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L1A Visa Stamping Experience 2011, Chennai

Recently a good friend of mine, Babu attended L1A visa stamping at Chennai. He was kind enough to write up and share his experience with our readers. Thanks to Babu !

Background L1-A Visa stamping

I am a resident of Hyderabad, since there were no dates available in Hyderabad so I went to Chennai Consulate for stamping for L1-A extension. Below are the questions I was asked by Visa Officer (VO)


L1A Visa Interview Questions :

  • How many years of experience you have?
  • How long you are with present company?
  • How long you have been on Manager Role with present company?
  • How many people report to you in US?
  • Does anyone report to your sub-ordinates?
  • Whom do you report to?
  • How many years you were in US?
  • Can I see your Pay Stubs?

He has seen each and every Pay Stub thoroughly and returned them back.

Chennai consulate is not crowded as it used to be 2-3 years back. If you go 30 minutes before the interview also, they will allow you to go inside. They have token system for each counter, overall you will have to go at 2 counters only. The whole process is not taking more than 30 minutes. My visa stamping went well and got my passport in a week.

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  1. Hi Friends,

    I am working for a big well-known organization and they are filing L1A for me. I am about to complete one year in this organization by Jan 20th, 2017. My Attorney asked me to book Visa interview for Jan 30th, 2017. I have few queries and looking for somebody who can help.

    1. Is it fine if I attend Visa interview just after 1year 10 days for l1A?

    2. Can I choose Hyderabad as consulate given that I am working in Bangalore?


    • Dear Shraddha,

      Can you please share the Company name if you do not mind? Now days most of the Big companies have their internal policy that they can file L1A only for Employee who has completed 3 years (Except very very very special case). L1A is for Very Skilled employee who is expert in processes and tools of Company who is filling visa.
      If you say You are expert in XYZ technology, your Visa will get rejected and if you say You are expert of a tool or process developed by Company ABC in technology XYZ then only your Visa will get approved.

      Yo be expert USCIS thinks that he/she should have spent enough time in the company to understand and become expert in that Process/Tool.

      Also L1A is filed for top management person only in Big companies. For which you would need total 10+ years of experience.

      You can choose any consulate depend on the dates availability. Some people have thinking like more cases are getting rejected at Hyd due to strict VO officers. But that is not the case. They are giving more rejections as Fraud cases ratio is more from ppl around Hyd. It fully depends on your case. If you are genuine then you case will get approved.

  2. Hi Saurabh,

    I have L1B petition which was approved in last year and valid for 1 more year. But due to some reasons i did not for stamping till now.
    Can i go for stamping now? will there be any problem?

    will there be any limited period for attending visa interviews or can i go for stamping at any time before my petition gets expired?

    Thanks in advance….

    • Shanthi,
      You can appear for stamping if the petition is still valid, and your L-1 employer supports your interview. Carry recently dated documents like employment verification letter etc.

  3. Hi Saurabh,

    I am on H1B visa in US, Since more than 1 yr now. My company proposed me to convert my H1B to L1A visa so that they can apply GC and i can get GC faster. I have 5+ yrs of experience and I was with same company in India more than 1 yr. What are the chances of my L1A approval being given the years of exp i have after my MBA? I have H1b/i94valid till april 2014. If i get L1A approved do i need to exit the country for stamping?

  4. Hi Saurabh
    I am on L2 EAD. Just got my EAD.I have join one consultancy they are ready to file my H1 but they need client letter to apply.they are looking job for me.but by the time i get job and client letter the H1 quota will finish(I think so)L1 &L2 Both I-94 is getting expired on sept 2012.
    My wife got H1 from other company B. Company A is also going to file L1B.my wife will start working with company B frm OCT.my query is that if
    1) if i work for for 2 month can my Consultancy(have a branch in india ) file my L1(if H1 quota filled)

    2) if my wife’s L1 get extended then Can i apply for my EAD renewal.

    3) Is it possible that my wife will work on H1 and I will work on L2 EAD.
    4) Do u have any other option so that I can work. I took lot of efforts for my EAD and studied a lot.

    I will apprecite for ur help.

    • GMP,
      1. L-1 can be filed as long as you satisfy the L-1 requirements
      2. Yes
      3. No. If she moves to H-1, then you either need to move to H-4 or L-1 or H-1. But you can no longer stay on L-2
      4. The only options to work is H-1, L-1 or L-2 EAD (provided your spouse remains on L-1)

      As you have lot of petitions in play, it is better to discuss the case in detail w/ an attorney as well.

  5. My husband has L1B visa and I have L2 which both have expired on Jan 2012 as well as I-94. Now we have got extension for I-129 for my husband and I-539 for me up to Jan 2014 as well I-94. I have questions:
    1- If my husband stays in USA and I go out of USA and do you think? Can I come back to USA without stamping the visa?

    2- If visa stamping is necessary to come back to USA, what documents me should have with me to get VISA stamp?

    • NG,
      1. If your current visa stamp has expired, then you need to go for L-2 visa stamping.
      2. You need to carry documents related to your husband’s L-1, recent payslips, your I-539, passport and other information related to your I-94 (copies).

  6. Hi Saurabh

    I am on L1 B and My husband has a L2 and he applied for EAD and he has got is EAD now. But Company is ready to sponsor for L1 now, so having L2 along with EAD. Will this impact the getting L1 Approved?



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