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F1 Visa Experiences – August 2021

Below are experiences from August 27th to August 31st, 2021 for F1 Visa Stamping.

Experience 1 : F1 at New Delhi (Under Graduate)

Date : 29/06/2021
Location : New Delhi
Slot Time : 9:50 AM
Reached : 9:20 AM
Out : 9:50 AM
University : RIT
Interview Time : 1 – 2 Mins
Status : Approved ✅

VO is an Indian American Lady at her late 20’s

Me : Hello
VO: Hello , Pass me your passport and I20
Me : Passed

VO: (Looks at the I20 and starts typing)… Is your scholarship per year ?
Me : Yes

VO : How are you funding the rest
Me: I have an education loan of XXX Lakh Rupees which is equal to XXX UD Dollar and my family is funding the rest.

VO: How much savings does your family have
Me: my family has liquid assets worth XXX Lakh rupees and my father has an additional staff loan of XXX lakh rupees

VO: put your right hand on the scanner
Me: (done)
VO: Hands the I20 back and said the earliest date you can go to the US is XXX date. Your Visa is Approved
Me: Thank you

NB: Security guards outside did not ask to show any passport size photograph

Experience 2: F1 at Chennai

29th June – Chennai
Slot: 12pm
Interview duration: ~ 3-4 minutes
Status: Approved ✅

VO was an old guy. He was chilled out and fun to interact with!

VO: Good morning. Passport and i20 please.
Me: Passed!
VO: What is your DOB.
Me: Told my dob.
VO: It’s not matching. I think I got wrong Mayank Agrawal.
Meanwhile I am abusing myself thinking what if I put in wrong DOB in DS 160.
Finally he gets my DS 160.
VO: I need a scan of your finger prints. Place your hands on the scanner and press hard so that you break it. I’ll get a new machine then.
Me: Haha! Sure
VO: We got really good prints. Don’t break my machine
VO: Have you been to US before?
Me: No sir.
VO: What is the purpose of your travel?
Me: To pursue my Masters in CS at Virginia Tech.
VO: What is your undergrad GPA?
Me: Told
VO: What is your GRE score?
Me: Told
VO: That is very impressive(here I thought my visa should be approved) So what have you been doing after your undergrad?
Me: Working at xx company as yy and bla bla responsibilities.
VO: How are you going to fund your education?
Me: I have personal funds of xx and loan of yy.
VO: How do you have xx as personal funds?
Me: I have been working for 3 years and current salary is zz.
VO: Laughing and asked are you related to the cricketer Mayank Agrawal.
Me: Haha! No sir. But I do follow cricket a lot. Do you follow cricket?
VO: Yeah I like the game.
Me: That’s great.
VO: Congrats, your visa is approved. Have a safe travel.
Me: Thank you sir. Have a great day!

Experience 3: F1 at New Delhi (2nd Attempt)

Date : 25-08-2021
Interview time: 8:30
In time: 8:00
Out time: 8:54
Attempt 2nd
Status – Approved
VO was Indian/Srilankan Guy in mod 30s with healthy body

Me: Hello Officer, Good Morning
Vo: Very Good Morning!
Vo: Tell me about your program?
Me: Its a 30 credit course and 9 credits for core courses and 18 for Electives and 3 for capstone project. its a blend of Financial Risk in corporate world and risk management analysis… interrupted me
VO: I asked you about the program, not program details and smiled!
Me: I was like, thank God he smiled, and I tolr him, I am going for my Masters in Financial Risk Management from Pace University, New York!
VO: Why Pace University?
Me: Firstly and foremost the courses ans curriculum amazed me with subjects like interrupted me again
VO: Whos your sponsor?
Me: My Family is sponsoring me and has a savings.. Interrupted me again.
VO: What does your father do?
Me: I am like, Sorry didnt hear you Sir, he repeated again!
Me: My father works in a Leading Paper company named as JK Paper Limited for the past 29 years
VO: Plans after Graduation?
NOTE: I played here uniquely with my profile
Me: Immediately I am going to join my previous company FinIQ Pvt ltd as a Senior Financial Analyst and along with that I want to get married too!
i grabbed his attention here, he looked to me then as before he was just typing and looking on the screen!
VO: Why do you want to get married?
Me: Age is a factor sir, my parents do wish that i should get married by 32 and My father has couple of years for retirement, so I have to come back and get married and also look after my parents too (Strong ties here to come back to India)
VO: You dont have to get married with respect to your age, it should be the right time and right girl!
Me: I wish that too Sir, but my parents are the sponsor, so I have to listen to them as well!
VO: Laughed and told me Good luck with your marriage and stay safe in US, your Visa is approved!
Me: Can I know your name?
VO: Sorry I cannot say my name!
Me: No worries! Thank You Sir! I just want to thank you, you made my day and my future too Sir.
I screamed coming outside of the Consulate.I was so low and scared after my first rejection and I know many of us are still, but you habe to be very friendly and show that you are confident in your answers! That marriage stuff, I guess grabbed the attention and helped me in getting visa! Make your profile something unique too guys, and friendly too! I wish you all the very best, please get this done all of you!

Experience 4: F1 at New Delhi (2nd Attempt)

1st Attempt:
Mumbai Consulate
06th August

Status – Rejected ❌
Counter – 28

University: Stevens Institute of Technology

Me – Good morning Sir. How are you?
VO- Good Morning. I’m good. Pass me your i20 and Passport.

VO – What are you going to pursue?
Me – I am going to pursue my masters in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology.

VO – What does your father do?
Me – My father is the head of the proof reading department for a newspaper.

