Two H1B Visa Stamping Experiences by Blog Readers – India 2013

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Couple of our readers, Guru and Reetu, shared their recent experiences with us. Congrats to them on getting Visa !  Thanks to both of them for sharing their experience. You can share your experience here

 Guru’s   –  H1B & H4 Visa Stamping Experience – Background Information

Main Interview Date – 10/October/2013
US Consulate Location – Hyderabad
OFC – 06/October/2013
Type of VISA – H1B (Self) and H4 (Dependent)

OFC Appointment Experience in Hyderabad –

OFC – As it was Sunday there were not many people waiting and whole process got over in just 10 mins. My appointment was at 3:30 and we came out of OFC by 3:40.

Documents for OFC –

1. Both the passports
2. DS 160 Confirmation
3. Appointment letter confirmation

US Consulate Process at Hyderabad Before H1B Visa Interview

My appointment was scheduled at 8 AM and I reached consulate around 7 30 AM.

Staff let us in by 8 AM itself. Following documents were stapled to both the passports –

1. Appointment Confirmation (common)
2. DS 160 (Individual)
3. H1B Petition (my passport)

Then as we entered the consulate, there was a security check.

Time -8 AM
Post security check, we were allowed to enter the premises and a token code issued to us. We were asked to take seats close to interview counters.

Interview time: 8 20 AM

H1B Visa Interview Questions at Hyderabad Consulate by Visa officer
Interview Started – 8.20 AM

Greetings exchanged.
VO: Asked for Passport and H1 Petition approval notice
me: Passed on the docs

VO: Are you going to work in petitioner’s location or client location?
me: Client location

VO: Who is your client?
me: XYZ
VO: was aware of the client well as it is a huge retail company in US and she asked my wife a next question casually.

VO: to my wife: Do you know what XYZ client does?
MY Wife: Answered

VO: Which city you are going?
me: City, State

VO: She said she loved the city most and it’s known for Wine and golden words come out” I am approving your VISA”.

Thanked VO and got out of the consulate. We were out of the consulate by 8 40 AM.

Thanks to the process that Consulate has put in place. Also, this forum/blogs/previous experiences posted by other members helped a lot.

Wishing all the best to other folks!!


Reetu’s – H1B Visa Stamping Experience

Day 1- OFC Appointment

We have to be early as the queue will be long ,so reach an hour before the appointed time

Documents Carried for OFC

1>Web Appointment letter
2> DS 160 confirmation letter

This will only take 5 minutes

They will take your fingerprints & photo

end of DAY 1

DAY 2 – US Consulate – H1B Visa Stamping

Documents to be carried for H1B Visa stamping :

2>petition[which will have LCA ,I797 & all supporting docs] 3>web Appointment letter
4>DS 160 confirmation letter
5>Certificates[original & all sem marks cards]

At the entrance they’ll check your  web appointment & then they will attach token no for your passport with a seal

1>they will take your fingerprints
2>sit in Q & then wait for interview

You have to go to backside of building

H1B Visa Interview Questions for me:

Q1> Where are u working?
Q2>who is your client?
Q3> how much do they pay u in USA?
Q4>which place will you travel to?
Q5>what is your qualification?

That’s it ,they will not return your passport, if you get visa !

All the best !


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Comments ( 22 )

  1. Bhushan

    Hello Friends,
    I want to apply for H4 visa for my wife. However in DS-160 we have included Mother’s Name, but in passport Mother’s Name is not present. Can we proceed for stamping?What can be done in that case?
    To include her mother’s name in passport we will have to re-issue passport that to be under Norma root(It cant be done under TATKAL)

    1. praveen

      HI All I got my visa approved attended on 8th May 2014. I was really scared after reading all these bad experiences. They just asked some simple question . Thats it . Dont worry too much . Just be confident and go there you will also get it.

    2. praveen

      Dont worry about reviews about singapore as i did . just go there with all documents and with confidence you will definitely get it. Cheers!!

      1. Venkatesh

        Hi Praveen,
        Can you please help to share your H1b stamping experience in singapore if you go through the process as i am going to attend for stamping this year in couple days. I am bit scared when i read the forums.

        Please help to share your experience.


