OFC and H1B Visa Stamping Experience at New Delhi – Easier than thought!

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One of our readers Kevin, shared his visa stamping experience with us. Thanks to Kevin for sharing his experience and Congrats to him on his visa !   You can share your experience with our readers here

Background Information

Main Interview Date – 27/09/2013
US Consulate Location – New Delhi
OFC – 24/09/2013

Type of VISA – H1B (Self) and H4 (Dependent)

OFC Appointment Experience in New Delhi  –

OFC – Entry to Exit would not take more than 15 minutes including the security check. I preferred to wear formal with a tie so that my VISA photograph gets a formal look. I went there with my wife H4 dependent and our appointment time was 11 AM.

We reached at 10.30 and queue was empty. We were immediately allowed inside with verification of following documents –

1. Both the passports
2. DS 160
3. Appointment letter confirmation
4. H1B Petition original copy

The staff would post bar code sticker on the back of individual passport. Fingerprints and Photograph took no more than 2/3 minutes and we were out by 10.50 or so.

US Consulate Process at New Delhi Before H1B Visa  Interview

My appointment was scheduled at 10 AM and I reached consulate around 9.40 AM. I wanted to reach slightly early by 9.15 so as to stand first in the queue however I was taken aback by traffic.

That said, I still managed to reach within the guidelines suggested by US consulate and saw close to 100 families, parents, individuals standing across the road probably waiting for their near ones.

I purposely took mobile phone with me to the consulate as my driver shared the parking problem across consulate. I was allowed to deposit the phone outside with the security staff and a token was issued to me.

Following documents were stapled to both the passports –

1. Appointment Confirmation (common)
2. DS 160 (Individual)
3. H1B Petition (my passport)

then as we entered the consulate, there was a security check.

Time – 9.50 AM
Post security check, we were allowed to enter the premises and a token code issued to us. We were asked to take precedence as out appointment time was 10 AM.

We bypassed (and I thanked god) almost 100 who were waiting or had arrived way too early.

Hall 1 – Fingerprints were taken again (both of us); directed to Hall 2.

Main Interview Hall 2
Time: 10 AM

H1B Visa Interview Questions at Delhi Consulate by Visa officer
Interview Started – 10.05 AM

Greetings exchanged.
1. Which company do you work for ?
2. What is your role ?
3. Salary ?
4. Location ?
5. Have you been to US earlier? What was the purpose? When did you return?
6. Dependents?
7. Who all are in your family?

And finally those golden words – Your VISA is approved. Thank you.
Time: 10.10 we were out of the exit gate.

Entire process took no more than 15-20 minutes and was very smooth. Thanks to the process that Consulate has put in place. Also, this forum/blogs/previous experiences posted by other members helped a lot.

Wishing all the best to other folks !!

Kevin (name changed)


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