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US Visa Stamping in India – Dropbox Appointment, OFC, FAQs

In general, you need to apply for Biometrics & US Visa Interview appointments, if you need to get a US visa stamping on your passport. Since Sep 2019, US Consulates in India introduced appointments for US Visa stampings using the Interview Waiver option, popularly called Dropbox. In this article, we will look at the US Visa dropbox or Interview Waiver process in India, what it means to anyone going for US Visa stamping, and FAQs on the same.

US Visa Stamping with Renewal, aka Dropbox – Appointments

Starting from September 1st, 2019, if you are eligible for US Visa Interview Waiver, aka Dropbox option, you must schedule an appointment date to drop off your passport and all the supporting US visa application documents. This appointment booking is applicable for all dropbox option/ interview waiver applicants filing for their US Visa renewal or stamping in India.  

Below are the three biggest changes since the introduction of the appointments for Dropbox:

  • In the past (before Sep 2019), for US Visa renewals, you had an option to go for dropbox, but it was not mandatory. It was your choice to pick dropbox or an in-person appointment. But, starting from Sep 1st, 2019, it is mandatory for you to go for the dropbox option if you qualify for the interview waiver option based on the questions answered on CGI Federal website.
  • In the past(before September 2019), no appointment was required with Visa Application Center(VAC) to drop off documents. But now, you must schedule an appointment beforehand to drop off your documents for dropbox stamping.
  • In the past, the average processing time for an interview waiver or dropbox was an average of 3 weeks and there was no SLA.  Now, from September 1st, 2019, the dropbox applicant will get a decision on their case within 7 to 10 business days from the day they submitted their documents.

Official Guidance – USTravelDocs Website

As per the official guidance from the USTravelDocs.com India website for renewing a US visa, they clearly say that “starting September 1st, eligible applicants MUST schedule an appointment in order to drop off their passports…“. September 1st in the below screenshot corresponds to September 1st, 2019.

Renew US Visa in India - Dropbox Requirement 2021
Renew US Visa in India – Dropbox Requirement 2021

Dropbox Eligibility Requirements

The criteria for the US visa interview waiver or dropbox option have not changed with the introduction of appointment booking. All documents required have not changed. You are still required to submit all the required documents as before.  

In general, to apply for dropbox, your visa has to be valid or expired within the last 12 months. But, due to COVID-19, the US Dept of State has increased the 12 months from expiry to 48 months from expiry. Also, some may also be eligible for dropbox stamping, even if it is past 48 months if they meet certain criteria until the end of 2022.

You can read more at US Visa Dropbox Changed to 48 Months – FAQs and US Visa Interview waived for certain H1B, L1, and other Visa holders until the end of 2022

Process for General Dropbox appointment Booking India

The standard process to book an in-person US Visa interview appointment is to go to CGI Federal’s website to register for an account and then schedule a general US visa interview appointment. The process is no different for booking Dropbox Appointments as well. You need to follow the same process as in-person appointment booking. Below are the steps

  • Step 1 – Register Account: You need to register an account at CGI Federal – US Travel Docs India
  • Step 2 – Complete Questionnaire Wizard: The CGI Federal appointment booking system will give you a step-by-step wizard asking a set of questions. Based on the answers you provide, your dropbox eligibility is determined.
  • Step 3 – Confirmation for Dropbox Appointment: If you are eligible based on the answers you provide, the system will automatically give you a confirmation saying you qualify for an interview waiver or dropbox. Below is a screenshot of how it looks.
  • Step 4 – Book Appointment: After the confirmation screen, you will be prompted to put in the MRV fee payment receipt details and then prompt to book the appointment date to drop off documents.
US Visa Interview Waiver Appointment Confirmation 2022 - Without Restrictions on Locations
US Visa Interview Waiver Appointment Confirmation 2022 – Without Restrictions on Locations

Note: In the past, there was a restriction on where you can submit documents for dropbox visa stamping, now that restriction is not there anymore. Irrespective of the US Consulate you select, now you can submit your documents at any location. There is a small fee that you may need to pay if you are submitting at non-Consulate locations. You can read more at Drop off documents at any Location in India Below is the difference on how it used to look.

