Lawsuit against H1B wage levels changes

Lawsuit on H1B Wage Levels Increase Filed by ITServe Alliance

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As many of you know, the H1B Prevailing Wage levels were dramatically increased for H1B workers in recent wage protections regulation that was published in federal register.  There was a lawsuit filed today on the new regulation. In this article we will discuss the background on why and details of the lawsuit that we have as of now.

If you are not familiar with the H1B and PERM wage level changes, read all the details and impact at article : New H1B, PERM prevailing wage levels, huge impact

Background – Why Lawsuit Filed

H1B employers are supposed to pay as per the prevailing wage levels for H1B workers similar to US workers in an area. The wages paid to H1B workers are  submitted as part of H1B Labor Condition Application (LCA). Recently, as per the new regulation, the H1B prevailing wage rates went up by close to 40% across the board. The prevailing wage level changes went up like in below table. 

Prevailing Wage LevelH1B LCA, PERM Wage levels  Before  New H1B LCA, PERM Wage levels  with Regulation  
Wage Level I17th percentile45th percentile
Wage Level II34th  percentile62nd  percentile
Wage Level III50th  percentile78th  percentile
Wage Level IV67th  percentile95th percentile
H1B Wage Level Changes

This wage level changes has a significant impact for many of the H1B employers, it can impact up to 400K H1B employees based on as per FY2019 stats published on H1BGrader. See below screenshot.  

H1B Wage Levels Change Impact
H1B Wage Levels Change Impact

This wage level changes has significant impact on the IT outsourcing companies. ITServe Alliance Inc, that represents majority of the IT Services, Staffing and Consulting Companies has filed lawsuit in New Jersey Court today Oct 16, 2020 challenging the wage level changes.  Earlier this year, they won against USCIS on the H1B Employer Employee Relationship, Itinerary Case that ended up in settlement with USCIS scraping some of the decade old policies.   Also, there are few other associations planning to file lawsuits on these changes.

Now that you have some background on why, let’s dive into the details.

H1B, PERM Wage Levels Lawsuit Details – Who, Where, What  

Below are the details of the Lawsuit filed in the H1B Wage Levels Change Case

Below are the high level court case details as they appear on Court Cases Website for your reference.

Court Lawsuit ITServe vs US Dept of Labor - Wage Levels Case New Jersey
Court Lawsuit ITServe vs US Dept of Labor – Wage Levels Case New Jersey

Impact of the New Wage Levels on ITServe’s Companies

The lawsuit goes into detail on the impact to ITServe’s members. They say that many of the IT Services contracts with clients or customers are multi-year and the pricing used for that is based on the wage assumptions of current H1B workers. If DOL randomly does wage level changes, without giving proper notice and option to hear from us, it will impact our businesses. We will be forced to do layoffs, move jobs to outside of US and it will have negative impact on the economy.  Below are the list of companies and the impact due to wage level changes.

  • Precision Technologies Corp wage rates for computer related occupations will increase up to 50%
  • Iflowsoft Solutions Inc wage rates for computer related occupations will increase up to 24.5%
  • Smart Work LLC wage rates for computer related occupations will increase up to 49% or more
  • Nam Info Inc. wage rates for computer related occupations will increase up to 50% or more
  • Kolla Soft Inc wage rates for computer related occupations will increase up to 26% or more
  • Dots Technologies Inc Soft Inc wage rates for computer related occupations will increase up to 30 to 40%
  • Zenith Services Inc wage rates for computer related occupations will increase up to 27% or more.
  • They give general reference to the Software Developer Entry Level H1B Wage raised from 79K to 116K in Newark. Check Comparison of H1B Wage Levels in Newark for Software Developers. See below screenshot from H1BGrader website that compares both.
  • You can also browse H1B Prevailing Wages in Newark for all Occupations
H1B Wage levels for Software Developer in Newark
H1B Wage levels for Software Developer in Newark

Check below screenshot from the court case document that talks about the harm to ITServe members.

Harm to ITServe Members with DOL Wage Levels Rule Lawsuit
Harm to ITServe Members with DOL Wage Levels Rule Lawsuit

You may watch the below YouTube Video as well on this topic.

Key Argument Points  raised in the Lawsuit

The plaintiffs(ITServe & Others) broadly put in their arguments under the below three areas (called as counts in legal term).  Below are the details and key points from those three areas.

Count 1 – Violation of Notice and Comment Process for Rulemaking

 US Dept of Labor(DOL) did not give enough notice for plaintiffs and changed the H1B, PERM Wage Levels dramatically.

  • DOL did not follow the proper rule making process without giving chance for public to give feedback, supporting data in comments. It hurts ITServe’s members a lot.
  • DOL does not give proper justification for invoking the fast track process without following the proper regulatory process. DOL did not follow all the required 9 Steps for Federal Rulemaking.
  • All the information presented in the rule justifying the need for urgency are factually wrong. DOL used outdated and incorrect data for computing the new wage levels. They do not consider many relevant reports and studies and put up the new wage rules that are against basic economic theory.

