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Surname Blank in Passport, First Name as FNU in US Visa – Issues – Solution

We have recently published information on applying for an Indian Passport.  Some of the unlucky ones, who applied for passports prior to the full online system, may have got their passport with their surname blank in the passport. This could be a clerical or system error, but it can cost you a lot in the future, if not corrected. This article will focus on the common issues around this ‘blank surname’ problem in America and solutions for the same.

What is FNU – First Name Unknown? Why do I see FNU in First Name field in my US Visa?

In general, Surname, Family Name, or Last Name is the most important thing that identifies a person’s origin and it is used across everything as the primary identifier. If due to some mistake or clerical error in your passport, you get a Blank Surname or Given Name in your passport, and if you do not get it fixed, the US consulate will issue your US Visa with the existing name in your passport as the Last Name in US visa and the first name field will be written as FNU. It is a common practice in the US immigration system to use FNU as the first name in such instances.  Check US Embassy Website FAQs for FNU

Below are couple of examples :

This is how it would look on passport

Case I : 

  • Given Name: “ Vikas Nathan”
  • Surname:  “ “  ( Blank )

Case 2 :

  • Given Name: “ “ ( Blank)
  • Surname: “Vikas Nathan”

In both of the above cases, your US Visa in your passport would look like

  • First Name : FNU
  • Last Name : “Vikas Nathan”

Can I go to US with Blank Surname in Passport ? What is the problem with FNU as first name ? How does it impact my life in USA?

The fact is that you will be able to go to the US with a blank First name or blank Surname in your passport, but your life gets tough afterward. You will face issues in places like DMV, when you try to get a Driving License or at the SSA office, when you try to apply for a Social Security Number ( SSN). 

Many US government officials may not be aware of what it means ‘FNU’. They will always try to verify your documents against your Passport and other identity verification documents…Unfortunately, there will be a mismatch as your prior certificates and passport does not have FNU.  You will be asked by DMV and SSA office to get your passport and immigration documents corrected to issue a license. You will be in a complicated situation. To avoid such instances, please get your passport corrected before you proceed with anything like taking GRE  or TOEFL, applying for US visa,  etc.

What is the solution, if your Surname is Blank in Passport and you have FNU as the First Name in your US Visa ?

Simple answer: Get your passport Corrected! Make sure your surname or family name corresponds to your actual family name or initial in your certificates and first name or given name matches with your given name.

If you are in India – Get your name in passport fixed

All you need to do is go to Passport Seva Kendra and apply for a re-issue of your Indian passport with the name change.   It is fairly straightforward.  The advantage of getting this corrected before your US move or Visa is that all your future documents will be perfect and you will be good.

If you are in USA with FNU as first name on US Visa, I-20, I-94 or I-797 and Blank Surname in Passport

Because all your immigration documents have FNU as first name, your first job is get your passport fixed and then get your other documents fixed.

Step 1 : Get your names in the Passport fixed with the correct Surname and Given Name

Step 2 : Get your immigration documents like I-94, I-797, and I-20 Fixed

How to get your Indian Passport with Blank Surname corrected in USA

  1. You will need to go to the Indian Consulate Website that serves your state and check for the process to change your name.
  2. Depending on the type of name change you may end up in two scenarios
  • Name Bifurcation or Split: If it is just a name bifurcation, means splitting your name into two. For instance, if your surname is blank and your Given name is “Vikas Nath” and you want to split it as   Given Name: Vikas and Surname : Nath, it could be done at the Indian consulate by adding a small observation in the passport indicating the same. A sample would look like what you see in the below image. This depends on the Indian consulate officer you are interacting with and it depends on their discretion. They may ask you to follow the below name change process as well. 
  • Changes in Processes: Also, there are continuous process changes and it may or may not work as there may be need to publish the name in Gazette and then have it updated. So, always check with the Indian Embassy to ensure, what works best. surname blank in Indian passport corrected in USA
  • Name Change in Passport:  If you are going for a name change in your passport then, you will need to follow the below steps. It can vary by the consulate and you will need to follow their instructions.
    • You will need to publish an Ad in a reputed US newspaper regarding your name change and submit the newspaper clipping to the Indian consulate with supporting documents like your residence proof, I-94, etc.
    • You will also need to publish an Ad in a reputed Indian News paper regarding your name change and submit the newspaper clipping to the Indian consulate with supporting documents.  Check with the Indian consulate for exact instructions.
    • You can appear in person or mail the required documents to the Indian consulate. You will receive your passport with name change done.

How to Get your US Immigration Documents Corrected.

After you get your name corrected in your Passport, you need to check for your nearest USCIS office and schedule an appointment with USCIS immigration officer using InfoPass and get the system updated with your correct name in your passport.  You will be asked by an immigration officer in USCIS to work with a CBP officer, probably in the same building, to get a new I-94 with your correct name on it.

In 2017, one of our users reported that the CBP officer and USCIS appointment did not help with fixing the last name and they suggested going to their home country. I suggest you check with USCIS and CBP and plan for your travel before you make any plans to do the above changes.

Once these steps are completed, you can go to the DMV and get your Driving license and go to the SSN office and get the SSN with the correct information.

Do I have to go for a new US Visa Stamping after this Blank Surname Correction?

Typically, it is NOT required. You will need to carry your old passport and the new passport with an updated name. Also, supporting documentation like your visit to USCIS, Name change documents, Home country driving license or any other identity documents, if any like news paper Ad, etc, just to ensure that you are the right person. Immigration regulations keep changing, you SHOULD check with a USCIS Officer or any of the US Embassy to clarify the current requirements.

Can I use US Visa Dropbox / Interview Waiver option, if I have to get a new visa stamp on Passport?

If you are eligible for the general US Visa Dropbox/ Visa Interview Waiver requirements as listed on USTravelDocs Interview Waiver Requirements, you can use such option to submit your documents and get US visa stamp on your new passport with the name corrected on it.

FNU Name Correction Experience by M Ghiyas – March 2018.   