  2. allisha


    I got my H1 and H4 approval recently. I am in india and my husband is in USA. Due to some reason, I can’t come on H1. My concerns:
    1. If i go for H4 stamping and god forbids, but if it gets rejected, then do i still stand a chance to get my H1 stamped, or does it gets invalid? (I have heard that if i travel to USA on H4 then my H1 automatically gets invalid; is it true?)
    2. What happens to my H1, if I go to USA on H4, under following 2 scenario’s?
    – my H1 employer revoke’s my H1
    – my H1 employer does not revoke my H1

    Please help…

    1. ak

      You are a piece of crap. Coz of people like you h1 quotas are getting exceeded and genuine people who deserve to get H1 are being out of luck in the lottery. If you had a chance to get on H4, why the hell did you even apply for the h1 and waste a spot in the lottery (that could have gone to a deserving candidate who needed it most). I know a few people who didnt go through the lottery and are in big trouble now. All there money and hardwork is on stake now. Just because of a scumbag like you. And now you want advice for your dirty tricks that you have played. bitches be like you…. May the US folks deport you from the port of entry..

  3. ram

    My sister in India her spouce in us he is in h1b visa h1b approved 15 days back . how much time take going h4 visa .how many pay checks we need h4 visa. Her baby is us citizen .

  4. Infy Raman S

    Hi , My h1b visa just got approved .

    VO : GM
    Me: GM . How are u ?

    VO : Good . Passport and I797 please .
    Me : handed over .

    VO : what does ur employer do ?
    ME : IT consulting

    VO : who would u be working for in US ?
    Me : Employer is Infy and Client is XYZ

    VO : XYZ . good . good .

    VO : r u married .
    Me : Yes

    VO : is ur wife travelling with you .
    Me : no she will join me later .

    VO : where are u going to work ?
    ME : location provided .

    VO whats will be ur role :
    ME : Consultant

    VO : what kind off ? Business /Management or others ?
    Me : Business and mgmt

    VO : Package in US
    ME : Told .

    VO : Ok , congrats u will get passport in 2-3 days . have a nice day !
    Me : Thanks. same 2 u .

    Tips :
    1>be confident and smile
    2> prepare general questions .
    3> they ususally do not reject people on H1b , you need to really mess it up to do so . else process and questions are very simple .
    4> saw few H1b rejections . but if u working for big company or client they may not ask u much . if not , u just need to answer confidently .
    5> no stress required . its too easy a process .
    6> speak to the point .
    7> speak the Truth .

    1. Infy Raman S

      OFC / biometrics will be a very short process. 5 min . u can reach before also and get in .
      Visa stamping : its better to reahc 30-45 min before . not more than that , else u will keep waiting . in case u have kids tell the visa officers and they will send u directly for token and interview .

    2. siva subra

      I have been working as a SAP consultant in Singapore for the last six months. two days before, my H1b visa got approved. I am holding Indian passport.
      When i was applying the H1B visa, at that time i was working in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
      Currently i am in Singapore, Let me know which US consulate i can apply for the H1B visa interview.

      1. Babu

        Hi Siva,
        Your’s got directly approved or it went to RFE and then approved?

        I am also working in Singapore & mine is RFE. not yet approved.

        Is it safe to attend in Singapore consulate?

        1. siva subra

          hi babu
          thanks for the response.
          yeah, its went to RFE then approved. What do you say, its not safe to attend to Singapore, in that case you asked me to go India.
          Since i am here for the last 6 month, so i can produce the bank account and pay slip.
          When did you apply.


          1. Babu

            no no i am not saying that it is not safe here and all..

            just asking a question whether it is safe here or better to go india for stamping..

          2. Babu

            Mine is still RFE RR since november. Getting irritated on life with this painful waiting period.

            Dont know when it will get aproved.

          3. praveen

            HI Both of you guys ,
            You guys went for interview in singapore? what is the current status? is it better to attend in singapore ?

        2. svpk

          HI SG guys,

          any one got H1B visa stamping from Singapore, i heard people gets 221(g) and keeps pending for months. Let me know if any one got the visa stamping after keeping on RFE or 221 (g).

    1. ram

      My sister in India her spouce in us he is in h1b visa h1b approved 15 days back . how much time take going h4 visa .how many pay checks we need h4 visa. Her baby is us citizen .

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