Comparison of Location of Submission - Before and After
Comparison of Location of Submission – Before and After

If you are looking for H1B Visa specific dropbox process, you can check out Step by Step Guide for H1B Visa Dropbox Appointment Booking – India

Do you need Biometrics (OFC) Appointment for Dropbox?

In general, there is no requirement for giving Biometrics at Offsite Facilitation Center(OFC) or Visa Application Center(VAC), when you book a US Visa stamping appointment using the Dropbox or Interview waiver option. But, when you try to book the appointment, the online system shows “Schedule OFC Appointment” as in the below screenshot, which can be confusing as the same message is shown for a Biometrics appointment as well.

The text “Schedule OFC appointment” on the appointment booking screen can be confusing, but they have a reason. Technically, ‘OFC’ Stands for ‘Offsite Facilitation Center’ and the Visa appointment system is asking you to book an appointment to drop off your US Visa documents at an Offsite Facilitation Center(OFC). So, do not be confused with the text with OFC on the top.

Also, do not be confused if you see ‘VAC’ instead of ‘IW’ in the dropdown on the same screen.

In the past, before Nov 28, 2021, the last 3 letters in the dropdown used to say ‘IW’, which meant ‘Interview Waiver’ and it was easy to identify the dropbox appointment. This changed to VAC starting from Nov 28th, 2021. Do not be confused. It still means dropbox appointment booking, if you were given the dropbox confirmation screen. Read complete details at US Visa Appointment Dropbox Booking shows VAC instead of IW

Schedule OFC Appointment Screen for Interview Waiver or Dropbox
Schedule OFC Appointment Screen for Interview Waiver or Dropbox

US Visa types Eligible for Dropbox Appointment – H4, H1B, Others

The appointment requirement for US Visa Dropbox applications applies to all of the US visa types that are currently eligible for interview waiver or dropbox. Below are some of the most common visa types that are relevant for our readers.

  • H1B, L1 Visa: If you are an H1B or L1 visa holder applying for visa renewal, then it applies to you.
  • H4 Visa: If you are an H4 Visa holder waiting for approval with Biometrics and traveling out for stamping, then it applies to you.
  • F1 Visa: F1 visa holders going for visa renewal, who are studying in the same school for which the visa was issued in the past
  • B1/B2 Visa: It applies to B1/B2 visa renewals done using the Dropbox option.
  • In addition to the above, there are many other visa types that are eligible for interview waiver or dropbox as well. Check the USTravelDocs website for the same.

Below are some of the Dropbox Visa Stamping Experiences articles and links

Common FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions(FAQs) in the context of dropbox appointments.

Can I schedule a dropbox appointment before going to India, when in the US?

Yes, you can schedule the appointment from the US or anywhere in the world, before you arrive in India. You do not have to be physically in India to book the dropbox appointment.

How many days will I get the Visa Stamping decision with New Dropbox Changes?

You will very likely get a decision on your visa stamping within 7 to 10 business days from the day you dropped off your documents.

Can someone else submit my visa application documents at the dropbox location?

Yes, you can ask someone else like your friend, spouse, or travel agent to submit your visa application documents on your behalf. You need to ensure, that all the documents as per the checklist are in there.  Also, submitting parties may need to provide their identity documents as well.

What if I miss the US Visa dropbox Appointment, can I reschedule?

Yes, you can reschedule the appointment. They will mark your receipt as unused after 24 hours and then you can re-schedule to the new date and print a new confirmation letter for the drop off of the documents.

What do I select for Drop off Appointment? Can I select the Date and Time Slot?

You select the location of drop-off, date, and time for the appointment. You need to go to the Consulate/VAC location at the respective date and time. The confirmation looks like in below screenshot. US Visa Dropbox Confirmation with Date and Time

Can I schedule a visa dropbox appointment for me and my wife at the same time?

Yes, both of you can technically select the same date and drop off documents together. The system will show the date and time slots accordingly.

Can I submit documents in a different location than on my Dropbox appointment letter?

In the past, you could only submit your visa stamping documents at the specified dropbox location. But, starting from April 4th, 2022, you can submit your documents at any of the US Consulates or VAC locations across India. It will be free of charge for Consulate locations and there is a fee of Rs 650 INR, if you are submitting in other locations. Check US Visa Dropbox: Can drop off documents at any VAC location

Can I send my documents from the US for dropbox using International Courier?