I had similar problem but It got resolved recently with help of my Employer/Attorney. I followed below

Problem :
1. Surname was Blank on Indian Passport ( Still 3 more years valid)
2. Visa had FNU and Last Name as ABC’ ‘XYZ’ ( It will expire in 10 months 09/2017 )
3. I-94 had FNU and Last Name as ABC’ ‘XYZ’
4. DMV issued US License with First Name as Blank and Last Name as ‘ABC’ ‘XYZ’
5. SSN office issued First Name as “Unknown” and Last Name as ABC’ ‘XYZ’
and list of problems started.

Follow below steps to get rid of problems
Step1 – Wait until you renew/extend your petition.
Step2 – Apply for Reissue of Passport with Split in Name ( You will get new passport with 10 years expiry)
Step3 – Apply for extension of petition with new passport with corrected name (Some where in I-129 you need to mention old names used as FNU ‘ABC’ ‘XYZ” this should be taken care by your employer/attorney while filing extension)
Step 4 – You will get I-797A with corrected name ( this will correct your will I-94 details too)
Step 5 – Goto SSN office , give your SSN card with new passport , I-797A. With few days you will get new SSN with corrected name then goto DMV and get name corrected.

PS: Then take deep breath.

Thanks to Ghiyas for sharing his experience.

What has been your experience with FNU ?

Were you questioned at the Port of Entry regarding FNU ?

References and Experiences of people with FNU and Surname Blank Issue


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  1. My Indian Passport has my entire name in Given Name. As a result my US visa was prepared with FNU as my first name and entire name as my last name. I have ensured that my SSN, Insurance, W2 have all mantained the same consistency of having FNU as my first name.

    My question is that at the time of my child’s birth, should i still mention Father’s First Name as FNU? Please suggest with respect to the repercussions it may have while applying for my child’s US passport and his SSN.

    • Rajesh Mathur,
      FNU is a US thing. Nobody knows about the future, but think from the perspective your child wants to immigrate to another country (even India for that matter). No one would understand FNU at that time.

      If I were in your shoes, I will use actual name as father’s name in the BC.

      • I am in the same situation
        I have no Surname in my passport and in visa stamp of USA my name is First Name= FNU, Last name= NIRMAL. My husband have surname in both passport and visa stamp.
        What should i fill in my baby birth certificate FNU NIRMAL or Only NIRMAL.. please reply ..

        • Nirmal,
          FNU is not very common in Indian Birth Certificates context. You can just fill the name as it appears on the passport without FNU.

  2. Hi as my sister is also facing the same issues for name change, I went through couple of gov sites for reliable info on name change/split issues, I would like to know if anyone has used the site


    The site seems to be legit to me . They have clearly mentioned step-by-step process needed to get things done. I need to clarify that should we be using the mail option to send in the docs or should we be manually droping the docs at the office.

  3. Hi,

    My name is Fauzia Amena, and I am in US on H4 visa. My problem is I have got a FNU on my visa.

    In my passport the Given Name: Fauzia Amena and Surname: Blank.

    I want to get my name fixed in the passport, visa and I797, I 94. The problem I have is I will be travelling to India in a month, and I was wondering if I can get my name changed in my passport in India.
    Also will I face any problem while getting my visa stamped before coming to US.
    Will the dropbox option work for me or would I need to make an appointment with the immigration office.

    Please do reply,

    Thank you.

    • Fauzia Amena,
      Unless your visa is about to expire, I would suggest skipping the stamping. Stamping always has the risk of something going bad. You can return to US on old visa stamp and get the name corrected at Indian embassy closest to your state. When you travel out next time and have an expired visa, you can then avail for dropbox facility (provided you qualify for it). Just my personal opinion,

      • Saurabh,

        Thanks for your reply.

        My husband’s visa (and mine) did expire in September and now it was extended. I will be needing to go for visa stamp in this trip. Now I have to decide if I need to do get my new passport with the name changed before the visa stamping or get the visa stamp on old passport, come back to US and get my name changed at the Indian embassy here. What would you suggest?

        And I was wondering whats the criteria to avail the dropbox facility.

        • Fauzia Amena,
          Dropbox requirements are there on us travel docs site. What I can remember from top off my head:
          – previous visa unexpired or within last 12 months
          – no security clearance annotated in the previous visa stamp

          I don’t know the timeline to get name updated in the passport. If that is within your vacation period, then you should update the name and then get the visa stamped in the new passport.

  4. Hi,

    I’m Mohammed Wasim, what should be my given name & surname in passport application.

    Is it ok to have Mohammed Wasim as given name & Wasim as Surname, please respond.


    • Keep Mohammed as given name. Wasim as surname. The point is you want to keep both sections and do not leave it blank at the same time do not allow repetive name. Keeping given name as Mohammed wasim and surname as wasim would appear on documents as wasim,Mohammed wasim unless you are OK with it

    • Your Given name is your first name. Surname is your family name. Basically the surname is your initial in all your certificates, you expand that and put it as part of the application. Technically, based on what I read above…your first name would be Mohammed and Surname would be Wasim.

    • Wasim I do have same issue.

      Could you please let me know how did you keep your surname.. did you follow as per the documents like Mohammed as first and wasim a second.

      Or did you keep Mohammed as second wasim as first.

      I would appreciate if you would reply.

  5. Hello ,
    I also have a same problem.
    I got a b1/b2 visa and i also visited U.S.Now I’m in my home land.
    Given name: FNU.
    Surname: ALI.
    But i corrected this problem in my passport and git a new passport with
    Given name : ALI.
    Surname: SHAH.
    But I’m wondering about my visa stamp which has
    Given name :FNU.
    Surname: ALI.
    Please tell me what can i do further for correction of my name.

    Please help me out and thanks in advance.

  6. Hi,
    I h=changed my passport to show the new name but i had already taken ssn before making this change and now the ssn office is asking for a legal proof for change in name and not accepting the new passport/new i-20… Do let me know what documents you submitted to get this fixed.
    DMV is also not issuing me a license since the name in ssn and passport is different.

