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US Visa Stamping within USA News(Official): Pilot Program for H1B Renewal

As many of you know, if you want to apply for a US Visa renewal, you need to exit America and get the US Visa Stamping done either in your home country or another country that allows third-country nationals to get stamping in their country. Due to long visa appointment wait times across the world, including India, there has been a push by many to solve this issue and get the US Visa stamping within the US without leaving the country.

In this article, we will cover the latest news on getting your US Visa stamping within the US and the recent update from the US Department of State, including the announcement by The White House from June 2023 on the pilot program to get H1B visa renewals within the US.

Before we get into the news of getting US Visa stamping within America, let’s quickly look at the history of the same on how it looked in the past.

Background: US Visa Stamping with USA was discontinued in 2004

Below is a brief background of getting US Visa Stamping within the USA:

  • In the past, until 2004, the US Department of State was doing US Visa Stamping within the US for renewals of various visa types such as C, E, H, I, L, O, and P.
  • This provision of domestic (meaning within the USA) US visa re-issuance or renewal was originally intended to provide services to foreign government officials and international organizations’ employees.
  • Eventually, this service of renewal of a US visa was extended to everyone residing in the US and extended to multiple visa types such as C, E, H, I, L, O, and P. This was available until mid-2004.

Why did the domestic visa issuance( US Visa renewal within the USA) get discontinued?

US Department of State announced on June 23, 2004, that they would discontinue the service of getting US Visa stamping within the USA starting from July 16th, 2004. Below are the main reasons for the discontinuation of the domestic visa re-issuance:

  • The US Visa interview requirements changed with the Public Law 107- 173, which enhances the border security of the USA.
  • As per the new requirements from the new law’s section 303, they needed to collect biometrics for the applicants in the United States(US) itself.
  • Back in 2004, they said that the US Department of State did not have the facilities, and it was not feasible for them to collect biometrics for applicants within the US. This is the main reason for discontinuing the US Visa stamping for renewals within the USA.
  • Below is the screenshot of the official regulation from the federal register that confirms the same.
Discontinuation of US Visa Stamping Renewal within the US from 2004
Discontinuation of US Visa Stamping Renewal within the US from 2004

Now that you have some background on why it was discontinued let’s get the latest news and updates on introducing US Visa stamping within America.

US Dept of State to run pilot program to renew H1B Visas within USA

The idea of getting a US Visa Stamping within the US was first shared in an interview by Bloomberg Law with Julie Strufft from the US Dept of State in February 2023. In that interview, she mentioned that they plan to run a pilot program later in 2023 to test out the US Visa renewals option within the US. Below are the key takeaways from the interview

  • The US Department of State is planning to run a pilot program to test out stateside/ domestic US Visa renewals in later part of 2023. When they say ‘stateside’ or ‘domestic’, it means ‘within the US’. Meaning, the US Visa stamping will be done within the US.
  • The pilot program to renew US visas within the US will be targeted mainly at H1B Visa and other temporary visa holders.
  • They will primarily focus on H and L Visa applicants (H1B, H4, L1, L2 visas) and later they will expand to other visa types.

On June 22nd, 2023, the same news of a pilot program to get US Visa stamping within the US was shared in the “Joint Statement from the US and India” released by The White House. This was announced in conjunction with the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s visit to the US. This is the first official news confirming the same and released by the US Govt.

Below is the summary of the press briefing by the White House:

  • The pilot program(initial test run) for domestic US Visa Stamping for renewals will happen later this year(2023).
  • The pilot will be expanded to more H1B and L visa holders in 2024 for US Visa Stamping within the US for renewals.
  • There are no specific dates given by the US State Department yet on when this will start.
  • Below is the screenshot of the official news from the White House website. You can also check the Official Press release from The White House
White House Announcement - US Visa Stamping within US for H and L Visa holder
White House Announcement – US Visa Stamping within US for H and L Visa holder

Why are they introducing or testing the pilot program to renew US visas within the USA

  • By restoring the previous program of domestic/ stateside visa renewals, they plan to save applicants the need to travel out of the country just for visa stamping and also reduce the long wait times for US visa appointments and processing times at consular offices that are outside of the US.
  • They say they saw all the challenges many applicants faced during the pandemic to get an appointment in their home country and how many got stuck within the US. This program will help solve some of those issues and give more options for users staying in the US.
  • Many trade organizations, immigration lawyers, and business groups have raised concerns and shared their experiences on challenges that their clients or employees are facing due to the long wait times at the US Consulates abroad. All of these have urged the US Dept. of State to re-introduce domestic visa renewals for anyone living in the US.
  • They said that one of the main reasons they could not set up this service last year was due to the challenges of setting up a consular division in Washington D.C. as it is not a small task for them.

