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What is Form I-944 ? How USCIS determines Public Charge ? Info to Fill ?

USCIS, DHS published final version of the ‘Public Charge’ rule, officially titled “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” in late 2019. But it was blocked by many courts until late January 2020. After Supreme Court Judgment on Public Charge rule lawsuit, USCIS announced that it will be effective from February 24, 2020. In the public charge rule, they mentioned that, a foreigner’s likelihood of becoming public charge would be determined based on totality of circumstances of the individual, and they would use “Form I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency” to assess the same.

USCIS published the final version of the form I-944 on February 5, 2020. In this article, we will review aspects like what is the form I-944? who would need to file? how USCIS will use the details in form for assessment? and what all details you will need to fill in the form like credit history, assets, cash, house details, etc.. 

What is Form I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency?

USCIS introduced a new form called “Form I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency” as part of the new public charge rule, which ieffective from February 24th, 2020. Depending on the type of application filed with USCIS, the new form I-944 would be a required as needed. For some types of applicants, it would be mandatory…but, for some it is optional and only required, if requested by USCIS.  It is a 18-page long form and you would need to fill in all sorts of details like age, family info, health info, assets info, income, credit history, and many more details.

Who all would need to submit the Form I-944 with USCIS ?

USCIS mentions that all individuals applying for adjustment of status using form I-485 are required to submit Form I-944, unless they are in a class that is exempted by statue or regulation. Each applicant filing, I-485 needs to file their own separate Form I-944.  Also, it may be requested by USCIS for any of the Visa extensions or Change of statues. As you know Public Charge Rule Impact H1B, L1, H4, L2 and many other visas. Also, as the Public Charge rule applies to F1 Students, OPT holders, you may need to file as well. So, technically, if you filed for H1B, L1, F1, H4, etc. Extension or COS, you may get an RFE to submit form I-944.

How long does it take to fill out form I-944? Fees for I-944 form ?

USCIS confirmed that there is no fee for the form and it would take approximately 4.5 hours to fill out the form…Also, there are certain costs associated with the form for the individuals like getting credit history from one of the three vendors, and other documents, but USCIS does not charge any fee for the form. If you looking at the actual form, you will see that it would take way more than 4.5 hours… 

Now that we know the basics, let’s dive into the details on how USCIS will use the Form I-944

How is the Form I-944 used by USCIS to determine, if you are inadmissible under Public Charge Rule ?

USCIS will look at all the factors such as applicant’s age, health, family information, assets that they possess, financial status, education skills, etc. and use the details filled in the form I-944 to consider them as negative or positive factor for the applicant and then give a weighing factor for each of them like neutral or heavily weighted. In the end they will look at the overall factors, their weightage and come up with an analysis to determine if an applicant would become a public charge in future. 

  • For example, if the age is 30, then it is a positive factor and the weightage is neutral for that. But, if the applicant has a health condition that requires excess medical treatment and they are uninsured and may not buy private insurance, then it is a negative factor and heavily weighted. Below are some of the examples that were given by USCIS in the rule document for everyone to get an idea.

Below are the copies of the examples and assessment from USCIS final rule for your understanding.

Positive Example Case without being Public Charge :

Public Charge Rule Form I-944 Determination of Individuals - Positive One Not public Charge

Negative Case where individual is Determined as Public Charge :

USCIS Deterimination of Individual based on Factors Negative assessed as public charge

Now that we have seen how they assess, let us look at the details you need to fill in the form I-944.

What are the details needed to filled in Form I-944, “Declaration of Self-Sufficiency” ?

The form I-944 is a very lengthy form with 18 pages. The instructions itself are 16 pages. For all the supporting documents, you should submit photocopies that are readable, unless they ask for originals for review.  Also, the documents need to be in English or translated to English, if in other language. Below are the various details that you are required to fill by type of information.  

