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Why should you follow NFL (American Football ), NBA ( Basketball ) and World Series ( Base ball ) if you live in US ?

Think about it, what do people talk about when Indian Cricket team is playing against Australia or any other country. It is a big thing, many people are passionate about cricket. Just like cricket for us back in India, for Americans, sports are a big part of life. They are much more into Sports than us.

Why should you follow NFL American Football ?

Guess what, the most followed sport in America and most popular sport is NFL.  It is a big part of these people life. If you live in an area, most of the T-shirts, jackets, caps, etc will be the football team of that state or area. For instance, in Wisconsin Packers, everywhere you will see green and green…packers ! Most of the people watch NFL and they talk about it on Mondays and rest of the week. So, for socializing at work or anyone on the street. You need to know the game. You have to follow the game. Know how the game is played, Know the teams, know what is AFC, NFC, etc. Just go towww.nfl.com and browse around.  If you are at work, this is the only common thing that will connect you with local team mates and help you strengthen the bond. Typical lunch time or break time topics are NFL topics about previous game or next game. Guess what, NFL  is played from around August  all the way to February of next year. So, for an extended period of time, NFL is part of many peoples Sundays and Mondays.  Honestly, you will start to like it once you get into it. Initially, I was very reluctant, but now I follow it very well and I love it ! Every Sunday I watch at least 2 games and follow rest of the teams. It is fun !  I have something to talk about when I meet someone on street or at work …

Why NBA and World series ( major league baseball) ?

NBA starts around during end of year, but becomes intense after February once Superbowl is over. Because, there is no NFL, people watch NBA. Same thing with Base ball, it is very popular in Summer.  So, you have all different sports during different times of the year. You may follow NBA and base ball less, but do not miss NFL. It is Big. It is good to keep an eye on NBA and baseball too. Because, it is a topic you can discuss during lunch and other socializing events. Every state or region has a major Baseball and Basketball team. You just follow your local team at least and national rankings.

So, the key point is, in America the importance of Professional sports and its impact on people’s lifestyle is huge. You will be able to connect and talk to people and your colleagues better if you follow sports.  If you do not. Start today, go to www.nfl.comhttp://www.nba.com/ and http://mlb.mlb.com/index.jsp


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  1. Very true! I have seen lot of Indian folks feels neglected when others are discussing about Football. Instead of learning the game they blame others for discussing uncommon topic at the lunch table.

    Great blog! Very interesting to read.

  2. Professional sports are huge here…just about everyone will follow at least one of the major sports and tend to have their favorite team.

    I wouldn't say that its the only thing that can connect you to your peers, but it is something easy to start with — something simple to break the ice.


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