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USCIS Selects 27K in H1B FY 2022 Second Lottery, Sample Notice

Many of you have been waiting for the USCIS update on the H1B Visa 2022 Season, if there would be a second lottery or not. Finally today, USCIS updated that they have conducted a second round H1B Lottery and selected 27K petitions. We will cover the summary of the news and updates on the second round lottery, when to file, and how it works in this article.

Background – H1B 2022 Season – First Round Lottery

Below is the background on what happened with H1B Visa season and H1B Lottery selections so far for the fiscal year 2022.

  • USCIS accepted H1B visa registrations for the FY 2022 season starting from March 9th, 2021 and it lasted for two weeks until March 25th, 2021
  • There were total of 308,613 H1B Registrations filed by applications as part of the H1B Registration Process
  • USCIS Selected 87,500 Registrations in first round H1B Visa lottery that was conducted on March 30th, 2021. The total H1B cap for the year is 85,000. So, basically for 85,00 slots, they selected 87,500 registrations.
  • All the applicants selected in first round lottery were given an option to file H1B on their behalf from April 1st, until June 30th, 2021.
  • In total there were about 37,000 H1B Employers who filed the registrations. Also, about 48% of all the H1B registrations submitted were for US Masters quota.
  • As USCIS did not get enough number of petitions filed by the employers from the pool of selected H1B Registrations, they have done second round lottery now.
  • You can check H1B Cap Reach Dates History from FY 2000 to 2022 for more info on previous years.

Now that you have an idea of what has happened so far, let’s dive into news from today.

H1B Second Round Lottery Selection News Summary

Today, July 29th, USCIS released a press note indicating that they have conducted the second round lottery for the Fiscal year 2022 registrations that were submitted in March 2021. Below is the summary of the news release.

  • Second Round Lottery Selected H1B Registrations : USCIS conducted second round H1B Lottery selection and selected 27,717 registrations. The second round lottery was conducted on the initial set of registrations that were waitlisted. In total, if we add up the first round selection of 87,500 registrations, it comes to 115,217 (87,500 + 27,717)total registrations selected so far for the FY 2022 Season.
  • Filing Dates for Second Round Selected Applicants : All the applicants selected in Second round H1B Lottery can start filing their H1B petitions with USCIS starting from August 2nd until November 3rd, 2021. They are basically getting the same time as the first time selected applicants with a duration of 90 days to file the petition.
  • Second Round Selection Results : Individuals who are selected in the second round H1B lottery would be informed via the myUSCIS account, where the registrations were submitted. Also, you would be able to download the H1B registration Selection Notice indicating the same. See sample below in next section.
  • Where to file after selection in Second round H1B Lottery : The Service Center where the H1B petition has to filed wil be listed on the H1B registration selection notice. You need to only submit at that respective USCIS service Center. This is normal process. You cannot file H1B petition online. Also, applicants selected should attach a copy of the regisration selection notice along with their petition.
  • Submit Proof of Masters Quota : If you were to select your registration as Masters quota, you need to submit proof of the same indicating that you qualify for the Master cap by submitting the education transcripts / degree for your US masters. This is not new.
  • You can check Steps after H1B Registration Lottery – Flow Chart to know more on next steps

Sample H1B Visa Second Round Selection Notice

One of our community members ( anonymous for privacy) was gracious to share the second round H1B selection notice with the community. Thanks a lot to our community member!

Below is the sample. If you look closely, it is pretty much similar to the first round selection notice, just the dates are different. See the Notice Date says “7/29/2021” and the dates to file say as “08/02/2021 and 11/03/2021″

Second Round H1B Visa Selection Notice for FY 2022 Sample
Second Round H1B Visa Selection Notice for FY 2022 Sample

Will there be Third Round H1B Lottery ? Any hope ?