  • Personal information: You need to fill in all your details like Name, Address, Date of birth, Citizenship, Alien Registration number, place of birth, etc.
  • Family Status / Household Information: You will need to fill out details of all the individuals in your  household.
    • Names, date of birth, relationship to you, do they live with you, and if they are filing for immigration benefit with you or already have filed it.
  • Personal & Household Assets, Resources, and Financial Status : There are multiple sections under this, like income, assets, resources and financial status, etc. as listed below.
    • Household Income Information: You will need to fill details of the entire household income. You will need to fill income, tax details by individual for all the people listed in your household in family status section.  
      • Name, status of tax filing, Tax year, Total income from Tax return.
      • If the individual missed to file tax return, they need to give explanation.
      • You also need to list if you got any money from illegal activities like illegal drugs or gambling… (interesting question right ? wonder how may would list something here for illegal income…)
      • If you get additional income weekly or monthly like child support, that is not part of the tax return, you need fill that details as well. You need to provide supporting documents for the same.
    • Household Assets Information: You need to fill in all types of assets in this section that the individuals in the household own and that can be converted into cash within 12 months. You need to put in the dollar value of the assets.
      • Below are the various asset types, you can list. You need to fill in the Name of the household, type of asset, and the dollar value. Various kinds of assets like below should be listed
        • Checking and Savings account balances in Cash
        • Stocks, bonds, certificates of deposits (CDs)
        • Annuities
        • Retirement accounts, educational accounts
        • Real Estate holdings
        • House Value.
        • Automobile, if you have more than one.
      • All Proofs, Licensed appraiser: You need to submit proofs for all of the assets that you listed like bank statements, etc. For House valuation, you need to get it from a licensed appraiser to get the recent value of the house, subtract it from all the loans taken on the same. Also, cash value of the real estate holdings too. You can only list cars, others as assets, only if there are more than one.
    • Household Liabilities Information: You need to fill in all types of liabilities that you and your household individuals have in this section.All kinds of debt like below should be listed and support relevant proof for the same.
      • Mortgages
      • Education loans
      • Credit Cards related debt
      • Car Loans
      • Tax Debts
      • Personal Loans
    • Credit Score Report, Bad Credit Explanation: You need to submit recent ( within 12 months) credit score, credit score document  from any one of the three US credit reporting agencies ( Experian, Equifax or TransUnion). If you do not have credit report, should submit record indicating the same from the credit agency. Also, if you have negative credit history or low credit score as per your report, you need to explain the reasons for the same.
    • Bankruptcy Details : If you have ever filed for bankruptcy in US or in a foreign country, you need to indicate the same and provide all such details.
    • Health Insurance, Premium Tax Credits Obamacare : You need to provide details of your health insurance, if you have it or not. If you have it, details of the same like annual deductible or premium, termination date. You need to also indicate if you received any premium Tax Credits or Advanced Premium Tax Credits under Affordable Care Act.  You need to provide proofs of the same like Transcript Copy of IRS form 8963, PTC and Copy of 1095A.    
      • Also, if you don’t have health insurance, you should indicate your intent to  buy it or not planning to buy.   Also, you need to submit proof for the future date ones.  Also, explanation, if not planning to buy.
  • Public Benefits Used by Individual:  You need to indicate all the public benefits like SSI, TANF, GA, Food Stamps, etc. that were used by you ever in the past or using now, including if you plan to use them in the future. These are all the listed public benefits that are part of the final rule. If you plan to disenroll from them, you need to indicate the same.
    •  You need to indicate each of the public benefits used separately by public benefit type, the agency, duration, how much you received as benefit.  Also, you need to submit proofs of all the same.
    • Even though you are exempt from consideration, you still need to list all the benefits used in the past.
    • There are questions related to exemptions that you need to fill to indicate the same, if you will be exempt.
    • Also, you should even indicate, if you ever applied for them and were denied such public benefit too.
    • You need to indicate, if you have got any immigration fee waivers in the past, the reason for using that benefit as well.
  • Education and Skills :  You need to indicate all the education and skills you have as applicant, like if you attended high school, college degree, etc. and details of the same with dates and proofs related to the same like transcripts, degree certificates, etc. If you do not have proof available for something, you need to submit letter from the university or school indicating the reason for not having it.
    • Foreign School Evaluation : If you have degrees from foreign institution, you need to submit evaluation that is from an agency that will evaluate it against US educational institutions and degree. You can use evaluators at  https://www.naces.org/members.htm
    • Occupational Skills, Licenses : If you have any certifications or professional licenses then you should indicate the same, with details of them and their expiation info. Also, need to provide evidence of the same.
    • English and Other Language Skills : You need to provide certifications or courses that you had in English and other languages in addition to English.  Also, you need to provide proof of such English courses and certificates. If your degree was taught in English, you can provide proof the same.
  • Retirement Details : If the individual is retired, you need to provide details of the same and proofs of such income, if any.         
  • Interpreter Details : If someone else assisted you in preparing the document, you need to fill out the interpreter details as well.
  • Authorizations, Declarations and Signature : You will be authorizing that USCIS can check with Social Security, USDA, US Dept of Health, HUD, etc. many Govt entities, including Credit Reporting agency, that they can verify.  Also, you will have to sign that all copies are originals copies and if they ask, you need to submit the original documents as well for review.
  • Interviews : Depending on the case, there could be potential interview calls from USCIS regarding this form and you may need to attend the interview at a USCIS office and you would need to provide biometrics and sign the form as well.
  • Additional Information : If you have any additional information and the space does not fit in the page, you can attach it separately by proving such details and references for the section..