VO – What is his annual income?
Me – His annual income is 5 LPA. My uncle is also sponsoring me.

VO – (After typing for few seconds) What does your grandfather do?
Me – Sir, My grandfather?

VO – You told? (Confused) Who is sponsoring you?
Me – My Uncle

VO – What does your uncle do and what is his annual income?
Me – He has his own Real Estate Bussiness and his annual income is 7 LPA.

VO – Does he have any children?
Me – No Sir.

VO – (After typing for few seconds) Sorry, I can’t approve your visa this time. You can reapply if you want. And then handed me the 214b slip.

2nd Attempt:
Delhi Consulate
25th August

Status – Approved ✅
Counter – 19

University: Stevens Institute of Technology

Me – Good morning Sir. How are you?
VO- Good Morning. I’m good. How are you? Please pass me your i20 and Passport.

Me – I am good Sir.

VO – Tell me about your course.
Me – My course is a 30 credit Computer Science course which offers various electives from different domains and also I can do specializations in Databases, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

VO – What have you done so far?
Me – I completed my undergraduate in Computer Engineering in last year October. After that I did couple of internships at XX and XX as Database intern.

VO – Who is Sponsoring you?
Me – My Parents and my Uncle is sponsoring me.

VO – What does your parents do?
Me – My father is the head of the proof reading department at a newspaper and my mother is a teacher. We have savings of XX Lakhs and Investments of XX Lakhs. Also, I have taken an education loan of XX Lakhs.

VO – What does your uncle do?
Me – My uncle has his own real estate business.

VO – Is your uncle in US?
Me – No Sir.

VO – Do you have any relatives in US?
Me – No Sir.

VO – No relatives? Family members, Family Friends? No one?
Me – No Sir.

VO – Do you have any siblings?
Me – Yes Sir. I have a younger brother.

VO – What does he do?
Me – He just completed his Undergraduate and now he is working with XX.

VO – Okay. Your Visa is Approved. You will get your Visa in 4-5 Days.
Me – Thankyou so much Sir.

Best of luck to everyone who have their interviews in the coming days. Maintain eye contact and be confident.

Experience 5: F1 at Mumbai

1st Attempt
Northeastern University,Boston
MS in Industrial Engineering
24th August.
In time – 8:15 am
Out time – 9:30 am
Counter -30
VO was an American lady in late 30’s
Me- Good Morning ma’am.
VO- Pass me your I20,Sevis and passport.
Me- Here you go ( Passed).
VO- Tell me what other admits you received?
Me- I applied to 4 Universities out of which i got into 3 and they are Northeastern University, Boston, University of texas at Arlington and Rutger’s University New Brunswick and one reject from University of Michigan Dearborn.
VO- Who are going to fund you ?
Me-My parents are going to sponsor me with their savings worth 46 lakhs.
VO-What do they do ?
Me- My father works as a Teacher at a State Government School and My mother is a Housewife and also looks after our 48 acres of farm land.
VO- 48 acres right?
Me – Yes Ma’am.
VO- Any education loan ?
Me- Yes ma’am I have secured an education loan worth 42 lakhs.
VO- I see you have been doing some internship after you graduated in 2020.
Me- Yes ma’am I was working as a Graduate Enginee Trainee.
Vo- Have you ever been issued a US visa ?
me-No ma’am Never.
VO: (Did not say anything or may be I did not hear ) Returned my i20 and sevis , Kept passport.
Me – Thank you so much ma’am Have a nice day.

Experience 6: F1 at Chennai (2nd Attempt)

Chennai consulate
july 28 , 2021
slot time – 8:00
status -rejected
counter -27 (the bald guy ) rejected two guys infront of me .
VO – why do u want to go to US ?
ME – To pursue my masters in information systems at Central Michigan University , Mount pleasant .
VO – Do you work ?
Me – No sir , currently i am not working , i had recently completed my internship .
VO – What is undergrad cgpa ?
Me – it is 6.60 on a scale of 10
VO – How many backlogs ?
Me – i have 6 backlogs .
VO – what is gre score ?
Me – It is 316 officer .
VO – How would you justify your higher GRE score ?
Me – I have been preparing for gre since my last semester of my undergrad .. he interrupted .. !
VO – typed for over 2 min and handed me a white slip (214-b )

2nd Attempt
Chennai consulate
18 Aug , 2021
slot time – 8:00
counter – 28 ( American lady in her 30s , been friendly with all the candidates , approved most of them ahead of me and i was able to hear the convo of my guy infront of me , that boosted my confidence a bit )
VO – Pass me your documents
Me – sure mam , here it is and asked her how are you doing mam ?
VO – I am doing good with a smiling face . She was typing something for quite a time
Me – I took this chance and started trying to explain about my previous refusal , but she interrupted
VO – No dont worry , i will ask my questions
So it is central michigan univeristy
Me – yes mam ,
VO – which course are you going to ?
Me – I am going to pursue Masters in information systems with a specialization in
bussines data analytics .
VO – ok . when did you complete your undergrad ?
Me – i completed my undergrad in computer science in September 2020 mam.
VO – what have you been doing since then ?
Me – Mam i got placed in companies like XXX and XXX , but my university professor wanted me to work under his project as a research assistant . So i took a chance and worked under him because it would give me hands on experience in data analytics before going to masters and moreover he is the one who inspired me to apply to US universities .
VO – So it is business data analytics . what job would you like to do after your graduation ?
Me – Mam , i would like to become an data analyst in top companies like IBM and hotstar when i return to india . And moreover there is a dire need of data analysts in india who are good at analysing data and help businesses gain profits .
VO – so what about your funding ?
Me – My father is my primary sponsor . He is maintaining a savings account of XX Lakhs which is around XX dollars in US currency and i have secured an loan of XX lakhs from XX Bank .
VO – Been typing for a while and dropped my passport in the box and handed me a green slip .
Me – Thank you very much mam !!