Count 2 – DOL Action against H1B Statute of Degree requirement

DOL based their new wage levels against the H1B requirements set in statute by congress

  • DOL says that the new Level 1 Prevailing Wage levels are upward from Masters degree and used Master’s degree as benchmark for entry level positions for H1B.
  • As per statute, in the definition of H1B specialty occupation, there is only requirement for bachelor’s degree as minimum qualifying for entry into a H1B position.
  • DOL setting the wage levels to 45th percentile for Level 1 Wages is based on wrong assumption and inconsistent with the statute set by congress.

Count 3 – DOL Action is Random and not based on Logic

DOL action is totally random and not based on sound logic or justification. In legal terms, they call DOL action as “arbitrary and capricious”.

  • DOL reasoning to change wage levels saying that H1B workers are paid lower than US workers is not supported by any data or reports
  • DOL did not consider any verified/reputed reports or studies based on real data and falsely assumes that H1B workers are paid less than US workers, employing H1B workers affects wages of US workers.
  • DOL did not consider any studies that show H1B workers employment creates jobs, wage growth, and investment in R&D.
  • DOL did not consider any reports that say lack of H1B workers has harmful effect on economy and can lead to job los, off-shoring of jobs, decline of investments in US.
  • Though DOL says that the reason for skipping regulatory process is unemployment in US due to COVID-19, the unemployment rate in computer and technology professions is relatively low.

You can check the copy of the case document at the end of article.

Decision requested to Court in Lawsuit

ITServe is asking the court for giving preliminary injunction and also permanently stop DOL from implementing the New Wage Levels Rule. The reason they say is many things done by DOL in the interim final rule of H1B Wage Levels in unlawful, not meeting the statute requirements, and it was done randomly without proper reasoning and not considering real reports on H1B Data.

Judgement Seeking in Lawsuit on Wage Levels by ITServe
Judgement Seeking in Lawsuit on Wage Levels by ITServe


The argument points raised in the lawsuit are really strong and DOL may have a hard time justifying the reason for implementing the rule without proper comment. The harm to many business is also something court would weigh in heavily for making the decision. As per Wasden & Banias law firm, “the regulation that was published in federal register without proper rulemaking process has many procedural defects and confident that they would get injunction for the same”.  They are also planning for a lawsuit to challenge the New H1B Rule with Definition change, 1 year approvals, others.

What do you think of the lawsuit ? Do you think Court will give injunction order to halt this rule ? Share your thoughts in comments.

Wage Levels Lawsuit – Court Case Document


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Comments ( 15 )

    1. SR

      My new employer hold me visa transfer documentation process due to new wage level rules. Any idea when this going to revert back so that I can get job

  1. Akash

    It is common sense that they rushed this rule and skipped the 60 day comment period to shove this rule before the elections. Kind of a last attempt punch before a possible knock out. It does not seem to be a well thought rule. I doubt this bill will fly.

  2. Lakshmi

    I checked the wage level in my recent LCA and it says Dietrich Spring Survey 2020 and doesn’t say any Wage level. Can you please let me know if this is related to wage level. Also, please let me know if the Dietrich Spring Survey wage levels also changed

    1. administrator

      Some of the wage data is not available in some locations. In such cases, you need to look at the disclaimer text in the bottom .

  3. chanakya

    I know this rule will not sustain in the court. However, this rule is a chance for someone like me in the academics for a rise in the salary. Academic institutions are notorious for underpaying the H-1B employees.

      1. chanakya

        Moving the jobs to offshore or terminating them completely is a possibility in the IT sector, but not so much in the academia. It is very hard to find or retain eligible candidates because of the required unique skill set and low wages. Therefore, my opinion is that employers would increase the wages to those in the academic world rather than terminate them completely.

        1. Swetha

          It is possibility everywhere unless you’re very exceptional even in IT. If you’re very exceptional they will invite and pay more to keep you rather than under pay. People exceptional always look for better opportunities and higher pay, Hard to deny these facts.

        2. Swetha

          We all have to accept the uncertainty here in US whether you’re software engineer or a professor. It is sad that legal, tax paying and people in line for PR have to go thru this hassle.

    1. administrator

      No one knows. It s just submitted, it needs to get a date on hearing, then only we can say….at least few weeks.

      1. Freddy

        In lot of ways , there is broad assumption , that the rule will be blocked for sure in the courts. It should not be blocked for obvious unemployment regions. There are some good point in the rule that the H1bs need to be paid more than the US citizens for the same position. Currently the opposite is happening.

        Lots of folks take it for granted that whatever DOL , DHS does is meaningless and courts will block it. That’s not true , if you see the DOL argument with numbers and reasons why the pay should be hiked , its a valid point.

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