Phew!!! Definitely, to me, it does not look like it would be done in 4.5 hours. It seems to me that it may take 4.5 days or maybe 45 days to get all of these sorted out for some documents.

Below are the actual final forms that were released by USCIS on Feb 5th, 2020. You can review them in detail.

USCIS Form I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency – Final Version

USCIS Form I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency – Instructions – Final Version

Common FAQs on USCIS Form I-944

Is form I-864 Affidavit of Support not required with New Form I-944 in place ?

No, you are still required to fill form I-864 affidavit of support, if you are required to file it as part of the adjustment of status application.

Is there fee for form I-944 ?

No, there is no fee at this point.

Is it mandatory for everyone to file form I-944 ?

No, it is mandatory only for Adjustment of Status applications filed with form I-485. Others may need to submit on a case by case basis.

Is the form Applicable to all states resides ? Any Illinois exceptions ?

The I-944 form is applicable nationwide in all states, except Illinois, where the injunction is still there. If you are an Illinois resident, you do not have to use the form I-944 and you follow previous process.

What dates does USCIS look for Public Benefits to determine public charge ?

Only public benefits that are used from February 24th, 2020 will be considered for assessing the public charge.

What do you think of the new Form I-944 ?  How long do you think it will take for you to fill ?

References: Official Final Public Charge Rule, Form I-944 on USCIS.gov


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  1. Hi,
    I have questions about public benefits part. I got chip perinatal and emergency medicaid when I was pregnant in Texas several years ago. As far as I know, it is not public charge, but i-944 says “Have you ever recieved…”. Do I need to indicate to ‘Yes”? If then, I don’t have any proof or documentation regard to these. How can I provide proof or explain about it??
    Thank you.

    • Sihiki,
      Yes, you should, if you have used them in the past. You can submit your hospital bill or any other documentation on the same.

  2. Hi Kumar,

    I have two questions:

    1. I applied for SNAP program mainly looking for Child Care subsidy back in Aug, 2019 and my application was denied. Do I still need to report it in I-944 as it says it should be reported on or after Oct.15, 2019.

    2. My kids who are US Citizens are getting Medicaid, do I need to mention somewhere about it in I-944 form.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Dharmenda Kumar

  3. Hi Mr. Kumar,

    I came to the US in 2017 for my master which I have completed in 2019 Dec, after that I got approved for F1-opt(which is my current status) and I am working for a company where I make 4500/month. I recently filed for adjustment of status, and now I am required to file the I-944 form. I never filled taxes in this country because I didn’t make any money during my study. But from Feb 2020 I started to work where I have consistent income for 7 months and I will be filing taxes in 2021. so when it comes to filling I-944 under household income do I have to include my current income from 2020. If yes how should I mention it on I-944, and what other income can I include (can I include my father(he doesn’t live with me he reside outside of the USA at home-country) bank statement mentioning he is my sponsor.

    need advice on this, will be highly appreciated.
    thanks, Jais

  4. Hi… my name is Ana

    I am trying to apply adjustment of status for my parents who came from India with visitor visa

    They are 66 year old

    Should I take any insurance for them before I submit 944

    They had the education but don’t have the certificates with them now

    • Ana,
      Usually, it is recommended to have private insurance as it can be a positive factor for the overall application.

  5. Hello,
    I am an f1 student on opt applying for marriage based AOS. I have a bachelors from foreign university and a masters from US university. The degree is in english so no translation is needed but Do I need to submit an evaluation for my bachelors degree ?

    Thank you for your response

  6. Under debts and liabilities: for applicant applying for adjustment of status, (H1B –> married to a US citizen) do you submit foreign student loans debt information?