No, the applicant needs to be physically present in their home country(India) to submit the visa stamping documents. Only appointment scheduling can be done, when you are in the US.

Where can we drop off documents for US Visa stamping with the new process?

It is suggested to select a dropbox location to drop off documents at the below centers based on where you plan to give the visa interview. If you were to be called for an interview, you will be called to the respective consulate that is tied to the relevant drop-off location. So, choose this carefully, if you prefer a choice.

Applicants for Delhi Consulate: Drop off at New Delhi, Chandigarh, or Jalandhar centers
Applicants for Mumbai Consulate: Drop off at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, or Pune centers.
Applicants for Chennai Consulate: Drop off at Chennai, Kochi, or Bangalore.
Applicants for Hyderabad Consulate: Drop off at Hyderabad Center.
Applicants for Kolkata Consulate: Drop off at Kolkata Center

The above suggestion is a recommendation, but it is totally up to you to pick the consulate and drop off location. There are no restrictions as such.

Can I change the visa interview location that I was given after dropbox submission?

No, you cannot change the US Visa interview location. You must attend the visa interview at the location you were asked to attend.  It is important to choose your preferred drop-off location tied to the consulate as listed above when you book the appointment.  

After dropbox submission, I was called for an in-person interview, Can I skip it?

No, you must appear for the interview. You cannot skip if you were asked to attend the visa interview.

Is it really mandatory to schedule an appointment for Dropbox with the new process ?

Yes, it is mandatory. You will need to select the appointment date, and location to drop off your documents. It is not optional anymore.

What if I am missing documents during Submission? My options?

You will be allowed to get the missing documents and submit them on the same day. If you cannot submit as per the checklist, then you cannot submit on that day, you will need to re-schedule your dropbox appointment.

Can I see a Sample US Visa Dropbox Appointment Letter?

You can check it out at Sample US Visa Dropbox Appointment letter

You may also check the US Visa Dropbox Stamping Experiences page for the most recent user experiences. Also, some from the past are at H1B Dropbox Experiences in India and H4 Dropbox Experience in 2019  to get an idea of how they were processed until Aug 30th, 2019. Below is the document that was released by US Consulates when they introduced Dropbox Stamping with Appointments.

What has been your experience with the dropbox appointments so far ? Your thoughts ?

References : USTravelDocs.com – Visa Waiver official Page  


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  1. Can someone pls help in identifying if am eligible for Dropbox facility in India with new rules.

    – Currently I have passport stamp with my older employer (exp visa stamped in 20 dec 2020)
    – I have I797 From my new employer.
    – Wanted to travel in India during dec month.

    So am I eligible for Dropbox with above conditions?


    • gangaram,
      You should be, if you meet other conditions too. Check above article. the best way to know is to apply for the appointment, the system will tell, if you are eligible,

  2. For the question -> Can someone else submit my visa application documents at dropbox location ?
    Does the person whom I send my documents with, need to carry any affidavit or letter of autthorization, for him/her to submit my documents in the dropbox location?

    • Tejas,
      usually not required for drop-off, but for collection mandatory. But, it is recommended to give it so that it is safe. You can call USTravel docs to confirm

  3. Looking for some guidance as I want to get H1B renewal , get married and get a new H4 for spouse in one trip to India
    Myself: current H1B visa holder in US, planning to travel to India early 2021. I will need to stamp new visa for H1B renewal (current visa expired within last 12 months, I797 approved for the extension with same employer)
    fiance: currently in India and has never had a US visa

    I have my US travel docs profile and added spouse as dependent in profile. Before making payment of 2x$190, the website asked me questions for interview waiver eligibility and it says that I am.
    But what I am not sure is how will it allow me to select dates for interview/dropbox
    – Will I be able to select two dates, one for me and one for my spouse? (I assume only I am eligible for drop box)
    – Or will we both just have same drop box date, but I fear my spouse will be called for interview as spouse as never appeared for a US visa (this could cause delay in entire process as this would be after marriage and causing delay and there is less time as we have to travel back)

    Another scenario I thought is to have two profiles and I drop documents before marriage and spouse schedules appointment after marriage, but then my DS160 would say single/engaged when I submit documents and my spouse will say married when going for appointment . Will this raise questions to interviewer?