Next Steps – What to Expect?

Now that we have an official update from the White House that the domestic US Visa Stamping for the renewals would happen later this year, it is much more clear that they will do the pilot this year.

In the upcoming months, we expect that the US Department of State Website or the US Consulates/Embassy websites will share additional details on when the pilot would start.

We do not exactly know, how this whole pilot would work and what the process is for the same. We are yet to hear the official news and plan from the US Dept of State as well.

We will keep this page updated as new details emerge. Stay tuned for updates on this page.

News Updates on US Visa Stamping within USA

September 2023: As of September 2023, there is no new update on when they will implement the program. We are all waiting for the same. We will update this page as we have more info.

June 24, 2023: A joint statement from the US and India was released by The White House that officially confirm that the pilot for domestic US Visa Stamping for renewals would happen later this year. The previous update from February 2023 was released by Bloomberg News, and nothing official was updated by the US Dept of State. You can check the Official Press release from The White House.

Also, the same information was updated at AILA Conference in Orlando. No specific details were given on the dates on when this will actually happen.

June 22, 2023: There are rumors circulated in the Indian media outlets such as NDTV stating that there could be an announcement coming soon regarding the stamping of H1B Professionals within the US very soon. This is triggered based on discussions by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the US and his discussions with the US administration. Below is a screenshot of the same and a reference link to the same.

There is no official update from US Department of State or any other official news source on the same. We will keep you posted, if any updates.

US Visa Stamping in USA for India - News by NDTV

February 10, 2023: Bloomberg News Reports that US Department of State plans for running a pilot later part of the year, 2023, to have domestic visa renewals for applicants living in the US. Below is the screenshot of the news from Bloomberg. You can check the news a Bloomberg Law News – State Department Pilot for Visa Renewals

Bloomberg News - State Department Plans Pilot for Domestic Visa Renewal
Bloomberg News – State Department Plans Pilot for Domestic Visa Renewal

Common FAQs

Can I renew my US Visa within the USA today?

Not yet. Currently, we only know that there are plans for a pilot program. We do not know when this will start and what the official process is. We need to wait.

Can I get H1B Stamping within the US?

Not yet. The above-mentioned pilot program is mainly focused on H and L visa holders. We do not have the details yet on when it will start. Stay tuned for updates.

Can USCIS do US Visa Stamping within the US?

No. USCIS does not issue any visa stampings. They only issue approval notices to extend or change status. They are not authorized to issue US visas. Their focus is mainly on US Visa Status and extending them and not US visa stampings. If you do not know the difference, you may read US Visa vs. Status in USA to know more.

Where will I need to send the documents for US Visa Stamping within USA?

We do not know the specifics of the US Visa stamping within the US yet. The plan from the US Department of State is to set up an office for Consular Services in Washington D.C.. We will know more as details emerge. Until then, we need to wait.

When will the pilot program start to renew US visas within USA?

So far, we do not have any official date given by the US Dept of State. It is said to be in later part of the year 2023. We need to wait to know more.

Overall, it is fantastic news for many waiting for US Visa stampings. It will solve many issues with US Visa Appointments delays and make life easier for many. What do you think of this news? Share your feedback in the comments section below.


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  1. Do we have any new updates?
    I see most of the comments here from June and before. The page also has been last updated in June. It is a great page explaining a lot, but we are waiting for the plan to be implemented.
    If anyone has any latest updates or any inside information, please share.

      • Considering it’s a official announcement, it’s most likely going to happen this year. the question is October or December.

          • There is already a plan. Only people who currently have H1B/L1B stamp already and are looking for renewals will be eligible for in state stamping. New stamp will still be required overseas

  2. Good. But at least categories are exists in H1B? Is it based on H1B1 and H1B2 etc or based on first time stamping? Computer science/Electronic background? Bachelors, Masters? Age? Country based ?

  3. This is really great article and very well explained. Is there any insight what cases will be eligible for pilot program?

    • Sumeet,
      As mentioned above, they say renewal cases for H and L. We are yet to see the specifics. Stay tuned, we will update this article.

