H1B 2016 Premium Processing Dates

USCIS News Alert : H1B 2016 Premium Processing from April 27th

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As you know, yesterday USCIS released an official press note indicating that they received about 233,000 petitions and H1B lottery was completed. As of yesterday,  USCIS indicated that the premium processing will begin no later than May 11th, 2015.

Today, USCIS released a news alert indicating that the premium processing for H1B Visa 2016 petitions will start from April 27th, 2015.

What does this change in premium processing date mean to everyone in H1B 2016 quota ? 

It simply means that, if someone filed their H1B petition in FY 2016 quota under either in masters quota or regular quota and filed it under premium processing their 15 days clock for adjudicating the petition starts from April 27th.  Technically, if everything was right and there is no RFE they should have a decision within 15 calendar days starting from April 27th, which would be May 11th.

So, technically, premium processing candidates for FY 2016 should receive their H1B case petition numbers/ receipt notices starting anytime from today via email.  They should ideally have H1B case number by April 28th or 29th. USCIS might take some more time to release the case number or receipt notices for the regular processing petitions, as there is no SLA or time commitment.

This clearly tells us that the number of premium processing petitions filed this year were more or less same as last year and not too many filed under premium processing as USCIS anticipated. They adjusted the dates based on the work load they have.  Also, with the push in the premium processing dates, hopefully, regular processing candidates petitions are processed slightly faster as well…lets hope so !

Also, they indicated in the press note that no changes to the premium processing petitions filed that are cap-exempt. Their processing continues to stick to the 15 calendar days starting from the day USCIS received the petition with the fee. Also, you may read the below to clarify on the processing times.

H1B 2016 Premium, Regular Processing time, Receipts Info

What are your thoughts on the H1B processing timelines by USCIS ?

Reference : USCIS Alert on Premium processing


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Comments ( 2,861 )

  1. mimi

    Hey guys!

    “USCIS Returns Unselected Fiscal Year 2016 H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions
    USCIS announced on July 14, 2015, that it completed processing the return of fiscal year 2016 H-1B cap-subject petitions that were not selected in our computer-generated random selection process.”
    USCIS previously announced on May 4, 2015, that it completed data entry of all selected cap-subject petitions.

    If you submitted an H-1B cap-subject petition between April 1 and April 7, 2015 and have not received a receipt notice or a returned petition by July 20, 2015, you may contact USCIS.

    1. winner

      I got the update from 8k miles. But they dont want to share the receipt number. I dont know what is playing behind the screen.

      1. sd

        Did they shared the receipt number ? what reason they gave for not sharing receipt no. looks they will keep the deposit money for some more time.

    1. Vin (AD/ RP/ VT)

      My classmates, from a premier MBA school where they went to and spent 1000s of dollars on, and have great jobs have left the country due to the lottery. There is always someone with a worse story.

  2. blah

    My opt gets over July 3. I still haven’t gotten result from lottery. what can i do if i still dont hear back by july 3? Do i need to leave USA or stay till i get official rejection? I now that i have to stop working after july 3 bu ti dont know if i should stay or leave after 3rd?

          1. Vin (AD/ RP/ VT)

            You can work till your OPT expires. Then you have 60 days to leave. By then you will get your package back. You have to stop working once your OPT expires.

      1. namaste

        Does this depend on the university or every university will allow that? I have done my MS here so i was told i do not have to repeat GRE or TOEFL, even if my scores have expired.

  3. No_News


    Guys its 10th June and there is no news from my employer. They say the attorney has not received anything (acceptance / returns). This is crazy. Does this always take time? or something is wrong with the system this year?

    1. Ann

      This year they have received around 233000 petitions and out of these too many applications were for premium processing. Thts y if u have regular processing. It will take lil longer than usual. All the best

      1. No news either

        I had premium processing and have received absolutely no news either. I wonder if I should read anything into this, as all the receipts for PP should have been generated by May 8 which was very long time ago.

        1. Vin (AD/ RP/ VT)

          Premium processing should have got atleast receipts by now. The SLA time commitment for decisions were around May 11. This is late June.