  7. Hello,
    I have got the Visa as:
    Given Names: FNU
    Last name: CHANDAN KUMAR

    I have 3 months time in india before i travel. Can anyone please help me get it corrected ? I know i can resubmit online application for Passport correction but do they keep older passport with them ?
    And how to get Visa corrected ?


    • Chandan, No, they will not take it back. You will have the old passport with you. Passport office will issue you a new Passport with corrected last name. You can submit Visa stamping via dropbox as it is a small correction, then you would get the new visa stamped on your passport.

  8. Hi,

    Is there an effect on the us immigration if your name in passport and name in us visa is not in order? Its like
    Passport: surname, given name, middle name
    Us visa: surname and middle name in one line, given name on the second line.
    Will there be a problem if ever i will enter to us?

  9. Hi,
    Urgent help needed !!

    Me and My wife both have the “Surname” field as blank on our Indian passports ,and the complete name is printed in the given name field .So as per the standard procedures,the name on US Visa,DL,SSN is printed as below
    First Name : FNU

    Last Name : ABC XYZ
    where ABC -,XYZ -.

    I did a mistake not to correct this and continued to have it as it is.The situation now is that we are expecting in 10 days and i dont have enough time to change all the documents,as We have to travel to india soon after we have the baby ,as our assignment is going to complete.

    I have a confusion on filling out the Parents First name field for me and my wife in the Application for Birth certificate for the new born,US passport ,PIO etc.

    Should i use FNU as the first name for both of us ,or ?

    Kindly advise..

    Thanks and Regards,

  10. Please Help me…

    My Surname in Passport is BLANK and my Name contains both my First as well as my last name (DAS ALOK).

    My surname is DAS and Name is ALOK.

    My interview with US Consulate is on 1st Sep 2015.

    In all my visa related documents the name which has been published is DAS ALOK,NO NAME GIVEN which is as in my passport.

    But I came to know that if Surname is not given, then there is an issue for generating SSN Number.
    This SSN number is required for creating Bank A/C in USA.

    For this, two solutions are suggested:

    1. After Stamping, should I Apply for Passport reissue in India with Name Bifurcation and should carry both stamped old passport and non stamped reissue one.
    Query: If my old passport is stamped and my reissued passport will not have stamp. Will there be any issue for SSN number generation or travel or any other issues.

    2. Travel to US with my stamped Passport, Go to nearest embassy and apply for rectification my name.
    Query: Is it possible? How much time would it take? My workplace is in Charlotte, and which one would be the nearest Indian Embassy.

    3. Without SURNAME/LAST NAME can we apply for opening a bank account or driving licences in US.

    Request you to kindly provide the best possible solution at your earliest.
    Also kindly let me know if you have any other possible way out.

    • I would get it corrected before you get the visa. Once you have fnu on your visa, you will have a lot of trouble in the USA. Tough to open a bank account, drivers licence, ssn etc. best way is to correct the passport ( use tatkal). Then fill another visa application form based on the new passport. Not a legal advice. It is from my experience

  11. Hi Friends/Experts,
    Need Suggestions/Guidance/Advice from you.

    My full name is Sameer Joshi

    I have my surname blank in my Passport, as

    Given Name : Sameer
    Surname :

    So, I got my Visa as

    Surname : Sameer
    Given Name : FNU

    Hence, I got my I-797B, I-94 and SSN same as the Visa.

    Currently I am in US (recently came here). I wanted to correct it and the above article explains that first I need to get the passport corrected and then the other documents. But I read here ( immihelp.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-63054.html ) that this person has corrected in Passport but got stuck in correcting I-94. Could you please guide/suggest/advice me how do I go about correcting it in all the documents without cease. And please give a clean explanation with any references you have so this will help many of us like me to correct this error.

    Please guide how to correct in passport and then how to got about correcting in I-94, I-797B and SSN. And also please mention where I might face challenges and does any stage in this require me to go back to India for correction or I can do everything staying here in US.

    I appreciate your time for responding to this query.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi, I am in india right now amd have to leave in a month. I had the same problem so i got the name on the passport corrected. Will i have to get the I 20 corrected too? Will my VISA still be valid? Thanks!

    • Yeah, get it corrected on I20 as well. It’s an easy process, just let your college now. They will do it within five working days.

          • The visa and I-20 are based on the old passport. After reading the experiences of people that a ‘without surname/first name’ passport may pose problems, I applied for a new passport with the changed name. So I wanted to know if I order a new I-20 with the changed name will I have to apply for a new visa too?

          • Your visa should reflect the name on your passport. You don’t have to apply for fresh visa, but you need to update your name in the visa. I would suggest you to check with the embassy, on how to move forward. In the mean time, you can also visit the passport/visa website .

  13. I have same firstName as FNU problem on H1B VISA and I-94 and now other docs also falling in FNU like SSN etc.can you please give me your contact number/email so that we can find a common solution , even i have also done some research on splitting name , enquired from Indian embassy also.

    • I too have my entire name in Given name section .however I am yet to go for stamping and my H1b petition is approved on old passport without name split. I just applied for name split which is easy process in India ( just name bifurcation) . no document required for that just old passport copies….but I have no idea whether it will conflict with my petition name on old passport & new passport with name split

      • Even my case is exactly the same ! But I haven’t applied for name change in passport yet. Please let me know if you get more information on this.

  14. I have same FNU problem on H1B VISA and I-94 and now other docs also falling in FNU like SSN etc.can you please give me your contact number/email so that we can find a common solution , even i have also done some research on splitting name , enquired from Indian embassy also.

  15. Hey Kumar,
    My name is Vinay Kumar on all my documents from my birth certificate to all my degrees and IDs . I don’t use my surname at all , On my passport – First Name is Vinay , Middle name – Kumar and Last name – Blank. Do you think
    I should change my passport and have Kumar as my last name instead of middle name or should i have my actual surname in my passport. The problem is none of my other docs have my surname – I will have to then get each and every other doc fixed as well.