  4. I came to USA with F1 visa and I’m currently in h1b but I haven’t done stamping yet. so in my passport I have F1 visa only. Am I eligible for this pilot program? Thanks!

    • San,
      We do not know what will be part of the pilot program. Stay tuned for the official update. We will update this page

  5. It will be of great relief when been into existence because my spouse and I have our h1/h4 renewed since April but haven’t gone for visa stamp due to the long appointment wait time

  6. I got stuck in India last year for 4-5months. There was no availability of visa stamping dates, in fact there was a black market for selling dates. This news is quite a big relief for all Indians on visa to renew in US itself

  7. I was transferred from H4 to H1b visa in USA and its not stamped even once. As I was in USA. So this will be first stamping, with this pilot program will it allow to stamp for the first time in USA , or only Renewal from USA is done.

    • I am in the same situation. My status changed from L-1B to H-1B and never had H-1B stamping on my passport. I guess F1 to H-1b situation also falls under the same category. I don’t think anyone yet has an answer for it unless we directly hear from authorized sources.

  8. Hello
    I have my existing h1b extension till oct 2023, and say I have a new extension currently approved with another 3 years of extension. Now if I will travel to India and get my visa stamped, then based on which extension date I will get stamped like oct 2023 or the new date of later 3 years. In either case like
    1. say it approved for oct 23 – then I will be out of status after that, in that case should I go out of USA and do another visa stamping in India and come back to US.
    2. say it approved for later 3 years, in this case too, is the 1 condition applies or I will get entry with validity of 3 years and no need to go out and reenter?
    Please suggest ?

    • Always, your latest h1b extension timeline will be while issuing Visa. you will get new I-94 generated indicating the extension of stay in US.

    • Hello! I am on H-1B Visa since last 8 years. I came to US on L-1B visa and later I got picked for H1b lottery and changed my status to H-1B visa. But I have never gone to India since then, so I do not have a H-1B stamping on my passport. Question: With this Pilot program, can I get my first time H-1B stamping done even though I do have a prior H-1B stamping?

        • https://m.economictimes.com/nri/migrate/explained-us-new-move-on-h1b-and-l1-visas/videoshow/97806443.cms

          This article says H-1B renewal and Stamping. Hope it is indicating to accept fresh H-1B stampings as well.

          • We are waiting for the details. Stay tuned for the update, we will update this page as we get official information.

  9. If this happens, many H1B employees stuck here will be so relaxed . I hope it happens soon and you get more details around it.

  10. How is the current situation of Visa stamping from India? I planning to visit India in May, but hearing about the delays (not much rejection but taking more time these days). Any recent stamping experience from India?

  11. Sir my visa was approved 30jan2023, still today 22/02/2023 i dont received my passport . Also still when i check status ceac site is still approved there . Kindly sujjest me when will i receive passoport. Also past 22 days i dont get any email or letter from embassy side .

    • Rajesh, sorry to hear about the delay for getting the update on your passport. I would suggest sending the email to the consulate where your visa stamping was done. I was stuck in the similar situation and it is my strong belief that sending the email helped during that time.
      Good Luck.

      • But i alredy send email , alomst 15 days, and when i check email status still see esclate post and dont received any update from councler side.

      • I alredy sent mail to councler also and received mail from councler unit after 15 day they said your case now under going neccassery internal processing. Whats that answer i dont understand.

  12. This is fantastic news! This will save lots of immigrants from getting stuck in the US especially during medical emergencies back home. This should have happened long back considering US was not able to staff their embassies abroad. A small relief in the broken fragile H1b visa immigration system.

  13. Me and my wife intrew done in newdelhi embassey. They said approved. After 4 days i received my passoprt by curier with visa, now still my spose passort not come , when we check ceac site overthere status show approved and still there. Whats the resion they dont dispech passport . Kindly answer

  14. Hi,

    My H1B visa got stamped in passport on Dec 2014 and it got expired in Sept 2016. I have not visited India thereafter. I read this article – https://redbus2us.com/us-visa-interview-waived-h1b-l1-dropbox-extended/.. Wondering if am I eligible for visa waiver as I don’t see mention of 48 month rule in that article. My visa has been expired for more than 6 years now.

    • John,
      We do not have the specifics yet. It maybe applicable, hard to say at this point. Stay tuned, we will update as we hear more from the US Dept of State.


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