Well, so far we have never had a third-round H1B Lottery yet. Last year as well, there was only Second round lottery and it did not go past that. To give you some stats from previous year FY 2021 season, below are the same

  • USCIS Conducted first round lottery for FY 2021 and selected 106,100 registrations. In second round lottery for FY 2021 they selected 18,315 registrations
  • In total for FY 2021, they selected 124,415 ( 106,100 + 18,315)
  • Now, for FY 2022, first round they selected 87,500 registrations and in second round they selected 27,717 registrations
  • In total for FY 2022, they selected 115,217 (87,500 + 27,717)
  • If you see the difference it is 9,198 ( 124,415-115,217)

Now that you have seen the numbers, you may see the difference of 9K and say there may be a third-round…but, frankly, last year was the pandemic year and it was a slightly tough job market. Now, it is a super competitive job market with a huge talent shortage. So, it may not likely happen. Also, last year, we had Trump Administration with more rules in place. Now, they’re slightly better and we may see fewer RFEs as well. So, in our view, there may not be the third round. The point is to plan for your backups and not keep up your hopes on the third lottery if you are not been picked yet.

What do you think of the current selection in Second Round Lottery? WIll there be a third round? Add your comments below.

References : USCIS H1B Registrations Page , USCIS News Alert Second round


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  1. I am surprised that there are still so many applications going in for h1b. This pandemic literally made life a living hell for Indians in US. Yet people still want to come.

  2. Hi,

    My name was not selected in second round lottery as well.Additionally my wife is in the US on h1b and she travelled last month.Currently I am trying for H4 but both my corporate visa admin team and in general i am seeing even h4 slots are not available in next 2-3 months.In that case , Can i travel to US via Mexico on my B1/B2 with 15 days cooling in mexico and get my h4 validated once i reach US? is there any way of getting h4 status once i reach USA on a travel visa?

  3. Got picked in the second round lottery and got the email confirmation today (August 11th) from immigration team at Fragomen
    I’m currently working in US on a L1-B visa expiring in April 2022. If I had not got selected in this second round, I would have had to leave the country and be separated from my family (my wife has her own H1-B visa) for at least 6 months to 1 year. This is a huge relief for us.
    Good luck to others who are waiting to be picked. I can understand the anxiety and frustration, you and your family is going through during this period.
    I hope USCIS stops this lottery process and make it more merit based, so we have more control over the outcome.

    • Hi AG,

      I haven’t heard back after the 2nd round till date and my organization says there is no change of status at this time. If there will be, they’d advise me on the same. Has USCIS announced meeting the CAP for second round lottery or there’d still be a chance that we could hear back?

  4. Hi Admin,
    My H1B application was picked in 2020 lottery, however I couldn’t get the visa stamping as all embassies in India are closed for covid reasons. If I get visa stamping next year will the 3 year period count from 2022 or it will be from 2020?

    Thanks in advance.

    • The visa might mostly be stamped with 3 year from the date of stamping (not sure whether LCA employment dates play a role). Further, visa is needed only in the context of traveling.

      For actual stay validity, 3 year period is the actual days spent in The USA on H-1B visa. So, for your case, assuming you land in USA in April 2022, then it will start from April 2022. Also, even after starting on H-1B, any days spent outside The USA (say trip to India) can be recaptured to the 6 year count during renewal after 3 years.

      All the best.

  5. Hi

    Anyone who got selected in the first round of lottery for FY 2022 for H1B. And got his petition approved, got an interview slot at US embassy?

    • One my of friends whose petition was filed to Texas center in early July got approved in early August.

      So fast this time, not sure about other centers

  6. Hi Kumar,
    Have a question regarding H1 transfer. I have joining date with Employer B in next 2 weeks and H1 transfer is in progress. I am currently with Employer A, haven’t given notice yet. I am waiting for H1 approval and then provide notice to Employer A. I may end up having a couple of days of overlap. If it happens so, being in H1 can someone work for 2 employers at the same time for a couple of days? If not, what would be the best choice here ?

  7. Finally husband got picked after 3 yrs of trying and in 2nd round of lottery. Got unofficial info thru manager at ibm. Next step – the race to filing the application.. 🙏🏻

  8. Hi Kumar,

    I am working for Company A in india. Company B has offered me to file for H1b in 2020 lottery. got picked in lottery successfully and petition was submitted to USCIS and it was approved. due to covid reasons I couldn’t get the visa interview slot. Company A(my current company) has submitted my h1b application in 2021 lottery and it got picked.

    Will there be any problem when Company A submits the new h1b petition.?
    Do I need to inform them about the earlier approved petition submitted by Company B..?

    Pease help.

  9. Has USCIS already informed all the employers who were selected in the second lottery or can we expect to hear the results even in this week?

