place ur left hand 4 fingers on the scanner. Congratulations .I am approving your visa. Handed me the slip and returned the i20 and kept the passport in tray.
Me – Thank you so much. Have a nice day.

(Even though i was a bit nervous before the interview….I maintained the eye contact and answered confidently. )

Experience 11: F1 at Kolkata

VO was African Guy
University – Missouri State University
Course- Masters in Computer Science
Status- Approved
Slot time – 10:00 AM
In time – 9:30 AM
Out time- 10:15 AM
In Kolkata only two counters are operating one is African guy and the other is Chinese.

VO : Good Morning..
Me : Good morning sir.
VO : Asked for I20 and passport and continuously typing in the system and asked to place right hand fingers.
Me: Sure and placed my fingers.
VO : Where are you going ?
Me : I’m going to pursue my masters In computer science from Missouri State Univ.
VO : Which specialisation?
Me : Data science.
VO : Why Data science ?
Me : Mentioned the courses I have done and also about my project which is relevant to my specialisation.
VO : Which class you are interested ? ( I was confused because it means in many ways)
Me : I have mentioned about 3-4 courses which I’m interested but VO stopped me in between and told me an example that my favourite class in commerce. Then I got an idea about his exact point he mean and mentioned that Python is my favourite subject.
VO : What are your plans after masters?
Me : After completing my masters I would like to return back to India and with this degree I can gain enough technical skills and target a technical architect position in top multinational companies like IBM, Tata etc..
VO : What is technical architect ?
Me : Told about roles and responsibilities.
VO : Why this university ?
Me : I have liked this course structure which is highly flexible where I can choose the subjects which I am interested such as ML,AI, Algorithms and along with it offers other courses like Web Application, Data mining. These will enhance my technical skills to pursue my career towards latest technologies.
VO : What subjects are you going to take in your specialization ?
Me : Machine learning, Algorithm, Data structures etc..
VO : Do u think these subjects are related to data science ?
Me : Yes, few are sub courses which I’m going to take according to my interest.
VO : Python is also into data science but why have u not mentioned it ?
Me : Because I have already completed this subject in my under graduation. So, I’m not going to take this course again
VO : Ok, I’m approving your visa.
Me : Thank you sir.

Experience 12: F1 at Mumbai

OFC: 9th November 2021
Delhi Time:10am
VI: 12th November 2021
Mumbai Time:9:40am
In time: 9am
Out time 11:00am
Counter: 35
VO: American guy with very tiny hair
VI time: 1-2 minutes
University: Florida State University
Course: MS Industrial Engineering
Status: Approved✅
Me: Good morning officer
VO: Good morning, Pass me your I-20 and Passport.
Me: Passed
VO: In which field was your bachelors?
Me: I completed my bachelors in Industrial Engineering from XYZ University.
VO: How many Universities did you apply to and how many did you get accepted in?
Me: Applied to 4, got accepted in 2 and 2 are under committee review
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My father is sponsoring me and he has liquid balance of xx in his account
VO: What does your father do?
Me: Told
VO: What’s his annual income?
Me: told him the annual income
VO: Place your 4 fingers
Me: Sure
VO: Thankyou, your Visa is approved.

Be Confident

Experience 13: F1 at Chennai

Nov 14 biometrics
Nov 15 at 10 am slot
Went inside at 9 am
Wait period was around 30 mins
23rd counter
Vo was young American lady.

Vo: welcomed me
Me: good morning officer, how are you doing?
Vo: nodded her head
Asked to pass passport and i20.
Me: passed
Vo: which state are u going?
Me: I’m heading to Florida State
Vo: for bachelor’s or master’s?
Me: I’m going for masters.
Vo: masters in?
Me. Masters in nutrition and Food Science
Vo. What’s your bachelor’s? And passed out in?
Vo. What position can you apply with ms degree
Vo. What salary can u expect with this
Vo, what is your father?
Vo, do u have any loan?
She is continuously typing in her system, didn’t maintained any eye contact.
She took some pause and asked to scan my left hand four fingers.( I thought it was a flop)

Finally she gave me a green slip.😊

Note: In chennai Indian officer is very strict and gave many rejections. Try to avoid him🙂
Be confident and don’t fumble a lot. Go with flow.

All the best to my fellow mates who gonna attend vi.

Approval rate was quite good.