Experience 7: F2 to F1 at Mumbai

Approved ✔️✔️✔️✔️
VAC Mumbai
Date: 23rd August 2021
Time: 10am
In time: 9:10 am
Out time:9:15 am

Unfortunately day before I got thumb injury and had cut mark on right thumb. (Was scared if that will cause issue in the finger prints).
However, I was lucky enough since the cut portion of the thumb was slight on the top side and it didn’t impact my finger prints. Else I would had to reschedule it.

Documents required:
Appointment confirmation
DS160 confirmation
Sevis fee

Visa Interview:
Date: 24th August 2021
Time: 8:20am
In time: 7:45 am
Out time: 9:00 am
Consulate: Mumbai

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University

Completed 1 course in Spring 2021on F2 visa

Me: Hi, Good morning
VO: Good morning. Pass I20 and passport
Me: Sure
VO: so you have F2 visa?
Me: Yes, I have F2 visa
VO: and you are applying for F1?
Me: Yes
VO: what you want to do?
Me: I want to continue my master’s at NEU in Electrical and Computer Engineering with specialization in Computer Vision and Machine Learning
VO: what was your undergrad in?
Me: Electronics and Telecommunications
VO: what was the percentage?
Me: xx%
VO: do you have any work experience?
Me: I did my undergrad in 2014 and the worked for 5years as Data analyst in market research industry. I got married and went US since my husband was there. And then I enrolled in NEU and completed my 1 course of 4 credits in spring 2021
VO: okay. Who is going to sponsor?
Me: My husband
VO: what does he do for living?
Me: Works in XX
VO: his annual income?
Me: xx PA
VO: Scan your right 4 fingers and your visa is approved…..
Me: Thank you so much. Have a great day ahead.

Tip: 1) Stay calm. And try not hearing other candidates conversation.
2) Each candidate has different case, so don’t worry.
3) maintain eye contact.
4)Answer slowly, no need to rush.


Experience 8: F1 at New Delhi (3rd Attempt)

Counter number: 16
Date : 13 August
Slot time: (8:15)
Attempt 2nd
University: Governors state University
Program: bachelors of business administration, however on the i20 it was mentioned major as GENERAL STUDIES, the university has added remarks on the i20 as (undergraduate students are admitted into our general studies cohort and will declare a major in the second year)
Rejected ❌

I20 Tution fees: $28,000
Family funds: $51,000

The VO told the guy in front of me to submit his financial documents at counter number 8 and returned his passport

Me: good morning officer, how are you doing?
Vo: good morning, i am doing good thanks!
Vo: place your left hand 4 fingers please!
Me: okay
Vo: please show me your i20 and give me your passport
Me: showed the i20 and passed the passport
Vo: so Governors state university?
Me : yes officer
Vo: what is bachelors in general studies?
Me: it is the requirement by the university for undergraduate students to be enrolled in the general studies for the first year, and my major will be declared in second year that is business administration.
Vo: so why do you want to do this course do you have a family business?
Me: yes my father is into e commerce business
Vo: what is this business like?
Me: my father basically deals with amazon flipcart snapdeal and nykaa, we store there products in our warehouse and receive 5% commission on every product sold,
Vo: what is his annual income?
Me: 14lakhs per annum
Vo: so why not masters instead of bachelors?
Me: as I aspire to become an entrepreneur I would like to do my bachelors degree from a premium clg like GSU to get more in depth knowledge
Vo:what about funds?
Me: my father is having funds worth ₹41 lakhs that is equivalent to $55,000, and also we have assets worth ₹98lakhs.
Vo: typing ….. for almost 1 minute
Vo: unfortunately I cannot approve your visa please take the green slip.
Me: okay
Vo: looked at me and said apply next time

Attempt 3rd

Delhi embassy
Date : 26 August
Slot time: 10:40
University: Governors state University
Program: bachelors of business administration, however on the i20 it was mentioned major as GENERAL STUDIES, the university has added remarks on the i20 as (undergraduate students are admitted into our general studies cohort and will declare a major in the second year)
Approved ✅✅
Within 2 minutes

Vo was an Indian lady.

Me: Good morning officer, how are you doing?
Vo: Good Morning, where are you going?
Me: I am going to Governors state University
Vo: which course?
Me: I am going to pursue bachelors of business administration. However, in the first year of my program, I am enrolled for the general studies freshman course.
Vo: okay, what were you doing in Saudi arabia?
Me: I was born and bought up their and also I have completed my studies from their till 8 class and my 10th class and intermediate was completed from India
Vo: typing typing…
Me: officer can i tell you something?
Vo: yes sure
Me: officer in my last attempt i was not able to convey my stance clearly to the visa officer, please consider me this time as i have met all the requirements of a prospective student and also i have sufficient funds
Vo: okay okay
Vo: why do you want to study in USA?
Me: because i want to learn some of the core subjects like entrepreneurial opportunities, business statistics, and production and operations management. However being graduated from usa would be globally recognised that is the reason.
Vo: typing typing….
Vo: What is your age now?
Me: i am 21
Vo: what was your age in 2010?
Me: I was 10 years old
Vo: so you were born in Saudi Arabia because your father was working their?
Me: correct officer
Vo: is your father still their?
Me: no
Vo: what was your father working their?
Me: he was a rental manager at caterpillar saudi arabia
Vo: typing typing…..
Vo: i am keeping your passport your visa has been APPROVED 😍

Experience 9: F2 at Kolkata

Interview date : Aug 26th 2021
( Wife has an approved F1 visa on Aug 06th)
Location: Kolkata
Slot time: 9 am
In time : 8:10
Out time : 8:30
VIsa officer : american white guy
Rejected one f1 student ( saint peters univ new jersy
Approved one h1b and one f1 ( f1 Lewis univ )
Only one counter opened at 8:00 Am
I was on F1 in 2015. Came back to india on 2020 jan 1st
Discontinued my 2nd masters at university of Cumberlands.