    • MM,
      She will need to attend the in person interview. As she is not married yet, you should not book the appointment together too. Most of the times, usually people fill it as single and after marriage, they fill a new DS-160 and update it with married status, update the same in USTravelDocs website before interview… It may, some get away, but you should do what is the right now…Think logically, until marriage, she is single.

  4. Hi,

    I did my first Visa stamping nearly three years back in Hyderabad Consulate, my Visa is expiring in Aug this year, since I will be eligible for dropbox, do I mandatorily need to go to Hyderabad consulate for dropbox since first time Visa stamping was done there or can I choose any other consulate (Like Mumbai, Delhi) for dropbox. Thank you so much for helping everyone here.


    • Pankaj,
      You can choose anywhere for dropbox. When you book appointment, you will need to pick a consulate, that’s where you would choose the place and can drop off in locations tied to that consulate. Read the article above, it has the details.

  5. Hi-

    My wife H4 visa stamped and is valid until Oct 2020 and we got extension approved until Jun 2021 for H1 and H4(my H1 Visa was last stamped on 2015) . We are planning for a trip to India in the month of July 2020 and my wife last time she got the stamping done by dropbox facility.
    – So by July 2020 she will still have about 3 months of Visa stamp and is eligible for Dropbox ?
    – I am not eligible for dropbox, can my self and wife go for visa appointment by not utilizing h4 wavier for visa satmping ?


  6. Hi,

    I am eligible to do drop box for H1B visa as I am planning to book drop box appointment before 12 month visa expiry period. I did the appointment 4 days before 12 month visa expiry date but I see a “Note” with the dropbox eligibility on usatraveldoc website that

    Note: “If you are renewing a visa, your previous visa can be no more than 12 months expired. Please select a submission data atleast 7 calender days before that 12-month deadline.”

    So what should I do here? Should I decline the drop box as I cannot change my travel dates? Please let know your thoughts on this.

    • SaravanaB,
      You can try to call them and check, if they are fine with it. Worst case scenario, they will call you for interview or not accept it. You can plan ahead, if they say.

  7. Is biometric always required for h1b dropbox? I had my h1b stamped in India Nov 2018 and have current dropbox date on 2/22.

    If biometric is required – is there a way to select date before the dropbox? is biometric required for everyone

    • shadja,
      There is no general mandatory requirement for biometrics. It is only, if they want to, on a case by case basis. On the day you for dropbox, it will be more than a year, so not sure, how the dropbox would work…check again and do post here.

      • Dropbox on 2/18 – took only photocopy of documents that were asked. VFS person was getting really frustrated with people giving all originals and all photocopies even though he was asking for specific document and that too photocopies only.
        2/20 – administrative processing
        2/24 – Issued

        Passport still with embassy. When I receive the passport I will update if anything about biometric or not. expecting nothing.

  8. Kumar,

    My passport is ready for pickup ( according to ustraveldocs ), but says administrative processing in ceac website. Does it mean its 221g ? It also means I will be called for an interview right ? Is this normal, anything to be concerned of ?


      • Hi Kumar,

        Thanks for the reply. They did ask me to attend the interview and provided me another blue slip saying there is some additional processing that needs to be done with respect to my sevis record! Which is very weird since this is my H1 extension and there were no issues during my first stamping.

        Do you know what could be the issue here ? Or this is just one of those cases where they are holding off on approving for no reason ?


        • Anirudh,
          It is very hard to know on the 221g what they plan to check. It is confusing as well to check on SEVIS for H1B stamping…All we can do is wait…Stay positive.

          • Hi Kumar,

            Just wanted to update that I received passport ( with stamp ) few days later. I believe its just a procedural check ( for sevis ) which they are doing now a days. We just have to wait as you mentioned. Thanks for your wishes!


  9. If I understand it correctly,is it a must now? I am eligible for drop box but I would rather want to go for interview. Is it possible?

