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F1 Visa Experiences – August 2021

Below are experiences from August 23rd to August 26th for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at Mumbai Consulate

Got my Visa approved today at Mumbai Consulate
Slot Time: 9:50am
In time : 8:55am
Out time: 9:40am

6 counters were active, bald guy at counter 23

I got counter 32 : Lady VO

Goodmorning, please pass me your i20 and Passport.

1) Do you have tourist visa?
Yes, I have tourist visa

2) For what purpose did you issue your tourist visa?
My purpose was to go for my elder brother’s convocation in may2020, but it got cancelled due to covid

3) Which course are you going to pursue?
Im going to pursue ms in industrial engineering at NEU Boston

4) What does your father do?
My father is deputy commissioner of police in mumbai CID department

5) His income?
His income is 17 LPA

6) have you taken any loan?
Yes i have sanctioned loan of 45 lakhs plus I have savings of 76 lakhs and fixed asset of 2.3 crores

Congratulations, I am approving your Visa, place your right 4 fingers on the scanner

Experience 2: F1 at New Delhi

Interview Date: July 27, 2021
Consulate: Delhi
Program Level: MS in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Artificial Intelligence)
University: Arizona State University

Slot time: 10:00AM
In time: 8:50 AM
Out time: 9:35 AM
Counter: 19
Vo: American in her 30s

Interview Duration: 1 minute.
Status: Approved

VO: Where are you going?
Me: I am going to Arizona State University, US.

VO: You will do what there?
ME: I am going to pursue Master’s in Mechatronics. (It’s written as major in my i20 along with Robotics)

VO:What is Mechatronics?
ME: XXX (Avoided words that can go under TAL)
(The VO was looking at the screen and bit of confusion on her face)

VO: What did you undergraduate in?
ME: I did my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering from IIT Palakkad.

Vo: Place your four left fingers on the scanner. Your visa is approved.

The process is very smooth. She approved 2 people in front of me. I wasn’t asked anything about my finance but that’s a possible question. Although I carried a lot of documents, I was only asked for Passport, i20. It mostly depends on what you say. Maybe practice the basic questions with your friends, it helps a lot.

Experience 3: F1 at Mumbai

August 3rd
Mumbai Consulate – Counter Number 30
Visa Approved ✅

VO was 30s Male with brown hair and rejected visa of two people before me but gave them a lot of chances by asking them variety of questions

VO: Hello
ME: Hello, Good morning!

VO: Pass me your i20 and passport

VO: Purpose of visit to US?
ME: I am wanting to pursue my Master’s in Computer Science from New York University

VO: How would you be funding your education?
ME: My parents will be sponsoring me and I have also received a scholarship of $7,000 per year

VO: Place your right hand four fingers on the scanner. Your visa is approved!
ME: Thank you

In Mumbai at first, they would make you stand in line outside the building where there would be no roof so make sure to bring an umbrella and a good folder for your docs as it was windy as well as raining heavily during my time

Experience 4: F1 at Hyderabad

Attempt: First attempt
Biometric Date: 1st August
OFC Center: Mumbai
Interview Consulate: Hyderabad
Interview Date: 3rd August
Slot: 8:00 AM
In time: 7:45AM, Out time: 8:15AM
Interview duration: ~1m
Course: MSCS
University: Arizona State University (ASU)
Counter: 10 (3 outer counters and some inside counters were open)
Status: Approved✅

Situation: There were around 40-50 applicants for 8:00 slot, after passing security check and going inside they asked to show DS 160 and passport again for everyone but they took my Passport, DS 160 and told will return it later and asked to be seated.. I panicked for a moment…I had sip of water(drinking water and washroom were beside seating arrangement). After about 10m my turn came but since I didn’t receive back my Passport they made me to wait for another 5m😅.. And finally I received my Passport and DS 160 and went back to queue…I think they took it to get DS 160 details transferred since my biometric was in Mumbai.

VO: Made hand gesture to come..American lady around 30-40 year old

Me: Good morning ma’am
VO: Good morning, Place your passport on glass.
Me: Sure and she scanned the passport.

VO: Show me your i20.
Me: she took a glance for 2-3s and said fine you can put it down now.

VO: Said something but didn’t hear properly.. Just heard masters
Me: yes ma’am I intend to pursue masters in computer science from ASU.

VO: I saw that, I asked why do you want to pursue masters now?
Me: I did my undergraduation in CS which gave me broader understanding of all the topics and now I want to explore data science in depth so that I can advance my career.

VO: How will you pay?
Me: My parents are sponsoring my education and I have personal savings.

VO: what does your father do?
Me: told he is currently retired and has worked for ABC years in XYZ.

VO: is it government position?
Me: No ma’am

VO: what does your mother do?
Me: she is home maker and also works as tutor for small kids.

VO: How much savings?
Me: combined savings from parents is XY lakhs and personal savings of YZ lakhs.

VO: how much is your parents savings? Did you say Xteen lakhs?
Me: No ma’am I said Xty lakhs

VO: okay, have you taken any education loans?
Me: No ma’am.

VO: Please place your left hand four fingers on scanner. Congratulations, Your VISA is approved!
Drop your passport in the wooden box.
Me: Dropped the passport and said Thank you ma’am.

Note: I had 3yrs of work experience and had my brother in USA on H1B Visa but didn’t ask any questions… Just keep eye contact and keep it brief and honest and above all be confident. Don’t give more info than asked.. I saw everyone getting VISA approved. ALL THE BEST for those who are yet to give interview✌️.