Vo: Good morning.
Me: Hello good morning officer how are you doing today.
Vo: doing great, pass me your passport and i20, looking at my passport and asked me whats your date of birth
Me: nov 18 1992
Vo: correct, when did you got married
Me: feb 13 2020.
Vo: love marriage or arranged
Me: love from 8th grade
Vo: nice, can i see your marriage certificate or photographs and invitation letter
Me: passed through window
Vo: verified and gave them back,
So your wife is doing PhD in Mississippi Medical Center. What specialization
Me: Phd in Bio medical material science ( orthopaedic implants )
Vo: wow nice.
Vo: you did masters in university of illinois Springfield ?
Me:, Yes officer
Vo: your visa is on Purdue univ why did you change to Springfield
Me: i got GA in uis, also i got stipend. It covers my tuition fees and also i work under mentorship of xxxx prof
Vo: ok nice
Vo: my mom is from same place. Small town but beautiful
Me: yes officer its like country side.
Vo: when did you return to India?
Me: jan 2020
Vo: what are you doing now ?
Me : we are constructing a 50 bed multi speciality hospital. My dad is a surgeon, i will be looking after the administration part. And total cost of this project is around 12 CR
Vo: thats good
Vo: any kids ?
Me: no
Vo: why did you came back from US with out completing your 2nd masters at Cumberlands
Me: told him during pandemic there was a medical emergency in my family. So i came back to take care of my family as i was the only child
Vo: ok
Vo : why did you joined 2nd masters
Me: while i was working on my opt and stem opt i found some knowledge gaps in IT, so i have joined in Cumberlands for masters
Parallel i worked on cpt
( real reason h1b didn’t approved )
Vo: ok got it
Vo: when will you travel to see your wife
Me: between sep 3rd to 10th
Vo : have a nice stay with your loved one
Vo: your visa is approved. You’ll get your visa passport in a few days.

Experience 10: F1 at Hyderabad

Slot Time: 11:15am
Interview Time: 1-2 mins
Consulate: Hyderabad
Date: 23rd july 2021
They r allowing all time slots, so try to reach out early If possible
Status: Approved ✅

VO: Good morning, place your passport against the glass for scanning
Me: placed
VO: Place your i20 against the glass.
Me: placed
VO: okay thankyou. Which university are you going to?
Me: I’m going to University of CINCINNATI, to pursue masters in computer n information sciences.
VO: what’s your background in bachelor?
Me: computer science.
VO: what does your father do?
Me: he is a state govt employee in xxx designation.
VO: what about your mother?
Me: she owns a transportation business .
VO: combined income?
Me: xx lakhs
VO: Have you applied for a loan.
Me: yes sir, xx lakhs.
VO: okay. savings
Me: have a savings of xx lakhs
VO: that’s great. Congratulations, your visa is approved, please drop your passport in the wooden box.
Me: Thankyou sir (Dropped my passport)

Experience 11: F1 at Hyderabad

26th August
Status – Approved ✅❤️

University: Lewis university.

Me – Good morning mam. How are you?
VO- Good Morning. I’m good. How are you? Please pass me your i20 and Passport.

Me – I am good mam. Thank you

VO – which university
Me – Lewis university.

VO – Which course?
Me -computer science

Vo-undergraduation course ?
Me-electronics and communication engineering

VO – when did your undergraduate completed?
Me – oct 2020

VO – What are doing since then?
Me – i have started my process for student visa

VO – who is sponsoring you?
Me – My parents are sponsoring for my education.

VO – What does your father do?
Me – He is government employee His annul incomes is 14 lakhs per annually.

VO – What actually does your father do?
Me – He is govt retired lecturer

VO – Funding
Me – Yes mam, I have education loan of 20lakhs form Sbi and we have savings of 35.5 lakhs

VO – Siblings in us
Me -yes

VO – What he is doing ?
Me -he is full stack developer in financial company

VO – company name
Me -amex

VO – Where does he stays?
Me -told

VO – Annual income

VO – What are your plans after masters
Me -told

VO – Okay. Your Visa is Approved.
Me – Thankyou so much mam

Best of luck to everyone who have their interviews in the coming days. Maintain eye contact and be confident.

In Hyderabad I didn’t see any rejection most of them are approved.