      • Thank you Kumar for the response. I also have another query if you could answer.
        I am eligible for H1 drop box and I would be be dropping it along with my wife’s H4. My only concern is that my wife’s passport has renewed with a small change that we wanted. So here’s the scenario

        – Her previous passport had not Surname, so passport was like
        First/Given Name – AAA BBB
        Surname/Family Name – BLANK
        H4 approved with Firstname : FNU and LastName/Family Name: AAA BBB

        Now with passport renewal, we have changed the details to –

        First/Given Name – AAA
        Surname/Family Name – BBB

        Now with drop box, would it create any issue? Should I add an affidavit along with other documents since H4 797 still says name as per previous passport.

        Thank you in advance

        • Sunny,
          It should be fine. Just attach a copy of the old passport as well and submit a short write up on the change done. I don’t think it should create issues…Worst case, they may call for interview, that’s it…Also, the I-797 for H4 does not matter because they will look at your H1B approval primarily and not into that as it is stamping.

          • HI Kumar,

            IF the same FNU issue with H1B holder.
            Current I-797 with First name “FNU” Surname “ABC XYZ”
            Old Passport with Given name “ABC XYZ” Surname ” ”
            New Passport with Given name “ABC” Surname “XYZ” –> pending to correct in coming days.
            Now planning to visit india and eligible for visa interview waiver program and before that if i get my passport corrected in USA.
            So any issue i can face on visa renewal process.
            Any suggestion ?

          • Praveen,
            It should not. The old and new passports are tied by a number on them. So, you can use that info. If they ask for it, then you may need to provide proof on the change.

  10. Is it possible to reschedule the dropbox appointment for later than 6 months? My travel plans were postponed, and I have already paid and set up an appointment for dropoff.

    • Sne,
      I doubt it…it may not be possible to move it by 6 months as they do not open slots for that long…talk to them or keep changing it every few months….

  11. Can some one suggest how early i can book the OFC appointment? Ex: I am planning to visit India in the month of June 2020. I am pretty sure that i qualify for drop box. Just wondering if i can book the drop box appointment now (will it be open now for June month?) for June first or second week.

  12. I have dropped my passport (dropbox) on Jan 13th, still haven’t got it back as of today. The online tracker says admin processing since Jan 23rd. I had to cancel my return ticket to US assuming it will not take more than 10 days. I just hope I get my passport back this week. Anyone in the same boat ?

    • Maneesh,
      It can take time and not very uncommon to see that status. I have seen users stuck in that status for some time. Stay positive. Follow up with them, email or call them.

    • Maneesh
      Any update on your case?I went to drop box on Jan 27th and the status is showing “PASSPORT IS WITH US CONSULATE” ..Appreciate your response on your case to get an idea how long i need to wait.


      • Thanks Kumar!
        @Prasanna – I finally received my passport today 01/31/2020. I think the holidays of Sankranthi and Martin Luther day might have caused some delay in my case. Timeline below:
        Jan14th – Passport received at consulate
        Jan 23rd – Admin processing
        Jan 30th – Issued
        Jan 31st – Notification of Passport ready to pickup

  13. Hello Kumar,

    Thank you for writing this detailed article. I have a question and will be glad if you cloud help:
    Can I choose any location to drop off my passport. Say my state of residence as per passport is New Delhi but can I choose Bangalore or Kochi to drop off my passport.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Arun,
      Yes, you can choose the location of your choice, no restriction. If you want to drop off in Bangalore, you need to choose consulate as Chennai, then only you can drop off there. Check the yellow screenshot in article, you will see the details.

  14. Dear Kumar,
    Thank you very much for so much of detailed information .
    Currently I am on H1B for the same employer . Last May 2019 there was a Client Change and the Amendment has been approved . My questions below.
    (i) Planning to Travel in June and get the stamping done. As per the Drop Box it is showing as Eligible.

    Is there any rules that Drop Box is eligible only within the 12 months of visa expiry date ?
    Little Confused here :
    Visa Expiry Date as per I94 is 30AUG2020
    Client A Last Worked is : May 2019.

    One of my friend was telling that I should go within May 2020 (within 12 months) to get the drop box eligibility. But I did not find anything like that on the web.

    (ii) Myself and My Kids are eligible for drop box right ?

    (iii)In case if they need further clarification they will only ask for us to appear for interview right ?

    (iv) Also planning to travel Outside US for a vacation to my sister place in april for 15 days. Is it ok?

