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Tips for preparing your resume in IT Consulting . How to prepare an Effective Resume ?

This post is part of the series: Everything you need to know about How to get a Job & face interviews in US. Once you decide the company to join after looking at all the criteria and asking your employer questions and finally negotiating the salary . Once you commit to an employer, then it is your duty to plan and study. This post will give you an idea on how to prepare your resume.
First step in preparing your resume :
The first and foremost thing before you prepare your resume is to study the resumes in the field of interest.  Gather some resumes from your sales people or from friends who work in the same area. Once you collect, you prepare a draft based on the similarities in all the resumes. Every resume is different. But, there are some common things like technical jargon, description, technologies, etc that are same. Prepare a rough draft after analyzing these resumes

Consulting resumes Focus :
The resumes in consulting world work differently. The resume passes through a different set of layers. From sales in one company to other, etc. It at least go through 5 to 6 different people before it goes to client. The important thing to realize is, none of these people in the middle do not know anything about the technology or job. They just know some key words and that the only thing they look for. They just do a Ctrl+F and search on your resume for key words. It is TRUE!
First page / Summary page:
The first page or typically the whole summary of your experience with all the technologies should be listed in the first page. As I told above, they only look for the keywords or the technical jargon. If they do not find it, your resume is going no where. So, based on the job description you might want to make sure all the technical words are there in the first page. The summary should list the whole work in simple statements. It should be precise and include all the technology tied to work !
Latest Project – Very Important:
The resume lists the projects in order of latest to oldest. The latest project is the first one anyone first looks at after the summary page. So, focus on it. Have the description or key points to focus according to what the requirement is on. The client do not have time to look in all your resume and ask you questions. They only look at latest 6 months or at the max one year. The latest project be better written with all technical jargon.
Middle projects:
If you have more than three or four projects. The middle projects are least looked at. Doesn’t mean you should ignore these, but less important than latest. Make sure the technologies match the years.
Last part of resume :
The last part of resume is very least looked at. But, just be careful and make sure you know about what you have written.
Font type & Size : Typical font accepted is Times New Roman or Arial. Font size 10 – 12.

Project description :
Good way to have project description is by bullet points. Make sure the formatting is proper. All bullet points line up. The Technologies come up in the bottom.

Project Duration
Make sure your project duration matches and are lined up properly. If you have gaps make sure you have a reason to explain the gaps. Easy one, India trip J or vacation.
General Important Info :
Make sure you know every single item or word you have in your resume. Do NOT put something that you do not know. You need to know the business scenario related to the project description. You have to have an idea of what you are writing. Resume once prepared stays in market. So, be careful !
Review by Peers :
Ask some of your peers or friends in the same area to review your resume and say feedback. Have a mock interview with someone you know or friends so that you know what can be asked. Refine your resume after you consult with others and get their feedback. Nothing is better than seniors or peer review feedback in that area !
Stay tuned for the next part in the series  “How to circulate your resume in Job Market ? What you should not do ?”


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