  7. Hola , gracias por tu valiosa informacion, la verdad muy objetiva y profesional, intente suscribirme a tu pagina, pero no fue posible.

    soy agente de seguro de salud publicos y privado, viajeros, protectores de ingresos, por si alguien necesita asesoria free, mi numero de telefono (954) 348-3047.


  8. Do I have to send form I-944 if I am sending I-485 together with I-130 based on my marriage with US Citizen? My husband did attach I-864 already. We sent it this month and we just got rejection notice that says: The application has not been fully completed. Based on the selection made under part 2, the form I-944 and/or form I-864/I-864EZ are requried. It says and/OR…so I am a little bit confused. Because we DID sent I-864….

    • Agnes,
      Yes, you need to send it along with I-485. This form is in addition to the I-864.
      Since you submitted this after Feb 2020, this is a required form.

  9. Hello, I have a question regarding the public charge. My son is a US citizen and when my wife was pregnant with him she got the CHIP perinatal health insurance, is this considered public charge?

    The second question is regarding my son. Since he was born, he has had Medicaid and food stamps. Would he be considered as a public charge in my application for a change of status?

    • AK,
      No, your son related things should not matter for you. For you too, if it was under emergency medicaid, it should be fine. Check the list of benefits, and if your thing is not listed on it, you are fine.

  10. Hello,

    My husband is applying for a green card through Form I-484 and we have to fill the I-944. Giving his immigration status he has never worked in the US, does not have a bank account and etc. I make over $220k Per year and feel that his covered. Do you think he needs to worry?

    Also everything is in my name (bank Accounts and the house). Do I still need to list these items in the I-944 if they are already listed on I-864 since I’m his sponsor? It’s a little confusing as it’s asking for household information which I’m a part off.

    • MM,
      Should be fine.
      Usually, you should only list that are relevant for him as per instructions. Read them closely, if anything in there related to household, then you can add your info as you are part of household.
      Key things are sponsor info.
      The I-944 is a new requirement. They just want to make sure, they do additional check.
      Honestly, this is new form and we do not have many experiences shared by users yet, so put up a cover letter explaining your case and fill it to your best.

    • I am in a similar situation with my mom.

      Were you able to get a health insurance for him? I called several agencies and have not found any that can cover her….

      Do you think is possible to obtain travel insurance extended and once she has her SSN I can include into my plan?

  11. Hello,

    I am US Citizen filling out the forms for my mom (60 years old). She is currently in the US, entered in February this year. I am a bit confused about :
    1. How can she proof she has not credit score when she has not SSN?
    2. Obviously didn’t file taxes as she is not working and barely just entered the US, would it be ok to include only my and my husbands information given that she lives with us now?
    3. About her employment obviously she is not allowed to work, she helps us taking care of our son. Can I include this somewhere, would it represent an issue?
    4. education, how to prove she went high school when this happened like 30+ years ago? she is a Nurse, would her licensed count?

    I appreciate the help!

    • Diana,
      1. She needs to get letter from credit bureau that there is no credit score.
      2. just indicate the I-94 info and send it as copy explaining the same.
      3. No, she is not allowed to work. Taking care of son is not employment.
      4. If she has some documentation, she should include that.

      • Hey – Kumar, First I wanna thanks for running the live blog and replying querying for all of us.

        I am also running with very same situation I mean my mother is with me and we applied I-130 and now in process of filing I-485 + I-864 for adjustment status. Question is should we file I-944 or ? I mean she don’t have any kind of bank balance and so is ssn. Seems like your suggestions is yes if that’s the case in I-944 do I need to provide my details as I am sponsoring her visa as I am household or ? What if we will not file I-944 and put a letter explain her situation. And I usually I takes her visitor visa but now I am applying I-485 do I need to take private insurance or visitor insurance works?

        • Mani,
          Yes, you need to provide her details as per the form. Is she on Tourist Visa ?
          Well, I am not sure, how they look at the insurance part as it is very new. As long as there is some private insurance, it would be good….In general, People do not file AOS from B1/B2, so this case never arises. Talk to an attorney as these are new things and better to be clear.

  12. Hi
    I am US Citizen and I applied for my wife who has B1/B2 visa on Nov.2019. I filled the I-130 & I-485 forms all the details were correct except I forgot to send the affidavit financial support. My asked to do the fingerprint at the immigration center. Now yesterday we received a denial letter for not submitting the affidavit financial support and stating that there will be no appeal for the denial except filling a form for appeal emotion.
    should I fill this form or start a new from beginning with filing 485 & 130
    I have two different attorneys opinions.