Experience 12: F1 at Chennai

Visa Interview Experience
Date: 30th June 2021
Consulate: Chennai
Appointment Type: Regular
Arrived at 9.30 AM, waited outside for sometime then they let us in the official line at 9.45 AM
Slot time: 10.00 AM
In time: 9.55 – 10.00 AM
Out time: 10.20 AM
Interview Duration: 1-2 mins
Counter no: 27 (Black Slim Lady with curly black hair)
University: ASU
Course: MS in Computer Engineering
Status: Approved ✅

VO: Pass me your i-20 and passport
Me: Good Morning officer, how are you doing? (while giving the documents)
VO: (no response..)
VO: Put your right fingers on the scanner
Me: (Put them and pressed hard 😤, took out my nerves here)
Me: (Tried to remove mask)
VO: That’s okay
Me: (Kept my mask on)
VO: Which visa is it?
Me: F-1
VO: Which university are you going to?
Me: ASU, Arizona State University
VO: What course?
Me: I’m going for my Master’s in Computer Engineering
VO: How many admits did you get?
Me: Just 1 from ASU
VO: What all universities did you apply to?
Me: UIC, UT Dallas, (Got stuck here..), obviously ASU and University of Florida
VO: Pass me your SEVIS fee receipt
Me: Passed it
VO: How are funding your education?
Me: My father is my primary sponsor, we have savings…., movable assets worth XX crore rupees, and immovable assets worth (VO cut me off here)
VO: What does your father do?
Me: He is a software engineer
VO: What is his annual income?
Me: Hm.., his gross annual income is XX lakh rupees
VO: What are you going to do after your studies?
Me: After my studies, if there is an opportunity, I would like to apply for OPT and gain some experience through practical training and then….( I was going to say: then I would come back to India and pursue my career here, but the VO cut me off)
VO: Which companies would you apply OPT for?
Me: Hmm…, Companies like Siemens, Bosch or Samsung ( I did not mention any American companies)
VO: Your visa is approved (Passes me the green slip)
Me: Thank you mam. Have a great day.

The lady was very professional and she was expecting brief answers with enough explanation.

Conclusion: Even though I was confident initially, when I got in and saw the no. of people I got really nervous. The embassy had security on another level and it was quite intimidating. My hands were shaking 🥶. Then I kept my palm flat in air, breathed calmly and deeply, then I was able to control the shaking of my hands 😌. Also, I was a bit concerned coz I got only 1 admit, but I answered honestly.

Tip: Don’t be nervous, you might get nervous but calm down by using the method I mentioned above. Also, be professional and honest when you are answering the VO.

Experience 13: F1 at Chennai (2nd Attempt)

Attempt 1:
Hyderabad consultant
11 aug time mrng 9:00
heavy line
went inside before half-an-hour
dont remember counter number but she is an old lady around 50s with golden hair
seen 2 people got rejected in front of me and started getting nervous
time duration: 2-3 min
University name : westcliff university , California
me: good morning mam
vo:good morning give me ur passport and show ur i20 on glass
me:given and shown
vo: why westcliff
me: started very fast (interrupted in middle)
vo : raised eyebrows and said go slow
me : sorry mam and said about clg only and when i was gng tell about my research work she again interupted
vo: which year u passed out
me: 2021 mam recently
vo: how many clg do u apply
me: 3 clgs mam can i say names
vo : sure go ahead
me: told
vo: why southern california only
me: weather and ( interrupted)
vo: r u going for vacation (
me : no mam not like fhat , its about the university ( told about university but got fumbled)
vo: funding
me: my father mam
vo: what does ur father do
me: told
vo: how much income does he earn
me: 13 lakhs
vo: any loan
me: yes mam 20 lakhs
vo: please put ur left fingers
me: kept
vo: sorry apply again
me: reason mam
vo: we should not say
that day i still remember that most of them got accepted and i got rejected

Second attempt:
Chennai consultant
26 aug time: 8:30
went inside before 30 min but kept a long waiting
duration: 2-3 min
there was only two counters one old man and one woman
vo is beautiful woman 20-30s counter number is 24
me: good mrng mam
vo: good mrng pass me ur passport, sevis amd i20
me: here mam
vo: typing typing… and asked what is previous course
me: completed undergraduation in xxx clg jntu Hyderabad
vo: which year
me: recently in 2021
vo: any specialization
me: yes mam. artificial intelligence with data analysis
vo: what job do you want to do after your graduation
me: i will return back to my country india and work as software engineer in multi national company like wipro, Accenture
vo: any loan
me: yes mam we have secured loan amount of 45 lakhs which is equivalent to 60,000 us dollars
vo: which bank
me: Axis bank
vo : any siblings
me: yes mam two elder sisters
vo: what do they do?
me: one is working as developer in wipro and other is working as team leader in xxxx company
vo : which company?
me: repeated same company name explained her work
vo: ok good ( typing…. for 30 sec) and said please place your left hand four fingers
me: kept
vo : congratulations your visa is approved
me: thank you

that day most of them got rejected and i got selected

  • remember counters will changed frequently and also don’t believe the acceptance rate and rejection rate because it changes day to day
    note : practice in such a way that it was your last chance(50%) and there should be luck (50%) say with confidence don’t focus on others and never give up 😉

Experience 14: F1 at Mumbai

30 th June, Regular appointment
Counter 33 (Famous bald guy)
Slot – 10:50 am
In time- 10:00 am
Out time-10:40 am
College – University of Central Missouri

Vo- good morning
Me : good morning sir
Vo: Please pass your passport and I20.
( I passed the asked documents)
Vo :What does your father do?
Me : My father passed away when I was in high school
Vo : What does your mother do?
Me : She’s a homemaker
Vo : Who is your sponsor?
Me : My uncle is my legal guardian and he’s sponsoring my education and living expenses too
Vo : What does your uncle do?
Me : He’s an ex-government employee. As of now, he runs a business and earns 11 lacs per annum.
Vo : How much savings do you have?
Me : I have saving of 54 lakhs and loan of ( he interrupted me)
Vo : How did your uncle get those savings?
Me : Last year, he sold one of the properties to fund my education
Vo : Place your right hand four fingers on the scanner.

(Vo passed me my I20 and a white slip)

Vo : Congratulations your visa is approved. Thank you for coming in today and have a great day.
Me : Thank you sir. Have a great day.