    1. capg_mumbai

      No news … anyways GX team sits in Chennai, i blv they will inform everyone on same day… but i dont know why so much of delay

  4. Capgemini ann

    Anybody from capgemini Mumbai got receipt nos? Company is telling that June 1st week will be the time to disclose. But no updates yet

          1. Capg

            I think there is no more hope..we all are just waiting for rejection notice only…

            That is what Rahul communicated to me.

          2. Capg_mumbai

            Who is this Rahul… and what makes you think about reject….no one in CG is aware of the result… what i came to know from GX team is 25 to 30% people got selected in lottery. so 800 nomination so atleast 200 nominations are selected for sure

          3. Capg

            Rahul was my SPOC…he told me that they have got updates for most of the candidates but still not have heard about me..

            He further wrote:-

            “Seems like you missed the boat for this year. Will definitely process your case again next year.”

  5. Indian


    Mine is a premium processing Non AD/Vermont case.
    Got the RFE within 15 days but in the RFE document they have mentioned that the beneficiary has obtained H1 B visa status from an XX organisation effective from July1st, 2015.

    I mean can they just write anything absurd and return the RFE back. This doesnt make any sense to me.

    Has anyone experienced this?

  6. astar

    I had a quick question..
    My H1 was filled under premium processing. I have not received any thing on my case yet, no rejection no receipt. Its 2nd June and I was wondering doesn’t USCIS have to give an status update for premium process within 15 days?? Are there any chances of application being wait-listed?
    My employer is one of the Big four consulting firms and I have already spoken to my lawyer but they haven not received anything as yet.
    Any insights into this issue would help to reduce my anxiety

      1. san


        Yes, my attorney\legal counsel is fragomen, but no response through premium processing for me as well.

        I believe its almost over, thats what my employer told me and mentioned to consider an alternative, not sure though! how about you?


          1. ABC


            What is it to do with fragomen? Mine is PP/Non-AD/Vermont filed by a big company with fragomen as their law firm. No information yet and F is asking me to assume that I was nt selected. I am totally frustrated.

  7. Narendra_Infy

    Hi All,

    Today I Received below status update in system,

    “Acknowledgment notice received from USCIS”

    Can anyone help to explain this status.


  8. sri4bts

    Hi I received the Recceit number (EAC15xxxx) and I am cheking my status daily also mine is under premium processing but I still see no updates made on my status , it still shows “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed” . Please advise if any one else is still waiting on approval under premium processing.
    sleepless nights

        1. Ram

          HI Sri4bts,

          U need not worry about that status. H1 processing take time. Usually EAC process takes 2months i.e., within 2months you will some status change(Note : 2months is a usual time however it can be early for few and more than 2months for few people as USCIS doesnot work on any SLA for RP, it all depends on your luck) . So be patient enjoy your time.

    1. mandy

      Have you received an approval notice yet? I’m on the same boat – PP and status has remained “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed”. My friend with RP received his notice 2 weeks ago and that makes me nervous.

  9. Karan

    Has anyone applied via Thomas v Allen law firm…And got any response back… I checked and still no updates, are there any hopes left??… Some people say May end; some say its over…:)

  10. abhamia

    I did premium processing.
    But haven’t heard anything yet. Is that mean I’m not selected?
    Isn’t premium processing supposed to let you know no matter what you are selected or not selected within 15 days?

    Does anyone know what’s going on and what does this mean?

    1. noNews

      Sailing in the same boat.

      My attorney told theres a 0.01% chance that you have got selected and haven’t received a receipt yet, so late.

      So consider it that, we have not been selected in the lottery.

  11. FeelingGood

    As per latest info, GLs got second list of candidates who got picked in H1B lottery.. by God grace, my name in the list this time.. if you have good rapport with him, may be you get the details…

  12. looser

    Hi everyone,

    I am a looser who finished Master’s in XXX university. this is 2nd time but no luck haven’t received receipt yet. And my F1 visa is going to expire in Nov 2015. I don’t want to go back to india as a looser. From last yr I’m like enrolling in univ which gives CPT. I don’t know whether i have to take another chance or not. My life is screwed up wasted 5 yrs of my time in US, feel like committing suicide.