  16. Hi,

    So here is my story. It might seem long and very similar to everybody who has posted their queries but again i am really tensed. I am a masters’ student and I am done with 1 year of my masters. I have a lot of queries and would appreciate it if anyone could guide me and help me out as to how do I solve this problem.

    1. My given name in my passport is Subramanaian Sharath and my surname is blank. My visa has Last name as Subramanaian Sharath and my first name is FNU.
    2. I don’t know why but the i20 which was issued from my University has First name as “.” . Yes I am not joking, it is “.” So My First name is “.” and my Last name in my i20 is Subramanaian Sharath.
    3. My i94 has my first name as Sharath and my last name as Subramanaian. I have no idea why the airport authorities, or whoever decided to mess it up even more 🙁

    Now to the good news..
    4. I have already got my SSN and my US driver’s license. Thankfully no hassle, except for a couple of days’ delay. Both of them have “Subramanaian-Sharath” in complete, no first no last. This is how it is in there.

    Now again to the bad part which is scaring me. I am going to India in August for my Holidays. (which is the amazing part) but the ticket has my name as First name: FNU and Last name as : Subramanaian Sharath. Is this going to be a problem? Please advice. The only consolation is I booked through Air India and I land in Delhi, so No Europe, No Middle East where I have to be scared off. It is just India,which I need to be scared. What do I do? Is it ok?

    Now the next part,
    my passport expires in September 2016. I need to renew my passport. I am hopeful of graduating in December 2015 and I hopefully(fingers crossed) find a job and should hopefully start working in February 2016. I would need to apply for CPT and EAD by then.

    So my questions are:
    1. Is it possible to change my name and renew my passport at the same time? Is it possible that I could do this as a name bifurcation?
    2. What are the other things I need to take care of at the same time?
    3. Say, I apply for renewing my passport in Chicago in September, can i get it completed by December which is when I would be required to start processing my CPT and EAD.?

    My name is Sharath and my Father’s name is Subramanian.

    Thanks in advance for reading through this patiently and showing the willingness to help me out.


    • So my questions are:
      1. Is it possible to change my name and renew my passport at the same time? Is it possible that I could do this as a name bifurcation?

      And: You have to submit a name change affidavit with your passport renewal application. You will get the new passport with the correct name.
      2. What are the other things I need to take care of at the same time?

      Answer: USCIS might ask for your i20 for the EAD application. So, you might have to correct that as well( please ask the international student advisor). All your documents should match including i20 , passport , Ssn.
      3. Say, I apply for renewing my passport in Chicago in September, can i get it completed by December which is when I would be required to start processing my CPT and EAD.?

      You can apply for a tatkal application, and you will get it in a week. Normal application will take about 3 weeks.

      It’s always good to correct it as soon as possible .

  17. Hi
    I got picked up in h1b lottery
    and i want to add my spouse name in Passport if i apply for new passport now how it will impact my h1b selection


  18. Hi All,

    I am also having the same problem
    1. In Passport surname is Blank.
    2. In I 94 and Visa surname is full name and given name is FNU.

    I am currently in US on H1B Visa and applied for SSN.Till now I have not faced any issue related to this.But still waiting for my SSN. Can anyone guide me the complete process of changing all this.

    Please share ur contact details also.


    • Hi Kalash

      i have same FNU problem on VISA and and Passport.
      can you please give me your contact number/email so we can discuss and solve this problem.

          • I have same FNU problem on H1B VISA and I-94 and now other docs also falling in FNU like SSN etc.can you please give me your contact number/email so that we can find a common solution , even i have also done some research on splitting name , enquired from Indian embassy also.

  19. My mom is facing the same issue. In her passport, the name is as follows :

    Surname : Blank
    Given Name : XXX

    And the visa is as follows :

    First Name : FNU
    Last Name : XXX

    We have not checked it while applying for the visa or after we got the visa. I have checked it now while booking the tickets for her to US.
    Can you please guide me if I can go ahead and book the tickets ? They will have a halt in Dubai. Will there be any issues in Dubai ?
    Also while booking the tickets should I use the name as in passport or visa ?

    Any pointers will be of great help.

    • I can tell you from my experience. I used my passport name(No FNU). I didn’t have any problems. Not a legal advice though.

      • Jeffin, Thanks for the response. But while booking online tickets, Last Name is mandatory. What did you fill in the last name?

        • Although I didn’t have a surname in my passport, I put my last name (Last name of my given name). You can also call a reputed travel agent and ask them about this. I don’t think anyone looked at my visa so closely in the middle east or in India (as long as you have the visa). Again, this is from my experience. I traveled 3 to 4 times like this and I didn’t have any issues.

  20. In my Passport I’ve Given Name as “Kumar Abhishek” and Surname is Blank, however in my H1B Petition the First Name is “Kumar” and Last Name is “Abhishek”. Does this make a difference while I’ll apear for H1B visa if I get selected in the lottery. If not can someone please suggest the remedies which I need to follow. Since I’m from India, correction in Passport (as per my H1B petition) will be change my Passport Number as well. Does that make any difference because in my Petition there will be my Old Passport Number. Please suggest right course of action here.

    Thanks in advance for you help!!!

    • I think you should somehow avoid getting FNU on your visa. Also, you will have a tough time in the US with this FNU. Please contact the US consulate/ Your company immigration attorney and discuss this issue. It is better to get it corrected before the visa is issued.

  21. Hi,
    I was in US from 1999- 2003 and I returned. I have a daughter who studied in US for that period. The passport at that time had Name
    First Name XXXX YYY surname blank
    But the US visa for her has the following entry
    First Name XXXX
    Last Name YYY
    Her passport expired and her new passport has Name XXXX YYY
    She is going to US can she show her previous Visa
    and put same
    OR will she be required to do name change so the FNU doesnt come up in VISA

    • I think it is better to correct the passport to match the Visa since the visa is in the correct form. if you are planning to renew the visa using your new passport, you will have FNU on your new visa. I think you can avoid that by correcting the passport now.

      • Hello jeffin,

        Greetings .