Experience 5: F1 at New Delhi

Visa Approved✌️ ✅
2nd Aug
Delhi ( VO: Chill American who was around 30)
Counter: 12
Northeastern University
Course: Masters in Engineering Management
2:50 Slot time.
In: 1:30
Out: 2:30
Vo: Good afternoon
Me: Good afternoon
Vo: please pass your I20 and Passport.
Me: Passed
Vo: Is your background in engineering ?
Me: Yes Officer.
Vo: What have you been doing after your undergraduation ?
Me: Working as a SAP consultant with Capgemini for past 3 years.
Vo: What about your fundings ?
Me: Told about my parents saving + my saving and a loan taken from prodigy finanace.
Vo: Please place your right hand.
Me: Ok. ( placed)
Vo: Congrats.Your Visa is approved have a safe journey.
Me: Thank you very much officer.

This VO approved most of the people and was very chill. The visa approval rate was high today. Rest VOs were also approving visas but were asking more questions.

Tip : I would say dress well and be confident. Don’t fumble.

Experience 6: F1 at Kolkata

Location: Kolkata
Timings: 8:15

Chilled chilled chilled American 🇺🇸 Guy, Very chilled

VO : hi
Me: hi officer , hope you are doing great today

VO : why us
Me : to pursue masters at Gannon university under the stream of environmental Science and management
VO : why this course
Me : during my under graduation we have delt with courses like environmental pollution , soil pollution and water pollution where i have developed huge range of research. Masters in environmental Science will allow to gain technical skills and research knowledge that would help for my future
VO : after masters
Me : after immediate completion of masters i will step back to my country and work here as a water project manager and then take care of my family and i hve assets and friends over here I don’t want to miss them
VO : how gonna fund your fee
Me : i have savings amount of 20 lakhs and secured a loan amount of 25 lakhs
VO : whats your father
Me : he is into trading business
VO : which trading
Me : cotton and turmeric

VO : congratulations 🥳 your visa is approved

Me : thanq thq thnq thnq thnq sirrrrrrrrr 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Experience 7: F1 at New Delhi

1st was rejected on Aug 6 by Chinese VO. Asked which uni and why this course rejected.

Consulate – Delhi Aug 23 (8:50 am)
VO was bald American guy of around 30 – 40 age
Accepted one F1 visa, rejected one f1 visa and accepted 1 work visa.
Me- Namaste with hand expression and Good Morning Sir.
VO- Good morning…. Pass me your passport and i20 Only.
Me- Here it is.
VO – Which subject
Me – Sir I will be pursuing master in analytics from Northeastern University, Boston.
VO- Tell me your work experience.
Me- I have been working in xxx company as yyy for 3 years.
VO- Have you completed your undergraduate in 2019 and after then you were working?
Me- Yes Sir.
VO- Tell me about your recent project you have worked on.
Me- I have been working on project in autonomous vehicle…………… told.
VO- How many Universities have you applied to?
Me- 4 and named them.
VO- Which subject will you be interested in?
Me- Sir Analytical system technology, which will give me in-depth knowledge in python, R and SQL.
VO- Great and again please tell me which universities have you applied for?
Me- Sir 4 universities and named them.
VO- How will you pay?
Me- Sir my parents will pay as they have savings of around 70 lakhs and immovable assets worth of 1.8 crore and movable assets worth of 15 lakhs.
VO- Any liquid assets other than gold.
Me- No sir, but they have annual salary of 40 lakhs per annum.
VO- Oh okay then..
VO- Do you have anyone on USA?
Me- Yes sir.
VO- Where does he lives?
Me- He currently lives in Austin, Texas. He is there on H1B visa working as civil engineer in company called …….
VO- Give me some minute
Me- Sure sir
He went inside carrying my passport came back after 1 minute.
VO- Sorry for making you wait.
Me- No problem sir.
VO- Tell me why Boston?
Me- Sir Boston is one of the top-hub for international student and I am excited to experience the cultural diversity which will give me chance to grow in every way possible.
He puts my passport on tray with smile 😀
Me- Also sir Boston has many parks and Fenway park baseball stadium.
VO- Congratulation, have a good stay in Boston. Please collect your passport on 4-5 days.
Me. Thankyou sir. Namaste and have a good day.

Experience 8: F1 at Mumbai

Attempt 1:
Pace University
MS in Marketing Analytics

August 5th
Delhi Consulate
Status: Rejected

Vo: Tell me About your program
Me: My Program is Masters in Marketing Analytics and it’s of 36 credits

Vo: What Other Universities you have applied
Me: Loyola Marymount University, NorthEastern University, Scranton (Interrupted,Next Question)

Vo:Why Pace?

Me: Told about Two labs for Marketing and Profs Research work

Vo:What’s your latest Degree
Me: Told

Vo:When was that?
Me: June 2016

Vo: What are you doing since then?
Me: Ma’am, I’m working as Strategic Business Analyst with XXXX

Vo:Who will fund you?
Me: My Father

Vo: What does he do?
Me: Ma’am he runs a business of XXXX Marketing and Distribution

Vo: Sorry your Visa is not approved Today.

