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How to fill DS-160, 260 Social Media Questions? Samples [2020]

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Trump Administration as part of their goal to increase overall screening and vetting process for US visa applications, published regulation in 2018 that included options such as adding additional social media questions for DS-160 and DS-260 forms that are used for US visa applications. Based on that, now US visa application forms such as DS-160, DS-260 has social media questions. In this article, we will look at what are the social media related questions asked in those DS-160 and DS-260 forms, why they are asked and what you need to answer and also actual screenshots of the questions asked.

Before we look at the details of what will be asked, let’s look at what Dept of State/ DHS will do with your social media details.

Why give Social Media Accounts info on DS-160, 260 forms ?

US Department of State says that they will collect and use the Social Media Information of the US visa applicants for “identity resolution and vetting purposes based on statutory visa eligibility standards”. Essentially, all it means is that they will use it to validate your identity, your information presented in visa application to check if you are eligible for US visa based on their requirements such as, for example you cannot get visa, if you are associated with terrorist activities or threat to the US in some way… They will not check the social media info for diplomatic and official visa applicants. Below is the actual text from the regulation. Check Federal Register

Social media information collection Rule in Federal Register for DS-160 Form

Social media related questions in DS-160, DS-260 US Visa forms

As you fill out DS-160 or DS-160 form as part of US Visa application, you will see additional question under a minor section called “Social Media”, which is part of the “Address and Phone Information Page”.   It has guidance text as listed below on how you should fill it out. See below the exact text that is for guidance.  In short, they are asking you to provide your Social Media presence for the last 5 years.  You need to share the username that is used by you in the social media platform.  You can add more than one social media accounts by platform.

Actual Social Media Guidance Text on DS-160 Form

“Social Media

Do you have a social media presence?

“Select from the list below each social media platform you have used within the last five years. In the space next to the platform’s name, enter the username or handle you have used on that platform. Please do not provide your passwords. If you have used more than one platform or more than one username or handle on a single platform, click the ‘Add Another’ button to list each one separately. If you have not used any of the listed social media platforms in the last five years, select ‘None.’”

The help guidance that is given for that is

Help: Social Media

Enter information associated with your online presence, including the types of online providers/platforms, applications and websites that you use to collaborate, share information, and interact with others. List the username, handle, screen-name, or other identifiers associated with your social media profile. (You do not need to list accounts designed for use by multiple users within a business or other organization.)

Sample Social Media Questions on DS-160 Form and DS-260 Form

Below is the exact sample screenshot from the Social Media Section of the DS-160, 260 form.  As you can see below, you can add more platforms and remove by clicking on Add and remove buttons. You can add more than one as you can see in below screenshot. 

DS -160 form Social Media Questions and DS-260 - Options - Add multiple Accounts Details Info

Social Media Platforms List on the DS-160, DS-260 forms

Below are the complete list of social media platforms that are listed on the DS-160, 260 forms. Some of them do not exist anymore fully or merged with some other company or platform. You will see all of them in the drop down like below. If you are not on any of the Social media platforms, you can select NONE. See below list and screenshot of the dropdown

List of Social Media Platforms on DS-160 and DS260 form
  • Ask.FM
  • Douban
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Myspace
  • Pinterest
  • QZone(QQ)
  • TWOO
  • VINE
  • NONE

What to share on DS-160 form Facebook Username ? Twitter ?

Every social media platform has a username or handle tied to your account. Usually, it is in the settings section. You need to share that User Name / User ID or Handle. For example, in case of Facebook, if you go to settings section, you will find it, see below. For Twitter you can see the twitter handle on your profile itself. See below.

Facebook - Twitter Username - Social Media Info for DS-160 and DS-260 form

Two Facebook Accounts – How to add on DS-160 ? Multiple accounts ?

If you have multiple Facebook accounts or Twitter accounts and you use them for different purposes, then you should list both of your Facebook accounts user id and details in DS-160 form. The online DS-160 form allows you to add two or more Facebook accounts, see below screenshot. You need to click on “Add Another” and then fill in with the same social media account again. It also applies to other social media platforms like twitter or other platforms, you can add and should add multiple accounts, if you use them.

Social Media Accounts Info in DS -160 Multiple Accounts - Facebook Twitter

Do I need to share Facebook, Twitter Password on DS-160, DS-260 forms ?

No, there is no need or requirement to share the password. You just need to share the username/ userid or handle in the social media account. In general, it is your account and you should NOT share the password with anyone. You

Forgot old Social media ID, handles, what to add in DS 160 form?