        I am facing the same problem which mostly people are facing .
        Now my problem is that in my passport my name goes like this :

        Surname : Blank
        Given name : Shabih Akhtar Sharfani

        In Visa:

        Surname : Shabih Akhtar Sharfani
        First Name : FNU

        In my I-20:
        Surname :Sharfani
        First name :Shabih Akhtar

        Now my flight ticket is also booked with british airyways and I am really confused what should be my next step to get this thing corrected.

        Your help will be highly appreciated.

        Thanks and Regards,

  22. Hi All,

    The information provided above is really spot on, great source.
    But I have one more question.
    I am a student on F-1 visa. I have got a new passport with the name split. I got a new I20 , And I have updated the name in I-94 as well.
    Is there any other form of document, wherein I need to update. I don’t have SSN as of now.

    Thanks in advance.

      • I called the airport(newark), where they take care of I94.
        They asked me about passport no,date of birth, and date of arriving usa, and finally the name to be updated.

      • HEY JEFFIN,
        My name on passport is
        Given Name – Arpita
        Surname – Blank
        I have applied to University in USA for Phd.I am tensed about I -20 and new Sevis rules. What should i do ?
        Shall i get new passport with surname but i have already filled application with old passport.

      • I called the CBP office and they told me to get a new visa from India.If you are going back to India for some reason, you can apply and get a new one(you might be eligible to use the Dropbox option)
        You can call them and confirm.

        Not a legal advice.

  23. Hello All,

    I had same issue with my passport and US visa. Follow the below simple steps to get corrected when you’re in India.

    1. Apply for Passport renewal. Select ‘Name Bifurcation or name changes’ as a Reason for passport renewal. Once the name issues are fixed in your passport then proceed with below step..
    2. Fill the DS-160 online and book the appointment for dropbox(dropbox is nothing but submitting your documents to agent. They will re-verify and ask you to come for passport collection after you get auto email saying that passport is ready)
    2. At the time of submitting your documents.. clearly tell them “It’s for Visa renewal for Name correction”

    Name changes on US visa are free of cost if below two conditions are met.

    a. Never traveled to US and
    b. Applying for Name correction within 1 year period

    Hope it’s helpful. Good Luck..

    • Thanks.

      Did you include a cover letter with the application?

      Can I travel with my old visa to the US with the New Passport with the name split? Any idea?


  24. Thank You so much for this Forum. my problem got fixed of surname. with the help of this forum i got name bifurcation done successfully 🙂
    thank you 🙂

  25. Hi,

    My Name is Swapnil Patel and my fathers name is Mahesh.
    In My passport given name is mentioned as Swapnil Maheshbhai.
    and Father Name is Mentioned as Mahesh.
    In my all other documents My father name is mentioned as Mahesh not ended with bhai..will this create problem in getting the H1B visa…if thr is a problem please suggest the solution.

  26. In my daughter birth certificate ,there is a two names mrunali urfa saanvi. So tell me i have any problem to get her passport or first name is accepted.

  27. My Case is similar. Kindly help with my questions

    a. H1B Extension happened with “FNU” as first name is both i797 and i94

    b. So got New Passport from Indian Consulate with Corrected details.

    c. Went to USICS Office hoping to get i94 corrected. They asked to visit CBP office in SFO.

    d. CBP Officer said possible only if i return to India and get correct details on another Visa on my new Passport and get new i94 on entry to US.


    1. Is their no other way to get in changed in US ? Should i have to visit India ?

    2. Expecting birth of my baby in 5 months in US. Will this “FNU” in my name cause any problem to obtain US Passport and POI from Indian Consulate for my baby ?

    • I don’t know about other things, but you should not have any issue to obtain US Passport and POI from Indian Consulate for your baby. I have same name issue (FNU in visa and empty sir name) but I put the correct names in the passport, birth certificate, and PIO of my daughter. There was no issue.

      • Hi Deepak,

        Thanks for answering. I would like to reach out to you further on this. Please reply to my mail id [email removed spam]


  28. My Name is Krishna Karthik Shivaram.

    Indian Passport Surname:Blank
    Indian Passport Given Name: Krishna Karthik Shivaram
    US VISA: First Name: FNU
    Last Name: Krishna Karthik Shivaram
    I20 First Name: Krishna Karthik
    I20 Last Name: Shivaram
    US NYS Drivers License First Name: Krishna Karthik
    US NYS Drivers License Last Name : Shivaram
    Indian Aadhar Card First Name: Krishna Karthik
    Indian Aadhar Card Last Name : Shivaram

    Now, I’d like to have consistency in the name as FN: Krishna Karthik, LN : Shivaram in passport, VISA. Please let me know your suggestions?

  29. I have split my name in US at BLS office at SFO. after changing in passport I went to SSN office but they told me to update in I-94. to update in I-94 I went to port office in San Jose but they told me to go to USCIS office I went to USCIS office but they told me to update the name in VISA first. could someone tell me what I can do now. I want to update it without going outside US.

    • You need to go to nearest US consulate or in India to get visa restamped .i had ran around fir 3months to CBP in SFO ,uscis ,called DOS and finally they confirmed this process is the only way .i went back immediately as I wanted the correction ASAP .ds160 process needed ..can opt for drop box If eligible .i went and came back just for this purpose 2 weeks back only .everything sorted and smooth entry back to US ,got Ssn in 4wotking days .overall though the trip was crazy just for visa change ,but it was worth it

      • Btw after drop box they had returned my pp with a letter asking to come for interview to chennai …walkin letter fir anytime valid for 1 year .k flew very next day .they reissued visa then and there jn matter of 20mins just after seeing me ..no questions were asked

          • Hi,

            In Kochin office (team stanley) they asked only for copies of following .Also 2″*2″ photo and the passport.
            2)DS-160 confirmation
            3)xerox copy of visa (copy of my husband’s visa.He is on L1A and i am dependant on L2)

            5)drop box confirmation .They will return this with sign and seal as acknolwdgement for received above docs.