Attempt 2
No changes made

August 23
Slot 10:50
Status: APPROVED ✅

Me: Good Morning Sir
Vo: pass i20 and passport

Vo: who is funding
Me: My father is funding and he has savings of xx lacs

Vo: what does he do?
Me: he runs xx business for last 30 years

Vo: tell me about your program
Me: sir My program is MS in marketing Analytics with the specialisation of Customer Intelligence and Digital marketing

Vo: what you want to do with this degree
Me: Sir My future plan is to work for fintech companies in India. My current profile has experience of finance and Business and this program will give me technical expertise in the field of Analytics

(Again) Vo: what’s the savings of your father?
Me: sir my father has 55 lacs of savings and sir I also have 14 lacs of liquid assets which is accrued through my work ex

Vo: why did you go to Azerbaijan?
Me: told. (Tourism purpose)

Vo: place 4 fingers of left hand

Vo: you’ll get your passport within a week, have a nice day

Me : thanks sir , Have a nice day.

This group was my only support for 2nd attempt. I wasn’t gonna go for 2nd time but then someone recommended me this group and I got my courage.

The only changes I made in 2nd attempt is while answering, continues eye contact, precise answers. Not one liners or one word answers, more like conversational answers.

So many rejections I saw today ☹️
But I want everyone to go for it and not losing hope

Experience 9: F1 at Kolkata

1st Attempt:
Date: 3rd August
Consulate: Mumbai
Status: Rejected ❌
The famous Bald guy

VO: Good Morning, pass me your I20 and passport (in a hurry)

Me: Did

VO: father’s annual Income?
Me: xx Lakhs

VO: what are his savings?
Me: we have a savings of xx lakhs

VO: why savings and income are not matching?
Me: sir my father is also sponsoring me.

VO: Why did you lie to me?
Me: Sir, because I am very nervous

VO: Tell me your father’s savings? what is your father’s savings?
Me: xx lakhs

VO: what is your mother’s annual Income?
Me: xx lakhs

VO: Mother’s savings?
Me: XX lakhs

Not convinced at all

VO: sir, you are continuously lying. Why are you lying?
Me: No sir I am very nervous, that is the reason.

Meanwhile he started tying something and after that

VO: Do you have any loan?
Me: Yes

VO: How much?
Me: xx lakhs

VO: what is the interest rate?
Me: x%

VO: You will use your full loan amount for the first year, right?
Me: Yes (should have said no)

Gave me a 214b slip…

2nd Attempt
Consulate: Kolkata
Appointment: EA
Status Approved ✅
Date: 19th August

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning

VO: Pass me your passport
Me: Did

VO: Place your right hand fingers on the scanner
Me: Did

VO: Pass me your I20
Me: Did

VO: tell me about your program?
Me: I want to purse Masters in Electrical Engineering from New York University

VO: why do you want to pursue Electrical?
Me: I did my undergrad in Electronics and Communication, I have relevant work experience of 3 years in the same field and I am passionate about Electrical

VO: what specialisation?
Me: Machine Learning

VO: What is Machine Learning?
Me: it is a field wherein we train the machine with certain inputs, so that it can make decisions just like humans

VO: How will you fund your education?
Me: My parents are sponsoring me. My parents have annual income of xx lakhs, savings worth xx lakhs, education loan worth XX lakhs and immovable assets worth xx lakhs

VO typing for 30 sec

VO: Your visa is approved, you will receive it within a week
Me: Thank you very much

Took My I20

Experience 10: F1 at Kolkata

Attempt 2:
Status: Granted😇✅✅✅
Location: Kolkata, India.
Counter Number:5

VO: What’s the Purpose of your Visit.
Me: To pursue Masters in Electrical from UTDallas

VO: Explain me something about the Concentration
Me: Explained about the Subjects and the choices I like for the Electives

VO: Explain the Difference between AC and DC Current
Me: Explained the basic definition with some Example.

VO: What about Funding
ME: Said have taken loan from SBI and Rest Father will be funding.

VO: Congratulations Your Visa is Granted, you’ll receive passport within 7days.
Me: Thanked him, Thanked Him and again Thanked Him he smiled and said have a great day ahead.

Guys It was my Motto ever since the Visa Process started to post this message some day. By God’s Grace🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 finally the moment came😇😇😇😇😇😇✅✅✅✅✅✅

Be Chill, Polite, Truthful and Confident throughout the Interview.
Have Eye Contact.

All the Best for your upcoming Interviews.

Experience 11: F1 at Chennai

My Visa Interview
Location : Chennai
Date : August 10th
Attempt: 4th
Slot time : 08:00 am
In time : 7:45 am
Out time: 8 : 05 am
University: University of new haven
VO was a bald American guy
Status: Approved ✅

Interview :

Me: Good Morning officer, how is your day…?
VO: No greetings from his side, pass your passport and I-20.
Me: Sure
VO: Which usa?
Me: I am going to pursue my masters in Computer & information sciences at UNH
VO: What is your family income..?
Me: 18Lpa
VO: when you completed you UG?
Me: 2017
VO: Are you working since then?
Me: Yeah
VO: what is you family income…asked again.
Me: 18L LPA
VO: what is your parents occupation?
Me : They both are into agricultural business, and my father do real estate business as well.
VO: what is ur ug %?
Me: 7.3 cgpa
VO: what about ur fixed assets
Me: It’s about 3.5cr
VO: Most valuable in that..?
Me: sorry didn’t get you…!
VO: what is Valuable asset..?
Me: Agricultural land worth 2.40cr.

He is taking my passport into his hands..at that time my I can listen my heart beat. I was like what is going to happen..!! In the span of 3sec I am thinking all these. He dropped my passport in box. And gave me green slip by saying Ur visa approved.
Me: Thank you, thank you so much.
Finally I saw his 😃 smile.

