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L2 Visa Stamping Experience – Chennai, India

One of our readers(requested to be anonymous) attended L2 Visa stamping along with his kid last week in Chennai, India. He was gracious to write up his visa stamping experience and share it with our readers. Thanks to him for taking time to write up and sharing it with us.  Please share yours to redbus2us(at)gmail.com, to be posted on blog.

L2 Visa stamping Experience in Chennai :

Consulate : Chennai, India
US Visa stamping : L2 Visa

As you are aware, I was a little confused with what kind of questions I will be asked during this interview and had prepared well for the same. I and my 15-months old daughter, went together for our interview.

After the initial screening and pat down by the security guards and tasting the biscuits that I carried for my daughter, I was allowed inside. My token number was announced and I went to Window# 10 and the lady there helped verify all the documents and put them in the order the consulate expects. Post this I was sent for my biometrics at Window# 12. Post this I was sent for the interview with the Visa Officer.

Upon my turn, I went to Window# 23 and greeted the VO.  He responded and asked for the documents. He went through the documents and checked my wife’s L1 Visa details. He wrote “A” on both the forms – my as well as my daughter’s form – (I believe it means APPROVED) and while signing the forms, he just asked me ONLY ONE question – where does your wife work? I told him where my wife works in India and where she would be working in the US. The VO told me that the Visas were approved and I would receive the passports in a week’s time. The total time spent with the VO was less than 5 mins. Unbelievable!!! I spent more than 10 mins with the VO for my B1 Visa Interview 4 years ago.

Personal Thoughts for attending L2 Visa Interview :

I believe a lot of the approval/disapproval decisions depend on the company which sponsors the Visa, the way you present & carry yourself during the interview, eye contact, your ability to answer the questions confidently and your overall demeanour. I was just observing 4 candidates who went for the interview at the same window before me. The Visa Officer rejected 1 F1 Visa, asked for more details for another L1B (guess 224G), granted 2 Tourist Visas.

The student for whom the F1 Visa was rejected – in my opinion and observation – did not speak correct English. Even I could hear that the VO asked this guy if he knows English three times and the guy replied Yes all the three times. The question the VO was asking was “Which school you have applied for?” and the guy kept answering “I want to do MS in….” all the three times.

The lady who got 224G – as it appears – had two different names for the employers/clients (could not clearly hear which was that) on the petition and some other documents. While she was able to speak properly, the VO wanted more information and passed it on to his senior for further follow-ups.

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Did you attend visa stamping recently for any Visa ( H, L, F or any), please send your experiences to redbus2us(at)gmail.com to be shared on blog. It will help our readers, like you guys !


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  1. Hi,

    I have applied for L1 blanket visa (L2 for spouse and my 2 kids). My older kid is in grade XII (he will turn 17 in Jan next year) and we have our interviews scheduled for later this month.
    I was wondering what kind of questions will the kids have to respond to during the interview. Any help will be appreciated.

    Warm regards | Ari.

  2. Hi ,

    My husband is on L1A visa and my visa interview is scheduled in this week only. I was on L2 before also. My husband will be travelling to USA in first week of May and hopefully me to.
    Could you please help me with some L2 visa questions , as I can see lot of changes in the process.



    • SK,

      Questions are similar to H-4. They would ask what you would do in US, questions about your marriage, basic question about spouse’s employment in US etc.

  3. Hi Folks,

    I am in process of applying L1-A.

    Q : I know that my wife and kid would be granted L2 visa. But can all 3 of us apply at the same time for the visa OR first I need to get a L1A and then wife and kids can apply for L2.


  4. Hi … I am in L2 extension and my wife is also in L1 extension ..planning to visit home country & is it possible to get visa stamped when my wife will be here? will there be any rejection?Thanks

  5. In the post “where does your wife work? I told him where my wife works in India and where she would be working in the US”

    I believe if you are on L2, you are not suppose to work. so your spouse should not be working in US.

  6. Hi,
    I am going to get married in may 2012. My fiance is working in U.S. He is there since 3 years. He is holding H1b visa. Due to some personal reasons we were not able to arrange for social marriage and we are planning to have it as a simple register marriage. In such a case how can I submit the following documents for H4 visa.
    1. A Wedding photo album with clear close-up snaps with all the family members taken separately and some snaps from the marriage puja.
    2. Both side marriage invitation cards.
    Is it possible to get H4 visa then? Can you suggest/guide me pls.



  7. Hi,

    I am applying for L1B visa. In the employee questionaire I need to fill a column which asks ‘ List relevant subjects taken, where possible, that provides relevant background for the role you are currently performing in your home office.’ I have an electrical background, however I am currently working on a computer based technology called SCM analytics which has no relation to electrical. What should I write there?

  8. Hi, I have come here on L2.I did apply for SSN which I got within a month and then I applied for EAD which I got in 3 months.SSN will be issued for L2.

    • Hi Ashwini,
      Can you please advise what you wrote in Citizenship column of appliction form, i.e. Legal Alien Allowed to Work, Not Allowed to work or Other?


  9. hi,

    I need some advice on L2 visa.
    I am here in US on L1 Visa which is valid till 2014(same the case with I94).
    My spouse is joining me in L2 and planning to apply for EAD and start working. We were just going through the blogs and came to know that SSN will not be issued for L2.
    So will we be able to apply for EAD without SSN?

    Please advice

    Many Thanks

    • I think you first need to apply for EAD. Once EAD is approved then SSN needs to be applied. SSN is generated only when a person is authorized to work in US. Being on L-2 doesn’t guarantee that you are eligible to work, and so SSN is not generated. Having EAD changes the equation, and you are now eligible to work and can apply for SSN.


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