Experience 14: F1 at Chennai

15 th November
Status: Approved✅
Course: Information Systems
University: Northeastern university
Visa slot: 8:30 am
In time: 8:15 a.m
Out time: 9:20 a.m

Visa officer looked like a 60 year old Indian

Vo:Good morning
Me: Good morning officer.
Vo: So where are you heading to?
Me: Northeastern university , Boston
Vo: What are you going to study there?
Me: I’m going to pursue my masters in Information Systems
Vo: When and where did you complete your bachelors?
Me : Answered accordingly
Vo : Any backlogs?
Me : Yes officer ( I answered very confidently)
Vo : What is your GPA?
Me ; Told
Vo: Are you working? and where
Me: Answered accordingly
Vo:How are you funding?
Me: I have a secured bank loan from SBI and I also have family savings of xxxx amount
Vo: How do you have those many savings? what do your parents do?
Me: My parents have been saving from a long time.My father owns an industry.
Vo: What industry is it?
Me: Told
Vo : What do you manufacture? And how many employees? What’s the name of the industry?
Me : Told ( typing..I am looking at him confidently)
Vo:where is it located? Tell me including the street name.
Me: Told.I mentioned a famous industry near by as a landmark
Vo : who are the owners of that industry?
Me : I don’t know sir
Vo : how come you don’t know your neighbours?
Me : It is a big unit and there are many share holders ( typing….)
Vo: ok , I am approving your visa.You will receive your passport in a week. All the best
Me: Thank you officer

He didnt ask me about collg, course and not even sevis fee receipt. Only I20 and passport.Main focus was only on financials.Be confident on how you are going to sponsor your education.Know completely about your parents work.If you answer confidently, they will not ask for any documents. Good luck guys, Do well.

Experience 15: F1 at Chennai

Status : APPROVED✅
Date – 15th Nov 2021
Slot time : 09:00 AM
In time : 08:00 AM
Out time : 9:15 AM
University : Georgia State University- MS-IS
Counter Number- 29( Vo was a camerican guy, age late 30’s bald head )
Interview Duration- 2 min approx.

Me: Good Morning Officer
Vo : Good Morning, Pass me your i20 and passport.
Me : Yeah, sure.

Vo : What your parents do ?
Me : my father is government officer working as a administrative officer at sugar factory and mother is self employee.

VO : mother – self employee ?
Me : yeah she works as field agent at chit fund private limited

Vo : what does the company do ?
Me : it a state private based company margadarsi chit limited – deal chit business and my mother works as agent officer.

Vo : what’s your parent s income ?
Me : my family income is 24 lacs per annum in which my parents earn 14 lacs per Annum.

Vo: do you have work experience ?
Me : yeah I have work experience of 4 years in consumer genetics company

Vo: what does your company do ?
Me : my company deals with genetic DNA coding test – I handles the sales part.

Vo: what’s your income ?
Me: I earn 12 lacs per annum

Vo: are you going for second masters ?
Me : No sir

Vo: congrats your visa approved , place your right hand: Enjoy your studies in usa.

Me: thank you so much Officer

If at all going to Chennai embassy avoid counter #24

At first I got 24 counter I requested him to change – before me one guy got grilled He is the one rejecting the visas- if in Q you get 24 counter- request the person to change.

The only thing is be confident, have smile and speak loud.

Experience 16: F1 at Mumbai

Biometric : 14th November
Interview : 15th November
Interview slot : 10:20 AM
Intime : 10:38AM
Out time : 11:45
Counter : 33
VO was a young man aged 29-30.
Super cool guy. He rejected 1 before me.

Status : Approved
Interview time : 30-40s

University : University of the Pacific
Course : MS in Business Analytics

VO : Good morning. Pls come forward
Me : Good morning Officer

VO : Pass me your Passport, i20
Me : Passed

VO : (scanned passport and looked at i20 and looking in computer) Which course have you applied for
Me : I have applied for masters of business analytics in UOP.

VO : Why this course
Me : this course gives wide range of programming language and also I realised in my bachelors that I am good at programming.

VO : Do you have B1/B2 visa before?
Me :Yes I have B2 visa

VO : How much time did you stay there
Me : 3 months

VO : Place your right hand fingers.
Me : Placed.

VO : took my passport in hand and kept in a box next to him

VO : I am approving your visa.