When I am coming outside, heyy really I got the visa..is it…???? I am talking with me.

Experience 12: F1 at New Delhi

August 23rd
Consulate : Delhi
Counter number : 22
Vo: An American women in just 30s
Status: Approved ✅
Time: 9.00am
University: Long island University
Masters program in Artificial Intelligence

Me: Good morning ma’am
Vo: A very good morning. Can I have your passport please.

Me: sure
Vo: And the I-20

Vo: When have you completed your graduation?
Me: just before 2months ma’am i.e 2021

Vo: Ok! What was your percentage?
Me: 7.48 on a scale of 10.

Vo: Who is your sponser?
Me: my parents are sponsoring me with a Bank loan of 20L from industrial bank of India and 40L in their personal savings account.

Vo: what do they do?
Me: My father has Transport business while mother has her own dairy farm.

Vo: What is the income?
Me: they together earn 12L per annum.

Vo: is that together or separately?
Me: it’s together ma’am.

Vo: Why did you choose Long Island University?
Me: told some stuff about the modules and the student faculty ratio and about my final year project which I have done which is related to Artificial intelligence

Vo: you can take your documents and I am keeping your passport ( haven’t heard her clearly but I have seen her keeping my passport inside the counter) 🤗😇
Me: Thank you so much ma’am

Experience 13: F1 at New Delhi

My Visa Interview Experience:
Attempt: 2nd (1st attempt – Rejected at Mumbai)
Location: Delhi
Date: 23 Aug 2021
Time: 8:30
Counter no: 21
American lady with grey hair
Duration: 8 to 9 mins (because Vo was facing issue with her system and she asked many questions to me)
Status: Approved

VO: Good Morning.
Me: Very Good Morning Mam, how are you?

VO: I am doing good and How are you?
Me: I am good mam. Thank you.

VO: Pass me your passport and I20
Me: Here it is mam

VO: scan your left-hand fingers
Me: I did

VO: So, are you going to DePaul university?
Me: Yes, Mam at DePaul University, Chicago

VO: Which course?
Me: Mam, master’s in computer science focus Artificial Intelligence

VO: so How will you manage expense for education?
Me: My parents sponsoring for my education from their savings of 59 lacs and 31 lacs of liquid assets and I have received scholarship of 6000$ and immovable assets of more than 5 cr

VO: what they are doing?
Me: My father is Raw diamond trader, and My mother is homemaker, but she is getting income from rental properties and interest from liquid assets

VO: How many properties are there where your mother getting income?
Me: we have 3 apartments having 4 floors and each floor have 3 flats of 3bhk (not expected this answer but asked this confidently)

VO: what’s your undergraduation university? (Now she started verifying with my previous 1st attempt comment because till the time she has issue with system, and she was not able to get some details in computer. Anyhow she fixed it by calling another VO)
Me: Government Engineering college, Godhra

VO: Which course?
Me: Bachelor of engineering in electronics and communications

VO: When you have completed your undergraduation?
Me: in 2013 mam

VO: how many years of experience you have?
Me: I have total 8 years of experience and I am working till now since I have completed my undergraduation.

VO: where are you working?
Me: I am working as a cloud operation engineer at Accenture, Bangalore

VO: Are you still working?
Me: Yes, Mam but I have already discussed with my HR and Manager with my future plan so If I will get visa then I will resign with 1 week of notice.

VO: How much your annual Income?
Me: more than 12 lacs per annum

VO: Do you have own savings?
Me: Yes Mam.

VO: How Much do you have shavings?
ME: 15 Lacs approx. but I am not going to use my saving for my study because my parents have sufficient savings to fund my educations of both years.

VO: did you applied for other universities?
ME: Yes mam, I have received admits from NEIU and Dayton as well.

VO: Do you have sisters?
ME: Yes mam, I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, and they are younger than me

VO: What they are doing?
ME: they are studying and…here she interrupts me

VO: did they completed their graduation?
ME: yes mam, my both sisters have completed their graduation 2 yrs back and my brother has recently completed his engineering in CSE, and He is looking for job opportunities

VO: So Why are you going for masters now after having 8 years of Experience?
ME: Mam, I am working as a cloud operation engineer since I have started my career. I observed that there is a limitation in my knowledge and skill sets when I realize the significant requirements in life science, data science & artificial intelligence. I must upgrade my knowledge & Technical skill sets. Having a master’s degree in computer science will certainly help me to shape my career when I return to India.

Now, she didn’t ask any question, but she was typing for sometimes in computer more then a mins and then she said I am keeping your passport and you will get it within 5 working days.
Me: Ok mam. Thank you so much. Have a good day.

Experience 14: F1 at Kolkata

3rd attempt in fall 2021
Status approved.
Gannon University

1st attempt: 26 july, Delhi


Question : why this University

Who is sponcering you.

What they are into.
What is their income.

My sponcers were my brother whos income 3.5 lacs
Sister in law income 3.5lacs
Father 2.5 lacs

I believe it’s because 3 sponcer or low income.

2nd attempt: Chennai
Old indian
Vo: where and for which course you are going for?
Vo:Which company you are working for and what do you work
VO: What’s your gre score
Me : based on professional experience i was eligible for gre weieoff and my course doesn’t require GRE.
VO: Which course is it?
Me : master of business administration
Any backlogs :
No backlog

VO : plans after master
Me : i would like to come back india and join my current company on the position of manager. Also, i will have other opportunities from other MNC such a infosys, tcs etc and would be eligible to get on the job of engineering manager.