Experience 15: F1 at New Delhi

August 9
Morning 8:45
Status approved ✅
Minnesota state university, mankato

Me : good morning sir .
(Vo doesn’t respond)

Vo : pass me your i-20 and passport
Me : (passed)
Vo: (starts typing) tell me about your course.
Me : sir ! I’m …..sorry sir, I’m getting nervous.
In this course I’ll be studying… mathematics, public speaking,human behavior, human factors and many more.

Vo: who’ll pay for it.
Me : my parents are going to pay for it.
Vo : what do they do ?
Me : sir my father has xyz shop and makes xyz per year and my mother works in financial organization as xyz and makes around xyz per year
alsoy sister is xyz and she makes around xyz Per year also we have bank savings of $50k.

Vo: what are you currently doing now.
Me : sir I graduated in 2018 and since then I learned 2 different programming languages java and pythons (didn’t learned actually) and also I did research on university that’ll help me in my further study in US.

VO: have you ever been to US ?
ME : No sir.

VO : do you have anyone in US ?
ME: no sir

VO : ok I’m approving your visa, collect your passport in 2-3 days.

Me : thank you sir, have a good day

(Lie with confident, before interview while waiting talk to other person and try to calm down if you’re getting nervous)

Experience 16: F1 at Hyderabad

Date: 27th August
Intake 🙁 spring) 2022 January

STATUS: Approved ✅
1st attempt

Ofc: 26th August , 10:00am
Consulate : Hyderabad
Slot Time : 8:00am
In Time: 7:40am
Out Time: 8.30am
Counter : 13
Before to me VO rejected two Candidates. 🙄

University: University of Central Missouri
Interview duration: Around 3 min
Graduation in 2012,
Work experience : 8 year’s

VO was middle aged American women.
She was angry bcos before to me she rejected one person, that person questioned May I know the reason for rejection, she said take that slip and MOVE with louder voice, then Said NEXT. It’s my turn.

VO: Hello ( no smile )
Me : Good Morning mam (with nurvousness)

VO: pass your passport .
VO: OK, you are working for Amazon.
Me: Yes mam.

VO: place your right hand four fingers.

VO: which university

Me: University of Central Missouri mam.
VO: wt you are gng to do?
Me: I am going to pursue master’s in Industrial Engineering.

VO: Then what is your job in Amazon
Me: I am working as CS – and explained briefly my role with fumbled voice.

VO: what you did in graduation studies?
Me: I have completed my bachelor’s in Pharmacy.

VO: Then why you are shifting to irrilvent program for masters?
Me: with high voice , No mam, it’s correlated to my B.pharmacy studies. And also I have 5 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. It’s completely similar to my studies and work.

VO: then why you joined in Amazon.
Vo: for time being purpose I joined, since I am unable to manage my process for masters ( like ielts etc) so, i joined here.

VO: what you gng to do inmaster s ?
Me: I answered wrongly , after completing my master’s I will come back to India, I will work in MNC s like x,y.

VO: I know everyone come back and works in MNCs, I asked what you going to learn in masters degree
Me:( I totally confused her), In India the methodologies using in pharmaceutical companies are deprecated, so I want to upgrade my knowledge to international standards.

VO: who is funding for this?
Me: my uncle and my mother.

VO: show me your I20 .
Me: holded for sometime

VO: what they do?
Me: They are working in government sector.( I didn’t mentioned any amount here)

VO: what’s your uncle do?
Me: Rtd government employee , x position.

VO: wts your mother do?
Me: She is working xyz position in govt.

VO: what is their both annual income?
Me: said after a small pause xy lacks.

VO: ok , your visa approved. All the best. She didn’t returned passport. Kept aside.

Me: Thank you mam.

She is observing everything and typing , asking rapidly , I thought I will be the third person for rejection, but at some point my voice increased And flow maintained.

4-5 counters were open, but I see many candidates coming out with rejection paper s ,

confidence AND spontanity is main.
No documents were asked but carry all the docs that you feel necessary.
All the very best guys . 👍🏻

Experience 17: F1 at Hyderabad

OFC was on 15th July, Hyderabad
Arizona State University
Masters in Science Computer Science (MSCS)

VO was a young handsome guy with red hair. Age under 30

Slot : 9.15am
In time: 8:30am
Out time: 9.30am
Counter : 12
Interview lasted hardly 40 sec
Result : ✅ Approved

Me: Good Morning Sir
VO : Your passport please, place it on the glass for scanning

VO: So ASU and MSCS?
Me: Yes sir
VO: What is your background in Computer Science?
Me: I have completed my undergraduate in Computer Science from xxx university in 2019
VO:Okay, I see you have been working at XXX since the past 2 years. It’s a great company. Can you describe your work experience?
Me: Sure sir, I worked in a Data Analyst role and my responsibilities included JE reconciliations, financial fraud detection and creating visualizations based on client needs.
VO: Interesting. How will you be funding your education?
Me: My parents are sponsoring me with their savings of 40l sir and I have a loan from leap finance worth 37l.
VO: What do your parents do?
Me: My father works as a XXX at XXX sir and my mother is a classical music teacher
VO: Great, I too was into classical music. Was in an opera ( I was amazed)
Me: Oh wow! That’s great sir!
VO: What is their combined annual income
Me: xxx lakhs sir (Between 15 and 20)
VO: Your VISA is approved, please scan your left hand 4 fingers.


  1. Go before your time, they are not checking slots.
  2. Dress well, they are paying attention to attire.
  3. Be confident and you won’t have to face any difficult questions.
  4. Last but not the least, don’t be nervous. It’s just a verification of your profile. They all want to accept you.