        • Hi Priya, Can you please let me know the best way to do it? Because I’m planning to visit Kerala (cochin) for a month. If I can do it from every scratch within a month , I am ready to do it. But I would like to get a little support from you on this. Can you please ping me to kunjappankunja gmail so that we can converse about this?

      • Hi Priya. I was going through every comments. I would like to know more about this. Would you be able to educate me on this as I am facing the same problem? I came here on F1 Visa
        First name: FNU
        Sur name: “My name”

  30. It took me 8 months and finally I have corrected my name on Passport, I-797,I-94, SSN, Visa and got my driving licence.
    Please follow the blog and let me know in case of any query.


    • Hi Vic,

      My name split is done in my passport and also received the i797 and i-94 with first, last name. I am going to India for two weeks in November.

      Is it necessary to go for visa stamping to correct the record in I-94 and did you get the new i-94 number.

      How much time it took to get new visa stamped from Delhi.

      Kaushal Kishorea

  31. I got FNU corrected in visa.
    > First of all I corrected the passport very easily from Indian consulate in Sanfransisco (3 working days and for my new passport with corrected DOB and name split as I did not have surname).
    >Then I came to India and opted for drop box facility through the nearest team stanley office (Kochi) .you need to follow the similar process D-160 has to be filled and you will get drop box confirmation.So no need to go to CHennai and attend interview. Just need to submit the documents with a cover letter explaining the request for visa change and its details.
    There is no way the visa or I94 can be updated from US. one has to come back and get visa updated and re-enter US for getting the details at CBP and immigration corrected for any changed details like name/DOB after entering US.

  32. I thank this blog for throwing some light on the FNU, DL issue. I was able to get my DL. Some info in this blog seems outdated, There is no need for ad in newspaper if you are applying for name split and there is no need to visit USCIS for F1 visa. After getting the name corrected in passport, the next step is the BMV.

    • Hi good to know that your name got fixed. Even I don’t have a surname in my passport. I’m coming to US with F1 visa. I’m planning to split my name.
      What is the procedure?
      How long will it take?
      Do I have to come to visa to get my visa fixed?
      What is BMV?

  33. Dear.
    Sir./ Medum.

    I have no sir name I have only my firt name on my all dacuments . School Cirtificates. ID.s Residential ID.s etc. My name is .ALEEM. on my all dacuments i am indian muslim so i can apply the passport please answer her my family name is “Mohammed

  34. Hello Friends,

    When I renewed my passport they messed my last name. Last Name they printed Blank & Given name they printed my First & Last Name.
    I am going to BLS Chicago center-
    a. do I just need to take Notrarized deed poll sworn affidavit along with other supporting documents..?
    b. Or does it require posting ad in news paper in USA & India..?

    Also can anyone please share copy of sworn affidavit – this is really confusing to fill this document.

    Thanks in Advance.


  35. Hello Guys,

    I have exactly same issue with my name as others and I thought I am alone but there are many with same problem.

    Anyway, my Indian passport has my first name only as Prince and blank last name. So I am in process to get my Passport fixed and i read other post that USCIS refused to change on I-94 ? In my case, I already have Permanent Resident Card and they took I-94 Out in Interview. So what would be my next step after passport ?

    So how would I get name corrected on my USCIS documents (Permanent resident card) after passport ? Please advice if you already go thru with this situation. I wish, we all read this all before coming to US, so we would have saved money & time.

    Thanks to all,

  36. Has anyone with FNU name issue been successful in getting the name corrected/ changed in Visa or I 94 ? If so please elaborate your approach. Highly appreciated your help is solving the FNU curse ! I plan to take my spouse surname by virtue of marriage and the same can be used to get the new name on passport. But what about I 94 and Visa ?

  37. I have no surname, i have only my first name on all documents i have eg. School certificates, IDs, residential IDs, and documents etc. My name read as Sahil on my all documents, im a Christian.
    shall i face any problems to getting a European visa(Poland)?
    pls answere here. Btw my family’s name is Massey.

  38. Hi everyone
    I am a Tibetan Refugee living in exile in India since birth. My home country is Tibet which is now occupied by China so we dont belong to any country as such.Since born in India, the Indian government has issued IDENTITY CERTIFICATE for the Tibetans as we do not have any passports and we dont belong to any country. Now the problem is my Identicity certificate which can be used as passport has my name Tenzin Metok in the GIVEN name field and Surname is BLANK.

    Now on my visa stamp (Immigration CR -1 visa)
    My name Tenzin Metok is mentioned under SURNAME and Given/First name as FNU.

    I got the visa this month, can you guys please confirm if I can buy the international ticket under my first name Tenzin and surname as METOK. When I reach USA, how do i go about changing it. Splitting my name in Identity cerficate/passport and Greencard etc? Indian Embassy in USA, will they correct my Identity certificate/Passport? Please provide your inputs.Thank you.

    • Anyone replying my posts, can you please post your reply here.I am not sure if my email address still works.I havent used this email address for a long time.Thank you once again.

    • Tenzin, we are in the same boat, the difference is i am still have not applied for visa yet. Let me know if you have found solution to it. Good luck


    • Tenzin,

      Have you put your first name as FNU and Tenzin Metok as last name in the visa application form 260? Please share your views. I am stuck right now not knowing what to fill up in my IV application form. My name is Tsering Dolma but in passport, my given name is put Tsering Dolma and surname blank.

    • Hi Tenzin, I am a Tibetan and have the same name issue that you have. How did you buy your tickets? I got my visa recently and wondering which one to follow ( passport name or visa name) for buying tickets and for filling custom forms. Please help if you got it sorted out. Thanks!

      • Hi Yangzom,

        Can you please let me know on what name did you book the tickets?
        First Name: FNU
        Last Name:Abc
        First Name: Abc
        Last Name:Abc

        I have a similar situation.


    • hi tenzin

      i am also facing the same problem. have you corrected your name in the IC in USA or are you still going with FNU XXX.

  39. Hello,

    i have my first name as kajol in my passport n surname blank whereas i have my firstname as FNU and surname as Kajol in my I20,there is no chance of me splitting my name as no initials also , if i get my complete name changed then again my birth certificate,memos wont match with the new amendments, what is the solution ? please let me know to avoid further problems.