    Thank you

  13. Hello.
    I’m U.S citizen, I filling I-944 for my old mom. Should I include my husband and my daughter as part of household or list only my mom and me if my income is enough to support her? She is retired should I add information about she graduated from college and attach her diploma? I don’t see any questions about health in I-944 only about health insurance how they will determine her health condition?

    Thank you

    • Tessa,
      If you all are staying together, then you would include it. If not, then no need.
      Yes, anything that is related to education will help it. Well, I am not sure, maybe based on age, etc …My guess is they would use the insurance premium amount to determine that…It is quite easy to know, if you have pre-existing conditions as the premiums would be high.

  14. Hi There,
    I am fulling out my i944 and i am 34 and on a k1 visa. we got married and filing an adjustment of status. my husband earns $84000 a year with a household of 3. I have a college diploma from canada and worked until 2017. I have health insurance, no credit score since i got here. no medical condition and i have assets. the problem is my time is short to submit my application and in order to list the real estate portion i need a licensed Appraisal of the property. We have 21000 in the savings account as well. Should I include the property?

    • Farzana,
      If you are really in time crunch, You could put in a request saying with COVID-19, you are not able to submit the real-estate thing, if needed you can send that too later. They look at the holistic part for the adjudication and not just one thing… This way, you can have the process going on and you can get the real estate thing sorted out in the mean time…

  15. Hi,

    Question regarding bank statement – Do I need to give full statement including detail transactions, or I just need to attach the first page that indicates the total amount?
    Thank you!

      • Thank you! I just feel weird to give out something that personal. Is there any case that they deny the application because the detail of bank statement?

        • Andrew,
          There are way too many personal details you need to share like your assets, credit, FDs, etc and ironically, this has to shared with Attorney and Employer too for other cases who apply for AOS…
          They usually look at holistic application…Also, it is very new, so we do not know…

  16. Hi Kumar!

    I am a U.S. citizen by birth and my husband is currently here on an active B1/B2 visa. We decided to file from the US instead of him going back to his home country during this pandemic. Therefore, I am applying for i-130, AOS, and now this i-944 and he will wait here. Most of the form does not seem like it applies to him because he is a visitor and cannot work here etc., so it is very confusing. Does he need to show his previous income from Guatemala instead? He is has his high school diploma, has a solid work history, and fluent in English but I am his sponsor and make comfortably above the poverty line.

    My second question is, since he is a visitor and staying with me and my mother (who files as head of household), do I need to put my mother as his household? Or does he put his own household members down in Guatemala?

    Thank you so much, I appreciate you!

    • Anila,
      I suggest you discuss with an attorney, before you file anything. The reason is B2 is a non-immigrant visa and now you are trying to file AOS, which is immigrant intent. There are some rules that you need to consider the intent of entry, etc. Talk to an attorney and then only plan for it.
      I am not familiar with the situation you have raised, so pleas work with an attorney.

      • Hi sir,

        Do you mean I can buy an international traveler/visitor insurance for 1-3 months temporarily when filing I-944? It is so confusing because USCIS does not suggest any kind of insurance service for visitor who intends to adjustment of status.

        Thank you sir!

        • jackus,
          No, it is not just travel insurance, you need to have private insurance to have it as positive factor…this is part of the public charge assessment.

        • The debt and income on this form should be for me and my husband? That’s our household; but I am also his sponsor. I have filled out I-864 already. So I don’t know if I should just fill I-944 with only his info. We had health insurance with One of my job and just lost That one job, can we explain that as sufficient for not having it? Because I’d like
          To get it but I don’t have any letter of future enrollment and the plans I’ve found are pretty expensive.

          • Kay,
            I-944 is usually filed by the applicant, who is apply for adjustment of status. You may not need to fill it out. This is for the applicant.
            Totally understand, but it may or may not help…Having private insurance will add as positive factor, that’s the guidance from USCIS.

  17. I am H4 holder and had the tax join filing with my spouse. As you may know, H4 is not allowed to work. How can I fill the income question? Should I show my spouse’ income?

  18. I’m married and about to file for my adjustment of status , filing as I-94 , and my husband doesn’t receive any benefit from the government whatsoever,, and obviously I don’t have any means to work yet, is the form i944 applicable to me ?