    All the best everybody. And bad luck to guys who applied multiple applications, I promise in future you’ll face many issue.

    1. Swap

      Cheer up……
      There is nothing like end for anything….try to get into some college and continue on cpt…..All the days will not be same…..sure u will see success next year….All the best

    2. Ash

      Cmon cheer up, a visa rule can not decide your life.. get the control of your life back from US laws. There are ample opportunities in India.
      Contact your professors, many of them Indian origin, have good contacts in Indian industry.

      Though I agree that doing a good job in India and leading a good life is not a problem, its the social stigma you will have to face that will be a bigger challenge. This is where your inner strength will matter. Be confident… have lots of self respect.

    3. Third_Attempt

      Usually, I don’t post for anyone comments but I am pushed to do so bcoz of the word ‘committing suicide’. I will explain my story, it is worse than you.
      I completed MS in 2008. Did Internship in Citi (New York) with good package and got a bank job in 5th Ave. They applied h1b in PP. Unfortunately, mine was not selected. I lost the job due to financial crisis. Again, applied h1b in 2009 with some desi consultancy. They unable to reply for the RFE. Went back to India. Worked in India and traveled to Europe and other countries for onsite. Now came back to US in F1 again and applied H1B. My application is picked in the 3rd attempt. Hence, going back to India is not losing something. You got valuable experience. That will help in every situation of your life. Loser will definitely gain something out of that experience but winner will gain pride, head weight, forgot to respect others etc. Cheer up.

        1. Randomperson

          I just want to share my experience to try motivate everybody. My husband applied for h1b in April 2013, first year after I don’t know how many years they did lottery, days pass and no news of receipt number, then when I said ok move on, We got the news! We are back on the game!!, got approval in August 13 of 2013, no RFE, direct approval, at embassy for stamping got 221g, we were shock! Specially because we traveled to USA many times at least 2 times per year and our papers and all was clear. Months later my husband got offer from other company (full time employment, big multinational it firm, American company) and did h1b transfer, then one year later August 2014 we went again for visa stamping with new company, again got 221g, so we said ok f$ck this thing, we will continue our normal life, company responded and when we less expected we got approval mail from the embassy, got our visas and came to US last October 2014. Don’t give up, it’s a long way and many obstacles are there!

    4. administrator

      You should never give up on life just because you did not get H1B…No one will judge you…never think of acts like committing suicide..it is not end of the life…Look at life in a different perspective, you have learnt a lot in life by living in a foreign country…World is full of opportunities, you just need to explore….Do NOT give up on anything, it is not your fault…it is luck and external factor and has nothing to do with you as an individual or your talent…Maybe there are better things waiting for you in life…Cheer up ! Take this as an opportunity and knock new doors and make new journey and fresh starts in life!

    5. ambiguous

      I cannot believe how you think. You want to commit suicide because you cant work in the US ? Are people in India not going to hire you ? Where is this coming from?

    6. anonymus

      If you alive then read this, not getting H1 is not a huge problem to commit sucide, think you are in creme layer, think about people who live in misery all their life but still struggle to live happy esp all poor people in india…….
      See life is full of new learning, not getting H1, coming back to india is a new learning. Money can be lost and earned again but hope shall never be lost. I guess you are physically fit so believe in yourself and your abilities that any circumstance you will get better life……

    7. Unknown

      Usually I wont give any suggestions to anyone nor wont share my details. But to increase your morale I would like to share my story. I have graduated from a good college and got rejected for US/UK for Higher Edu… Joined in Indian firm for 6K/m in 2008. But never lost hope, started reading tons of blogs, tech-articles, updated my skill set. In 7 years now salary went to 24L and I just changed 3 companies. At this point my company applied for H1…
      So, what I meant to say is its not bad to come India and begin your life here.. Salaries are too good in India now if you have proper skill set..All the best cheers.. 🙂

  13. Be careful guys

    Glad to hear that fake consultancies are being caught!