    • Hello Kajol,
      I am facing the exact same problem. I don’t have any initials to split. I need to add my surname to my name and remove fnu. This will be considered as full name change, if i do so, i don’t have supporting documents like school certificates or memos. If you are know the procedure please do let me know. Thanks

    • Hello Kajol,
      Please suggest the appropriate solution. My name is Arpita so i also can’t bifurcate it.Your reply will be helpful.

      • Arpita,
        go ahead and get your fathers name added in the surname section of your passport . It is perfectly acceptable even though you might not have anything after your first name in any of your docuemnts . Later you can update your husbands name . That way you will make sure you do not leave the surname section blank. Just use your fathers last name as your surname

        • I have already taken GRE and TOEFL .I have applied to the university . In the application form i have written my given name blank and last name as Arpita.
          In my passport
          Given Name – Arpita
          Surname – Blank
          So now what to do?

          • Do you already have a passport ? If yes.. you can still change it before getting Visa stamped .
            Try to get Visa stamped on the new passport only but you need to keep your old passport too everytime. When you enter US the only important document is your passport and Visa …. based on which you get SSN and drivers license . Please note you can still go to US with Arpita,FNU that that your docuemtns will reflect the same thing and you will need to keep that FNU …. just fill all other documetns per your Visa if you dont want to take risk of changing your passport. not having last name just puts fnu in your visa at your first name place. that is also ok . you can get it changed later when you apply for other visas

  40. Hi,

    I was facing the same issue that passport had my first name as FNU and my last name had both my actual first name and the surname .

    I got it corrected in my passport recently .So my new passport has a proper first name and last name . So as mentioned above the next step was to get my I-94 corrected . But when i went to the USCIS office in chicago . they refused to change the name in my I-94

    They say that I-94 name is based on my visa and not my passport . I am on H4 visa write now and i am planning to apply for H1 visa . Will my I-94 with first name as FNU cause any issue in filling a H1 visa ?.

    Did any one else phase the same problem ? . Please let me know if any one has any suggestions to me

    • Hi Akshatha,

      Good to know that you got your name corrected on the passport. Can you please let me know the procedure you have followed? What are the documents you have submitted?

      Regarding the name change in I-94, If I m not wrong I-94 is given by CBP department at the port of Entry. So you need to visit the CBP local office to change the name in the I-94. If you have a I-94 issued by USCIS upon status change or extension then USCIS will update. As per the information I have received, USCIS will be able to update your Visa information to reflect as per Passport. Did you check with them to update on Visa?

    • Hi Akshatha, I am also in the same boat, i got my passport change with updated name, but when i went to USCIS office (Chicago), they refused to update I94 for same reason. I don’t know what to do about this? Have you got some solution for this? Any one else has got some solution to this?

      • I am in same boat and they have given I-102 to correct but I dnt think that this is the correct way..

        I have correct name on my new passport and I want to get it changed on I94 and I797. Please keep on posting if you have already done that.

        I went to Baltimore immigration office.

    • Does any of senior members have any solution for this problem.

      FYI, we got updated Passport, but USCIS office refused to update I-94. what can be done in this case to solve FNU problem?


    • Akshatha,

      I’ve the same issue, can you please let me know the process you followed to get your name fixed, your help is greatly appreciated. Do I need to give paper ad or just the sworn affidavit is enough? Also, can you please provide me the sample Sworn Affidavit that you used.


    • Hello Akshatha,

      I am just curious to know if you got your USCIS documents fixed or still same issue ?

      I am in process of getting my passport fix as I have my name as Fnu Prince and prince is my first name. I would appreciate your reply.

      Thanks You !

    • Hi Akshatha , I am in the same boat. Could please let me know how did you go about the name change while in US. Thanks.
      Kind regards,

  41. I m on my L1 here. I m also facing the same FNU problem. Somehow I was able to get my SSN as I-94 has my name correctly. But I was not able to get my DL. Is there any way I can get my DL. or Is it possible to correct the SSN and I-94 to match with Passport and Visa.

  42. Hi, I have FNU entered as first name in GC, i am planning to go india for a short trip. Do you know if i get into any issues on immigration in india (while boarding back for US) or at port of entry in US. thanks. Chandra.

  43. Hey,
    You have pretty much answered all the questions but I have a few clarifications of my own. I have just got my US visa stamped and got my passports as well and I am planning to travel by April. Here goes my question:
    I heard from a contact of mine that even though I get my name corrected (Applying for a name change on the passport) still the authorities in the US will follow the name printed on the Visa itself. Please let me know if this is true.
    If so then is there any remote chance that I get my stamped visa ammended to get my name changed on it???

  44. If you are comfortable changing your name in passport go ahead.

    However you can get SSN, driver license etc. even if you have no surname in your passport. It will be a little difficult without surname because of the explanation required at places like airports, DMV etc. but it is possible to live in US without surname in passport.

    You could change your name to avoid difficulties, but I don’t understand why one should change the name because the US law is narrow-minded.

  45. Man you are good!!!

    I have the exact issue in my name.
    Passport Given Name: ABC KUMAR
    Pasport Surname: Blank
    Visa first name: FNU
    Visa Lastname: ABC KUMAR

    I even got the DL and SSN with FNU ABC KUMAR
    Now splitting the name in PP works for me. (Around 100$)
    How about USCIS fees for updating the system any idea (?$)

    • Hi Kumar,
      Even i was not have surname in passport, but I split my name in Passport recently from San Francisco BLS. But I didn’t updated my name in USCIS. how to update it in USCIS? thru amendment ? I am on H4 visa and my visa expires in Oct 2014, so someone told me that when I give for visa extension I can change my name.. visa extension will start in 6 months. is that ok??


      • Hi ,

        I have the same issue:
        Passport Given Name: ABC KUMAR
        Pasport Surname: Blank
        Visa first name: FNU
        Visa Lastname: ABC KUMAR

        The good thing is my name in all US documents is correct. First name: ABC and last name: KUMAR.

