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New UX for Community Forum – Share your Experiences by yourself !

We started RedBus2US Blog back in 2009 to share personal experiences, so that others can learn from our experiences and make informed decisions. Later in 2010, we started Forum for users to ask questions and get responses from community…It looked like below. To better serve the needs of community, we changed software for Forum in 2012 to Question2Answer Software and some theme changes later…One gap always existed, how can users share their experiences on their own, without emailing us or posting their experience as comment. We never could build such software as we do not have any dedicated software team to help and we all do this part time as our passion. We have been searching for a software that can help solve it and finally we stumbled upon Discourse and we planned migration back in December 2018. Now, here we are…the New Community Software is live…You can Ask, Answer, Share your experiences and Discuss at https://forum.redbus2us.com/ . It look like below.  Check out FAQs below.

RedBus2US forum look and feel History

How to ask a question or answer ?

It is quite straightforward, you need to sign-up for account using signup button and then ask question by adding a topic. Please select right category, so it is easier for classifying. Check out below screenshot for step by step guide to create topic or ask question.

 RedBus2US Community Help - How to use forum

Step by Step Guide on How to Ask Question Create Post How to Guide - RedBus2US Forum

How to share my Visa Experience or any other Experience with everyone ?

It is same as asking question, but you just create a topic and post it in the User Experiences Category. That’s it. You can add images, format and make it look the way you like. No more emailing us or posting it as comment. We believe, it will eventually be a repository of User Experiences for the community to refer to.  If you have a visa experience, insurance experience, study or living in US experience, feel free to add it as a topic.

 I don’t have a question, but want to discuss or debate, how to Discuss any topic of my interest ?

It is same as asking question, but you just create a topic and post it in the Discuss Category. That’s it. Users can discuss and add their comments in the thread.

I had an account on RedBus2US QA section in the past – Do I need a new account ?

No, the good news is that, we have migrated all the users and their passwords as well. You should be able to login using your old user id and password.

How about H1B, 221g, other Trackers, do they use same account of Forum ?

Yes, all our H1B, 221g, H4, POE Trackers, use the same account you use for Forum, so it is one account for everything and we have single sign on, no need to go back and forth.

Hope the RedBus2US community likes it…We believe the new forum software will change the way community will interact and make it more social.

What are your thoughts on the new forum software for RedBus2US community ? Any issues ? Thoughts to share  ? ideas ?


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  1. Looks like there is no way to go to home page(https://redbus2us.com/) from the forums page(https://forum.redbus2us.com/).


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