    1. catch them

      The best way to prevent these fake consultancies is that as soon as you come to know about it, call the USCIS and complain about them…when fear spreads, they will automatically shut shop. I’m gonna do that

    2. Yup

      I know its a fraud.. When someone submits 10 applications USCIS does not treat that as fraud 🙂 They need to improve immigration rules so people don’t need to commit these frauds. Rather than catching one person. There are so many consultancies and not just indian who run payrolls like this. Only because of these outdated rules which were formed like 40-50 yrs back..

  14. jessie

    guys.. i still havent got any receipt or notice yet.. it was for premium processing (not advanced degree). Do you guys think it would be rejected by this moment..? or do i still have hope..?

    1. h1b2016hopeful

      Hi Rahul

      Did you hear from Collabera recently? I got a couple of mails from them already but I am awaiting the initiation of stamping process..Would you have any further updates to share?

  15. genuineRP/NonAD

    When should we expect to receive news whether the case of RP is approved or not? Is there a timeline for this?

    If anyone has a change in the status case of RP, kindly post. Thanks a lot.

    1. Naveen

      The last call I got from them is to deposit money and email that they filed application. No reference number or anything. None of them answering the call or giving correct information. Lazy fellows working with no responsibility. Mfs. We might have hard time to get money back to try someother company for next year. God has to help people filed through 8K.

  16. IceCream

    PP/CA WAC15135*****, Approved

    We received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, and emailed you a receipt notice. It is being processed at our California Service Center location.

    On May 9, 2015, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC15135*****, and emailed you an approval notice. Please follow any instructions on the approval notice. If you move, go to uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    1. YesMan

      Good to know that an Icecream knows how to use a computer and knows how to apply for an H1 and can get it approved.

      All the best Icecream!!

      Which flavour are you?

    1. Sai

      Same boat, the attorney and my boss are waiting till end of this week, but I am preparing for plan B. The chance is pretty low but not zero. Hope this can help you.

  17. dpk

    Is the approval for PP done for any one? I mean the final stage after processing your visa? What will be the final status if all the docs verification is done perfectly?

  18. Premium Processing-2016

    Hi I received teh Recceit number (EAC15…) and I am cheking my status daily also mine is under premium processing but I still see no updates made on my status , it still shows “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed” . Please advise if any one else is still waiting on approval under premium processing.

  19. H1

    Guys, my story…applied for l1 blanket…rejected…later l1 individual…..again rejected……applied for b1 same result….applied for h1…visited almost all the Gods
    got receipt today. Lord venkateswara is great. Keep faith…..wish u all the luck…..

    1. Capgemini_AIMS

      I spoke to my case handler today. Capgemini Management has decided not to disclose the reciepts recieved until May end. June 1 is the date that applicant might come to know. Good luck with the wait and all the best!

  20. AD/RP/CAL

    Got the receipt on May 11th…So releived..:):)
    AD/RP/CAL – 2nd attempt (both times only one genuine petition)
    Status says it was received on April 13th
    Best of Luck to all still waiting…

      1. AD/RP/CAL

        Not sure about when it was cashed. Last Name First letter is ‘P’ but i given my experience (last year and this year), it really does not matter..Neverthless Best of Luck

          1. AD/RP/CAL

            Thanks Vin (AD/ RP/ VT). I know. Have been waiting to put that comment for more than a year now and got that moment at last. Feel very relaxed now.
            Also I would like to mention that I have been following this thread for a while. Really appreciate you trying to keep up other’s morale esp even after you got your receipt.

          2. Deserve?

            “As an AD u deserve”? … dude there are people out there who do not have the wealthy father to send them to US for MS and try to work their ass out to even climb upto middle class.

    1. YesMan

      Yeah, many did. I think India is 8k miles away from US. I’ve been seeing many people from India posting comments saying they have got receipt number.

  21. Allhad Kulkarni

    I have been filed under Regular Processing in California. This is my Last chance. Is there any hope that still left?

  22. explanationpls

    Got an update ” awaiting receipt notice” on may 8 in BAL. What does this mean? No one else got this update in my company.

    1. Ash

      Doesn’t mean a thing. All those who have not got a receipt number, are all awaiting one.

      Cud be that the BAL lawyer thought of putting something in the blank template.

    2. Allhad Kulkarni

      I have been filed under Regular Processing in California. This is my Last chance. Is there any hope that still left?

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