VO: Do you have offer from your current company?
Me : no officer, once i will get my graduate degree then only i can apply for position.

How are you going to fund ?
Me : scholarship, personal saving, family fund + loan

VO: I see that you have previous rejection recently,
Me, : yes, i had rejection on 26 of july

VO : sorry, i can’t go and approve your visa
I need to give justification to my manager if i approve it.

3rd attempt Kolkata approved
VO : Chinese guy

VO : gm, how r you ?
Me : fine doing great, you ?
Tell me about your program
ME : i am going to gannon got MBA in business analytics, its 30 credit hours coursr with business and technical subjects etc..
VO : why this University
VO why this course
VO : what yoir specialization is
VO : why this specification
VO : i see that you have work experience, why want to go for study now
VO : have you given any exam GRE or IELTS.
Me : yes, i didn’t wrote GRE because i got it weieoff based on my professional experience. And i wrote IELTS and secured 6.5 band overall, i have carried marksheet if you want i can show it to you.
VO : no I don’t need it. Tell me how you are going to fund.
Me: it’s combination of scholarship, personal saving, family fund and secured loan
I have received scholership worth 7.5k usd, have personal saving of 14 lacs, family is sponcering with 21 lacs so total dedicated saving for my higher education i have is 35, lacs and have secured loan of 15 lacs. And movable assets worth 20 lacs.

VO : do you know rate of interest of loan,
Told : 9.8, it is secured loan on my home.

VO : it is secured on your home
Me : yes

VO : finguring me at i20 on family fund amount and asked, do you have enough fund for your Study.
Me : yes, i do have enough funds.

VO : tell me about your father what does he do ?
My father is into farming (interrupted me)

VO: how much he earns ?
Me : he earns 4 lacs per annum. (As income is low, i started saying about my brother ). My primary sponcer is my elder brother, he owns manufacturing company in my home city with turnover close to 80lacs.

VO : how much he earns
Me : 15 lacs per annum.

VO : do you think you would be able to start your program.
ME : yes officer, i have got extension letter from university and i will able to start it.

VO : i see that you have previous rejection, do you know why
Me, : i gave all clear information to the office but somehow still hot rejection. I wasn’t given any reason of rejection.

VO : i am approving your visa.
Me : thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks for working in the pandemic time

Experience 15: F1 at Mumbai

Mumbai Consulate
Date: 24th Aug
Slot: 8:30 am
In time: 8:25 am
Out time: 9:35 am
Interview Time : 5 mins(longer then usual)
University: Saint Peter’s University
Course: Master’s in Business analytics
Status: Approved✔️
Slot : 8:30 am
VO was sweet American lady in her 50s with gray hair at counter no. 32(very supportive)

Visa Experience:
Me: Good Morning Ma’am
VO: Good Morning Please Give me your passport & i20
Me: Done

VO:Ohh..So you got saint Peter’s how did you get to know about this University?
Me: I Have done my research & while doing it i find its curriculum more appealing.

VO: Okay so how many Universities did you applied & how many admits you got?
Me: i applied in 5 Universities & i got admit from 4 of them.

VO:oh good congrats..can you tell me the name?
Me: thanks ma’am,i applied in saint Peter’s, suny buffalo, DePaul university (interpreted.)

VO:DePaul..!! Depaul university??
Me: yes ma’am DePaul university..
VO: wow that is a very good University so why did you choose saint Peter’s instead of DePaul.
Me: i have researched about various courses & asked my friends studying in both of the universities & i find saint Peter’s program more..(interpreted..)
VO: oh..okay you have made your point i got it.

VO: tell me about your funding
Me: my parents will pay for my education. they have total savings of 62 lakhs.
VO: both of the parents?
Me: yes both mother & father..both are working
VO: okay tell me what they are doing?
Me: told
VO: combined income?
Me: told( more then 30lakhs)
VO: any loan?
Me: yes 30 lakhs from hdfc Credila

She typed in computer for 1 min & then she suddenly asked me..
VO: do you have any history of depression?
Me: (with surprised expression..) excuse me? Can you repeat?
VO: Depression!! Do you have any history of depression?(with little bit intimidating voice)
Me:Told(told the truth)
VO: okay no problem

She typed for again 1 min & give me white slip
VO: congratulations i am approving your visa. Enjoy your stay at US.
Me: Thank You very much with happy voice & i run like hell..😂

Ps: 2-3 days before visa interview is hard you’ll get lots of anxiety but actual interview is way easier then it seems. Just be confident & do nature conversation. VOs are supportive..
Best of luck.

Experience 16: F1 at Mumbai

Consulate: Mumbai
Appointment: Regular
Slot time: 10.00am
In time: 9.30am
Out time: 11.30am
Counter No: 30
VO: American Female in mid 30s
Northeastern University, MS in Regulatory Affairs
Status: Approved❤️

Went inside around 11.10am after security checks and sitting in the waiting area, 5 counters were open (26,28, 29, 30 and 32)

Visa assistant will assign you the counter and tells us to carry I-20, passport and sevis fee receipt.

She rejected one F1 student and approved a J1 student who were in line before me.

Me:Hi, good morning.
VO: Good morning, Pass me your passport and I-20
Me: Passed
VO: started typing and scanned my passport then asked Who is going to fund your education?
Me: My parents are funding me with their bank savings, investments and profit from business which is more than XXlacs.
VO: Do you have any work experience?
Me: No but, I had done summer internship at Elysium pharmaceutical in QC department as trainee microbiologist for 1 month.