  10. I checked my account for my company’s lawyer. It says that the case opened on August 1st and contact the applicant. I am not sure what that means…..any one has any idea? Will find out soon tomorrow. May be when I will wake up, I will have an email in inbox from company’s lawyer saying that my name was picked up in the lottery. Maybe, I am overthinking 🙂

  11. Kumar,

    Just wanted to understand, my friend got selected in first lottery but filing was not done because of approval miss. Is there any extension period as the earlier applicants can file their petition now?

  12. Hi sir,

    My h1b is selected in 2nd lottery, I am currently in Chennai , how to get interview slots in Chennai? how to apply for NIE?

    can you explain the process after this?

  13. Hi Kumar,

    My employer hasn’t got any notifications from USCIS till now.
    Any possibility of getting notification today or Monday

  14. I m on h4 currently and career break for 4yrs, got picked up on second lottery(applied through my spouse company)
    Will there be problem or any rejection of petition once filed due to non employment of 4 years ? Pls share if similar experiences

  15. I’ve got selected for the 2nd round under masters cap. My university is a profit making institute. Can I petition under regular cap? Please advise. Thanks

    • Ejau,
      You should file it in the same cap as you submitted during registration, as the lottery was based on your submission. Discuss with your attorney.

      • Kumar,

        Just wanted to understand, my friend got selected in first lottery but filing was not done because of approval miss. Is there any extension period as the earlier applicants can file their petition now?

  16. How do we know if our status updated ? My employer checked their portal and still it says “submitted”. We can’t see any changes and not sure if this will be updated or it is already updated. Anyone has any comment ? Many thanks

    • My portal in Fragomen account was just updated on August 1st, Sunday. It says – “Case initiated and contacting applicant”…No idea what that means….may be its their general procedure to open the case of all applicants.

      • Mine should “inactive” earlier that day but later I guess it was updated. My current status is “notifying” which I believe is same as “contacting applicant” I don’t think they would otherwise be contacting you. Anyways good luck.

  17. Hi,
    Thank you for all the information you provide. When do you think ppl chosen in second round will find out ? Like a period of time.

  18. Any update from TCS yet??? They notify the selected first or randomly to everybody irrespective of selected/ not selected.

  19. if you are selected in 2nd round and file the petition before 3rd nov, do we know how the timelines looks post Nov. Meaning
    Approval – Tentatively by Feb-Mar’22?
    Start work – Apr’22? or Sept’22?

    • Anonymous,
      If you file in premuim, you can get approved in 15 days, so you can start working from Oct 1st too…so, it depends.

      • Gotcha Kumar! TY!
        can you help me validate my understanding:-
        -> The H1b Visa validity starts from 1st Oct.21 even If the Petition is approved in Nov’21 (Let’s say Nov’21 for this case).
        So, If I am on different Visa and this is a change of status, do I get 30-60 days to switch and I can have a joining date in Dec’21.

      • Kumar – TY!
        1. I thought like in case of regular process, Organization get time to file petition from Mar to June and the candidate starts from 1st Oct which is 6 months once you get selected.
        Here, for 2nd lottery irrespective of your petition getting approved (let’s say Nov’21), looks like the H1b validity still starts from 1st oct. is this correct?
        2. If you are switching Change of Status ( from L Visa to H1 visa), will I get 30-60days to switch over once approved. Can i choose a later joining date with the organization to simplify the overall transition process

    • Hello, I have the same question as you. if I were selected in the second round, file application by November 3, no premium processing, when will the h1b get approved? Please let me know if you heard back a more definite answer! thanks!

  20. How long it will take for employer to know, H1B is selected in 2nd lottery or not? Mine employer is saying need to wait for 2-3 days.

  21. Are employers notified at the same time for all the employees or they can be notified tomorrow for some of them? Is that even possible?

  22. I lost my job with the company that filled my H1B and I was picked in the second lottery. I have two offers but should I wait till they file for my H1B and then start the new one?

      • Because they laid me off very recently and it’s a small company. They are willing to file if I pay for half of it.

        • I’m sorry you were laid off. It’s unethical and illegal for them to ask you to pay. Let’s leave this aside and assume they file for you H1b , before you transfer your h1 this small company should run at least two pay stubs for you if they don’t wanna let uscis alarm . You could work for any of those two employees as long as they are aware of the situation and they are ready to transfer your h1


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