  19. I sent an application for changing of status B2 to F1 without the form I-944. Do you think immigration will send to me a RFE to sendo the form I-944 or they will deny my application without a RFE?

  20. Hi, i have two questions
    My husband had an income the last year over 15000 for the household , for that reason i need a sponsor. so my question is its ok if we dont complete the minium of proverty but i have a sponsor that had an income over 38000

    and also i had a special insurance for be F1 student that was free, so this still counts as a government benefits

      Well, I don’t know how the new rule of public charge will be interpreted….hard to say…If the insurance is not part of the listd public charge items in form, then it is not a public benefit.

  21. I am planning on Immigrating a relative and i am self sufficient. my question is if i fill out the i-864ez because i qualify without needing a Co-sponsor, do i still need to fill out the i-944?

  22. Hi,

    I’m about to have my K1 visa interview and planning to marry my fiance in July this year, it seems we will definitely need to file the I-944, so my question is, as a foreigner I’ve never been employed in the US, do I need to list my annual salary from my home country for the most recent tax year on the form? Also, do I need to report my bank account balance out of the US?

    Thank you for your help in advance!


  23. Please help,
    I submitted an i485 for my case back in October of 2019 because I am now married to an American citizen. In January of 2020 I received a Request for Evidence letter (RFE) stating that my wife’s income does not meet the 125% guideline. It absolutely does, but the letter requests that we find a joint sponsor that meets the income requirements so we have proceeded to obtain one. I want to know if the i944 is a document that will be required ONLY for cases that are newly submitted after February 24th or if it will also be required for any documentation sent out after that date. Even if the case was initially submitted in Oct of 2019 and is already in progress. Due to reasons that are beyond my control I will not be able to postmark my documents before February 24th. Am I at risk of being asked to complete an i944?

    • Dave,
      In general, it should not apply for your situation as you already submitted the case in October 2019. Having said that, they may ask it… They have not explicitly mentioned anywhere that previous pending applications need to use it. What matters is the public benefits taken before Feb 24th are not applicable.

  24. Hi

    I am currently a F-1 Student attending a college in NYC. I noticed that the I-944 form requires you to translate all foreign higher education per the instructions. I came here as an international transfer student, and my US university already did all translations, and certified/verified my documents and issued an I-20. I now have a US transcript from my current university. Do I need to have everything re translated from my foreign education, through https://www.naces.org/ or is it safe to assume that if I provide my I-20, and proof of my current enrollment of my US school, that I will not need to provide translation of my foreign education.

    • Carolina,
      If you are submitting any documents that are not in english, you need to translate them. Now, what all you need to submit is something you need to check…If there is need to submit such ones, then you need to get them translated.

  25. Hi, I will be applying for adjustment of status (i-485) sometime in April. If I am enlisting the help of a joint sponsor, my future father in law who is residing with me (i-864a), how can i still include them in i-944?

    Any thoughts or advice would be invaluable; I am really worried it wont be accepted. 🙁

  26. Sir: I am about to apply to adjust my status with my wife but in 2008 she received Medicaid that covered, prenatal care and labor and delivery of our son. This aid was cut 60 days after delivery. Note that we had private insurance as well but Medicaid covered all the deductibles. We did not receive any cash and did not even know how much the State paid for us.

    1) Is that mean she still need to report it?

    2) Do I have to report it too since we live in the household?

    3) How do I find these values because that was 12 years ago? do I contact the state where we reside?

    Geeezzz what a mess 🙁

    Thank you for your help.


    • JB,
      If those benefits falls under the listed items in form, then you need to report it. But, it would not have any impact. So, not to worry. If you cannot recall much, try to fill out as much as you remember and put it there and a letter stating, you do not recall.

  27. Hi,
    I submitted my Adjustment of Status last year, and I have my conditional green card interview already set up with USCIS for end of February 2020. In the interview notice, it did not say anything about bringing a filled out I-944. Should I still fill out I-944 and bring it with me to the interview?

    • Layla,
      It is not applicable to you. This form is only relevant for someone filing I-485 after Feb 24, 2020. No need to…You can call USCIS as well to confirm..

  28. We are applying for adjustment of status soon, but still after oct 15, however pending the current lawsuits uscis website does not currently have the i944 form available, and it says : The court orders also postpone the effective date of the final rule until there is final resolution in the cases. Most of the injunctions are nationwide, and prevent USCIS from implementing the rule anywhere in the United States.
    does this mean if i apply in the next 20 days, before resolution of lawsuits this does not apply to me, or it still applies because is after oct 15, 2019, and if it applies how can i fill it when there is not official form i944 post anywhere, thank you.