Typing for the next 5-10 seconds and told me to scan my right fingers and gave me a white slip.

VO: I’m approving your visa, enjoy your stay at US
Me: Thank you so much.

Experience 17: F1 at Chennai

Date : 19August
Consulate : Chennai
Counter no: 18
Status : ✌️✌️Approved
Cleveland state university

Slot time : 11:00
In-time : 11:45(Long queue)
Out-time : 12:45PM

VO was an american young guy around 25 years

Before me he have 221g for the H1-B visa.

Me: Good afternoon sir
VO: Good afternoon . Pass me your passport and I-20
VO: What was your plans after master
Me: I will come back to india and work as data scientist in companies like Infosys,CTS.
VO: What does your father do.
Me: He works as a government officer in XXDepartment under the government of Andhra Pradesh .
VO: What’s your father annual income
Me: Told
VO: What’s your total property value
Me: told
VO: Nice.Among your properties which one is having highest value
Me: Told
VO: Who bought it
Me: My father
VO: in which year he bought it and value of the property at that time
VO: Ok. What is the property value in the present time
VO: what is your back ground
ME: I did my bachelors in computer science and graduated in the year 2016.
VO:what you been doing since then
ME: working as a software engineer at XXX
VO:What’s your cgpa..
VO.Do you have any siblings
VO:what were subjects you are going to take in the first semester .
VO: keep your left hand four fingers on the scanner and don’t remove until I
say so .
ME: ok sir ,Done
Then gold words
VO: i am keeping your passport
Your visa is approved
Me:Thank you so much sir, you made my day .
VO:Have a nice stay and study well
Me: Sure sir
Thank you so much sir.

Tips: Be confident and concise your answer Don’t got too much detail about anything unless they ask. Formulate your answers in your own words. And please do not use the word ‘flexible’

Experience 18: F1 at Hyderabad

2nd Attempt
Slot: 9:30
Location: Hyderabad
University: University of Texas at Arlington

First time rejected by bald guy in Mumbai.

Me: Good morning
Vo: Pass me your passport.
Vo: place your i20 against glass.
Me: did
Vo: Okay Tell me why do you want to do master’s now?
Me: As I have been working since an year now, I want to level up my career. There is so much advancement in the field of computer science, I want to gain in-depth knowledge in it so that I can become Consultant or Data analyst.
Vo: what is your CGPA?
Me: 8.92
Vo: which course ur gng for?
Me: computer science at University of Texas at Arlington.
Vo: ok why did you keep frst time delhi or Mumbai!?
Me: ya mumbai. I couldn’t find slots at that time. It’s tough to get in hyd. Now also I found after a month.
VO: can I ask you something which doesn’t impact your visa?
Me: yes
Vo: did u book slot yourself or did someone hell you? There will be few people right who book slots. It is okay you can tell me .. it is not bad .
Me: No I did it myself.
Vo: (by seeing mehendi on my hand) did u get married recently?
Me: 😂 No. It’s my cousin’s wedding.
Vo: oh Just to know.
Vo: typing typing
Vo: please place your fingers for scanning.
Me: did
Vo: placed passport in tray
Have a good stay.
Me: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Experience 19: F1 + F2 at Mumbai

Time: 8:15
Out Time: 9:15
Old lady in her 60’s
Status: Approved ✅
(Me and wife were Together)
Perviously J1 candidate
Reject 4 guys ahead of us.
Stratford University Virginia
Course: Masters in Hospitality Management

Me: Good Morning Ma’am, How you doing?
Vo: Very Good Morning, I am doing well. Hope you must be well enough.

US: We are doing well.

Vo: Looking at both of us surprisingly, ohh both are planning go to together.

My wife: Yes, Ma’am we are planning to fly together.

Vo to my wife: You look so young, how long you been married for?
My wife: 2.5 months
Vo: Quite little time.
My wife: Yes but we were in relationship for 3 years.
Vo: Wow sounds great.

Vo: So who is going to be student and who is going to be dependent.
Me: I am going to pursue masters and she is going to be my dependent.

Vo: Nice.
Vo: Confirming all the details in my I20.

Vo: Why this University?
Me: told

Vo: How many Universities you applied for?
Me: 2

Vo: Okay great.

Vo: She was verifying all my J1’s Ds160 information. (*She didn’t ask anything about my current purpose of visit *) such as my fathers occupation and his income.

Me: I was remembering all old details of my J1 Ds160.

Vo to my wife: Can I see your Marriage Certificate?
My wife: Passed
Vo: Nice, Just Recently Married.
Vo to my wife: what are you going to do there?
My wife: She will have fun and support me throughout my study.😃
Vo: That’s sounds good.

Vo: Where are you going to stay, as I feels it is going to be little expensive for accommodation in this Area.
Me: Yes I am aware of it, but for now we are going to stay at University Accommodation only. Is that include food too?

Me: Yes it includes food too.

Vo: (took almost 6 – 7 minutes as she did some mistake while putting information in my SEVIS)

Interview took arounf 12-15 minutes.

And I saw she was putting White slip on my F1 and then she did same for my wife F2.

Vo: Sorry for keep you waiting Guys.
Me: That’s completely fine Ma’am.

Vo: I am approving both of your visas.
Collect your F1/F2. (Took)

Me: Thank you Ma’am

Vo: You have a good day, I am keeping your passport.
Us: You too Ma’am. Thank you very much.

She was very kind and gentle, she was making my wife comfortable to answer.