Me : Thanks a Lot Officer.

Experience 17: F1 at Kolkata

15th November
Slot time : 10 30 am
In time : 10 10 am
University: UNT
Vo looks like an Indian guy
Status: ✅
VO : Why are you going to USA?
Me : To pursue masters in data science at University of North Texas
VO : Which data science?
Me : In my under graduation, I have done project on email spam detection, I was exposed to data science and my intrest developed towards it.
VO : Explain me your project?
Me : My project name is email spam detection. It detects whether a email is spam or not. I did it using naive bayes algorithm. This algorithm works great for text classification. It is based on conditional probability…(Vo interrupted)
VO : What would you like to become?
Me : Data scientist
VO : What does he do?
Me : He takes large amount of data from companies and give insights so that company can make actionable plans
VO : Give me an example?
I was not prepared for this question and fumbled a bit
Me : As data scientist takes large data from company, if we take case of Amazon, people spend lot of time searching electronic gadgets.. (Vo interrupted)
And said
VO : Your visa is approved you can collect it in 7 days
Me : Sir can I leave ?
VO : Yes you can

Rejections can be seen at Chinese guy counter

Experience 18: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 15 November
Slot: 9:10
In time : 8:30
Out time: 9:20
Counter :10
American lady 35 age
Interview time : approx 1min
Status: Approved ✅
She is welcoming all the smile
Infront me 2 F1 visas accepted
Now my turn
Vo: good morning man with smile
Me: gudmng officer thank you

Vo: pass me your i20 & passport
Me : Here it’s mam

Vo: place your left hand for scanning
Me: sure mam

Vo: so which University by looking at my i20
Me : with little fumble sacred , sacred heart University, I repeated the university

Vo :Why this university
Me: I’m well prepared with this answer ( sacred heart University has a active research in 3 specialisations which aligns my area of interest such as cloud computing,m/l,AI and it has a intensive course curriculum with flexibility. With this flexibility I choosen cloud computing as my area my specialization.
Moreover, one of the professor **** has his area of research on cloud computing I wanna gain knowledge under his research.
By saying professor name vo looking at me but I didn’t stop my flow

Vo: how this university will benefit to you
Me : this is a tricky question I taken little pause and started saying like this– this university will help to get a lead position in Indian market and it adds more weightage to my profile.

Vo :When do you passed out
Me: 2018 mam

Vo: what have you done since
Me: after my undergraduate I joined in a * as application development associate later my designation has changed to analyst
Now, I’m currently working as a analyist in the same organization.

Vo: tell me about funding
Me: I have an education loan of from * and my parents are my sponsers with their savings of .

Vo: what your parents do
Me: my father is a agricultarist . He cultivates 14 acres of land along with he maintain PG hostel in my hometown

Vo: what did you said pg?
Me : it’s pg hostel for men mam located in guntur in the name of sai Srinivasa delux boys hostel

Vo : ok I got ur point and I’m accepting your visa with smile while keeping my passport
Me: literally I’m waiting for next question like income and all
I’m shoked and greeted vo like thanks thanks thanks mam
She is launching for that .I ran out

My suggestion is be confident and if you’re fumble no problem don’t stop the flow . The acceptance rate in delhi is 85 – 90%

Experience 19: F1 at New Delhi

Biometric : 12th November
Interview : 15th November
Interview slot : 9:10 AM
In time : 9:10 AM
Out time : 9:45 AM
Counter : 16
VO was American lady
Status : Approved
Interview time : 1-2 mins

University : University of Texas, Dallas
Course : MS in Information Technology and Management.
UG Background : CSE

VO : Good morning. Please come forward
Me : Good morning Officer. How are you?
VO : Pass me your Passport, i20.
Me : Passed
VO : Place your fingers ?
Me : Left hand?
VO : Yes
Me : Placed
VO : (scanned passport and looked at i20 and looking in computer) What you did in your Bachelors?
Me : I have done BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from Jaypee Institute of Technology, Noida with a CGPA of 7.4 on the scale of 10.
VO : What is the college name?
Me : Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
VO : What are you doing ?
Me : I am working as XXX at XXX company
VO : What does your father do?
Me : He is a government officer.
VO: His annual salary?
Me: Told
Vo : What does your mother do?
Me : She is a government officer.
VO: Her annual salary?
Me: Told
VO : Do you have any sibling?
Me : Yes, I have an elder sister. She is working as a Deputy Manager in HR in Reliance Industries Limited.
VO : Do you have taken any loan?
Me : No officer. We have sufficient funds, with liquid funds of Rs xxxx and immovable assets of worth around Rs xxxx .
VO : placing my passport in tray.
VO : I am approving your visa. Have a nice stay in US. You will get your passport withinh 7 days.
Me : Thanks a Lot Officer. You made my day.