        Can you tell me the exact procedure for the name split to be done in passpot. Does it only need an affidavit ?


        • HI Atul,

          Thanks for this post. I also have the same issue.

          Given Name : ABC KUMAR
          Surname: Blank

          In Visa
          Surname : ABC Kumar
          First Name : FNU

          Can you update what information you filled in SSN and DMV form. I also need to apply for that.


      • Glad that you got it fixed. I have the exact same issue and planning to get it corrected in passport. My only concern is how to fill the Sworn Affidavit. I mean, what should I put as new name and what for old name? It is the same in my case (and your’s too).
        Would you please tell me what did you put as new and old names in Sworn Affidavit? A small sample or screenshot would also be helpful.


      • Hi,

        Congratulations for getting your Passport changed to have both Surname and Given Name. Can you please let me know answer for below questions
        1) Did you get a new passport or did they add a just a note in the existing passport?
        2) For splitting the name, did you put an ad in Local and Indian news papers?
        3) How easy to get the name split ?

      • Hi Kumar,
        Can you please let me know the procedure to get the name split in passport? I need to get this done on mine as well.


      • Hi ,

        I am also in California and would like to get my name split (I do not have a surname ..rather parents put surname along with first name and now it is joint name in passport 🙁 )through San fransisco consulate.Could you please guide me on the process.I checked in BLS website . Do we need to advertise in India/US new papers ?Or sworn affidavit is sufficient ?Please advise.THanks
        kind regards,

    • Thanks Mr Kumar for this information. I have the exact same issue and planning to get it corrected in passport. My only concern is how to fill the Sworn Affidavit. I mean, what should I put as new name and what for old name? It is the same in my case (and your’s too).
      Would you please tell me what did you put as new and old names in Sworn Affidavit? A small sample or screenshot would also be helpful.


        • I am appearing for my GRE and i have a major issue with my name in the passport.

          Given Name: PRATHYUSH LEVAKUMAR
          Surname : BLANK

          All my school and engineering marksheets read my name as Prathyush Levakumar.

          What should i do? I have heard that not having a surname can cause you a lot of trouble in the US. Pease advice.

  46. Hi,

    My USA Visa petition has got approved. In my passport I do not have last name (surname). But I heard that in USA without last name (surname) it’s impossible to get SSN and DL. So now I want to change my passport with surname inclusion.

    My question is, Once I get passport renewed, after that, can I proceed for stamping with new passport with same petition filed with old passport?

    Do I have to renew petition also.? Any charges also I need to pay for petition renewal?

    I am very scared as my employer paid all charges for petition and renewal of it will impact me. Please help. I would be very thankful to you.

    • Hi Vranjan..

      I’m in the same situation as your’s .

      I have US petition approved , now i want to go for name split in my passport since i have BLANK surname.
      Can i attend the visa interview with new passport with same petition filed with old passport?

      Or Do I have to renew petition also.? Any charges also I need to pay for petition renewal?

      Or Can i get an observation added from passport authorities in India and carry the updated passport to visa interview.

      Please suggest what process you followed in order to avoid further complications.

      Please help!!!!!!
      Thanks in advance

      • Hi Nida,

        Did you found any way to do that. I’m also facing this issue. In my Passport I’ve Given Name as “Kumar Abhishek” and Surname is Blank, however in my H1B Petition the First Name is “Kumar” and Last Name is “Abhishek”. I want to know Does this make a difference while I’ll apear for H1B visa if I get selected in the lottery. Also, since I’m from India, correction in Passport (as per my H1B petition) will be change my Passport Number as well. Does that make any difference because in my Petition there will be my Old Passport Number. Please suggest right course of action here.

        Thanks in advance for you help!!!


      • Hi ,
        did you find any solution to your problem ?
        I have the same issue . I just did the name split and it was easy but do not know how to correct the name in petition which is based on old passport

  47. Hi,

    My wife visa has “xxx yyyy, FNU”

    My wife passport doesnt have surname. Her given name is “xxxx yyyy”. Can i add her dad name in the surname???

    If i split xxxx as surname & yyyy as given name in passport will i need to modify all her certificates only with given name in it????

    Please help! I’m confused.

    • hi ,

      Can you plz update what did you to get the name fixed. I have the same issue.
      first name : FNU and surname : xxxx yyyy in my US visa & I 94.

      Thanks !

      • Hi Priya,

        I haven’t fixed it. I have the query posted so someone would respond. If you have fixed it, please let me know.


        • Hi,

          I have gone to USCIS and CBP also contacted the Dept of State -New Hampshire and Washington .It is confirmed that no changes can be done to I94 when one is within US. The person has to go to nearest US consulate(Canada,Cuba etc) or home country(In this case-India) and get the visa re-stamped and re-enter US by filling correct info in immigration, A new I-94 will be issued with the new info.
          To change name , all the required info is mentioned in BLS.I have also gone to BLS ,confirmed the forms and document list .The info in BLS website is up to date .Just make sure that you select your jurisdiction appropriate eg: procedure for California /Washington etc have some differences .
          >To change name court order is needed.
          > If name has to be split or husband’s surname is to be added no court order is needed.
          For name split , all docs plus sworn affidavit (template is in BLS website) is to be submitted.
          >For DOB correction , birth certificate orginal and SSLC certificate(with DOB as in BC) are needed . [A court order is needed only if difference in the actual DOB and DOB in passport is more than 2 years . ]

          • In my case, I opted for splitting my name to reduce the confusion . Adding father’s name also need , advertising in paper etc..in some jurisdiction , they are asking for court order also. I am now going back to India to get visa re-stamped after correcting DOB and name split in passport.

  48. Hi,

    I have two initials while I was in India. So in my passport my last name is pretty big with two names and it is very inconvenient in US. Can I use the same procedure to change my name in Passport so that I can have only one name in last name?

    • Siva, you can use the same procedure of publishing Ad and do it, check with the Indian consulate on the process. It is a choice that you have to make.


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