However she did took 15 min.

This grouo has helped me too much to understand F1 visa interview.
All the best all those who are planning for their interview.
And congrats to all those who have got their visa.

(I have given two visa interviews in US consulate mumbai one for my J1 and this time it was for F1)
7 years study gap and 5 years work experience

Be confident.
Its fine if you fumble.
Don’t mug up your answers, answer first what comes in your mind.
Have good food and water before interview.
Have good sleep.
Rome around the city after your biometric to relax yourself.
Don’t think to much for interview and just chill a day before. Do what makes your mind happy, (I like taking shower and singing in Bathroom so i do that😃😃😃) when I feel conscious.)

Experience 20: F1 at New Delhi

Date .23 August
Consulate : delhi
Slot time 9:50
Duration: Hardly 20 sec
Status : Approved 👍
Lewis University MS in CS

Me : good morning sir , how r u doing
Vo: good morning, pass me yr passport & i20
Vo: What are you doing after your graduation
Me : After my graduation I started working as a Full Stack Developer for xxx company.
Vo: Who is funding your education
Me : My father is funding my education with a savings of 52 Lakhs
Vo: What does he do
Me; Told
Vo: Loan?
Me: No sir and nooded the head
Vo: Your F-1 visa is approved
Me: Thank you and have a good day officer

Vo’s are super chill on that day
All the best to every one.

Experience 21: F1 at New Delhi

First attempt: Mumbai
Date: august 6th
Slot time8:10am
In 8:00am
Out: 8:50
University: Lewis university
VI:Who is sponsoring?
Me:My father is sponsoring my education.
Vi:What does he do?
Me:He served Indian army for 20 years and after that he started working for south central railways.

VI:Is he in Indian Army now?
Me:He is working for Indian railways. Which is also a central govt organisation.
VI:What’s his annual income?
Me:11lpa sir
Do you have any loan?
Yes sir, I have secured loan of 30 lakhs for canara bank?
VI:Which bank he repeated?
Me:Canara bank sir.
VI:When did your graduate.
Me:I did my undergraduation in 2018 from noble degree college affiliated to Osmania university.
Vi:In 2018?
Me:Yes sir in 2018
Vi:What after that?
Me:After my ug I have done an internship in Rm vision minds for 6 months later I’ve started working in Accenture as a business process associate for 21 months.
What did you do exactly do in Accenture?
Me: I used to work for my clients. My clients were google and Uber sir.
Vi:Are your clients google and Uber?
Me.Yes sir.
Vi:What did you do Exactly for google and Uber?
Me:At that time I was working my client was google. I used to review google web pages and mark violations according to their policies.
VI:Are you still working?
Me:No sir I am not working rn VI:so,when were you working?
Me:My last working was in dec 2020 sir. After that I started my research and applying for the colleges.
(He asked me again about my. Clients)
VI:Okay! So tell me what were you doing exactly for your clients?
I repeated the same( I am a business process associate……….)
Okay this time I am refusing you can reapply again.
Me. Thankyou sir

Attempt: 2 ( No changes made)
Delhi consulate
August 24
In :8:30am
Out: 9:25am
University: Lewis university
Status : Approved ✅

Greetings shared

VO: pass me your passport and i20
Me : passed
(Vo looking at my i20)
VO: Do you have anything related in your field for your masters?
Me: yes sir, i did my undergraduation in the same field which is bachelors of commerce in commuters.
VO : how is that related
Me : told something (not remembered exactly)
Vo was like okay! Okay!
VO: Who is your sponsor?
Me: My father is sponsoring my education.
Vo: what does he do?
Me: He is a central government employee he works for south central railways.
Vo: Does he have any savings?
Me: he saved 20 lakhs for my education.
(VO looking at my i20 made a weird face)
Vo: what is his annual income?
Me: his annual income is 11 lpa and we also have immovable properties worth of 3.5 crores which will provide is rents of 4lpa
VO: Do you have any loan?
Me: yes sir, I have education loan of 30 lakhs approved from Canara bank.
Vo: okay! You got approved.

(In some counters the VO’s are asking for other docs.)

Experience 22: F1 at Hyderabad

Interview Date : 22/07/2021
Hyderabad consulate
Approved ✅
Lewis University Illinois
Slot time : 10:45 AM
Reached and stood in the line outside at 9:45. Reached security check at 10:50. Waited for another 35 minutes inside.
5-6 counters were open.
Interview duration : Hardly 45-50 seconds

VO was a Caucasian male in his early 30s.

VO : Good morning

Me : Good morning office how are you doing today?

VO : I’m good thanks. Show me your passport and i20.

Me : Showed

VO : Lewis university…alright. Cyber security?

Me : Yes sir!

VO : Tell me about your recent professional experience

Me : I am currently working as a Risk Analyst with Uber for almost a year where we analyze and closely monitor potential fraud patterns and prevent security flaws

VO : 3 years?

Me : No sir, close to 1 year.

VO : what is your salary?

Me : 3.5 Lakhs per annum

VO : How are you funding your education?

Me : I’ve secured a loan of 20L from axis bank and my father is sponsoring me.

VO : what does he do?

Me : He works as an AGM at xyz company. His salary is 11.77 LPA and has a savings of 37.44 L. Also we have other movable and immovable assets.

VO : What kind of frauds did you find at Uber?

Me : We mostly deal with Card and doc frauds and also people trying to meddle with the app itself.

VO : Alright, congratulations..your Visa is approved. Drop the passport in the wooden box!