Thank You Guys.All the best to everyone.

Experience 20: F1 at Mumbai (5th Attempt)

Biometric : 15th November
Interview : 16th November
Interview slot : 9:40 AM
Intime : 9:15 AM
Out time : 11:05 AM
Counter : OPP to seat 35 row
VO was a young man aged 29-30.

I applied for F1 visa back In 2014 2 times and 2015 once total 3 times reject before and my B1 was approved on May 2019

Status : Approved
Interview time : around 20 mins appx

University : Arizona state university’s Thunderbird school of Global Management
Course : masters of global management in global digital transformation

VO : Morning
Me : morning office how are you doing today?

VO: I’m fine thanks for asking.

VO : Pass me your Passport, i20
Me : Passed

VO : (scanned passport and looked at i20 and looking in computer) What is the purpose of travel to United States?

Me : I’m looking forward to pursue my masters of global management at Arizona state University’s Thunderbird school of Global Management.

VO : Have you applied to Masters before?
Me : Yes back in 2015. I was refused Visa

(VO looks in the systems and types for 2-3 minutes )

VO: why do you think you were refused entry?
Me: I’m not sure what exactly happened I think cause of i was not able to prove I’m a credit student

VO : Do you have tourist visa?
Me :Yesx

VO : What are the significant changes since the last VISA attempt?

Me: I have 8+ years of experience in the IT industry and now I have finally found my passion and started a digital transformation start up which helps client to improve Safety and Productivity.
And I have given 25,000$ scholarship based on my start up credentials.

VO: What is going to happen to your start up once your are studying in the US?

Me: I have my Other co-founder who is residing at Visakhapatnam he will be working on business operations while I be connecting daily towards sustainable growth

VO: what is sponsoring your education?

Me: my dad’s Younger bother is sponsoring my education.

VO: what is his annual income
Me: xx crores per Annum

VO: Savings?
Me: he has a saving of xx crores and I have saving of xx crores and have loan of 40 lakhs and as you can see I have scholarship of 25k&

VO: please place your left hand your visa is approved

Me: thanks a lot have a great day sir.

VO : Place your right hand fingers.
Me : Placed.

VO : took my passport in hand and kept in a box next to him

VO : I am approving your visa.

Me : Thanks a Lot Officer.

Experience 21: F1 at Hyderabad

Status: Approved ✅
Course: MS in ITM
University: University of Texas, Dallas
Date 16th November 2021

Slot time: 8:15 pm
In time: 7:45 am
Out time: 8:35 pm

VO is American guy
Duration: 1-2 min.

VO: good morning,
Me: Good morning Sir !
VO: Pass me your passport
Me:I did
checking in system for few seconds
VO: Did you apply for a collage earlier ?
Me : yes i have applies for masters immediately after my b tech . And then i have decided to have some experience before doing masters . So i joined as software engineer.
VO: what are your roles
Me: explained
VO: show me you i20
Me: showed
VO:what are you going to study at UTD
Me: I am going to utd to study IT and management (here i gave a small pause as my course name on i20 is Information science)
VO: how are you going to fund your education.
Me: i have some saving and additionally my father is going to sponsor me
VO:what do he do
Me: he is retired and we have a rental income and agricultural income.
VO: how much is it ?
Me: 15-18 lakhs annually

VO:what did he do earlier.
Me: work at TOSIBHA
VO : did he receive a retirement check ? Me : yes .
VO : how much ?
Me : 15 lakhs
Vo : you visa is approved, have a great journey , all the best .
Me: Thanks you very much, Have a nice day.