    • andrea,
      If you apply now, it will not apply to you….they cannot go retroactively as it is an injunction order. There is no need to fill the form I-944 form now until the court settles the case.

    • My mum is submitting the I-944, in regards to the household. I live with her but am older than 21 but am not a dependent nor is she dependent of me. Does she still need to note me down for household and does she really need to know what my debts are?

      • Nat,
        If you all are living together, then it may need to declared. Also, there is concept of head of household as well for taxation…Frankly, this is so new and not sure, how everything works. Reach out to USCIS or an attorney. Do update here for community benefit.

  29. I, as a US citizen, plan to apply for AOS for my elderly mother soon. She has no chronic health issue, also evident from USCIS authorized medical examiner report. She has no earned income but we have relatively higher household income (~$400K earned by the petitioner/sponsor, for a household of 4 including my mother), and we are applying well before Oct. 15, deadline. In this scenario:
    a) Will the AOS beneficiary (elderly mother) be evaluated using the public charge rule?
    b) If so, will providing proof of her current private health insurance along with AOS application (not required currently) help?
    c) My lawyer advised me that at my income level, there is no need to show any assets (as it is optional in I-864 if you have sufficiently high income and attach last 3 years tax returns). However, given the imminent public charge rule, would disclosing my assets help my mother’s AOS application?

    • a. No, will not be evaluated as there is no requirement to submit this form.
      b. No need to send anything, if you are doing it before October 15.
      c. Well, no need to submit unless asked. If they ask for it, then you may….Follow the current process and get it done soon.

  30. Will approval be denied if the applicants husband is receiving the benefit (SSI & food stamp) or is it looking at the applicant receiving it?

    It is too much info to gather specially if they have 6 household members but if chances of denial for AOS after October 15, then is it advisable to do everything before the said date?

    • Mary,
      No, it should not. They clearly tell that the public charge applies to the individual using those benefits. Yeah, it is going to be a nightmare for many to gather all of this info. Yes, it is better to be prepared and start gathering the info…

      • Thanks so much for the reply.
        So if wedding can be done right away would you advise to just file before October 15?
        Would they question and doubt why wedding happened quickly like a week or two after arrival?

      • Hello what are concerns I should be worried about with the I-944. I have filled it out and concerned that they will deny me because I don’t have have assets etc. though I don’t use any public benefits and have a college bachelors degree. I don’t have any licensed skills and have 5k in my bank account. My tax returns of 2019 shows I only earned 18k but I only worked in the USA for 7 months. I feel like it’s not enough and do you think our affidavit of support will help with this as my husband is earning over the poverty guideline?

        • Darla,
          Yes, any other affidavit of support will help. The whole point of this form is to make sure, you do not just keep living on public benefits in future after you get green card, so they will look at your overall circumstances and then make a decision.

        • Hi Darla. I am an F1 student too, and just about to fill the I-944 form.

          Please send me a rough sample of your form? I want to use it as a guide to fill mine. Take care to black out all of your sensitive information.

          I will really appreciate if you can. Thank you.

  31. Hello,
    Thank you very much for very detailed and helpful guidance. If we received benefits such as Head start, WIC, Medicare in 2016, 2017 and 2018 do we still need to list and report into the form I-944 when we file I-485 in 2020?

    • Well, that’s what the form says. Check the PDF form for yourself. It says, if you have EVER received the benefit, you need to list. They would not consider it directly, but may capture it for the record. We are yet to see the final forms. But, gives you an idea…Will keep this updated as the final forms are published.

      • Thank you so much again!!! You’re the best.
        Given the pending litigation, is there any chance we can hope that the implementation of this rule can be delayed a little bit? In which circumstance, it can be delayed?

        • 🙂 No worries. Well, looking at the way it stands, there is so much of opposition on the ruling. Many are impacted and there are many groups suing the Govt. It could get delayed, again my speculation 🙂 You plan for the worst and be prepared though.

  32. It is a step in the right direction. I have personally seen people come in on family based Green Card with zero skills. The husband looks for a minimum wage security guard job and the spouse looks for below minimum wage nanny job.

    The US of A does not need this category of immigrants.

    • It is a big privacy concern for many, as some of this information would be also shared with employers, attorney as they are filing the documents…


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