    Thanks and regards,

    • Shyla,
      What matters is your Visa Stamp validity on the passport. If your visa stamp validity is within 1 year of expiry, then you are eligible. The date on I-94 is not always relevant, it is the Visa stamp validity in passport.
      It applies to all, including kids.
      You can travel anywhere, all what matters is you need valid stamping to get back. Plan your dates accordingly.

      • Thank you very much Kumar for a very quick answer and now I can book the tickets without worries…..
        Thank you very much for all your time 🙂

        Thanks and regards,

  15. Hi

    I’m trying to schedule an appointment, I get an interview waiver screen , but next it is asking me to schedule appointment (OFC )

    can someone help ? is that same appointment for dropbox?
    please let me know

  16. Hi Kumar,

    I have changed my employer, but see that I will qualify for the dropbox. Do I need to go for biometrics along with the dropbox, or only submit my documents and they will use my previous biometrics information?

  17. Drop box date 9th dec . Got email On 16th dec stating to appear for interview on 23rd.
    Passport is with consulate. They have said in the email that as your passport with us bring any gov proof. I am worried . If called for interview what are the chances they issue a 221g. Kumar can you please help

    • Worries,
      do NOT worry too much…you have not seen anything yet….even, if you get interview, it will be fine. Many of the users reported that the interview was just namesake to get fingerprints and ask couple of questions. Stay positive…I understand, it is nervous times, but you can always be positive and not worry too much about things you cannot control.

  18. Hi everyone,
    Can anyone please post Chennai Dropbox dates in Jan 2020. Entire month of Jan seems to be blocked. Account frozen, so unable to check.
    Please post if you see any open dates in Jan for Chennai.

  19. I am on H1b visa 4 years and due to some personal emergency came back to india in November end.Now I booked visa interview on21 st Jan 2020 for stamping renewal. My question is working more than 2 months on US payroll will create any issues while attending the interview or can I ask my employer to run india payroll for 2 months. Please advise.

  20. Hi,

    I am looking for drop off dates in end of January or early February 2020 in Hyderabad. But I am unable to see. I can see december date but not in Jan or Feb. But who apply for Visa interview can see dates in same location for January. Why is this different for drop box vs regular interview process for H1B?

  21. Hi,

    I am looking for drop off dates in end of January or early February 2020 in Hyderabad. But I am unable to see. I can see december date but not in Jan or Feb. But who apply for Visa interview can see dates in same location for January. Why is this different for drop box vs regular interview process for H1B?

  22. Anyone aware of dropbox slots availability in the first week of Jan 2020, for Bangalore? I booked my tickets assuming it will be walk-in dropbox and I got locked out because of confusing terms (OFC) and me trying multiple times.

  23. My Current H1 Visa stamp was done at HYD location. For renewal , can I book BLR dropbox location as that would be more feasible for my current trip ?

  24. We went for a drop box appointment with my kids to hyderabad drop box location. To our surprise the officer asked us to book an appointment for in-person interview for my 14+ year old kid , but accepted our passports. Not sure why? The next in-person appointment is not until 28 days. She will be missing her school and its worrisome. Can something be done in such cases?

    • Krishna,
      Interesting..I have not seen users report anything as such… Was your kid eligible for dropbox, I mean to ask, did the system prompt for dropbox when you applied ? Also, was it the person who collects documents, who suggested or the visa officer ?

    • Hello Krishna,

      May I know the list of documents needed for dropbox appointment? They say passpost, I-797A and any supporting documents. Since you already went to dropbox, any idea what those supporting documetns could be?

  25. Dear friends/admin, just checking again since I’m seeing mixed advices. I had applied for H1B re-stamping back in early Aug, but if I go back to check my interview waiver in the USTravelDocs webpage, there is no mention on scheduling appointment for dropbox. Should I continue as such or schedule one through ‘new application’? I’ll be traveling in India only by mid Nov. Appreciate any inputs on this! Thank you.

    • When you try to book for interview, you will be asked to answer few questions, based on that you will get a confirmation, if you are eligible for Dropbox, then only you will see option to book appointment for dropbox, you cannot see it beforehand. Try adding your info and booking appointment, also do update what happens with your situation here for everyone benefit.