Experience 22: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 16th November, 2021
Slot time: 8:40
In-Time: 8:15
Out-Time: 8:40
Counter: 20(bald Indian guy)
University: northeastern university
Course: Masters in data Analytics
Time : less than 30 secs
Vo asked me my i20 and passport
Asked me to place my 4 fingers on the screen.
At last!!!!
VO: Which university are you going?
Me: Northeastern university
VO: What is your bachelors percentage?
Me: 7.28 CGPA
VO: Do you have any backlogs?
Me: No ( at this question VO looks directly into my eyes)
VO: What about your fundings?
Me: My parents are sponsoring me
VO: Their annual income?
Me: Told
VO: Is it enough for you?
Me: They also saved XX lakhs for my education and I also got a loan of XX lakhs
VO: you should’ve told that earlier anyway I’m approving your visa. You can go now
I said thanks and left

They’re approving almost everyone. I did not saw any rejections today.

Experience 23: F1 at New Delhi

Biometric:14th nov
Nov 15th
Slot time :10:40
In time :10:10
Out time :11:20
American lady Probably in her 30’s
Counter no:19
Univ:California State university dominguez hills

Me:good mrng mam.. How r u doing??
V. O:good mrng i’m doing good pass me u r passport sevis n i20
Me:here u go
V. O :u r gng to pursue masters in computer science
Me:yes mam
V. O:when did you completed u r graduation
Me :I completed my graduation in 2020
V. O:after that are u working??
Me. Yes mam, I’m working as a UI front end developer in veritas soft solutions pvt ltd
V O:ok, who is going to pay u r fee??
Me:my father is my primary sponser with his savings of 25Lakhs moreover.. (V.O interrupts me)
V. O:what he do??
He is real estate business man he is real estate field from past 20yrs and he his annual income is 15Lakhs per annum
V. O:is he sell u r properties or others properties
Me:he sells others properties
V. O:do u have loan??
Me :yes mam.. I have secured education loan of 30Lakhs
V. O:ok, do u have siblings??
Me:yeh i have one elder brother
V. O: is he working??
Me: no mam, he is pursuing his masters in uk
V. O :scan u r right hand fingers
Me :did
Then she show her thumbs👍👍 and she took my passport

Experience 24: F1 at Chennai

Biometric : 10th November (delhi)
Interview : 16th November
Interview slot : 9:30 AM
Intime : 9:00 AM
Out time : 9:45
Counter : 23
VO was Indian male(old with white hairs)
Status : Approved
Interview time : 1 mins

Person in front of me got her visa rejected (not sure why).

University : Arizona state University
Course : MS in CS
UG Background : CS

Me : Good morning Officer ,how are you
VO: good morning
VO : Pass me your Passport, i20
Me : Passed
VO : scan your right hand fingers
Me :done
VO : what is the rank of RV College of engineering.
Me : It is raneked 1 in karnataka in CS(unexpected question).
VO : Where do you work and what is your profile.
Me : I work in XYZ comapany, where I…….(told about work).
VO : how will you fund yourself
Me : I have taken loan of XYZ lacks and have saving of XYZ lacks. (Was about to say and parents will support me with their saving).
VO : Why do you have so much saving.
Me : I have been working for 3 years and have been planning to pursue masters after having enough professional experience.
Vo : ok ,your visa is approved.
Me : Thankyou sir.

Experience 25: F1 at Kolkata

November 16
Slot : 9:30 am
University : wright State University
In time : 9am ( reached consulate by that time )
Out time : 9:45 am
Vo is an American guy in counter 5,
And in counter 4 it’s infamous Chinese guy

Vo: good morning
Me : good morning sir.
Vo : pass me passport, i20, sevis confirmation receipt
Me : passed them
Vo : why are you going to usa
Me : I want to pursue master’s in computer science at wright State University
Vo : whats your specialisation?
Me : i wanted to do my specialization on machine learning.
Vo: why ml?
Me: since I’ve done my undergraduate project on machine learning I was really fascinated by working of it and I want to pursue a career as ml developer.
Vo: tell me about your project?
Me: the objective of my project is to determine the average fuel consumption in heavy vehicles using ml
Vo: what algorithm?
Me: I have used artificial neural networking
Vo: how does it works?
Me: An ANN is based on a collection of connected units or nodes called artificial neurons which are connected to each other and each neuron has it’s own weight which are multiplied and goes through an activation function and results is obtained.
Vo : funding ?
Me: I have an education loan of 30L and my parents have savings of 31 lakhs.

Your visa is approved. You leave your passport.
Be confident and know about your specialisation perfectly. All the best.


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