As some of the Social Media platforms allows you to change username or handles, it would be hard to keep track of entire history. What matters is the current Social Media Username or Handle you use in that platform, which can be used to track your profile and verified as needed for security. So, list the current username and handle. Please make sure, you do not change the username or handle that you listed in DS-160 until your visa interview is over and you have your US Visa approved.

Business Social Media Accounts on DS-160 or DS-260 form

You do not need to share any of the accounts related to the business or shared accounts by users that are used in organization or a business. Basically, any account that you use for business e.g. you are Marketer and post on Social media on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. using your company account name, that details you do not have to share as that is for  organization.

Common FAQs

Do I need to share Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. in DS-160 ?

Yes. You need to share all of the social media accounts that you own.

Should you list all of my old social media platforms that are not available anymore on DS-160 Form and DS-260 Form ?

Yes, if were on any of the listed social media platforms in the above list given on the DS-160 form, then you need to add those social media account details like User Names, or handles tied to the same account.

Can I answer NONE, even if I am on Social Media Platforms, but do NOT want to share my info with US Dept of State ?

No, you should NOT answer NONE, if you were or currently are on any of the social media platforms. If you do so, you are lying and it is considered fraud and you can be penalized for it. In fact, at the end of submission of the  DS-160 or DS-260 form, you are signing the form by saying that you are stating all the facts under penalty of perjury, so if you do not state all facts, it can be punishable offence.

Can I delete my accounts and NOT share Facebook, Twitter info ?

Even, if you delete you need to disclose all the details of account, that you used in last 5 years.

Will my Visa be Rejected, if I do not share Social Media accounts ?

You need to share your social media accounts details for past 5 years. You are not sharing info and they discover your info, you may be tagged for not telling truth and maybe subject to visa rejection.

Do I need to share password of Facebook, Twitter, etc accounts for DS-160

No, you do not need to share any passwords. Only usernames and IDs tied to such accounts.

What is the main reason for taking my Facebook, Twitter info for DS-160 ?

It is primarily for security check and to identify, if you are part of any extremist groups or threat to US like being terrorist

Can I delete my Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and answer NONE, if I do not want to share my Social Media info on DS-160 and DS-260 form ?

Well, even though, you delete them today, the requirement from US state department is to disclose all social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. that you held in the last 5 years…So, technically does not make you select NONE, you still need to disclose it. If you just delete and fail to disclose it, then you are considered lying on your form and punishable as you are signing the form by saying that you are stating all the facts under penalty of perjury

Can I delete my social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, other social media platforms as I feel some may not be appropriate, now that I am sharing info on DS-160 form ?

Well, technically you can do that…there is no law or guidance that tells you not to delete. It is your account and your discretion…But, you need to be aware that there are so many places, where caches are stored of past and I am sure US Govt may have got a copy of it…

I have already filled out DS-160 form without Social Media questions and have interview scheduled, do I need to refill a New DS-160 or DS-260 form as we have these new questions ?

No need to fill a new DS-160 form, if you have already filled it out and submitted it. This is applicable only to new US visa applicants using the updated DS-160 or DS-260 form.

What do you think of the new Social Media Questions on the DS-160 and DS-260 form ?


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Comments ( 52 )

  1. Afs

    I have secondary accounts in Instagram and Facebook which I rarely login and are relatively inactive. I’d created these accounts with a name/surname different with my real name/sure name, but I used emails which are based on my real name/surname for creating these secondary accounts. should I mention these accounts?

    1. Priya


      DS 160 Question – I’ve submitted DS 160 for my H1b stamping around Jan 2021 in India. I have just realized that my passport is expiring in May 2021, which is less than 6 months during my stamping. I’m trying to get my passport renewed ASAP in USA. Now, can I fill a new DS 160 with my new passport number and use my original appointment for stamping (Dropbox eligible)?

      Thank you.

  2. H1B

    Hi Kumar,

    What i should enter for below mentioned question? as i already mentioned all the social media information, i dont have anything to say for this option 🙁
    Kindly guide me on this…

    Do you wish to provide information about your presence on any other websites or applications you have used within the last five years to create or share content (photos, videos, status updates, etc.)?

      1. H1B

        Hi Kumar,

        Yes, it is a separate question in DS-160 form. i have created new thread with screenshots and link as follows

  3. Mkavz

    Hi Kunal

    I have an interview on Monday 9th and when I was filling up my DS160 I only put Instagram and not the rest as I have not been active on Facebook and on Twitter I have been using it for more than 5years and they asked only for 5 years. What should I do as I’m already late in amending my form

    1. administrator

      See, if you can call customer service and edit the form. If not, create a new one. It is important for you to fill out the information as it is mandatory.