Also don’t believe baseless rumors that Hyderabad is a difficult consulate. It’s the same as others

Experience 18: F1 at Chennai

VAC Appointment – Date: 01/08/2021

This just takes a maximum of 30 minutes for the entire process, provided, all details in the passport and DS 160 matches. Else, you will have to correct it and take a printout and come back again. VAC closes at 5 PM (I suppose). My slot was at 4 PM. I just made sure there is no mismatch else it might end up getting delayed another day.

Documents needed:
Passport ( original)
DS 160
Sevis Payment Confirmation

Date: 02/08/2021
Consulate: Chennai
In time – 10:50
Slot time – 12:00
Out time- 12:20
Interview time: 40-50 seconds
Counter no: 25
VO was a American guy.

Course: MS in Data Analytics

University: Clark University

Status – APPROVED ✅

As everyone already posted, there was a long queue and I had to wait for almost forty minutes to get in. Please make sure you have your breakfast and water bottle before reaching consulate. Mobile phones are strictly not allowed.

Almost all of them had their green slip. The one just before me went for H1-B visa interview and she was asked a lot of questions and the duration was more than 15 mins. Meanwhile, most of them in the other counters walked away with green slips.

VO: Good morning. Please pass me your passport and i-20
Me: Good morning officer ( messed up already. it was afternoon 😀) Passed only passport and i-20

VO: What are your plans after MS? – Constantly typing on his system.
Me: I will come back to India and will take up job as Data Analyst in companies like Mu Sigma where my knowledge that I gain from master’s will be helpful to aid for the research and analysis conducted. ( VO constantly nodded his head as I was speaking )

VO: Do you have any siblings ?
Me- Yes sir, I have an elder sister.

VO:what does she do?
Me: She is working in ### company.

VO: Is she a software engineer?
Me: Yes sir.

VO: What does your parents do?

Me: My father retired as a supervisor from L&T. My mother is an English teacher from private school namely XYZ. ( He made an eye contact after this question)

VO: What is your parents combined income?


VO: How much did your father earn before he got retired.
Me: xX LPA

VO: Do you have any property?
Me: Yes sir, fixed assets worth Xx cr.

VO- Please place your hand on the scanner
Me- conveniently placed my right hand and asked all good officer?!

VO: Your left hand mam.

Me : Smiled and said oh sorry and placed my left hand

VO: No problem. Happens every day 🙂

VO- congratulations your visa is approved. Passed me the green slip.

Me: Thank you officer with all my teeth eeeing inside the mask 😁

VO: You are most welcome.

I came out with a green slip thanking everyone as I passed by and people who didn’t know me before congratulated me for the green slip 🙂 I was super nervous, had dreams about interviews and I realised it is common. Just keep your answers short and rehearse your answers with friends and in front of the mirror. I recommend not to memorize your answers. Just have bullet points to the FAQs and make sure you convey them at the time of interview. Rehearsing infront of mirror helps maintain eye contact.

Good luck for everyone who are yet to attend their interview. Chill out. Be confident. You will walk out with a green slip for sure 🙂

Experience 19: F1 at Hyderabad

Consulate: Hyderabad
Slot: 8 AM
Counter: 14
Status: Approved.
San Jose State University
VO is a middle aged American guy.

VO: pass me the passport and I-20
Me: Did
Vo: which school are you going to?
Me: SJSU ( told full form)
VO: what major are you planning to take?
Me: electrical and electronics engg
VO: What’s your background?
Me: told
VO: passed out in?
Me: 2017
VO: what have you been doing since then?
Me: Working for abc company as xyz
VO: how are you going to manage the funding?
Me: parents are sponsoring.
VO: what do they do?
Me: Both are state govt employees for Telangana state
VO: what’s their annual income?
Me: xx lpa
VO: what do they exactly do?
Me: teacher and health dept.
VO: what exactly do you mean by health department?
Me: Explained what my father does with an example.
VO: Ok. What are your plans after masters?
Me: Return to India and work for top companies like aaa, bbb.

VO: Your visa is approved, please drop the passport in the box.

No slip was given. I forgot to mention savings and loan, but VO didn’t ask more about finances. Took finger prints before he started questioning.

Experience 20: F1 at Hyderabad

Appointment Date : 3rd Aug 2021
Appointment time : 10:45am
Status: Approved
Counter 14 or13 – American lady probably in late 20’s or early 30’s

VO : Good morning!
Me : Good morning ma’am!

VO : Place your passport on glass(she will scan the barcode which was attached during biometrics)
Me : did

VO : Where are you doing your masters?
Me : University of Florida, Gainesville

VO : Which course?
Me : Electrical and Electronics Engineering

VO : Where did you graduate?
Me : Amrita University in Bangalore, in ECE department ma’am

VO: When did you graduate?
Me : I was graduated in Aug 2020 ma’am

VO : What are you doing from then?
Me : Did an internship in the same field and online courses ma’am

VO : Place your i20 on the glass
Me : Did

VO : Who is gonna sponsor your education ?
Me : My father will be my sponsor.

VO : What does he do and his annual income?
Me : He is a software engineer at Birsoft and his annual income is XX lac per annum

VO : Do you have any loan?
Me : Yes, Ma’am. XX lacs from Bank of India.

VO : You had H4 visa.( it got expired in 2019)
Me : Yes ma’am.

VO: Place your left hand four fingers on scanner and drop your passport in box.
VO : Congratulations, Im approving your visa.
Me : Thank you so much ma’am.

