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L1A Blanket Visa Stamping Chennai 2012 – Pink Slip – Success

One of our readers, Karthikeya,  have shared his L1A Blanket Visa stamping experience and important tip to learn from his experience.  Please review. Thanks to Karthikeya for sharing his experience.  If you would like to share any experiences, please email to redbus2us (at) gmail (dot) com

L1A Blank Visa Stamping Experience Chennai 2012

I went for L1 A Blanket stamping at US Consulate in Chennai and was given a pink slip on Feb XX, 2012. I was given back all the 3 approved / attested copies of I-129s forms and was asked to go to counter 31 at the Chennai consulate. At the other counter they asked  for my resume that I did not carry. I was asked to submit all the documents in the pink slip. I submitted all the documents by  Feb 24, 2012.

Status on the Chennai US consulate website still says pending, but I received my stamped passport yesterday. There is a lag of two days between actual issue and update on the site.  I have  lived in the US for 11 years prior to this on different visas and was disturbed that it was not issued straight away.

Summary: Carry a copy of a detailed resume and if your case is genuine the wait will not be too long. Also, there is a delay of 2 days on status update on the US consulate website.

Do you have any Pink Slip Visa stamping experience tips to share ?


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