      • Hi Kumar, thanks for your inputs. I wanted to avoid risk of waiting till later, so I clicked on the ‘new appointment/schedule appointment’ link and went through a series of questions like you mentioned. It picked the receipt# from my last payment. I was able to select dates that ties well with my travel plans (drop box appointments usually have a larger slot sizes than regular VIs).

  26. I have two queries as below. Any help is appreciated.

    1. My B1/B2 got expired on 10th Oct 2018 so do I apply for Drop Box and drop off the documents before 10th Oct 2019 ?
    2. The Visa was issued from Kenya, so renewal can be done from India using this Waiver program ?

    Any idea what are the current dates available for submission.

  27. I completed us travel docs forms and got interview waiver confirmation letter before September 1st. But I am going to India in October 9th only. What can I do?. There is no option for me to take appointment in us travel docs site. If I click continue on the application, it is just taking me to old interview waiver confirmation letter.

  28. We completed DS 160, made fee payment for appointment and got “Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter” in August. There is no mention of taking drop box appointment in “Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter”. But we are going for drop box in October only. Looks like we have to take appointment after September 1st.

    Can anyone tell where can I take a dropbox appointment?

    • I am also in same situation. I have “Interview Waiver letter” from August and there was no option to take an appointment at that time. But now it looks like we have to take appointment. Can I just go to drop off location without taking an appointment in October?

      • You need to go through the process once again using “New Appointment” option. You will be able to reuse your receipt number as you reach the payment step. I recently took another appointment using “New Appointment” option.

  29. We completed DS 160, made fee payment for appointment and got “Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter” in August. There is no mention of taking drop box appointment in “Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter”. But we are going for drop box in October only. Looks like we have to take appointment after September 1st.

    Can anyone tell where can I take a dropbox appointment?

  30. Hello,

    I’m eligible for dropbox option for my H1b renewal however, I’ve hardly 10 days of vacation. My attorney advised me to choose interview over dropbox without knowing the recent rule change so that I can get my passport within 3 to 5 days. Can someone please tell me what are my options if I don’t want dropbox.

  31. Can anyone please tell until what time I can change the document delivery address (i.e. passport pickup address) on ustraveldocs for dropbox applications? Would I be able to change the passport pickup address even after submitting my dropbox application?

    • SB,
      You should be able to do it, if it is not too late after submission. Login and give it a try, it should be possible. Also, do update here for community.

  32. I was shown eligible for dropbox and after entering payment receipt its now asking me to take OFC appointment ? I am confused.. So Is this still dropbox? Anybody with this experience ?

  33. Kumar: I did a successful H1 transfer recently and got it approved and soon my dependent decision will also arrive. I would like to know if i just joined a new company and got an approval then AM i eligible for dropbox. Can you please list step by step we need to follow to submit dropbox.

  34. Is this for people who submit an application on ustraveldoc after 1st Spt?
    Because I submitted end of Aug and now in Spt but in my process it said you don’t need to schedule any appointment, I am confused now

  35. Hello! I found out about this today and I reach India on the 11th, but I’m only there for 10 days. Due to some miscommunication with the customer care executive, my account got frozen (we were both logged in at the same time) and now I cannot see the dates available in Delhi
    Would anyone know if there are any appointments available within that time duration?
    I’d really appreciate it

    • Hey, I too had the same issue where my account got frozen. After waiting for almost 71 hours, I was able to schedule my dropbox appointment. There are plenty of appointment slots available throughout the month of September in New Delhi. You also have option of submitting your documents in Chandigarh or Jalandhar. But I’m sure you’ll find something in Delhi itself. Good luck!

  36. Hi,
    The post location in my application gets automatically selected to Hyderabad after I select my state of residence. In the past however after going through the payment confirmation I could change my location of appointment to Mumbai.
    Now, I did the same and I selected Mumbai for my drop off after the confirmation. However, I am unable to change the post location from Hyderabad and it doesn’t let me change. Will I get rejected if I drop off at Mumbai or do I have to go to Hyderabad ? Is anybody facing the same issue ?

    • Swarup,
      In general, you should be able to select the choice of consulate. That part has not changed. Try calling the customer service. Your drop off location is based on your Consulate. Do share update, after you speak to ustraveldocs customer support here for everyone benefit.

