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As most of you know, there was a bill that was signed into law by the President in August to increase the H1B and L1 Fee in order to support the borders… It was called Public Law 111- 230. It was effective from August 14th, 2010. Read this article for some background details:  USCIS: H1B and L1 Fee increase $2000 Details .

To clarify these fee increase details, USCIS released a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list last week. These are pretty comprehensive and give good clarification. Honestly, nothing new, but more clarity on few things. Few clarifications that caught my attention in addition to previous details by USICS are:

  • The revenue generated from the new fee will go to General Fund of Treasury (I think it goes to Border support bill later )
  • The petitioner (H1B Sponsor) has to bear the fee increase and not the beneficiary (employee)
  • Employees on L2 status will not be counted towards the 50% rule for determining the fee increase.
  • USICIS is working quickly to avoid delay in processing. To help them, petitioners have to send proper paperwork indicating why the new fee does not apply to them.

Please read the full details on USCIS website : USCIS FAQs on H1B and L1 Fee increase PL 111-230

Did you find anything new or interesting in the FAQs ?


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