Experience 21: F1 at New Delhi

3rd August
Attempt: First
Location: Delhi Embassy
Slot: 9:00 AM
In time: 8:30 AM
Out Time: 9:15 AM
Status: Approved

University: University of Cincinnati
Program: MS in Computer Science – with scholarship of 21,000 USD

VO was an American guy
Counter: 11

Me: Good morning Sir.
VO: Good morning. Pass your passport and I20.
Me: i passed them
VO: Which University?
Me: Told
VO: Which course?
Me: Told
VO: What are your future goals??
Me: Told him about how i wanted to work at Infosys as a Machine Learning Engineer.
VO: You had a US Visa before?
Me: Yes sir, tourist visa
VO (stares at the computer and scrolls for around 20-30 seconds and then he put the passport in tray )
Okay I’m approving your visa.
Me: Thank you so much sir
VO smiles.

Experience 22: F1 at Mumbai

Status – Approved ✅✅
Date – 3rd August
Attempt: 1st
I reached at 9:50 and it started to rain
Slot time- 10:20
In time: 10:20 am
Out time: 11:20 am
Interview duration- Hardly 30 Seconds

University – SUNY buffalo
Course – Master’s in Engineering Science (Data Science)

Counter no- 26
VO was super chill American Guy in his 30’s

Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: Good morning
VO: Please pass me your passport and I20.
Me: Yes, Sir.
VO: Which course are you pursuing?
Me: I want to pursue Masters in Engineering Science with a specialization in Data Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo
VO: Who is gonna sponsor you?
Me: My father is gonna sponsor me
VO: What is his savings?
Me: My father has a savings of 52 lacs and I have also secured an education loan of 35 lacs
VO: Did you do your bachelor’s in the same course?
Me: I did my bachelor’s in computer science
VO: Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you so much Sir

Experience 23: F1 at Hyderabad

Date : August 2, 2021
University : University of houston
Course : MSBA
Intime :9:15
Outtime : 11:20
VO american Male in his 40s
Very patient and asking alot questions but, listening very calmly

VO: Good Morning !
Me : Good Morning
VO : show me your passport
Me : Did as he said
VO : where are you heading to ?
Me : told
Vo : which course ?
Me :told
Vo : do you have any background ?
Me : during my undergraduate I had few courses on data management and I have done my project (he interrupted)
VO: when did you graduate ?
Me : july , 2020
VO : what were you doing since then ?
Me : I did a research internship in implementation of predective analysis and neural network in self driving cars and I am currently working as data analyst at siemens
VO: Explain about your job role ?
Me : told
VO : show me your I20
Me : did as he asked
VO : What are your fundings ?
Me : I have a total funding of 75 lakhs. Which include a loan of 30 lakhs and savings of 45 lakhs
VO : whose saving are they ..your parents ?!
Me : yes sir , they are mine and my parents
Vo: what do they do ?
Me : my father is Branch manager at LIC and mother is a government teacher. They have an annual income of 23 lakhs
VO : what are your plans after masters ?
Me : told

He asked me to place my fingers on the scanner and said something which I couldn’t ..He signed me to drop my passport in box. I understood the my visa is approved 💙💙. I thanked him . Ran like anything 😂😂😂

P.S : try to be confident and maintain eye contact. That is the key
I congratulate everyone who got their visas approved!!👏💙. I send my best wishes to the all those not done with their interview. Stay confident

Experience 24: F1 at Hyderabad

Status: Approved✅
Date: 14th July 2021
Slot Timing: 9:45 AM
Slot type: Regular
1st Attempt
University: University at Buffalo SUNY
I was at the venue at 8:45 AM and allowed inside at 9:15 AM

VO was an American male in his late 40s and was very serious.

VO: Hello Good morning, please come over.
Me: Hello sir, good morning!
VO: Show me your passport.
Me: I showed it to him(he scanned the sticker on the back).
VO: Where are you going (he told this twice but I couldn’t hear
Me: Sorry sir, I didn’t get you
VO: Which university are you going to?
Me: University at Buffalo for MS in Mechanical Engineering
VO: What’s your background?
Me: I graduated from Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2020 from IIT Dharwad
VO: (For 5 seconds(Typing)), How are you funding your studies?
VO: Place your I-20 on the glass.
(I did)
Me: I have a loan of xx lakhs.
VO: And?
Me: My father has savings of xxx lakhs
VO: What does your father do for living and how much does he make?
Me: He works in xyz as a abc. He makes xxx lakhs per annum.
VO: Whats your plan after MS?
me: I want to gain some experience, using which I would like to get a job in India.
VO: Alright, your visa has been approved, have a great stay in US.
Me: Thank you so much Sir, have a great day!

Experience 25: F1 at New Delhi

Date: 22/07/2021
Status: APPROVED ✅
Slot time: 11:40
Interview duration- 1 minutes
The University of Texas at Dallas
*Program: MS in Information Technology and Management (MSITM)
VO was an Indian American lady in her late 30s asked me to show my passport and i20 through the glass
5 counters were open for interview I saw all candidates had their visas approved, no VO was grilling just simple straightforward questions.

Me: Good morning mam
VO: good morning! Pass me i20 and passport

VO: where you are going?
Me: I am going to The University of Texas at Dallas

VO: which course?
Me: I am going to pursue my master’s in Information Science from UTD with the specialization in Business intelligence and analytics

VO: whats your funding plans?
Me: I have opted for an Education loan of XXlacs and my family has savings of XX lacs

VO: Tell me what was your undergraduate in?
Me: back in 2015 I graduated in computer science and engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University Maharashtra.

VO: place your right hand 4 fingers on scanner…(after a pause of 5-6 seconds)
Your visa is approved!!!

My experience just be confident and focus on your interview.
Smile, focus and be confident!


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