  37. I got interview Waiver confirmation page (on 30th Aug) in my ustraveldocs login, but I couldn’t find the link to schedule an interview when I logged in today (3rd Sept), how can I schedule an interview ?

    • Try checking today, the process is like normal Visa interview booking at the end, it will give you option for the select the dropbox location. Will post an article on this based on user experience. stay tuned.

      • Unfortunately I am reaching India on 30th sept morning, hence I have to schedule for drop box. I went back to the beginning of the page where we answer questions related to visa, when I got confirmation of the interview waiver, clicked continue and I could use old receipt, this time when I clicked ‘continue’ at the receipt page, it gave me an option to select the dates for OFC, here we have to select which IW locations we are applying, in my case it was ‘Chennai IW’, number of available slots were less from sept 30 (10, on Oct 1st 2019), then after date selection and clicking ‘continue’, we get the ‘appointment confirmation’ page, now it is neat and shows my DS-160 number as well.

        • Hi Sateesh,

          I am in the same boat. My account unfortunately got frozen and I am waiting anxiously so taht I can login again. Apparently it is done automatically so I just have to wait.

          Did you see any open dates before September 30th? I have my tickets to reach India on September 20th and I had initially planned on dropping documents right on that day. (I started process on September 1st so I cant just walk-in before september 30th). It would be great if you can verify this. Thanks a lot.

          • Hello Sumit,

            As I scheduled already, I am not able to see the dates now. I remember entire September has availability on all working days. I could remember for the week of Sept 30, following is the information, For Sept 30 (5 available), Oct 1st (10 available), 2 (holiday), 3d (Not available ), 4th (12 available). The above dates are for Chennai IW

          • Hi Sumit,

            thanks a lot for that valuable information. I really appreciate it. Looks like I may be able to get something during my travel dates. Fingers crossed.

            Thanks again.

          • No, you have to select your IW location (page mentioned as OFC page and it is confusing) and select date, after selecting continue, you will get appointment confirmation page, it will have list of places where you can submit documents based on your IW location

          • I have the same question. I am live in Ahmedabad. After the interview waiver page, it takes me to OFC appointment page which only has 4 major locations Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi. It does not allow me to schedule any appointment in Ahmedabad. When I choose Mumbai (being nearest) then it schedules an OFC on a particular date. Does it mean I need to go to Mumbai for fingerprinting? or for dropbox? even though Ahmedabad is a dropbox location listed on the paper?

            Someone please please help. I am really confused.

          • Aakash,
            The trick is the word OFC, that is confusing to many. If you have got a dropbox confirmation, then you would not need to give Biometrics…when you try to schedule, it will show as OFC. Read Dropbox Scheduling Experience, it has all the details. After you select Mumbai, then, you will get option to drop off documents. The key thing is, if you will be required for stamping, then you need to go to Mumbai.

    • If you are eligible for Dropbox, technically you should follow the process…But, as you have already done it before the rule was published, you maybe exempted. Just call USTravelDocs and then verify. Do update the info from them here for the community benefit as well.

  38. What is the typical wait to get droobox appointment? For regular visa interview it is 40 days currently at Mumbai. I have already booked tickets and as per old rules I was just going to walk in for dropbox. This rule has made life tough now. Anyone tried to book this appointment recently?


    • Go to https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/, click on new application/schedule interview. After you are done with all steps including visa fee payment, in the end it will ask you to pick a date for dropping your docs.
      You have to do this even if you have submitted your DS-160 earlier.

    • Roshan, There is no wait time as such. you are free to select available dates. we have a user experience that will be shared soon with screenshots, stay tuned for the article.

  39. The new introduced processing system for drop box category applicantions for stickering the visa is quite understandable & easy to follow. appreciated……

  40. My wife biometric has been completed but waiting for the h4 approval document I have already received my H1b and I plan to visit India this dec or oct can I choose just drop box for myself which I think I can- while my wife plans to travel next year feb can she also do drop box for h4 stamping?

    • If both of you fulfil the general dropbox requirements such as expiration within 1 year, visa issued in India, etc. then you have to apply for drop box for you and your wife. As the article says, it is mandatory to apply for dropbox, if you qualify.


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