Moving to new location in USA – How to mingle with Locals ? Lifestyle ?

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When I first moved to America for education, I lived in the south…after my education I moved to Midwest for work…I lived in quite a few states and also traveled to quite a few states…every state is different, the lifestyle of locals is different…Let me share some of my experiences and explain how to mingle with Locals to have a lifestyle that blends well with them…

Professional Sports – NFL, NBA, Baseball , Ice Hockey ?

As I explained the importance of professional sports in  article Why Should you follow NFL, NBA , they play an important role in mingling with locals as well…think about it, you are out with your colleagues and a big group of their local friends joined your team…what can you do to have a friendly conversation with local people ? Talking about work is not socializing….One way to break ice is to talk about professional sports like NFL or NBA or any other local sports. In NFL, I knew about only Dallas Cowboys when I was in Texas, when I moved to Midwest, I started to learn about Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Vikings etc…anytime I run into new people, I have something to ask or talk about…it just breaks the ice and let you socialize with locals.

Outdoor activities, Summer vs. Winter  – Skiing, Jet Skis, Canoeing ?

Every state would be known for some kind of outdoor activities. If you are in the northern states, summer would be ideal for doing any water related outdoor activities like Jet Skiing, Canoeing, Kayaking, etc…If you are in winter, you can do Skiing, snow shoeing, etc…One way to mingle with locals is to talk to your local friends ( in Class) or colleagues  (at work) and understand the out door activities scene or just search on Google. Based on what you like in them, you can join a Meetup group or any local club that organizes these activities. It is a great way to adapt to a lifestyle and acquaint with locals and build new friendships…

Music Concerts , Night Life , Local Organizations, Professional Organizations  :

There are many options to socialize and build a new social network in a new locality if you check out local events. If you are new and do not know anyone, look up local organizations or professional organizations, including any recreation clubs events. is very helpful for these kind of things. You can just search on Google as well. There are many local events like Music Concerts or may be just going to a bar to watch a Game…or going out to a club for dancing, etc…All you need to have is an open mind to meet new people and socialize. If you are excited about the local area and what’s cool around that area, people around you will be excited to tell you good things and make you feel at home….I met so many amazing new people in local organizations meetups and professional organization meetups, etc…I just felt like a local guy after few weeks, adjusting to the lifestyle around…

What are your experiences – Meeting Local people ? Mingling with locals ?

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  1. viklan

    Hi Suarabh,

    Again, thanks for your effort.

    My question is about filing AR11 for change of address. I have been in USA for a year now and only very recently I came to know about AR11 itself.

    At the port of entry while filling my I-94, I had given the Hotel Address as my address, since I needed time to find a residence. I moved into my residence and have been there for a year now. I receive all my mails in my residence including my Salary stubs, W2 form etc…. Now I am not sure if I need to file AR11 or not… since my online research shows that while filing AR11, the “Last Address” on the form is not the one you provided USCIS but where you lived….

    It will be a great help if you can through some light on this.

    Thnaks in advance.


    1. administrator

      The right thing would have been to submit your AR-11 form soon after landing in US, where you would have mentioned your foreign address as prior address and current residence as the new address.

      I am not sure what’s the right thing to do now. May be you can still enter the hotel address as the last address (it doesn’t ask for duration of stay at each residence, so it may still be ok). Although you will be late in terms of days, but you will be stating the fact as your last address indeed was that hotel.

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