News : H1B and L1 Visa petition application fee to increase by $2000

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There was a bill that was introduced on August 5th by Claire McCaskill joined Senator Charles E. Schumer to help the border support costs. They say this will help for better border security and other stuff.  You can watch the video and read the original article.

Updated : The bill was passed by House on Aug 10, 2010. It  will be law soon once signed by The President.

Summary related to H1B visa and L1 Visa

  • This is for foreign companies. If more than half of their employees are on H1B visas or highly skilled visas then the fee will go up by $2000.
  • The new proposed fee will be $2320 + $2000 + Attorney fee. Read H1B fee and Documents list

Excerpt from article:

“A handful of foreign-controlled companies that operate in the United States—such as Wipro, Tata, Infosys and Satyam—rely on H1B and L visas to import foreign workers to the United States. The Senate Democrats’ border security proposal would increase the visa fees paid by these companies by roughly $2,000 per visa application.”

You may read the Latest update : H1B Fee increase by $2000 impact on Indian Software companies

Read the Original full article:

Video about the Bill and $2000 dollars increase by Senator Claire McCaskill

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Comments ( 6 )

  1. xyz

    H1’s are temporary workers in US. Illegal immigration is the problem of US citizens.
    If H1 can been seen to take up the citizen duties then H1 must be able to work anywhere like a US citizen. May be a bill must be passed which says – Pay some extra amount to get EAD / Green Card. This extra amount can serve in funding of some other important job in US.

    1. administrator

      Mugar, seems like it is already passed in Senate…We may see this happen soon because of the Arizona Immigration law situation.

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