From what I observed , male ones are kinda being detail oriented while maintaining eye contact, while female VOs are asking basic questions today. One guy 2 positions ahead of me was grilled by the VO about his financials as he was unable to answer properly/confidently. He literally asked the guy to write down his financials in detail on a paper. Didn’t notice if he was rejected or not.

It might seem long. But all of the interaction happened in 50 seconds maximum!

Be confident. Maintain eye contact and make sure you’re loud enough for the VO.

Experience 23: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 28th June 2021
Slot time: 9.30 am
Appointment Type: Emergency Appointment
Place: Hyderabad, India
Interview Duration: 1-2 mins
Counter: 10
Course: Information Technology
University: University of Cincinnati
Status: Approved ✅

IN-TIME: 9:10 am
Me: Good morning Officer
VO: Good morning! Please keep your passport against the glass (shows how to keep it)
Me: Did (he scans the barcode).
VO: Please keep your i20 against the glass and hold for a few seconds
Me: (I held i20 along the glass while he types)
VO: Tell me your background in Information Technology.
Me: During my UG I was introduced to courses like cyber security and database management systems which interested me towards IT as my majoy. Also …( Interrupts in between )
VO: what have you been doing after your under graduation as I’ve seen you completed it in 2020
Me: I have been learning python programming language.
VO: Great! What are you focusing on in your Master’s?
Me: I plan to specialize in Cyber security.
VO: What about funding?
Me: My father is sponsoring me. (interrupts )
VO: What does he do ?
Me: He is a builder, he runs his own form in the construction industry. Also he is a partner in various other firms.
VO:what does your mother do ?
Me: she is also a partner in my father’s firm.
VO: What’s their combined income.
Me: it’s around xx-yy lakhs per annum.
VO: Any savings ?
Me: He has savings of xx lakhs.
VO : loan ?
Me: I have a secured education loan of xx lakhs.
VO : what is it secured on ?
Me: On one of my father’s residential apartments.
VO: Okay, place your right hand four fingers on the scanner. Also place the other hand. I am approving your visa ! Please drop your passport in the box near the glass.
Me: (Put my fingers on the scanner). Thank you officer, Have a nice day
VO: Have a nice day.

Experience 24: F1 at Chennai

Date: 28 June 2021
Consulate: Chennai
University: University of Texas at Dallas
Appointment type: Normal
Slot time: 8:00
In time:8:05
Out time:8.30
Interview:2 minutes
Vo was a white male guy in his 30s, he was friendly

Don’t go in too early, around 30 minutes is fine as.

Interview :

VO: Good morning!
Me: Good morning sir
VO: Please pass me your passport.
VO: Are you an F1 student?
Me: Yes
VO: Please pass me your I-20 too
VO: What are you doing right now?
Me: I am pursuing my bachelor’s in electronics and communication in xx University in Bangalore
VO: When will you graduate?
Me: End of July sir
VO: Okay! So what are your parents doing?
Me: My dad is working in xx at yy and his salary is xx LPA. My mom is a teacher at xx school and her salary is xx LPA.
VO: Okay good. What are your future plans? (By now he was placing the passport inside the tray and he looked up only now to look at my face and was listening intentively)
Me: Sir I would like to come back and work in major companies like Infosys that is deep into embedded systems.
VO: Do you have any siblings?
Me: I have a younger sister.
VO: What is she doing? (A little surprised)
Me: She in her 9th grade now sir.
VO: Okay good.(He was slightly relieved) Your visa has been approved, please carry your I20 when you enter the country. Welcome to USA.
Me: Okay, thank you sir.
VO: My pleasure.

Guys it’s pretty chill, don’t have to worry, they’re approving visas pretty easily. Be confident and answer nicely. All the best!

Experience 25: F1 with EA at Mumbai

Status = APPROVED ✅
Consulate = Mumbai
Type = Emergency Appointment
Timing = 29th June 10.00 am

Counter No. 29
University = University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Course = M.Eng in Automotive Engineering
Interview Duration = 30 seconds


  • Reached at 9.20 am
  • In time = Immediately as appointment time was 10.00 am
  • Kept phone, keys (other metal devices) in locker (Charge 200 Rs for 2 phones)
  • Went inside = Sanitizing , Security check
  • Moved to waiting area inside with seating arrangements and fans
  • The entire row moved inside counter room at 10.00 am

(Inside the counter room)

  • Checking Passport, I20 and Sevis Fee receipt
  • Moved to Counter No. 29 as assigned
  • A person next to next of me got rejected (Saw passport in hands)


VO: Pass me your documents.
Me: Passed my Passport, I20 and Sevis Fee receipt. Good morning, how are you?

VO: Not clear
Me: Sorry?

VO: Not clear again!
Me: Sorry, I can’t hear you (pointing my hands on ears)

[Got a bit nervous at this moment]

VO: What are you study plans? (This time also voice was a bit low)
Me: I am going to pursue my Master’s in Automotive Engineering at University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

VO: What is your background in?
Me: I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from XXX with a GPA of 9.62 out of 10.

[Constantly typing on his computer]

VO: Who is funding you?
Me: My father is sponsoring my education, he has liquid savings of 31 lacs. Also, I have secured an education loan of 57 lacs.

[Tearing out the white slip]

VO: Place your right four fingers on the scanner. (I knew that it’s approved) Please take back your documents.
Me: Thank you officer! Have a great day.

VO: You too, bbye!

  • Out time = 10.15 am

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