  4. NSCTooSlow

    @kumar could you please let me know what should I say for following question. The options are Yes/No.

    Do you wish to provide information about your presence on any other websites or applications you have used within the last five years to create or share content?

    1. administrator

      If you have used any of the social media platforms, blogs or websites, it should be Yes. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of this question at for everyone benefit ?

      1. Eugene

        i’ve applied on october 11th and there were no mention about other social networks

        on october 12th ceac site had some maintenance

        and today i’ve check ds-160 and this question appeared

  5. Sunny

    Hi Kumar,
    When I was filling DS -160 Form. I only mentioned my linkedin account information not facebook as I wasn’t sure how many social media account to list on DS-160. Do you think will they reject my visa application for this reason? Please advise what should I do next.

    1. administrator

      No, they should not reject it just based on that…The better thing to do is, you should create a new DS-160 and carry it, if you cannot edit it now.
      See, if you can add or edit the application by calling customer service.

  6. AJ

    While reviewing the Ds160, in the phone/email/social media section – it asks “have you used additional email addresses in last 5 years but when I was completing the form this was not there, anyways when I click edit – it does not show that question but again in review mode is asks that question. Not sure how to add additional email addresses?

  7. Carlos

    Hi, I’m filling up my baby ds-160 form, but I’m not pretty sure what to put in the email address and social media presence fields. Yes, I do have several social media accounts, but obviously my baby don’t. I’m filling the form only for my baby, cause I’ve already got a non-immigrant Visa. What should I put in those fields: my accounts or leaving it blank?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  8. rahul

    in linkedin what should we provid. Also, for youtube do we need to provide UserDI or channelID.If both than do we need to provide them in seperate rows or same box with comma seperated?

    1. administrator

      You need to provide your public profile URL ID. It is usually after linkedin/in/ URL. You can even put in your public URL directly there in the section.

  9. H1bholder

    I had a Facebook accident which I deleted a while ago and do not remember the handle associated with it. What should i mention in the social media question? I checked with Facebook, there is no way to recover it as well.

    1. administrator

      Check your email archive, if you can find something. If you cannot find anything, just put in your email ID that was used for Facebook, so that you at least have some info that you mention.

  10. hithere

    Hello Kumar,

    If I am engaged to a GC holder, should I mention about it in ‘Immediate relatives in US’ question? Would that contradict the temporary work visa thing?
    If I dont need to mention, should I remove the status from social media etc?

    1. administrator

      You should never hide facts. Please state what is true. I recommend you state all facts and do not change anything just for visa stamping. If your profile is tagged for fraud, you will have future issues…You may delete now, but what if they have access to the a copy of all of your posts or previous history…It is better to state facts and face it rather than hiding them and having issues.

  11. Harish

    What to add for the YouTube account. Generally it is linked with google account. Do in need to add the gmail address linked with the google account?

    1. administrator

      Usually, if you have a YouTube channel, you would have a channel ID at the end of the channel. You can put in that ID or the full URL, if you are not sure. For example, it would look like

  12. Sid

    If I change my Insta handle (which is actually what is a norm for Insta), but still have only one account – would I need to provide both/all handles?
    It will be almost impossible to remember what handles you have used for the same account.

    1. administrator

      It is a valid point. You should list your current handle, which is what will be used to check your profile.

  13. Sohan Yennu

    Hello Sir,

    I got my H1b Approval last week. I am expecting promotion in this month. I heard that there will be change in salary and Job title(In line with the current Title Analyst to Sr.Analyst) from my manager. However it will not change any of my job duties.

    I read few articles that it will not require amendment if the promotion doesn’t have any material change and regular promotion is not considered as material change.

    Could you please add your thoughts here?

    Your help is greatly appreciated

    1. administrator

      You need to discuss with your attorney on this. The reason is, it is not just what you do, it is about occupation code and other things based on the title and how it is classified for the job. Please discuss with attorney and file an amendment as needed

    1. administrator

      If your parents are having any Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc, which is listed above, then you need to mention the same, when you fill DS-160 form. Read the above and guidance.

  14. ISSAM

    Hi i have a question, i submited my ds260 befor they add social media i want to know what should i do now , should i send an email to open my ds260 to fill out social media

    1. administrator

      No, you do not need to do anything, if you have already submitted it. It is not applicable for someone, who have already submitted the forms.

    1. administrator

      If you already submitted and ready to go for stamping, nothing to do. This is applicable for new US visa applications.

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