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RedBus2US – 2016 Year in Review !

Happy New Year everyone !  I look at every year beginning as a time to reflect on the past and how far we have come…It has been over 7 years since we started the blog and today our blog is a destination for over 11,000 students and professionals everyday…

Highlights of Year 2016

  • 221g Tracker : We launched 221g Tracker this year, to help many waiting with no idea on what to expect. It gets better with more data added by users like you. There is still room for improvement, hope to add more stats.
  • H1B Sponsors – Mobile Responsive : We have completely revamped the H1B Visa Sponsors Website and made it mobile responsive.
  • Key Stats of Blog : About 35,000 new comments were added, including 45 articles. We have total of close to 700 articles and many thousands of question answered on Question and Answer Forum

Our mission is to help educate and guide as many students and professionals as we can, so that you all make an educated decision to work, live or move to US for education or work. …I am glad to have a team who share common interest to help the community. Saurabh has been the backbone for answering countless questions on immigration and many other areas. Thank you Saurabh for all your continued passion all these years !   Ruchika joined our team this year, thanks to all her contributions…she is passionate to write and share. On the QA forum, we had Dr. Sandeep, ramanan, Ankit, RaNa, ImmiGeek and many below as in screenshot, who have been active on the QA Forum, and helping many in need. We really appreciate all your support to keep the community alive and helping one another.  All of us do this as our passion in our spare time to help the community, we may not be able to answer every single question or comment…so, our request is….if you know the answer to a question or comment on blog or QA forum, please do so, it will help everyone !  Let’s help each other.

Happy New Year once again folks !

Cheers !Users RedBus2US QA Forum


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  1. My H1B petition is approved with the beneficiary name as XXX YYY , No Name Given.

    While filling DS 160 form for my stamping , i realized that my surname in the passport is BLANK with the given name being XXX YYY . Hence my company immigration team suggested me to reissue new passport by splitting the full name into XXX as the given name and YYY as the surname.

    Now that i have to proceed with stamping , my company immigration team are asking me to provide the details as per the new passport while filling DS 160 form. However my question is that since there is a discrepancy in the name between I-797 & my new passport, will it cause any problem during stamping or once i land to US. If yes , how can this be rectified.

  2. Guys please be aware of many fradulent companies who claim to be h1b sponsorers. I had a very bad experience from one of the hyderabad based company. Request admin not to delete my message and there by help all others avoid this fraudulent company. The company name is i9 technologies with domain i9techus dot com.

  3. Just like the h1b cases approval, What are the chances of h1b visa interview (Hyderabad) approvals and is there any site specially for the h1b interviews.
    In the interview what they will be mainly focusing on. Im a bit afraid about the visa interview. What factors we need to consider for attending H1b visa interview. Please help. Thanks

  4. Hi,

    Thanks Redbus for all your help until now!

    I am still dealing with H1B issues from 2016. I had to change my position & location within the company (same employer) in Sep, 2016. My H1B petition had been selected in the lottery by then and I was working on OPT that had been extended till Sep 30. My H1B petition was filed in Change of Status. I started the new role in Sep, 2016 and I have mostly been in training since then. The HR/lawyers took their time and USCIS received the petition for amendment & extension in mid-Dec, 2016 in premium processing.

    USCIS has issued an RFE to explain how I maintained my status with regards to the previous petition. Specifically they have asked how my paystubs show office B (in city B) while I was approved to work in office A (in city A).

    What are my options right now? Since I still do not have an H1B visa (I believe I only have H1B status), the outcome impacts my H1B visa and legality of stay for almost 3 months. I am very worried. Could you please let me know how serious this RFE is and what are my options to position myself for maintenance of status?


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